8 Best Ironing Boards in India with High Quality (2021)

best Ironing Board in India

Choosing a suitable ironing board can be quite a challenging job. You have to conduct proper research, check specifications and user reviews to narrow down your selection. However, we wish to make this process simple and easier for you. Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board is the best ironing board in India. Its height can be adjusted up to 90 cm and fits easily in every space. Built with a high-quality steel frame and aluminized board, it is perfect for home ironing. Modern features like a wire handler, hot iron holder, and multipurpose tray make this ironing table worthy for 2021.

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Energy Consumption and Bill Calculator for Home

Energy Consumption Calculator For Home

All of us own multiple home appliances at our homes. When planning to buy a new appliance, we must check how much power it consumes. This calculator will help you estimating the home electricity load and cost on daily, monthly and yearly basis and plan accordingly. You can use this calculator for any currency- ₹, $, €, £, ¥, etc.

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10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India (2021) for Home Use

best convection microwave oven in India

Convection microwave ovens are built the most advanced technology to bake, grill, defrost, roast, and reheat foods. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven is the best convection microwave oven in India with all these advantages. Along with baking cakes and cookies, this product has a 360° rotisserie to grill and roast crunchy tikka, tandoor, and kebabs at your home. You can also use it to defrost the frozen meat, fish, or vegetables to start cooking quickly. With 211 auto cooking menus, it is ideal for Indian requirements in 2021.

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Tower Fan vs Air Cooler – Which is Ideal for Indian Homes?

tower fan vs air cooler comparison

With the rising temperature in summer, it is now essential to use a cooling appliance at your home. An air conditioner works great but it is very expensive with high electricity consumption. For a limited budget, a pedestal fan, an air cooler, or a tower fan can be a suitable alternative.

However, depending on the application, cooling capacity and power consumption, the air cooler and tower fan are suitable for different purposes. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish the differences and compare tower fan vs air cooler to select the right one.

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12 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2021) from Top Brands

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Fumes, gases, heat, dust, smoke particles, and dirty kitchen walls have been a considerable problem earlier. Even now, it may lead to a bad experience if you do not have an efficient chimney in the kitchen.

The sugar and fat present in the food disintegrates at high temperatures; proteins and amino acids are pyrolyzed. Along with it, carbon monoxide, PM2.5, PM10 are generated. As a result, it can create acrolein and formaldehyde that are harmful to our respiratory system.

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8 Best Portable AC (Air Conditioners) in India for 2021

best portable AC in India

Today’s technology is all about two things- comfort and mobility. If you do not have access to a centrally air-conditioned space or you do not have the space to install a wall-mounted air conditioner, a portable AC is an ideal solution for you. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC, the best portable AC in India for 2021, has a cooling capacity of 3.59 kW and input power of 1.4 kW for a space up to 120 sq. ft. If your electricity tariff is Rs 7/unit, it will cost you only Rs 9.1/hr. As the AC is built with a rotary compressor, it creates a maximum of 52 dB noise which is bearable at our home and kitchens.

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How to Boil Eggs in an Electric Kettle?

how to boil eggs in electric kettle

If you love boiled eggs, having an Electric Kettle at your home can be a great advantage for you. You may have heard that you can only boil water with an electric kettle. Now, you can break the myth. You can prepare a fully-boiled egg or a half-boiled egg with it. An Electric Kettle does not only make the process faster, but it is a very user-friendly process. To know how to boil eggs in an electric kettle, check the following step-by-step guide. In the end, you will learn to prepare a boiled egg with your favorite dish. But be cautious and do exactly as described.

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9 Best Hair Straightener in India (2021) for Hairstyling

best hair straightener in India

Who doesn’t like to style their hair? Giving an oomph to your hair can bring a difference while getting ready. Sleek and stylish hair has been in fashion for a long time. Most of us have craved to have a head full of smooth hair.

There are ways in which hair can be straightened through different chemicals.

But do you want a permanent solution?

Hairstyling tools can be your best friend to add a new dimension to your look. Along with hair dryers, hair straighteners have existed in the market for a while. They work wonders and make styling as easy as possible. Besides, hair curlers, hair straighteners are some of the most purchased beauty tools for just reasons.

These handy tools allow you to get salon-like smooth and sleek hair in just a few minutes. You won’t need to invest the tonne of time spent in a beauty parlor in 2021.

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8 Best Electric Toothbrush in India for Kids and Adults (2021)

best electric toothbrush in India

Shouldn’t brushing our teeth be one of the easiest tasks?

It should be, but gross research says something else. Most of us are too lazy to brush our teeth in the right way.

Due to carelessness, India has a bad dental hygiene score in the world. Dentists try to warn us about the cavities formed by our sugar-rich Indian diets.

What should we do to take care of our teeth?

Studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush smooths the process. These gadgets are reasonably new in the Indian market, but they have been an instant hit.

Companies program electric toothbrushes to assist you in brushing your teeth. The automation also makes sure that the bristles reach each corner.

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Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine Comparison – Which One to Choose?

Front load vs Top load washing machine

Most of the difficult times in life are like Washing Machines; they twist us, spin us and thrash us around the wheel, but in the end, we all come out brighter, cleaner, and better than ever before. The clothes should be just as perfect as to match our lifestyle.

But, are you confused about which Washing Machine to Buy?

To compare front load vs top load washing machines, you need to know the applicability and functions of each.

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8 Best Dosa Tawa in India For Your Home (2021)

best dosa tawa in India

We Indians love to explore dishes of different states and countries. No doubt, fast foods have a long chain, but trying cultural food is what we always crave for and among them, dosa is well-known. It is not only famous cuisine in south India but everywhere in India.

Dosa is super versatile; you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. And when it comes to food, we are ready to be a chef also.

But, while making dosa, we have tried to make dosa on regular fry Pans and end up ruining the entire dosa and pan. The main reason behind this is that these pans are not non-stick, and your dosa fermented rice gets stuck.

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10 Best RO Water Purifiers for Home In India (2021)

best water purifier in India

Water purifiers are an essential kitchen appliance that purifies the borewell water and makes it drinkable. The high contamination of iron, bacteria, and hardness make the groundwater unfit for direct consumption. Kent New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable Water Purifier, the best water purifier in India, can solve all these problems at your home. It is built with RO, UF, UV technologies and can adjust the water hardness with its TDS controller. With a fresh water storage of 8 L and a purification capacity of 20 L/hr, it is ideal for home use.

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