8 Best Baby Strollers in India for 2021 for Walking and Traveling

Parenthood is a blessing and no doubt it provides us many reasons to feel the real nature of bliss. It is something that gives you ultimate happiness. It also makes you more responsible adding the touch of needed maturity to lead a proper and better life.

When it is time to make the baby walk, we postpone all other duties. Whether you are a working professional or staying at home, this can be difficult. When a baby is yet to learn to walk, parents find it difficult to travel for several years after the baby is born. Also, when taking care of the baby, the parents need to stay at home for a long time. It affects your health and can make you gain weight.

A stroller or pram for the baby can help you solve all these problems. Carrying a baby on a stroller is quite easy. It can help you moving around to lose extra fat while the baby learns about the objects, nature and interacts socially with others.

While choosing the best baby stroller in India, it is essential to check the material quality, safety and usability. The Luvlap Sunshine baby stroller is one such outstanding model available in the market. It comes with 5 point safety harness which can make your baby safe and comfortable all day.

The sturdy material and slip-resistant wheels make this stroller durable. The mosquito net provides safety from insect bites and the canopy over the seat keeps them protected from Sunray.

We highly recommend reading the buying guide for baby strollers to know the crucial factors that you need to consider in 2021. Also, check out the other products we have listed.

best baby stroller in India

Top 8 Best Baby Strollers In India (2021)

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller37.95 KgAmazon
R For Rabbit Baby Stroller38 KgAmazon
Chicco Lava Cortina Baby Stroller811.4 KgAmazon
Luvlap Galaxy Stroller/ Pram312.4 KgAmazon
Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller38.38 KgAmazon
Hot Mom 360° Rotation Baby Stroller318.5 KgAmazon
Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System417.5 KgAmazon
Tiffy And Toffee 3 In 1 Baby Stroller/ Pram38 KgAmazon

Review of the best baby strollers

1. Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Key features

  • Additional storage for accessories
  • 1-year brand warranty
  • The side impact protection is amazing.
  • Inserted with one infant pillow
  • Certified as 5 point safety harness
  • 6.5 wheel suspension.
  • EN 1888 certified.

How can Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller help you?

The products from Luvlap are the best compact strollers in India for the complete needs of the toddler. It is also reliable, durable and the right choice to make out of all.

This product combines comfort and convenience for all your baby’s happy, fun-filled outings.

It comes with a 3 position seat recliner system. This multi-positioned, cushioned seat is designed to keep your kid in complete safety. You can pull it down when he wants to sleep and pull it up back when he gets up so that he can sit at ease and watch his surroundings.

It also restricts the baby’s movements as he/she grows and so this stroller has a safety harness. It sturdily secures the baby’s position and prevents her from falling off.

This stroller has an attached mosquito net that you can pull out while taking out your baby in the evening and keep insects and bugs out. It has an adjustable footrest that lets you adjust the footrest to a position that is in sync with the reclining position of the seat.

The attached front and back wheels are sturdy and offer easy movability, especially when turning the stroller.


  • Seat reclination combined with it.
  • Super sturdy material.
  • Affordable product.
  • UV canopy to protect from direct sunlight.
  • Insect net prevents mosquito biting.
  • Comfortable seat and leg rest.


  • Careful attention is needed during the adjustment of the stroller frame.

What is this stroller worthy of?

This stroller from Luvlap is easily foldable and the best economical choice in 2021. The age group of babies for using these strollers is 3-24 months. The usability and quality of the material of this product are quite good that makes it popular in India.

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2. R For Rabbit Lollipop Colourful Baby Stroller (Pram)

R For Rabbit Lollipop Colourful Baby Stroller

Key features

  • 6.5 wheel suspension
  • EN 1888 certified
  • 5 point harness
  • It weighs 8 Kg
  • Suitable for both baby boy and girl
  • 1-year warranty

How can R For Rabbit Lollipop Colourful Baby Stroller help you?

There is nothing to give an introduction about R for Rabbit strollers. These are amazing and every stroller of R for rabbit comes with its distinct features.

Once you get accustomed to this stroller, it will be very easy to use. All of this stroller’s exclusive features, design, etc has made this product one of the latest product to go for. So let’s see detail about its various aspects.

The first thing to tell about this stroller is its robust and sturdy material. If you can take proper care, you can use this stroller for your first, second even for the next generation. The European Standard EN 1888 indicates its longevity that can last for years.

This is another greatest feature that should not be missed. The front and the back wheel of this stroller have breaks. The big wheels of this stroller allow you to use the wheels depending on its front-facing or back-facing. It also has one step link brake which will allow you to stop the step when you wish to do so.

You can adjust the handlebar for using it on both of these wheels. The recline of this stroller will make your baby comfortable to the seat when strolling and the double-layered canopy will protect them when they are inside.

So, you have got enough idea about how this stroller will make your baby’s strolling fun and easy. The wheels big enough to let you move it on any uneven surfaces with fewer jerks. Thanks to R for Rabbit for providing such excellent features in this affordable budget option.


  • Provided with a double-layered canopy to protect from sunlight.
  • Comes with a mosquito net.
  • The design and look are excellent.
  • The wheels are sturdy.
  • One-step link Brake can stop you anywhere.
  • Fold mechanism and adjustments are easy.
  • Comfortable swivel lock.
  • Easy to use handlebar and seat recliner.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • You may need extra cushioning.


R for Rabbit makes the best baby strollers in India. Built with high-quality materials, this stroller is no doubt sturdy. Safety is one of the most important concerns when strolling, and this product is perfect.

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3. Chicco Lava Cortina Baby Stroller

Chicco Lava Cortina Baby Stroller

Key features

  • Memory reclination with cradle effect seat
  • Can carry up to 22 kg of baby weight
  • It weighs 11 kg
  • Provided with dun canopy
  • Parent and baby both trays are available.
  • KeyFit car seat.
  • 8 positioned seat recliner
  • Fixed wheel type stroller

How can Chicco Lava Cortina Baby Stroller help you?

Are you looking for the best stroller that can comfort your baby to the largest extent?

When buying any baby stroller, you should keep in mind the comfort and convenience of the baby. Chicco is one of the most popular baby brands that sell excellent baby items. To combine style and safety in your baby’s ride, you should buy this once. The amazing seat compatibility of this stroller has made this ideal for every age group of children.

The eight-position seat recline of this stroller can keep your baby comfortable when they are seating, reclining, or sleeping. You can adjust it easily even using one hand as per the wish of your baby.

The canopy of this stroller comes with a window. It allows the parents to keep their eyes on their baby. You can access the storage basket of this stroller even when the seats are in a reclined position. Some essential items like diaper bags, clothes, and feeding bottles can be stored there easily.


  • The handlebar is adjustable.
  • Ultra-compact stroller.
  • Excellent front wheel suspension.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Travel-friendly product.
  • Good build quality.
  • Value for money.


  • Costly product.


Chicco is no doubt a great company that makes excellent baby products. If you also want a compact stroller with all the best features and functions, then this can be a great choice. The price is a little high, but the huge advantages make it worth buying.

4. Luvlap Galaxy Stroller/ Pram

Luvlap Galaxy Stroller/ Pram

Key features

  • 5 point safety harness
  • It weighs 12.4 kg
  • 3-position seat reclining.
  • Canopy to protect from UV
  • Recommended age of baby: 6 months to 3 years
  • It meets the EN 1888 standard (European)
  • Soft cushioned seat

How can Luvlap Galaxy Stroller/ Pram help you?

Do you need extra large space in your baby stroller? This is not saying about all the stuff of this amazing stroller. The extremely comfortable seat and convenient handlebar will make you spellbound and impressed.

Apart from that, this can be a perfect match for you if you go outside with your baby a lot.

The first thing to appreciate in this stroller is its seat position which is absolutely stylish and soft. The next thing is its reversible handlebar which will help you to notice your kids when you are strolling with them.

The EN 1888 European Standard indicates the certification of 5 point safety harness. Apart from that, the 4×7 rear wheels with brakes will keep your child safe and secured all the time.

You don’t need to wait a lot or worry about installing this rare piece of the stroller. Additionally, you will get here 360° Front-wheel rotation which is absolutely easy to revolve and fix.


  • Certified as super safe for babies.
  • Proper seat recline position.
  • Comfortable for the baby.
  • Affordable baby stroller.
  • Extra storage seating space.
  • 360-degree front-wheel rotation.
  • The canopy has a looking window.
  • Comes with a detachable dining tray.
  • A back pocket is available to store handy items.


  • Due to its weight, portability can be a problem, especially for women.


Whatever the cons of this amazing stroller, the amazing features like safety, quality, comfort have made it one of the best pram strollers in the Indian market. If you prefer to buy a stroller with high quality and design, it can be a good choice.

5. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Key features

  • Suitable for a baby with an age up to 3 years
  • Weighs 8.38 Kg
  • Comes with 3 color options
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Lightweight and easily carriable
  • Large storage basket
  • 3 seat reclined position
  • Max weight capacity: 20 kg

How can Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller help you?

Baby strollers are great for parents when they wish to carry their baby in any place. The little pumpkin baby stroller can help the baby to protect them from any harmful rays.

This stylish red colored stroller ensures safety to give the parents relief when they are outside with the baby. To surprise a comfortable and smooth ride to your baby, this is the best baby stroller under 3500 INR for you.

This stroller is extremely lightweight and user-friendly so you can carry it anywhere when you intend to go. It also comes with a folding mechanism that allows you to store the stroller easily.

The reversible handles of this little pumpkin baby stroller come with a secured grip to protect your baby when they are strolling. Apart from that, the secure grip will allow in front and back both strolling.

The adjustable leg rest ensures comfort when they are sleeping. They can also keep their leg on rest when enjoying rides. To store the required accessories, you can use its spacious storage baskets.


  • User-friendly stroller for moms.
  • Great wheel suspension.
  • Appreciable folding mechanism.
  • The canopy protects the baby from sunlight.
  • Provided with leg rest option.
  • The stroller is affordable and lightweight.
  • Installation and assembly are easy.


  • Less durable than the previous products.


If your budget is tight, you can consider this stroller for your baby. The features of this product are very beneficial for both the baby and parents. By taking proper care of the stroller it will last for a long time.

6. Hot Mom 360° Rotation Baby Stroller

Hot Mom 360° Rotation Baby Stroller

Key features

  • It weighs 18.5 Kg
  • 360° rotation system
  • The wheel is made of Pu rubber
  • It suits babies age up to 4 years
  • Easy parking brake
  • Weatherproof canopy
  • The frame material is aluminium alloy
  • Additional storage for accessories.

How can Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller help you?

This baby stroller comes with a ton of features and some of them are so important. The two different types of baby seats are one of the main advantages of this stroller which allows the baby to use this stroller for 4 years.

This should be an absolute choice for the newborn as the 95°, 135° and 175° seat positions allow them to take a rest when strolling. The provided canopy over the stroller will help you to push the shade when needed for your baby.

If you travel a lot, then this stroller can be an ideal choice for you due to its amazing detach and attach section. If you wish, you can also separate the wheel and frame of this stroller easily when packing in the car. The folding system of this stroller is also good, as it does not need too much space. For this reason, it is the best baby stroller you can use on a trip.

The first thing to say about this stroller is its EN 1888 certification and ASTM F833-19 which is the standard of safety and testing material. The frame of this stroller is also good and the rare wheels are well made with high-quality explosion-proof tires. The material of the front wheel is Pu rubber which absolutely slip-resistant.

Another most important feature of this stroller is its space underneath. You can store a lot of things in its big storage tray. When carrying your baby outside, this can be extremely helpful for you.


  • Safety standard certification.
  • Sturdy material.
  • High-quality stylish stroller.
  • Comfortable seat and leg rest.
  • Great folding and reclining mechanism.
  • Excellent ball bearing for 360-degree rotation.
  • Comes with a large space.
  • Good wheel suspension.
  • Double-locked wheel for more safety.


  • Expensive because of its premium features.
  • It is heavy.


For its stylish look and premium build quality, you will no doubt get satisfied. Apart from that, this stroller can give your baby an extreme level of comfort and security when moving around.

7. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System (Stroller With Car Seat)

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Key features

  • Can carry a baby with a weight from 1.8 kg to 15 kg.
  • It weighs 17.46 kg
  • Comes with an anti-rebound bar
  • It has a 2-step belt lock
  • It can be adjusted to 4 reclining positions

How can Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System help you?

This nice and durable stroller is fashionable and comfortable. Additionally, the folding and storage system is appreciable. You can put it in your car easily.

The 180-degree flatbed of this stroller allows the baby to take rest even on the go. You can also store a large number of things with this stroller in its large space.

The six different modes of this stroller can be extremely helpful for you if you travel a lot. The standard stroller seat is also too comfortable for a baby So, you can say your baby is going to hit its carriage, bassinet, and seat for multiple purposes.

The federal crash test standard will make you happy and you can feel confident when pushing your baby. The anti-rebound impact on the seat will provide the greatest level of comfort when the baby is strolling with this stroller.


  • Federal safety harness.
  • User-friendly latch system.
  • Brilliant side-impact protection.
  • High-quality canopy.
  • Premium design.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Durable and sturdy material.


  • Expensive product.
  • Heavy in weight.


This product is so beneficial that many parents prefer it for their babies. Built with high-quality safe materials, it is durable and comfortable. Carrying your baby around using this stroller is quite easy and does not involve any complicated process. If you are looking for the best baby stroller in India with a car seat, this is your perfect choice.

8. Tiffy And Toffee 3 In 1 Baby Stroller/ Pram/ Rocker

Tiffy And Toffee 3 In 1 Baby Stroller

Key features

  • Available with toy tray
  • Rear brake wheel
  • The basket is spacious.
  • Strong and can last for a long.
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Weighs 8 Kg
  • Maximum weight capacity 15 Kg
  • 7 color choices available

How can Tiffy And Toffee 3 In 1 Baby Stroller help you?

This fantastic baby stroller can be used for several years for your baby. Your baby can also use it as a pram where the reclining function will help your baby to seat comfortably when they are in the lying position.

The safety and security provided by this stroller will keep your baby safe and you can easily use it when your baby is in safe years of strolling.

The 5 point safety harness ensures safety and security for your baby. The drawable net can protect your baby from harmful bites of mosquitoes. To ensure safety and security for your baby, you can buy this stroller without any hesitation.

Tiffy and Toffee 3 in 1 baby stroller come with a tray where you can keep your baby toys. Additionally, to serve food and drinks in the glass holder this stroller is one ideal choice for you. You can also store baby accessories and other stuff in its large space basket and back pocket.

This stroller also comes with a comfortable cushioned seat that provides enough comfort for the baby. The reversible handlebar keeps your baby when they are in different directions.

This stroller is enough sturdy to carry up to 15 kg easily. Find the customer care no on its label to satisfy any query from your side.


  • It is a pram, stroller, and rocker or 3 in one.
  • The Seats are cushioned well.
  • The handle is adjustable.
  • It comes with a bottle holder.
  • The footrest is extremely comfortable.
  • The food tray is attached here.
  • Spacious storage to store accessories.


  • Some may find the seating area less.
  • Lacks some premium features like previous models.


Being lightweight, using this stroller can easy for women. With the 3-in-1 benefits, you can use it as a pram, stroller, and rocker. Apart from it, the stroller is also built with some great features that are worthy of your expense. If you are looking for the best pram for babies in India, then it can be a good choice.

Benefits of Buying A Stroller for the baby

In simple terms, a pram or stroller can make life a great deal easier. It will help moms to get back to their routines easily without feeling bogged down or over-exhausted because of the baby being attached to them 24×7.

By safely putting the baby in a stroller, the mom feels at ease along with the baby. Without having a stroller the baby needs constant attention of her time making her anxious and too pressurized. Let’s see what are the benefits of a baby stroller.

benefits of baby stroller

Make easy Transportation

For making the daily activities smooth with having a baby around, a stroller is a must-have for you.

The baby strollers are foldable so you can carry them everywhere. In that case, it allows you to spend quality time with your baby without keeping them at home.

provides comfort

You don’t need any practice or training skills to use the best baby stroller in India. The manufacturers use cushioned and padded seats in their strollers. The quality fabric keeps the baby comfortable all day.

You don’t need to keep your baby in your lap when you are outside with them.

lasts for long time

Basically, these baby strollers come with top-standard quality materials and durable support. So it can last a long due to its quality and safety point.

The double strollers can be also great if you have twins.

safe for the baby

You don’t need to worry about your baby’s safety as these products come with extensive safety features. You can lock the stability of your stroller wheel and the 5 point safety harness will keep them safe and protected.

Some of the strollers come with wheel suspension which helps them to go smoothly even when the road is bumpy.

All-in-one baby essential

All the baby strollers come with a large storage capacity which helps them to store the essential things for the baby. You can also use the handles of your baby stroller by hanging some bags there. But make sure to put too many heavy items on the lightweight designed stroller.

These all are extensive benefits of baby strollers that you can get. So why worry? Bring a little stroller for your little one today.

Stroller or Pram – Which One Should You Select?

A pram or stroller is one of the most important tools to be kept in the parenting arsenal. Stroller refers to a model with an upright seat while pram refers to one with a bassinet or flat sleeping surface but nowadays most of the models allow both positions.

Strollers are the ones that have a seat that fits the child comfortably and safely, are of the right height and weight for you to push and lift, and combines all the right safety features.

A stroller is a kind of chair where the baby can sit. The seats have a restraint system consisting of a harness, life belt, and crotch strap that secures the baby in a sitting position.

They also have hoods that protect the infants from weather and wheels for easy transport.

Prams have carriages with a soft flat bottom which help to place your infants in a comfortable position. They also have a large canopy covering the carriage to safeguard the infants from sun or dust.

Joigging Baby Stroller – Is it Truly Helpful?

A jogging baby stroller is a three-wheeled stroller and is called a jogging stroller which has large, fixed wheels that roll easily for fast movement. If you need to run these strollers allow you to take your baby along for the ride.

The jogging strollers are great for traversing bumpy and uneven terrain. They have super sturdy, souped-up suspension systems and are made to absorb the bounces because of uneven surfaces.

Jogging baby strollers have 3 oversized wheels with a front wheel that either swivels or can be fixed in place. They also have hand brakes. Due to their large wheels and extra suspension systems, these jogging strollers are heavy and bulky.

Provides emotional comfort

In a rear-facing pram stroller, the baby sees your face as well as sees you interacting with him/her. Seeing your familiar face comforts him/her emotionally and helps the baby feel safe.

Good for baby’s development and workout

When a baby is between 2-6 months old he/she needs to see his parents and craves social interactions with them. In a rear-facing baby stroller, one can easily fulfill this need of the baby. The face-to-face interaction between the parent and the baby makes the bonding much easier and both of them pass their time well.

Apart from that, you may not feel it as convenient to take your baby for exercise. But having a jogging stroller, you can take your baby outside and can burn extra calories from your body.

Provides more support and protection

The jogging stroller provides great support and protection for the upper and lower part of the baby’s body. The cushioned stroller helps to keep the baby’s head safe and helps them nap better. This is why jogging strollers are one of the best strollers in the Indian market.

Once your baby gets accustomed to daily exercise, he /she will take the physical exercises as the normal part of their lives. At a time they also become relaxed and comfortable when you are jogging with them outside.

Easy Monitoring of the Baby

When your baby is facing you it’s much easier to keep an eye on him and keep him in the purview of safety. With a baby in the family, you may get enough time to go for any time. In that case, a jogging stroller can make your wish fulfilled. Now you can take your baby jogging with a jogging stroller. Apart from that, pushing a stroller needs enough energy and it also makes the muscles strong.

New generation sensation

Being a mom or dad not means compromising with daily activities, lifestyle, and style. Now you don’t need to lose all the style and fashion sense. To take a jogging stroller along with you is a stylish and modern way. With this stroller, you can also take care of yourself.

Get ready to go on

You may have decided to buy a jogging baby stroller for your baby. But make a follow with the below factors before you step out on the road.

  • Three wheels: Your jogging stroller must be three wheels as these are more stable and can adapt to high speed easily.
  • Wrist wrap: This is a must-have for you if you plan to go for downhills. It can pick up the speed and your baby can also stay protected with this stroller.
  • Shock absorber: Jogging strollers are provided with a shock absorber which is great to give your baby a smooth ride.

buying guide for best baby strollers in India

Buying Guide for Baby Strollers and Prams

Choosing the best stroller for your kid depends on a lot of different factors in India. One should take note of them when buying a stroller.

Wheels, Lifting and folding mechanism

The stroller will not only go through the smooth pathways, but it may have to face some terrible pathways. The wheels need to be right so that it can adapt to such roadways.

Go for the wheels that can easily go through any type of roadway to ensure safety and security for your baby.

This is an important factor that you should consider when buying a stroller for your junior. It can be a bit troublesome if you are not accustomed to operating it easily or if it is too heavy to carry around.

There can be various situations where you may have to fold it on your own. In those cases, if the stroller is too heavy, then you should not go for it. Rather look for a stroller that is strong, lightweight, and steady.

Parents’ Requirement

The parents should see the age difference between their children and decide on the kind of stroller they will need. For a single child, a single stroller will be good. There are also strollers available for twins.

These all are the important things that you should consider when buying a stroller for your baby. All these important things will help you to get the best stroller for your baby.

It doesn’t matter how much you will be using the stroller. You need to keep it in your car trunk even for a substantial amount of time. So check if the stroller can fit your car trank easily or not. Choose the right one which is the right fit for your car or less from the trunk size.

Way of using the best stroller

Parents should check which type of stroller will be perfect for their child depending on several factors. It includes the area where they are living, in a city or suburban area. The stroller will need to meet your lifestyle with its features which can vary for different regions and ways of living.

Think about the purpose of why you need a stroller for your baby. If you want to walk or run regularly with your baby, then you should choose one that can go in all types of terrain.

You can also choose one that is a sturdy and solid build, with adjustable locked wheels. If you are looking to keep it in the back seat of the car or for hopping in the shopping center, then go for a baby stroller with a car seat.

Weight and Portability

Prams are meant for conveniently carrying the baby even if you are on vacation. The terrain stroller is bigger and weighs more than the umbrella strollers. So, before you buy a stroller for your baby, make sure about its weight and size that can fit with your purpose.

If you intend to buy a big stroller, then umbrella strollers can be a great option for you that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Safety for the Baby

Safety should be the first thing that you should consider when buying a good stroller for the baby. Some of the strollers can meet Australian standards and they come with some great safety features. The adjustable restraint keeps the baby safe and secured in the stroller.

There is a tether strap attached to the stroller that prevents the rolling of the stroller. One parking brake And the release mechanism keep it accessible to the child even when the baby is not restrained properly.

Fixing the Budget

Parents should look for high-quality build material and useful features when buying a pram or stroller. It should fulfill all the needs and also be pocket-friendly.

Who doesn’t want to give their best to their child?

But for that, you don’t need to buy something too expensive. This is really daunting to choose one good stroller from the available brands of stroller in the market.

These all come with its distinct feature which is different from each and other. To avoid such confusion, first set your budget and then go for the best stroller as per your need and price.

best baby stroller brands in India

Best Baby Stroller Brands in India

1. Luvlap

Indian people prefer to buy a product at an affordable price. Luvlap believes their product to comply with the European Safety standard. This Indian company specially offers its range of excellent products, especially in baby and mother care.

Basically, Luvlap sells products such as baby gear, toys, mother and baby apparel, and breastfeeding support. Luvlap also houses a wide range of strollers at different prices with different features.

If you are one of them working parents and looking to buy a stroller for your junior one, then Luvlap can be an ideal choice for you. You can get a detailed feature of every Luvlap stroller to help you shortlist the best and ideal one for you.

2. R for Rabbit

To ensure safety and comfort for your baby, R for Rabbit is the perfect brand for you. This is an Indian company formed by Kinjal and Kunal from Ahmedabad. This is another reputed company that has taken a successful step in the world of baby gear.

In just a short duration, they have made their presence both online and offline. In a reasonable budget option, their products are designed that can give your baby a secured and comfortable feel.

R for Rabbit keeps their vast portfolio in every range of baby products such as stroller, prame, walker, ride on, car seat, high chair, baby carrier, etc.

3. Chicco

Introducing another outdo competitor in the baby product industry. To get affordability, safety assurance, and quality on your baby product, Chicco can be an ideal choice for you. Every stroller from different brands comes with a variety of features and choices.

The design of their products is made in a convenient way to pack up while on the go and during transportation. The quality of the materials used by Chicco is highly durable too.

For its extensive quality, design and look, Chicco has become a common household name for parents. Their sense of style and rich legacy makes them proud to be a part of their Italian heritage. With their extensive range of products, look, design, curves they believe to stay dedicated to all the developing needs of young parents and babies.

4. Little pumpkin

Products from Little Pumpkin are made to make the baby and parents both fun while enjoying the childhood of the little one. They offer a wide range of products which understand the needs of both parents and the little ones. Every product is made of special care that only focuses on the good for the babies.

You can get here baby products in every shape, size, and dynamics. These are customized according to every family’s need and to give their super convenience while using. To make your parenting, loving and to fill it with some memories, you can choose products from Little Pumpkin without any hesitation.

They believe to be dedicated to selling high-quality products at an affordable range that can cater to the needs of every parent. To ensure comfort and safety for your baby, come to the site of Little Pumpkin.

5. Evenflo

Starting their journey with baby feeding products, they have incorporated some other essential baby items in their product category list. During World War II, Evenflo was the only company that produced standard nurser featured equipment to cater to the needs of the parents.

They expanded their product categories beyond nipples and started to present Innovative glass baby bottles. In 1960, their product category reaches up to 12 different baby items which include various nursery kits, sterilizers, bottles, nipples, and other accessories.

Developing their quality and assurance for safety and comfort for the babies, Evenflo has become the gateway to expertise the parenting and to capture the glowing memories of childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions about baby strollers

What is a baby stroller used for?

Strollers are to make your parenthood better. These are specially designed for newborn babies who need a lot of sleep. If you are going for a small walk or shopping, the stroller can offer you great help. You can carry them in a stroller and you don’t need to worry about their comfort.

At What Age Of The Baby You Can Use A Stroller?

A baby stroller can be used when he/ she can stand up by themselves. Every baby is different, so you cannot force them to stand up. You need to especially notice their structural differences to choose the right model for them. Basically, a 5-6 months old baby needs a slightly reclined seat so that it can give support to the baby’s back. When they are around 6 months, they start to discover the world with its various colors and sounds. At that time they also grow some sensory experience inside them. In that case, a stroller is a good option to engage them in a diversified world. They all have their structural differences.

How much does a baby stroller cost in India?

Your baby needs sturdy and safe products especially when it is strolling. The baby stroller price starts from 2000 and it goes up to 30,000. Basically, the price of a stroller basically depends on its quality, materials, etc.

Is a baby stroller useful in India?

Yes, it absolutely is. If you love strolling in the evening or you frequently go shopping in the mall, then a stroller is a must-have for you. In that case, you are recommended to make your baby comfortable with a stroller.

Can strollers be used for newborns?

They can be used but by making certain changes to it that comply with the safety standards for newborns. Before you decide to give your newborn a stroller, make sure this is perfectly reclined.

How to choose the best baby stroller?

One can choose the best baby stroller by checking reviews of them and comparing the brands that we have done in this article. For newborn babies, you should choose a stroller that has a flat recline position. To know the most critical factors of a stroller, read the buying guide.

Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a stroller?

The baby should not sleep in a stroller, sling, or carrier. It may create suffocation for your baby. If your baby falls asleep in a stroller, then take him out from there and let him sleep in the bed.

How to fold a baby stroller?

These steps must be taken to fold the stroller:
A. Use the brakes-Before folding the stroller the swivel wheels must be locked in position. The brake levers/mechanisms are usually located on the rear wheels.
B. Retract the canopy-Taking hold of the front of the canopy it must be pulled back toward the rear of the stroller in the direction of the handlebar.
C. Remove accessories-All accessories should be removed before starting to fold the stroller. The common accessories include sunshades, food trays, and cup holders.
D. Locking mechanism-There must be some sort of catch, lever, push-button, or handle that releases the frame’s locking mechanism. It can also be a combination of a push button in the handle and a lever on the side.
E. Fold it-Most strollers fold by pushing the handles toward the front of the stroller folding in the middle. In this way, the handles sit over the front wheels.

Are baby strollers allowed on airplanes?

Yes, they are allowed on airplanes. They just need to be folded properly and put in the luggage of the airplane. Before you take the pram or stroller to the airline, make sure if they additionally charge for it or not. Most airlines don’t charge it as their courtesy.

Does a baby stroller count as luggage when traveling?

A baby stroller is not counted as luggage when traveling rather it’s treated as ‘special luggage’. In that case, the baby should be under 2 years of age. But this bag may not be allowed with any other objects.

Which brand of baby stroller is the best?

The best brand is, of course, Luvlap with all its wonderful features and value for money aspect. Apart from that, this is affordable and the folding mechanism allows the bag to be carried easily elsewhere.

How to clean a baby stroller?

For the fabric areas, you will need some items in hand like a vacuum cleaner, clean soft cloths specifically microfiber ones, a soft toothbrush or a soft fabric brush, lukewarm water, soap safe for the baby, disinfecting baby-safe wipes.
Step 1– Try to clean the stroller keeping it outside the house and wear a mask so that you don’t inhale any spores.
Step 2– Brush the mold away using a stiff bristle brush and if there remain any of the molds, wet the area by using lemon juice and salt. Or stronger mold areas can be removed by mixing two parts of water with three parts of white vinegar in a spray bottle. You should spray the whole area and then wash the stroller with soap afterward.
Step 3- Before cleaning you should read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the particular stroller. Baby strollers are made from different fabrics some of which need special care. The fabric can be placed in the washing machine.
Step 4– A flexible hose attachment can be used to suck up all the loose crumbs and debris. The vacuum bag should be thrown away if you deal with mold or mildew.
Step 5– Take a bowl and mix a small amount of soap with lukewarm water in it.
Step 6– Dip the cloth in a bowl and wring out any excess soapy water. And clean the stroller gently.
Step 7-Rinse the cloth in clean water. Now remove any excess soap,  from the fabric by gently wiping it over.
Step 8– Wipe the fabric with a disinfectant baby wipe to leave it germ-free and smelling fresh.
Step 9– Let the stroller dry completely preferably in the sun.

Which strollers are better 3 or 4 wheeled?

Both the strollers have their pros and cons and the choice completely depends on what is your need and how you plan to use it.
A 3 wheel stroller is a versatile option, great for jogging, activity and it works better on rough ground. It will keep the baby snug and give him a smooth ride.
A 4 wheel stroller gives stability and a bigger selection choice. They are often more affordable, fold easily, and are compact.

Are jogger strollers good for everyday use?

A jogger stroller can be used for everyday use but it should be with a swivel front lock. Make sure to check its quality if you wish to have a jogging stroller for your baby.

How long should a baby lie flat in a pram?

A baby should not be kept for a long time in a pram. It may create several problems for your baby in the future. You are recommended to keep your baby in a flat-lying position in a stroller for only 2 to 3 hours.

India’s best baby stroller: Conclusion

On becoming a parent, one has to go through the natural grind of parenting too. It reminds you to stay awake for nights trying to make your baby sleep or when you have to keep her tummy full and happy.

As a stroller allows the baby to look at his/ her familiar face, it makes them feel safe. If your baby is in the pram in front of you, you can make eye contact which makes it easy to bond with your baby.

With the above buying guide and reviews, choosing a stroller in 2021 may have become easier for you. A stroller induces your baby into the world and soon they get accustomed to it. To make a binding with parents, family, neighbors, and nature, a stroller can a good option for babies.

To help you find the right product, we have included the 8 best baby strollers and prams in India. Out of them, we highly recommend Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller that is durable and safe to provide comfort to the baby. With the advanced mechanisms, it is easy to use too. Because of these benefits, many parents prefer it for their babies.

You should also check our other recommendations as choices can vary from person to person. All of these products are selected from the most reputed brands in the Indian market.

Let us know about your favorite brand in the comment section below!


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