Best Baby Carrier in India for 2021: Review and Buying Guide

Babywearing has a lot of benefits for moms as well as babies. In this way, they are comfortable staying close and connected. But, this is really challenging to do everything when taking the baby in one hand.

In that case, a baby carrier is the safest option for you that will help you to do your task efficiently when taking the baby close to you. By staying close, your baby can get several benefits from the best baby carrier in India that help his/ her development too.

Baby carriers are packed with some excellent features that can give you safety and comfort for taking your baby. The shoulder straps are provided here so that wearing a baby can be easy for you. Its efficient design, look, and functionality is no doubt a great achievement for your baby.

To help you in this way, we recommend the top 8 worthiest baby carriers for 2021 with advantages, disadvantages, and reasons to buy.

Among all of them, the Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier comes with great features that parents prefer. The design and fabric are so good to keep your baby comfortable for long hours. Providing all the safety measures in this carrier will keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable for a long day. Apart from that, the rightly functioned seat positions and straps will help the baby staying in the right position where he/she should be.

best baby carrier in India

Best Baby Carriers in India

Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier6-24 months15 KgAmazon
R For Rabbit Upsy Daisy Hip Seat Carrier6-24 months15 KgAmazon
Trumom 3 In 1 Baby Carrier0-36 months12 KgAmazon
Anmol Baby Wrap For Newborns0-24 months15 KgAmazon
Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier0-24 months12 KgAmazon
Bey Bee Full Neck Support Baby Wrap0-24 months18 KgAmazon
Kol Kol Baby Carrier4-36 months18 KgAmazon
Chinmay 4-In-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier0-36 months15 KgAmazon

1. Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier – Best In 2021

Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier

Key features

  • Standard EN 13209
  • Cushioned soft seat
  • Hardboard support
  • 4 in 1 carrying position
  • 4 padded straps, belts
  • Adjustable straps, belts
  • Side opening buckle
  • The front pocket is utilizable
  • Can carry up to 15 kg
  • Stylish look and design

Among all the Indian baby carrier brands, Luvlap is one of the most famous ones. They manufacture several types of baby products ranging from strollers, car seaters, bags, etc.

The meticulous design of this baby carrier will never compromise the safety of your baby. The holes are here well cushioned which prevents baby skin from rubbing.

Luvlap Elegant baby carrier comes with three different belt supports and each of them is well padded. Additionally, the padded waist belt prevents back pain by holding the baby in the perfect place.

The bibs of this bag will keep your baby clean and dry for a long time. Also, the side opening of this carrier is provided with various safety measures.

The shoulder straps will also not cause any discomfort during summer as it is made of soft breathable mesh cotton. Apart from that, the four different carrying positions will make your baby’s carry easier.

You can also store the essential items in their separate pockets. The design, style, comfort, and security everything is here in Luvlap Elegant baby carrier.


  • Neck and head support.
  • The belts are wide and adjustable.
  • Bibs are soft and safe.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Separate pockets to carry essentials.


  • No instruction manual for use.

What is Best About this Baby Carrier?

Just like other baby carriers, it too has some drawbacks. But these all are negligible if you compare the product from the side of comfort. If you are looking for the best baby carrier, then give this product a try.

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2. R For Rabbit Upsy Daisy Cool Hip Seat Carrier For Kids

R For Rabbit Upsy Daisy Cool Hip Seat Carrier For Kids

Key features

  • The safety standard is EN 13209:2 – 2005
  • Suitable for 3-24 months baby
  • Easy to use with a few adjustments
  • Cap is detachable
  • Fabric is breathable
  • Shoulder straps attached
  • Can take up to 15 kg
  • Multi personal versatility
  • Different positions
  • Look Wise perfect

If you are looking for an economical option for buying the best baby carrier in India, then this is an ideal choice for you. This bag can give you the ultimate comfort that you will get from some expensive bags.

The build quality is also good and it will not even wear and tear after use for three to four months. However, remember that every carrier bag needs a little care.

The most amazing part is its various color options. So, these variant color options will keep you stylish no doubt. You can carry the baby in different positions at your convenience.

The European Safety standard 13209:2-2005 ensures total safety for the product. It can make a baby up to 24 months even when your baby is 15 kg.


  • Safe to use for the baby.
  • Different positions are available.
  • The hip seat is cushioned.
  • Can take a baby up to 15 kg.
  • Easy to use with adequate safety.
  • Various color options are available.


  • A little costly.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

The R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy baby carrier is a convenient and economical option for Indians. Marketed by a trusted brand, this carrier can be an awesome option for toddlers.

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3. Trumom 3 In 1 Baby Carrier For Kids

Trumom 3 In 1 Baby Carrier For Kids

Key features

  • Deep softly padded wings
  • Soft-touch comfortable carry
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Bibs are removable
  • Front pockets accessible
  • Three carrying position
  • Fashionable and practical
  • Long time functionality
  • Seats are extra wide
  • High-quality fabrics

The first thing to tell about this product is its comfort. The wings of this bag are padded and safe to use for the head and neck.

This amazing feature has made it one of the best baby carriers on the list. The handles are also well made. These wings are soft touchable and can prevent any type of uneven strain.

The shoulder strap can evenly distribute the weight through the carrier. The multiple front pockets can be utilized for multiple purposes also.

Most importantly, the removable bib can restore the clothes of your baby amazingly. So, you don’t have to think about the clothes to carry when you are outside.

Although, the design is stylish so these are suitable for new-age moms. You can carry the baby in different positions with this carrier which is a forward front, inward front, and backpack.

The buckles, fabric, and zippers ensure that your baby doesn’t have to compromise. The fabric can prevent any type of wrinkle and the material is highly breathable.


  • Bibs and pickets can store multiple items.
  • Excellent head support.
  • Padded from all the ways.
  • Secured for the baby.
  • Premium quality product.
  • Easy to use the product.


  • Less support around the hips.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

Nothing to elaborate more on for this amazing baby carrier. Almost every person goes for its practical design and comforts. To keep your baby close and connected with you on the go, this is a must-have for you.

4. Anmol Baby Wrap For Newborns

Anmol Baby Wrap For Newborns

Key features

  • Ergonomic hybrid wrap
  • Attractive red in color
  • Material is 100% cotton
  • Specially made for newborns
  • Snuggle free build technology
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Stylish and modern look
  • Washable at home

The baby wraps are an all-time favorite for the parents as it makes the hands free while snuggling with the baby. Anmol baby wrap is one of the most popular baby wraps in India.

This baby wrap basically works well for newborns and toddlers. The soft breathable fabric makes the baby comfortable here and the baby can also stay close to you.

Being a wrap, it doesn’t come with the shoulder straps to be attached to the wrap. The fabric spreads and distributes the weight through the body.

The snuggle-free build allows nursing on the go. Apart from that, the design of this wrap makes it stylish too. This is why it is one of the best baby carriers for Indian moms.


  • Specially made for infants.
  • The material is soft and safe.
  • The design is too good.
  • Don’t come with the straps.
  • Distributes weight evenly across the body.
  • Breastfeeding is easy.


  • You need to learn to wear this wrap.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

This is one of the oldest technologies to carry a baby. The baby wraps are extremely ideal for the Newborns and it doesn’t disturb a baby when they are sleeping. If you focus on the only comfort for your baby when being carried out, then this is a must-have for you.

5. Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier

Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier

Key features

  • Premium quality fabric
  • Materials are tested
  • Four carrying positions
  • Soft and cushioned seats
  • Correct postured head neck
  • The height of the seat is adjustable
  • Convenient for the parents
  • Absolutely lightweight design

The Mee Mee Lightweight baby carrier comes through various tests to prove itself as one of the best baby carriers in 2021. The most important features of this carrier are its safety and durability which are always up to the mark.

The material used here is too gentle to make a baby relax here. This will make your baby sleep fast rather than feeling uncomfortable and crying.

The ergonomic design makes the baby easy to adapt to the four carrying positions. The amazing headrest and sensitive neck area are also good for your baby.

Most importantly, you can adjust the height and seat for the sake of your baby. One of the most popular choices for parents who are looking for a standard product on an affordable budget.


  • Strong and sturdy material can hold your baby.
  • The straps and seats are well cushioned.
  • Easy to use with proper safety.
  • Lightweight for carrying.
  • The design is ergonomic.
  • Four different carrying positions.


  • No waist strap provided.
  • Expensive compared to others.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

The budget doesn’t actually matter if the product is satisfactory. In the Mee Mee Lightweight Baby Carrier, you will get all types of comfort, security, and relaxation. You can’t deny that at the end of the day, your baby deserves only the good for you? So, check its latest price.

6. Bey Bee Full Neck Support Baby Wrap Sling Carrier

Bey Bee Full Neck Support Baby Wrap Sling Carrier

Key features

  • High-quality material
  • Breathable and adjustable
  • Multi-use for baby and mom
  • Variety of positions
  • No rings and no fasteners
  • Soft organic slings
  • Easy to use
  • Newborn friendly material

You should carry your baby with the utmost comfort using the best carrier available in the market. This extremely soft wrap comes with incredible benefits for both the baby and mom.

These baby slings are made with a focus on comfort, environment-friendly, and health concerns for your baby. This organic fabric will not create any single irritation for your baby’s skin.

This baby sling is simple and super easy to use. You just need to put it and slip your baby in.

The soft and breathable fabric is also great for newborns and you can carry it here up to 15 kg. Here definitely any ring or fastener will confuse you when using this wrap for your baby.

Bey Bee’s sling is also one of the great options for you if you are finding something tummy-tight after c section. The Bey Bee’s Sling carrier is made in such a way so that your baby can stay comfortable with it for a long time.


  • 100% cotton-made baby sling.
  • Can take weight up to 15 kg.
  • Keep baby comfortable for a long day.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for both the parents and the baby.


  • A little bit expensive compared to other products.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

With all of these features, the Bey Bees make itself one of the best carrier bags for parents. However, if you have a newborn and want something exclusive for him/her, you should choose Bey Bee’s Sling carrier.

7. Kol Kol Baby Carrier

Kol Kol Baby Carrier

Key features

  • 100% handwoven material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Attachable hoods for carrying
  • Multicolored and attractive
  • Unisex design for parents
  • ASTM F2236 standard

The brand Kol Kol headquartered in Delhi makes exclusive baby carriers. This product is made with the technique of Indian textile and design. Kol Kol has 5 different and popular models for baby carriers.

This carrier is one of the best baby carriers under 3000 INR and an economical product also. The useful compact design also makes baby carrying easy.

You can use it for your baby from 4 months to 3 years of age and it can take a maximum weight of up to 18 kg. If you step out from your home frequently, then this is a good option for you.

There are two models of this carrier, but this model is easier to use. So, if you are looking for a baby carrier for your toddler, then this can be on your list.

The parents also don’t need to be worried as the shoulder bands are padded. The waistband is made in such a way so that your baby can’t give too much pressure on your back.

The adjustable strap can fit your body according to the body type. The hood also maintains privacy and gives your baby a nice nap.

Apart from this product, Kol Kol also has several other models that can be beneficial.

Compact20 Kg6 months to 3.5 years
Leela20 Kg0 to 4 years
Toddler22 Kg1.5 to 4 years
Onbuhimo15 Kg0 to 2.5 years
Meh Dai15 Kg0 to 2.5 years


  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Material is pure and breathable.
  • Supportive shoulder and waistband.
  • Can take the baby up to 18 kg.
  • Lightweight and convenient with two positions.


  • It is a costly carrier for babies.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

The most comprehensive way to carry your baby when you will go outside is by baby carriers. However, if you want comfort, convenience, and economical choice for it, then nothing can be better than this bag.

8. Chinmay 4-In-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier

Chinmay Kids 4-In-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier

Key features

  • Kangaroo cum baby carrier
  • Honeycomb textured sling
  • Front carrier with safety belt
  • Adjustable buckle straps
  • High-quality cotton fabric
  • Systematic airflow system
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Reduced perspiration
  • Soft and comfortable

This is one of the most affordable choices for baby carriers. The ergonomic design, suitable baby carrying positions, and affordable price have secured its position in the list of best baby carriers in India.

This carrier is designed to keep your hands free always. The adjustable buckles and strap will help you to keep the carrier on while traveling.

Also, high-quality cotton fabric makes the carrier soft and durable. It can hold the baby’s weight up to 10 kg which is around a two years baby.

The headrest is also well cushioned and it can prevent your baby from injury. It also comes with four different carrying positions that include- towards the front, towards the back, back against your back, and one for breast milk feeding position.


  • Affordable product.
  • Four different carrying positions.
  • 3D ventilating pads.
  • High-quality soft fabric.
  • Proper safety for head support.


  • Stitch quality could be better.

What Is Best About This Baby Carrier?

If you like to have quality and comfort in your baby carrying position, then go for it without hesitation. The price is also affordable and best for beginner parents. You can easily put your baby in less than 10 kg in this carrier.

benefits of baby wearing

What is Baby Wearing and Why is it Important?

Babywearing means carrying a baby with a wrap to make the hands free. Wearing a baby in such a way helps the caregiver to get easy access in cleaning, cooking, or when going outside with the baby.

It comes with different positions that will give extreme support to the baby’s head. Using the babywearing method, you can also avoid pressuring your baby’s head for a long time due to its vertical design.

Specialized way to carry baby

You can go for babywearing with various types of methods. Some people choose to hold the baby with simple clothes, while others choose to have a specialized carrier with padding.

The babywearing parents can get numerous benefits for carrying their baby in such a way.

Promotes health of the baby

There is so much research on how skin-to-skin contact can benefit a baby, especially for the premature one. The kangaroo care position is particularly important for premature champs. Skin-to-skin contact during wearing a baby helps in regulating the heartbeat, temperature, and breathing pattern of a baby.

It eases Travel life

If you are planning to travel with your baby, there is no better option than a baby carrier. Wearing a baby in the right place makes every task easier and keeps both the hands and arms free. Fold the laundries, read a book, or handle older siblings, everything is easy when you are wearing your little champ.

Reduces Irritation of the baby

The new parents find it too difficult to stop a crying or fussy baby. In 1986, the randomized controlled study presented that the babies who get carried for 3 to 4 hours are seen to have reduced crying during the evening time. (Source: Researchgate)

These all prove the importance of babywearing. If you are still confused about using baby carriers, follow the article till it’s ending.

Types of Baby Carriers in India

Babywearing is beneficial and practical for both the parents and the baby. You can choose from its five different types of baby carriers as per your preference.

types of baby carriers

Wrap Baby Carrier

This is one of the most traditional and popular methods of babywearing. In this method, you need to have a long and comfortable fabric and then tie the loose ends of it around the baby and you.

At the beginning stage, it will be a little difficult but a few days of practice can make you an expert in this art.

Specialties about wrap Carrier

  • These are used to mimic the feel of the womb that newborns love.
  • The older babies may feel tight and restrictive to wrap.
  • You need to learn the origami of perfectly folding this wrap.
  • These baby carriers come in one size and fit different body types.

Ring sling Carrier

This is also a long piece of fabric with two rings at its end. Thread the free end with one ring and then tuck it under another ring. Now adjust it according to your body and create a perfect snuggle for the baby.

Specialties of the ring sling

  • It allows hair flow so this can be great for hot climates.
  • The baby carrier is easy to use in everyday life.
  • It can’t distribute the weight so the pressure relies on the shoulder.
  • Machine wash is not recommended due to its fabric.

Buckle Baby Carrier

The buckle carriers are soft structured and come with comfortable shoulder straps. Here the padded waistband is fastened around the waist and creates a pouch for your baby. In that case, the panel should be wide enough to give support to the baby’s hips.

Specialties of a buckle carrier

  • These are not snuggly like the wraps but easy to put on.
  • It provides more support when carrying older ones for its padded straps and waistband.
  • You can do some of those from the birth of your baby with an additional insert.
  • The baby carrier comes with a higher weight limit which can be ideal for toddlers.

Meh Dai carrier

This is a mix of wrap and buckle carrier technology. Here you need to tie a long fabric around your body. It comes with two shoulder straps and one waist strap. Instead of buckles, it comes with ties.

Specialties about Meh Dai carrier

  • The woven wrap fabric with wide straps reinforce the bottom and leg support
  • It can be used for the newborn age to preschool age, but the newborns need a smaller panel than the toddlers.
  • These can be used too quickly as the straps and knots around them can be tightened and adjusted easily.

Backpack Baby carrier

This carrier can be worn as a backpack but remember, in that case, your baby should have good neck control. These carriers are especially useful for wearing a baby for a long time.

Specialties of the backpack carrier

  • These are easy to use.
  • Comes with padded shoulders and east straps which are padded.
  • Cushioned seats provide ultimate comfort for the babies.
  • Comes in a variety of styles.

These all are different types of baby carriers in India that you should know. You can choose from them at your convenience and level of expertise.

How to choose the best baby carrier? – Buying Guide

The baby carriers are a great option to make your hands free and to keep your baby close connected with you. Study shows that babywearing is the option to soothe a fussy baby and it also helps to minimize the risk of postpartum depression. The other benefits include moving around with the baby easily, navigating the crowded place.

The best baby carriers are especially useful when you need to travel with the baby. Normally, most of the baby carriers offer an upright sitting position and come with added straps with pads. You can also find a wide variety of carriers.

Hence, to reduce your research effort, we have put together a detailed guide about how to buy a baby carrier in India.

buying guide for best baby carriers in India

Look for the essential features for baby

In the early days, people preferred to use stretchy wraps. For the 4-6 months baby, they used the buckle carrier. You can find a lot of combinations, designs, and styles for baby carriers. Every carrier can suit different needs.

As an example, the woven wraps are ideal for the newborn. Some carriers come with front-facing positions, forward-facing positions, and back-facing positions. In that case, you need to make sure that you are looking for something for the first few months or for the babies who can walk and run around.

Fix Your Budget

You should not skip this one of the most important things before buying the carrier. Choosing a cheap carrier means providing your baby with a great level of irritation and you can’t use them for a long time.

If your budget is tight, then you can go for the pre-loved carriers. There are so many groups on social media that are selling the used carrier bags.

Contact a babywearing consultant

The baby carriers are almost like the fitting of jeans. You can get lots of advice on babywearing from the sling libraries. You can also ask the babywearing consultant to get more personalized service. Consultation with a professional not only helps in choosing the right carrier but also keeps your baby comfortable.

Remember the safety points

Whatever carrier you are choosing – be it sling, wrap, or other, make sure to maintain total safety. Until your baby has full control over its head and neck, you need to be very alert when putting your baby in the carrier.

Structure of the carrier

The baby carriers come with different structures. The wraps are soft and easy to carry. Apart from that, the wraps keep the baby closer to the body of the mother. The wraps offer front position only and the soft fabric is ideal for infants while the harder ones are ideal for toddlers. The hard ones are also great for trekking and other tough adventures.

Suitable size for the baby

The baby carriers can come in different sizes and this is based on the baby size. The size goes between 2 to 9 where 2 means lower size and 9 refers to the bigger one.

Before purchasing one check different wraps also. Visit a store that keeps every type of wrap and carrier and amongst them, you can try out a few of them. You can also join a group of babywearing, to learn more about them. Once you decide about your choice, now consider the baby’s age, height, and weight to meet the guidelines about the product.

Fit and Comfort of best baby carrier

Some carriers can fit the caregiver body easily while others need to be perfect according to the size. Go for the adjustable one that can fit everyone’s body perfectly.

Comfort is necessary for both the parents and the child. The carrier should accommodate your baby’s hip and leg correctly. If you want much back and shoulder support, then go for the padded shoulder support.

Longevity and Care

If you want a carrier to last up to the toddler age of your baby, then go for the high-weight capable front-facing carriers. If you want to last for only the infancy of your child, then go for one that ensures a lot of cuddling.

To ensure its longevity, you should take proper care of it. For washing, check the instructions listed on its label. Not all the carriers are machine washable, so make sure about their proper washing method, otherwise, your carrier can be damaged.

Suitability with Climate

Climate is also a big concern that you should notice. For the warm season, you should choose lightweight and breathable mesh fabric. For colder temp, you should go for heavy knits and padding.

These all are the important things that you should care about when buying baby carrier bags. You can get more information about it from the nearest store that sells different types of baby carriers in India.

Safety Tips for Babywearing

With babywearing, your baby can stay close and connected with you. In that case, you need to make sure that your baby is being carried properly. Here the safety tips for wearing a baby that will help you a lot.

Give support to your baby’s head and neck

You should always choose a carrier that can give full support to your baby’s head and neck until they can do it themselves. Until they get full control of their neck and head, you should not carry your baby outward-facing. When wearing the carrier bags, give your notice in the front, hip, and back parts of the baby.

The Baby’s face should be clear

If you are carrying your infant in a front-facing position, make sure that baby is taking air properly. Your baby’s face should be visible and don’t tuck her chin. Premature babies or babies who have breathing problems are at the risk of suffocation.

safety for using baby carrier

Baby’s hips should be protected

This is another most important factor that you should notice when wearing your baby. Otherwise, they may have the risk of hip dysplasia. The thighs should not be in a straight dangling position. It should get full support so that the baby can spread it naturally.

Practice well at home

Practice makes everything perfect. You should give several tries in babywearing before you decide to have it out of your home. First, give it a try with a weighted doll or sack of potatoes. Wearing a carrier, practice bending at knees or adding through the doorways and to get the baby in and out of the carrier.

You can practice it in front of a mirror to get a sense of adjusting the carrier and perfect baby position.

Remember “TICKS”

Familiarise yourself with this acronym to keep your baby safe day today. Using this quick acronym, you can endure baby safety and comfort.

T – Tighten the carrier to avoid loose-fitting

I – In Front view for all time

C – Close and connected

K – Keep the chin at your chest level

S – Support in neck and head

These all are safety tips that you can follow when wearing a baby. This will help you a lot when you are in a hurry to carry your baby along with you.

How to use a baby carrier during rain?

You can’t escape the climate. Whether it is summer, winter, or rain – you have to face it. But don’t worry, now you can wear your baby even in the rainy season. Buying the best baby carrier in the Indian market can help you use it more conveniently.

Mud splashes, water, and wet-dry all can ruin your baby carrier. That being said, if you have an expensive and special carrier, leave it at home.

Whether this is a dry or wet season, always make sure that your baby’s airway is unobstructed. Whatever you use, it should not cover the baby’s face. Breathing should be your primary necessity.

So, how to use a carrier in such a condition?

This is a safe way to keep your baby dry while you are wearing your baby. Just dress up in a normal outfit, wear the baby and pick the umbrella in your hand and let’s go. If you can get a golf umbrella, this can be a great option.

But the downside of taking an umbrella is that you need to hold it in your hand for the entire time. Apart from that, when back carrying, it may not cover your baby properly. So, put extra attention to covering yourself and your baby with an umbrella when wearing your baby.

Use the best Baby carrier cover

The carrier covers are a great way to keep your baby dry in the rainy season. This waterproof fabric is mainly attached with a hood over the front part of the baby. For using a baby carrier cover, you need to wear a jacket. At first put on the baby carrier, now cover it with the waterproof Cover and then the jacket.

There are also some manufacturers, who make the cover as per the specific need of their carrier. Some others are generic and can mostly go with other carriers. Using a baby carrier, your baby would not be heartened with the rainwater.

The main drawback of using a carrier is that it stays separate from you so the risk of learning is also high. The carrier cover is not ideal for a back carry, so carrying back with the cover may get wet.

These ways are no doubt absolutely fine to wear your baby. Now, you will not have any problem carrying your baby even in the rain.

Frequently asked questions about baby carriers

Which brand is best for baby carriers?

Luvlap baby carriers are one of the best amongst others. These are soft and cones with extra padded straps. However, the R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy is an economical choice if you want to stay within budget.

How to choose the best baby carrier?

One can choose the baby carrier depending upon its durability, comfortability, and stability. There are different types of baby carriers in the market. You need to choose as per your needs.

Are carriers safe for newborns?

You shouldn’t use a baby carrier until your baby is four months old. For this time, they don’t have back and neck support. So hanging them on a carrier may cause severe danger. But some brands have developed carriers specialized for newborns. You can check them too.

Can a 1-month-old use a carrier?

No, you should not use the baby carrier for one month unless you use a very sophisticated and specialized product from a well-reputed brand. Many carriers don’t provide enough support to the baby’s head and neck. So, you must be careful to choose the right product as needed for the comfort of your baby.

How long can a baby stay in a carrier?

There is no exact time to carry your baby in the baby carrier. This will keep changing always as per the growth and development of the baby. The general rule says that you should not keep your baby for more than two hours in the carrier constantly.

Are baby carriers bad for baby hips?

The baby’s hip should be positioned correctly, otherwise, your baby may feel uncomfortable here. Apart from that, the wrong position of the baby’s hip in the carrier may cause hip dislocation.

Can baby carriers cause hip dysplasia?

Your baby should be positioned rightly in the baby carrier. If it forces your baby’s legs to stay together, then it may cause hip dysplasia. The baby carrier should support the thigh area so that it can allow the legs to stay in a stable position.

Is it safe to use forward-facing baby carriers?

For newborns, you should not keep the baby in a forward-facing position. Once the muscles, head, the neck is strong, you can safely place her/him in a forward-facing position. If the baby is between 4-6 months, you can keep him/ her in a forward-facing position.

Till what age can you use a baby carrier?

You can use the carrier for your baby for 2 to 3 years depending upon the weight of the baby and the capacity of the carrier.

Which should you choose- a stroller or a carrier?

You can easily walk up with your baby carrier and upstairs and downstairs is also easy with the baby carrier. But with a stroller, this will be always a hassle to fold and unfold. A baby carrier is a better choice if you like to hold your baby closer and prefer to free up the hands.

So, is it worth buying the best baby carrier?

It brings to the end this review and buying guide for the best baby carrier in India. I hope that you know everything about baby carriers which will help you to make an appropriate choice in 2021.

Baby carriers are of course necessary but choosing the right one is another necessity that you should not miss actually. With the above-mentioned pros, cons, and reasons to buy the products, it is unlikely to make any wrong steps to choose the right baby carrier.

What comes to the next?

Baby carriers also need maintenance. Don’t let your expensive carriers be spoiled. After every use, take proper care of it and make it ready for the next use. Before you put in your baby, make sure to check everything is right there.

The baby carriers have made the life of parents. Once people basically used soft clothes to wrap the baby around them. But everything is regularly updating in the world and baby carriers are not an exception. If you want convenience, comfort, and happiness for your little one, you should consider getting a baby carrier in India for his/her.

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