How to beat the summer heat in India? – 10 Tips to Get Relief

Exposing to the sun for a long time and doing heavy work during peak hours in summer can cause several illnesses that include migraine, dehydration, sunburn, cramps, and even heat stroke. Heatwaves caused by extreme temperature and high humidity can make the situation worse. For this reason, we must know how to beat the summer heat in India.

Children, elders, and those who mostly work outside and travel a lot are more prone to these kinds of illnesses. On top of that, people living in urban areas are generally at more risk than rural people.

As the average temperature of the world is rising, India is no exception. In the following graph, you can see the average temperature during 1901-1910 was only 25.26°C which steadily has increased to 25.84°C in 2011-2018.

average temperature rise in India (year wise)
Source: Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation

You may feel that a rise of only 0.58°C won’t affect much. But NASA says that 1.5°C rise in temperature will expose about 14% of Earth’s population to severe heatwaves.

In only 9 years (2010 to 2018), 6167 people have died in India due to heat wave. (source: Ministry of Earth Sciences, India)

In such a condition, we must take care of ourselves by taking necessary precautions. We must follow what the doctors have already said- “prevention is better than cure”.

In this article, you will know the best tips on how to fight and beat the extreme summer heat, especially in the Indian climatic conditions.

how to beat the summer heat in India

10 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat in India

1. Drink Water – There is No Better Way

drink water to beat the summer heat

Experts advise that an adult should drink 2.5-3 Liters of water every day. With excessive heat waves, the body gets dehydrated very fast. If you have to do a lot of outdoor works or get exposed to the sun for a long time, the water consumption rate should be increased to 3-4 liters of water per day. It just not only hydrates you, but it also gives you more energy to finish the remaining tasks.

Drinking a lot of water can help you fight and survive the summer heat. Many people drink cold water after staying a long time under the sun. This can be dangerous and may cause heatstroke. Therefore, in such a condition, avoid drinking cold water and have it at normal room temperature.

2. Wear Lightweight Cotton Clothes

cotton clothes for summer

Sweating rapidly can be very uncomfortable and irritating. But in Indian climatic conditions, it is inevitable. So, it is important to have good air circulation inside the clothes to evaporate the sweat as much as possible.

A good cloth made of cotton can be very good for this purpose. It effectively absorbs sweat and provides air circulation. If you need the go outside frequently, it will help you in getting comfort.

3. Avoid outdoors during peak hours

avoid outdoors during summer heat

Unless there is a dire need, people should avoid getting out in the peak time of the day. During the time of 12 noon to 4 pm, the temperature reaches the maximum level. In this time, the effect of heatwaves is the maximum that can cause serious health problems.

But there are so many people who need to get outside due to job or business requirements. If that is the case, take proper precautions and follow the other tips mentioned in the article.

4. Do not consume rich spicy oily food or alcohol

avoid alcohol and spicy food

During summer, it is essential to maintain our body temperature at the optimum level. Rich and fast food that contains too much oil and spices need more energy to digest. It leads to an increase in body temperature.

On the other hand, alcohol causes dehydration. When someone consumes alcohol, it leads to urinating more than you consume. If the weather is heated, having alcohol can cause dry mouth, severe headache, or fatigue. This is one of the biggest causes of heatstroke.

Therefore, you should avoid to consume these to stay healthy and fresh.

5. Drink Lemon water/ Lassi/ Bel Pana/ Green Mango smoothie

lemon water to cool down

During summer, regular consumption of lemon juice water can help you strengthen the metabolism to make the digestive organs perform at the best. Lassi is also known to improve the metabolic process and helps to digest. Apart from it, sarbats like Bel Pana, Green Mango juice can be extremely helpful to cool down the body and get comfortable.

It is advisable not to consume flavored juices and smoothies. These kinds of artificial juices have no health benefits, some can even be dangerous. Whether you like lemon water, lassi, or any of the above smoothies, you should take it at least once in a day to stay healthy.

6. Have sour curd in regular meal

consume sour curd regularly to avoid heat

If you are worried about the summer heat and planning to keep the body cool, 100g yogurt is good enough for daily consumption. Having sour curd in regular meals can not only help you getting comfort but also ensures proper digestion.

Many people consume it on a daily basis to lose weight as well as keeping the metabolism up.

To get more benefits from it, you should contact a nutritionist for a proper diet.

7. Do not overwork or overexercise

avoid overworking and excessive exercise in high temperature

Our goal in the summer is to keep the body temperature cool. But it isn’t always possible. We have to exercise for maintaining body fitness and work to get food. Doing so, you may feel excessive tiredness. It can cause dehydration and fatigue if not cared properly.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyone should avoid overworking and excessive exercise during peak hours of summer. For exercise, early morning is the best time in a day.

8. Always use an Umbrella and Sunglass

wear sunglass and use umbrella in summer

It is not always possible to stay indoors during the afternoon in the summer. It can be a job, business, or any personal matter.

If you really need to get out, do not forget to use an umbrella and wear a protective goggle. Having these can help you not getting exposed to direct sunlight. The effect of heat waves also gets minimized with it.

Therefore, we highly recommend to use these in the summer.

9. Try sunscreen lotions/ creams

use sunscreen lotion before getting out in the sun

Using sunscreen is very beneficial to use in the summer season. It has a lot of advantages including protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and sunburn. Exposing to sunlight for a long time can cause uneven skin tones and premature aging. It also takes active measures to reduce the risk of skin diseases like melanoma- the most severe skin cancer.

Products like Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Sunblock Cream is very good against the direct effect of the sun. It can be used by both men and women.

10. Do not expose yourself to a sudden change in Temperature

don't expose to sudden change in temperature

This is a very important point that you must consider to reduce the negative effect of heatwaves. Generally, after returning from outside we tend to switch on the AC and drink cold water at once to get relief from the unbearable heat.

But, beware of the health problems that it can cause. The sudden fluctuation of the temperature can make you catch the cold, pneumonia, and even sunstroke.

Therefore, it is advisable to allow your body to cool down in normal room temperature before you drink cold water from the refrigerator or start the air conditioner.

If you follow the above advices closely, beating the summer heat is not a big task anymore. Take proper precaution, follow the guidelines and live the fullest.

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