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about homeplace

Welcome to Homeplace, We are so glad you are here! www.www.homeplace.in is based in India. We are not related to any other website with the variation of the word “homeplace”. Our contents are unique and own copyrights.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you the essential Home, Kitchen, Garden, Outdoor solutions. We are here to save the time and stress of figuring out what to buy. We have comparison charts for many products just under your thumb. Hence, Homeplace makes online shopping easy.

We consider various factors like Specifications, Build Quality, Performance to find the right product for your requirements. So, based on these we advise you which product is the best in the market. Also know about our vision, mission, values.

What do we do?

We put a lot of time and limitless effort into finding the best home solutions for you. Moreover, Homeplace makes your valuable time useful for picking the best products wisely. You may find the best products for each Category with the review.

We have covered Expert Buyer’s Guide, Review and Comparison Charts for most of the Home & Kitchen Appliances like Washing Machine including Water Purifier, Induction Cooktop, Steam Iron and more.

Why should you TRUST Homeplace?

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority. We research for weeks, even months to find the right product suitable for the different needs of each of the visitors. We write Review Articles and Comparison Charts that we get from the Result of our Extensive Research.

Moreover, the products we review are shared with the link to Amazon, the most trusted e-commerce platform in India. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the authenticity of the products we review.

Eventually, the website you are browsing is fully secure and we do not store any unauthorized information without your permission. Read the terms and conditions.

Affiliate Policy of Homeplace

As already explained, we write articles to help consumers with selecting the best products. It is indeed the utmost satisfaction for us. Apart from that, running a website like us involves a lot of effort and expenses. To bear that cost we list products from amazon with an affiliate like that makes a certain percentage of commission on the price of the product.

Homeplace is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It is an affiliate advertising program. It is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon without any extra cost to the users. Read more about our policies.

You may think that the affiliate products make us biased. But it is not at all the scenario. If the consumer returns the product after buying, we lose the commission too. Earning can only happen if the buyer does not return the product and get fully satisfied with it. This is why our satisfaction is directly linked to the customers’.

How do we review products?

We study the latest technologies, research, analyze and test products. Then we write up our findings in our review and buying guides. You can find a glimpse about these product in our shop.

We follow the 3-step process to choose the best product in any category we are expert with.

  1. Research
  2. Test and Analysis
  3. Write up

The majority of the products we research and analyze, proceed through this same process. It is detailed, thorough, and we give our efforts to test products the same way we would use them in our homes. To do this, we test them at our testing lab at home for every day use.

The research

We research the market and sort out the high-quality products out of thousands of other alternatives based on customer satisfaction index. We developed it to find out acceptability of any product in terms of popularity and degree of customer satisfaction.

market research

From 2021, we have included another factor to screen the worthiness of a product more accurately- it is the degree of reputation; it determines how fast a product is gaining its reputation. With this addition, we can track the outstanding products that are gaining popularity in a short time.

Test and Analysis

After the first screening, we select products to test practically. We own many of those products. Sometimes, the manufacturers send the product and sometimes we buy them. After receiving the product, we thoroughly research to identify the key decision making factors for the product category. Some of these buying factors include-

  • Applicability of the product
  • Quality of the material and its durability
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Power consumption
  • Any product-specific property

After sorting out these key factors, we run specific tests and compare them to the alternatives. After successful testing and analysis, we find out the pros and cons of each product and reasons for which they are worthy of buying. We have developed a calculator to find out electricity consumption and various functional parameters like suitable capacity of home appliances like air conditioner, kitchen chimney, air cooler, and induction cooktop.

testing a washing machine

Many of the products we review, have lots of visible differences enough for make a conclusion. These products do not need rigorous testing and analysis. Here is a list of brands and their products we have reviewed on Homeplace.

All goods we examine are all brand new. We get a brand new product and test it directly from the box. Since our staff is relatively modest (only a few individuals ) we do not have the tools to finish comprehensive extended evaluations for most goods.

Documentation and Review writing

In this step, we document all our findings from the research and analysis, add relevant information and photographs. Before publishing any article we double-check all the information we have provided. When everything is perfect and have the highest quality, we publish it to our website.

review writing

In every review article, we give the most importance to the following factors to make every buying guides and reviews with the highest quality.

  • Expert knowledge as per applicability.
  • How the user will expect the product physically and its ease of use.
  • Quantitative measurements about how a product measures up in various types of performance.
  • How the product is different from its competitors.
  • Comparison of similar products in the same category.
  • Pros and cons of the product.
  • Comparison with previous models and latest improvements.

Furthermore, we have a little group of volunteers. They are mainly family members and friends of all Homeplace staffs. We provide them with products we have already tested and offer them with the product to their usage. We ask is they check in together periodically and let us know about their satisfaction with the product, its longevity, any limitation or drawback.

In case these very long term tests reveal major merchandise flaws, wellbeing difficulties, or some other relevant info we do our very best to update that the various inspection and include that advice.

How do we score products?

We analyze each product very carefully to score them properly. We continually upgrade our methodology to make the best choice as needed by the consumers. We have taken five crucial factor to score the worthiness of the product-

  1. Design
  2. Performance
  3. Applicability
  4. Quality and Durability
  5. Ease of use

To measure the worthiness of any product, we have adapted a scoring system from on 100% scale making each of these factors contributing 20% to the total score.

Factors on the scoring system

Out of 100% scale, we follow this standard from 2021 to determine the worthiness of any product.

  • 95-100% (Outstanding)
  • 90-95% (Excellent)
  • 85-90% (Good)
  • 80-85% (Satisfactory)
  • Below 80% (Poor)

From the above list, it is clear that higher the score, better the design, performance, usability and longevity. The goal to to score in this way is to ensure more accuracy and expertise in the recommendations. For our fine work, Homeplace has been featured in Feedspot’s list of Top 15 Home and Kitchen Appliances Blogs & Websites. You can also check our shop page where we have listed our favorite picks.

A-Z List Of Brands And Their Products We Have Referred

10xKitchen Sink
A+Solar Water Heater
AAIToilet Seat
Ab HomeBlanket
AdshankToilet Seat
AE DesignsRecliner
AegonAir Blower, Marble Cutter
AgaroFoot Massager, OTG, Rice Cooker, Vacuum Cleaner, Cold Press Slow Juicer
AirTamerAir Purifier
AksharAir Blower, Marble Cutter
AlcioneDishwashing Gloves
AlishaIdli Maker
AltonWater Tap, Kitchen Sink
AmazonbasicsSafe Locker, Pressure Cooker, Blanket, Dinner Set, Pedestal Fan
American MicronicElectric Tandoor, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Fryer
AmilliardiDiaper Bag
AnjaliHand Press Juicer, Dosa Tawa
AnmolBaby Carrier
AntsonHot Water Bag
AnupamKitchen Sink
AO SmithWater Purifier, Geyser
Aqua GuruWater Tank Overflow Alarm
Aqua UltraWater Purifier
AquakingWater Softener
ArihantIdli Maker
ArtikelVegetable Chopper
AtombergCeiling Fan
Auur FuzeWater Softener
BabylissHair Curler
BajajExhaust Fan, Bread Maker, Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler, Air Cooler, Roti Maker, Wet Grinder, Induction Cooktop, OTG, Geyser, Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker, Room Heater, Stand Mixer, Iron
BalzanoSmoothie Maker, Cold Press Juicer, Vacuum Cleaner
BataniyaDinner Set
BathlaSpin Mop, Cloth Drying Stand, Ladder, Ironing Board
BaybeeBaby Walker
BecoToilet Paper
Better and BrighterDehumidifier
BeurerPulse Oximeter
BhagyaDosa Tawa
Black+DeckerGarment Steamer, Coffee Maker, Tool Kit, Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Iron
Blaupankt4K TV
Blue StarAir Purifier, Air Conditioner
BMSIdli Maker
BorosilThermos Flask, Vegetable Chopper, Lunch Box, Sandwich Maker
BoschDetergent, Dishwasher, Built-in Oven, Marble Cutter, Tool Kit, Refrigerator, Cold Press Juicer
BossHand Blender
BPLPulse Oximeter, Refrigerator
BrancoMirror Cabinet, Ladder
BraunTrimmer, Epilator
BraydenRice Cooker
Bright BergElectric Tandoor
BrotherSewing Machine
BTC IndiaCitrus Juicer
ButterflyVegetable Chopper, Wet Grinder, Pressure Cooker, Egg Boiler, Electric Kettle, Hand Mixer
CandesCeiling Fan, Gas Geyser, Stabilizer
Care and HygieneToilet Cleaner
CaresmithHot Water Bag, Electric Toothbrush
CarrierAir Conditioner
CartshopperDishwashing Gloves
CarysilBuilt-in Oven
Casa CopenhagenLadder
CelloThermos Flask, Smoothie Maker, Lunch Box
CennetHand Press Juicer
CeraWater Tap
ChestonAir Blower
ChiccoBaby Stroller
ChinmayBaby Carrier
ChoicemmedPulse Oximeter
Classic EssentialsDinner Set
Cloth FusionPillow
Cloth FusionBlanket
CockwellSmoothie Maker
CoconutDinner Set
CoffeezaCoffee Maker
ColgateElectric Toothbrush
ConaWater Tank Overflow Alarm
Control DNebulizer
CosoriElectric Pressure Cooker
CowayAir Purifier
CpexHand Mixer
Craftsman IndiaKadai
Crock PotElectric Pressure Cooker
CrocodileKitchen Sink
CromptonCeiling Fan, Air Cooler, Geyser
CuisinartIce Cream Maker
DaikinAir Conditioner
D'CalWater Softener
De'longhiCoffee Maker
DewaltAir Blower
DigismartExhaust Fan
DolphyAutomatic Sanitizer/ Soap Dispenser
DomexToilet Cleaner
Dr. RecommendsHumidifier
Dr. TrustHumidifier, Pulse Oximeter, Nebulizer
DuverraSpin Mop
Dynamic CookwareKadai
DysonAir Purifier, Hair Dryer
EcomIdli Maker
ElegantToilet Seat
ElgiWet Grinder
ElicaGas Stove, Chimney
EPSOil Extraction Machine
EsscoWater Tap
EsspyRoti Maker
EugreenPortable AC
Eureka ForbesWater Purifier
EvenfloBaby Stroller
Extra SleepMattress
FaberDishwasher, Chimney, Built-in Oven
FedusWater Tank Overflow Alarm
FlipzonMirror Cabinet, Ladder
FlorawareHand Press Juicer
FosterAir Blower
GadgetBiteDishwashing Gloves
GalaSpin Mop
GaneshHand Press Juicer, Vegetable Chopper
GarrisonPortable AC
GeekHumidifier, Electric Pressure Cooker
GlenBread Maker, Electric Tandoor, Smoothie Maker, Vegetable Chopper, Gas Stove, Chimney
GodrejWashing Machine, Safe Locker, Air Conditioner
GoodWayEgg Boiler
Gorek TechnologiesOil Extraction Machine
GoyalBaby Walker
GreenchefGas Stove, Spin Mop
GreenlifeSolar Water Heater
GreetGas Geyser
HaierWashing Machine, Detergent, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner
HalonixCeiling Fan
HamlayGas Stove
HansCeiling Fan
Happy2BuyOil Extraction Machine
HarpicToilet Cleaner
HavellsExhaust Fan, Citrus Juicer, Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler, Water Purifier, Beard Trimmer, Hair Curler, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener, Pedestal Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Iron, Air Fryer
HawkinsDosa Tawa, Pressure Cooker, Hard Anodized Cookware
HealthSenseHot Water Bag, Pulse Oximeter, Foot Massager
HelexWater Tank Overflow Alarm
HesleyPulse Oximeter
HestiaSmoothie Maker, Cold Press Juicer
HetashHot Water Bag
HikariFish Food
HimalayaBaby Diaper
HindwareWater Tap, Chimney, Gas Geyser
HitachiAir Conditioner
HkutotechCitrus Juicer
HNESSSewing Machine
HokipoDishwashing Gloves
HoneywellAir Purifier, Portable Air Conditioner
Hop DuoDiaper Bag
Hot MomBaby Stroller
HotbergElectric Tandoor
HotlifeElectric Tandoor
House of QuirkDiaper Bag
HuggiesBaby Diaper
HULWater Purifier
HuromCold Press Juicer
iBellExhaust Fan, Ice Cream Maker, Air Cooler, Gas Stove, Roti Maker, Dosa Tawa, Marble Cutter, Induction Cooktop, Tool Kit, Pedestal Fan
IFB Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Detergent, Microwave Oven
IkonicHair Straightener
InalsaGarment Steamer, Smoothie Maker, Vegetable Chopper, Egg Boiler, Chimney, OTG, Hand Blender, Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Mixer, Stand Mixer, Air Fryer, Steam Iron
IndiswanCloth Drying Stand
Infi NebNebulizer
InstacuppaThermos Flask
InstacuppaCoffee Maker
IntexWashing Machine
IotaWater Tank Overflow Alarm
IoTfiersWater Tank Overflow Alarm
iProWater Tank Overflow Alarm
Jaipur AceRoti Maker
JakmisterAir Blower
JaquarWater Tap
JaypeeLunch Box
JD9Air Blower
JensonsDinner Set
JSBFoot Massager
JumboCloth Drying Stand
KaffDishwasher, Built-in Oven
Kanz EnterprisesCeiling Fan
KasturiHot Water Bag
KenstarAir Cooler, Air Fryer
KentThermos Flask, Water Purifier, Egg Boiler, Electric Kettle, Hand Blender, Rice Cooker
KitchenAidStand Mixer
KitchenifIce Cream Maker
KlaxonMirror Cabinet
KohlerToilet Seat, Water Tap
Kol KolBaby Carrier
KoryoAir Fryer
KT TradersStand Mixer
Kuber IndustriesCitrus Juicer, Idli Maker
KuvingsCold Press Juicer
La'ForteSmoothie Maker
LaOpalaDinner Set
LGWashing Machine, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven, Television
LifelongBread Maker, Trimmer, Foot Massager, Induction Cooktop, OTG Oven, Geyser, Sandwich Maker
LiMetroCloth Drying Stand
Little AngelBaby Diaper
Little PumpkinBaby Stroller
LivingBasicsCloth Drying Stand
LloydAir Conditioner
LongwayGas Geyser
LuminousExhaust Fan, Ceiling Fan,
LuvlapBaby Walker, Baby Carrier, Baby Stroller
LuxuriaIdli Maker
MaharajaDinner Set, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Iron
MamyPokoBaby Diaper
Maruti VillaGarment Steamer
Max HomeDishwashing Gloves
MayloToilet Paper
MCPHot Water Bag
MealthyElectric Pressure Cooker
Mee MeeBaby Walker, Baby Carrier
MegaCloth Drying Stand
MeyerKadai, Dosa Tawa
MiAir Purifier, Trimmer, LED TV
MiltonThermos Flask, Lunch Box, Spin Mop
Mini ChefElectric Tandoor
MonexExhaust Fan
Morphy RichardsCoffee Maker, Steam Iron, OTG Oven, Microwave Oven, Stand Mixer, Iron
MotherlyDiaper Bag
MYSAStand Mixer
NexStarDishwashing Gloves
NexxLunch Box
NilkamalMirror Cabinet
NovaVegetable Chopper, Hair Curler
Nutri NinjaSmoothie Maker
NutribulletSmoothie Maker
Ocean FreeFish Food
OnePlus 4K TV
Oral BElectric Toothbrush
Oral ScapeElectric Toothbrush
OrbitElectric Tandoor, Ice Cream Maker
Organic Oil MasterOil Extraction Machine
Orient ElectricCeiling Fan, Air Cooler
OrigamiToilet Paper
OrpatVegetable Chopper, Electric Kettle, Electric Kettle, Hand Blender, Room Heater, Electric Beater, Iron
OsterBread Maker, Hand Mixer, Stand Mixer
OzoneSafe Locker
PaffyMirror Cabinet, Ladder
PampersBaby Diaper
PanasonicBread Maker, Trimmer, Hair Dryer, Air Conditioner, Rice Cooker, Stand Mixer
Panda CreationBaby Walker
ParasnathMirror Cabinet, Cloth Drying Stand, Ladder
PaseoToilet Paper
PengIroning Board
PhilipsGarment Steamer, Citrus Juicer, Air Purifier, Coffee Maker, Trimmer, Electric Toothbrush, Nebulizer, Hair Curler, Hair Dryer, Induction Cooktop, Hair Straightener, Epilator, Electric Kettle, Hand Blender, Sandwich Maker, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Electric Beater, Iron, Air Fryer
PidaliteToilet Cleaner
PiesomeHand Press Juicer
PigeonVegetable Chopper, Induction Cooktop, Idli Maker, Pressure Cooker, Sandwich Maker, Rice Cooker
Planet PowerAir Blower, Marble Cutter
PlantexMirror Cabinet
Power Pye ElectronicsDehumidifier
PreethiCoffee Maker, Electric Pressure Cooker, Juicer Mixer Grinder
PremierToilet Paper
PrestigeCitrus Juicer, Electric Tandoor, Coffee Maker, Vegetable Chopper, Idli Maker, Gas Stove, Roti Maker, Roti Maker, Dosa Tawa, Pressure Cooker, Egg Boiler, Spin Mop, Induction Cooktop, OTG, Electric Kettle, Hand Blender, Sandwich Maker, Rice Cooker, Vacuum Cleaner, Hard Anodized Cookware, Air Fryer, Steam Iron
Presto!Detergent, Toilet Cleaner
Pro BreezeDehumidifier
PurellAutomatic Sanitizer/ Soap Dispenser
PurifitWater Softener
QuanticoFoot Massager
R for RabbitBaby Walker, Baby Carrier, Diaper Bag, Baby Stroller
RainbowCloth Drying Stand
RedfinHand Press Juicer
RemmingtonHair Dryer
RicoDry Iron
RiversoftWater Softener
RobotouchFoot Massager
RobustrionDiaper Bag
Rock TawaDosa Tawa
RoliaToilet Paper
RossmannGarment Steamer
Russel HobsGarment Steamer, Egg Boiler
RylanHand Press Juicer, Humidifier, Roti Maker, Hot Water Bag, Egg Boiler
SafeyuraDishwashing Gloves
SameerExhaust Fan
SamsungWashing Machine, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, 4K TV, LED TV
SanifreshToilet Cleaner
SanyoAir Conditioner, LED TV
SasimoIroning Board
Saur ShaktiSolar Water Heater
SavaliyaOil Extraction Machine
SavyaSafe Locker
ScarlettHot Water Bag
Scotch BriteDishwashing Gloves, Spin Mop
SCRHot Water Bag
Seeds to OilOil Extraction Machine
Selective PremiumBlanket
SelpakToilet Paper
SensaSwitchWater Tank Overflow Alarm
Series304Kitchen Sink
SharpDehumidifier, Bread Maker, Air Purifier
Shri and SamDinner Set
SignorawareLunch Box
Silver LineKitchen Sink
SilvotekAutomatic Sanitizer/ Soap Dispenser
SingerSewing Machine
SmartDinner Set
SofiaToilet Paper
SolimoHand Press Juicer, Thermos Flask, Toilet Paper, Pillow, Recliner, Blanket, Ladder
SolimoIdli Maker, Electric Beater
Sony4K TV
SowbhagyaWet Grinder
StanleyTool Kit, Air Blower, Marble Cutter
Star and DaisyBaby Walker
StarvinExhaust Fan
StokSafe Locker, Hand Mixer, Air Fryer
Sun1Idli Maker
SunbabyBaby Walker
SunflameRoti Maker, Chimney
Super GeneralPortable AC
SuperfanCeiling Fan
SuppliesBaby Diaper
SupremeSolar Water Heater
Surf ExcelDetergent
Surya RoshniGas Geyser
SuryajwalaGas Stove
SymphonyAir Cooler
SynergyCloth Drying Stand
SyskaTrimmer, Hair Curler, Hair Dryer
TaiyoFish Food
TapariaTool Kit
TefalCoffee Maker
TetraFish Food
The White WillowPillow
ThemistoTool Kit
Tiffy and ToffeeBaby Stroller
Time SoonHand Press Juicer
TormetiEgg Boiler
Total HomeAutomatic Sanitizer/ Soap Dispenser
TraniacThermos Flask
TruGoodIroning Board
TrumomBaby Carrier
UPCSpin Mop
Urban DesiresMirror Cabinet
UrbanhouseDosa Tawa
UshaGarment Steamer, Exhaust Fan, Sewing Machine, Air Cooler, Induction Cooktop, Pedestal Fan, Room Heater, Hand Mixer, Iron
VarnityaHot Water Bag
VegaHair Curler, Hair Straightener
V-GuardWater Purifier, Chimney, Gas Geyser, Stabilizer, Solar Water Heater
Vinayak CraftersRoti Maker
VitekBread Maker
Vivan GlobalOil Extraction Machine
VoltasDishwasher, Air Conditioner
VorolyDiaper Bag
WahlHair Dryer
Water ScienceWater Softener
WelkarToilet Seat
WhirlpoolWashing Machine, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Gas Stove, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven
White WestinghouseDehumidifier, Tower AC
WintechAutomatic Sanitizer/ Soap Dispenser
WintexToilet Paper
WistecGarment Steamer
WonderchefSmoothie Maker, Wet Grinder, OTG, Electric Beater, Stand Mixer
WoogorDishwashing Gloves
WotraSpin Mop
WurzeElectric Toothbrush
YaleSafe Locker
ZestaKitchen Sink
ZinzerKitchen Sink
ZoqweidDishwashing Gloves

Solving the daily life problems in the home and kitchen is always our top priority. We see people often buy the wrong product they do not need. We strive to guide them in the right direction. Click here to let us know a problem or a suggestion and we will try our best to help you out.