Best Epilators in India (2022) – Review and Buying Guide

The silky and shiny hair looks great on the head, but it is quite the opposite of body hair. Well, body hair removal is a big challenge, right?

Well, hair removal from the root is the only solution to get a glowing, soft, and supple skin that signifies a woman. The use of shavers or trimmers won’t remove hair from roots and has no skin tone effects.

On the other hand, waxing is painful and leaves red patches on the skin. Thus, the only solution that remains effective and reliable is epilating.

Epilators use different discs, blades, brushes, and tweezer model heads to pull the hair strands from roots. It is less painful when compared to waxing and way more efficient and long-lasting as well.

Additionally, you don’t need to bother about regrowth as the hair that grows after epilation is surely thinner and more delicate. Once epilation is done, you don’t need to worry about 4 to 6 weeks of bodily hair.

Moreover, you can epilate any body area that may be a wider leg area or small sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini areas.

If you are expecting the actual benefits of an epilator, you should choose the best epilator in India. Finding the top models from the pool of tons of options can be confusing for you until now. We have done comprehensive research on all reputed brands and found Philips Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator is the best among them. Besides, we have ranked them based on features, durability, control, and outcomes as well.

best epilator in India

the Best Epilators in India

Philips Series 8000 EpilatorWet and DryCordlessAmazon
Braun Dry Electric Cordless EpilatorDryCordlessAmazon
Philips Compact EpilatorDryCordedAmazon
Braun Silk Epil EpilatorWet and DryCordlessAmazon

Reviews of the best epilators

Here, we have selected the Top 4 epilators available in India according to epilating efficiency, user-friendliness, operating speed, and durability.

We have selected these amazing products from the two most reputed brands- Philips and Braun. We highly recommend reading the Buying Guide for Epilators.

1. Philips Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator – Top Pick For 2022

Philips Cordless Epilator

Key features

  • Extracts the finest and difficult hairs.
  • Two tweezing action speeds- 64000 and 70400 per minute.
  • Hair removal cap for gentle facial hair removal.
  • Wide epilator head to cover more skin.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry usage.
  • Opti-light to target and remove finer hairs.
  • Delicate area cap for sensitive areas.

Blazing Fast Epilation of Hair

Phillips has infused all intriguing features in this advanced cordless epilator for comfortable and precise epilation.  One of these epilators ‘ highlighting features is more than 70000 hair catching action per minute that makes the fastest epilation possible.

It has 32 tweezers for very effective hair removal.

This Cordless Epilator comes with a soft hair removal cap for gentle performance. However, the presence of the extra-wide epilator head makes it the best Epilator in India for the removal of hair.

The broadhead covers more skin while the anti-slip grip on the S-shaped handle makes it comfortable to steer on legs.

Precise operation with safety

Phillips has also packed a shaving head for a close and gentle shave apart from the performance and controls. Besides, the trimming comb works excellently to style the bikini area.

Moreover, a delicate area cap and Opt light, and a skin stretcher are also provided for precise epilating.


  • Faster hair removal with 32 tweezers.
  • Delicate hair removal cap for facial hair.
  • Wide epilator head for legs.
  • Comes with all required attachments.


  • A little expensive.

What is Best About this Epilator?

This Cordless Epilator from Philips is probably one of the fastest epilators available in 2022. If you are looking for an epilator for your legs, then this is where you should look for. Besides, the availability of all other essential attachments makes it a reliable choice for all purposes.

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2. Braun Dry Electric Cordless Epilator For Women

Braun Dry Electric Cordless Epilator For Women

Key features

  • Cordless Extra Efficient Wet and Dry Epilator.
  • Removes 4x shorter hair than wax i.e., 0.5mm.
  • Comes with a high-frequency massage system to reduce discomfort.
  • Hassle-free cutting with Braun-close grip technology.
  • 100% Waterproof and can be used in the bath or under the shower.
  • The massage system stimulates the skin for a comfortable experience.
  • A pivoting head for better skin contact and gentle experience.
  • Comes with a smart light to visualize finer hair.
  • Shaver head and trimmer cap turn it into an electric shaver.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sensitive skin.

Very Efficient for Epilation

The Electric Cordless Epilator from Braun is one of the most efficient dry epilators for all skin types. It catches 4x shorter hair than waxing using Braun close-grip technology. You can use this Epilator under warm water for a better, soothing, and comfortable experience.

A highly efficient massage system attachment is the best thing about this Braun Electric Epilator. This high-frequency massage system stimulates the skin for a comfortable experience in broader spaces.

Besides, the pivoting head ensures safety with better skin contact and gentle performance.

Multi-purpose Features

You can also turn this Epilator into an electric shaver using the shaver head and trimmer cap. Both these features perform to their fullest too. Additionally, this Epilator also helps to grow backlight and less noticeable hair in the future.

Suitability for all types of skins of women makes it enlisted in the list of best epilators in India.


  • A High-frequency massage system makes Epilation Comfortable.
  • Smart light to detect finer hair.
  • Comes with a shaver head and trimmer cap.
  • 1 hour of charge delivers 40 minutes of usage.


  • May get a bit hot while epilating but is comfortable throughout usage.

What is Best About this Epilator?

Braun’s cordless Epilator is by far one of the most reliable epilators for women with the most intriguing features.  From the massaging system to suitability for all skin types, it turns out to be a safe choice from all aspects. If you are looking for a comfortable experience in epilating, this product will meet your expectations closely.

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3. Philips Corded Compact Epilator

Philips Corded Compact Epilator

Key features

  • Compact Epilator with Efficient Epilation System.
  • 2-speed settings for the thicker or thinner air.
  • Ergonomic grip for better control.
  • Rounded shape to fit perfectly in the hand.
  • The Epilation head is Detachable and washable.
  • Sensitive Area cap for different body areas.
  • Comes with a cap to remove unwanted hairs.
  • Suitable for hair removable up to 0.5mm from the root.
  • Elegant design.

Easy epilation of hair

The epilator has a reliable epilation system that ensures soft and supple skin for weeks. With an excellent ergonomic grip and efficient blades, you can just leave bothering about cuts or itches.

Apart from the ergonomics and looks, this Epilator possesses powerful blades that remove hair up to 0.5 mm with precision. The gentleness in removing hair accompanied by the personalization with 2-speed settings make it awesome to use.

More Control To the User

Philips has infused 2-speed settings in this Epilator to enhance personalization. You can remove both thicker and thinner hair by changing the settings for effective hair removal treatment.

One of the best things about this Epilator from Phillips is the ease of use and ease of maintenance. The detachable epilator head can be washed easily under tap water for better hygiene. A sensitive area cap is also provided to remove unwanted hair from sensitive body parts with gentleness.


  • Good ergonomic grip with comfortable handling.
  • Efficient blades with precise and gentle cutting.
  • Two cut settings for both thicker and thinner hair.
  • Washable epilator head to hygiene.
  • The rounded head makes it perfect for sensitive areas.


  • Takes a bit of time for the legs but gentle and precise.

What is Best About this Epilator?

This Compact Corded Epilator from Philips is efficient with precise and gentle Epilating technology. If you are looking for an all-around Epilator for all body parts, then this can be a reliable choice from all aspects. Besides, you will never go wrong with epilating in sensitive areas such as underarms. If you are looking for the best epilator under 3000, it is a great choice.

4. Braun Silk Epil Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator

Braun Silk Epil Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator

Key features

  • Multifunctional Epilator with 2-speed settings.
  • Comfortable Epilation for soft and supple skin.
  • Comes with 28 Micro grip Tweezers.
  • Sweeps away dead skin cells gently.
  • Ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip for better control.
  • Suitable for all body areas.
  • Works with soft-exfoliation technology.
  • A skin contact cap to sit perfectly on the skin.
  • 4x time skin exfoliation than a normal manual peeling.

Cordless operation

This Cordless Epilator from Braun is the most convenient Epilator for both dry and wet conditions. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily Epilate for smooth skin. It is 100% gentle on the skin with the skin contact cap.

The Epilation lasts up to 4 weeks, preserving extra smooth skin, and the regrowth will be finer hairs. If you prefer wet Epilation, then there will be no pain at all. The best thing about this Epilator is that one stroke can remove 100% of hair gently.

Customizable advanced settings

On the other hand, 28 Micro grip Tweezers are equipped to remove smaller hairs up to 0.5mm. An ergonomic handle accompanied by an Anti-Slip grip provides reasonable control over the device.

The best thing about this Epilator from Braun is the 2-speed settings that make it the best epilator to remove hair in the Indian market. You can customize the speed settings based on the targeted body hair and experience comfortable Epilation.


  • 2 Speed settings for thicker and thinner hair.
  • Skin contact cap for gentle removal.
  • Anti Slip grip with an ergonomic handle.
  • Suitable for both dry and wet conditions.
  • Comes with two years of warranty.


  • Better for dry conditions but wet conditions needs focus.

What is Best About this Epilator?

This Cordless Epilator from Braun is an all-in-one epilator that can perform both in dry and wet conditions. It can be the best choice if you are looking for a wet epilator with reliable performance. Besides, it is relatively painless and gentle on all kinds of skin, making it safe for even beginners.

All of the above epilators are great for hair removal. All of the products are equipped with ultramodern technology with precise performance, they are costlier than trimmers. If you are looking for a more economical machine to remove hair from upper lip, eyebrow, sideburns, or pubic hair, check the following product.

Epilator Alternative: Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer

Touch Expert Trimmers from Veet Sensitive can remove hair gently and shape the hair precisely. It is also a useful tool for trimming delicate body parts with precision. Even eyebrows, sideburns, and upper lips can make fair use of these trimmers.

Being waterproof, the Veet trimmer is almost painless and is extremely gentle on all types of skin. You can remove unwanted hair from the body in one go. The features complement both challenging and sensitive areas.

One of the best things about using this trimmer from Veet is that you can use it in any direction.  Even usage against the direction of hair growth gives good results with soft skin. However, Veet packs all seven dedicated accessories for different purposes with this Epilator too.


  • Comes with seven accessories packed in.
  • Works well for both face and leg hairs.
  • Ease of use.
  • Good for quick touch-ups as well.


  • It is not as efficient as the above epilators.

The Touch Expert Trimmer from Veet is good for women as it serves an all-in-one purpose. Besides, you can use all the accessories included in the pack for various applications. From shaping and styling to precise trimming, it delivers everything in one go.

Why should you buy An Epilator? – The benefits

Hair removal is one of the most challenging tasks for women, mainly in sensitive areas. There are many options to remove hair from the body, such as trimmers, shaver, scrubbers, etc. But, trimming is undoubtedly not the option for women as hairs remain visible even with zero cuts.

On the other hand, shavers can turn the hair thicker and sharper, and waxing is very painful. Thus, one of the easiest ways to remove the hair from roots is epilating.

Epilators are reliable devices that can eliminate bodily hair from all parts, including sensitive areas. There are many models of Epilators that ensure thinner hair after regrowth. Besides, there are lots of incredible benefits from using epilators. Some of them include-

best epilators in India

Extreme convenience

Almost all Epilators that are available in the market are for home usage without any assistance from professionals.

The operation of Epilators is effortless, and anyone can use it without any knowledge. Automatic Epilators are even more comfortable with the single-push operation.

Manual Epilators require a bit of effort, but the outcome is way better than waxing or shaving. Even in manual epilators, all you have to do is steer the device on your skin.

No residues

Epilators won’t require any cream or water, which is why there is no residue left on the skin.

Although there are few cordless wet Epilators, they don’t leave as much residue as wax or shaving.

Long-lasting results

The long-lasting result is the main reason why people choose Epilators over shavers or trimmers. Epilator removes hair from roots without affecting the skin, and thus you will get thin hair even after regrowth.  Additionally, epilators can remove finer hairs than other methods.


Automatic Epilators are almost effortless as you have just to steer the device on your skin. Modern Epilators also have a dedicated head to stay close to the skin so that you won’t have to need to press it.

Often painless

Epilators are often gentle on the skin and can efficiently remove the roots’ hair. If you prefer wet epilating, then you are not at all going to feel the pain. Instead, the epilating experience will be useful, like another pedicure smoothing.

However, Epilators are indeed less painful than waxing, which often leaves red marks on the skin and may result in bleeding.

Easy to carry

Epilators are comfortable and can be carried anywhere easily. They can fit easily into the palms, making it easy to control and easy to handle. You can easily store the Epilator in your travel bag or even in your makeup box without any inconvenience.

Types of Epilators available in India

There are different types of Epilators to serve a different purposes. One should first select the type of Epilator required for the specific skin type and utilization. Some of the most common types of epilators are the following.

Spring Epilators

Spring Epilators possess a metallic coil that rotates the device and removes the hair. You can also find manual-type spring epilators in the market. These Epilators are mostly used for facial hair removal and are also easy to use.

Besides, Spring Type Epilators are cheaper and can also be used for small and thinner body areas.  Although these types of epilators are hard to find, they are eco-friendly.

Spin Disc Epilators

As the name suggests, Spinning Disc Epilators have rotating discs that grab and pull hair quickly from the roots. These Epilators have skin safety guards and several motor spines.

Spin Disc Epilators are highly durable but are painful to use. One should go through several reputed brands to find the best ones. But, with this review, you are going to grab one of these at ease.

Tweezer Epilators

Tweezer Epilators work the same as the Tweezer, which is used to pull out the hairs. But, these epilators have many metal plates that rotate for faster action. The best thing about these Epilators is that it won’t cause any irritation as no skin cells are removed.

Unlike shaving procedures, these epilators feel comfortable, like pedicures smoothing your skin. Furthermore, the regrowth of hair will be thinner after epilating. However, these epilators can be a bit painful and are often expensive if you want a proper device for different areas. 

Apart from these types based on their functions, you can also choose an epilator based on design and operation.  A few of the most common types of Epilators include

Corded or Cordless models

You can also find either corded or cordless models based on your convenience. The corded models are ultra-efficient without any drains in performance. The electrical cords may limit the area for steering, which can be a bit of an inconvenience.

On the other hand, cordless Epilators are way convenient to use with the limitless area to cover. But, you may bother about the battery drain throughout the usage.

Thus, each of these models has different benefits and drawbacks as well. You should look for convenient ones for your use based on frequency and type of body hair.

Wet and dry Epilators

Most corded epilators are dry epilators and can’t be used with soap or water. However, many people feel wet epilating comfortable for the skin. Thus cordless epilators that are waterproof can be a better choice.

Besides, a wet epilator also makes the Epilation smooth and painless, mainly in sensitive areas. But, care should be taken while using the cordless models as using the epilators while plugged in could be dangerous.

Manual and Electric Epilators

Most women find it confusing to choose between electric epilators and manual epilators.

Manual Epilators are less durable and don’t need any electricity. These may not work correctly sometimes. All you have to do is roll on the Epilator on your body, and it will grab and pull the hair out. Spring Epilators are the best examples of manual epilators.

These requirements are a lot of effort but are pretty cheaper.

All mechanical epilators that work with motor, battery, or electricity are automatic. These won’t require the level of effort required for manual ones but can be a bit expensive. Automatic Epilators are often less painful, and wet epilators provide a comfortable experience.

Leg and Whole body Epilators

While preferring an Epilator, you must look for a suitable head. A whole-body epilator can be available in different sizes with some attachments. On the other hand, leg epilators are available with a wide head. Well, it would be the best choice if you go for an epilator with detachable attachments for both applications.

Some of these types can also be dual. You can find an epilator that can be used for wet and dry skin at a time. These Epilators are often the safest choice in all aspects.

How to choose the best epilator in India?

Now that you have gone through different Epilators, their features, and pros & cons, you must have filtered a few of them. But, only a few highlighting features are not enough to conclude a product as the best option.

An Epilator favorable in one way can be inconvenient in another way as well. Thus, there are a few essential factors that you must consider before selecting the device best suited for your needs.

Some of the most important things to check before buying a good epilator include the following points.

1. Type of Epilator based on the requirements

The type of epilator is the first and foremost factor that one should consider before buying. It depicts the purpose of the Epilator, whether it is for extreme convenience or specific areas of the body.

You must select a proper epilator from a pool of categories based on your needs.  Finding a specific type of epilator is relatively easy if you are clear about your requirements.

But, you can always go with a multipurpose device that serves as an all-around performer. Such a multi-function epilator is a bit expensive but can be a smart choice if you can compromise on price.

2. Epilating speed

Secondly, the essential factor that one should consider while buying an Epilator is speed.  Manual epilating may take a while to ensure every hair is removed, but we have definite automatic devices options.

The rotating discs or blades have a motor attached to it that depicts the speed of the epilator.

3. A sturdy build

Like any other device, it is essential to look for long-lasting performance as you are investing in it.  You should look for a durable build that feels sturdy in your hands.

There are many ways to check the Epilator’s durability, but the simplest way is to check the warranty period. A more extended warranty period reflects the company’s immense trust in its products and should be durable for sure.

4. Good grip

Although Automatic Epilators with modern technology are out, manual effort is necessary. If you can’t handle the device correctly in your hands, then you can’t steer the device on your skin.

Improper steer or wobble in the device may lead to misses or may be painful sometimes. Thus, a good grip on the handle is an essential factor to consider.

5. Size of the head

Epilating head plays a significant role in every Epilator. If the head’s size is small, it can be perfect for small sensitive areas like underarms or eyebrows. Likewise, a wide head is essential for legs, hands, or other large areas of the body.

Well, preferring an Epilator with detachable attachments is a smart choice.

6. Waterproof

Although having a dry epilator or wet Epilator is a personal choice, you should never compromise waterproofing. Any Epilator can damage easily if it is not waterproof because it is mostly used in bathrooms. You can look for IP certification to see whether it is Waterproof or not.

7. Noise

An Epilator that makes more noise is not practically efficient. Dissipating sound is a kind of energy loss and may reduce the device’s performance after some usages.  However, noise while hair removal is undoubtedly bothering women for sure. Thus, always prefer an Epilator with less noise.

8. Speed Settings

A different type of hair requires a different speed while Epilation for better performance. Thicker hair may not make the best use of low speed, while thinner hair doesn’t require low speed. Thus, it is better to go with the Epilator having customizable speed settings.

9. A smart light

While Epilating, the device may miss some more delicate hair here and there on the body. Here is where you can find an excellent application for Smart lights. These lights make the more delicate hair visible quickly, and thus the removal process can be simplified to a great extent.

10. Exfoliating brushes

Skin Exfoliation is a convenient way of removing hair. It gives a good experience and makes the skin soft and supple over time. Having a massaging system is also an excellent complement to the Epilator. However, try to get the device with maximum attachments possible.

After considering all these essential factors, you have to go through the price of the product. Prefer the best deal possible with the features that you want. You may find a product where you can compromise on price due to convenience, but make sure it is the best option for the features.

How should you Epilate Painlessly?

You can just prefer a reliable Epilator for painless Epilation, but there are a few effective ways to reduce pain as much as possible.

  • The use of a waterproof Epilator is the best way for painless Epilation. The best way is to Epilate under the shower.
  • Applying foam or a body cream can make your skin smoother and reduce the pain while Epilation.
  • You can use a scrub or spa glove for skin exfoliation before a few days to Epilate.
  • Shave your hair before 2 or 3 days to Epilation.
  • After a shower, Epilation is also painless.
  • Prefer an Epilator with a higher number of Tweezers.
  • Squeeze the hairy area before using Epilator, it will reduce pain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epilators

Do epilators reduce hair growth rate?

Technically yes, since Epilators tend to remove the hair from roots, regrowth will undoubtedly take some time. It may take from 4 to 6 weeks on average for hair to come to the surface of the skin.  Well, it also depends on the type of skin, area, and nutrition intake. However, some studies suggest that regular Epilation may reduce the hair growth cycle in some cases.

Can you epilate your face?

Yes, it is possible to Epilate facial hair using Epilators, but not all Epilators are suitable. You must prefer the Epilators, which are specially made for the soft skin of the face. The best way to ensure it is to go through the specification and features. But, trying the Epilator in a small facial region also proves whether it is safe or not.

Can an epilator darken the skin after use?

No, Epilator never darkens the skin after usage. It is just an electric shaver that removes the hair strands from roots. Removal of hair from the root gives smooth, glowing, and supple skin. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your skin tone even after frequent usage of Epilators.

Is epilating more painful than waxing?

Not at all; Epilators are far less painful than waxing. Besides, it does the same work as waxing by removing the hair from the root. Besides, using a good quality Epilator can also ensure thinner hair growth after Epilation. Furthermore, it is accessible to Epilate when compared to waxing.

Should you Epilate wet or dry?

It depends on the type of skin, but wet Epilation is precise and painless as well. But, dry Epilation is also suitable for some skin and is way faster than wet Epilation. Besides, you must make sure that the device is waterproof before using it under the shower. However, if you are just looking for precise hair removal, keeping pain aside, then Dry Epilation with smart light is undoubtedly precise.

Is there any side effect of using an epilator?

Dry Epilation on thicker hair with low-quality Epilators may lead to redness or inflammation. Slow Epilators often result in inflammation due to the slow pull of hair with force. However, the red skin may last for a couple of hours, but the removal of thicker hair with low-speed settings may last longer.

India’s best epilators: Conclusion

By now, you are indeed completely clear about everything regarding Epilator and must have chosen a product of your choice. Make sure to consider the top 10 factors that are mentioned above to get the best epilator for the face and body in India.

However, if you are here for the final winner after considering everything, the Phillips Cordless trimmer is the closest. It is equipped with the most intriguing features that one would ever need in an Epilator.

You can choose the best choice as per your requirements considering the factors and buying guide and crack the best deal from the market.

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