6 Best Hair Curler Machine (Iron) in India – Everything you need to know in 2022

Hairstyling is key to make someone look more attractive and polished.

You must be familiar with the bouncy hair seen in stylized photos. The well-curled hair shapes your face and adds a nice dimension.

Alas, most of us aren’t gifted with perfect bouncy hair. We generally end up spending tonnes on getting the perfect look.

Usually, styling your hair may take hours when it comes to visiting a salon. Or, rollers make you wait for an eternity. But, curling irons make it an easier job by giving you a personal tool.

These intelligent gadgets let you get an attractive curly look in only a few minutes. The latest models protect your hair while you style it in every way possible. Newer models come with various coatings that make your hair look shiny and gorgeous.

What is the best part of having a hair curler?

You can have a completely new look every day!

A hair curler and a hair straightener can give you the choice to look like your favorite celeb in only a few moments. A great thing is that these tools are quite affordable, especially for us Indians.

We did our research to find the best hair curler in India. Currently, the Philips BHB862 Hair Curler is topping all the charts in 2022. Being a handy ceramic hair curler, it provides the optimal styles.

It’s 16 mm barrel is perfect for getting the classic bouncy look. We also appreciate the safety precautions added by Philips.

If you are interested to know more, we have included information about other hair curlers. So, keep on reading to see the secret of getting bouncy flowing hair.

best hair curler in India

Best Hair Curlers In India – Comparison (2022)

Philips BHB862 Hair Curler16 mm200°CAmazon
VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler22 mm230°CAmazon
Havells Hair Curler Iron7 mm190°CAmazon
Syska Hair Curler19 mm200°CAmazon
Babyliss Hair Curler19 mm200°CAmazon
NOVA Hair Curling Iron19 mm220°CAmazon

6 best Hair Curler Machines in India

1. Philips BHB862 Hair Curler – Top Pick For 2022

Philips BHB862 Hair Curler

Key features

  • 16 mm is the diameter of the barrel.
  • Protects hair by the ceramic coating.
  • It has a blinking LED indicator.
  • 40 W is the maximum power input.
  • The curler gets heated in 60 seconds.
  • 200°C is the maximum temperature.
  • The cool tip lets you hold it easily.
  • It comes with a 1.8 m swivel cord.
  • 110 – 220V is the power requirement.
  • Philips provides a two-year warranty.

Perfect Design for Versatile Curls

A 16 mm barrel lets you have the choice of styling your hair. Every day you can style your hair differently. The design is great for tight and loose curls. Philips makes sure that you can hold the hair properly on the barrel.

You can get the perfect bouncy hairstyle with this curling rod. As it reaches up to 200°C, your hair will hold the style for a long time.

Protects Hair With the Ceramic Coating

Don’t you like shiny hair?

We all do! Philips has coated the curling rod with a ceramic coating. It protects your hair even when you style your hair regularly.

You do not need to worry about any hair damage. The ceramic coating also helps the curler to maintain an even temperature. It provides a salon-like finish to your styling right at your home.

Heats up Very Quickly

The curling iron has a heating time of just sixty seconds, so it never makes you wait. You only need to plug it in, and it will be ready for use. There is a blinking indicator that lets you know when the iron is hot.

To make it safer, Philips has added a cool touch tip in the front of the barrel. It is easy to use this curling iron even for a beginner.


  • The size of the barrel is perfect for easy styling.
  • It comes with a ceramic coating that is very useful.
  • Long swivel cord for easy handling.
  • It has a blinking indicator for monitoring.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • The design is sleek and stylish.


  • Can’t toggle the temperature, but it gets balanced well.
  • Only available in one barrel size.

What is Best About this Hair Curler?

Philips has brought this easy-to-use hair curler at an affordable price. It is excellent for people who are learning to curl their hair. The curler also has an apt barrel size and enough safety measures. All these qualities make it the best hair curler for long hair.

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2. VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler

VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler

Key features

  • 22 mm is the diameter of the barrel.
  • Contains ceramic-coated chrome plates.
  • 80°C – 230°C is the temperature range.
  • Comes with a cool tip and a safety stand.
  • There is an LCD for the temperature.
  • A clamp helps to hold your hair while curling.
  • It has a rubberized grip handle for comfort.
  • The power requirement is 220 – 240V.
  • 45W is the maximum power consumption.
  • Vega offers a two-year warranty on it.

Provides Salon like Styling

One of the complaints that people have is about thin barrels. Thicker curling rods let you get the perfect wavy hair look. Vega adds a 22 mm barrel to make it possible for everybody. It even has a clamp that enables you to hold on to your hair.

Additionally, the ceramic coating provides luster to your hair. It locks in the moisture of your hair without causing any damage.

A great part of using this curler is its ability to reach a higher temperature. The tool can give you tight, as well as loose curls in just a few minutes.

If you have long hair, this is the best hair curler under 2000 INR.

Adjustable Temperature

A curler with different temperatures is always inclusive. Vega has created a curling iron that everyone can use. The temperature reaches 230°C, which is excellent for people with thick hair. There is also an LCD that shows the temperature of choice.

The curling iron is perfect for all types of hair. If you were looking for a versatile styling tool, then this is a fantastic choice. The temperature range is between 80°C to 230°C.

Ample Safety Measure

Safety is vital when it comes to hot tools. Vega has added a cool tip so that you can easily hold the curler. It also has a safety stand to keep it away from touching any surface.

It also has a gripped handle, which helps you hold on to the curler. Your hands wouldn’t get tired even after curling for a long time.


  • The length of the barrel is good.
  • It is an extremely affordable product.
  • Works well for all types of hair.
  • The temperature can be adjusted.
  • It has a gripped handle for a comfortable hold.
  • The curling iron has a safety stand.
  • It is best for long hair because of the long barrel.


  • Only available in one variant.

What is Best About this Hair Curler?

Vega is trustable when it comes to buying the best products for an affordable price. It is one of the best hair curling iron available in India right now. You are getting a safe and useful product that lets you have well-styled hair. The best thing about this curler is its temperature variability.

3. Havells HC4032 Thin Chopstick Curler

Havells HC4032 7 Mm Thin Chopstick Curler

Key features

  • 7 mm is the diameter of the curler.
  • 190°C is the maximum temperature.
  • The curler has a ceramic coating.
  • A cool tip is included for safety.
  • It also has a built-in safety stand.
  • The heating time for it is 60 seconds.
  • There is a tangle-free swivel cord.
  • 25 W is power consumption.
  • An LED indicator is present in it.
  • Havells provides a two-year warranty.

Get Flawless Tight Curls

Tight curls never go out of fashion. The thin 7mm barrels let you style the hair to get a gorgeous look. It provides you a drastically different look after the styling gets over. As the barrel contains ceramic coating, no frizz is added to the hair.

It is a lightweight design that lets you style your hair with ease. You can work quickly with it. And, it heats up in just sixty seconds. The high temperature makes sure that the hair holds the curls.

Along with long hairs, this product is the best hair curler for short hairs too.

Travel Friendly Design

As most curling irons aren’t foldable, they can take up a lot of space. Havells has given this curler a slim look. Because of its compact size, you can easily pack it up with the luggage.

It also comes with a 1.8 m swivel cord. So, you can curl your hair even when the power outlet is at a distance. A built-in safety stand lets you place the stand without any damage.


  • Perfect for getting tight curls.
  • Heats up in just sixty seconds.
  • Portable and good for traveling.
  • Works well for all hair types.
  • There is a ceramic coating on it.


  • The temperature can’t be changed, but it is relatively high.
  • Not suitable for loose curl styles.

What is Best About this Hair Curler?

Are you looking for the quintessential tight curl look? If yes, then this is the perfect chopstick curling wand for you. It heats up well, and you can style your hair quickly. The curler also has a ceramic coating that protects the hair from any damage.

4. Syska HC700 Salon Finish Hair Curler

Syska HC700 Salon Finish Hair Curler

Key features

  • 19 mm is the width of the barrel.
  • 200°C is the maximum temperature.
  • Ceramic coating is there on the barrel.
  • This curler has an LED indicator.
  • A safety stand enables good placement.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel cord.
  • 32W is the maximum power consumption.
  • There is rapid heating for fast styling.
  • It also has a cool top for added safety.
  • Syska provides a 2-year warranty.

Made for the Beginners

Are you looking for the best hair curler in India under 1000 INR?

If so, this is a perfect choice for you.

As we have said, beginners often need a relatively easy hot tool. In this hair curler, there are professional-level features. But, you can get it at an affordable price.

It comes with much-needed safety precautions like a cool tip and a stand. The temperature can go on till 200°C, which is appreciable.

The hair curler has an excellent design that lets you hold it comfortably. It is great for beginners because it operates with a single button. The medium-sized barrels make it a perfect place to start with the styling.

Get the Natural Look

When you are starting with styling, a natural look is the best starting point. The 19mm barrel is perfect for loose beachy curls. Syska themselves recommend it for a more natural look.

As it has a clamp, you don’t need to do guesswork. You have to take sections and twist them around the clamp. It gets heated quickly and sets your curly style with a salon-like finish.


  • It is a good curler for beginners.
  • The curler heats up quickly.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Syska is excellent at providing safety.
  • There is a ceramic coating on it.
  • A perfect curler for fine hair.
  • There is a long swivel cord in it.
  • A two-year warranty is provided.


  • Not great for tighter curls, but it gives a fabulous natural look.
  • The temperature is low and can’t be toggled, making it perfect for fine hair.

What is Best About this Hair Curler?

Syska is an Indian company that speaks for safety when it comes to electronic products. They provide us this hair curler, which is beginner-friendly. The best part is that it provides salon-like styling right at your home. At its affordable price, it is hard to beat the quality and the awesome curls.

5. Babyliss C519E Ipro 200 Hair Curler

Babyliss C519E Ipro 200 Hair Curler

Key features

  • It has a barrel with a width of 19mm.
  • 200℃ is the maximum temperature.
  • There are ten temperature levels.
  • 180 seconds in the heat-up time.
  • There is a built-in stand swivel cord.
  • An LCD is included in the curler.
  • The curler has a ceramic coating.
  • It does come with a clamp to hold the hair.
  • Comes with the I-temperature technology.
  • Babyliss provides a 3-year warranty.

Precise Control Over the Temperature

Most curling irons come with one or two temperature settings. In this Babyliss curling iron, you get ten temperature levels. You can choose between 100°C to 200°C, which is excellent. The feature makes this curler perfect for all types of curly hairstyles.

You can go for a higher temperature for more defined curls. It also comes with Babyliss’ very own I-Technology. The temperature is adequately controlled to protect the hair while curling. We also like the buttons that they have added, and it also has an LCD.

Works Well With All Types of Hair

A hair type should perfectly match the features of a hair curler. Generally, people with extra-fine or thick hair find it hard to get a curler. Babyliss has solved the problem for them.

The high-temperature range of this curling iron makes it useful for all hair types. It also comes with a ceramic coating that protects the hair. You will get a nice professional finish after styling the hair.

The heating time of the curler is also extremely low. So, styling wouldn’t take much time while using this curler. It has a 19mm barrel which is perfect for getting the most natural look.


  • Easy to control the temperature.
  • The ceramic coating protects your hair.
  • The design is durable and handy.
  • Works well for all types of hair.
  • It heats up to 200°C in just 180 seconds.


  • It is expensive, but the quality is phenomenal.
  • Only available in one barrel size.

What is Best About this Hair Curler?

Babyliss, as a premium brand, has brought out this fantastic hair curler. It gives you superior temperature control, that has ten levels. The curling iron also works great for several types of hair which is great.

6. Nova Dmecha Nuclear Plastic Hair Curler

Nova Dmecha Nuclear Plastic Hair Curler

Key features

  • 19 mm is the width of the barrel.
  • The heating-up time is about 5 minutes.
  • It comes with a clamp for the hair.
  • 86.8 g is the weight of the curler.
  • There is a safety stand on it.
  • A cool tip lets you hold it safely.
  • There is a long swivel cord.
  • It comes with a comb accessory.
  • There is a ceramic coating on it.
  • It is best for the thick hair type.

The Cheapest Option

How much do you think a curling iron will cost?

Nova beats the price of its competitors with the best hair curler just under 500 INR in India.

They bring this curling iron at one of the most affordable prices. You pay for getting a full-on curler for a fraction of a price compared to similar products.

It is an excellent curler for those who want to dip their toes into styling. With its safety features, this curling iron is a great option. We like the fact that it has a ceramic coating. Even though the temperature is not mentioned, the ceramic helps to balance the heat.

Great for Thick Haired Ladies

People who have thick hair often have a hard time getting a good curler. Nova recommends this for those who have thick gorgeous hair. The 19 mm barrel lets them have tight curls or a more natural look.

The ceramic coating on the barrel protects the thick hair and adds shine to it. It’s a lightweight curling iron, so you can work with it without getting uncomfortable.


  • The price is affordable.
  • It comes with a clamp.
  • The curler is easy to use.
  • There is a stand in this curler.
  • It comes with a swivel cord.
  • A great option for thick hair.


  • No warranty is mentioned, but Nova is a widely available trusted brand.
  • Not for thin hair as it doesn’t have a specified temperature.

what is Best About this Hair Curler?

Nova is a relatively new company, but it has products that are priced competitively. At its price, you get a great curling iron that provides impressive results. We recommend it for those who do not want to break a bank to start with the styling.

Why should you buy a hair curler?

Have you been thinking about styling up your hair? Salon visits might tempt you, but they are very costly. Curling irons are the next best thing you can have. The best hair curler in India allows you to style the hair in luscious curls right at your home.

But, is a curling iron beneficial? Here are some of the benefits that we have learned from this helpful hot tool.

benefits of hair curling irons

Value for Money

The affordability of the curling iron makes it a favorite of many.

Rather than spending a lot of time and money in a salon, you can do it at your home. And, the result is never that different.

Most brands are quite competitive with their pricing. You can go for an average barrel size that allows more versatile styling.

Most people pay more in a single salon visit compared to the price of a curler.

We will always suggest you go for reasonable budget-friendly options that do that job well.

Ceramic curling irons are cheap, and they provide excellent results.

Curls are Quintessential

Curls always remain in fashion. They are great for adding a newer dimension to your face. Though people have gravitated towards straight hair, curls are always a go-to style. If you have a party to attend, then nothing can beat a good curly-haired look.

With a curling iron, you can get the look fast. You can go for a curly look that suits your face and style. There was a time when curling irons used to be frisky. But that isn’t the case anymore.

Now, curling irons come with temperature controls and better comfort. You can easily get the look of your choice without much fuss.

Saves Your Time

Having your curling iron means that you will save a lot of time. You wouldn’t need to wait for an appointment. All you need to do is to plug in the curling iron to start styling.

These days, brands have worked to reduce the time taken for a curler to heat up. Most models heat up in less than 60 seconds, which is impressive. It lets you style your hair in no time.

Curling thicker hair will take more time, so it depends on the type of hair a person has.

Get a New Look

The best thing about heat styling your hair is that it is temporary. You do not need to commit to a single hairstyle. The style will go away once you wash your hair.

A curling iron is great for people who want to experiment with their hair. Curls are always in fashion. So, having a curling iron will let you choose to style your hair.

Newer models also have an extra coating that keeps your hair damage-free. So, you can style your hair daily without having any lasting consequences.

Curling Irons Last for a Long Time

Purchasing a hot tool is an investment. You want to make an investment that stays with you. Most brands make hardy hot tools that last for long.

Always go for durable curling irons, as they will stay with you. It should come with a warranty and ample safety measures. When you take care of a curling iron, it may last for more than ten years.

Get Rid of Your Boring Hair Style

Most of us never pay much attention to our hair. We usually style it in a boring or drab way. But, curling irons lets you experiment with the look.

Tight and loose curls both work well according to the outfit or occasion. These days, there are different styles of curling irons that you may buy. Get one that lets you play with your hair to get numerous different looks.

So, there can be several reasons for buying a curling iron. According to us, the versatility and fun of curling irons make them great tools. Having a curling iron in your vanity lets you have a fun makeover almost every day.

buying guide for best hair curling irons

How to choose the best hair curler machine? – Buying Guide

Don’t we suffer from endless dilemmas when it comes to choosing a single product? Nothing is different when it comes to purchasing a good hair curler in India. We researched to find the must-haves in a curling iron. These points will help you get the finest product at the best price.

have a look on the Type of Hair

The first thing to do is to observe your hair. You should choose a curling iron based on the type of hair you have. A person with more delicate hair should go for a curling iron that has a low temperature. In comparison, someone with thick and long hair must go for one that reaches a higher temperature.

Make sure to check the brand recommendation for a particular curling iron. People with shorter hair also benefit from a small barrel size.

Types of Curling Iron

Most of us are familiar with the barrel curling irons, but there is more. Different shapes of curling iron may give different outcomes. So, the most common types include:

1. The Classic Barrel

It is the most common curling rod that you see in the market. These come in different barrel sizes according to the curls that you want. A thinner barrel lets you have tighter curls.

The rods usually have a ceramic plating that protects the hair from getting damaged. These may or may not come with a clamp. It works like a clip that lets you hold the hair in place.

The classic straight barrels are perfect for beginners. You need to wrap the hair around the barrel and wait for a few seconds. These are quite inexpensive and are extensively available in the market.

2. Conical Curling Iron

By the very name, you can understand that the barrel is shaped like a cone. So, the curling wand tapers to a cone. It is excellent if you do not want to invest in curling irons with different barrel shapes. The tapered end helps you to get tighter curls.

These are also great for adding soft waves or beachy curls to your hair.

3. Pearl or Spiral Curling Irons

If you love looser curls, then a pearl or spiral curling iron will be a great option. They are beginner-friendly but much more expensive compared to straight barrels. You have to wrap the hair around the pearls or spirals to get a more laid-back look.

These options are much better if you want a more natural look. Opt for them if you’re going to add more volume to yours.

4. Interchangeable Barrels

These curling irons come with interchangeable barrels. So, you get a more versatile approach to curling your hair. It is excellent for those who have already used curling irons for a while. They are much costlier than usual curling irons.

Barrel Size of best hair curlers

The size of the barrel is crucial in a curling iron. Most standard-sized barrels of 16-20mm will give you looser curls. So, you may want to go for a thinner barrel for tighter curls. At the same time, it is best to choose a bigger barrel for people with thick and long hair.

If you are a beginner, go for a medium-sized barrel. It will give you more natural and smoother curls. People who want a more defined and classic hairstyle may go for small barrels of 12-15 mm.

Corkscrew or chopstick barrels measure between 7-10 mm, and they provide a fun look. The curls are much more defined. and it has a spring-like quality. If you have super short hair, then you may think about getting such a curling iron.

Materials Used in Curling Iron

We want you to choose a curling iron that will stay with you. Most of the best hair curler irons have a metal wand with a ceramic finish. Ceramic is the right choice as it protects your hair. They are also great at evenly distributing the heat.

Other choices include titanium or tourmaline coatings. These great coatings add a shiny luster to your hair. These choices are definitely expensive, but they have much better quality.

Some even come with gold or chrome finishes. They look good, but we wouldn’t suggest it for people with thin hair. Gold does add a shine to your hair, but the temperature distribution isn’t excellent.

Apart from the barrel, have a look at the other components. The plastic used in the curling iron should be of the best quality.

Temperature Settings

A hot tool is all about its temperature. Without the right temperature, it wouldn’t be able to give your hair the proper curls. People who have thicker hair should go with a curling iron that lets you control the temperature. It generally ranges between 100°C  to 200°C.

People who have finer hair should go for a curling iron that has a lower temperature. It will protect their hair and maintain even heating in the barrel.

We always prefer a curling iron that lets you toggle between temperatures. It gives you more style choices. You need a higher temperature to get tighter curls compared to a natural look.

Operation Indicator

Every curling iron should have an accurate indicator. It helps you to know when the curling iron is hot. An LED light is generally added to curlers to make it easier for you.

Some models even come with small LCDs that show the choice of temperature. They are excellent additions as it makes things much clearer.

Safety Measures

You need to be careful when you are using a hot tool. Companies should add measures from their side to keep the users safe. Try to go for curling irons that have a cool tip. It allows you to hold the curling iron without getting burnt.

Another great addition is a safety stand. It lets you keep the iron from touching any surface when it’s hot. Also, make sure to check out the length of its cord. Generally, long cords are apt for better maneuverability.

Weight and Travel Friendliness

No one wants a chunky hot tool. We tend to ignore our gadgets when it is too heavy. So, always check the weight of a curling iron before making the purchase.

A lightweight tool will also make it easy for you to travel with it. Also, check the handle to see if it has a grip or not. A grip makes it much easier for you to hold the curling iron for a long period. We prefer a curling iron that is compact and easy to carry.

Ease of Use

Choose a curling iron that is apt for your level of expertise. A beginner will find it hard to use a professional-level hot tool. So, make sure to go for something that you can handle.

Go for the most basic curling iron if you are just starting with styling. It is also better to get a model with a lower temperature or with multiple temperatures. The internet comes of great help when you need to learn the ways.

Brand and Warranty

The market is full of good-looking curling irons that can be damaging to your hair. It is always good to go for a branded product for the best results. Here we have talked about some of the best-branded curling irons available in India.

The good thing about brands is the warranty that they bring. A warranty ensures that you will get help directly from the brands. Most brands provide a 1-2 year warranty on curling irons.

Best Hair Curler Brands in India

As mentioned, choosing a hair curler from a brand is essential to get the right product.

But which brands are good for hair curlers?

We have come up with five brands that have a fantastic range of products. The hair curling irons made by them have touched the hearts of many.


Philips, as a brand, is phenomenal when it comes to producing home appliances. They have an extensive range of hot tools in their catalog. Currently, they make one 16mm curling iron, which is basic and fabulous.

It is excellent for beginners who are starting with using curling irons. The simple design of the curler with a medium-sized barrel gives a flowy natural look. Its ceramic coating protects the hair while adding a shiny texture to it.

Philips also provides a two-year warranty, which is excellent. The superior build quality ensures that the curling iron will last with you for a long time.

best hair curler brands in India


Vega has made itself known with its excellent hot tools. They make a range of affordable curling irons with the best features. Currently, they make five different curling irons, including a chopstick curler.

Vega products have high-temperature ranges, which is great for people with thick hair. At an affordable price, you get to have professional styling right at your home.

We like the quick 60 seconds heating present in the Vega curling irons. It cuts down on your wait time and lets you get done with the styling quickly and easily. Vega curlers are an excellent choice for both beginners and regular users.


Havells produces fewer products, but they work on making each one exceptionally useful. They have curling irons with thin and thick barrels for an excellent styling experience.

The best thing about Havells is the durability that they add to the products. Along with adequate safety measures, each product speaks through the features.

We especially like Havells because of their travel-friendly options. The lightweight curling irons are easy to carry, and it lets you get styled in an instant.


When it comes to adding safety to affordability, no one can beat Syska. They have a Salon Pro and a Salon Finish range for their customers. Every hair curler is of exceptional quality.

Syska includes a 30 seconds rapid heating that cuts down the wait time before styling. Their products even have auto shut-off, which is a vital safety measure for hot tools.

A premium finish ties everything together to give us a durable hair curler. It will last with you even after using it to style your hair almost every day.


Have you already mastered the art of styling your hair? If yes, then an international product like Babyliss is a fabulous choice. Their products are a little costly but you get products of exceptional quality. You get professional-level styling options right at your home.

We like the precise temperature controls provided by Babyliss. You can easily personalize a Babyliss curler to suit your needs of styling.

They have an extensive list of hair curlers made for almost all types of hair. We appreciate Babyliss for including products for beginners and seasoned stylists.

How to use a hair curler

How to use a hair curling iron?

Following the instructions may seem like a drag, but it is essential to get the best results. When it comes to a curler, you want to be very careful. Proper procedure of curling your hair will help you get a more natural look.

  • The first thing that you should do is to check the instruction manual. Each brand might have some particular set of instructions. The manual will also give you a basic idea of using a curling iron.
  • Make sure to choose the right curling iron. We have already talked about the things that you should look for before making the purchase.
  • You should wash your hair and dry it thoroughly using a hair dryer before styling with any hot tool. Go a little heavy on the conditioner to make your hair smoother. Brush off any knots and apply a heat resistant spray or cream. You can also add a bit of mousse to add a little volume.
  • Now, plug in your curling iron and wait till it reaches the perfect temperature. Do not touch the barrel. It is best to wear heat protection gloves while using a curling iron.
  • It is essential to section your hair while curling. Taking a larger section will result in looser curls. Go for small sections if you want defined curls.
  • You can either curl inwards or outwards, depending on your preference. It is essential to follow a pattern for a natural look. Make the curls more loose or tight according to the style you are going for.
  • In a wand that has a clamp, you need to feed sections into it. As you twist the rod, it will take the hair and curl it. Be gentle when you open the clamp to release the hair.
  • Do not leave the hair on the curler for more than 15 seconds. It is okay to see a bit of steam. But, discontinue curling if it gets too hot.
  • Wait for your hair to cool down after you are done with the styling. Then, break apart the curls with the help of your finger. Be gentle to give a more natural look.
  • Add a generous amount of hair spray to set the curls. It helps to maintain the look of the hair for hours.
  • Do not place the hot curling iron bare on any surface. Either prop it up on the stand or keep it on a heat resistant surface. Always remember to turn off the switch when after you finish styling.
  • Keep your hair away from water to retain the style that you have just done.
  • Do not rush into curling your hair. The time duration will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. It will take some time to learn the perfect process that suits you.
  • Keep trying for the best results. Do not shy away from learning new experimental styles to make them work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Curlers

How to choose the best hair curler in India?

We have already mentioned the major points that you should consider while looking for the best hair curler in India. Pay attention to its type and quality before making the purchase. Choose a hair curler that fits your experience of using a hot tool. Also, make sure to buy a branded product that falls under warranty coverage.

How much does a good hair curler cost?

The cost of a hair curler depends heavily on your budget. We have gathered information about six amazing hair curling irons that don’t cost much. Generally, the range starts from Rs 1000. Pay attention to its features and quality before you buy the curling iron.

What size hair curler should you get?

The size of the hair curler depends on the length and texture of your hair. It also depends on the type of curls that you would like to get. Go for a medium-sized barrel if you want tight as well as loose curls. You should compare different-sized barrels before placing the order.

How does a hair curler work?

A hair curler works like any other heat styling tool. The electrical energy gets converted into heat energy for curling the hair. It has a barrel on which you wrap your hair. The heat retains the curl that you have made while wrapping the hair.

How long should you hold the curling iron to your hair?

Do not hold your hair for more than 15 seconds on a curling iron. The simplest way to remember this is by counting to 15 once you have wrapped the hair. Making sure that you are holding the iron away from your scalp. We will suggest going for about 10 seconds if you have fine hair.

Does curling your hair daily make it weak?

Yes, curling your hair daily can make it weak if you do not take proper care of it. You should apply a heat protectant product before styling your hair. It is also better to style your hair and keep it away from moisture to retain it. Do not curl your hair every day if you have fine, colored, or brittle hair.

Is there any side effect to using a hair curling iron?

No, there is no apparent side effect of using a curling iron. But, you should definitely take better care of your hair. It is best to spend on some good heat protectant products. You should also condition your hair thoroughly to add moisture to the hair strands.

How to clean a hair curler?

The best way to clean a hair curler is by running a dry tissue on it. Keep it away from water as it is an electronic product. Rather than applying soap, clean it with the help of alcohol if it gets dirty. Wash your hair thoroughly before styling your hair to reduce product build-up on the barrel.

Which material is the best for a hair curler?

Most hair curlers come with a ceramic coating which is one of the best choices. Other common options include titanium and tourmaline coatings. You can also go for gold or chrome-coated barrels if you have thick hair. Get a material that works best for your hair.

Which type of hair curler is the best for short hair?

You can go for a hair curler with a short and thin barrel if you have short hair. These options let you get tighter curls that look good on short hair. Chopstick hair curlers also work great for short hair.

Should you use a heat protectant before curling hair?

Yes, you should definitely use a heat protectant before curling your hair. A heat protectant keeps your hair damage-free. It is a must for people who style their hair regularly.

Can you bring a hair curler on an airplane?

Yes, you can carry a hair curler in the luggage. Refrain from carrying it in the hand luggage. Choose a hair curler that is compact and lightweight as they are much more travel-friendly. Also, keep the curler in a protected case to keep it damage-free.

India’s best har curlers: Conclusion

Isn’t it hard to find the best product in the market?

We did the tough work for you to get the right hair curler machine. Our thorough research resulted in six amazing gadgets along with a detailed Buying Guide.

You can style your hair in several different ways after getting the best hair curler in India. You will get a fantastic hair curler if you follow our information. We have tried to provide you with comprehensive details about this fabulous hot tool.

Everyone has specific needs for a product that will work best for them. You can choose a product from our list or go for a completely different hair curler. Do your research correctly whenever you are investing in such an electronic device. There are tonnes of options waiting for you in the market in 2022.

There must be some questions that you always wanted to ask about hair curling irons. We have accumulated some of them and provide answers to them. They will surely help you find more about the handy styling tool that makes you look gorgeous instantaneously.

Keep your hair curler clean to get the most out of it for a long time. We hope that you find the best curling iron that suits you perfectly!

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