8 best blankets for winter in India – Complete Buying Guide

India is one of a few regions across the world that experiences a wide range of weather conditions.  And, one of the most beautiful yet challenging seasons for restful nights would probably be the winter season.

The bone-breaking cold of the winter season in almost all parts of India can be an obstacle to the body’s relaxation required for sleeping. Moreover, being exposed to icy air for a long time can also cause blood pressure changes and may lead to “hypothermia”.

A good quality blanket along with the best mattress is the ultimate solution for comfort in the winter season.

Nowadays, blankets are available with many fillings and tons of options for materials to choose from. A multi-layer quilt blank or a comforter has good heat retention properties, which can save your body heat for yourself.

Besides, the thick layers of the blanket won’t allow the cold air to touch your body, thus ensuring zero distraction. Modern blankets also have good breathability complemented with a cozy and comfortable surface.

But, finding a good quality blanket that ticks off every single requirement of yours is a challenging task these days. Now that you are here, you won’t have to go through the same dilemma as others. We have selected the top 8 best blankets for winter in India after lengthy research covering every renowned brand. Among all, Amazon Basics Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket is the finest blanket that you can get in the Indian market.

Now, all you have to do is scroll down and go through the reviews and buying guides to crack the best deal on Blanket easily.

best blanket for winter in India

8 Best Blankets for Winter in India

Amazonbasics BlanketSherpa BlanketDouble layered 100% polyesterAmazon
Selective Premium BlanketQuilt BlanketMicrofiber and flannelAmazon
Cloth Fusion BlanketQuilt Blanket100% ultrafine polyesterAmazon
Ab Home Décor BlanketRazai Quilt Blanket100% ultra microfiber and flannelAmazon
Amazonbasics Reversible BlanketFleece BlanketPolyester fleece and 30% viscoseAmazon
Cloth Fusion BlanketComforter BlanketPolyester cover with microfiber & polyester fillAmazon
Amazon Solimo BlanketQuilt BlanketPolyester fill with microfiber exterior Amazon
Solimo Reversible ComforterComforter BlanketPolyester fill and microfibre exterior Amazon

Reviews of the best blankets in India

Here, we have selected the most amazing blankets from reputed brands. We know the choice can vary from person to person. For this reason, we have included quilt, mink, sherpa, razai, fleece and comforter blankets.

All of these blankets are suitable for winter. You should choose the right blanket according to the degree of cold. There are also some other buying factors that you might like to check in the Buying Guide later in this article.

1. Amazon Basics Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket

Amazon Basics Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket

Key features

  • Double layered 100% polyester blanket
  • Made with wrinkle-resistant material
  • Reversible warmth due to ultra-soft micro mink polyester
  • Suitable for both bedspread and throw for couch
  • Machine washable on cold and air-dry as well
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple sizes for all types of bed
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Available in different colors
  • Look and feel of real fur and fleece with faux alternative materials

Favorable Double-sided layers for all seasons

Amazon basics have infused reversible design in this Sherpa blanket with polyester micro mink and Sherpa fleece. Each side with a distinctive layer of polyester or Sherpa enhances the options for better convenience. Thus, it ensures coziness in all seasons.     

Brilliant design for multiple applications

The Micro mink Sherpa blanket from Amazon Basics delivers pure Softness and warmth in the chilly season. With ultra-soft polyester and faux alternative materials, it is the best blanket available in the Indian market.

Besides, the size and build of the Blanket is perfect for both bedspread and throw for the couch.

Impressive construction

Accompanied by the double-layered design with polyester construction, it deflects pet hair and lint easily. Besides, the layer is easily washable in the machine on cold water and then can be air-dried.

A simple washing procedure is enough to correctly clean the Blanket and maintain the Blanket’s texture and structure.


  • Double-sided layer makes the blanket cozy for all seasons.
  • Multiple applications as a bedspread or throw.
  • Wrinkle-resistant material and deflects link and pet hair.
  • Ease to clean and dry up using the washing machine.


  • Manual cleaning requires efforts to remove odor, but machine wash works.
  • Care should be taken while sun drying due to the fleece layer.

What is Best About this Blanket?

This Micro mink Sherpa Blanket is a luxurious blanket with double-sided coziness. Besides, it is favorable for all seasons by delivering the utmost comfort. If you are looking for a blanket for multipurpose, then the quality of this Blanket will never disappoint you. The availability of different colors is an excellent option to choose from as per the bedroom’s interior.

2. Selective Premium Super Soft Microfiber Heavy Quilt

Selective Premium Super Soft Microfiber Heavy Quilt

Key features

  • Winter specific heavy quilt
  • Made with Microfiber and flannel
  • Elegant Blanket with ethnic spin
  • Fluffy quilt with different colors
  • Perfect for home décor as well as bedspreads
  • Rich color options for special occasions
  • Feather-touch feeling for a luxury feel
  • Super soft surface with 5” thickness
  • Extra large size
  • Attention-grabbing patterns

Luxurious surface

This winter-specific heavy razai from Selective is of a true premium range. It is made up of 100% ultra microfiber, which gives a feather touch feeling for restful nights. The 5″ thickness of the quilt makes it a perfect choice for freezing winter seasons.

Extremely Warm Razai

Super soft microfiber filled in the quilt makes the Blanket extremely warm from inside. The feather touch feels complimented with the thick layer makes it cozy for a prolonged time. Even the extremely low-temperature areas can make the best use of this quilt.

Rich color for perfect home décor

Heavy quilt with rich colors and an attention-grabbing pattern makes a perfect prop for special occasions as a home décor. The smooth surface complemented with an attractive design together gives a stunning look for pictures.


  • Soft and fluffy quilt with microfiber.
  • Stunning colors for home decor.
  • Thick Razai for incredible warmth in chilly temperature.
  • Comes in an extra-large size for all beds.


  • Heavy build with thick layer makes it serve only for winter.

What is Best About this Blanket?

If you are looking for a warm blanket, especially for winter seasons, this thick and heavy quilt is for you. The Selective Premium Heavy quilt comes with 5″ thickness and 100% ultra microfiber, which provide adequate warmth. Additionally, different rich colors and smooth textures make it one of the best blankets for winter in India.

3. Cloth Fusion Celerrio Mink Double Blanket

Cloth Fusion Celerrio Mink Double Red Blanket

Key features

  • Double Blanket with reinforced trim stitching
  • Made with 100% ultra-fine polyester
  • Silky soft and lush for fuzzy and velvety feeling
  • Breathable and gentle on all skin
  • Lightweight and warm at the same time
  • Suits entirely on beds, couches and for camping
  • Various color options are available
  • Both single and double sizes are found
  • Suitable for both master bedroom and guest room
  • Soft surfaces for all seasons

Durable and Premium Build Quality

Reinforced trim stitching with the premium materials together delivers insane durability of the Blanket. Besides, the ultra-soft 100% polyester provides a good velvety and fuzzy feeling. Additionally, it has good breathability and gentleness on all kinds of skin.

Lightweight and Coziness

A lightweight blanket with warmth ideal for all seasons is a rare combination, but this Blanket delivers it effectively. The premium polyester material with silky soft and lush maintains the weight and Softness for all seasons.

Versatile Options

This double bed blanket from Cloth fusion comes in several colors, increasing the options for all kinds of buyers. Besides, the build and compatibility with beds, couches, camping, and even movie theatres make it preferable.


  • Reinforced trim stitching makes the Blanket highly durable.
  • Silky soft and lush feel on the surface for coziness.
  • Lightweight Blanket with good warmth.
  • Different attractive colors are available.


  • Drying the fabric is essential after washing, but the process is easier.
  • Not suitable for Extremely chilly regions but ideal for all seasons.

What is Best About this Blanket?

Cloth fusion has infused all kinds of extensive materials in one Blanket, making it a perfect solution for all needs. The attractive colors of the Blanket also make it ideal for home decors. It can be a smart choice due to the breathability and durability at the same time. However, a single layer build limits its application to common areas, but for all seasons.

4. Ab Home Décor Super Soft Warm Heavy Quilt

Ab Home Décor Super Soft Warm Heavy Quilt

Key features

  • Heavy quilt made of Microfiber and flannel
  • Made from 100% ultra-Microfiber
  • Premium quality winter quilt
  • The thickness is 5 inches
  • Attention-grabbing patterns
  • Color rich design with an ethnic spin
  • Fluffy and soft surface
  • Suits all kinds of interiors with catchy texture
  • Attention-grabbing colors for home decors
  • Extra large size

Ultra-premium build

This heavy quilt from Ab Home Decor is made from 100% ultra Microfibre. Pure Microfibre is complemented with flannel, which provides good warmth in freezing winters. Besides, the soft texture of the razai feels cozy in sudden temperature changes as well.

Charming Design

The attention-grabbing colors and excellent textures of the quilt altogether make an attractive addition to the interiors. Besides, the ethnic spin makes it look pretty and can complete the look of your bedroom.

Versatile Features

Besides enhancing the look of your bed, you can also use it as a bedspread. Microfibre builds, followed by the quilt’s head-turning printing, make it a perfect gift for special occasions.

Apart from it, it is available at a budget price. If you are looking for the best blanket under 2000 INR, it can be your perfect choice.


  • The extra-large size of the quilt makes it perfect for adults.
  • Good quality fibers plus ethnic spin lasts longer.
  • Lightweight and fluffy build.
  • Charming design for home decors.


  • Humid conditions may make it uncomfortable but perfect for winter.

What is Best About this Blanket?

This heavy quilt from Ab Home Décor is one of the best options in the market with intriguing features. You can find this quilt extremely useful if you live in low-temperature areas. Besides, the quilt’s soft and cosy surface complemented with attractive design completes the home décor from all aspects.

5. Amazon Basics Reversible Fleece Blanket

Amazon Basics Reversible Fleece Blanket

Key features

  • Reversible polyester fleece blanket
  • Soft Blanket with cozy warmth
  • Stylish all seasons blanket with a zigzag border
  • Machine washable
  • Soft with long-lasting strength
  • Dual colored Blanket
  • Fluffy and reliable build
  • Neatly tailored with an added layer
  • Well-coordinated effect on both sides
  • Delivers snuggly comfort

Best for chillier months

This Reversible fleece blanket from Amazon basics works well in the winter season with the extra layer for comfort. Additionally, the Blanket’s intriguing build is ideal for the master bedroom, guest room, or on the couch as well. 

Besides, different size options are also available for better alternatives to the buyers.

Easy to clean and machine washable

Although the Blanket feels supremely softy and is polyester fleece, it can be easily washed in a machine. All you have to do is run a gentle cycle and dry it on low heat.

Long-lasting Softness with a stitched border

The polyester fleece with 30% viscose provides long-lasting fluffiness accompanied by reliable strength. It is perfect for protecting from cold or even on casual days around the living room.

Furthermore, the Blanket comes with a stitched border all around the edge with a zigzag pattern. The stitched border adds a layer of strength and also matches the lighter hue on the reverse side of the Blanket.


  • Added layer for comfort, warmth, and coziness.
  • Extreme softness level with long-lasting Softness.
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine.
  • Comes with one year of manufacturer warranty.


  • Not for Extreme cold conditions but is best for all seasons.

What is Best About this Blanket?

The reversible fleece blanket from Amazon basics is a durable blanket with stitched borders. Besides, it also serves multipurpose applications from bed to the couch. This Blanket can be a perfect choice for you if you are not from an extremely cold region. The elegant design and zigzag pattern around the edges give it a classic look besides being cozy and soft.

6. Cloth Fusion Pacifier 2nd Generation Reversible Comforter

Cloth Fusion Pacifier 2nd Generation Reversible Comforter

Key features

  • Lightweight Reversible Comforter
  • Filled with 200 GSM Hollow polyester
  • Comes with 100% polyester outer cover with microfiber fill
  • Two sides with Different solid colors
  • Whole diamond stitched for a better look
  • Possess six duvet loops to store it in cover
  • Soft texture with cozy warmth
  • Hypoallergenic Microfiber
  • Available with different color options
  • High-quality finish on the exterior shell with 100% microfiber

Extremely cozy lightweight comforter

This 2nd generation reversible comforter from Cloth Fusion comes with 200 GSM hollow siliconized materials filled in. The presence of siliconized polyester makes it feel warm and cozy as well. Thus, it can be a proper choice for mild winters and mainly in the AC rooms.

Classy look with diamond shape pattern

Both sides of the comforter have a diamond style pattern of stitching, which makes the visual dimension. Additionally, this pattern of stitching also keeps the polyester filling dispersed evenly. Besides, the comforter also has six duvet loops to store it in the duvet rover easily.

Simple reversible design

This comforter comes in two colours on two sides. You can use the comforter on the bed with either side up, and both sides feel soft and deliver cosy warmth. It is allergen-free and can be used on any sleeping space being lightweight.

Thus, if you are looking for the best blanket comforter in India, it is your ideal choice.


  • Dual-color comforter with a soft texture.
  • Diamond stitching fills the polyester in place.
  • Six duvet loops to store easily.
  • Lightweight double comforter for AC rooms.


  • Not as effective as a quilt, but the soft texture makes it cozy.

What is Best About this Blanket?

This Reversible Comforter from Cloth fusion is the right choice for chilly regions and AC rooms. Besides, it is hypoallergenic and gentle on all types of skin. Thus, you can probably go for it if you are looking for a microfiber comforter with good warmth for winter. The availability of several color options makes it an even more favorable choice.

7. Amazon Solimo Arendale Microfibre Quilt Blanket

Amazon Solimo Arendale Microfibre Quilt Blanket

Key features

  • Lightweight Microfibre quilt Blanket
  • Warm and cozy build perfect for mild winters
  • 100% Microfiber exterior shell
  • Enriched with bright colors to enhance the décor
  • 120 GSM hollow siliconized filling
  • Hypoallergenic filling
  • Machine stitched pattern for durability
  • Attractive designs to fill in the place
  • Microfibre feels cozy even in AC rooms
  • The premium texture on the quilt

Premium & Luxurious feel

Are you planning to buy the best blanket for the winter in India?

Well, this product from Amazon Solimo can be perfect for you.

Made from 100% Microfibre exterior shell, this quilt blanket from Amazon feels so rich and luxurious. Besides impeccable comfort, the bright colour of the quilt can enhance the décor of your room.

Lightweight quilt to feel warm and cozy

This quilted Blanket is lightweight and is perfect for everyday use with good breathability that feels warm and cozy. The presence of 120GSM hollow siliconized polyester makes it ideal for mild winters and AC rooms.

Hypoallergenic and Gentle                         

All kinds of material on the surface and in the filling are allergen-free and quite gentle on all skin types. The machine-stitched pattern keeps the fill in place and makes it long-lasting too.


  • Cozy and lightweight quilt for the mild winter season.
  • A breathable and hypoallergenic cover is better for daily use.
  • 100% Microfibre gives a rich feel.
  • Bright colored quilt to enhance the décor of the room.


  • The surface can attract some dust but can be easily cleaned as well.

What is Best About this Blanket?

This quilted Blanket from Amazon is an excellent deal with intriguing features packed inside it. If you are looking for a cozy blanket for restful nights in mild winter, then here is it. However, the rich and luxurious feel of the Blanket makes it a step ahead of other options. Besides, its stitched pattern design looks extraordinary.

8. Amazon Brand Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter

Amazon Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter

Key features

  • Lightweight reversible comforter
  • Made with 200 GSM siliconized polyester
  • 100% Microfiber exterior shell for a luxurious feel
  • Bright colored comforter for décor
  • Soft Microfibre surface for coziness and comfort
  • Attractive machine stitched pattern
  • Hypoallergenic filling
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Polyester build for warmth in mild winters
  • Gentle on all skins

Extremely cozy and warmth

The reversible comforter from Amazon is filled with 200GSM hollow siliconized polyester, keeping you warm and cozy. It is a perfect prop for mild winters and in Air-conditioned rooms. Lightweight, built with a soft texture, makes it ideal for everyday use.

Incredible finish for a rich look

The comforter is made from a 100% Microfibre exterior shell, which gives a luxurious feel for restful nights. But, the bright color of it is something even more special. The rich color of the comforter turns out to be a highlighting aspect of the home décor.

Hypoallergenic Blanket

Allergen-free fillings in the comforter make it gentle on all kinds of skin and can be used every day. Even kids and aged people can feel comfortable and cosy with this comforter in AC rooms in mild winters. If you are looking for the best winter blanket, it can be your right choice.


  • Cozy and lightweight reversible comforter.
  • Give rich feel due to 100% Microfibre.
  • The machine-stitched pattern makes it long-lasting.
  • Available with different color options.


  • Breathability is less but feels cozy.

What is Best About this Blanket?

This Reversible comforter from the Amazon brand is one of the best options for mild winter seasons. But, it is one of the few options if you are looking for a long-lasting comforter. It comes with machine-stitched patterns and 100% Microfiber texture, making it cozy and delivers good warmth. You should indeed consider this option if you are from the southern region.

Different types of blankets and their specialty

best blankets for winter in India

1. Quilt blanket

These blankets are made from 3 pieces of fiber. The top layer is multiple fabrics, the middle layer is of cotton or wool, and the third is a large woven fabric.  Such blankets are often lightweight and need stitching to hold it together. Stitching around the edges also gives a sleek and smooth look instead of the puffiness that comes with comforters.

2. Comforter

A comforter is made from two large fabric pieces sewn together and is filled with warm materials. Often feathers, cotton, or polyfill materials are used to fill these types of blankets. However, the outer piece of comforters is made from cotton or polyester blend for Softness. These are the best options for winter as they retain much heat without being heavy.

3. Throw blankets

Throw blankets are small in size and are mostly used for home decors on the bed or recliner. They are usually made from one layer of fabric and come with different accent colors.

Throw blankets are best used on the top of comforters for additional warmth during extremely cold conditions. These blankets are the perfect options for the living room.

4. Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa blanket is the lightweight blankets with unique synthetic materials with two sides. One of the sides is made of fuzzy fleece for plush comfort while the other side is of smooth flannel. Sherpas are the best option for freezing winter nights.

5. Chenille Blanket

Chenille blanket comes with a soft yet dense surface for different designs. These are often made from cotton, rayon, and acrylic. The use of chenille blankets turns the bedroom into a vintage room with a classy look to your bed.

6. Shearling Blanket

Shearling is a sheepskin blanket that is warm, hypoallergenic, and breathable. This Blanket turns softer with time and gets soft and supple with age. It is also an anti-bacterial blanket that is gentle on all types of skin.

Apart from these commonly seen blankets, you can also come across cotton, knit, and wool or waffle weave blankets. These have typical properties as that of the materials and can be used for specific purposes. However, blankets with a single fabric serve only a single-purpose, unlike the ones mentioned above.

Best Blanket Brands in India

It is a mere fact that none of the blankets can serve every single purpose in our day to day life. But, we can indeed find a blanket that suits our specific requirements. Likewise, we also have to select the type of Blanket before going for the brands. But, to simplify your selection, let’s choose the top 3 blanket brands from a different category.

If you are down to choose the best sherpa blanket for icy conditions, then Amazonbasics can serve you the best. It comes with a premium quality build and especially the wrinkle-resistant material. Besides, the availability of different color options gives you more choices for the interior of your bedroom.

Similarly, if you are looking for a comforter for casual living room conditions, Cloth Fusion or Selective Premium can be the brand you should go for. It is filled with 200 GSM Hollow polyester and Comes with a 100% polyester outer cover. Thus you can use it every day for different temperature conditions.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a quilt blanket to serve you in mild winter or AC rooms, you may find Amazon Brand quilt as a good option. 100% Microfiber exterior shell accompanied by hypoallergenic filling makes it safe to use in AC rooms daily.

buying guide for best blanket

Buying Guide to get the best blanket for winter in India

Now that you have gone through different types of blankets and top brands reviews, you should start selecting the best ones. If you are familiar with the blankets’ standard features, you can easily choose your Blanket. But if you want to make sure of it, then here are the factors to be considered to filter out the right Blanket according to your specific needs.

Proper Blanket Material

First of all, you have to choose the type of material that you require for your usage. There are different types of materials, such as cotton, microfiber, wool, fleeces, etc. You can also choose the blankets with multiple options on both sides, such as Sherpa, quilt or comforter, etc. You can go through the above section to know the specialty of every material and choose accordingly.

The required size of blankets

Secondly, you should filter the blankets based on your bed or room size or height.  You can find the size of the blankets on the specification page easily.

Proper blanket weave

Now that you are done with the size and type, you can proceed with the weave of the Blanket. It is only the weave of the Blanket which controls the coziness. You can prefer from different weave options such as thermal, quilted and knit, etc.

Good breathability

One of the top requirements for a comfortable blanket is breathability. A breathable blanket not only ensures convenience to the user but also prevents foul odor.

Option for colors and designs

It is always better to look for the availability of a wide variety of options in colors and designs. With this option, you can choose the best possible Blanket to fulfill the missing part of the bedroom décor.

Ease of cleaning

The blanket is a sort of long term investment for your bedroom. Thus, make sure that the chosen blanker is easily washable and can maintain the texture and color for a prolonged period.

Ease of maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance can destroy the texture and color of some blanket. Thus, it is essential to go for the Blanket, which requires less care to get served with the highest potential.

Reasonable warranty period

The warranty period reflects a lot of things about the brand and the product. It depicts the trust factor of the manufacturer on the brand. Thus, you should always go for the Blanket with a more extended warranty period.

Storage option

Blankets are pretty huge and can’t be carried everywhere. Thus, it is essential to have a good storage option or a feature to store it properly.

Reasonable price

Last but not least, price plays a significant role while buying a blanket. It could be a great deal only if the specifications of the blankets lead in the list and the minimum price possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about blankets

Which type of Blanket is best for winter?

Almost all kinds of blankets are suitable for the winter season, but it depends on the region you live in. If your region experiences mild winter, then a comforter can be a great option for day to day usage. But, if you live in an area with a freezing climate, you should go for a Sherpa blanket. However, a quilted blanket can also be an excellent option for everyday usage or in Air-conditioned rooms.

What is the most comfortable blanket material?

Blankets are available in many different fabrics, and all of them have definite applications based on regions, temperature, and user. But the Blanket with the purest form of cotton materials serves as the most comfortable one. These are hypoallergenic and can serve for any season under regulated temperature. But, a blend of cotton and polyester also has many desirable, convenient attributes.

Who makes the best wool blankets?

If you are looking for the blankets made solely from woolen materials, you can prefer the top picks online. But, woolen blankets have fewer applications than the leading types such as a quilt, comforter, or Sherpa. These are multipurpose blankets with equal thickness and properties of wool when it comes to heat retention.

Are microfiber blankets good?

Yes, Microfiber blankets are considered best among all the blanket types commonly seen in the market. These blankets have good thermal regulation properties and feel the utmost cozy to the skin. The best thing about microfiber blankets is that you can use them every day in any conditions. Besides being gentle on the skin, microfiber is also known to be hypoallergenic and can serve well on chilly temperatures.

Is a fleece blanket warmer than a woolen blanket?

Yes, fleece blankets are surely warmer than the wool blankets. Besides, it doesn’t cause any skin irritation to be gentle and allergen-free. Additionally, it won’t melt as fast as the wool material and thus extra durable as well. But, fleece blankets require extra care while washing when compared to the woolen ones. Fleeces can also absorb water quickly and therefore become extremely heavy too.


By now, you might have found the best blanket in India that meet your requirements in winter from all aspects. Make sure to go through the ten essential factors mentioned above to filter out the best options for your preference.

The blanket from Amazonbasics is the most versatile blankets with quite intriguing features. The 100% polyester exterior shell feels too cosy for cold nights and is durable with stitched patterns. Nonetheless, you can also indeed find the best deal from the products mentioned above quickly now.

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