8 Best Baby Walker in India (2021) – The First Walking Companion

This is a real pleasure to see your child walking for the first time and nothing feels greater than it. Sometimes the parents may not be able to help them in this exercise, or the baby may feel uncomfortable being steady by themselves. Here the benefits of baby walkers start.

The best baby walkers in India are a great way that helps the baby to make their first footstep by themselves. It also takes care of the baby when they are walking with the walker. A good walker not only helps them to walk but also helps to build their cognitive and motor skills. A good baby walker will give support to your baby when they are learning to take steps.

There is a vast number of walkers available in the Indian market. Finding the right one from them is not easy if you don’t have any prior experience. Here are our recommendations for the best baby walker brands available in the market.

Mee Mee baby walker is one of the great options for you if you want to give your baby support on her walking. This is the best thing that encourages the baby in walking with its robust wheels. Apart from that, it will keep your baby entertained all the time. So, get ready to cultivate the way for reaching your baby in the high level of entertainment in walking.

best baby walkers in India

Best Baby Walkers in India

Mee Mee Baby Walker6 to 18 months3.92 KgAmazon
LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker6 to 18 months1.69 KgAmazon
R For Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker6 to 18 months6.2 KgAmazon
Panda Creation Adjustable Musical Walker6 months and up4 KgAmazon
Star And Daisy Baby Walker6 months and up5.2 KgAmazon
Sunbaby Butterfly Walker6 to 24 months2.9 KgAmazon
Baybee Smart Witty Ultra Soft Baby Walker6 to 24 months3 KgAmazon
Goyal's Baby Musical Walker6 months and up3.4 KgAmazon

1. Mee Mee Baby Walker – Our Top Pick

Mee Mee Baby Walker

Key features

  • International safety standard
  • Durable and premium quality
  • Cushioned seats for comfort
  • Design is enough sturdy
  • Adjustable height setting
  • 360° rotating wheels
  • Removable electronic toy tray
  • Separate feeding system
  • The handle is a long push
  • Specially designed footrest

Review of Mee Mee Baby Walker

If you are looking for a combination of comfort, joy, and play in your baby walker, then this walker will be the right choice for you. It allows the baby to have all the comfort of the cushioned seats and to play with the toys that come with it.

The study design makes you less worried about the safety of using a baby walker in India. The premium quality material is extremely strong and durable which is the right choice for your baby. So, if you are looking for the best baby walker in India, there is no better option available than it.

The highly noticeable part of this walker is its easy assembly which doesn’t require any professional. The exciting color of this walker makes the baby tempted to use it.

The cheerful music of this walker also keeps your baby in charm and encouraged on their every step. This easy-to-carry walker is also ideal to be converted into a rocker to give the baby relaxation after walking.


  • Material is durable and strong.
  • Rotating wheels make walking easy.
  • A padded seat adds comfort to your baby ride.
  • Height is adjustable and supports the development of the baby.
  • Removable toy trays keep babies engaged all the time.


  • It does not come with stoppers.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

Though the use of baby walkers is controversial, still if you want to give your baby a premium quality product with all the features, then this is the right choice for you. Now the time is to add more charm and excitement at the first stage of your baby walking.

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2. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker

Key features

  • Press down vacuum stopper
  • 3 level height adjustment
  • Attractive and smart design
  • Push bar comes with it
  • Exciting toy tray
  • Seats are detachable
  • Light in toy tray
  • Detachable floor mat
  • 360° rotatable 8 wheels
  • Can take up to 18 kg

Review of LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker

This is one of the best baby walkers available in the Indian market with lots of features at a budget price. The super comfy and sturdy material adds value to this walker.

The stoppers provided with LuvLap Baby Walker Sunshine allow the parents to stop it when this is moving in a dangerous condition.

The controller is also helpful if the parents want to keep observation of their baby. The fabulous design with music and light makes the baby impressed all the time.

Apart from that, the washable padded seat can maintain the proper hygiene of the product. This is one of the best portable baby walkers in India that allows the parents to carry it folded anywhere.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Portable baby walker.
  • Design is attractive.
  • Safe and secured.
  • Affordable price.


  • Height adjustment needs some improvements.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

With the fun, excitement, and cozy feel, everything is available in this baby walker in India. If you want to know more about this walker, then just go to an online or offline shop of some of the best walkers in the world.

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3. R For Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker Cum Rocker

R For Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker Cum Rocker

Key features

  • Anti-fall featured
  • Rocker and walker
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Excellent fold mechanism
  • Removable toy bar
  • In-built music system
  • Soft cushioned seat
  • Height is adjustable
  • Sturdy and hard material
  • travel friendly

Review of R For Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker

Equipped with anti-fall features, the R for Rabbit walker cum rocker is one of the best baby walkers for carpet on the list. The brake pad provided with the walker ensures total safety for your baby.

These brake pads will help your baby to prevent falling in rough places. As per the wish, you can switch it to rocker mode to induce your baby into a new adventure. The exciting toys and alluring music keeps your baby always entertained in this walker.

The international standard of this walker guarantees you total safety. The authentic structure also keeps the baby safe always in this rocker.

Apart from that, the anti-fall feature can generously avoid any kind of danger and stops. Suppose, your baby has come near the staircase, it will be stopped by itself. Excellent. Right?


  • Easy fold mechanism.
  • Toy tray with music.
  • Prevents falling and danger.
  • Attractive design.
  • International standard of safety.
  • Good build quality.


  • The edges at low are a little sharp.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

These all features of this walker have made it a favorite to the parents as well as the baby. If you don’t want to be tensed while keeping your baby in the walker, then this is the best choice for you.

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4. Panda Creation Adjustable Musical Walker

Panda Creation Adjustable Musical Walker

Key features

  • Animal shaped design
  • Height is adjustable
  • Wild frame give safety
  • Seats are cozy
  • Comfortable backrest
  • 8 pairs of wheels
  • Non-toxic material
  • Music walker for baby
  • Sturdy and stable walker
  • Available in various colors

Review of Panda Creation Adjustable Musical Walker

If your baby is ready to take her first step, then this baby walker is one of the most suitable walkers for your baby. Your baby will be always in an entertaining mood with its light, sound, and toy tray feature.

To catch the growing need of your baby, you can adjust its height as per your choice as well. The movable 8 wheels on this walker will keep your baby safe all the time.

Apart from that, it provides the baby with a comfortable footrest position that will be so useful for your baby. It features a cozy and comfortable seat that will give extreme comfort to your baby while walking with it.

The bright colors and animal shape are ideal to keep your baby’s attention. The pp non-toxic plastic ensures total safety while the 8 wheels provide great flexibility ahead.


  • Animal-shaped design and available in bright colors.
  • Cozy and cushioned support.
  • Music keeps the baby entertained all the time.
  • Budget-friendly options.
  • Height is adjustable.


  • Build quality could be better.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

If you are looking for the best baby walker in India for your 6 months old (or more) baby, then this product can be one of the greatest options for you. The super audible music and attractive design have made this product always a favorite for your baby.

5. Star And Daisy Baby Walker

Star And Daisy Baby Walker

Key features

  • Anti-o shaped leg
  • Anti-fall feature
  • Exciting music box
  • Height is adjustable
  • Seats are cushioned
  • Up to 15 months of usage
  • Anti-extrusion design
  • Speed is adjustable
  • Premium quality products
  • Supports baby development

Review of Star And Daisy Baby Walker

If you want to surprise your child with a quality baby walker along with its moderate design, then this is no doubt a too cute option for you. Let’s have a dig at its satisfying features.

You can adjust its height in 3 steps which include 40 cm, 43 cm, and 46 cm. The rollover of this walker is also great and stable.

The seats are designed in a diaper shape so that your baby’s hip bone can’t be affected. It also supports the baby’s leg and reduces pressure from the leg when walking.

The backrest material is PU which is absolutely environment friendly and waterproof. Your baby can enjoy its full comfort when walking with its cushioned seats.


  • Build quality is great.
  • Seats are cushioned and diaper-shaped.
  • Supports the hip bone.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The design is great.


  • Price a bit higher than others.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

Let’s introduce the world to your baby by walking on his feet. The StarAndDaisy Baby Walker can be a perfect companion for your baby when he is starting to walk. As it has a higher weight, it provides more stability to the baby while using it.

6. Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

Key features

  • Soft and comfortable seats
  • Take less storage space
  • Folding is easy
  • Multifunction music toys
  • A strong frame is provided
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Adjustable seat high
  • Easy to assemble
  • Walker size is small
  • Attractive designs

Review of Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

Now your baby is in growing age and they are curious about everything. They find fun, excitement, and anticipation in every object to feed their curiosity.

Here the real thrill of Sunbaby butterfly walkers starts. This is one of the safest choices for parents who want to gift their child with a wonderful baby walker in India.

The construction of this walker is done keeping all the safety measures in the mind. The strong frame with three adjustable levels supports the growth of the baby.

For fun walking, this baby walker comes with rotatable butterfly toys and one press music button also. The rotatable wheels also provide wide support in moving in every direction.

The age recommendation for this baby walker is 6 to 24 months and it can handle up to 10 kg. Easy to assemble and store features of this walker allow the parents to keep it folded when not in use.


  • Easy to use.
  • Can take up to 10 kgs.
  • Cushioned and padded seats.
  • The adjustable height as per baby growth.
  • Rotatable butterfly hanging toys.


  • Some parts of the walker can be felt sharp, so be careful when using it.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

If you are looking for the best baby walker in India at an affordable price, then this product is the ideal choice. Along with that, the quality and convenience of this walker are also great. For these reasons, it is worthy of buying.

7. Baybee Smart Witty Ultra Soft Baby Walker

Baybee Smart Witty Ultra Soft Baby Walker

Key features

  • Heights can be adjusted.
  • Musical toy bar rattles
  • Seats are ultra-soft
  • U-shaped design
  • Folding is easy
  • 360° rotatable wheels
  • EN 71 certified safety
  • Strong and sturdy material
  • Stopper is provided
  • Cushioned backrest

Review of Baybee Smart Witty Ultra Soft Baby Walker

Baybee always manufactures budget-friendly baby products with standard quality. With an impeccable set of features, the Smart Twitty is an affordable option for you.

The first thing to notice in this walker is its round shape, which provides more seating peace for your baby. The cushioned and padded backrest provides comfort and this is designed in such a way so that it can support the baby position rightly.

Easy to fold, adjustable, and portable baby walker is absolutely travel-friendly. The wheel can turn from any side and the grip enables it to stop without making any distraction in the baby walk.

You can use the front tray to keep baby toys and the music will keep your baby entertained always when walking. Apart from that, you can find a wide variety of color options for this walker.


  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Come with a front tray for toys.
  • Easy to fold, adjust.
  • Provided with padded backrest.
  • Affordable budget option.


  • Seat quality may need some improvements.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

The Baybee Smart Witty baby walker is no doubt a great option for the beginner. Its charming design, exciting functions, and quality is no doubt a pocket-friendly option for the parents.

8. Goyal’s Baby Musical Walker

Goyal's Baby Musical Walker

Key features

  • Easy to fold
  • Adjustable height
  • Non-electric music
  • Wide protective frame
  • 360° rotatable wheels
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Seats are washable
  • User manual provided
  • Attractive removable toy tray
  • Easy to carry

Review of Goyal’s Baby Musical Walker

Introducing another one of the best walkers for your baby which allows them to learn to walk so fast. The most attractive feature of this walker is its three adjustable heights which are perfect to capture the growth of your baby.

It not only makes learning to walk easy but the comfy padded seat with a backrest allows them to learn it with comfort. You don’t need any professional to fold it as it comes with the instructions manual.

Apart from that, the smooth, robust rotating wheels with the baby walker add ease in learning to walk for the baby.

The wide protective frame allows the walker to maintain full safety when the baby is moving from one room to another room.

The fold mechanism of this walker is great which makes the walker travel-friendly all the time. The removable toy tray is another exciting part of this walker which the baby will like most.


  • Folding and storing are easy.
  • Cushioned seats provide ultimate comfort.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Cleaning and folding are also easy.


  • Stay alert for the sharp plastic edges.
  • The music system needs improvement.

What is Best About this Baby Walker?

With its exciting features and alluring benefits, your baby’s first walking stage is going to be hit. Check the necessary things there and go for the best walker for your baby.

Benefits of Baby Walkers

A walker can help your baby in many ways. You can say these are the ultimate solution for you when you want to make your baby learn how to walk. So let’s see what are the advantages of using a baby walker.

Encourage the baby to walk

Babies may take a lot of time to walk without a baby walker. In that case, waker is necessary to supply them with the confidence to stand on their own. After using a walker, they start to wobble very fast. But make sure to keep the walker on a flat or smooth surface to avoid injuries.

Keeps baby engaged

Most of the baby walkers come with funny toys at their front. These toys can keep your baby engaged all the time. That means, when using the walker they will never go through any dull moments as they have something to do all the time. Visual and mental stimulation is also necessary for a baby that a baby walker can offer.

Apart from that, the walker supports them for walking and minimizes the chance of falling.

Make a sense of independence

You don’t need to be alert all the time when your baby will be using the walker. You will have a secure feeling and these will increase the chance of walking independently and they will be also able to learn from falling on the floor. Is it not enough to make someone independent?

The parents can make other activities

While your baby is using the walker, you can do your house chores such as preparing dinner or lunch. If you have older kids, it will also let you have the opportunity to spend some time with them. But make sure to monitor them all the time when using the baby walker.

Baby walker entertain a baby

The music that comes with the baby walker cab also keeps the babies entertained all the time. Sometimes, it is seen that a baby who has fallen and rejected the baby walker gets impressed by the music given in the walker. Music is the right thing that can improve the listening skill of a baby.

Make the eye-hand coordination strong

The walkers come with toys so your baby will try to touch them when they are in the walker. When walking in the walker, they also keep their focus on toys that promote eye-hand coordination.

These all are the benefits that you can get from your baby walker in India. The use of baby walkers is controversial but this is something to give a try on it.

best baby walker in India- buying guide

Buying Guide for Best Baby Walker in India

Babies are always dearest to everyone. They need special attention all the time as they tend to hurt themselves easily.

Walking is one of the most important parts that they learn after so many difficult steps. In that case, to support your baby when they are learning to walk, you can give them a walker. These specially designed carts will always take care of your baby and supply them with confidence when they are starting to walk.

Choosing the best baby walker is also not an easy job. It requires deep attention. So look for the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a baby walker for your baby.

Safety is the first thing

Safety is the major concern that you need to keep in mind when buying a baby walker in India. Here are the important points related to safety when buying safety for your baby.

  • If your baby is too young to walk, then go for a walker without wheels which will help the baby to up on their own.
  • The baby who can walk already gives them a wide walker with wheels. These walkers are great to prevent any type of injuries which can occur from the corners of your furniture.
  • Some walkers come with clever mechanisms that prevent the baby from falling from stairs.

Different types of baby walker

Convertible baby walker

The main feature of this walker is that it can be flipped to sit and stand as per your demand. These baby walkers come with a detachable toy tray that is useful when your baby will take a rest after playing.

It can save you a lot of money as you don’t have to purchase another one when the baby will grow old. The toy station provided with this walker will keep your baby engaged all the time and the holding bar holds the baby steady when they are walking.

Seated walker

These are specially designed for then who can sit on their own. These walkers can weigh up to 15 kg. It is made with a plastic frame and a fabric piece makes the hole cut so that the baby can touch the ground.

These walkers also come with toys and music to keep the baby entertained. Some of them are specifically designed for gender themes such as car toys for boys and princesses for girls.

Sit to stand baby walker

These are great to learn walking and balancing skills. These walkers come with detachable toy trays to keep your baby occupied when they are at rest.

With these walkers, you can teach your baby about different animals, different shapes, and different colors. The plenty of activities that your baby can enjoy from this walker. Some of the sit-to-stand baby walkers come with speed and braking control also.

Height should not be missed

Babies grow up too quickly. In that case, a baby walker with a fixed height can be uncomfortable for your growing champ. So, select a baby walker with the adjustable height option so that you can use it in the long run. Otherwise, you have to buy a walker very frequently to catch the height of your baby.

Comfort of best baby walker

When selecting the baby walker, you should not skip the part of comfort. Apart from it, if your baby feels uncomfortable in the walker, she/he will not use it. So, go for the walkers that come with a padded seat that can keep the baby comfortable when they are using them.

Portability Plays an important role

You will want to have a baby walker that is portable and ideal for carrying when you are traveling. As this is not possible to buy a piece of walker every place where you go with your baby. Here the advantage of folding baby walkers starts. You can easily fold it and carry it anywhere you wish to go with your baby. Additionally, it will save the place at your home when this is not in use.

Must Check the build quality

Quality is the first thing that you should always check when choosing an item for your baby. The baby walkers come with toys attached to them. So, when choosing the walker, make sure those toys are not easily breakable and there is less chance for your baby to insert the broken part into their mouth. Also, there should not be any sharp end that might hurt your baby’s skin.

Functionality also matters

It should be functional. Yes, a baby walker can also be functional which will be extremely helpful for your junior. Choose a baby walker that is lightweight and easy for maneuvering. This is necessary as no baby will want a walker that is difficult to move.

This is your choice where your baby will stay good. When buying the baby walker you must check those above-mentioned points to have in the walker. Remember, a good baby walker will company your baby on her/his development but a bad one also affects and may create prevention on the development.

are Baby Walkers safe to use?

Baby walkers are thought to improve the motor skill of any baby. The use of baby walkers is controversial. Some people believe that walkers are the only way to introduce their baby to walk.

The Canadian Government banned the selling of baby walkers in 2004 (Source: Huffingtonpost). The American Academy of Pediatrics also stopped selling and manufacturing these products. But still, in India, they are legal.

Before you buy a walker, make sure it meets the safety standards. You should choose Walker that is 36 inches wide with brakes. 

When your baby is in the walker, don’t leave her alone even for a few minutes. Make sure to use it only in the open areas with hot, sharp, poisonous objects.

precautions that you can take to introduce your baby to a walker

Before you start using the walker, make sure to follow the precautions given to make a safe ride.

  • Make sure to use the walker on a flat surface.
  • Don’t keep the Walker near to the staircase or any kind of water bodies.
  • This is mandatory to be around your baby when he is using the walker.
  • Keep the sharp or pointed objects from the area where your baby is using the walker.
  • Take a follow that the room doesn’t have any heavy objects that can move from the place.

Nothing is safe for your baby if you don’t pay attention to him/her. When your baby is in the walker, make sure she/he can well balance it and follow them in every step. If you can follow all the safety precautions and tips for using the baby walker, it will never harm your baby.

When and How should a baby start using a walker?

Inducing the baby in the baby walker is not an easy job. It goes through so many processes. You should give your baby a walker depending upon some important considerations.

The right age for using a walker for the baby

You can’t find any particular answer to this question. The doctor recommends using baby walkers from 6-8 months. At this age, the baby gets normally ready to stay upright with their physical balance and psychological support. Some of them can’t as each of them is individual.

You should induce them in a walker depending upon their physical condition. If your baby can stay upright for a few minutes safely, then you can buy them a walker. Give special attention to your baby for the following things:

  • Can crawl easily.
  • Can sit without any support and don’t fall from dude or behind.
  • Trying to stand up on his own
  •  He should not have any musculoskeletal disorders or rickets.
  • Curious about everything happening around them.
  • At least 6 months or older than it.

How long a baby can use a walker?

So, the long-awaited moment is finally at your door. In those moments, the mothers joyfully take a walker out from their wardrobe or shop for it. Here are some simple tips from the orthopedic to use a baby walker for your baby. These will help you to prevent spine harm.

  • Train your baby about how to use a walker in the daytime, when they are full of energy.
  • At the beginning stage, the baby can hold the balance for 5-6 minutes and you should not force them here.
  • Try to increase the time daily by 5 to 6 minutes.
  • When your baby will be expert at using the walker and run fast, then use it for 40 minutes at least daily. But make sure to break the time in 8 times for 5 minutes or 2 times for twenty minutes each.

Does Baby Walker Help Balance?

The natural process like crawling, rolling over, standing and walking helps them to balance their body. Using the baby walker, your baby can lean forward from the hip portion. In a walker, they don’t need to balance themselves. If the baby tips to the side, backward, or forward, the walker prevents them from falling.

Every walker comes with its pros and cons. But as an alert parent, you should always give the advantages of the baby walker to your baby while keeping the disadvantages away from the baby. Because this is your responsibility to see that any object is not preventing the right development of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Walkers

Which brand of a baby walker is the best?

Every brand of baby walker comes with its pros and cons. However, you can choose between them as per your requirement. LuvLap is one of the leading baby products manufacturing companies that produce authentic and quality products for babies. The Luvlap baby walker comes with all the exciting features that parents need in the best baby walker in India.

How long can a baby stay in a walker?

At the beginning stage, you can use the walker for your baby for five to 8 minutes. You should increase the time daily by 3-4 minutes. However, the orthopedic recommends keeping your baby in a walker for not more than 40 minutes a day.

Are baby walkers safe for the outdoors?

There are different baby walkers for outdoor use. The outdoor walkers are a little different from the indoor ones. It comes with stronger wheels as the flooring is different.

Do baby walkers affect development?

Studies show that babies who use walkers can walk quicker than those who do not. Although, the benefits of baby walkers are controversial. If you follow the tips and guidelines for using the baby walker, it might not affect the baby’s development.

How to adjust baby walker height?

For adjusting the baby walker height, keep one hand on the walker and press beneath the tray button with the other hand. Now lock the safety tray in a 90° turn.

Can baby walkers be used on the carpet?

Yes, this is safe to use a baby walker on the carpet or a hard floor. The baby will also enjoy the ride here. But never keep your baby unattended when using a walker on the carpet.

What are the disadvantages of baby walkers?

Walkers are a great way to make your baby learn to walk easily. But they too have some downsides. As per some beliefs, the walker prevents the stimulation of the ability to walk. Sometimes, it may delay in crawling and walking as the baby gets used to walking with the support of it. Riding in walkers, there is much chance of falling, however, this is a part of a baby’s development.

India’s Best Baby Walker: Conclusion

All these reviews of exclusive baby walkers will be an extreme help for you when you are searching for the best walker for your baby. I hope that now you have understood how a baby walker will make your baby safe and offer great comfort in their walking.

Nowadays, baby walkers are available in a wide range of varieties. While some of them come with musical fun and toys along with them, then the others are only for helping your baby walk. They basically work as the trainer of your baby. You can choose between them as per your requirement.

If your baby is less than six months old, then you should look for a walker with all the find and entertainment equipment. Additionally, if the baby is above 8 to 9 months then you must focus on its durability, protection, and anti-fall features. So, now you have enough ideas about buying the best walker for your baby in India. Now get ready to witness the best of your baby’s toddlerhood.

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