Best Diaper Bags in India that Every Mom Can Rely on

You need to consider a lot of changes in your baby’s physical or mental behavior when they grow up. There will be a lot of items to make your baby happy and comfortable all the time. Some most important items like baby diapers, extra dresses, pacifiers, baby wipes, food pouches, etc, you should carry everywhere you go with the baby. To make those things organized and easily accessible in your bag when you are out, you need a diaper bag.

The best diaper bags in India come with lots of pockets to keep essential things such as insulated pockets for milk bottles. They are attractive and you can easily show your fashion on the street while having the baby in your one hand.

The diaper bags come in different types and features, so you can choose a convenient one for your use. If you are looking for style, convenience, comfort for your baby, then the diaper bags should be first on your baby’s shopping list.

The Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag comes with some excellent features that can make your whole day out with the baby easy and stylish. It is the best diaper bag with some excellent features that include water-resistant material, insulated bottle pocket, side tissue pocket, and large storage capacity, etc. It helps to keep the essential things for the baby organized and in a way accessible to you.

Before you search for the perfect diaper bag, get ready to go through some most popular diaper bags in India that will surely make your research effective.

best diaper bag in India

Key factors and qualities of the best diaper bags

In India, there are several types of diaper bags available. Choosing the right one for your need can be tricky. Here are some quick tips to choose the best suitable diaper bag.

More Space, Pockets and Comfortable Straps

More pockets indicate that the bag has good storage. If the bag has enough space, then it will be easier to carry the baby essentials. When shopping for the diaper bag, make sure it has an adjustable strap. The adjustable straps help in carrying this bag conveniently, especially you want to share it with your partner.

Availability of Special Features

This is one of the most necessary items that we need when changing baby diapers. Some of the diaper bags also come with a changing pad. In that case, if your diaper bag doesn’t include it, then make sure to pack one in your bag. Especially this is important when your baby is a little over 6 months.

Solid Build and Quality of the Material

Before you buy any diaper bag, make sure it has solid closure. Without any solid closure, there is a big chance of falling items. In that case, this will be best for you, if you can get a zip closure with a button shutter. Don’t go for the velcro closures as these are a little noisy And the clothes can get stuck to them.

Choose a diaper bag that has a strong base and can stand efficiently without any support. This will make you pick up the things from the bag easily. Especially when your one hand is occupied by your baby.

The multipurpose diaper bags don’t make you worried about ‘where the bag is and where I can keep it’ etc. With a high-quality diaper, you can spend more time with your little one at the mall, restaurant, park, and market. In that case, you just need to choose the right one.

If you will like to share the bag with your partner, then make sure that the bag style is unisex and your partner can match the color.

The Best Diaper Bags in India (2021)

Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag2 years and up610 gAmazon
Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Backpack0 months and up720 gAmazon
Amilliardi Diaper Bag Backpack12 months and up454 gAmazon
Robustrion Diaper Bag For Moms12 months and up800 gAmazon
Voroly Baby Diaper Bag Backpack1 month and up620 gAmazon
Motherly Stylish Diaper Bags1 month and up620 gAmazon
R For Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag0 months and up1.1 KgAmazon
House Of Quirk Baby Diaper Bag Maternity Backpack0 months and up520 gAmazon

1. Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Key features

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Compartment zipper lock
  • Cushioned changing pad
  • Neat stroller hanging hook
  • Hardware with D-Ring
  • Hanging keys facility
  • Easily accessible pocket
  • Grab handles are great
  • Oxford polyester material
  • 10 separate large pockets

Review of Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

If you want to add a little style to your regular baby carrying position, then this is a must-have for you. It gives you a great level of functionality and organizes your day out with the baby.

The zip-top closure ensures security and can keep the things inside the bag securely. The tote handles provide versatility when you carry your baby with you.

The new front panel provides easy storage And accessibility, even if you keep things at the very bottom of the bag. One of the amazing components of this bag is its shuttle patented clips that allow taking the bag from shoulder to chest.

Because of all these reasons, it has become very popular and the best diaper bag in India. If you are looking for style, comfort, and convenience in your diaper bag, then you should not miss this wonderful bag.


  • Stylish and fashionable.
  • Keeps things secured in place.
  • Handles are tote.
  • Storage capacity is good.
  • Easily accessible.


  • The price is a little bit high.
  • Home wash is not recommended.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

The Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag is just awesome as per the moms. With this bag, you don’t need to worry about extra things. Apart from that, it provides all the convenience like zip closure, patented clips, style, etc. If you have a decent budget and want to buy something unique, then go for it.

2. Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Backpack

Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags

Key features

  • Insulated bottle pockets
  • The front pocket is mesh
  • Anti-theft mobile pocket
  • One side tissue pocket
  • Six storage pockets inside
  • Separate storage pockets
  • Waterproof Oxford fabric
  • Seaming is tight and right
  • The stroller hook is attached

Review of Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Backpack

Having a baby in life means there are sets of responsibilities and changes. But that does not mean that there will be a deterioration of the fashion sense. 

Keeping all these in mind, we have curated the most popular and attractive, and stylish Diaper Bags for new parents. You can say, the Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags is the epitome of fashion and ideal for on-the-go parents.

The set of Stroller hooks will make the bag easy to hold. The Oxford Waterproof Fabric makes the bag easy to resist any type of spillage or wet items.

The anti-theft zip lock provides you complete security for your mobile phones. Also, the lucrative design is something to enhance the self fashion sense.

The zipper on the back of this bag will help you to keep things easy. This 846-gram lightweight diaper bag is extremely helpful when the baby is in your hand.

The Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags comes with the package of one diaper bag, one insulated milk bottle cover, and a diaper changing mat. So, with this full package, you are going to have a great outdoor time with your little one.


  • Provides security for precious items like a mobile phone.
  • Keeps water or milk or cold.
  • Easy to wipe off.
  • Comes with one diaper changing mat.
  • Rust-resistant and high-quality zipper.


  • The product quality is not extraordinary.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

This diaper bag is no doubt one of the best picks in the list of the best baby diaper bags in India. To add a little style and convenience to your go with child, this bag is a must-have for you.

3. Amilliardi Diaper Bag Backpack

AMILLIARDI Diaper Bag Backpack

Key features

  • Separate and organized
  • Insulated bottle cover
  • Set of Stroller hooks
  • Large storage capacity
  • Looks so attractive
  • Two small insulation pockets
  • Design is well made
  • Zipper in the backside

Review of Amilliardi Diaper Bag Backpack

Introducing another durable and multifunction diaper bag for the parents. This bag is stylish and you will find it stunning even after two years of usage.

The front part hardware is yellow while the back part is rose gold. Comes with so large storage capacity that will allow you to take the diapers, charger, and others.

The 6 insulated pockets allow keeping the baby’s formula and other foods easily. The zipper lock helps to pick the item easily whenever you need it.

This is not only a larger bag but also it comes with all the dedicated compartments that will keep things organized. Apart from that, the fabric is also high quality and cleaning is also not a problem.

The feminine look of this diaper bag will surely stand you out from others. These great features and design has made the bag the best diaper backpack in the Indian market.


  • Spacious and large.
  • Stylish and modern.
  • Keeps the liquid of the bottle in good condition.
  • High-quality polyester-made inner material.
  • The fabric is water-resistant.


  • Machine wash is not recommended.
  • No warranty information.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

The diaper bag is made of high-quality material that has awesome durability. It is perfect if you are planning to travel. Many moms prefer the color of this bag a lot. Because of these reasons, this product is one of the best diaper bags for every Indian baby.

4. Robustrion Diaper Bag For Moms

Robustrion Diaper Bag For Moms For Travel

Key features

  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Large interior and exterior
  • One wipes dispenser
  • Zip closure picket
  • Water-resistant material
  • The easy tote handles
  • Provided shoulder straps
  • Quality Nylon material
  • Weight is only 720 grams

Review of Robustrion Diaper Bag

If you are searching for a diaper bag for travel, then this is the most suitable one for you. This multifunctional and waterproof diaper bag can contain all of your baby’s items including yours.

The multiple pockets are best to keep the things organized and easily accessible inside of it. Apart from that, the fabric is waterproof and it can dry any spillage quicker than the others.

You can also find a wipe dispenser on the exterior of this bag. It also contains many exterior zip compartments.

The high-quality Oxford material is durable and sturdy enough. This bag weighs only 720 grams, which means you can carry it along with you everywhere.

You can place here three milk bottle packages, which means you don’t need to worry for a long time about baby food. Seven interior pockets and one side pocket can accommodate all the essential things so nicely.

All these features and benefits make it the best baby diaper bag under 1500 INR.


  • Material is durable and sturdy.
  • Can jeep the milk bottle separately.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Comes with a bottom zipper.
  • Great storage technology.


  • No warranty information.
  • Be careful from spillage or spit-up.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

In one word, the Robustrion Diaper Bag for Moms for Travel is great for traveling. Extra three bottle compartments will help you to store your baby’s food for a long time. Apart from that, it is stylish enough that will make everyone compliment you every time.

5. Voroly Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

Voroly Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

Key features

  • Absolute waterproof material
  • Storage capacity is large
  • Insulated bottle packs
  • Wide-open designed
  • Pockets are waterproof
  • Net pocket for a wet towel
  • Provided with tissue pocket
  • Have 6 months of warranty
  • Separate pocket for wipes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Review of Voroly Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

If you are looking for a diaper bag that can be used for both a handbag and a diaper bag, then go for this one. It comes with 14 separate pockets that can be used for various purposes.

In its luxurious large space, you can also put your favorite toy. Additionally, all the separate pockets are extremely helpful to find things quickly.

The three insulated pockets will keep the bottles at their exact temperature for a long time. The tissue box given here is great to keep the tissues of your baby.

Provided with a stroller hook that is ideal to attach the bag with a baby stroller easily. Made with high-quality polyester material, it can prevent any spillage and water dripping easily. Just you can wipe off easily.

The well-seen craftsmanship of this diaper bag makes it ideal for travel and recommended for everyday use. If you are looking for the best diaper bag for your toddler, it can be a fine choice.


  • Can keep bottles in its three insulated bottle pocket.
  • The nice design has made it so fashionable.
  • Comes with many compartments.
  • The wide-open design keeps things easily accessible.
  • Comfortable to carry while traveling.


  • Material needs very good care.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

No word is sufficient to talk about the famous global lifestyle brand Voroly. Their core philosophy here starts with Fun and meets the required needs at its end. Voroly Diaper Bag Backpack is one of their greatest innovations for moms who wants to handle their baby with a little style.

6. Motherly Stylish Diaper Bags

Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags

Key features

  • Thick Oxford Fabric
  • Zippers are well made
  • Rivet reinforcement
  • Tight seaming and stitching
  • Convenient back opening
  • Fish mouth opening
  • Storage capacity is big
  • Anti-theft pocket for cell
  • The stroller hook is attached
  • A key chain is attached

Review of Motherly Stylish Diaper Bags

The brand- Motherly has established itself recently with its premium quality products. One of their innovations, Motherly Stylish Diaper Bags can make the baby and mother happy every time.

The waterproof premium quality material is easily cleanable and they are environmentally friendly too. The design of this bag is also appealing which is available in 17 different colors.

Internally and externally it comes with 13 different pockets. Three of them are insulated to store the milk bottles. This is provided with a shoulder strap, but you can adjust it according to your own choice.

This diaper bag can also be used as a backpack or handbag when the parents are in the shopping mall or the restaurant. The top-notch performance of this diaper bag has made it ideal for infants and toddlers.

This diaper bag is so stylish that can satisfy your fashion demand to show on street easily. Apart from that, the functionalities and built-in features have made it one of the best diaper bags for moms in India.


  • Material is waterproof and durable.
  • Suitable for moms and dads.
  • Design is stylish and attractive.
  • Provided with 13 internal and external pockets.
  • Extra pockets allow more space.


  • Corners stitching needs improvement.
  • Don’t come with a diaper changing mat and bottle cover.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

The clever strap mechanism has made this bag diaper suitable for the parents. You can use it as a travel bag, handbag and the provided 13 pockets have made it easy to use as a mom-baby organizer.

7.  R For Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

R For Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

Key features

  • Water-resistant material
  • Multifunction and fashionable
  • Large storage capacity
  • Pockets are insulated
  • Diaper changing mat
  • The side pocket is creative
  • Laptop storage pocket
  • Spillage and spit-up proof
  • Well craftsmanship
  • Extremely comfortable for long hours of use

Review of R For Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

You may feel uncomfortable carrying the diaper bags all the time for the little one. In that case, having an R for Rabbit Caramello diaper bag can be a solution to your problem.

The high-quality water-resistant material ensures long-term usage for the baby. You will not only use it as a diaper bag but also as a backpack bag.

The large capacity with separate 9 pockets provides you the convenience to pack all the baby essentials easily. The insulated pocket keeps the baby’s food at the right temperature.

You can also keep the bottles and feeder in the side pocket. This package comes with a diaper changing mat that makes it easy to change the diaper easily.

The design is extremely stylish and this is durable too. If you want to combine responsibility with style and fashion, then this is the right choice for you. Along with being compatible with moms, this product is the best diaper bag for men/dads too.


  • The package comes with a diaper changing mat.
  • Available in 3 different colors.
  • 9 big-sized pockets.
  • Material is water-resistant.
  • Very comfortable to use.


  • A little heavy to carry.
  • Push buttons are not appropriate.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

Due to its heavy weight, parents think it difficult to carry. But its luxurious look and functionality make them ideal to carry everywhere. Apart from that, if your baby spits up there or spills, then you can remove them easily by wiping it down.

8. House Of Quirk Diaper Bag Maternity Backpack

House Of Quirk Baby Diaper Bag Maternity Backpack

Key features

  • Oxford Fabric material
  • Capacity is large
  • Can do multi-function
  • Design is well made
  • Wet and dry separation
  • Zip closure on the back
  • Fish mouth open design
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • A choice for unisex
  • Insulated bottle pocket

Review of House Of Quirk Diaper Bag Maternity Backpack

The material of this bag is water-resistant and the polyester inner keeps things protected inside it. Additionally, the cute playing elephants in a soft blue color makes it so eye-soothing.

Now, you don’t have to worry about wet clothes when you are outside. This diaper bag comes with a built-in water-resistant portable bag that is ok to carry wet clothes.

Large storage capacity and individual pockets make it ideal to carry baby essentials without any mess up. Even if the bag is a bit heavy, it is provided with a comfortable shoulder strap.

This bag is also provided with a built-in key chain that is convenient to safeguard the car and house keys. The contribution of wet and dry separated inner pockets is undeniable in this diaper bag.


  • Wet and dry separation pocket.
  • Can keep things organized.
  • Can safeguard the car and house key.
  • The design is awesome.
  • Reasonable price.


  • No warranty.
  • Material is not waterproof but it resists water.

What is Best About this Diaper Bag?

This diaper bag features awesome creativity which is truly helpful for parents. The price of this bag is reasonable too. Because of these reasons, this is the best budget diaper bag in India that moms can trust.

Benefits of having the best diaper bag

The diaper bags make everything convenient when traveling with your baby. Having such a bag on the back means, you don’t need to perform a balancing act by taking your baby in one hand and taking your messenger bag on your shoulder.

Apart from that, here you don’t need to face the problem when taking something off from the bag. Many diaper bags come with an external compartment to allow you to take anything from there easily.

Easy Accomodation of Baby Essentials

The diaper bags have so many spaces that can help you to accommodate all the essential baby supplies. Here things can also stay organized. It allows you to find anything so quickly rather than hunting in a jungle. The spaces of this bag also allow you to carry your things like a tablet, mobile phone.

To carry a bag on the shoulder and to distribute the weight through the back have a lot of differences. These diaper bags come with big straps and an added pad provides exceptional comfort to the mothers.

Unisex Design for Better Convenience

The diaper bags are unisex in design and convenient for use for parents. In that case, they don’t have to buy another bag to keep things due to its feminine design. Both of them will feel comfortable carrying the bag when they are traveling with their baby.

Highly Durable and Versatile

The diaper bags are specially designed for outdoor use. The sturdy look and heavy material of this diaper bag provide better durability than the traditional bags, so you don’t need to be bothered by the broken ones when traveling outside.

The diaper bags can be carried in an airplane, airports everywhere. This is also easy to set anywhere when you are traveling in a car, train, or plane. Multiple uses with this diaper bag can be also done.

The best diaper bags are extremely helpful for you as these keep your hands free and you don’t need to take extra pressure on your back or your shoulder. Apart from that, you can use it for multiple purposes. In one word, it can be said that diaper bags are something that you should have in case of any long trips with your baby.

diaper bag essentials

Essential Items to keep in a diaper bag

Enjoying your motherhood?

Without a good diaper bag, you can’t make your journey perfect.

A well-packed diaper bag that slings over your shoulder can make your journey uninterrupted. Here is a checklist of items that you should take in your diaper bags.

  1. Diapers: Nothing to describe this essential in your diaper bag. You may need a diaper every two hours. So take a few of them.
  2. Wipes: This multitasking item can make you tension free anywhere anytime. But make sure you have packed it in a good plastic wrap. This is not only useful for your baby but also it gives you relief when you are out of a restroom suddenly.
  3. Pacifier: If your baby is an infant and can use a pacifier. Then pack it in a clean bag. You can also keep extra bottles and sanitary with the pacifiers.
  4. Burp Cloth: This is another extremely needed item when you are outside with your baby. So toss as many as you can in your bag.
  5. Hand Sanitizer: This is not only a must-have item in your diaper bag. You should carry it here. You don’t know what else you have touched with your hands. So this is recommended to you use a sanitizer every time you feed the baby.
  6. Baby Food: First figure out, how many feeds you will give your baby during that time. Be it breast milk, formula, or bottles, pack it accordingly. If you have toddlers, then don’t forget to take dome done water in the bag of course.
  7. Baby Clothes: Spit up may happen and the blowout or leaky bottle is also a common scenario. So take a few sets of clothes along with you in your diaper bag.
  8. Hat: Whether it is summer or winter. You should keep a hat on top to block the sun snd cold there.
  9. Sunscreen: This is a must-have item for the mothers. Toss a good sunscreen in your bag. As you may need to become shade whenever your younger baby will need.
  10. Toys for Baby: If your baby likes a toy very much then keep it with you. It can be board books, teethers, rattle, etc.
  11. Personal items: You can’t keep your items in your home when you are going out with your baby. The personal items include keys, wallet, etc. Consider the front zipper pouch to keep those items. Some people also prefer to have a separate bag, but you don’t need to be more bulk.
  12. Diaper changing mat: You can find many diaper bags to come with a package of changing pad. But if yours’ doesn’t, then invest in buying that also. Go for a diaper changing mat that is compact and durable and which can be wiped up using a tissue just.
  13. Teether: This is another must-have item that you should keep in your bucket. It will make a great help for you when your baby will run into discomfort. This is rubber material and the food-grade paint makes it ideal as a safe teether for the baby.
  14. Reading material: You can say this is a lifesaver when your baby has slept. A good reading device comes with adjustable light, high resolution, and no glare skin which is beneficial for you.

These all are the items that you can keep in your diaper bag. If you want to take some more things, then you can pack them also.

How should moms choose the best diaper bag in India?

So, finally, are you looking for a good diaper bag?

That means you have understood its necessity.

Yes, a diaper bag can provide you too many facilities that you need. But before you buy one, here see the things that you should consider when buying them.

Types of diaper bags

You can find a lot of diaper bags available in the market. These all are made to meet a specific need. Some people prefer to have a backpack-style diaper bag that can make the hands free or someone prefers to have a diaper that will sling over the shoulder. See, what are some most common types of diaper bags.

Backpack diaper bag

One of the best benefits of this type of diaper bag is that it allows you to use the bags freely. It almost looks like a sports backpack that comes with multiple compartments. When choosing the backpack-style diaper bag, make sure to choose one that has a large and sturdy carry handle.

Messenger diaper bag

These diaper bags also look like the standard messenger bag but it can hide all of your baby supplies inside of your bag. The adjustable strap can be used on the shoulder or across the chest. For the working mom and dads, these are ideal as they look like the working bag. With one model of this bag, you can also fit your laptop there.


This type of diaper bag looks like an overgrown handbag. They also include extra spaces for keeping cell phones and other baby stuff. If you are looking for comfort, fashion, and convenience in your diaper bag, then these types of diaper bags can be a good option for you.

Satchel diaper bag

Compared to other bags, these are small. It comes in the shape of a square and is given with some compartments there. These are also provided with two handles that are smaller than the totes.

You need to take this bag on your elbow but some of the models also feature shoulder straps. These bags can be an ideal choice for you if you want to carry only a few essential items.

Clutch diaper bag

If you want to use your diaper bag in its truest sense, that means, you will only take here the diapers, then this option is good. These clutch diaper bags almost look like a wallet but this is a bit larger than the wallet. There are no straps to hang on the shoulder or across the chest. You can also take it in your hand or any other big diaper bag.

Hobo diaper bag

To complement a casual and chic appearance, these diaper bags can be ideal for you. The combined look of the tote and messenger bag has made it too attractive. Almost look like the sack, this is also provided with shoulder straps to sling on the shoulder.

This bag is not so stylish but it can provide you optimal comfort. You can carry a lot of things in this diaper bag and slung it on your shoulder. These bags are specially for those who are planning to go on an adventure trip with their baby.

Convertible diaper bag

Ultimately introducing the best of everything. These bags can be used in tote, backpack, messenger, etc as per your choice. If you are confused to pick an item, then you can go for this option also.

These bags look like a tote but it doesn’t come with any straps. Hence you can add here the straps as per your choice.

Provided double handles with this diaper bag will allow you to take the bag on your shoulder too. But the selection varies from man to man and their choices.

When you are heading out to buy the best diaper bag, you will go through different options. You need to choose one that meets your requirements.

Diaper Bag Size suitable for Mom

In a diaper bag, you need to bring a lot of things that include diapers also. For this matter, the diaper can give you a lot of facilities. Apart from that, these are also ideal when you need to take your baby to daycare and you can transfer things here easily from the baby bag to the diaper bag.

Material of Diaper Bags

The diaper bags are made of synthetic fibers. Polyester and nylon are the most common materials for diaper bags. They are durable and you can clean them easily.

Babies can do a severe mess anytime. In that case, you should find sometimes that will not be dirty so easily.

There is also common to see the leather diaper in the market. Some of them are made of very genuine leather and these are affordable too.

Design of the Diaper Bags

The design also matters when finding the right diaper bag for your baby. The moms like a cute one and the dads prefer to have masculine. There are also some neutral bags available in the market that will not harm the manliness of the dad when they are taking it in front of the public.

 Comfort and Convenience

You should look for comfort in a diaper bag on its strap quality. The padding provided with the straps ensures comfortability. Otherwise, this will dig into your skin and will cause discomfort wearing it. Some manufacturers don’t know what type of material should be comfortable and use rough and irritable material there.

But a good diaper bag will always come with straps made of soft material. In choosing the extras, a backpack plays an important role. Because a harsh strap with no padding may hurt your back.

Warranty of Diaper Bags

Warranty always indicates s good quality bag. The manufacturers who always focus on quality will give you a product where they are confident. Some manufacturers also provide replacement offer if there is any defect.

So, when buying a diaper bag for your baby, make sure they provide all the valid warranty information before buying it. Don’t hesitate to call the manufacturers immediately if you are unsure about their product.

Washing Requirements

Your diaper bag will get dirty how much you try hard to keep it clean. Spit up, spillage smashed snack is must there. The messes can be there accidentally and purposeful too.

So, you should not buy any material that will be tough to clean. Choose something that is easily cleanable with a wipe or through the washing machine.

Organized Pockets of the Bag

You need to carry things in your diaper bag in an organized way. This is the reason why manufacturers put there so many exterior and interior pockets. Don’t throw everything in your pocket.

Rather keep it in such a way so that you can find things quickly that you have kept inside. But that not mean that if there are more pockets then this is more organized. Just make sure it has plenty of usable and accessible pockets.

Other factors to consider

Not only style but there are also more features that you should keep in mind while buying your diaper bag. Let’s have a look.

  • Accessories: Look for a bag that has some extra hooks, clips, etc. These will be helpful for you to hand the keys, pacifiers, etc.
  • Insulation: Bags with insulation is the right choice for you if you travel a lot. It allows us to keep cold things there.
  • Bag stand: Some of the diaper bags come with a bag stand that allows preventing touching on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions about diaper bags

Do you really need a diaper bag?

You should have something to carry your baby essentials after all. The regular bags don’t have individual pockets for storing your baby essentials. But the diaper bag comes with some separate pockets that can be used for storing the baby items. If you are planning for a tour, it can be an ideal choice.

Can you use any bag as a diaper bag?

The size of a diaper bag is nearly double of any normal bag. It comes with organized pockets that can be used for keeping any particular item. Some diaper bags come with an insulated pocket that is ideal for keeping the milk bottles. Apart from that, wipes, toys, pacifiers, and clothes for your baby can be stored in different pockets. Ordinary bags do not have such features together.

How much does a diaper bag cost?

You can purchase a diaper bag from the range between Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000. Some of the designer diaper bags may cost more than them. However, the cost-effective diaper bags may look fashionable just like the designer ones also.

What type of diaper bag is the best?

There are different types of diaper bags available in the market. Tote diaper bags are common in use. Apart from it, you can also try Satchel, Messenger, Clutch, Hobo, Convertible, or Backpack Diaper Bags. You can choose a convenient one as per your requirement.

How to pack a diaper bag properly?

Look for a good diaper bag as per your choice. Check the instruction manual for designated pockets for the baby products. Next, place the items in their suitable pockets. Of course, you should place the necessary items first in the diaper bag.

What are the differences between diaper bags and normal bags?

The main difference between diaper bags and a regular backpack is its pocket. The diaper backpack comes with so many pockets to keep the individual where the regular doesn’t have.

Can diaper bags be washed in the washing machine?

You can get details about it from the manufacturer’s information. Before you throw it into a washing machine, make sure this is washable in the machine. Otherwise, your diaper bag can be damaged.

Are diaper bags comfortable to carry?

The diaper bags weigh less and these are comfortable to carry. Some of them can be taken across the chest and in the shoulder also. To choose a comfortable diaper bag, check the weight of the product too.

What goes in a 6-month old’s diaper bag?

You can take diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, diaper changing mat, extra outfits or docks, burp rags, swaddling blankets, nursing supplies, and other feeding supplies.

India’s Best Diaper Bags: Conclusion

This is no doubt very important to check the essential features of a baby diaper bag when buying one for you. In that case, you must note its portability, comfortability, and order vital features.

Once you purchase a diaper bag, make sure to clean it when it is dirty. Before you select one for your use, you should also come through its verified user review about the same product.

Now the article is at its end for everything about the best diaper bags available in India. Hope you have learned a lot from this article and it must have helped you to choose the right pack for your baby too.

So, what is your choice? Is it the first from the list or the last or the middle?

Let us know the story.

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