Best Electric Kettles in India- Review & Buying Guide (2021)

Electric Kettles have been very useful in modern days to boil water very fast. Eventually, when compared to the traditional system, it cuts down the operating time. It is a very handy small kitchen appliance for tea lovers or people who admire coffee. A modern electric kettle can also be used to make Maggi noodles. We have listed and reviewed the electric kettles that are excellent in performance, excellent in durability and design.

After months of research, we have found that Our Top Pick: Philips HD9306/06 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle is the best electric kettle in India. It is the safest with superior Build Quality, Performance, and Design. We highly recommend reading our buying guide to get the latest information and trends about the electric kettle.

best electric kettle in India

These Are the Best Electric Kettles in India

The comparison list contains our top picks. Read a detailed review of each of the products and if you like, you may buy the suitable one that matches your requirement.

Review of Best electric Kettles (2021)

These five electric kettles are best in terms of build quality, heating time, safety, ease of use and capacity of boiling. The electric consumption for these products is minimal. Along with that, the price is also affordable and reasonable.

1. Philips HD9306/06 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle – Our Top Pick in 2021

best electric kettle in India

While buying an electric kettle, people often think about the sturdiness of it. In the case of this kettle, the build quality is undoubtedly great. It has a very attractive shiny finish. It is so easy to operate that any adult can handle it without any prior knowledge.

Besides, the product Heats up very fast, within 30 seconds. So, you can save your time while multitasking. To make the operation easier, the kettle has an Illuminated Power Indicator to make the operation easy.

The electric kettle has a Steam sensor, dry boiling and overheating prevention ensuring safety in every way. It has a 360-degree cordless pirouette base. So, handling this product is very easy. Considering all these tremendous advantages, we highly recommend this product as the best electric kettle in the Indian market in 2021.


  • Excellent Premium build quality.
  • Safest Operation.
  • Very Easy to Handle.
  • 2 years of warranty. Most of the other brands will give you about only 1 year.


  • Higher Range of price.


Phillips is a brand that needs no introduction, and this kettle has 1.5-litres capacity. And that is not its only winning aspect. The affordable price guarantees a stainless steel body with a whole lot of features.

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2. Kent 16023 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

kent electric kettle

This particular electric kettle is an example of great design by Kent, a reputed brand in the home and kitchen appliances sector. It has a capacity of 1.7 L as well as rated power consumption is 1500 Watts which is quite acceptable. The kettle has a borosilicate glass body which is 10 times more durable than normal glass. It has a Stunning, eye-appealing design.

Additionally, the transparent body makes it very attractive and useful to monitor the boiling process closely. However, the weight is 1.5 Kg. So, the kettle needs more delicate handling. You can heat up water faster with it to save the valuable time.


  • Stunning eye-catching Design.
  • High Storage Capacity of 1.7 L.
  • Fast heating time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hassle-free operation.


  • Weight is a little higher than the other Kettles on the list.


This kettle has a transparent design that looks fascinating while using. Kent has delivered the perfect product when it comes to storage capacity. The 1.7-liters storage capacity is amongst the largest in the market. What's more! The product is ideal for full-family use.

3. Prestige PKOSS Electric Kettle

best electric kettle

The electric kettle from Prestige has great build strength, sturdy with an excellent design. You might love this premium Kettle to have because of the amazing quality. It is designed with a very fast heating time reducing your involvement.

Furthermore, it has an Automatic Turn Off feature increasing ease of access. As the weight of the kettle is only 0.87 Kg, you can carry it easily as you wish.

The Power Rating of the electric kettle is 1500 watts which is very good enough for daily use. In addition, it has a One-touch spring lid to have more comfort during operating and "Automatic Turn Off" feature.


  • Sturdy Build Quality.
  • Automatic turn off feature.
  • Fast heating duration.
  • Auto-turn off feature.


  • Cleaning the kettle might be a bit difficult for some users.
  • The handle might get hot sometimes.


Prestige's PKOSS electric kettle has a traditional design. But the model holds for "old is gold." The brand has provided a whole lot of features to compliment the 1.5-liters capacity. The power consumption is pretty user-friendly. Such power consumption is the ideal choice for you within a budget.

4. Orpat OEK-8137 1.2 L Cordless Kettle

orpat electric kettle review

For daily use, we need an electric kettle that can prepare tea for the family. This kettle has Good Build Quality for a capacity of 1.2 L. To increase the safety of the kitchen appliance, it has an "Automatic Turn Off" feature that is quite useful.

Besides, it is built with wireless technology that makes it easier to use. The kettle has a low power rating of 1350 Watts that is good for domestic usage.

In addition, weighing only 0.46 Kg, you can carry it anywhere. The electric kettle has a power indicator that glows when the heating process takes place. Therefore, it is safer to use when heated.


  • Wireless technology.
  • Automatic turn off feature.
  • Lightweight model.
  • LED indicator.


  • The low storage capacity of 1.2 L.


The Orpat OEK-8137 is a pretty standard electric kettle. The body of the device uses stainless steel. It has a 1.2-liter capacity and is cordless. When you choose this device of the lot, it is indeed a smart choice.

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5. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle 

best electric kettle in India

It has a capacity of 1.5 L which is suitable for any family size. As power consumption is 1500 watts, this electric kettle leads to fast heating time for a large volume of water. Therefore, you can save your time without messing things up.

The extra-wide mouth of the appliance ensures easy operation and handling. It has a weight of only 0.94 Kg that can be convenient for regular use. Butterfly offers such useful features in a cheaper price compared to other products.

To increase the protection for your kettle, you may like the OnsiteGo 1 year Extended Warranty for Small Appliances on Amazon.


  • Wireless technology.
  • Good product in a limited budget.
  • Lightweight product.
  • Faster heating time.


  • The power cable might be is short to use. You may need an extension cable.

Why do We recommend this Electric Kettle?

Butterfly's EKN kettle model has been appreciated by many. The product ensures proper power consumption and warranty. Handling the device is also pretty simple. It can be an excellent choice for an electric kettle.

What is Special About an Electric Kettle?

A kettle is one of the most common and oldest appliances present in the kitchen. It is an appliance known universally, and there is no single culture that does not use one. Traditionally, it is known to serve beverages. Today, a regular kettle serves tea or coffee in a cup or make Maggi. A regular one would require the application of a heating source. This heat, preferably a gas stove, will be used to process the ingredients inside.

But, an electric kettle uses technology as compared to the regular ones. A coil is present for the heating purpose—the resistance of the heating element when faces electricity charges it up. As the name suggests, an electric kettle requires electrical power for its operation. This electric power is instrumental in heating the heating element. The ingredients present in the storage capacity are then heated up accordingly. A user can terminate the operation anytime when using an electric kettle. The termination is one significant aspect absent in the regular models.

electric kettle at home

How does an electric kettle work?

The electric kettle, like the namesake, uses electrical power to function. Previously the user only needed to plug in the device to a power supply. The heating element resists the electricity, which in turn heats it. This heat helps in cooking purposes. To be precise, these kettle works by converting electricity into heat.

Modern models of an electric kettle come with a thermostat. The thermostat helps keep the temperature under check. You can do away with the worries of over-heating and dry burning.  Some of the most reputed electric kettle manufacturers provide their products with a thermostat. 

This thermostat, in general, is a resistor. You can find the thermostat with the heating element. The working of the electric kettle is as follows.

  • The user plugs in the kettle to a power supply.
  • The power supply switched on.
  • The user sets a specific temperature on the kettle.
  • If the temperature is high, the thermostat sets resistance to low.
  • If the temperature is low, the thermostat sets resistance to high.
  • The heating element is heated up accordingly.
  • The temperature is not allowed to exceed or fall below the set temperature.
  • The heat is instrumental in boiling the liquid inside the kettle.

Are Electric Kettles Worth to Buy In India?

An electric kettle is a unique touch on the regular variants. When you use such a kettle, there are indeed some advantages over using a regular one. Some of these are as follows.

  • When using a regular kettle, the user needs a heating source. You need to place the appliance directly over the heat. Only then will the liquid inside start to boil.

In the case of an electric kettle, you need to plug in the appliance simply. The design is such that the heating will start with the application of electrical power. Hence the risks of facing an accident are significantly lower. This lower risk level is because there is no direct application of heat.

  • You can use the kettle at any place with a power supply. The portable nature of the device helps in the purpose.
  • Most models allow you to set a specific temperature as well. It will enable you to control the amount of heating applied with ease. Variable heat will allow you to expand on your menu items. The users of a regular kettle very much desire this flexibility.
  • The modern models also help keep power consumption under check. Additionally, the body of the appliance uses very durable material.

So, an electric kettle is definitely worth to buy. The products we have reviewed above are the most amazing electric kettles in India that you might like to check out.

Uses of electric kettles

The uses of an electric kettle are simply manifold. Furthermore, the portability and the ease of use of the device significantly impacts to its list of applications. Add to it the presence of a thermostat helps maintain a variable temperature inside the kettle. The following are some of the many uses of an electric kettle.

  • Like all regular kettles, an electric kettle too can be used to prepare hot beverages. The like of these include tea, coffee, among others. The user simply needs to add water and the ingredients to the kettle. The aspect of setting an appropriate temperature inside the storage capacity also helps in the preparation.
  • Some electric kettles can also prepare noodles like Maggi. This type of kettle usually has a wider mouth and a larger space.
  • Boiling eggs using an electric kettle is very easy. All you need to do is to add the eggs in the water. Set an appropriate temperature and let the eggs boil. The heating element is sufficient to produce the necessary heat.
  • Many users also use a kettle to prepare rice. The cooking process is similar to that of boiling an egg. A temperature control option helps in a more efficient preparation.
  • We have seen how water can be quickly boiled or heated using the appliance. It is the same case when it comes to milk, and the electric kettle can boil the milk under certain conditions. Simply add milk in the kettle and set an appropriate temperature.
  • Instant meals are usually best prepared using an electric kettle. These meals just need the addition of hot water to be ready to eat. The likes of these meals include soups, noodles, etc.
  • Electric kettles can be exclusively used at home. If you live in a hostel, it can suit your requirement as the operation is the easiest. A kettle can also be carried during travel.

best electric kettle buying guide

Buying Guide for the best Electric Kettle in India

Before you make any deccision to buy, you must check the following factors to choose the right electric kettle as per the requirement. It will ensure you end up with the best buy.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is essential for any cooking appliance recommended by Homeplace. It determines the amount of food that is best suited for the device. It is the same for an electric kettle as well. These kettles are available in various storage capacities in the market. The ideal one for you will be as per your requirements.

Usually, an electric kettle storage capacity varies from 1 to 2-litres. Some manufacturers produce models with lesser or greater storage capacities also. Proper analysis of the requirements is essential for selecting the ideal storage capacity. Do keep in mind, higher storage capacity will result in a more significant size of the appliance.

Heating capacity and time

Heating capacity and time depend entirely on the circuitry of the appliance. A heating element is always present inside an electric kettle. An active power supply completes the circle.

Usually, the heat gets enabled with the application of electrical power. The ideal heating capacity and time will depend on the requirements.

If the electric kettle serves for bulk use, the heating capacity needs to be high. The time required for the device to heat up is also an essential factor. It is because it also determines the required cooking time for the kettle. Ideally, you choose a model with lesser heating time.

Power consumption

Power consumption is a crucial factor for all electrical appliances. It is especially essential for cooking appliances. You need to select a model that keeps the power consumption under check. Hence, the electricity bill will increase significantly. Many modern manufacturers do produce energy-friendly models. These electric kettles help the power consumption to stay below a specific limit.

Details of the model's power consumption get printed on the packaging. A user needs to check these details and determine whether the model is an ideal one or not. You can also get in touch with the manufacturer regarding more information for the same.

Build quality and durability

Every appliance needs a correct and perfect design. This definition of perfect involves ease of use and durability. Manufacturers create electric kettles with very durable material. Ordinarily, stainless steel is the most common material used, but you can get variations as well. Incorporated in the body, are the features that decorate the kettle. These are present such that they are easy to use.

You can trust reputed brands with build quality and durability. A large part of their reputation is due to these factors. The most popular electric kettles feature the greatest build quality and durability.

Modern technology

When it comes to modern technology, an electrically operated kettle has a temperature setting. You can set the temperature as per your cooking requirements. Based on this set temperature, the resistance of the thermostat will be determined. The thermostat will ensure that the temperature does not vary from this limit.

Additionally, many models come with steam sensors. You can also enjoy dry boiling and overheating prevention features. Some electric kettles also come with the innovative one-touch spring lids for easier handling.

Weight and portability

Portability is a pretty crucial factor when it comes to electric kettles. The reason is that the mode of operation of the device allows it to be portable. You can simply plug-in the device to a power supply. Hence, you can use it at any location with a power supply. However, some models do have specific power requirements. The packaging of the product has all these details mentioned.

Weight also plays a big part in the portability. A device with a significant body weight will typically not be very portable. The overall weight of a kettle is dependent on the capacity of the invention. It also depends on the material used to craft the equipment.

electric kettle running

Warranty and customer service

In the case of all appliances, warranty is a pretty crucial factor. It determines the period of damage coverage for the device. You can refer to the packaging for the details.

Reputed brands provide more extensive coverage of the electric kettles. Warranty is the reason why they are prevalent.

The customer service of a brand is pretty outstanding. They are crucial in guiding the customers through problems and installations. You can rely on word of mouth regarding the customer service of a specific manufacturer.

Ease of operation

Almost all modern devices are judges based on their ease of application. It is the goal of the manufacturer to improve on this factor. All kettles come with a durable handle. This handle of the electric kettle helps in using the device when it is heated. Furthermore, many such devices have a full 360-degree cordless base for easier handling.

Additionally, you can find innovative lid options in the market. The likes of these include one-touch spring lids. The design of the kettle also adds to the ease of operation. You can get a proper idea of the design of the product from the packaging. Use it to determine the suitability of the kettle.


When we are talking about household appliances, safety is a crucial factor. It is most vital when the application is for kitchen use. The operation of an electric kettle does not require the application of direct heat. Such a feature reduces the risks of getting a burn significantly.

These appliances have features that do not allow overheating. Sensors terminate the operation when the temperature crosses the safety limit. Yet, there remain safety risks since the application of electric power is needed. Remember to properly check your power supply or opt for a cordless model.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is a common factor you need to check for all appliances. An electric kettle is no exception. Get to know the general feedback regarding a particular model. Word of mouth helps a lot when determining an ideal product.

General feedback is particularly helpful when many manufacturers produce the same device. It becomes difficult for the customer to choose the right product. In such scenarios, go through online reviews for a bright idea. You can also talk to the seller regarding the reception of the product among the masses.

Best Brands for Electric in India

best brands for electric kettle

There are many brands that manufactures and markets an Electric kettle, but the following are the most reputed Brands in India.

1. Philips: They are one of the oldest brands. Their products are of Excellent Quality and Stunning Design. For this reason, Philips is one of the best kitchen appliance brands in India.

2. Prestige: They have a huge collection of kitchen appliances. Most of these have superb Eye-catching design. They also have high-performance products.

3. Kent: They have 1500+ service centers across the country and wonderful designs. Besides, their product range is unique.

4. Orpat: They are an ISO 9002 and 14001 certified company that is dedicated to producing great quality products. They have an extensive list of great Electric kettles at a cheaper price.

5. Butterfly: Founded in earlier 1990, Butterfly is dedicated to producing the superior quality kettle in Kitchen and Home Appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Kettles

1. How does an Electric Kettle work?

An Electric kettle is powered by a heating element or resistor. It resists the flow of electricity. As a result, heat is generated. Eventually, the generated heat is used to boil water.

Is an electric kettle safe for home?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for home use. The safety of appliances for a home depends on the user a lot. Responsible usage is essential to ensure the safety regarding the usage of the product. You can rely on reputed brands when it comes to safe electric kettles.
These products have a body of durable materials. Modern technology prevents the device from overheating and resulting in damages. Furthermore, no direct application of heat is essential for this kettle. The heating element is present within a chamber. Thus electric kettles are pretty safe for home.

2. Can you boil liquids (like Milk) other than water?

You should not try to boil any liquid other than water unless mentioned by the manufacturer. It might be an operational safety problem resulting from leakage, Spillage or damage to the product. However, if you are experienced to operate an electric kettle, you may give a try with proper precautions.
All you need to do is to add the liquid in the container. Select an ideal temperature and commence the operation. The heat will not fluctuate from the limit. Some kettles do not have the option to set a temperature. In those cases, you can simply stop the boiling when you deem suitable. You can quickly heat and boil the milk up to the desired temperature using an electric kettle. You mush be cautious about it otherwise spillage may occur.

3. How can you clean the Electric kettle?

It is recommended to keep your Kettle free of excess water after use. This process won't allow scales to get deposited on the inner wall of your product. After use for a month, clean the kettle with diluted vinegar or citric acid and Cleaning Brush.

4. Why an electric kettle make noise?

Every electric kettle can make noise during operation. The sound is pretty standard when using regular ones. In the case of an electric kettle, the noise is because of the working principle of the appliance. The working includes the application of power supply to the heating element of the device.
The resistance in the heating element allows it to heat up. Hence, the kettle works by converting electricity into heat. This heat, when transferred to the water, generates a noise. The noise generation is because of the steam produced along with the bubbles. Hence, sound from an electric kettle is pretty standard.

How does a cordless electric kettle work?

Cordless electric kettles are a relatively newer take on the conventional kettles. As the name suggests, a cordless electric kettle does not require a cord to connect it to a power supply. A detachable base acts as the power supply. The device can be attached to this base. After the cooking, the kettle is free to be removed.
Cordless electric kettles have the heating element at the base. Hence when connected to the power base, the part is heated directly. These are more portable than standard kettles. 

India's Best Electric Kettle: Conclusion

There are so many Electric kettles available in the market. There is sometimes confusion about which product to buy. Here is the detailed review of electric kettles for home, hostel or traveling. Some of the models have a little higher price than average. But those have some unique features that others don't have.

Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle is the best electric kettle in India with 2 years of warranty while other brands have 1 year. Similarly, our 2nd pick Kent 16023 Electric Kettle differs totally in the look and design with a unique transparent borosilicate body.

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