Best Auto Ignition Gas Stoves in India (2020): Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you tired of wasting precious gas while trying to light it? If yes, then keep reading as we have the perfect solution for your problem, an Auto Ignition Gas Stove.  

They help in eliminating the need for using gas lighters or matches when it comes to ignition. These stoves are known for their safety as you do not need to put your hands near the flames.

When talking about the best auto ignition gas stove in India, we must mention about Our Top Pick Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove. The amazing stove from Prestige makes your life much more relaxed and fulfills your dream of having a hi-tech kitchen. Its sleek glass body design along with the potent burners helps you to cook delicious meals daily. On top of everything, this product is from a brand like Prestige which has been present in the Indian market for a long time.

Keep on reading to know more about the best gas stoves available in India and also find out how you can choose a spectacular stove for your kitchen in 2020.

best auto ignition gas stove in India

The 5 best auto ignition gas Stoves in India

Reviews of the best Auto Ignition Gas Stoves (2020)

The 5 most amazing auto ignition gas stoves that are the best in India, come from well-known brands. These include Prestige, Glen and iBell. Two brands- Hamlay and Suryajwala are comparatively new. But they are gaining a reputation because of their high-quality stoves.

1. Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige auto ignition gas stove

Stove with a Premium Look and Feel

When you lay your eyes on this beautiful auto ignition gas stove, you will realize that the Schott glass on its top doesn’t only look good but also provides it with practicality. Because of it, you will be able to clean thoroughly, and the accidental spills won’t damage the stove.

Thoughtful Design for Indian Homes

Three brass burners in this Prestige stove will survive for a long time, and it enables a moderately large family to cook their meals faster as well as simpler.

Best Auto ignition gas stove

Generally, companies shy away from providing more substantial warranties, but Prestige offers a 2-year warranty on the stove plus an additional 10-years warranty on the Schott glass. This will help you with any problem related to the stove.

Considering the innovative auto ignition mechanism, built quality and durability of the model, this product is the most useful gas stove in India.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas...
214 Reviews
Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas...

● The stove has three tri pin brass burners for better and faster cooking.
● Schott toughened glass is present on top for additional durability.
● There is powder coating on the body to prevent rust formation.
● It also has Sabaf valves imported from Italy to provide the better gas transfer.
● Individual Pan Support provides better integrity on placing utensils on the stove.
● One can precisely control the ergonomic knobs.
● Auto-ignition operates smoothly to make things easy.
● A dedicated switch for auto-ignition.
● Prestige provides a 2-year warranty plus an additional ten years for the glass top.
● Compatible with LPG Cylinders.


  • The auto-ignition works fast.
  • The quality of the stove is excellent.
  • It looks beautiful in the kitchen.
  • It helps in faster cooking for larger families.
  • The imported toughened glass retains the look.
  • Prestige has included a fantastic warranty of 2 plus 10 years.
  • Its powder coating prevents rust.


  • Only LPG support, but modifications can be made.
  • Customer care had some problems before, but it is now resolved.

What is Best about this auto ignition gas stove?

Being one of the most reputed brand for kitchen appliances, Prestige has manufactured this beautifully-designed auto ignition gas stove with the most durable material. On top of that, the exceptional 2-year warranty with this product make it the best auto ignition gas stove in the Indian market.

2. Glen 4 Burner Glass Top Auto Ignition Gas Stove

best 4 burner auto ignition gas stove in India

A Brilliant Gas Stove for Larger Families

Families with more than five members will find this four-burner auto ignition gas stove extremely helpful as it will allow them to cook for all of them in less time. On top of that, it has auto-ignition, which makes using the gas easy.

Made to be Durable

Glen is a renowned company when it comes to gas stoves, and they have made sure to make the model have durable qualities. The alloy burners, along with the stainless steel body and the toughened glass, create the perfect formula for a long-lasting product.

Superior Looking Product

If you are thinking of buying an auto ignition gas stove for your new kitchen, then this sleek and beautiful model from Glen can be the perfect addition. It doesn’t take up much space, and the shiny black finish gives it a great look.

Glen 4 Burner Glass Auto Ignition - Alda
130 Reviews
Glen 4 Burner Glass Auto Ignition - Alda

● The stove has a toughened glass top.
● There are four durable aluminium iron burners.
● With the battery-operated auto-ignition, the stove becomes easy to use.
● 4 mm thick drip pans help you to clean the stove properly.
● The use of stainless steel prevents rusting.
● Anti-slip feet provide stability on the countertop.
● They have kept it light for better portability.
● A 360 gas nozzle is present in the back for secure connections.
● Compatible with both LPG and PNG connections.
● The company provides a 1-year warranty on this stovetop.


  • Fastest battery-operated auto ignition system.
  • Break free toughened glass top for durability.
  • Supports both LPG and PNG connections.
  • Great for bigger families.
  • It can accommodate multiple large utensils at the same time.
  • The aluminium alloy burners are long-lasting.
  • Sleek and lightweight design for a better look.


  • It is expensive, but you get a fantastic stove.
  • Not recommended for small families.

What is Best about this auto ignition gas stove?

This product form Glen is suitable for a medium and large family. If you have five or more persons in your family, this auto ignition gas stove is the best choice. Built with a very sturdy structure made of stainless steel, this cooking appliance is one of our highly recommended products in India.

3. Hamlay 2 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Best auto ignition gas stove in India

A Gas Stove with an Amazing Design

Most of us have settled for the fact that stoves cannot be good looking, but this gas stove from Hamlay proves us wrong with its excellent design. Everything from its great color to its spacious design will entice you.

Helpful Auto Ignition

The mechanical auto-ignition feature present in this stove makes it more straightforward as you will get a tonne of use from it in your kitchen. You won’t need a lighter or matchstick after getting this stove.

Stove with a Promise of Durability

The materials used in this gas stove prove its quality. Heavy-duty brass has been used in the burners which provide a long lifespan and even flame output.

Hamlay Toughened Glass Auto Ignition Gas...
72 Reviews
Hamlay Toughened Glass Auto Ignition Gas...

● This gas stove has two heavy-duty brass burners.
● The top is covered with break-resistant toughened glass.
● No lighter or match is needed because of its battery-operated auto ignition mechanism.
● Compatible with PNG and LPG connections and has a 360-degree rotating nozzle.
● There are heavy-duty square pan supports and drip pans.
● Anti-slip legs help in getting a better grip on any flat platform.
● As there are soft-operation knobs, it prevents any hassle.
● Large utensils can easily fit on the stove because of the spacious design.
● Easy cleaning because of the glass surface.
● 1-year warranty provided by the company.


  • A fantastic, spacious design.
  • Perfect for a small family.
  • Heavy-duty brass burners promise durability.
  • Anti-skid feet to enhance balance.
  • It helps in saving time and money.
  • Supports big utensils at the same time.
  • The toughened glass adds lifespan and makes cleaning easy. 
  • It comes in a lovely white color.
  • The company provides a 1-year warranty.
  • Compatible with both PNG and LPG connections.


  • Only available in a 2-burner model which is perfect for a small family.
  • Earlier the customer care had some problems, but they did fix it.

What is Best about this auto ignition gas stove?

This product from Hamlay can suit you best if you have a small family with two to three persons. Unlike most of the other auto ignition gas stoves, it is compatible with both LPG and PNG which is a tremendous advantage.

4. SURYAJWALA Royal Designer 3 Burner Gas Stove

auto ignition gas stove review

Advanced PiezoElectric Technology

Generally, there is battery-powered auto ignition in gas stoves, but this model has PiezoElectric Technology which utilizes PZT and a small voltage to ignite the gas. This technology is much more durable compared to batteries, and you wouldn’t need to change them.

Flawless and Durable Design

Suryajwala has been able to bring one of the best designs in this stove, and we had to include it in this review. The heavy-duty burners, the toughened glass top helps the furnace to be durable, and on top of that, there is a beautiful design on it.

Affordable on Pocket

This stove may appear quite expensive, but in reality, it costs less than many other three burner models that you see in the market. So, it helps you to remain economical.

SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Royal Designer...
574 Reviews
SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Royal Designer...

● PiezoElectric Technology has been used in this gas stove.
● There are 3 heavy-duty cast iron burners.
● The anti-slip legs help in maintaining stability.
● Its knobs have been ergonomically designed for better operation.
● Suryajwala came up with a spacious design to accommodate multiple utensils.
● Compatible with only LPG connections.
● ISI approval.
● 360 degree Gas inlet nozzle.
● The company provides a 1-year Warranty.
● A toughened glass top protects the steel body.


  • Latest PiezoElectric Technology.
  • Durable and eye-catching design.
  • Heavy-duty burners last a long time.
  • Knobs are easy to handle.
  • It doesn’t cost you a fortune.
  • Has been certified for safe usage.
  • The brand provides a 1-year warranty.


  • Suitable for LPG only.
  • Only available in one colour but it is attractive.

What is Best about this auto ignition gas stove?

Suryajwala has built its reputation for manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances like this auto ignition gas stove. The best thing about this product is that it is built with PiezoElectric Technology that is known to be a battery-less modern innovation.

5. iBELL 555GH HOB 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove

IBELL 555GH HOB 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove

Enhanced Modern Design

iBell has done an amazing job in providing a modern look to this auto ignition gas stove in India. The high-quality knobs have been placed on the top of the stove to add space. The toughened glass on the top doesn’t only add protection but also enhances its look.

Impeccable User-friendly Gas Stove

The main reason for buying an auto-ignition gas stove is to reduce the steps required to cook. Using this gas stove is very easy as most of it is self-explanatory. The auto-ignition works quite well, and you just need to slightly move the knob to see the action. No tough directions need to be followed.

Wonderful Stove for Larger Families

Do you have a bigger family to feed? If yes, then you may find yourself juggling several pots and pans on a daily basis. As this stove has four burners, the cooking time is definitely reduced. On top of that, there is unique pan support that makes sure that all stoves can be used at once. All these tremendous advantages make this product one of the most amazing gas stoves.

iBELL 4SQUARE HOB 4 Burner Glass Top Gas...
589 Reviews
iBELL 4SQUARE HOB 4 Burner Glass Top Gas...

● The body has heat resistance.
● It has 4 high quality brass burners.
● There is a 7mm toughened glass top.
● Its Auto-ignition is battery operated.
● An unique pan support for better cooking.
● Ergonomic knobs are present on top.
● The body is made of stainless steel.
● There are anti-skid rubber feet to add stability.
● The metal hose connector is of high-quality.
● iBell provides a 1 year warranty on it.


  • The quality of the burners is great.
  • Auto-ignition operates quite quickly.
  • There is a toughened glass top.
  • It has a modern look.
  • The burners are made of brass.
  • It comes with unique pan support.
  • iBell provides a 1 years warranty.


  • A little expensive compared to other products.
  • Need to replace the batteries when exhausted.

What is Best about this auto ignition gas stove?

In recent times, iBell is gaining huge popularity in the appliance market sector in India because of their high-quality kitchen appliances. This particular auto ignition gas stove is no different. It is perfectly suitable for a medium to large family with 5+ members.

Auto Ignition gas stove buying guide

Buying Guide for Auto Ignition Gas Stoves in India

We are in the age of automatics as we want to grab those gadgets which can reduce our manual effort. By the very name ‘auto ignition gas stove’ we can understand that this is a stove that has the capability of lighting itself.

Mechanism of Auto Ignition Gas Stoves

Generally, the usual gas stoves need to be ignited by using lighters or matches. Autoignition gas stove means that you can just turn the knob to see the flames. This makes it different from the manual stoves that are present in most Indian households.

Now, these cooking appliances may work in different ways. The mechanism of auto ignition depends on the model that you are buying. Companies may have figured out different ways to execute it.

Generally, there are two most common types of auto ignition gas stoves-

  1. Battery operated spark ignition.
  2. Battery-less ignition.

But how do these work?

In most of the gas stoves, there is a battery that helps to make a spark to light up the burner. The battery needs to be changed from time to time to maintain the health of the auto-ignition feature of the stove. As you turn the knob of the stove, it varies the intensity of fire itself. 

Some gas stoves in India start with the help of electricity, so you need to connect them to an electrical supply. They are generally more expensive, but has a lot more advantages over battery-operated technology, especially if they want a modular kitchen. This product comes with such technology.

PiezoElectric Technology is another new technology of auto ignition that has been introduced in gas stoves. This technology excludes the use of either battery or electricity for operation. Instead, PZT or Lead Zirconate Titanate (Pb[ZrxTi1−x]O3) is used for ignition along with an input voltage.

Merits and Demerits of Auto Ignition Gas Stoves

A gas stove needs to last in our household to save money as well as a better user experience. Most Indians want to get the most value out of the stove that they are buying. So, we think that the assessment of the disadvantages and advantages has become extra important. These are simple points that let you decide the need for the best auto ignition gas stove.

Benefits of Auto Ignition Gas Stoves

  • The most obvious advantage is that you do not require a matchstick or a lighter to ignite the gas. It lights up itself as soon as someone turns the knob.
  • As it lights itself automatically, the process is much faster compared to that of a manual stove. Often it is seen that the user may need to struggle with a matchstick or a lighter.
  • Wastage of gas is reduced in these gas stoves as the spark helps in producing the flames as soon as you turn the knob. This helps in reducing the loss of expensive LPG often seen in manual stoves.
  • They are also thought to be safer methods when compared to the manual stoves as the user doesn’t need to put their hands near the burner. This helps in avoiding many accidents caused due to gas stoves.
  • As the auto-ignition cooktops are still new in the market, they have the latest features and a brand new look. Most of them have a glass top along with a sleek body that will look perfect in your newly furnished kitchen.
  • Companies are continually giving their best to come up with the latest models which last for a long time. So, if you purchase such a model from a renowned brand in 2020, durability can be your least concern.

Drawbacks of Auto Ignition Gas Stove

  • Price is often the point of discussion when it comes to the latest products. Auto ignition gas stoves in India tend to cost more than the manual stoves. But it also ensures that you are getting a brand new, automated stove for your kitchen that requires less user intervention.
  • As most of the gas stoves do utilize a battery mechanism, it needs to be changed regularly to maintain the health of the stove.
  • One needs to be extra careful while cleaning the cooktop with water. Make sure to keep the ignition mechanism away from coming in contact with water.

Auto-Ignition vs Manual Gas Stove

As they are relatively newer in technology, there could be some confusion among the customers.

Why should someone choose an auto ignition system over manual ignition system that has been most popular for decades?

auto ignition gas stove advantages over manual ignition

In this context, auto ignition vs manual ignition gas stove is a query that is present in many minds. Knowing the primary differences between the models helps you to decide on the perfect gas stove for your kitchen.

Both of the appliances work similarly, as they cook with the help of gas. So, the main difference lies in the process of igniting the gas.

Most of you will already have a manual gas stove in your kitchen. To light up such a stove, you need to use either a matchstick or a lighter after you have turned on the knob.

In the case of an automatic ignition cooktop, it gets lighted as soon as you turn the knob. So, there is no need for having an external tool for starting the fire in case of a gas that comes with auto ignition.

As we have said before, the typical auto ignition cooktops which are found in India, are battery operated. So, there is a mechanism which requires a battery to produce the spark that lights the gas as soon as it comes out from the burner.

These things make them simpler compared to the manual gas stoves. Along with that, it is also considered safer as a human doesn’t need to come near the burner to turn on the gas.

A great thing about the auto-ignition gas stoves is that you can also manually light up the gas if the ignition mechanism fails for some reason. This feature becomes extremely helpful when you are unable to change the batteries for any purposes. They also help you to save the money which you may have had to spend on buying matchsticks.

safe ways to use an auto ignition gas stove

Safe Ways to Use an Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Safety should always be our priority. Frequently we read news pieces that highlight accidents caused by gas stoves. On careful observation, you will notice that most of them are due to improper usage of the kitchen appliance. So, here are some points that you should follow while using an auto ignition model in 2020.

1. Read the Product Manual

Have you read the manual that came with your gas stove? Most of us wouldn’t even think about reading the instructions. But it is indispensable to know more about the gas stove that you are buying.

So, as soon as you get the gas stove at your home, take out the instruction leaflet and start reading. It will have the right directions that help you to install the cooktop correctly. Along with that, it also points out the dos and don’ts of using their product.

Companies are bound to include a safety manual that teaches you about accurately using a gas stove to avoid any accidents. You can even call the customer care number of the company to inquire about any queries that you might have.

2. Clean and Maintain the Stove Regularly

We often forget about cleaning our stovetops once we have installed them. This is the worst thing to do as the buildup can bring unknowing hazards. Maintaining a cleaning schedule is crucial to increase the stove’s lifespan, as well as to avoid accidents.

Make sure to clean the burners and plates thoroughly with soapy water to get rid of the gunks present in it. If your cooktop has a glass layer, maintain it carefully and refrain from putting heavy weight on top of it.

You should change your burners when you see erosion on them. People often replace them with inferior products from the local market but don’t do that and purchase original products from the brand.

As you are thinking of getting an auto ignition gas stove, make sure to change the battery from time to time to keep it running. Also, while cleaning the stove, be extra careful to prevent water damage on the ignition mechanism.

Make sure that you are using your cooking stove correctly. Do not overspill things or keep your gas unattended while cooking. Contact a professional if you notice any kind of problem in the stovetop.

3. Keep an Eye on the Stove

While you are cooking something on the stove, you should be careful about the things you are doing. Never leave the gas stove unattended as it may cause accidents. Use the right kind of utensils that should be used on it. Using any kind of glass or fibre are incorrect.

Also, make sure to turn off the burner before you take the utensils down from the gas. This prevents any accidental contact with the fire, which may bring problems. The auto-ignition gas stoves do eliminate unwanted gas leaks as it is lighted immediately by the mechanism.

If you have kids at your home, do not let them come near the ignited oven when you are not present. Do pay attention to the flame of the burner, and it is obvious to avoid using the gas at the highest level regularly.

4. Prevention of Leakage and Accidental Fires

One of the leading causes of accidents caused in the presence of gas stoves are due to unnoticed gas leaks. The pipe which connects a cylinder to the stove should be changed regularly. If you notice any cracks on the tube, it is the right time to make a replacement.

If you smell gas when the knob is turned off, a professional should be contacted immediately, and you should refrain from using the stove. As you will get an auto ignition stove, change the battery of the mechanism regularly to prevent accidental gas leaks.

Also, it is essential to keep flammable things away from your stove. It should never be placed close to any electronic items. Inflammable objects such as paper, plastics, glass, petroleum products should be kept far away from it.

It is good to be cautious about your usage of the gas stove. Use the right utensils; make sure that the gas isn’t unattended and practice proper cleaning routines to prevent accidents.

It is also advisable to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for emergency purposes. Also, it is better to place the stove near a window or install a kitchen chimney for better ventilation of the fumes.

Another important thing is to wear the right clothes while you are cooking. A person should refrain from wearing synthetic or silk clothes in the kitchen as they can easily catch fire.

In case of any emergency, make sure to call the essential services as they can help accurately. If it is your first time cooking on a stove, then learn about the process before jumping into it. Also, make sure that your kids are educated about using gas stoves to prevent any accidents.

features of auto ignition gas stove

Important Features of Best Auto Ignition Gas Stoves in India

What is your priority when it comes to buying a stovetop for your kitchen? One of the first things has to be its durability and an ensuring lifespan. To have that guarantee, it is important to choose a gas stove that lives up to its claims.

Let us see the checklist that you should prepare before investing in the cooktop that you have been eyeing for a while.

1. Number of Burners

The foremost thing that you should think about is the number of burners that you require in your stove. This mostly depends on the number of family members. So, a couple or a small family of three will like to have a 2-burner stove, but a family of 4 or more may require a bigger gas stove.

Generally, stove tops are available in varieties of two, three or four burners. You have to remember that more burners will cost you more for the stove as well as for the gas. But, more burners also save you on cooking time when preparing meals for a larger family.

2. Quality Materials

As we are vouching for durability, it is apparent that we should get a stove that is made out of quality materials. Earlier companies used to get away with metal bodies on stoves that rusted after a couple of uses. But when you purchase the gas stove, make sure to get your money’s worth.

We prefer a cooktop with a stainless steel body that is rust-resistant. Along with that, it is better to have a toughened glass top which helps to maintain the health of the stove.

Pay additional attention to the material used for the burner as it shouldn’t rust quickly. Brass and Alloy burners are always preferred because of their durability. Also, make sure that good quality plastic has been used on the knobs.

3. Effective Design

A gas stove shouldn’t only look good; it should also have a design that makes it useful in the kitchen. Some stoves with multiple burners have the problem of crowding, which is unpleasant. So, make sure that you can use all the burners at the same time on the stove.

Along with that, your cooktop shouldn’t look drab just because it will remain in the kitchen. You are undoubtedly spending a lot on decorating the kitchen, so it should also reflect on the stove. It is even better to get a sleek stove which saves a lot of space on the countertop.

4. Gas Connection Support

In India, there are two types of gas connections that are used, one being the LPG cylinders, and the other is pipeline gas. Most people still use gas cylinders in their home. So, make sure to check the connection that is supported by the gas stove you are thinking of purchasing. Many stoves actually support both regards, which is a bonus point for them.

5. Anti-Skid Feet

A wobbly stove is the worst thing that you can have in your kitchen as it will make accidents a reality. So, you should always go for stovetops that have some kind of anti-skid feet on their bottom. This provides the stove with a better balance on the countertop to ensure safety.

6. Reputable Brands

A good brand can assure high-quality products. This kind of reputed products may cost you more than the shady local ones, but they ensure standards as well as better build materials. So, it is best to go for known brands like Prestige, Glen, etc in 2020. We encourage you to do proper research and compare different gas stove models to get the best one for your kitchen.

7. Warranty

The warranty should always be a priority for every buyer. A company provides a warranty to ensure that they will take care of the gas stove if it gets any problem within the stipulated time frame.

Generally, a one-year warranty is provided in most gas stoves, but some companies offer additional warranties on the burners or any other parts. So, if you happen to like a product, go through its warranty terms and conditions before making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Ignition?

In an Auto Ignition process, there is either a battery-operated or electric mechanism that produces a spark that helps in lighting a gas. It lights itself up when you turn on the knob. From the buying guide provided above, you will get to know the role of auto ignition in gas stoves, and also about its difference from a manual stove.

Is auto ignition better than a normal gas stove?

Yes, an auto ignition gas stove makes life more uncomplicated compared to the regular ones. You do not need a lighter or a matchstick while using such a kitchen appliance. On top of that, these are safer than a manual cooking stove. You should read the buying guide mentioned above to learn about the intricate differences between the two types of stoves.

How can an auto ignition gas stove help you?

There are several ways in which it can help you, including being simpler, safer, and it saves you on the gas bill. You can find more information above, providing details about the top-rated auto ignition gas stove in India.

What are the best brands for auto ignition gas stove?

Currently, the most reputed brands in India having the best auto-ignition gas stoves includes Prestige, Glen, Hamlay and Surajwala. They offer the best products at a budget price. You will find more details about some of their best models in this article.

How to clean an auto ignition gas stove?

You should use soapy water to clean the whole surface of the gas stove regularly. Along with that, you should also clean the burners and drip dishes. You should be careful not to damage the battery part of the ignition mechanism if your stove utilizes that technology.


If you have been thinking about getting a gas stove, then this might be the right time to place the order. Check out the products that we have mentioned over here. Along with that, check the comprehensive buying guide to look for similar features in the stove that you consider buying. We are sure that our tips will help you to get the best auto ignition gas stove in India as per your requirements.

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