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Best Designer Ceiling Fans with Lights in India (2020): How to Choose the Best One?

The first and foremost question before going through the article is, why do you need to find the best designer fans with light and remote control in India?

Here is the answer. The place where you spend most of your time is your home, and you obviously want it to be decorated, beautiful and visually pleasant.

 If you are among those, who are really conscious about how your home looks, which everyone should, you must be working in every corner of your home, after decorating all your four walls, you must be looking at the fifth one which is your home ceiling where you can find a gloomy, dull fan, hanging.

Ordinary ceiling fans are just like that and can surely ruin the overall presentation and look of your well-decorated home. On the other hand, a fan that is beautiful, designer and equipped with the latest technology and features like ones with light and remote control features, which you can choose from the best designer ceiling fans with light in India, can bring a drastic change to the scene. Some even have remote control options.

Which is the best designer ceiling fan with light and remote control in India?

Although, you are already aware of your decision to buy a designer fan for your home as it is something that can really enhance the beauty of any room in your home, still, you are not sure which one is the best ceiling fan with light that can work perfectly well for your unique home.

For this, there are various factors that you have to keep in mind, like, the typical features, size, etc., based on which you can easily compare among various products and find the best one for you. However, we have picked Crompton Uranus 48- inch Ceiling Fan to be the best designer ceiling fan with decorative lights in India.

So, here are some of the best designer ceiling fans, in a compact, easy to get through, table format which can let you choose your preferred product without the hassle of going through a detailed article.

Comparison of the best ceiling fans with light (2020)

It can give your home a luxurious presentation along with some amazing features that take care of your ease, convenience and comfort. These fans can give your home a unique and attractive look with some modern smart technological features.

ProductCrompton Uranus 48- inch Ceiling Fan With Decorative Lights Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with Light, 5 Wood BladeHalonix Morpheus CRYS Retractable Ceiling Fan Kanz Enterprises Ceiling Fan with Retractable Metal BladesHans Lighting Luxury Modern Ceiling Fan with Retractable Chandelier
Dimension (mm) 507 x 281 x 265538 x 338 x 290550 x 550 x 290554 x 540 x 398550 x 550 x 390
Power Consumption72 Watts 70 Watts 58 Watts 36 Watts 70 Watts
Rotation Speed 320 RPM230 – 240 RPM 260 RPM 150 RPM 240 – 250 RPM
Colour IvoryAnti bronze/ Tea colour White Nickel Diamond black
No. of BladesFour bladesFive blades Four blades Four blades Four blades
Weight7.25 kg6.71 kg 11 kg 13.6 kg 19 KG
Special FeaturesDecorative lamp shades Decorative lampshades and five wooden bladesLED light and remote.Remote control with lights.LED light with low or no noise from fan.
Warranty 2 years on product 2 years on product One year2 years of manufacturing warranty2 years of manufacturing warranty
Amazon LinkCheck Price on Amazon Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Reviews of best designer fans with light and remote control in India

These modern designer fans can bring you an instant appreciation from everyone who pays a visit to your place. So, the chances are high that if you are willing to bring a drastic change to the overall presentation of your home, your first move might be looking for a designer ceiling fan.

As, nowadays, we have so many options while choosing a ceiling fan for our dream home and of course, you are looking for one which suits your taste, choices and fulfills your specific needs and unique demands.

In this situation, you can look for some of the best ceiling fans, with their specific features, pros and cons, etc. by which you can compare among them and choose the best one according to your needs and choices.

1. Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan With Decorative Lights

  • Check Price at Amazon: 1. IVORY 2. BLACK (Colour)

Typical Features

  • The product has a glamorous exterior with three lampshades and a golden finish.
  • The product is designed with some highly durable material.
  • Very Attractive design.
  • High rotational speed of 320 RPM
  • It comes with 4 Blades and 3 beautiful lampshades.
  • It has a wide sweep to cover every corner of the room with adequate air circulation.
  • There are 4 settings for speed control of the fan.
  • The unique feature of minimum noise ensures its silent performance.

Why Crompton Uranus is the best Ceiling Fan with decorative lights?

This particular fan has an excellent design to give your room a royal touch. The lampshades are beautiful and you can adjust the speed of fan and light using the hanging cords. Yes, this is not a joke. All of us know that fans with such incredible designs are not really common. Even if they have, the product does not come with an inverter motor. But this fan has an intelligent expertise feature in the saving of energy with only 72 watts of power consumption. The high rotational speed with four blades can deliver air at a high rate as much as 200 CMM (cubic meters/ min).

In particular, this fan has an excellent speed of 320 RPM that gives you an adequate airy atmosphere in the home. The elementary must of any fan lies in its quality of air circulation.  This is highly determined by the speed of the fan. Better speed simply means better air quality of the fan. With this high-speed feature, your room will have an airy blast every time you switch on the fan. 

So, if you are looking for a fan that can provide a solution to your problem of lack of air circulation in the whole room, this pick can be the answer. Its speed is particularly amazing and makes your room environment airy and comfortable.

Thus, with this purchase of this particular fan, you have the satisfaction of protecting your environment along with your pocket.


  • The product’s unique design gives a very elegant look as well as excellent performance which is essential for your comfort.
  • It has high rotational speed and the air delivery rate is also excellent for home use.
  • As the product is really durable, it can work well and as good as a new one after years of use.
  • The price of the Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan With Decorative Lights is not much high and cost-effective too.
  • The fan requires low efforts in terms of ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • The body is strong with the sturdy and durable hanging rod, which ensures its durability in years coming by.
  • The lightweight body ensures excellent speed and better performance.
  • Beautiful and efficient lights are efficient in giving adequate light for all the corners of your room.


  • The remote control option is unavailable.
  • The motor is not an inverter type.
  • The special bulbs in it are hard to find for replacement.

More about Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan?

So you want everything from great utility features and amazing exterior ones. This product is best for you! With all the essential features you need, this fan can be one of the best purchase regarding decoration in your dream room.

2. Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan: Review

The fan is perfect for a glamorous, stylish and exclusive look that you can give your home makes it stand in the top list of best ceiling fan with light.

Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan
154 Amazon Reviews
Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan

• 5 Wood Blades that are adequate to give your home a glamorous and exclusive face.
• The fan contains beautiful lampshades and three high-quality lights that adds to its beautiful and gorgeous design with adequate light for the whole room.
• The effective high-speed motor ensures adequate air circulation in the whole room.

This specific product has a unique, glamorous exterior with wooden blades and lampshades combined with an exceptional lightweight feature. It means that you can adore your place with its beauty and grandeur without compromising its overall efficiency. Unlike many other fans which are either efficient products or the splendor one, this fan is a unique combination of both.

With its exclusive appearance, you can drastically change the gaze of any place. Also, with its light frame, it works quite well. Thus, it gives your place an elegant, glamorous look with a modern light body that adds up to the product efficiency.

Five blades, each with 48- inch length, are there in the fan that ensures better air thrust and airflow. With amazing silent rotation feature, the product is a perfectly noiseless performer. It consists of separate controls for the brightness of the lights and speed of the fan.


  • The perfectly noiseless motor and rotation feature gives you a comfortable, undisturbed sleep.
  • This product is one of the best options for an overall excellent performance.
  • These fans can give a glamorous look to any room of your home with its modern, stylish and elegant appearance.
  • The product is very lightweight, in spite of having a huge frame with five blades. This lightweight ensures better air thrust and speed ( RPM ).
  • Cheap Price and Affordable.


  • The product is not having a remote control feature.
  • The kind of bulbs for the replacement are not easily found.
  • For the right installation, the help of an expert is needed.

Why should you buy Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan?

You are trying to find a beautiful fan with LED lights, lampshades, the glamorous design that too with lightweight? Yes, it is possible, and the product is here. All you have to do is order one now and give a perfectly glamorous look to your home.

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3. Halonix Morpheus CRYS 1050mm Retractable Ceiling Fan

Glamorous fans with all the latest technological features that make it suitable to get a luxurious look for your home.

Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan
23 Amazon Reviews
Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan

• The product is available with an all functioning remote control technology.
• It consists of a built-in LED light with options of hue, such as warm, cool and neutral.
• The product also contains silent operation system.
• The product can work well without any wall regulator.
• The fan is also suitable for AC rooms.

What is special about Halonix Morpheus CRYS Ceiling Fan?

This product is particularly suitable for AC rooms. You have been, of course, come across the middle of choosing a fan which can be compatible with your AC, especially in summers. Also in certain places, where you just cannot go without AC or fan-like- halls, restaurants, etc., this fan is your ultimate option.

So, this particular fan can be easily used in restaurants, offices, large halls etc. Unlike other fans, it is compatible with fully air-conditioned rooms and perfectly adds up to its environment. Thus, this fan can be a great solution for the question of AC compatible air fan requirements.


  • All functioning remote control technology ensures ease and convenience of operation.
  • The silent operational system gives you a more comfortable environment.
  • As no regulator is required for it, the product exempts you from the trouble of the extra care for the wall regulator.
  • It can also work well in your AC rooms.
  • Typical four blades design ensures better performance.


  • Only one year warranty is available for the product.
  • The product is quite expensive as compared to ordinary fans.
  • The speed (RPM) of the fan is slower as compared to other discussed models.
  • The product is quite heavy in overall weight.

More about Halonix Morpheus CRYS?

With some really amazing features such as built-in LED Light and Remote which is best for giving a luxurious look to your home, office, restaurant, etc. If you are willing to enhance your lifestyle and comfort, your first move would be getting the product now.

4. Kanz Enterprises Remote Control Ceiling Fan with Light

This product is useful for applications in a large variety of places, such as Office, Restaurant, Kitchen, Dining room, Bedroom, Living room, Corridor, etc.

This specific fan has an amazing retractable metal blades feature. With this intelligent and unique feature, the blades of the fan easily and beautifully fold or retract to give an overall glamorous gaze of the product. This feature adds up to its intelligent beauty and unique appearance. This also improves the overall presentation of the place.

 With this, you can give a really glamorous look to your home, office, restaurant, halls, ballrooms, mansions, etc. The retractable blades feature of this fan is all about the uniqueness of it. If you too are looking for something unique for your place, it can be your answer for sure.

Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan
10 Amazon Reviews
Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan
• The product is made of Acryl (blades) and metal which adds to its tough body. • The fan is consisting of LED lights with different hue options like white light, warm light and neutral light. • It has remote control features to ensure easy operations. • The fan has three-speed options, that is, high, low and medium. • It also contains timer options of particularly 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr and 8 hrs. • It consists of 4 blades.


  • The fan is made up of superior quality steel that gives it durability.
  • With the remote control system, you get the ease of operations.
  • The four blades attached to the fan ensure better air thrust and thus, better air quality.
  • As it contains LED lights with options in its hues, you can get the luxury of choosing hues of the LED light as per the demand of occasion in your home.


  • Expensive product.
  • The product provides quite low speed ( RPM ) as compared to other discussed options.

Why we recommend Kanz Enterprises Remote Control Ceiling Fan?

So, if you’re confused about which fan is better for which room, stop worrying and go straight to buy this all-rounder fan which is good for all the rooms and occasions. Built with Retractable Metal Blades and LED Light, it is suitable for giving a glamorous look to almost every room.

5. Hans Lighting Luxury Ceiling Fan with Retractable Chandelier

Hans Luxury Ceiling Fan
14 Amazon Reviews
Hans Luxury Ceiling Fan

• The product has a beautifully elegant design with a glamorous outlook.
• It has an intelligent remote control feature to operate the functions of fan and light easily.
• The fan is available with three-speed options, which are High speed, medium speed and the low one.
• The fan is retractable with a unique feature of no or almost negligible noise ensured by its efficient, silent motor.
• The product consists of a beautiful chandelier design with adequate light for lightning all the corners of the room. 

This individual fan has unique Anti-dust blades for easy maintenance. The blades of the fan are made up of a specific quality material that ensures a guard or shield from dust. The dust accrual on the blades of the fan reduces its effectiveness in providing perfect air circulation throughout the room. So, by guarding the fan blades against the accumulation of dust and dirt, which is all around us, this unique feature improves the overall quality of your fan. It is best suitable for the rich, stylish and modern look in your Bedroom, Dining room, Hall, Kitchen, Office, etc.

With this exclusive feature, you can maintain the shine and beauty of the product without the pains of preserving it. Thus, with anti-dust blades, you can enjoy this beautiful fan simply effortlessly.


  • With the elegant and modern design, the fan is efficient in giving a perfect look for almost all rooms like Bedroom, Dining room, Kitchen, Hall, Office and even Restaurant.
  • You get ease and convenience of operation with its intelligent remote control technology.
  • With three different LED light functions, that is, warm shade, cold shade and the neutral one, you can enjoy the pleasure of having a different look for your home on the basis of the occasion.
  • With the unique silent feature, the fan provides you with a perfectly comfortable sleep without any hindrance.
  • The product is available with a 2- year Warranty. Thus, you don’t have to think about quality issues and after-sale services.
  • With anti-dust blades, you are free from the hard work of keeping the product clean.


  • The product is really expensive, specifically as compared to other products.
  • The overall weight of the product is high at around 15 Kg.

Why do we recommend this ceiling fan?

Want a really glamorous and elegant look with easy maintenance, at the same time? Then this is the perfect pick for you. Without wasting a moment, go for it and have the pleasure of owning a glamorous presentation of your room.

Buying Guide for Best Designer Ceiling Fan in India: What to look for?

Now, as you are already familiar with some really amazing modern designer fans which are discussed above, it would be beneficial for your overall purchase to know the important points that you should keep in mind while buying the latest designer ceiling fan in 2020.

designer ceiling fan with light in India

There are some important factors that you must remember before buying any kind of ceiling fan. You should have a detailed gaze for all the essential features of the product apart from its external appearance and analyze the critical aspects of your purchase like warranty period, price, overall brand name, after-purchase services, etc. thoroughly.

So, purchasing a fan is not that hard; all you have to do is, a bit of research and consider the following important points or factors:

1. Decide your Budget

This is really important while thinking about buying a fan. As the ceiling fans are available in the range of INR 1000 to as high as INR 80000. Of course, ceiling fans with lights and additional remote control features are generally at the higher or expensive end.

 But some really good and efficient ceiling fans with LED lights and/ or remote control operating system are available near the range of INR 5000 to INR 15000.

2. Where do you want the ceiling fan for?

While purchasing a fan, you should have in your mind the location where you are going to install it as it is crucial in choosing the right design, efficient functions and facilities as per the unique demands of the room. Like there are options of ceiling fans for indoor rooms like hall, bedroom etc. as well as outdoor locations such as patios, garden halls, etc.

3. Consider the lighting options or features

With different varieties of fans, different options in lightning hues and other factors are available as those of LED, Halogen lamps or Fluorescent. Although most people choose the LED option in this regard.

4. Decide the size of the fan as compared to the installation location

As ceiling fans come in varying blade spans and overall sizes, it is important to choose the right one on the basis of the requirements of your installation location.

5. Consider the exterior finish and appearance

While choosing a fan for your home, you should consider the essential factors of it like colour, design, finish, etc. as it is essential for a complete and visually pleasant presentation of the room. You should keep in mind the furniture, design, colours in the room to match it with a perfect fan while choosing one.

6. The control options for operation

Many fans are available with intelligent remote control technology, and some have options to connect it with Mobile apps like Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, etc.

These can be available with or without wall mounted electric board.

So, it perfectly depends upon your own choices.

Final Verdict

Now, as we are familiar with the options of these best designer ceiling fans with LED light and remote control in India, and a right buying guide for your purchase, the next step for you might be choosing a perfect pick for you.

While we discussed in detail, the features, pros and cons of some of the best ceiling fans, it should be kept in mind that the purchase should be on the basis of your specific needs and unique demands instead of blindly following others’ choices.

Thus, we can conclude that finding the best designer fan with LED light and remote control in India (2020) is not that big task. Take some time, understand your need and with the right decisions, give your home one of the best gifts it deserves.

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