5 Best 4K TVs in India (55 and 65 inches)- 2022 Buying Guide

TV that takes too much space, is obsolete now. At present we have moved to LED TVs which are sleek and look fantastic. 4K Ultra HD QLED and OLED TVs provide us with a viewing experience that is quite comparable to the quality we see in theatres. The color is distributed well, the TVs have fantastic brightness, and on top of that the picture comes out super crisp. Yes, you do need to pay a little extra for them, but they are worth it.

According to our research, the LG 139 Cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV is the best 4K TV in India. Along with its good design, superior sound quality, and certified Android, this TV keeps you connected to the world of entertainment. OnePlus is still new in the home electronics market, but it is evident that they are one of the bests in 2022. You have the option to connect this set with any external device.

best 4K TV in India

Best 4K TVs in India (2022)

LG 4K UHD Smart TV43, 50, 55, 65 InchesAmazon
Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD65 InchesAmazon
OnePlus Q1 Series 4K QLED TV55 InchesAmazon
Samsung Q Series 4K UHD QLED TV65 InchesAmazon
Blaupunkt 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV32, 40, 55 InchesAmazon

Reviews of best 4K TVs in India

1. LG 139 cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV

LG 139 Cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Key features

  • The TV has a 55 inch 4K Ultra HD OLED display with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz.
  • The sound output is 20 Watts, and it also has the AI sound feature.
  • For connectivity, it has 3 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ports.
  • Both Google Assistant and Alexa are built into the product.
  • Things work quite fast due to the presence of a quad-core processor.
  • 19.5 Kg is the weight of it, and a minimalistic design helps it to blend with the wall.
  • Along with the 1-year comprehensive warranty from LG, there is another year warranty on the panel.

Advanced AI Technology

As we know, artificial technology takes up a massive part in modern-day electronics, LG has utilized the same thing in this model. The television comes equipped with AI technology that can adapt to the picture, sound, brightness, and even acoustics. Together they form a viewing experience that is quite personal.

Future Ready by Being Smart

LG, as a company knows that we are dependent on the internet and they have integrated it with this television. The WebOS helps you to go through your favorite online content along with various OTT platforms. Along with that, the 4K Ultra HD resolution helps in getting the cinematic experience.

Amped Up Connectivity

Whenever we are buying a TV, we think about its connectivity because it is usual to add more devices. LG has taken care to add enough ports along with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which takes connectivity to the next level. If you happen to have a favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones, you will be able to use it with this TV.


  • It happens to have a fantastic picture quality with apt brightness.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is quite helpful.
  • The TV comes content ready with the WebOS inside it.
  • AI helps in personalizing your TV viewing experience.
  • Connectivity options are great on this LG TV.
  • Additionally, you get a fantastic aesthetic look from this TV.
  • LG has a good warranty policy.
  • It is based on WebOS and Wi-Fi has been made into it, which allows access to online content.
  • As the remote is Bluetooth-based, it can be used from all angles.
  • When the TV is sitting idle, it can be turned into a picture with the Gallery mode.
  • You get a TV that is future-ready.


  • It is expensive, but you pay for quality TV.
  • You need to take good care to get a long lifespan.


This LG television is one of the best 4K TVs in India that you can buy online. The brand itself is known for its great reputation in terms of product quality and customer service. You might like to purchase it to get a personalized viewing experience.

2. Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD

Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD

Key features

  • The 55 inch UHD display has the ability to support 4K resolution.
  • 60 Hertz is the refresh rate of this television.
  • It also has 20 Watts of sound output along with ClearAudio+ technology to enhance performance.
  • 3 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ports make the TV ready for connecting external devices.
  • Voice search is available on the TV through Google Assistant.
  • You will also love the content bar, which brings Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other online content into one place.
  • 15 KG is the weight of the TV.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty is provided by Sony.

An All-rounder Display

We can never stress the need for a good display and Sony being an acclaimed company has put everything they could have to make amazing television. Along with being a 4K Ultra HD display, there is an HDR processor along with X-Reality Pro to provide you with a seamless and real experience.

Satisfying Audio Performance

Along with good picture quality, it is obvious that we need good audio. The ClearAudio+ technology, along with the Acoustic Surface Technology provides the ultimate experience. You will get to hear sharp and clear audio along with having a surrounding sound effect.

A TV that Looks Good

There was a time when a TV used to look pathetic because of its huge size. But this 65 inch TV will become a conversation starter in your home. The one slate design provides it with a pure look along with its sleep and proper design. You can either mount it on the wall or keep it on the table to receive compliments.


  • An amazing 4K UHD display with proper colors and amazing brightness.
  • The picture given out by the TV is realistic.
  • On connecting to Wi-Fi, the whole world of online content lies before you.
  • You get to have a one-of-a-kind audio experience, which is thrilling.
  • Voice search is built-in along with Chromecast.
  • Along with great performance, the TV looks good.
  • Free installation and demo are provided by Sony.
  • A unique acoustic surface technology provides better transference of sound using two actuators.
  • Along with an Android-based OS, Wi-Fi is also built into this TV.


  • Sony had past problems with service quality, but they have improved it.
  • You pay a lot, but the quality will never fail to satisfy.


If you love to watch movies or play video games on a big screen, you might love this 4K TV. The Ultra HD quality display will give you an amazing experience that is ready to take over the future.

3. OnePlus 55 Inches QLED 4K TV (55Q1IN Pro)

OnePlus 55 Inches 4K TV (55Q1IN Pro)

Key features

  • The 8 stereo set up of the TV provides 50 Watt audio output.
  • As this is a Smart TV, it comes with verified Android for better connectivity.
  • 95.7% is the screen to body ratio, which provides a bezel-less display to the viewers
  • With a handy and minimal remote control, it is easy to maneuver the TV.
  • It just weighs 22 KG and you get a year’s warranty.
  • There are 3 USB Ports and 4 HDMI ports on this TV.
  • You can also connect your phone using the OnePlus Connect App.

Spectacular 4K display

Whenever we think of a TV, we think of its show and the color quality provided by it. The 4K Ultra HD display of this TV makes it your perfect friend for entertainment. Further, as it is a QLED panel, you can remain assured about the numerous colors supported by the TV. With all the new qualities, this item doesn’t fail to catch your attention with its various features.

Theatre-like Sound Quality

People often complain about the sound quality of TVs as they are low. They wouldn’t need to do that if they purchase this OnePlus TV as it comes with 8 speakers with fantastic sound quality. The speakers can actually adapt to the viewer’s need to provide them with a surround sound experience.

As Smart as Your Phone

It is a great idea to have a bigger screen to watch the content that we get on the internet, and this one is a smart TV with Android functions and Oxygen Play. So, you can browse through the material and find things that you like. Connecting the TV to the Wi-Fi is a breeze, and the fast processor of the TV makes the task lag-free.


  • The 4K Ultra HD QLED display is out of the world.
  • You get fantastic sound quality with the 8 speakers.
  • This TV has a 55″ 4K QLED display with Gamma Colour Magic, HDR, and Dolby Vision to provide crisp and colorful pictures.
  • At 22 KG, this TV is quite lightweight.
  • Because it has Android, you can easily connect it to the Internet.
  • 8 millisecond is the response time of this TV, making it super-fast
  • Free demo and installation are available from the company.
  • Oxygen Play comes installed on the TV, which allows you to purchase different types of content.
  • 1 year warranty is given on the TV.


  • A stand isn’t provided, but this TV looks better when wall-mounted.
  • Netflix wasn’t available before but can be used after the latest update.

What is Best About this 4K TV?

If you are looking for a quality product that has the best design and features for a reasonable price, then this 55 inches OnePlus TV is one of the best things you can get in 2022.

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4. Samsung 65 Inches Q Series QLED Smart 4K TV

Samsung 65 Inches Q Series QLED Smart 4K TV

Key features

  • This 65 inches TV with a 4K Ultra HD QLED display has a refresh rate of 120 Hertz.
  • There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports on this TV.
  • 40 Watts is the sound output of this television.
  • The remote control with voice search helps to go through the online content and maneuver it.
  • You can use the TV as a SmartThings monitor to control the other smart devices in your home.
  • It weighs 31 KG.
  • 1 warranty is provided by Samsung.

Seamless Display Quality

Samsung is known for its brilliant displays, and they have included it in this model. They have used their in-house technology to make the TV have an excellent picture quality that is authentic to real life. Also, the Q engine makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

Samsung cares about the Aesthetic Feel

When you see the TV, you will know that the premium built quality translates into its thin and proper look. Also, because of the different ambient modes, you can make your TV interesting, even when it is off. This provides you with a TV that doesn’t sit and gather dust all year long.

User-Friendly Approach

We do want to have a TV that is easy to use, and the universal remote of this TV along with the presence of the Smart features will compel you to make the purchase. SmartHub, along with SmartThings, makes it a treasure for people with Smart homes.


  • The 4K UHD display provides real and crisp images.
  • You can easily connect the television to the internet.
  • A lot of online content can be accessed easily.
  • Its processor helps you to enjoy watching TV without any lag.
  • Ambient Mode is a unique and exciting feature.
  • Samsung promises a long life for the TV.
  • Q color and Q contrast present in this TV provides an apt and real viewing experience.
  • Clean Cable Solution is present in this device to keep its look aesthetically pleasing.
  • For décor purposes, the TV comes with an ambient mode.
  • SmartThings allows you to control other smart products in your home.
  • Bluetooth and the ports make connectivity a breeze.


  • Though the price is steep, it is a quality investment.
  • The sound may seem low, but Bluetooth helps you to connect quality soundbars.


There are an ample amount of reasons to get this 4K UHD TV from Samsung. You not only get a TV with fantastic picture quality but also one with premium value. We recommend the product because it is one of the best 4K TVs in India.

5. Blaupunkt 55 Inches QLED Smart 4K TV

Blaupunkt 55 Inches QLED Smart 4K TV

Key features

  • A 55″ 4K Ultra HD QLED display is present on the TV.
  • It does come with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports to make it easier to connect to other devices.
  • 20 Watts is the sound output of the TV.
  • The Hybrid Launcher lets you view different content.
  • Android 2.0 Nougat is the OS present on this television.
  • Dual Processor makes it extremely fast and lag-free.
  • Blaupunkt got certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards for this TV.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided with the item.

Mindblowing Colour Quality

As the TV used Quantum dot technology, it is evident that the colors appear correct on the screen. On top of that, as you can access it in 4K resolution, the picture quality comes out great. The TV looks good in bright as well as dark situations.

Premium International Quality

Blaupunkt makes the TV according to their German standards, so it is evident that the set has got quality to it. They have designed it in a way that along with providing a good viewing experience, doesn’t fail to be visually appealing. The television is ultra-slim, almost bezel-less and it comes with a metallic frame.

User-friendly Smart Features

Most of us have elders in our house who regularly watch TV. So, the company has come up with a television that has a voice control remote. They have included the Hybrid launcher, which lets you access different apps. Also, because of the enhanced processors, the television can run without dragging.


  • It comes with an amazing 4K Ultra HD QLED display. The colors that you see are true-to-life.
  • You can access several smart apps and OTT platforms.
  • Because of the metal frame and ultra-slim design, it looks great.
  • User-friendliness is guaranteed by the easy-to-use remote control.
  • There is a smart mouse on the remote, which helps you to control the TV with your voice.
  • International and national standards are met by the brand.
  • An ultra-slim metallic body makes the TV weigh just 12 KG and provides it with a fantastic look.
  • Numerous ports make it easy to connect to external devices.
  • A 1-year warranty is included.


  • Sometimes the Smart feature gets slow, but regular updates always fix it.
  • The sound output seems low, but the Dolby Digital Bombastic Sound makes up for it. 


This TV from Blaupunkt is the best for those who want to have the latest features in their set along with a premium look. It is also a great alternative to the Oneplus 4K TV we have listed.

best 4K TV buying guide in India

Buying Guide to get the best 4K TV in India

Whenever we decide to purchase something new, we need to think about it as thoroughly as possible. Television is a home appliance that we should treat as an investment that recurs only when one set stops working. We have seen TVs working for 10 or more years because of the proper usage and timely repairs. So, while we are on the hunt for a TV, we should be careful about the product.

Research is crucial when you are going to buy a new product. You should assess your requirements and needs before you dive into purchasing in an impulsive way. All of us have stories where we have bought something just because of the cheeky advertisements provided by the companies. Let us have a look at 10 things that you should focus on when you want to buy a new 4K TV.

Size of the 4K TV

What is the amount of space that you can dedicate to your TV?

Do you want a TV for your living room or for your bedroom?

Are you looking to purchase a TV for your home theatre?

These are some of the usual questions that will come to your mind when you think about choosing the size of a TV.

These days, companies produce televisions in a lot of sizes. You can go for the humble 32″ TV or lean towards the 65″ giant. As you are looking to purchase a 4K TV, they are typically found in bigger sizes because of the better resolution. Most of them start from 55″ and can go on till 75″ or more.

You should also remember that you will need to pay more for a bigger TV. Also, for a bigger TV, you will need to have a more considerable distance between the viewer and the TV. Companies often state the recommended range, which is generally 10 to 15 ft.

As the OLED TVs are quite thin, it is best to mount them on the wall. So, if you are going for the most significant size, make sure that the wall will have the capacity to hold it up. Do remember that extra space might also be needed to include a soundbar or other external devices that connect with the TV.


So, when it comes to choosing TVs with 4K UHD displays, the two common variants seen in the market are OLEDs and QLEDs. There are some fundamental differences between them.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, whereas QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. So, a QLED is like an enhanced version of the LED TV, and it contains quantum particles that help in providing better color and brightness to the picture. Compared to it, an OLED has pixels that are able to produce color and brightness on their own without the presence of a backlight. That is the reason for QLEDs to have better contrast and OLEDs to have better color and brightness.

As OLEDs produce light on their own, they are known as emissive, whereas QLEDs are known as transmissive as light needs to reach the particles through different layers. Both of them are great, and you can get either of them. But OLEDs tend to have a better lifespan along with excellent viewing angles. So, we will suggest you go for the product based on its features rather than just the QLED or OLED tag.

An OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and rather than having a separate backlight, these TVs have pixels that can emit light and color at the same time.  Electricity helps in the functioning, and these TVs are known for their superior brightness. Also, they are less power consumption compared to other TVs.

annual energy consumption of 4K TV

Now, if we come to QLEDs, then it stands for Quantum Light-Emitting Diode, and the mechanism involves quantum Nano-particles which help in producing the best amount of brightness and color. They do have a backlight, and the light is transmitted between the layers before it hits the pixels. Generally, QLED TVs are seen as a transition between a LED TV and an OLED TV. QLED TVs are less expensive when compared to OLED models.

Both of the TVs can be thin, lightweight, and flexible owing to their popularity in the current market. Companies have also added the Smart feature to both of them, so you actually get almost the same thing. So, it is essential to assess between the models that you like to find out the minute details.

CostLess ExpensiveMore Expensive
Energy EfficiencyGoodGreat
4K TV resolution

Resolution of 4K TV

Is this the first time that you are going to think about screen resolution? If yes, then you should know that it is vital to becoming prepared for the future. You may have seen that streaming sites like YouTube have already started to give options for 4K videos. So, it is essential to have a TV that can support high-resolution content.

4K or Ultra High Definition is definitely better than the usual HD TV or computer screens that we are using. 3840 x 2160 pixels is the resolution pixel amount that you get in these displays. The picture, as well as the colors, are crisp and realistic as high-end pieces of equipment are used in production.

Compared to that, an FHD display has the ability to respond up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is lower than 4K. These days, you can also get televisions with 8K displays, but we do not think that they are needed right now.

There are a lot of benefits of purchasing a TV with 4K UHD resolution. The most crucial one is that it will help you in watching online content, especially those which are available on OTT platforms. Even Dish Networks have started to provide channels with better resolutions. Because the TV will come with the Smart feature, it is better to go for a higher resolution, in this case, it is 4K UHD.

HDR or High Dynamic Range 4K TV

We like to watch those pictures which are true to real life. HDR or High Dynamic Range helps a TV to achieve that realistic look. You might have seen the HDR option in a camera or in a photo editing app, and it adds an added layer of depth and sharpness to the pictures. In essence, HDR helps in setting the right contrast for the image or video.

Till a specific time, we were not convinced by the colors shown on TV, especially the bright ones. But if you get a television that has HDR, you are bound to get a better viewing experience. On top of that, all video content that is being produced today comes with the provision of HDR. So, you may miss out on its real capacity if your TV doesn’t give you the option.

Most 4K UHD TVs will invariably come with the HDR function to help you see the deepest blacks and an image with proper contrast. Along with this, HDR also helps the TV to show an array of colors that weren’t possible before. Having HDR in your television also makes you future-ready for the upcoming times when video content will have a better color portrayal in them.

best 4k TV in India

Smart 4K TV

Smart TV has become a standard feature that is present in almost all LED and OLED TVs that you can get in the market. As you will be paying quite a bit for an OLED TV, it is apparent that you should get a smarter device.

A Smart TV allows you to connect to the internet and stream online content on your TV. If it is Android-based, you can even use the usual apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, right on the television. 

Smart TVs also have individual hubs and browsers dedicated to the browsing of online content and access to the popular OTT platforms. Check its connectivity options which help in making it smarter. Most of them will come with in-built Wi-Fi, while others may have Bluetooth as well.

Another important thing is the presence of a virtual assistant. Many TVs come preinstalled with Google Assistant and Alexa, which helps you get through the content as well as the settings.

Good Smart TVs will also let you connect your phone to the TV either via Bluetooth or through an app. This feature enables you to look into the media present on the phone.

In all, Smart TV allows you to remain up-to-date by using the internet, which has turned out to be a crucial thing in our life. After a long day, you can relax on the couch and watch your favorite online content right on the television.

Connectivity of the 4K TV

Do you just want to sit with a large TV in your home?

Not at all. Buying a 4K UHD TV opens up a range of options in front of you when it comes to keeping yourself entertained. Many people want to include these TVs in their home theatre system.

So, adding an external device becomes essential. Ports are quite necessary, so whenever you are buying a TV, do make sure that it has an ample number of HDMI and USB ports. Televisions also have a LAN port to connect with the internet. Look for HDMI 2.0 ports in the current models as it is the latest version.

Additionally, good TVs will also have Bluetooth in them to help you attach it to Bluetooth devices. If you use Bluetooth headphones or speakers, then this is a must-have feature.

Also, make sure that all the right cables are provided by the company. Without the correct cables, you may never attach another device, especially something like a set-top box to the TV.

Connectivity is especially essential for gamers as they need to connect a console or even connect it with their computer to play their favorite games. A TV with an internet connection helps them to have better performance.

So, assess your connectivity needs and research the options before finally purchasing the TV. Try to get a TV with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and Bluetooth Connectivity.

Sound Output of 4K TV

Have you ever felt the sound being bad at a theatre? If yes, then you wouldn’t want the experience to happen in your home daily due to an improper television. Yet, most people complain that the sound output of their TV is never up-to-the-mark. This has happened as the panels have become thinner, and companies had to include inferior speakers to compensate for the sleek look.

Yet, many companies are actually trying to provide a sound output of 40 Watts or even 50 Watts. You need to find them to have the best model at your home. Having a surround sound experience is crucial when you want to have a theatre-like experience.

We will recommend you to get a soundbar or a whole sound system if you want to have the best audio quality. If you don’t opt for that, then get a TV with a sound output that is more than 40 Watts.

The speaker position on the TV is also important to judge its quality. Some companies use multiple speakers to level up the class, whereas some use vibrations for better distribution of the sound.

Companies also use their own technologies which enhance the sound quality. So, thoroughly check the sound technologies used in the TV before making a purchase.

4K TV Warranty

As you are buying an electronic product, it is better to go for a product with a warranty because you can never be sure about any manufacturing defect present on the TV. Every brand has its own way of providing warranties, and you should read the terms and conditions before making the purchase.

Most brands provide a 1-year warranty on TVs, but some have another year warranty for the panel. This is the foremost reason to buy a branded TV rather than going for a random product. After you buy a 4k TV, the warranty helps you to get rid of any problems that might arise in the first year of your purchase.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to inquire about the service provided by different brands. As you are getting a big TV, it won’t be possible for you to carry it to a shop. Popular brands do provide home service when it comes to repairing OLED TVs.

Also, read the manuals of the product that you like, you can quickly get them on the internet. They provide more insight into the things covered under the warranty policy of the brand. Some may have extended warranty schemes, but we think that it is better to stick with the original warranty provided by a company.

Aesthetics of buying a 4K TV

You may think that the look of a TV doesn’t matter too much, but in reality, it does. Will you want to have a TV that doesn’t go along with the interior design? Absolutely not!

These days’ brands are focusing on making their TVs have a great look along with their impressive performance. There are modes in which a TV can turn into a painting when it is not in use. So, you should choose a TV that will look good in its decided space.

TVs have become sleek, and many do have metallic frames making them look more beautiful. Check out the different designs and color options available on a TV. The bezel-less trend is definitely something you should check when you are getting a TV that is 55 inches or more.

Black TVs work the best as their color blends with the screen providing the cleanest look. Aesthetics is the last thing that you need to think about, but you should spend time on it as a TV becomes a part of the home for a long.

Your Budget Matters

Most of us will have a specific budget when it comes to buying an electronic product. Choose the budget according to your comfort. Yes, the best 4k Oled TV in India will cost you more than the usual LED TV, but it shouldn’t be a too significant investment.

When you visit a physical store, the salesperson usually confuses you about the features and tries to see you a TV that will bring them profit. But you can shop online as it can provide better deals. There are online sales that bring down the price of a TV making them extra affordable.

As an initiative of your own, limit yourself to a budget and find those TVs that conform. After that, compare the TVs to find the piece which has the most features. Popular brands happened to have Televisions with similar specifications, but they do add a little more extra to please the customers.

If you happen to like television very much, but it is too costly, then wait for new products to launch as it will somewhat bring down the price. We will warn you against spending too much on features that you do not need. Assess the product and get the piece that suits you and your family the best.

Is 4K TV good for gaming?

Absolutely, the fantastic color contrasts along with minute, sharp graphics make a 4K TV an excellent choice for gamers. Along with that, most 4K televisions do come with the Smart feature, so players can easily connect the screen to the internet. They will have the option to stream their games, connect via the TV, etc. The huge screen size of most OLEDs provides a fantastic gaming experience. When you get a 55″ 4K UHD TV for gaming, you are getting into the Mecca for games. The fast processors, along with the huge screen size and the bright pictures, take you to a fantastic moment. 

Also, these TVs are ready for the future as most game companies are producing high-resolution games with amazing graphics. The HDR quality in OLED TVs allows you to have realistic gameplay. You also get to have multiple ports on the TV with which you can connect your console and other external devices. If you are planning to get a TV for gaming, then do find one with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can use your wireless headphones.

Frequently Asked questions

Is 4K OLED TV good for the eyes?

Yes, extensive research has shown that OLED displays are better on your eyes compared to the older LCD displays. But that doesn’t mean that you will not follow the distance guidelines provided by a company. Many brands also offer additional layers on their display to make it better for the eyes. You should always set the TV at a brightness level that is soothing for your eyes. Do not continuously stare at the television and no more than 5 hours in a day. 

What is the lifespan of a 4K TV?

Generally, an 4K TV will easily last you for 10 to 12 years if you take proper care of it. This is just an average number as everyone has different consumption rates. Some people watch 5 hours of TV per day whereas some just ignore their set for days. So, your frequency of usage will say a lot about the lifespan. If you take proper care of the TV and perform adequate servicing, then you will get a better lifespan from the television. Remember to frequently clean any dust and debris that might form on it to keep the TV healthy.

Why is 4K TV so expensive?

When you are trying to find the best budget 4K TV in India, it is invariable that you end up knowing that 4K TVs are quite expensive. The main reason behind this is that they have a high manufacturing cost. It takes a lot of money to produce the ultrathin sets that have a perfect black finish along with being almost bezel-less. On top of that, brands do try to pack the TV with nearly all the new features. So, when your TV comes with a 4K UHD display, it is evident that you will need to pay more. The size of your TV also dictates the price you pay for it. Also, OLEDs are meant to detect and display more colors than a LED or an LCD. Along with that, companies also try to make OLEDs have lower power consumption. You may initially pay a lot more, but it will save you money in the longer run.

How likely is OLED burn-in?

There was a time when you would have been said to avoid purchasing OLED TVs because of their tendency to burn in. It generally stands for the phenomenon where certain parts of the screen are left discolored because of improper usage of the pixel. It may lead to dead pixels that prevent the best viewing experience. Generally, static images that stay on the screen for a long time cause burn-ins. Though OLEDs did have frequent burn-ins in the past, the companies have worked on it to solve the problem. There are technologies such as pixel shifting which prevent burn-ins. Also, you can use the recommended brightness level for the TV to have a better display performance. Yes, OLEDs are susceptible to burn-ins if there is improper usage.

Can you fix burn-in on OLED?

In most cases, a burn-in is a permanent phenomenon in an OLED screen, so you will need to contact the service providers to fix the problem. In most cases, burn-ins are not included in the warranty because companies do warn you against improper usage. If you think that the burn-in is relatively new, then you can try to adjust the brightness setting back to normal or play an exciting video to counter the burn-in. Many TVs already have pixel shifts in them, and you may turn it on in the settings or refresh the television to fix the problem. If the burn-in is too severe and evident, then you may need to change the screen. 


Buying a TV is not as easy as you might have thought before. You need to consider a lot before making the right investment. But, this will provide you with a satisfying television that will be in use for a long time. We hope that our buying guide helps everyone to find excellent OLED or QLED TV for their home.

We recommend buying the OnePlus 55 inches 4K QLED TV (55Q1IN Pro) as it has great performance, design, display, sound at an affordable price. For other recommendations, follow the buying guide properly, and we are sure that you will get the best 4K TV in India.  

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