Best Dinner Sets in India: Reviews and Buying Guide (2020)


Who does not love having dinner with an amazing dinnerware set with the family together?

Whether be it a special occasion or even gifting purpose, we need a good dinner set at our homes that is worth the money.

Most of us get fascinated with the shining decorated utensils that truly gives the highest level of satisfaction. But we often forget to check the build quality, maintenance requirements and material of the dinner set. Many people fail to clean it safely or use it for the long term as the dinner set gets damaged or discolored.

Many of the dinner sets are not suitable for a dishwasher or a microwave. Without knowing the compatibility, if we use it with these appliances, it may get damaged which cannot be recovered.

So, what should you do?

The solution is quite simple. While buying a dinner set, we need to check the build material, design and cleaning requirements. We have talked about all these features and properties in the Buying Guide at the end of the article.

You may check the requirements manually by selecting each product or find the best dinners sets in India that we have listed in this article with honest reviews of each.

In our opinion, Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel Dinner Set can be a good choice if you are looking for a highly durable product with a nice appearance that is value for money.


best dinner set in India

Top 3 Dinner Sets in 2020

Our Choice
Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel...
Best Buy
Shri & Sam Stainless Steel Dinner Set,...
Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set - 40...
Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel...
Shri & Sam Stainless Steel Dinner Set,...
Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set - 40...
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Our Choice
Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel...
Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel...
Stainless Steel
Best Buy
Shri & Sam Stainless Steel Dinner Set,...
Shri & Sam Stainless Steel Dinner Set,...
Stainless Steel
Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set - 40...
Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set - 40...

Reviews of the Best Dinner Sets in India

1. Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel Dinner Set

best dinner set in India

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Built with stainless steel

Among all kinds of materials, stainless steel is the most durable and safest material for dinner sets. This particular dinner set is made of virgin SS-202 grade stainless steel which is perfectly safe for food and BPA free. The utensils with the package are unbreakable and can be used for a long duration without any trouble.

Impressive Design

This dinner set is very eye-catching with the beautiful shape and engravings marked on the body. The Italian styled design is done with the laser machines built with German technology. There are five variants of this product with marking of different styles that you can get on Amazon.

Best Dinner set for maximum 6 Persons

This dinnerware set comes with 61 pieces of utensils, out of which there are 6 sets of plates, bowls, glasses, forks and spoons. The dinner set also includes 3 Handis with 1500, 1000 and 500 ml capacities. So, it is perfect for a medium to large family.


  • Elegant and beautiful design.
  • Perfect for a family of 6.
  • 61 numbers of utensils come with the dinner set.
  • Good product for regular use.
  • Affordable price.


  • The quality of stainless steel may need improvement.

2. Shri & Sam Stainless Steel Dinner Set

best dinner set for home use

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Best Dinner Set for 8 Persons

Shri & Sam is a renowned name as an Indian cookware manufacturer. They are specialized in producing good quality dinner sets like this one. The dinnerware includes 101 pieces of utensils. It can be a good choice for a large family of 8 people.

The dinnerware comes with standard full plates, side plates, four different types of bowls- bidding bowls, pudding bowls, chutney bowls, serving bowls with lid. Apart from these utensils, there are forks, two types spoons- dinner and pudding spoons, serving ladle, three types of serving spoons- solid, perforated and serving rice.

The list does not end here. Shri & Sam has included one serving skimmer, salad tong and 8 fruit forks with this dinnerware set. So, you can see the dinner set includes all essential utensils as well as items for special occasions. We highly recommend this product if your budget is flexible.

Good Quality Durable Stainless Steel

The dinner set is made of SS-200 stainless steel which is known to be corrosion-proof and good to use for a longer time. Shri & Sam has made this set with optimum thickness for all utensils. For example, the plates have a thickness of 0.7 mm which is pretty standard.


  • 101 utensils come with this dinner set.
  • Standard thickness of the utensils.
  • Sturdy and durable build quality.
  • Best for a large family.
  • Quality of the material is good.


  • Expensive product.

3. Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set

best melamine dinner set in India

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Highly durable and beautiful design

Melamine is a nitrogen-based organic compound which is known to be heat and fire-resistant. This kind of material is highly preferred by professionals for making dinner sets. Maharaja has manufactured this melamine dinnerware in beautiful shape and designed with a beautiful decoration. The markings of purple and light green color on the white-colored dinner sets look fascinating and preferred by many individuals.

Good dinner set for 6 persons

This dinner set is ideal for a medium family of six people. Those who do not prefer a stainless steel dinner set, can go for this product. This product comes with 6 pieces of two sizes of square-shaped plates, 250 ml bowls, spoons. Apart from that, the dinnerware set also includes 3 Casseroles and serving spoons that can be great for regular use.


  • 40-piece dinner set that is good for a family of 6.
  • Heat and Fire-resistant material.
  • The dinner set is dishwasher-safe.
  • Beautiful design and decoration.
  • Lightweight product.
  • Highly durable and unbreakable.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for more than 6 people.

4. Jensons Stainless Steel Daisy Dinner Set

multisize dinner set

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Six Different Varients for 4, 6 and 8 persons

This is another fascinating dinner set that is one of the best in India. The most remarkable fact about this product is that it comes in six different varieties with the different numbers of utensils suitable from small to large families. If you like to avoid the engravings, they also have such an elegant style dining set. Check the details about the product in the following table.

Product VariantSuitable ForWhat is Special About It?
32 Pieces dinner set4 personsCheap price and includes all essential utensils for dinner.
32 Pieces elegant dinner set4 personsEngraving-free utensils (quantity same as the above product)
42 Pieces dinner set4 personsIt includes 4 half plates, rice tray, serving spoon and 4 baby forks along with utensils of the previous product.
46 Pieces dinner set4 persons3 service bowls & 2 more service spoons along with the utensils of 42 pieces dinner set except the rice tray.
68 Pieces dinner set6 personsIt comes with 6 sets of plates, bowls, glasses, spoons etc along with 1 rice tray, 1 rice server, 3 service spoons and 3 service bowls.
91 Pieces dinner set8 personsThe dinner set includes 8 pieces of plates, glasses, spoons & bowls with 1 rice tray, 1 rice server, 3 service spoons, 3 service bowls, 1 dal server and 1 salt & pepper shaker.

Beautiful design with good Build Quality

As the dinner set is made of stainless steel, it is highly durable. The product is built with thicker gauge stainless steel that makes it sturdy. The brand Jensons claims that the utensils are made of 100% virgin steel which is definitely a good feature.

On top of that, the beautiful engravings are marked on the dishes by German-made laser machines that talk about the quality of the product.


  • Wide choice for a family of 4, 6 and 8 persons.
  • Reasonable cost of the product.
  • The dinner set is dishwasher safe.
  • The material is food grade and corrosion-resistant.
  • Easy to clean with normal detergents.
  • Flat bottom utensils for convenience.
  • It is safe to use in a dishwasher.


  • Product images can be confusing for some individuals. Check actual dimensions of the plates and bowls written in the product description before buying.

5. AmazonBasics Porcelain Dinnerware Set

best dinnerware in India

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Sturdy and break-resistant material

Porcelain dinner sets are more advance than melamine-made products. This particular dinnerware set is built with porcelain that is superior in quality than any other non-stainless steel products. On top of that, this product can withstand a high temperature like 300°C inside a microwave oven. This dinner set is very good to use for regular dining purposes.

Modern Design

The dinnerware is built with an elegant modern look that can match most types of tablecloths and interiors. The product comes with the following 5 different designs.

  1. Modern beams
  2. Soft lines
  3. White Embossed Porcelain
  4. Porcelain Coupe (White)
  5. White Porcelain with Trim

All of these models are different on how they look but the quality is the same. If you love or want to follow the modern trends, then this dinner set can be perfect for your requirements. You can use it for daily dinner/ lunch or any family gatherings like birthday, anniversary or marriage celebrations without any hesitation.


  • Attractive contemporary design.
  • Built with very durable material.
  • Suitable for a maximum of 6 people.
  • The dinner set is dishwasher-safe.
  • It is microwave-friendly.


  • The set only includes 6 sets of large plates, medium plates and bowls. No spoon, glass or other utensils included like our previous picks.
  • A little costly compared to the number of utensils.

6. UDDHAV GOLD Stainless Steel Dinner Set

top dinnerware in India

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Beautiful Design on High Quality Material

This dinnerware from Uddhav is can be another good choice for individuals who are looking for a stainless steel dinner set. Built with such a high-quality anti-corrosive material, this product is long-lasting. If you like stylish engravings on the utensils, then this dinner set can be your best choice. This product with laser-printed artistic golden markings is the most beautiful among all Indian dinner sets.

Six Product Variants for different requirements

The dinnerware from Uddhav comes with 6 different combinations of utensils to suit the necessity of different customers. All these sets include 4 essential utensils- full-sized plates, quarter plates, glasses, bowls and spoons. The number of utensils varies for different models as mentioned.


  • Eye-catching beautiful engravings on the utensils.
  • Long-lasting heavy-duty dinner set.
  • Six different models are suitable for separate customer requirements.
  • Value for money.


  • The dinnerware is heavy in weight.

7. Coconut Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Dinner Set

best dinner set for small family

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Excellent Build Quality

Stainless steel has always been the top priority for smart buyers. This heavy gauge stainless steel dinner set is very sturdy that is the most essential factor for being durable. The 4.1 Kg dinner set has standard specifications of all utensils matching the Indian needs. The material of the dinnerware is BPA-free, food-safe and perfectly hygienic.

Good Dinner Set for Regular Use

This dinnerware set is perfectly suited for everyday dining. Having 6 sets of all the essential utensils, it is great for a family of six people. The product comes with no engravings that can be well-suited for people who like simple but elegant looking dinner sets.


  • Made with heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • Good dinner set for 6 persons.
  • Highly durable and sturdy product.
  • The dinnerware is perfect for self-use as well as for gifting purposes.
  • It is built with anti-corrosive material.


  • Only plates, glasses, bowls and spoons are included. No serving bowls, serving spoons or trays are given in the package.

8. LaOpala Opalware Dinner Set

best dinnerware set in India

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Best dinner set for Gifting & Special Occasions

Opalware dinner sets are most suitable for family get-togethers. Having an elegant look with shining finish, many people prefer them for gifting purposes. This distinctly designed dinner set is painted with red tulip flowers in a white background that looks very beautiful on any kind of tableware.

Good product for maximum 8 persons

LaOpala is one of the most favorite and reputed brands for dinner set in India. They are famous for high-quality materials and innovative designs. This 47-pieces dinnerware is one of their best dinner sets available in India. This opalware dinner set comes with 8 sets of two types of plates, soup bowls, curry bowls, spoons for soup.

Along with these, it comes with 3 serving bowls, 2 salt & pepper dispensers and one of each of rice plate and multipurpose bowl.


  • Fascinating design of the dinner set.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for a large family.
  • Good build quality and long-lasting.
  • Scratch-resistant utensils.


  • It doesn’t come with forks, serving trays and glasses.

9. Smart Dining Melamine Dinner Set

best dinner set in India

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Attractive Features

Melamine dinner sets are popular because of break and heat-resistant properties and attractive design at a budget price. This dinnerware comes with such features at an affordable price. The beautiful paintings of red and orange leaves on the utensils look great.

Suitability with Family Size

This dinner set is perfectly suited for 6 persons as it comes with 6 sets plates (large and small size), curry bowls, soup bowls and spoons. In addition to that, the dinnerware set also includes bowls, platter and spoons for serving. Overall, this is a complete dinner set for use at home regularly or on special occasions and also for gifting to near and dear ones.

We highly recommend it if you prefer a designer dinner set at a cheap price range.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Alluring design and color.
  • Good for 6 persons.
  • Dishwasher safe (should be placed on the topmost rack).
  • Easy to clean by normal detergents.
  • Food safe and BPA free dinner set.


  • Not microwave safe.
  • Does not include forks and glasses in the set.

10. Bataniya Melamine Dinner Set

best dinner set for large family

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What is special about this product?

Our next pick is from Bataniya, a relatively new name in this field. The dinnerware from Bataniya is praised across India and gaining reputation rapidly. It is specialized for beautiful dinner sets mainly built with melamine. The material of the beautiful square-shaped utensils of this dinner set is lightweight, break-resistant and perfectly food-safe.

Good Dinner set for 6 persons

This product comes in 4 different floral designs. All of the models are suitable for six persons. The dinner set includes 6+6 full & half plates, 1 rice tray, 12 curry bowls, 3 donga, 3 servicing spoons, 6+6 forks and teaspoons. These are what you need for everyday’s meal. The product can also be presented as a gift to your close ones. Overall, it can be a good buy at a very reasonable price.


  • Beautiful floral design.
  • Dishwasher-safe dinner set.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Good for home use and gift.
  • The material is durable.


  • It does not include glasses.

best dinnerware in India

Buying Guide to select the best dinner set

Before buying any product, we recommend reading this buying guide to find the most suitable dinner set according to the requirements of the user.

Dinner Set Materials: Types and Recommendations

The most important thing prior to buying a dinner set is the type and quality of the material. Dinnerware with the following materials are commonly available in the Indian market.

Stainless Steel

best dinner set in India

It is the most preferred material among customers as stainless steel is very durable, unbreakable and cost-effective. These are rich in chromium content that produces a shiny white layer of chromium oxide when exposed to air. The coating prevents air or moisture to come to direct or indirect contact of the inner material. Thus it does not allow the formation of rust. This protective layer also makes the utensils sturdy and unbreakable.

Dinner sets made of stainless steel can be cleaned in a dishwasher or by hands with normal detergent. It is chemically inert unless exposed to highly acidic or basic substances. The best dinner sets in India are made of stainless steel.


best dinner set

This is one of the oldest forms of crockery material available worldwide. Porcelain is basically a ceramic type of material. It is formed by heating a complex composition of feldspar, glass, quartz, clay, talc, kaolin a few others at high temperature. The main component of porcelain is silicate which is required around 62%. Feldspar contains mostly silicates of potassium, aluminium, sodium and calcium. So, it is required around the range of 42%.

Dinner sets made of porcelain are environment-friendly and food-safe. It can be washed in a dishwasher and compatible with a microwave. Porcelain made dinnerware are durable and not easy to break. On top of that, these types of products are also cheap as compared to the price of other materials.


best dinner set in India

Apart from stainless steel and porcelain, opalware is comparatively a newer material that was first introduced to the crockery industry in Italy. LaOpala is the biggest brand in India that produces opalware dinner sets. Hopewell tableware was another good brand for opal glass dinner sets that was later acquired by Borosil. Apart from these two brands, Cello also produces good quality opal-made dinnerware.

The basic raw material for opalware is quartz sand, calcium hydroxide, bicarbonate like soda, clays and some other ingredients. After mixing and processing through a series of operations, the shapes of the utensils are obtained to achieve high dimensional accuracy. It is then tempered and rapidly cooled to achieve toughness and improve stability.

Most of these above brands perform a thorough quality check with around 200 parameters for each of the dinnerware. They also test the impact strength, thermal stability of the dinner sets before letting out in the market.

Opalware dinner sets are very lightweight, break and scratch resistant and non-porous in nature. It does not absorb liquids or oils and is easy to clean which makes it perfectly hygienic in nature. Opalware is also microwave and dishwasher safe. LaOpala dinner sets are free of bone ash that makes it 100% vegetarian.


Best dinner set in Indian market

It is one of the preferred materials for the dinner set because of its cheaper price and multi-shaped designs. Melamine resin is a nitrogen-based organic thermosetting polymer that is formed by hardening the prepolymer of melamine. This melamine resin is used to manufacture crookeries.

There is some debate about the food safety of melamine utensils. However, we have found that it is safe for dining use. FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) has recommended an acceptable limit of maximum 2500 ppb (parts per billion) for crockeries.

They have conducted a test in which samples of acidic food were collected from melamine utensils. Then these were left for 15 minutes in the actual-use condition. Surprisingly, the results came out to be less than 10 ppb of melamine. (source: FDA Guidelines for Melamine)

But when the acidic food exposed to high temperatures like 71-degree Celcius, the melamine content tends to migrate out of the melamine-formaldehyde. This is why we do not recommend using any melamine dinnerware heated in a microwave oven or on a stove. Unless over-exposed to an acidic substance at high temperature, it is perfectly safe for food.

Bone China

bone china dinner set

It is one of the commonly available materials for the best dinner set in India. The composition of bone china is almost similar to that of porcelain except for refined bone ashes of herbivorous animals are added to it. If you are a vegetarian, this material is not suitable at all. This is why we do not recommend bone china whereas there are better options available.

The best thing about bone china is that it is very cost-effective and wide availability in the market. The material is also dishwasher safe. It is known to have a higher strength than the normal china ceramics. However, bone china is porous in nature that means it may absorb the liquid food to some extent.


earthenware dinner set

It is one of the oldest forms of dinnerware materials in India. As the name implies, it is molded of fine clay at treated at a high temperature. Earthenware dinner sets are porous in nature that are able to absorb liquid substances. This is likely for bacteria formation unless treated well.

Care must be taken while handling earthenware utensils as these are fragile and do not have enough impact strength like the other materials listed above.

Stoneware or Vitrified Glassware

Best dinner set in India

The stoneware dinner sets are another oldest type of product available from ancient times. It is made of stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay and exposed to a high temperature near 1200-degree Celcius for vitrification to the non-crystalline amorphous glass-like structure.

The dinner sets made of stoneware are non-porous in nature and hygienic for food consumption. However, due to complications in manufacturing in large quantities, making different types of dinnerware utensils is difficult. Some companies manufacture mostly plates that are already available in the Indian market. Because of these reasons, stoneware is expensive than the other materials above.


Best dinner set

This is one of the best materials for a dinner set. It is made of a steel-based base structure coated with porcelain-enamel. These dinner sets are durable and elegant looking. These are non-porous and food-safe. Enamelware utensils are best to use for dining and gifting purposes.

The major disadvantage that we have found is the enamel is prone to chip out if not handled carefully. Moreover, it is very expensive compared to all the other materials we have talked about.

Apart from these materials, there are some other materials like glaze and milk glass that we must mention. However, these are less popular and customers prefer the above materials for dinner sets mostly.

How Many Dinner Sets do you need?

People prefer to buy dinner sets for mostly three reasons- for dining use, gifting or special occasions like birthday/anniversary celebration or get together of families and friends. The necessity determines the quantity of dinner sets you need.

For example, if you need a dinner set solely for your family, check the number of plates of the dinner sets. If you are a family of 4 members, you should at least have a 4-plate dinner set to meet the requirement.

If you want to buy a dinner set to gift to your dear ones, follow the same process and determine the number of plates and then select the right product.

Buying dinner sets for some occasions can be a little complicated process. You need to determine the maximum number of guests to be fed at once. It can vary from the point of view and the requirements of different individuals. If you have to feed eight guests at once, then you must have an 8-plate dinner set.

Types of utensils in a dinner set

Every dinner set comes with a certain number of utensils as we have reviewed above. For all dinnerware, plates are compulsorily given. Many of the companies include plates, bowls, spoons as basic requirements. Mostly all stainless steel dinner sets include an equal number of glasses and spoons.

Apart from these, there are several other utensils are also provided by many good brands. In the following table, you can see the best dimensions of each of these utensils according to Indian practice that we have researched.

UtensilRecommended Dimension
Full PlatesDiameter: 27-29 cm
Half PlateDiameter: 18-19 cm
Curry/ Veg BowlWidth: 10 cm
Chutney BowlWidth: 6 cm
GlassHeight: 10 cm
Rice Plate/TrayDiameter: 35 cm
Serving SpoonLength: 20-22 cm
Dimension of Dinner Set

Choosing the Right Design of dinner set

Generally, 3 types of designs are made on dinner sets- Conventional, Plain and Contemporary. Each of these designs is suitable for different types of interior and tableware. The plain elegant design is the simplest form of dinner sets that can match all types of Indian-style homes.

The conventional dinner sets are those that come with the old-styled designs. An example of the modern or contemporary styled dinner set is the square-shaped opal ware with abstract art painted on it. It does not match the interior of the old-fashioned homes.

Therefore, we recommend selecting a dinnerware that can suit and match the dining room. In this way, it will be worthier.

Maintenance and Safety Requirements

Cleaning and maintaining the dinner sets are a very vital part that most people miss. All of the dinner sets we have listed above are washable with normal detergent by hand as well as by a dishwasher.

We recommend soaking the utensil into the water as soon as dining completes to ease cleaning. This is applicable only for dinnerware with non-porous materials like stainless steel, opalware. But it is not recommended for materials like bone china, earthenware, stoneware. For these materials, you must clean as soon as dining is complete to maintain hygiene.

While buying a dinner set, especially for non-steel materials, safety is an important factor. Ceramic, bone china and porcelain materials should be handled with care as these have comparatively low impact strengths than stainless steel or opal ware. Materials like melamine are not recommended to use in a microwave to maintain proper hygiene and safety for the dinnerware too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dinner set material is best?

After researching hundreds of dinner sets, we have found that stainless steel dinner sets are the best in terms of durability, sturdiness, usability, weight and food safety. Opalware dinner sets are also very good. They are less durable than stainless steel but have a better visual appearance and more attractive. Opal-made dinnerware are a very good choice as gifts. Apart from these two materials, we also recommend porcelain and melamine dinner sets.

How much does a dinner set weigh?

The weight of the varies for different types of materials and number of utensils. For example, a 46-piece melamine dinner set can weigh around 10 Kg. If the material for the same dinner set is opalware, it weighs slightly less, around 8 Kg. If it is stainless steel, the weight is lesser, around 5 Kg. This is one of the biggest reasons we recommend stainless steel dinner sets.

What are the best dinnerware brands?

There are many reputed brands for dinnerware in India. For non-steel dinner sets, LaOpala is the best brand followed by Maharaja, Borosil, Cello and Bataniya. For stainless steel dinnerware Classic, Shri & Sam, Jensons and Uddhav are the most recommended brands. In this article, you can find reviews of the best products of these brands.

Where can I buy dinnerware sets?

You can buy dinnerware sets from the local stores. Online stores like Amazon has also a great collection of dinner sets. We recommend buying online because you will know and compare the actual quality and features from the product description and user reviews. The packaging and delivery system is also very good and getting improved day by day. Moreover, if you receive any faulty product or if it does not match your requirements, you can return it easily.

Why a dinner set is called a “dinner set” but not “lunch set”?

In the case of family dining, after the working members return from their job/business, all the family members sit together and have their delightful dinner in a relaxed way. Apart from using it for regular dining, a dinner set is mostly popular for its elegancy and usability in the family get-togethers or celebrations. These ceremonies usually take place at night when guests are invited. Apart from it, the term “dinner” is also known for a heavy meal. For these reasons, it is called a “dinner set”.


Durability is the key for having a good dinner set for a long period. The visual impression is also very important whether you are planning to use it for dining, gifting or any special occasion. To find the best dinner set in the Indian market, we have done extensive research.

We recommend Classic Essentials Glory Stainless Steel Dinner Set out of all these products. As it is made of stainless steel, it is sturdy, long-lasting, lightweight and beautifully designed with a perfect balance to the price. But, if you are looking for a modern dinnerware, go for opal ware, porcelain or melamine dinner sets that come in an elegant shape with colorful designs.

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