10 Best Hair Dryers in India for Women (2022)

Hairstyling has become a significant part of getting ready for the day. Having clean hair is a must to maintain a nice look. The high humidity level of India often leads to a longer drying time for your hair.

You may have used the towel vigorously on your head, which only leads to more hair damage. Didn’t you wish that the hair magically fixed itself after a shower?

Along with hair straighteners, hair dryers have become a versatile tool for many people. Its handy size and time management qualities make it a must-buy. Hair dryers use hot or cold hair to dry your hair.

It can also be used for styling your hair, especially to achieve a bouncy look. Like hair curlers, they provide an effortless start to your day at an affordable price.

Make sure to choose a hair dryer that can add value to your life. But there are literally thousands of hair dryers you can get in the market.

Now the question arises- which is the best hair dryer in India?

After analyzing more than 500 products from 12 reputed brands, we concluded that Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer is the best in the Indian market. Having three heat settings, it favorable by many hair specialists. The high wattage helps you to use it to its full potential. Philips has also added ionic qualities, which make the hair smooth and silky.

As the choice differs for persons, we have listed the Top 10 hair dryers that can suit your specific needs in 2022. They were chosen after studying their quality and usability in daily life. Let us have a look at these fabulous options to have the perfect blowout.

We also advise reading the Buying Guide to know the important factors for choosing the best dryer for styling hair.

Best Hair Dryer in India

Best Hair Dryers in India – Comparison

Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer1800 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer1500 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Remington Hair Dryer1800 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Wahl Professional Hair Dryer2000 Watts1 yearAmazon
Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer1200 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Panasonic Hair Dryer1000 Watts2 yearsAmazon
SYSKA Cold and Hot Hair Dryer1200 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Havells Lightweight Hair Dryer1200 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer1600 Watts2 yearsAmazon
Syska HD1600 Hair Dryer1000 Watts2 yearsAmazon

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in India (2022)

1. Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer

Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 1800 watts is its power capacity.
  • It does have three flexible speed settings.
  • Ion conditioning is present in this dryer.
  • 220-240 V is the maximum power input.
  • ThermoProtect keeps your hair healthy.
  • Cool shot option for that ready look.
  • 20% less noisy compared to other dryers.
  • Comes with a foldable handle for storage.
  • 1.8 m cord is provided in this hair dryer.
  • Philips provides a two-year warranty on it.

Personalized Setting for Hair

We like the three-speed setting in this hair dryer. The type of hair can determine the speed that works well. Your hair will turn out beautiful at every speed because of the “ThermoProtect” feature. The button is handy, and it lets you quickly change the speed.

This hair dryer features ionic care for hair. While applying it to hair, it produces numerous negatively charged ions that break down the water molecule. As they do not have any bad effects, the hair doesn’t get damaged.

Philips also includes a cool shot to provide a professional finish to your hairstyle.

Easy to Use and Carry

Philips has done an excellent job in designing the hair dryer. As the product weighs only 450 g, it is perfectly portable. It has a folding handle that makes it compact for traveling. Storing it in your luggage won’t be a problem.

The handle is sleek so you can easily hold on to it without getting cramps. As it has a 1.8 m long cord, it works well with hotel rooms or even bathrooms.

Very Attractive Design

This product from Philips is the most beautifully designed hair dryer available in India. With the handy shape, black-colored body, and blue concentrator, it looks very attractive. If you are looking for a product that is powerful and also elegant, this hair dryer suits you most.

Along with it, the operating buttons are also at a convenient place while using it. Anyone can change the setting with just a push with the thumb. All these features make the hair dryer perfect for regular use.


  • It is a powerful hairdryer with 1800 watts.
  • There are three-speed settings in it.
  • It comes with a 1.8 m power cord for ease.
  • ThermoProtect does work to protect the hair.
  • There is ion conditioning in this dryer.
  • The foldable handle makes it travel-friendly.
  • Philips offers a two-year warranty on it.


  • It still makes noise, but it is tolerable.
  • The cool shot isn’t potent, but it works well.


Philips is a leading brand in India when it comes to hair tools. They have produced many, and this product is the best hair dryer in India. It is a powerful tool that can dry your hair quickly. We also like the professional touch that Philips has given it.

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2. Havells 1500 Watts Hair Dryer

Havells 1500 Watts Hair Dryer

Key features

  • It comes with a power of 1500 watts.
  • There are three temperature settings.
  • Ionic care present for better hair.
  • 220 – 240 V is the voltage capacity.
  • There are two-speed settings in it.
  • It has a fixed concentrator for airflow.
  • 1.6 m is the length of the power cord.
  • Not much sound is made while it’s on.
  • The heat is balanced to provide an even flow.
  • Havells provides a 2-year warranty.

Powerful Drying Power

The best thing about this dryer is its drying power. Havells has given it 1500 watts which is fantastic. The fixed concentrator allows better access to the hair. It also comes with two-speed settings for more ease.

One can easily use it for everyday hair drying purposes. Because of the added ionic protection, the hair remains safe and shiny.

Hair Styling Features

In a budget model, you generally get one heat setting. But, this model has three of them. A blast of cold air is always good for your hair. So, you can choose between hot, warm, and cool while drying your hair.

The model also comes with heat balance technology. It will dry your hair at an even temperature. Your hair will be luscious and shiny after using this dryer.

Safety for Hair

Being an ionic hair dryer, you can use it for regular hair styling. With the latest technology, the dryer can neutralize dust particles present in the hair. If you are worried about frizziness, this dryer can take care of it well. Fo this reason, it is the best hair dryer for frizzy hair just under 1500 INR.

Professionals use cold airflow at the end of hair drying to set the pattern of hair. You can replicate the same thing with the “Cool Air Shot” to set the hairstyle. Along with it, this dryer also features a “Heat Balance Technology”. It distributes the heat uniformly on hairs to prevent damage.


  • There are three heat settings in this.
  • Two-speed settings are there in it.
  • Ionic care is there to protect the hair.
  • A fixed concentrator comes with it.
  • The handle can be folded for easy storage.
  • A 2-year warranty is provided with it.


  • It does make noise, but it isn’t too much.
  • The cord might have been a little longer, but it works well.


Havells is an excellent company when it comes to home appliances. This hair dryer is equipped with all the necessary features. The different heat settings, as well as the balanced heat technology, make it a worthy dryer. It is travel friendly, so you can easily carry it without much fuss.

3. Remington Compact Hair Dryer

Remington Compact Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 1800 watts is the power of this dryer.
  • There are three heat settings present.
  • It comes with two great speed options.
  • Eco setting to save more energy for you.
  • A detachable concentrator is provided.
  • 600 grams is the weight of this dryer.
  • The rear grill is removable to help clean.
  • It also comes with a rubber hang-up loop.
  • Has different buttons for speed and heat.
  • Remington provides a 2-year warranty.

Perfect Size for Traveling

We like a hot tool that is compact. Remington has successfully created that with this model. They haven’t made it less potent because of its compact size. You are still getting an incredible 1800 watts of power.

It lets you dry hair in three different heat settings. There are also two-speed settings that tell you about its potential. The hair dryer doesn’t take much time to give you perfectly dried hair.

Eco Friendly Hair Drying

None of us likes to spend too much electricity on any of our appliances. As hair dryers are hot tools, they do suck up a lot of energy. But, Remington provides something known as the eco-friendly mode.

In it, you get an even amount of heat to dry your hair. The setting helps to cut down on your energy costs. At the same time, it is good for the environment. The best part is that your hair comes out healthy and shiny.

If you are looking for the best hair dryer under 3000 INR, no product can offer you better benefits than this one.


  • 1800 watts of power is suitable for drying hair.
  • It comes with three heat settings.
  • The two-speed setting works quite right.
  • It has a compact and easy-to-hold size.
  • A concentrator nozzle is provided with it.
  • It has an eco-friendly heat setting.
  • Remington provides a two-year warranty.


  • It is expensive compared to similar hair dryers.
  • The handle isn’t foldable, but its size is compact.


If you want a professional-grade hair dryer, then this is a good option. It has three heat settings and two-speed settings. We do love the compact size of it. The hair dryer also has an eco-friendly touch that lets you save energy.

4. Wahl Professional Styling Hair Dryer

Wahl Professional Styling Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 2200 watts is the maximum power.
  • It has three heat and two-speed settings.
  • The dryer has an ergonomic design.
  • Infusion and diffuser are given with it.
  • The air inlet is removable for cleaning.
  • It does have a cool shot option.
  • Tourmaline has been used in this dryer.
  • Anti-static blow provides a clean finish.
  • The cable length of it is 3 meters.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty on it.

Suitable for Thick and Curly Hair

Wahl has made this hair dryer to have all the professional qualities. It comes with three attachments that help you to dry and style your hair. The diffuser attachment is apt for drying heavy and curly hair. If you are looking for the best hair dryer for curly hair, this is a perfect choice for you.

With the accessories, you also get a certain amount of versatility. It is a tourmaline hair dryer, so it adds more dimension and shine to the hair. There is an anti-static blow to tame your hair even further.

The Ergonomic Design

The design of a product is essential. As you will hold a dryer for a long time, it needs to have the right design. The professional ergonomic design works excellent in this dryer. You can hold it for hours while styling.

The design also makes the dryer relatively compact. Wahl has included dedicated buttons which is an excellent addition. Its 3 m long cord is a boon for people who travel with their dryer.

Powerful Professional Hair Dryer

This product is the most powerful among the top 10 hair dryers. With 2000 watts of power, it is perfect for thick long hairs. The dryer comes with two nozzles for directing airflow properly to the hair.

With the multiple settings and high power rating, it is an ideal hair dryer with a professional touch.


  • It is an ultra-powerful hair dryer.
  • Three attachments are included with it.
  • There is a dedicated, cool shot button.
  • It provides professional-level blow-drying.
  • You can clean the dryer very easily.
  • Wahl provides a one-year warranty.


  • It is quite expensive, but it is packed with features.
  • A little heavy, but you won’t feel much of it.


Wahl brings you a professional-grade hair dryer at an affordable price. It is perfect for people who have a hard time managing their hair. The different features and the attachments make it much more manageable. Its fabulous look makes it stand out among similar hair dryers.

5. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 1200 watts is the maximum power of it.
  • Comes with an easily foldable handle.
  • There is a “thermal protect” mode in it.
  • It has three different drying settings.
  • 381 grams is the weight of this hairdryer.
  • 1.5 m is the length of the cord.
  • Comes in a lovely pink and white color.
  • It has a removable concentrator nozzle.
  • There is a cool air mode in this dryer.
  • Philips provides a two-year warranty.

Budget-Friendly Hair Dryer

Do you want the minimum amount on a hair dryer?

If yes, then Philips has the answer for you. They have made this hair dryer that contains all the necessary features. It has three drying settings along with a concentrator.

The model is perfect for those who have thin or fragile hair. With 1200 watts of power, it provides the perfect amount of heat. It also has a foldable handle which makes it travel-friendly.

Protects hair from Heat

You may have thought that Philips wouldn’t include the best features in this dryer. But, they have gone out and done it. ThermoProtect helps to keep your hair damage-free. It dries your hair with a balance.

The cool shot makes use of cold air to dry your hair. This dryer provides all the significant aspects of a quality hair dryer.

Good for Regular Use

Being an ionic hair dryer, this product does not have any negative effects on hair. While on the operation, it creates a large number of -ve ions that help the hair to get dried. As it does not harm the root of hairs, it can be used regularly.

The dryer weighs only 381 g, so, it can be carried while you are traveling. Being lightweight and portable, you can easily move it around hairs without straining the hands. Overall, this is one of the best hair dryers for women.


  • It is a budget-friendly dryer option.
  • Works great for thin and fragile hair.
  • There is a foldable handle for travel.
  • It comes with a concentrator nozzle.
  • The dryer comes with ThermoProtect.
  • It contains three drying settings.
  • Philips offers a two-year warranty.


  • Noise is produced during operation, but it is tolerable.
  • Not meant for heavy or curly hair.


Philips wants everyone to have a better life. This beginner-friendly budget model works exceptionally well. It has all the useful features and doesn’t cost you a fortune. The dryer is a lovely gift for someone who likes to style their hair.

6. Panasonic 1000 Watts Hair Dryer

Panasonic 1000 Watts Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 1000 watts is the maximum power of it.
  • This hair dryer has two drying settings.
  • It comes with uniform blow technology.
  • The dryer has a 1.8 m long power cord.
  • 460 grams is the total weight of this dryer.
  • It has got an ergonomic design on the body.
  • The product is available in three colors.
  • You get to dry your hair quickly with it.
  • There is a hanging loop in this dryer.
  • Panasonic provides a 24-months warranty.

Efficient Dryer at a Budget Price

Are you looking for the best hair dryer under 1000 INR?

Well, you do not need to pay a lot to get the benefit of this hair dryer. It has a simple and no-fuss design. Along with being beginner-friendly, it is quite powerful. Even with 1000 watts, it can quickly dry your hair to perfection.

Panasonic provides us with the quality of trust and assurance. It produces uniformly heated air to dry the hair. The drying takes place without causing any harm to your charming hair.

Assured with the quality

We like efficient and useful gadgets. Panasonic has maintained its quality even at a budget price. The plastic body of this dryer is well made. Its curved nozzle provides a better concentration of air.

On top of that, Panasonic provides 24 months of warranty for any kind of manufacturing defect. So, be assured of the quality of the machine.

Compact and Durable Design

While drying our hair, we need a dryer that can be easily operated and should not create any difficulty. This product is a perfect example of this. With its brilliant design, the hair dryer is closely packed and weighs only 460 g. So, it is also portable and anyone can carry it.

The ergonomically designed handle lets you hold on to it without feeling uncomfortable. While holding the handle, you can operate the speed settings without any difficulty.


  • It provides a fast drying time.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The dryer has an excellent design.
  • It comes with a durable body.
  • The size is quite compact.
  • There is a warranty for 2-years.


  • Doesn’t come with attachments, but it is a value-for-money item.
  • Won’t work for heavy hair.


Panasonic knows that everyone wants to have a hair dryer. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot, this is a perfect option. It dries your hair well even with its compact body and motor. The durability of this dryer makes it a long-lasting item.

7. SYSKA Hair Dryer With Cold And Hot Air

SYSKA Hair Dryer With Cold And Hot Air

Key features

  • It has a maximum power of 1000 watts.
  • Uniform temperature control is there.
  • It comes with overheating protection.
  • There are two heat settings in it.
  • It has a big air inlet for maximum flow.
  • 1.6 m is the length of the power cord.
  • The concentrator is narrow for control.
  • A cool air function is also available.
  • It has a foldable handle for traveling.
  • Syska provides a two-year warranty.

Perfect Hair Dryer for Everyday Use

Do you wash your hair daily? If yes, then you might need a low-powered hair dryer. With this model, you get all the good things in a compact size. It has two useful drying settings. Along with that, it also has a cold blast for damage-free drying.

Though Syska is a newer brand, its quality products are getting praised by users. This hair dryer is an example of such a good appliance.

Safety is Prioritized

You can see overheat protection in this hair dryer. It is a feature that isn’t present even in expensive models. Your hair dryer shuts itself off when it is too hot. This safety feature ensures that you are protected against heat.

So, if you are worried about the damage of hair, this dryer can comfort you. The product is also priced reasonably.


  • It is an affordable model.
  • Contains the cold air option.
  • It is excellent for daily usage.
  • Overheat protection is there.
  • It does have a foldable handle.
  • Temperature is always balanced.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • There is no ionic layer, but it gives you smooth hair.
  • Not meant for thick or curly hair.


If you are looking for an affordable hair dryer, then this is a fabulous option. You get to dry your hair efficiently without any problem. We will especially suggest it for beginners who are just getting into styling their hair.

8. Havells 1200W Lightweight Hair Dryer

Havells 1200W Light Weight Hair Dryer

Key features

  • The power capacity is 1200 watts.
  • It comes with two drying settings.
  • The voltage range is 220-240V.
  • There is a 1.6 m long power cord.
  • Contains the honeycomb inlet.
  • It has a gentle and focused airflow.
  • 315 grams is the weight of this dryer.
  • It does come with proper heat balance.
  • There is a fixed concentrator on it.
  • Havells provides a 2-year warranty.

the Classic Honeycomb Inlet

The air enters the dryer through a honeycomb inlet. Havells vouches that it works well to bring in air uniformly. It also helps to keep the hair tangle-free while drying. The inlet has a large surface area for including the maximum amount of air.

Portable with Less Weight

Are you tired of checking out heavy options? Havells has got you covered with a lightweight dryer. At 315 grams it is one of the lightest hair dryers available in the market.

It also has a compact size which lets you fit it in your bag. The dryer is also very comfortable to hold for a long duration.


  • It has an excellent durable design.
  • The heating of it is uniform.
  • 1200 Watts is enough for its size.
  • There are two drying settings.
  • Suitable for everyday usage purposes.
  • It has an ultra-lightweight design.
  • Havells offers a 2-year warranty.


  • No foldable handle, but it has a compact size.
  • No extra accessories, but it comes at an affordable price.


We trust Havells for giving us well-equipped products. They have made this compact and stylish hair dryer for beginners. If you have just begun styling or if you have thin hair, then this is perfect. It is also apt for people who are always traveling, as it comes in a handy size.

9. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 1600 watts is its power capacity.
  • It comes with the Dyson digital motor V9.
  • 23.75K gold brushing is present on it.
  • There are four precise heat levels.
  • It comes with three magnetic attachments.
  • There are three different speed settings.
  • A 28°C cold shot is present to set the hair.
  • Equipped with the Air Multiplier™ technology.
  • It has a 2.7m cable for precision usage.
  • Dyson offers a two-year warranty.

A Hair Dryer that Defines Luxury

If you are looking for the best hair dryer in India built with the latest technology, then this product is for you.

Dyson is known for producing futuristic home appliances. They have added the next level of luxury to this hair dryer. It has been coated with gold for a high-end feel. You will feel its beauty after holding it in your hands.

It is built to be handy as well as lightweight. The attachments stick with the help of powerful magnets. Its supersonic feature makes you feel that the blast of air is coming out of nowhere.

Contains Precise Heat Settings

At 1600 watts, this hair dryer is powerful. But, we appreciate the precise temperature settings provided by Dyson. 100°C, 80°C, 60°C, and 28°C are the four levels.

This hair dryer is apt for home use as well as professional use. The addition of a cold blast lets you set your hair without any damage.


  • It is an exceptional piece.
  • Looks like a modern art sculpture.
  • It will act as a conversation starter.
  • There are four precise heat settings.
  • Dyson has coated it with real gold.
  • It has a very powerful motor.
  • A two-year warranty is offered on it.


  • It is extremely pricey.


This dryer is more of an art than a beauty accessory. But, at the same time, it is powerful and useful. We like the precise heat settings present in this dryer. Though it is a costly product, the advantages are worth it.

10. Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer

Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer

Key features

  • 1000 watts is the power of this dryer.
  • It comes with two heat settings.
  • Overheating protection is provided.
  • The concentrator is built into it.
  • Heat is balanced for better drying.
  • 1.8 m is the length of the power cord.
  • It comes in four different color options.
  • 327 grams is the weight of this dryer.
  • There is a storage hook to hang it safely.
  • 2-years is the warranty period of it.

Made to Fit Your Budget

Are you tired of buying expensive Gadgets?

If yes, then this will come to you as a lovely surprise. You are paying way less than other similar products. It has two heat settings as well as a temperature control technology.

So, it takes care of your hair as well as your pocket. The huge inlet at its back takes in the air to provide you with a quick drying time. Syska has even added overheating protection in this model.

Perfect for the Quick Styling

If you like to style your hair quickly, then this is a great buy. It is a fuss-free hair dryer that works with just one button. Slide it according to the heat that you need and get styling your hair.

It is a foolproof and comfortable design that will work for everyone. If you are looking for the best hair dryer for fine hair in India, this is the right choice for your needs.


  • It has a compact design.
  • The dryer is lightweight.
  • It has overheating protection.
  • There are two heat settings in it.
  • It is a good option for teens.
  • The color options look great.
  • Syska provides a 2-year warranty.


  • Too basic for heavy styling, but great for quick minimal styles.
  • The handle isn’t foldable, but it is small.

what is Best About this Hair Dryer?

We often want something that works well, even after heavy usage. You can quickly get this Syska dryer for drying your hair daily. It can give you results in 15-20 minutes which is excellent for its size. The item will especially entice the teens who are starting with styling their hair.

Benefits of Hair Dryers

Benefits of Using the Best Hair Dryer

One of the most common questions asked by people is about the need for a hair dryer. Why should you even spend on such a hot tool? In essential words, we can say that a hair dryer helps to save time. In a humid country like India, hair takes longer to dry after a shower.

Generally, the water that is sitting on your hair can cause health problems. So, many people opt for getting hair dryers that reduce the drying time. Now, we are going to tell you the benefits of having a hair dryer with you.

Helps in Time Management

We have already touched on this point. Having a hair dryer helps you to manage your time. It will help you to dry your hair after a shower. This is especially true for people who have long hair. Drying your hair without any tool may take quite a bit of time.

Many people opt for rubbing their hair with a towel which is damaging. Instead of that, they can easily use a hair dryer. Many of the models also come with a cool blast. Using the hair dryer once in a while will save you time.

Easy Styling for Hair

Other than drying, a blowout is an amazing way to style your hair. It makes your hair manageable and flowy. If you are short on time, then a blowout provides the perfect look. The only tools that you need will be a hair dryer and a brush.

A concentrator can also help you to straighten or curl your hair. Many people prefer to use a hair dryer as it provides a professional finish. Making a routine can help you to achieve the perfect styled look.

You will notice that blow-drying is often the start of a look even in saloons. So, having a good hair dryer is like having a mini hair saloon.

Get the Frizz-free Look

If you get an ionic hair dryer, then you will get the perfect look. Most hair dryers come with technologies to make your hair look better. Naturally drying your hair can often leave it looking dull. You will need to apply a lot of products to make that better.

Instead of that, you can easily blow-dry to get a shiny and professional look. You should detangle your hair and blow-dry to look gorgeous. Many models are also coming with attachments for different types of hair.

Helps to solve Scalp Issues

Wet hair is the breeding ground for dandruff. You do not want the damp hair to sit on you for long. It is especially true for people who are suffering from scalp problems. They are generally advised to use a hair dryer on the lowest setting.

We have seen that it also reduces the damp smell of hair. Once you start doing this, you wouldn’t need to spend a tonne of products. Many people with scalp problems have to wash their hair regularly. So, a hair dryer helps them to maintain good and smell-free hair.

Best way to dry your hair

The alternative to a hair dryer is usually towel drying. Many people resort to vigorously going through their hair. Apart from being utterly wrong, it wreaks havoc on your hair. The method breaks the bonds and makes your hair prone to split ends.

A hair dryer helps to simplify this step. Newer models come with technologies to keep the hair damage-free. Some hair dryers can work daily.

So, hair dryers can indeed be beneficial for your hair. If you spend long hours drying your hair, then it can be the best tool to have. We have spent time researching some of the best hair dryers for women in India.

Types of Hair Dryers

Are you confused about getting a hair dryer?

When we look at the market, it is full of fabulous choices. But, we do need to focus on the options that work best for us. It is always better to start with the different types of products that you may find. So, here are the most common types of hair dryers.

hair dryer in a salon

Ceramic Hair Dryers

These are the most common hair dryers out there in the market. It has a ceramic component that is heated. The best quality of a ceramic plate is its heat distribution. Ceramic is a popular substance for most hot tools. It produces balanced hot air to dry the hair.

Ceramic is also known for reducing hair damages. These are generally more affordable, and they work great for all types of hair. People with fine and dry hair will also find it useful. Ceramic may be too feeble for people with very thick or long hair.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic technology is a boon for many people. It is especially useful in the case of long hair. Negative ions are produced to balance out the ions present in the hair. Apart from reducing the frizz, the ions also add shine to the hair.

Ionic hair dryers are also one of the fastest options out there. Neutralized hair also makes styling easy and fuss-free. So, an ionic dryer is great for people who want to style their hair. They also help you to add volume to the hair.

If you have thick or frizzy hair, then absolutely go for it. They are more expensive compared to ceramic dryers.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline is another excellent substance used in hot tools. You will often find that it is used in the professional model. Tourmaline works wonderfully to battle against the ions. It produces electric charges, so brands use it in the plates and the motor.

We will suggest a tourmaline dryer for those who have thick hair. People with long hair can also use them. It is generally much faster than other hair dryers. Though the job is done quickly, it takes complete care of the hair.

Titanium Hair Dryers

Many latest models have titanium coating on their plates. Now, titanium-based hot tools are generally costly. They are professional-grade items that provide the complete saloon look. It is not recommended to use them on fragile or thin hair.

The even heating of titanium makes it a favorite of hairstylists. If you have long hair, then titanium hair dryers will help to achieve a fabulous look. Titanium hair dryers are also made to be lightweight and compact.

So, here are the basic types of hair dryers based on the material used in the plates. You need to choose a hair dryer very carefully. It should suit your hair type and texture.

So, the first thing for you is to find more about your hair. Most brands have a budget and a professional range. They also specify the hair type that is suitable for their product.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer in India?

Don’t you scrutinize things before you buy them? It is crucial to know about a product and to research thoroughly. We did the hard work for you. There are ten essential things to know about a hair dryer before buying it.

Here we will list and explain them, to help you find the best hair dryer in India for men and women.

Choose the right Type of Hair Dryer

Your hair type requires the perfect hair dryer. So, the first thing to know about is the type of hair dryer meant for you. We have mentioned the four primary variants found in the market. Ceramic hair dryers are extremely common and inexpensive.

In contrast, the Tourmaline hair dryers are pretty expensive. At the same time, they provide a wonderful sheen to your hair. Tourmaline dryers are great for thick hair. Ionic dryers are great to neutralize the hair.

They are powerful and provide versatile styling. But, they can be damaging for thin or fragile hair. Check the type of dryer before you make a choice. We will suggest you go for a more powerful model for thicker hair.

Look for suitable Heat Settings

The very basic models may come with one heat setting. But, it is better to go with a model that has two to three modes. Heat settings let you choose the amount of heat given out by the dryer. You may need to adjust it according to the styling requirements.

People who have fragile hair may want to use a lower setting. It is also recommended to use a lower setting to keep your hair healthy. You should also check for a cool shot for a professional shine in your hair.

Check the Speed Settings

Most hair dryers will come with two-speed settings. A lower speed is necessary when you are almost done with drying. So, make sure that there are at least two settings. Models may come with a single switch for heat and speed settings.

It is always better to have separate switches for them. Also, check the quality and placement of the switch.

Choose the Best Power Rating

The wattage determines the power of a hair dryer. It can vary anywhere from 1000 to 3000 watts. Your needs will dictate the choice that you make. A more powerful model works better for thicker and longer hair. The power also lets us know about the drying time.

It is also better to get a powerful model in case of heavy styling. Remember that a higher power model will also consume more electricity. They also cost you much more than low-power models.

Accessories included with the Dryer

Does the hair dryer come with accessories? We love when brands add a little more for us. Generally, a concentrator is present in all models. But, some brands even include a diffuser. These accessories help you to even out and target the drying.

A diffuser is excellent for people with curly or wavy hair. It gets the air to each strand without causing any damage. A concentrator is great for styling. It lets you target a strand of hair. Concentrators can either be attached or removable depending on the model.

Select a suitable design

The design might not be fundamental if you only use the blow dryer in your home. But, it is especially crucial for people who travel with the tool. A foldable handle is a must for traveling well. Brands have started to make a model which is meant for traveling.

Look for powerful yet compact models that do the work well. We prefer a lightweight model as it is easier to hold and pack. Look for a gripped handle for comfortable usage. Check for ease of use for optimum usability. We also appreciate a long and flexible cord.

The Motor Capacity

The motor is the center of the dryer. It receives the will to dry your hair from the motor. Most have an AC motor which is perfect for small gadgets. The usual voltage capacity in India is 220 – 240 V. Make sure that there is stable power in the place of usage.

It is better not to use a hair dryer when there are high voltage fluctuations. The motor generally makes noise while producing warm air. So, test the sound level to get the best one for you.

Find Damage Prevention Features

You are putting heat on your hair, so it needs to be safe. Make sure to have a look at the extra features present in a dryer. Generally, an ionic dryer is excellent for preventing frizz. But, some brands have worked on making the experience even better.

Look at Tourmaline coated plates for the best results. We also love dryers with an auto-shutoff feature. It makes us feel safe while using a hair dryer.

Get from a reputed brand

It is essential to get quality products. Hot tools can be dodgy if purchased from the wrong sources. We often feel that it’s easy to get away with using inferior products. But, it is entirely untrue. You need an excellent hair dryer as it will protect you while drying your hair.

On top of that, brands believe in safety. They add features that will help out the users. Hair dryers from a quality brand will last with you for a long time. Brands often have a range of products. If you are not a heavy user, then a budget product will suit you well.

You can go for a more expensive model if styling is your forte. It is always better, to begin with, a basic model than a high-end one. Please make a list of your needs and compare them with the products that you find interesting. Go for the model that gives you the most for your money.

Warranty and Customer Service

It goes with the earlier point of warranty. Most brands provide a 2-year warranty on their hair dryers. It helps you to fix the product in case there is a problem. It would help if you always got a gadget that is covered under warranty.

Read the clauses before getting the product. Make sure that you protect the blow dryer from water as it may cause damages. Check the nearest service centers and the helpline numbers to be assured of help.

Hair Dryer and Health – Is there any side effect?

On taking a trip to the internet, there are numerous claims of damaging hair dryers. People have almost developed a trauma of damaging their hair. Dryers have existed for a while. They have helped save the time of people.

Most people have included using a hair dryer in their daily routine. Some have even gone as far as visiting a saloon for frequent blowouts. As more people are using dryers at home, they may have a more significant concern.

The modern models do work to protect your hair. Brands include different heat settings to make the process better. If you are an infrequent user of dryers, then your hair is mostly safe. Dryers may have a side effect if someone uses it every day on high heat.

Their hair may dry out and lose its shine. It may also happen if the wrong type of hair drier is used.

As you are using a hot tool, it is always better to be careful. People may also face dry or itchy scalp caused by prolonged use of hair dryers. The bonds of the hair may also break and lead to split ends.

But, it would help if you remembered that these are extreme conditions. Most people damage their hair as they try to use a hotter temperature.

People with thin or brittle hair should always remain cautious of the way they are using a dryer. Many people have also noticed cuticle breaks in their hair. But, apart from these, no other health conditions might be present.

How to use a hair dryer without damaging hair?

There are multiple ways in which you can keep your hair safe while using a blow dryer. So, let us have a look at them.

How to use a hair dryer
  • Choose a hair dryer that is perfect for your hair. Do not go for a random budget model. Refrain from getting a high powered model if you have thin or brittle hair. Try investing in a tourmaline or titanium dryer for better results.
  • The first thing you should do is to read the user manual for the hair dryer. Manuals often provide you with the necessary directions to use the product.
  • Always use a heat-safe product on your hair for added protection. There are options like mousse, sprays and serums. Apply it thoroughly through your hair. It is also better to condition your hair to have added protection.
  • Use the concentrator for getting a more targeted airflow. Go with a quality round brush when you are blowdrying. Make sure that the hair is tangle-free.
  • You should have clips to section your hair in case of styling. People with long hair may need to work in chunks for perfect drying.
  • Your hair should be about 80% dry before you start using the hair dryers. It reduces the time needed for drying the hair. Soaking wet hair can be fried much faster than nearly dry hair.
  • It is always better to start with the lower layers of the hair. Do not let the nozzle directly touch the hair. Maintain a distance between the nozzle and the hair. People with curly hair should use a diffuser for better results.
  • We will recommend you to use the lowest setting for regular use. You can use the higher settings on days when styling is involved. Pay attention to the roots for adding extra volume. But, it is better to keep the dryer away from the roots. Use the cool blast feature for better-looking hair.
  • Extra care of hair should be taken if you have coloured or bleached it. Use the lowest temperature, and go for a less powerful blow dryer.
  • Take your time blowdrying the hair rather than rushing towards it.

Best hair dryer brands in India

Knowing about the best hair dryer brands in India lets you have the top choices. These are brands that produce quality items. We have narrowed down five of them. Here is some brief information about these companies.

We have looked into many aspects such as the product range, value for money, etc.


The popularity of Havells speaks for itself. They are a top producer of home appliances in India. We like their range of hair dryers. Havells has tried to bring something for everyone. Their budget-friendly options are great for beginners as well as long-time users.

The power range varies from 1200 to 2000 watts. You get value for money because they have added numerous features. Havells also provides a two-year warranty on hair dryers. By paying attention to durability, they give us excellent products.


Philips is a leading name in the electronics market. They are known for having the perfect budget. At a competitive price, Philips always tries to bring something fresh. Currently, they have a range of forty or more hair dryers.

These vary in features that ultimately decide the budget. We love the way Philips has incorporated modern and compact designs. They have also started to produce professional-grade hair dryers. At the same time, they do provide salon-like features in the budget range items.


Remington as a brand is known for its hair products. Their hair dryers have saloon quality output. Yes, they are more expensive than other brands. Belonging from the USA, their products come with international quality.

Remington focuses on making its gadgets potent. They have a nice range that caters to different hair types. We do appreciate their compact travel-friendly designs.


You may have heard the name of this brand for their trimmers. It is thrilling to know that they also make other products. Their range currently has three hair dryers. They minimize your choices but pack their products with great features.

As Wahl believes in simplicity, their products are fuss-free. We also noticed that they use a DC motor instead of an AC one. They have also paid attention to portability for travel-friendliness.


Panasonic has stood for style in its range of hair dryers. Currently, they have 11 unique and stunning hair dryers. These range from being portable ones to the professional-grade. Panasonic makes products that will stay with you.

They have also included a heat protection mode in some of their products. The modern look and feel of the products do stand for quality. Panasonic keeps its hair dryers inside the perfect budget range. They have also come up with a new ‘nanoe’ tech for better protection of hair.

Frequently Asked Questions about hair dryers

How fast can a hair dryer dry hair?

The time taken by a dryer is subjective. You may cut down on time by getting a powerful hair dryer. But, most people with long or thick hair will need 30 minutes or more. So, the time duration is based on the heat setting, the speed as well as the type of hair.

What type of hair dryer is best for frizzy hair?

Ionic dryers work best for frizzy hair. These dryers produce negative ions to neutralize the positive ions present in the hair. Tourmaline and titanium are also great options for frizzy hair. All of them leave the hair looking healthy and shiny.

How much does a hair dryer cost?

The cost of a hair dryer depends on the range and features. It can start anywhere from Rs 800. Fix a budget for yourself that seems feasible. Start looking for hair dryers in that price range. You should always compare between products before settling for something.

How should you choose a hair dryer?

You should choose the correct type, look at its power and other features. We have already mentioned the top ten things to check in a hair dryer. You will always get new features and items. Chalk down your particular needs and start looking for a hair dryer.

Do expensive hair dryers make a difference?

Yes, they do. Expensive hair dryers have better heating elements and components. Professionals will never use a budget product to style your hair. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t spend a tonne on a single hair product. Try to look at the features to make your ultimate choice.

Is it ok to use a hair dryer daily?

We will not suggest you use a hair dryer daily. If you have to, then use it at a lower heat setting. Try to let your hair air dry at times. The hair also needs to remain hydrated to maintain its health. A heat protector spray or serum is a must for daily blowdryer users.

Which type of hair dryer is good for curly hair?

Curly hair tends to be dense, so a powerful hair dryer is needed. You should get a dryer that comes with a diffuser. The attachment helps you to dry the curls optimally. Tourmaline and titanium dryers are the best options for you.

What kind of hair dryer do professionals use?

Professionals use more powerful hair dryers. They have better heating elements that suit the styling needs. Some companies create exceptional professional hair tools. These tools are definitely not meant for home use.

Are ionic hair dryers better than ceramic dryers?

It is quite subjective. Ceramic dryers are popular and easily available options. Even though ionic hair dryers provide the neutralization of ions, they can have uneven heating. So, your hair type and need will define the dryer that is perfect for you. Do a bit of research and you will find the best one.

India’s best hair dryers: Conclusion

To conclude, these are everything that we needed to talk about the best hair dryers in India. These hair tools have become a staple in many households. From drying the fur of your pets to the hair of your kids, they help you a lot. Yes, choosing a hair dryer can be a tough job.

So, we did significant work for you in 2022. We have done thorough research to bring you the best dryer for hair in India. Our Buying Guide will help you to find a great hair dryer. Use our tips to get a tool that stays with you for a long time.

It would be best if you remembered to protect your hair to keep it healthy. Try out the models that we have mentioned on the list and let us know your views.

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