Auto Clean Chimneys- Functions, Benefits, Working and Worthiness

Today, an auto clean chimney is the most convenient way of keeping the kitchen cleaned. When you install these type of chimney, you are free from all unnecessary hassles. It comes with its own set of advantages with automatic cleaning solution.

Having an auto-clean chimney is life-saving in the kitchen because it keeps the area free from congested smokes and odors.

Altogether, for this busy world, auto-clean chimneys save the time allotment for the kitchen chores. With its auto-clean button, a lot of time remains for the users to handle other household chores. With the switching on the button, the heating element present in the housing motor will melt the greases. And ultimately, the oil is collected in an oil collector tray. For these reasons

What does “auto-clean” chimney mean? 

An auto clean chimney similar to the name suggests needs lesser manual interference and runs on its automatic cleaning functions. Mainly, such a chimney rarely bothers the owner because they don’t demand much maintenance. Its minimal maintenance feature gives it an upper hand over other hoods. For this reason, all of the best kitchen chimneys in India have autocleaning system.

For collecting oil and other sticky elements, a separate oil collecting tray comes with these hoods. And since the oil separating tray comes with these chimneys, that is why they have a better life span. The tray prevents sticky elements from getting stuck at the main internal parts of the chimney.

These appliances are of much use as compared to baffle filter chimneys. In these chimneys, the heat clean technology helps by cleaning the deposited oil from the fan by collecting it in a cup. 

However, to get something, you have to act responsibly!

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Are frequent cleaning mandatory for autocleaning chimneys?

When you have a kitchen chimney, timely cleaning is mandatory. It is only then your kitchen chimney will work well. People find this quite a tedious task to clean the kitchen chimney weekly by hand, but nowadays, they can just press the autocleaning button and let it clean by itself. If you want a reasonable outcome from your vent, then get a heat auto clean chimney.

What are Thermal or heat auto clean chimneys?

Even within the category of auto-clean chimneys, there are some variants. Now, after knowing what an auto-clean chimney is, it’s time to learn in detail about its most modern innovation. Mainly there are wet auto chimneys and dry or thermal auto cleaning chimneys. 

A heat or thermal auto clean chimney mainly functions with the help of a heating coil in place of a sprinkling pipe. Sprinkling pipes are used for wet chimneys, which require frequent manual cleaning. But the heat auto clean chimneys with their heat element help in melting the grease from the filters.

Then finally, gather the oil in a tray or evaporate it. Dry auto chimneys don’t have a shortage of space like wet chimneys. That is, dry clean chimneys have more than 200 ml of storage space with auto-filled-up facilities. 

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Are auto-cleaning chimneys better than the ordinary ones?

For a beginner in kitchen chores, it’s obvious to have doubts about the effectiveness of an auto clean chimney. You may have doubts if the auto clean chimneys are better than manual ducts. The following points will clear all your doubts by comparing an auto chimney with a regular manual chimney. These help you to bring a vent for your kitchen, which is also healthy for the environment. 

Advance working mechanisms

With an autocleaning, kitchen chimneys come highly modified technological features. It consists of advancements like an oil collecting tray that accumulates greasy particles from the cooking fumes. This exclusive collecting function enhances the life span of the chimney. It is so because it prevents the clogging of oils in the internal parts of the kitchen chimney.

Also, it keeps the purified air inside the kitchen. For cleaning purposes, or is because they are detachable from the main components. 

On the other hand, compared to an auto clean chimney, the manual chimney falls short of having such features. Due to which the oily catches the internal parts of the machine and demands frequent cleanups. Knowing how to use a chimney in the kitchen will help you determining the ease of using these advance working mechanism.

Auto Clean Chimneys Last Longer

These chimneys are highly equipped kitchen hoods. The auto cleaning feature enables the chimney to enhance its life span. Along with that, the oil collector adds up to the well-being of the auto chimney. It guarantees a long life span of the kitchen chimney and the durability of the appliance. 

The manual chimneys are not durable enough because of the absence of such parts in the machine. The piled-up greasy dirt frequently catches up the inner part of the chimney machine. Unless you clean these chimneys thoroughly, nothing can help the machine get dirtier and stocked with oil.

Since the users can’t clean the machine thoroughly, degradation in the performance of the manual-cleaning chimneys is definite. This is why autocleaning chimneys are far better than them.

They Need Less Maintenance

The performance of an auto clean chimney is more efficient as compared to the manual hoods. The inherent autocleaning features make the cleaning of the chimney easier. 

But the manual chimneys need vigorous efforts to get clean, and the vents are restricted from functioning swiftly. The only possible way of keeping these manual chimneys work properly is by daily maintenance check from a professional. 

Frequency for cleaning needed by auto clean chimneys

The dry clean chimneys don’t have to manually filter after a certain period like the wet clean auto chimneys. It is good enough to clean a dry auto clean chimney once or twice a month, depending on the usage. 

However, the only issue for you to have a thermal auto chimney is that they are a bit costlier. The heating mechanism inside the chimney makes it expensive. In parallel to these dry-cleaning chimneys, the new filterless machines are the latest in the market. 

Overall, cleaning dry cleaning chimneys is also essential for maintaining safety. It is so because often ignored unserved chimneys catch fire easily. That’s why to keep the house safe, timely servicing the dry clean chimneys is necessary. 

High Suction Power of Auto Clean Chimneys

The suction power is the capacity of the chimneys to drive the dirt and oily elements out from the kitchen. In general, an auto chimney’s suction potential is much higher than that of manual cleaning chimneys. The oil collected is more advanced for the auto hoods than the regular ones. In the manual chimneys, due to too much oil clogging over time, the suction power eliminates with time. 

Better Performance ensured by Costly Components

The only matter where you have to think about in an auto clean chimney is its high price range compared to regular ones. The technical parts of modern kitchen chimneys like the auto clean hoods are advanced with the latest built-in components and features. These chimneys, because of their higher cost, also give a guarantee for working longer hours efficiently. 

However, manual chimneys are less costly and are not very efficient for daily kitchen activities. 

From the above comparison, it is clear that an auto clean chimney is always better for kitchens even if it is a little costlier than manual cleaning chimneys. It removes the dirt from the kitchen, leaving an imprint of grease and unwanted particles in the kitchen area. 

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How do auto clean chimneys work?

As clearly mentioned above, a kitchen chimney works for venting out the smokes, moisture, and oil-filled air. It rescues indoor suffocation and breathing issues. Cooking releases both solid as well as liquid microscopic particulate matter.

Along with it, most of those particles are more than five mm in diameters, with both organic and inorganic substances in them. If not expelled, those pollutants usually stick with kitchen walls or with ceilings and cabinets. Respiratory disorders are also likely to occur for residents in a home if they don’t have a chimney in their kitchen.

How does it trap harmful pollutants in the kitchen?

A chimney works like a ventilation device, somehow, like an exhaust fan. But there are some significant differences between the chimney and exhaust fan. The indoor air feels refreshed when the chimney routes out pollutant air from home. The working of a kitchen chimney is not very complicated. 

When you cook, a lot of smokes and oil droplets are produced as a by-product. And to prevent the smoke from further adding up at the kitchen these chimneys’ function, the auto clean range hood draws all those unwanted particles inside the device. Then the sticky substance is trapped in the filters, and smoke is driven out through the ducts. Those smokes and moisture are then released in the outside open air. 

Functions of Ductless and Ducted Auto Clean Chimneys

The function of a ducted auto clean chimney and common ductless chimney is quite different. In a ducted chimney, an elaborated ducting system is present. It consists of a good, a motor, a filter, and PVC channels or pipes. For proper functioning of the auto clean chimneys, exercising plumbing is essential. The ducts are generally situated at the top of the stove to ensure sufficient ventilation. It may look a bit odd, but you can hide the chimney ducts with some arrangements.

A ductless chimney functions like a ducted chimney, except that ductless chimneys, recirculates the air through an additional carbon filter. In these hoods, the polluted particles first enter the primary baffle filter. The oil droplets are cleared at the baffle filter. From there, the air passes through the mesh and carbon filters that remove stinks, smoke, and polluted air. After that the recycled air recirculates back to the house. 

Thus, the ducted autocleaning chimney drives out the impure air while the ductless chimney purifies the kitchen air. They are much more fairly charged as compared to the ducted ones. It is so because, for a ductless chimney, the filters can be washed and not replaced.

A ductless chimney is easily dismantled and relocated in the house. To know more differences between the two, read ductless vs duct chimney and find out why the ducted auto clean chimneys are better.

How can you Maintain an auto clean chimney?

An auto-clean chimney is easy to clean which does not require regular soap cleaning techniques. There comes a heating button for many advanced auto-clean chimneys that cleans the machine within ten to fifteen minutes.

Within this time, the condensed oil and sticky items present on the internal walls of the chimney turns to liquid and let out in the collector tray. From the tray, you can clean the impurities and give a new start to the auto-clean hood. The suction power and boots of the auto chimney make the kitchen always look tidy. 

smooth operation of auto clean chimney

How to ensure smooth operation of auto clean chimneys?

You must never ignore the safety requirement of kitchen chimneys. For swift functioning of the auto clean chimney, you must follow some of the necessary precautions.

  • Maintain proper gap between chimney and stove

From preventing any kitchen hazards, you must remain alert while installing the auto clean chimney. Ensure a height between the chimney and gas stove which is usually about 24-30 inches. 

  • The adequate power supply

The fluctuating power for a auto clean kitchen chimney is not adequate for its durability. Therefore, before installing, makes sure of the voltage rating in your house.

  • Separate duct for the chimney

You need to maintain a separate duct for the exhausting smoke. Never try to connect the duct to another exhausting smoke device. It can prove risky for you and other members of your house. 

  • Close the gas burners

In the kitchen, any irresponsibility can cause accidents. While going out of your house, always check if the gas stove burners are closed and the chimney is turned off.

  • Be attentive with frying items

Every time you place your frying pan on the stove and get engaged with something else, there’s a high possibility of catching fire. Therefore, it’s always better to finish the cooking stuff first and switch off the chimney before leaving the kitchen. 

All these precautions are necessary for maintaining safety at your kitchen place. If the chimney is not working properly check the root cause and call an expert technician.

Final Words

An auto clean chimney makes your daily work chores easy. And indeed, it maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen area. It also helps in consuming oily elements faster than any manual chimney.

The collector tray also prevents dirt from getting stuck at the main internal parts of the kitchen chimney and enhances the machine’s durability. Though auto chimneys are costly compared to regular ones at the same time, they are effective in usage. 

Lastly, for your safety purpose, you must maintain certain precautions. Like never open the gas burners while you are not around the kitchen. Also, try to install a chimney after having three phases of power voltages to prevent it from constant fluctuation. 

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  1. Hello, thanks for the detailed article.

    Could please clarify whether an auto clean chimney cleans the internal surface of the chimney along with the motor or only the motor?

    Thank you.

    • Because of the curvy surface, ordinary autoclean chimneys cannot clean the interior surface. They are fitted with an oil collector, where the residual oil is stored. However, products like Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney come with the latest Heat Auto Clean system that vaporizes the residual oil by the application of heat. This system does not even require a filter and is the most efficient one. The motor stays inside a protective cover and is not affected with oil and smoke.


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