Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Are you tired of handwashing your dirty clothes? Most of us are. It is tiring to wash clothes by our hands, especially after a long day at work. All the manual labor takes a strain on us, and we keep on delaying laundry day. On top of that, handwashing is often ineffective when the clothes are too dirty. What can we do in such a situation?

The best thing would be to get a front loading washing machine. They are a dream come true because of their high-efficiency. Front loading washers are relatively new in India, but they work great. You will fall in love while using them as they are both water and energy-efficient. These beasts do not use much detergent, and your clothes come out clean in a matter of minutes. You will forget the days when you had to break your back to wash clothes.

Currently, Our Top Pick: Bosch 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN) is the best front load washing machine in India. Everything about the device is almost perfect. It has got an excellent design, the body is durable, and the cleaning is quick and efficient. Even the capacity of this washer is excellent, making it perfect for Indian households. It can wash many types of fabrics without creating a fuss. So, let us know more about this front loader along with other similar products.

best front load washing machine in India

Top 10 best front loading washing machines in India (2020)

Review of the Best Front Load Washing Machines

Here, we have reviewed the Top 10 front loading washing machines in India in terms of useful features, applicability, performance, durability and quality of washing. Read the washing machine buying guide to know about the buying factors.

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN)

Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN)

Designed with the Latest Technologies

Bosch is known widely as one of the best brands in India. Their front load washing machine has to be special because of the latest design elements. The company has equipped it with a drum having the water droplet design. On top of that, it is fully automatic, so you do not need to do anything. VarioPerfect makes sure that everything is going on flawlessly in the washer.

Our First Pick- Bosch WAK24268IN Front Loading Washing Machine is an upgrade to the Bosch WAK24168IN Front Loader Washing Machine model which is also one of the best front load washing machines in the Indian market. The main advanced features of this model are- separate operating buttons for temperature and rotation along with a larger monitoring display that gives more control to the user.

Saves a lot of energy and water

When you are investing in a front loading, it does cost you a lot of money. So, the washing machine has been designed to reduce costs on energy and water. The device is intelligent enough to judge the perfect amount of water that it needs. It also helps to save the planet in the longer run. The washer even has eco silence to keep things nice and free from annoyance.

Bosch 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN)
2,092 Reviews
Bosch 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN)

● The full capacity is 7 KG.
● It has a top speed of 1200 RPM.
● Comes with a built-in heater.
● There is a bigger LED display.
● 55 dB is the maximum noise level.
● ActiveWater Plus for saving water.
● Water droplet design on the drum.
● The stability is provided by 3 springs.
● AllergyPlus to give hygienic cleaning.
● Bosch gives a warranty of 2 years.

What we like about it

  • It is a hi-tech washer loaded with features.
  • 7 KG is a good capacity for a small family.
  • Laundry gets cleaned quite fast.
  • Uses 20% less energy than other models.
  • Vibrations cannot be felt as it runs.
  • Made by following German standards.
  • Gets clothes rid of potential allergens.
  • 1200 rpm is a great speed for a washer.
  • It even has an in-built water heater.
  • The 2+10 years warranty works excellent.


  • Expensive product.


You can never go wrong with a Bosch product. They are known for their exceptional quality, and this front loading washer is no different. It gets your laundry cleaned quite efficiently, and you wouldn’t need to break your back. On top of that, it saves a tonne of energy and water, so the machine is a terrific investment.

2. Samsung 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 8 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Trust of an efficient cleaning

One of the problems of manual cleaning is that it doesn’t get rid of all the germs. You can instead get this front loading washing machine from Samsung for the best results. The in-built steaming option is unique to the appliance as it beats bacterias and germs. It also uses the eco bubble technology to get into the fabric to clean it thoroughly. At the same time, the machine knows the right way to care for different types of materials.

A design meant to last long

When it comes to durability, Samsung has always been India’s favourite brand. Be it the ceramic heater or the crystal glass door, this washing machine is there to last. The diamond drum is also constructed out of a supreme material that retains its health. It also comes with digital inverter technology that guards it against voltage fluctuations.

Samsung 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine
479 Reviews
Samsung 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● The maximum capacity of it is 8 KG.
● It has a top speed of 1200 RPMs.
● Comes with a unique diamond drum design.
● The machine has a 5 Star energy rating.
● A hygienic steaming option is there.
● The washing machine can clean itself.
● It has an in-built ceramic water heater.
● There are 12 total wash cycles in it.
● A load can be delayed for up to 24 hours.
● Samsung has a 2-year warranty scheme.


  • The hygiene steam options is unique.
  • It has got a 5-star energy rating.
  • 8 KG is great for a medium family.
  • The diamond drum is quite efficient.
  • There are 12 different wash settings.
  • A wash can be delayed by up to 24 hours.
  • The in-built heater is very useful.
  • 2+10 years of Warranty is amazing.


  • Not suitable for bachelors and small families.
  • It might create a little noise.


Samsung is a trusted company when it comes to home appliances. If you are planning to get this washing machine, you will be thrilled by the different features. We really like the steaming option that will beat a lot of germs and grimes. Samsung also sells it at an affordable price for you to grab.

3. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24168IN)

Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine(WAK24168IN)

 A magnificent fuss-free design

Would you really like to struggle with a washing machine for every cycle? Absolutely not! So, this is one of the simplest models present in the Bosch products line. You can choose between the programs with a dial or start a cycle by touching a button. The washer is easy to use even for people who have never used one before.

Operates without causing irritation

You won’t need to tolerate unbearable vibrations or noises if you get this machine. The EcoSilence motor from Bosch works great at being frictionless. Even the spinning sound is low, so you can multitask while doing laundry. It is the perfect washing machine for a house with a baby.

Bosch 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24168IN)
2,739 Reviews
Bosch 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24168IN)

● The total capacity of the machine is about 7 KG.
● 1200 RPMs is the highest spin speed.
● 55 dB is the max noise level of the washer.
● AllergyPlus helps to beat the bad viruses.
● The machine comes with an EcoSilence motor.
● The Super 15/30 program provides quick wash.
● VarioDrum cleans and protects cloth fabrics.
● It has a waterproof touch panel in front.
● An in-built heater is present in this washer.
● Bosch provides a 2-year warranty on it.


  • It is fairly simple to use.
  • There is not much sound.
  • Clothes come out very clean.
  • The machine looks premium.
  • It does have an in-built heater.
  • Wash cycles do finish quickly.
  • It has about 13 wash programs.
  • Bosch’s warranty is of 2+10 years.


  • Lacks of separate control for temperature and rotating speed.
  • Smaller display panel.


Bosch, as a brand name is all about premium quality. If you want a simple and durable front loader washer, then nothing can be better than this model. It has all the wash programs that you might need. On top of that, it doesn’t have the unbearable noises, which is a relief.

4. IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Super delicate on your clothes

We prefer to clean our delicate clothes by ourselves to protect their quality. People are often afraid to use washing machines for the same reason. But, this front loading washing machine does the job brilliantly. It even has a unique, delicate cleaner, which is perfect for precious items. In every cycle, the tub handles things with the utmost care. You can also set your daily cycle on repeat for everyday cleaning.

Designed to save detergent

You do not need to invest in loads of detergent once you get this appliance. It has something called the ball valve that increases the power of the detergent. After each cycle, the ball restricts the soap from washing out and uses it effectively.

IFB 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine
514 Reviews
IFB 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● The machine has a capacity of 8 KG.
● There are 14 different wash options.
● It has a touch screen LED panel.
● Automatic tub clean options are there.
● Unique ball valve technology for cleaning.
● You can save settings with repeat wash.
● The washer uses 4D washing technology.
● 230 Volts is the power requirement.
● 5-star energy efficiency rating is present.
● It comes with 4 years of warranty.


  • It is super gentle on the clothes.
  • There are several wash options.
  • The LED panel is user friendly.
  • 4D washing is effectively clean.
  • It helps to save a lot of energy.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • You cannot feel it vibrating.
  • Installation doesn’t cost extra.


  • IFB had limited service in the past, but they have worked towards improvement.
  • It is a heavy washing machine.


IFB is one of the kings of making electronic home appliances. The front loading washing machine from their side speaks for the quality. It is delicate on the clothes, and you can choose from different wash options. The device doesn’t create a ruckus in your home, and it will free you of regular manual toil.

5. Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Phenomenal design of the drum

Bosch is known for its superior quality items. They wouldn’t curtail their premium feel when it comes to a front load washer. They have provided a stainless steel drum with the best design possible. It rotates in one direction keeping the clothes tangle-free and healthy. On top of that, there is more space to protect the clothes during each wash. The droplet design of the drum is unique to Bosch.

Uses the perfect amount of water

As the world is going through a change, we know that water is a non-replenishable resource. The washing machine comes equipped with the best technology to save water. Its intelligent sensors use the right amount of water-based on the load. It can even work with water pressure as low as 0.3 bars.

Bosch 6 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine
2,063 Reviews
Bosch 6 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● 6 KG is the maximum load capacity.
● 800 RPMs is the fastest speed of it.
● Has a low noise level of 54 dB.
● It does have an inbuilt water heater.
● Built with the latest German technologies.
● Comes with AllergyPlus hygienic cleaning.
● SpeedPerfect tech to reduce wash time.
● The drum is made of stainless steel.
● AntiTangle protects all the clothes.
● Bosch has a 2-year warranty period.


  • The washer has a great design.
  • It doesn’t make much sound.
  • There are many wash options.
  • The washing is absolutely healthy.
  • It has a unique droplet drum design.
  • Clothes do not get tangled in it.
  • Energy and water use is measured.
  • Bosch has an extended warranty period.


  • The size is only suitable for a bachelor or a couple.
  • It has a slower speed compared to other Bosch washers.


We have already mentioned several Bosch products, you can guess the reason behind it. If you live alone, then this front loading washing machine will work perfectly for you. It doesn’t make much noise, and it actually cares about your clothes. On top of that, there is a ten years warranty on the motor, which is phenomenal.

6. LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 8 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Brilliant future-ready washing machine

Investing in a front load washing machine is a big step in itself. You do want to invest in a product that lasts for long. LG keeps up to their claims by providing a future-ready washing machine. The steamer does stand out as it helps to defeat pesky viruses and germs. Along with that, it also comes with Wifi connectivity, so you can control it from any part of the house. The LG SmartThinQ app can also help you to troubleshoot common problems.

Inverter washing machines are built with a smarter technology that uses electricity at an optimum level by optimizing the rotating speed of the drum depending on the load of the garments. This technology is known for saving power consumption and utilizing it in an efficient way.

Amazing stain-free cleaning technology

When we clean by our hands, it is mostly impossible to get rid of tough stains. In this washing machine, you get the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology for thorough cleaning. The in-built heater helps to get the suitable temperature for a deep clean. As the machine adapts to different fabrics, you actually get a dear friend in this washer.

LG 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine
58 Reviews
LG 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● This machine has a capacity of 8 KG.
● Comes with a 6 motion technology.
● A sterilizing steam wash has been added.
● The in-built heater can heat up to 60°C.
● The drum is made of great stainless steel.
● The LED panel of it is waterproofed.
● SmartThinQ wifi provides remote control.
● 1200 RPM is the highest rotation speed.
● The washer has 11 different wash programs.
● LG gives a 2 years of warranty on it.


  • The capacity is good for a medium family.
  • It has a quality stainless steel drum.
  • The washing machine is very durable.
  • It gets rid of almost all touch stains.
  • The steam wash is a nice addition.
  • You can even control it through Wifi.
  • There is a 2+10 years warranty on it.


  • The washing machine might make some noise.
  • Not suitable for bachelors and small families.


If you are looking for a washing machine that can get rid of stains and germs, then this one from LG is the best. It employs motion technology for better cleaning and stain removal. The front load washer is also perfect for the needs of Indian homes. Its future-ready design makes it ideal for all households.

7. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Ideal washing machine for bachelors

Are you single alone? If yes, then you will understand the pain of washing clothes. IFB agrees with you, and they have produced a front loading washing machine ideal for your taste. It has the perfect size along with useful features. There are 14 cooperative and effective wash programs to clean soiled clothes. You should utilize the express wash option, which is meant for gym clothes. IFB has even included an option where you can pause and add more laundry even after starting a cycle.

Great machine for Indian households

Indian homes have some special needs. For the sudden voltage fluctuations, there is monitoring to take care of it by balancing. The Aqua Energie filter helps to clean out the water. It even has an anti-allergen cycle, which is perfect for Indian homes and to beat the city pollution. The washer also has the helpful ball valve technology to reduce wastage of detergent.

IFB 6.5 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine
112 Reviews
IFB 6.5 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● 6.5 KG is the total capacity of this machine.
● 1000 RPM is the highest working speed.
● Hi-tech Ball valve technology is present.
● It has a pause and an add-laundry option.
● There is a built-in water filter in it.
● Comes with a handy express wash function.
● It has monitoring of voltage fluctuations.
● Anti-allergen washing to beat the germs.
● 14 useful wash programs are there in it.
● IFB offers a 4-year warranty on this washer.


  • It is a great washing machine.
  • There is a handy anti-allergen wash.
  • The laundry add-on option is good.
  • It does have a ball valve option.
  • It’s protected against voltage swing.
  • Cradlewash protects the delicates.
  • The 3D wash cleans thoroughly.


  • IFB had limited service in the past, but they have worked towards improvement.
  • It has a lower RPM compared to other front loading washers we have listed.


As we have told already, this is an excellent product for those who are living alone. You will get a lot of help from the varied wash programs that keep your clothes clean. IFB is known for its amazing appliances, and this washer is no different.

8. LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 9 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

A washing machine with beastly power

If you require a washing machine that is as powerful as it can get, this one is the best choice. LG has come up with this 9 KG front loading washer that is exceptional in technology. It has a 1400 RPM, which is more significant than most similar appliances available in the Indian market. The turbo wash cleans clothes as quickly as possible with the best results.

A bountiful design for larger families

Bigger families often have a hard time managing their laundry. LG has got them sorted with this fantastic appliance that is perfect for bigger households. It has a large capacity, along with 14+20 different wash programs. With a stainless steel drum and a durable body, this front load washer will come helpful for a long time. Additionally, it also comes with five-star energy efficiency ratings.

LG 9 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● It has a max capacity of 9 KG.
● Certified with 5-star EE ratings.
● 1400 RPM is the top cycle speed.
● There are 14 wash programs in it.
● Extra 20 downloadable wash options.
● It comes with TurboWash technology.
● It has an option to steam clothes.
● Wifi support for better accessibility.
● The drum is made of stainless steel.
● It has a 2 years warranty from LG.


  • It is a powerful washing machine.
  • The washer has an inbuilt wifi function with which you can operate it remotely.
  • The capacity of 9 KG is impressive.
  • It’s great for bigger Indian families.
  • There is an option to steam clothes.
  • It comes with motion cleaning tech.
  • Auto-restart option for sudden cut-off.
  • The machine has a stainless steel drum.
  • A warranty period of 2+10 years from LG.


  • Quite expensive, but you pay for its quality and capacity.
  • It is a big appliance, so a trolley will be helpful.


LG has been present in the Indian market for a long time. They know the needs of Indian households, and this product is perfect for a large family. It can help them to have clean clothes every day without backbreaking manual laundry.

9. LG 7 Kg Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine

LG FH296HDL24 Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Wonderful User-Friendly Design

If you are worried about operating a front loader washing machine, then do not think anymore. LG’s washers are easy to use mainly because of the simple instructions. The panel is there in the front, and selecting a program is just a button away.

An appliance with a terrific cleaning potential

LG utilizes six different types of motion to get the best cleaning. You only need to select a setting, and the washer will do its job. The water comes from different directions to immerse the clothes and wash them. And, everything happens without unnecessary tangles.

LG 7 Kg Front-Loading Washing Machine
17 Reviews
LG 7 Kg Front-Loading Washing Machine

● A machine with a capacity of 7 KG.
● There are six different motions.
● The inverter control system is present.
● Special baby care wash program.
● Comes with a great in-built heater.
● No belt or pulley system is used.
● There is a stainless steel drum in it.
● 1200 RPM is the maximum rotation speed.
● There are 11 various wash programs.
● LG provides a 10-year warranty.


  • The machine is easy to use for everyone.
  • The motor is quite sturdy and durable.
  • 11 different wash programs are there.
  • There is protection against power swing.
  • A special wash program for baby laundry.
  • It does have an in-built water heater.
  • It comes with an auto-tub clean facility.
  • LG provides a 10 years warranty.


  • It can be a little noisy.


Households often need a washing machine that is efficient yet affordable. LG has made it possible through this handy front load washer. It is effortless to understand its functions, and you will be free from manual laundry forever after the buy.

10. Haier 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Haier 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

 A washer with efficient energy consumption

You do not need to think about big energy bills once you get this washing machine. As an A++ rated front loading washing machine, it does a fantastic job of saving energy. It utilizes minimal power even while running at its highest speed.

An affordable and durable product

Efficiency is often believed to come with a high cost, but that isn’t true over here. You pay for a great washing machine that has the perfect design. The glass door allows you to peek inside while keeping things airtight. Its steel tub and the well-made body assures a long lifespan at your home.

Haier 6 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine
30 Reviews
Haier 6 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

● It comes with a capacity of 6 KG.
● 1000 RPM is the best working speed.
● It has an A++ energy efficiency rating.
● Anti-bacterial tech for best cleaning.
● It can work at near zero pressure.
● The steel drum contains 128 muscles.
● There is an in-built heater in it.
● 75 dB is the maximum noise created.
● There are 13 different wash programs.
● 2+10 years warranty from Haier.


  • It has a thoughtful and durable design.
  • Using the washer is as easy as possible.
  • There are 13 distinct wash programs.
  • The appliance is quite affordable.
  • It has an A++ energy efficiency rating.
  • You do not need many washes to clean.
  • The tub does have a unique design.
  • Haier provides a 2+10 year warranty.

What We Do not Like

  • The washing machine only fit for a small family.


Haier brings quality along with all its appliances. When it comes to this washing machine, they have filled it up with necessary technologies. It is excellent for small families who have been looking for a powerful front load machine. They can just fill it up with laundry and get clean clothes without the physical struggle.

How Does a front loading washing machine work?

Are you quite distant when it comes to knowing the working principles of home appliances? If yes, then do not get scared. They can appear confusing at first, but most of them are easy to understand. You do not really need to know a lot about any appliance, yet basic knowledge is always appreciated.

So, a front load washing machine requires you to fill the laundry up by opening a front door. That is the simple explanation that you will get. The thing about front loading washers is that they operate on the Y-axis.

The best thing about the front loader washing machine is that they do not have an agitator. It cleans your clothes through the paddles or indents made on the wall of the inner drum. A front loading machine also has two drums.

As you know, the inner drum moves, but the outer drum doesn’t. Because it is on the Y-axis, front loading appliances do not use much water. Most of the machines also come with sensors to measure the optimal amount of water.

Like any other washing machine, the front loaders also have a motor. The earlier models used to be guided by belts or pulleys, but the latest models do not have them. The front load washers are super-powerful and great at drying your clothes.

These washing machines have a glass door with an airtight gasket to prevent water from escaping. Some models let you pause a wash and add extra laundry, but most don’t. An additional point has to be the in-built heaters that help in defeating pesky germs and viruses.

There was a time when the front loading washing machines were known for the weird vibrations. But, it has gone down significantly in the latest models. They come equipped with the best technologies to keep your clothes clean and fresh.

Is buying a front loading washing machine worth in India?

Front loader washers are comparatively new in India. Most people do not want to buy them as they may look intimidating. But, the reality is starkly different. They are one of the most user-friendly washers that you can find in the Indian market.

worthiness of best front loading washing machines in India

Front loaders are great for Indian households as they save a tonne of water and energy. Most of them come with energy efficiency, which turns into a lower electricity bill. They even have important sensors and wash settings to cut down further on water and power.

Yes, the models are expensive when compared to other models present in the Indian market. But, there are several reasons behind it, including better quality and usefulness. Front loading washing machines often have a premium look and feel that goes well with decors.

One of the best points of having front loader machines is their space-saving capacity. Most of them are sleek, and you can even install them under your kitchen platform. They can even be stacked if you are buying an additional drier.

In all, we do think that front load washers are worth your money if you want to invest in a good product.

These appliances get made by some of the best companies present in India. They fill it up with amazing features that are futuristic and helpful.

On top of everything, they take you away from the backbreaking laundry days. These washing machines are great for people who like to do their laundry on a daily basis. So, yes, it is worthy of buying a front loader washer in India.

The most common alternative to a front loading washing machine is a top loading machine. People often have confusion about which one to buy- front loading or top loading washers. The selection is totally dependant on the requirements of the users. The top loading washing machines involve less effort but usually more consumption of water.

best brands for front loading washing machine

Best brands for front load washers

When it comes to buying electronic appliances, it is good to trust the best brands. These brands often carry products that have quality assurance. They also provide the much-needed warranty that promises an excellent service. So, here are the best Indian brands for front loading washing machines.


We have mentioned several Bosch products because they are the best in this forte. Bosch is an international brand that uses German technology to make its products. They have a whole range of washing machines in various sizes. Bosch has its own water droplet tub design that enhances the washing of clothes. They have also mastered the art of reducing noise and vibration in these appliances. The washing machines from Bosch are intelligent, and they never forget to include the latest techs. With their premium quality, Bosch products provide the assurance of longevity.


Samsung is another brand that is akin to India. We Indians love their product, and they also make front loading washing machines. They believe in thorough cleaning, which made them develop their EcoBubble technology. The drum works to remove all the dirt and grime with the least possible water and energy. On top of that, Samsung has turned its appliances smart. So, your smartphone comes handy to control the washing machine. Samsung has worked on providing hygienic washes by including a top-of-the-class ceramic water heater. They have a selected range of front loading washers, but they are amazing.


IFB produces premium quality appliances, and they will awe you with its range. They have many different front loading washing machines with top-notch features. IFB has worked on developing the cradle wash technology to wash clothes delicately. The appliances also follow the 3D wash technology that cleans from three directions. With the perfect amount of scrubbing, your load turns out perfectly clean. The latest models also have a steam wash that helps to get rid of viruses and allergens from your clothes.


If we talk about smart home appliances, then LG is a pioneer in that field. They have always made machines that work smoothly without giving you any tension. LG vouches that their products have the cutting-edge technology that you need to have. The front loading washing machines vary in sizes from 6 to 10 KG depending on your need. Steam has been included in the latest models to make each batch of laundry fresh and safe. LG follows the six motion DD technology that cleans every stain and dirt out of a load. Even after that much movement, you get to have clothes that remain protected.


Haier is another brand that has worked into becoming a top name in the Indian market. They follow a policy of simplicity where the appliances are easy to use. So, their front loading washing machines are top-notch and seamless at the same time. The inverter technology keeps the washing machines healthy. Its muscular tub is quite unique at providing an excellent clean without damaging the clothes. On top of that, most of Haier’s washers have an A++ energy rating letting you save a lot on power expenditures.

best front load washing machine buying guide

Buying Guide for the front load washing machines in India

As you are looking for the best front loading washing machine, you must check the following 10 factors before buying it. This will help you match your requirements with the right product you select.

1. Load Capacity

It is essential to find out the load capacity that is fit for your home. If you live alone, a 6 KG washer is fine, but a family of 4 or above will need one with 7-9 KG capacity. It is better to get a larger one rather than a smaller device.

2. Wash Settings

There are different wash programs in a washing machine to make things easier for you. So, check the various programs present in the machine before buying it. We will also tell you to get a washing machine with customizable options.

3. Spin Speed

What is the highest rotation speed of a machine? A good front load washer has a variety of spin cycles. The maximum speed can vary from 800 RPMs to 1400 RPMs depending on the size and strength of a machine. A machine should have a mix of slow and fast spin cycles.

4. Tub

The tub is the most crucial part of a washing machine. It does the magic of washing your clothes. A stainless steel tub is the best bet right now. You should also check the tub design as it helps in the effective cleaning of clothes.

5. Heater or Steamer

Most front load washing machines have an in-built heater. It helps in removing stains from the clothes. But, at the same time, it also gets rid of viruses, germs, and allergens. Do look for a steamer as it comes handy, especially if you have kids and pets.

6. Energy Efficiency

As we care for our planet and our pockets, we want an efficient washing machine. It is optimal to have a machine with any energy efficiency rating of five stars. But, it is okay to get a washer that has three or more stars.

7. Water Use and Pressure Requirement

Front loader machines are known for using less water. So, you need to see the amount of water it will use. Different companies have various ways to reduce the use of water. Also, do take note of the required water pressure. Some machines can work on minimal pressure, but that may not be true for all appliances.

8. Noise and Vibration

Do you have kids or pets at your home? If yes, then noise and vibration suddenly become extra important. Appliances these days have cut down on the aspects, but you still need to be sure. Anything that is super noisy may disturb or irritate babies or pets.

9. Self-cleaning

It is crucial to maintain a front loading washing machine. So, brands have started to include tub cleaning options. We will tell you to get one that has the option as it reduces your need to get down and clean it.

10. Warranty

What will you do if the washing machine suddenly gets into trouble? You will definitely think about calling for help. That is primarily the reason for choosing a brand that provides a good warranty. Most companies offer a 2-year comprehensive warranty on the washer. On top of that, an extended warranty is provided on the motor. So, get the one the best warranty benefits, but only after reading the rules.

How to use a front load washing machine after you buy it?

  • The first thing you should do is to read the user manual of the washing machine. Every brand has its own rules and directions, so it is essential to know about the right things. The manual will also guide you to use the front loading washing machine in the best possible manner.
  • You should also invest in getting a suitable detergent that is specifically made for front load washers. The manual will also tell you about the correct dosing to follow. Always remember to use the soap in the specified space.
  • The first real step will be to load the laundry. Every washing machine comes with a specified capacity, so do not overfill a tub. Also, make sure to separate the colours and fabrics to maintain the health of clothes. Every load should have enough space to move around the machine.
  • Load the detergent, bleach, and fabric conditioners on their specific areas. Make sure that none of them get mixed with each other.
  • Now, choose the wash settings. It is better to start off by selecting one of the automatic options. Once you get the hang of the machine, you can do custom settings. Choosing the right temperature is crucial for keeping your clothes healthy. Also, remember to select the correct duration of the wash.
  • Make sure to close the door properly to avoid any problems. Also, turn off the appliance before unloading the laundry.

Maintenance for the Best front load washing Machines

  • The first concern of front loading washing machines is mold growth. You should clean the gasket as well as the inside of the tub frequently to prevent molds.
  • Most washers come with a tub clean option. So, before selecting the program, add two cups of white vinegar into the detergent tray. Follow it up with a hot rinse to get rid of the smell.
  • If you feel the need for an additional cycle, then run one with two cups of bleach. Bleach is a great substance when it comes to killing off unwanted bacteria or mold.
  • Do not forget to clean the door of the washing machine. A damp cloth works great for this job. Follow it up by wiping down the exterior of the washing machine.
  • Make sure to clean the dispenser tray as there can be a detergent build-up. Soak it for 10-20 minutes if it doesn’t get clean on the very first rinse.
  • To minimize mold growth, leave the washer door open after a wash cycle.

To know more about cleaning of front loading washing machines, read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why front load washers are better?

Front load washing machines are better for several reasons. They are accepted as much more efficient compared to other models. At the same time, they use less energy and water, which is good for the Earth and our pockets. These models also tend to be quick cleaners, and the appliances are stackable.

How long do front loading washing machines last?

The washers can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years. Its health will also depend on the frequency of usage. So, a machine that is used every day may have a shorter lifespan. But, regular servicing can increase its health drastically. 

Do all front load washers have mold problems?

Front loading washing machines should not catch up with mold problem if you take good care of it. You should let the gasket air dry after every wash. It is also advisable to wipe the machine clean from time to time. Clean your tub with bleach if you suspect mold growth.

Is Bosch washing machine better than LG?

It is best to say that Bosch is the most recommended front loader washing machine. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get an LG washer. Both companies are known for their amazing quality. So, your choice will primarily depend on the requirements that you have from the machine.

Is it worth getting a washing machine fixed or should you buy a new one?

Let us be real, front loader washing machines are costly. It is obvious that you cannot buy one every other year. So, the best thing to do is to get professional help. Good brands always include an extended warranty period with their washers to let you get proper assistance. But if it is old and showing abnormalities, you should buy a new one.


Finally, we can say that front loader washing machines are a wonderful thing to have at your home. We have mentioned some of the best models that are currently available in the market. Our recommendation for the best front load washing machine in India has got several good reviews from former buyers. So, write down the requirements that you have from a washing machine and start looking. We are sure that our tips will help you to purchase a great appliance.

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