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Summer Appliances

With increasing temperature in the summer, we often find the heat intolerable in some regions and cities like Rajasthan, Delhi, Chennai and Hydrabad. Having a suitable appliance like air conditioner, air cooler or fans can comfort us the best.

Best Ceiling Fans in India (Review and Buying Guide)

The intolerable hot and humid climate during summer is the most annoying thing in the summer. As the temperature keeps rising every year, it is obvious that people want to beat the heat. People keep complaining about the intolerable heat,…

The Best Designer Ceiling Fans in India (2021)

The first and foremost question before going through the article is, why do you need to find the best designer fans with light and remote control in India? Here is the answer. The place where you spend most of your time…

Differences of Split, Portable And Window Air Conditioners

The arrival of summer months reminds the need for air conditioners for better comfort. India, as a country, is pretty adapted to the usage of air conditioners. In its initial days, window ACs were pretty popular in the country. The…

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Washing Machines

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India (2021)

Did you know that 20% of India’s youth suffer from back problems? Apart from serious medical issues, daily household chores can be behind these turmoils. What is that one household task that is dreadful to many? It is doing laundry….

Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India for 2021

Are you tired of washing clothes by hand? If yes, then you are not alone. Most Indian households still vouch on back-breaking methods when it comes to laundry. Older people already have a tough time doing chores around their homes….

Best Liquid Detergent for Washing Machines in India

Laundry is always a hectic job for everyone, whether you are a homemaker or a professional. But due to the advancement of technologies, our life has become much more manageable. Washing machines have automated the whole laundry process. Only by…

How to Clean a Washing Machine? Learn the Right Way

A washing machine serves as one of the essential household companions these days. After the daylong stress and hectic schedule throughout the week, washing clothes would have been the most challenging task without it. Having a washing machine saves time…

Induction Cooktops

Can A Clay Pot Be Used On Induction Cooktops?

The exponential progress of technology has left no industry unchecked, not even the cooking industry. The introduction of induction cooktops has changed cooking forever and for the better. No flames, no fumes, no harm to the environment, that’s what the…

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove Comparison

If you are looking for an Induction Stove, firstly, you must compare it with your existing gas stove. You should check whether it will be beneficial for you in terms of Cost, Operation, Maintenance, Safety. Comparison of Induction Stove vs…

How to Use Non-Induction Cookware on Induction Cooktop?

Nowadays, cooking tasty food is not only easy but having that safety and healthy diet is the very first thing people prefer. In order to live and follow a modern, healthier and safer lifestyle, induction cooktops are the best options…

How does an Induction Stove Work?

Having an Induction Stove at our home is now a crucial decision for everyone. The price of LPG gas is rising. On the other hand, the rate of increase in electricity tariffs is slower than it. But before you buy…

Microwave Oven

OTG Vs Microwave Oven- Which is better for health?

Both an OTG oven and a microwave oven have their distinctive features and aspects which set them apart from the other. In this comparative analysis of microwave and OTG, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each product. The…

The difference of Solo, Grill, and Convection Microwave Oven

In the modern-day, anything that saves time and effort is highly appreciated. A microwave oven falls in that category of appliances. Using microwave technology, these ovens are capable of cooking food much faster. The appliance is ideal for tasks that…

Air Fryer vs Microwave Oven-which is better for cooking?

Cooking is fun, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like the delicious tastes of the fried momos, French fries, and chicken strips! They’re amazing. Some cooking accessories have the ability to cook lip-smacking meals in no time, while some others are really…

Gas Stove

How To Light A Gas Stove With An Electric Starter?

Needless to say, the kitchen and gas stove are the best friends of humans when hunger strikes. However, you need to light the gas stove first before proceeding towards cooking. There are many ways of lighting a gas stove but…

How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burner Heads?

The kitchen is the centre and heart of the home. Most people love spending time and cooking there over gas stoves. The burners are an important part of the stove from which the flame comes out. A gas stove saturated…

How To Fix Yellow/ Orange Flames On A Gas Stove?

Cooking food has never been this easy- no hassle, no pollution, and much safer than before, all thanks to the modern-day gas stoves. Gas stoves use flammable gases like Liquid Petroleum Gas, Propane, or Butane as fuel. These gases undergo…

Can Induction Base Cookware be used on gas or electric Stove?

To keep pace with modern cutting edge technology, an Induction Cookware is not only an all-in-one product but also reachable within the budget. Most of the Indian consumers adapted Induction technology for their kitchen along with an old gas stove…

Water Purifier

Aqua Ultra Water Purifier Reviews: Compare Pros & Cons

We do not need to tell you about the massive pollution today. A water purifier is not only capable of keeping your drinking water free of any kind of dissolved contaminants, but it also keeps your family protected from the…

Kitchen Utility

Best Kitchen Sinks in India – Review and Buying Guide

Are you still looking for the perfect kitchen sink? Purchasing a stainless steel kitchen sink seems like a reasonably simple task, but it usually requires a lot more thought. Most people in India are akin to plastic, steel, or concrete…

Home Improvement

Baby Products

Best Diaper Bags in India that Every Mom Can Rely on

You need to consider a lot of changes in your baby’s physical or mental behavior when they grow up. There will be a lot of items to make your baby happy and comfortable all the time. Some most important items…

Best Baby Strollers in India for 2021

Parenthood is a blessing and no doubt it provides us many reasons to feel the real nature of bliss. It is something that gives you ultimate happiness. It also makes you more responsible adding the touch of needed maturity to…

Personal Care

Winter Appliances