Top 10 Best Electric Hot Water Bags In India with Complete Buying Guide

You must have seen your grandparents use hot water bags to get some relief from the pain. It is a heat therapy that gives you body relief from various pains. You may consider it as an old-school technique to deal with body ache.

Many people feel backaches, neck aches, or cramps in the body due to busy work schedules and improper sleeping on mattress. Intense body pains can hamper your productivity. Sometimes severe body pains make us completely weak. We don’t feel any energy at work. Here, electric hot water bags can be beneficial.

These bags will be very valuable if you face muscle cramps frequently. Ladies can even use these water bags during menstruation to get some relief. For pain relief, many people tend to use rubber bottles. But instead of hot water bottles, these water bags are much more efficient.

Due to the advancement of technologies, ordinary hot bags have been upgraded to electric hot water bags. These bags deliver some instant relief to the painful areas. For this reason, electric hot water bags are the best quality hot water bags in India.

There are several electric hot water bag manufacturing brands available in the market. Caresmith is a famous brand. It manufactures premium quality electric hot water bags. This water bag is a must to have for every household for its fantastic pain relief capability.

best quality hot water bags in India

Best quality hot water bags in India

1. Caresmith Premium Electric Hot Water Bag

Caresmith Eon Premium Electric Hot Water Bag

Hot water is a necessary thing everyone needs in their daily life. The Caresmith Eon electric hot water bag offers you a valuable and simpler approach to use hot water.

This hot water bag can get reheated without wasting time boiling. No refilling is required, and the warmth lasts for hours.

The Caresmith hot water bag uses a patented heating technology. This unique technology ensures users’ safety. It includes temperature resistant silicone for safe heat therapy.

It offers you the right amount of pampering with best in class support for your back and shoulders. If you suffer often from cramps and aches, then go for this hot water bag. It provides you superior warmth and acts as a huggable buddy when recuperating.

You can place this hot water bag on your bed for a comfortable sleep during winters. Place it under your blanket for better warm-up. It is best in eliminating muscle soreness and tummy cramps.

Caresmith Premium Electric Hot Water Bag

• It comes with 6 layers of protection
• Offers silicon protection heating system and charger
• Includes auto shut off technology
• Used electrodes are free from rusting
• Super smooth edges and multi-layer insulation
• Super quick reheating without wasting time
• It offers triple modes protection
• Intelligent thermostat with auto cut off facility
• Temperature fuse for protection


  • Provides adequate safety protection and convenience.
  • Perfect bed warmer with fast heating.
  • Provides relief from muscle soreness and cramps.
  • Offers a heating sensation for 2 to 4 hours.
  • It is good for flu chills and aches.


  • The heating is not super-hot.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

The hot water bag is suitable for all households. It saves your time, money and offers convenient heating. It includes a temperature control feature. The electric hot water bag is rechargeable as well. The heating is super-fast and requires no refilling. One single charge will last for hours. Because of these tremendous advantages, it is the best quality hot water bag in India.

2. HealthSense Electric Hot Water Bag

HealthSense Heat-Mate HB 700 Electric Hot Water Bag

Using a hot bag is very useful for back pains and muscle soreness. This is also the best quality hot water bag for your skin.

The Healthsense Electric Hot Water Bag offers 6 layers of PVC covering for better heat and leakage proofing. Now you can regulate the heat and protect yourself from burns.

The fabric is of superior quality which can easily sustain high pressures. The multilayer fabric ensures comfort and stability.

Everyone can conveniently use this hot water bag anytime. This hot bag offers a long 8 hours of heat retention technology.

Reheating water is simpler with its unique charger and clipping technology. The hot bag is very efficient in heating the water in just 10 minutes.

You don’t have to refill the water each time you heat. Just plug the charger, and you are ready to get the utmost comfort of it. It also comes with an auto shut off feature.

HealthSense Heat-Mate Electric Hot Water Bag

• Layered with 6 PVC covering and wired silicon chips
• Offers heat regulations and leakage protection
• Superior temperature retention up to 70 degrees celsius.
• Top-quality mercerized outer fabric for enhanced comfort and stability.
• The quick charger heats the bag in 10 minutes
• Inbuilt thermal fuse for auto shut off technology
• The bag offers excess heat protection for safety
• Offers hydro electric separation for better heating
• The double insulation silica gel separates water and electrical parts.


  • It ensures better heat sensation and distribution.
  • You can regulate heat as per need and preference.
  • Offers prolonged heating for 8 hours with a single charge.
  • Silica gel enhances the life of the hot bag.
  • Inbuilt thermal fuse ensures safety and comfort.


  • The quality of the charger may need improvement.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

The HealthSense Heat-Mate HB 700 Electric Hot Water Bag is best for its 6 layer PVC covering. It ensures heat and leakage proofing, and users can regulate the temperature. The great thing is that it can keep heat up to 8 hours on a single charge. It also helps the user from excess heat with its auto shut off feature.

3. Rylan Electric heating Water bag

RYLAN Heating Bag

Heating water in the best possible way can only be done with an innovative hot water bag. An amazing thing about the bag is that it comes with superior gel filling technology.

The gel ensures superior heat distribution properties and maintains heat uniformity. While considering its heat retention performance, the bag performs excellently. It consists of neoprene for the most comfort.

The charging technique is very simple. You have to plug the cable and wait for a few minutes. Soon your hot water bag will be ready at your service.

The Rylan hot water bag is not only useful in back pain but delivers relief in case of hypothermia too. It works on joint stiffness too.

If you want to use the bag for kids and infants, that is also possible. You have to lower down the temperature and place it over their bed. It is the best thing every parent must try for winter comfort.

Rylan Heating Water Bag

• Delivers hot water in 5 to 10 minutes
• Capable of retaining heat for 120 minutes
• The bag offers rechargeable features
• Instantaneous heating for better pain relief
• The superior gel technology ensures uniform warmth
• Offers soothing relief from body pains and aches
• The temperature is very much suitable for all age groups


  • Saves electricity with its fast heating technology.
  • Offers better comfort for back pains and aches.
  • It gives relief from sports injuries and muscular spasms.
  • It is suitable for kids too.
  • It holds the heat for a long time.


  • The fabric is not very thick.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

The Rylan heating bag is filled with advanced gel, which offers a uniform heat sensation. The feature also enhances the performance of the heating bag. It is capable of retaining heat for 120 minutes. You can charge the bag like a mobile device, and the temperature can be regulated as per need. Being suitable for all age groups it is one of the best hot water bags in India.

4. Hetash Electric Hot Water Bag

Hetash Electric Hot Water Bag

The brand is well known for its fast heating performance. It can be charged within a very little time which is merely 7 to 12 minutes. It helps in retaining the heat for about 1 to 2 hours.

The electric water heater comes with a high-quality seal knob for better comfort. The warmth it provides is high in the class, and heating can be done to any specific body part.

You can also use the hot bag inside your quilt for quick heating. If you want a quick low heat any time, then you can use it. In cold climatic conditions, the bag offers relief from pains and aches. This is one of the best quality hot water bags in India that ensures better comfort and firm support to your body.

With the package, you will get a free neck pillow and an earplug. You can use it for extra balance and comfortable sleep.

The inner elements of the bag claim anti-breakage properties. It controls the temperature of the water automatically for safety.

The hot water bag is best for self and family use. You can also give it to your parents, friends or kids. The product ensures quality by its anti-explosive materials.

Hetash Electric Hot Water Bag

• Fast heating technology in 7 to 12 minutes
• It maintains the heat level for about 2 hours
• Rigid and tough outer fabric and adjustable knob
• Auto temperature control for better comfort and safety
• Higher heating techniques reach up to 70 degrees celsius
• Reliable quality with its ultra-strong rubber film
• Explosion and spill-proof for double safety
• Very effective as a neck pillow with low heating
• Works on winters without degrading its performance


  • Reliable ultra-strong rubber film ensures long-lasting performance.
  • No spillage provides safe usability.
  • Save electricity by its fast heating within 7 to 12 minutes.
  • Seal knob offers better stability at high temperatures.
  • The explosion-proof feature ensures maximum safety.


  • The outer fabric is thin and feels weak.
  • It is not water washable.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

The built quality of the hot water bag is unique and features anti-explosion properties. The bag holds auto temperature controls for regulating heat. You can use it anywhere as it withstands heat for 2 hours and charges without water refilling.

5. Antson heating Water bag

Antson Heating Bag

The Antson Electric Hot gel bag is a complete package to eliminate all muscle cramps and joint pains. The active gel technology offers a uniform heat distribution to every body part.

The bag is made up of a special gel consisting of neoprene. It enhances the performance of the hot bag and helps to keep more heat and maximum compression.

The used fabric, both on its outer and inner layer, is strong enough to withstand loads. The rubber inside ensures no leakage due to its high-quality fibers.

Heating water is simpler as you have to plug the charger. No need to refill water again and again as the bag is best in retaining heat.

It offers us instant pain relief against sports injuries and other muscular cramps. It can also act as a massaging bed with its low temperature.

Antson Electric Heating Water Bag

• Fast heating of water in just 5 to 10minutes
• Single charge heat retention capacity of 120 minutes
• Instant heat for fast relief from injuries
• Portable size makes it easy to carry
• Electric hot gel for uniform heat distribution
• Ideal for winters in offering relief from pain
• Neoprene makes the bag more effective in retaining heat
• The fabric is soft and smooth for a comfortable feel


  • Ideal for patients suffering from hypothermia.
  • It is perfect for muscle cramps and sports injuries.
  • The fabric ensures balance and support.
  • lyInside gel provides faster heating.
  • It saves money as heating requires less electricity.


  • The shape needs some minor improvements for better comfort.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

The bag is very simple to use. The hot water bag heats up in just 5 to 10 minutes and retains heat for long hours. The advantage of using this product is that it comes with an auto temperature control feature. It is perfect for all pain and cramps related issues.

6. MCP Electric Hot Water Bag

MCP Electric Hot Water Bag

The product guarantees outstanding thermal distribution capabilities and preserves thermal stability. It produces exceptional performance when evaluating its thermal insulating efficiency. The neoprene gel material provides the most relaxation.

The internal design of the product claims anti-breakage features. It lets you automatically monitor the temperature of the water.

The charging method is a straightforward one. You have to connect the cord and wait a little bit. Within a few minutes, the water bag will be capable of serving you.

MCP Electric Hot Water Bag

• Electrically heated gel for the precise heating process
• Provides the best possible relaxation from discomfort
• Fast water warming in around ten minutes
• Single charging does have good heat retention of 2 hours
• Provides immediate recovery from joint pain
• The sleek aesthetic design is a lot easier to manage


  • Robust ultra-strong silicone film makes it durable.
  • No leakage assures safe usage.
  • It gets heated within seven to twelve minutes.
  • Silicon gel distributes heat evenly on your skin.
  • The shock-resistant function provides the best protection.


  • The outer cloth is thin.
  • The fabric may get soiled quickly.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

It is the best affordable hot water bag in India with all the essential features. It prevents you from cold and winter chills. The adjustable temperature is suitable for all cramps and joint pains. Besides, for better sleep comfort, you can add it inside your quilt for preheating. The product comes in many colors, which you can select as per your choice.

7. Scarlett Pain relieving hot water bag

Scarlett Heating Bag

You might also always use the hot bag within your fleece blanket to get warmth instantly. If you’d like a simple, gentle temperature at any moment, you can use it.

Both its exterior and inner layers are sturdy enough to sustain pressures. The silicone material of this hot water bag maintains no spillage because of its top-notch fibers.

The heating water technology is smart as it requires a simple plug to recharge. There is no need to refill water. You can reuse water many times.

In cold temperatures, the bag provides therapeutic benefits as well as pressure. It guarantees greater relaxation, including firm assistance for your joints.

Scarlett Heating Bag

• Quick water heating in about ten minutes
• One charge has thermal retention of 120 min
• Very quick warmth for immediate relief
• The compact design makes it much easier to hold
• Electric hot gel for smooth distribution of heat
• Perfect for cold weather to get relaxation from suffering


  • Offers perfect heating to every part of the body.
  • Quick heating in just 10 minutes.
  • Lower temperature setting for slow massaging.
  • The PVC coating ensures a leak-free experience.
  • Even heat distribution via neoprene gel.


  • The heating at low temperature is not adequate.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

It is stuffed with a patented gel that gives a constant temperature experience. The functionality also increases the efficiency of the heating bag. It helps to keep the heat for 120 min. You can recharge the bag easily. Also, you can set the heating temperature as desired. The bag is appropriate across all age categories, including children too.

8. Kasturi’s collection Hot Water Bag

Kasturi's Collection Clicktive Electric Heating Gel Pad

The use of a hot bag is very beneficial for joint pain and body aches. The greatest thing about this hot bag is that it’s skin-friendly.

The textile is of very high quality. You can comfortably handle the high temperatures due to its multi-layer.

Water reheating is smoother for its unique charging and clipping technology. The hot pad is very useful when it comes to heating water in just ten minutes.

It is one of the best quality hot water bags available in the Indian market.

Kasturi's Collection Hot Water Bag

• Fast heating for quick relief against joint pain
• The sleek style makes it a lot convenient to carry
• Electrically heated gel for seamless heat delivery
• Great for winter conditions to offer relief
• Super soft exterior fabric for improved warmth
• Smart temperature sensor with an auto shut off system


  • Provides excellent comfort and protection.
  • Ensures great sleep with quick warming.
  • Reduces pain against body aches and soreness.
  • Provides a continuous heat experience.
  • It’s great for flu-like symptoms and soreness.


  • The consistency of the product should be enhanced.
  • Heat treatment is not that perfect.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

The warm water pad is ideal for all families. It saves you money and energy. Also, gives you comfortable thermal management heat transfer. The portable hot water pouch is also rechargeable. Heating is super easy and needs no filling up. One charge can last for hours.

9. SCR SCATO Electric Water heating bag

SCR SCATO Electric Water Heating Bag

The Water Heating Bag is a perfect kit to remove all kinds of muscle aches and chronic stiffness. Responsive gel technology provides consistent heat transfer to each part of the body.

The package is crafted of a unique gel made of neoprene. It increases the efficiency of the hot bag. 

In colder weather, particularly in winters, the bag promises therapeutic benefit and soreness. It guarantees greater wellness and constant aid for your joints.

SCR SCATO Electric Water Heating Bag

• Quick water warming in about ten minutes
• 120 minutes of heat retention in one single charge
• Instant heat for immediate relief of burns
• The compact size makes it convenient to carry
• Neoprene makes the bag most efficient
• The cloth is lightweight and sleek


  • It’s a quilt safe heating pad.
  • Inside gel delivers uniform heat.
  • Low temperature setting for heat massage.
  • Useful in muscle cramps and hypothermia.
  • Quick heating makes it more practical.


  • Fabric attracts dust.
  • Not suitable for machine washing.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

It’s stuffed with an innovative gel that offers a constant temperature feeling. The flexibility also enhances the performance of the warming bag. It’s going to hold the temperature for 2 hours. This is one of the best electric hot water bags in India that is ideal for all age ranges, including infants.

10. Varnitya Thermotherapy Hot Water bag

Varnitya Thermotherapy Hot Water Bag

In general, using a hot bag seems to be very helpful for knee pain, including muscle aches. The great aspect of this hot water bag is that it’s very skin-friendly.

The cloth is of excellent quality, and thus it can withstand higher heat. The multi-layer fabric offers comfort and versatility.

Water reheating is easier because of the advanced charging, including twisting technology. The warm pad is very important when it refers to producing heat in just ten minutes.

You can also use the hot bag inside your quilt to warm up quickly. If you want to get a nice mild heat at any time, you must consider it.

Varnitya Thermotherapy Hot Water Bag

• Soft and comfortable high-quality fabric
• Non-toxic material and skin-friendly
• 2 in 1 water inlet and outlet functions
• Twisting charging port for convenient charging
• Inner pockets for warming hands
• Water funnel for easy filling of water


  • Best for back pain relief.
  • Effective for sciatic nerve pain.
  • Eliminates muscle spasms.
  • Faster cold and mucus recovery.
  • Enhances blood flow and reduces inflammation.


  • Fabric padding may not last long.
  • Fabric stitches are loose as reported by some users.

What is Best About this hot water bag?

It is an affordable hot water bag with all the necessary specifications. It protects you against getting frost and winter shivers. The variable temperature is ideal for both cramps and muscle aches. Besides, for improved sleep ease, you can place it inside your quilt. The hot water bag is available in several designs and colors.

Uses of electric hot water bags

An electric hot water bag is very portable and simple to use. It can be a great way to get some relief from pain. These hot bags have both benefits and limitations.

relieves pain and Cramps

Electric hot water bags work like magic in several types of pains. In such conditions, an electric hot water bag can be very useful. Next time you will feel stressed, you can hold a hot water bag and hug it tightly. It will improve blood circulation and let you relax. For better results, you can add little essential oils inside the hot water bag. You will get significant relief.

Muscle cramps are very common among elders. In such conditions, you can use a hot water bag to get some instant relief.

With increasing age, joint pains are very common. To get relief, you can put the best quality hot water bag on the joints. Put it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You have to repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day for better results.

alleviates anxiety and stress

When you get very stressed or anxious, you must look for a comfortable way to get relief. You must want to forget every reason for your stress in such a condition. And, due to busy schedules and changing lifestyles, stress has been a part of daily life.

Electric hot water bags help to forget all stresses easily. If you have sleep paralysis or nightmares frequently, you can use hot water bags. You can place the water bag between your feet. Thus, you will get sound sleep and feel completely relaxed. You will feel very peaceful at night after a long exhausting day.

Helps during pregnancy and Menstruation

Most women face a lot of discomforts during pregnancy. Some can handle the discomforts whether some can’t handle it. Most of the women feel pain in the stomach or the pelvis.

A hot water bag provides comfort and relief to pregnant women. You can place the bag under your back to get some relief. You even can take a warm bath for better results. Also, the baby needs a warm atmosphere for better growth.

Almost every girl goes through these pathetic days every month. Menstrual cramps are unbearable. And a hot water bag can be very useful. It helps your cramps to tone down and provides relief.

Good for Whiplash

It’s an injury where the head moves backward and forward due to sudden movement. It happens mostly to car and bike riders. The pain of whiplash is very unbearable. Due to the severe pain, you can’t even move your neck.

A hot water bag can help you to get some relief from this pain. You need to prepare the hot bag and place it on the neck. Within a few minutes, you will feel relief gradually.

Use it for camping

When you camp with your friends on cold nights, you must not want to shiver from the cold wind. Here, a hot water bag can be very useful. You can carry it with you to a camping area. It must give some comfort from those chilled winds. For such purposes, you must have a hot water bag with a smooth surface. 

Keep as a companion

Using an electric hot water bag, you must know that it will be your best companion every time. You can use it daily before going to sleep. Or you can use it while watching your favorite TV shows. The warm touch and comfort will enhance your body’s immune system.

You can use hot water bags in many more ways. But these are the most convenient uses that you can enjoy.

Besides a lot of benefits, there are some limitations to use a hot water bag.

Using a hot water bag can be very useful to overcome specific pains. But, you should be attentive while using it. Using too much hot water bag can cause inflammation. Yet, such inflammations are not that dangerous.

If you aren’t careful while using a hot water bag, the inflammation marks can be severe. Some people’s skin is even sensitive to heat. They should be more cautious.

When you take some relief from a hot water bag, you can’t compromise your delicate skin. So, you should not apply it directly to your skin. 

To prevent such drawbacks, you must be careful while using a hot water bag. Otherwise, you will get all the advantages with a hot water bag for back pain.

Buying Guide for Best Quality Hot Water bags in India

When there are more than enough options to choose from, it becomes hard to choose the right one. The same goes for an electric hot water bag. Hence, follow these crucial buying factors to choose the best hot water bag.

Consider the types of a hot water bag

In the Indian market, you’ll find two types of electric hot water bags. 1) Water-filled bags and 2) Gel-filled bags. Now the question is which type you should prefer? And the answer is not that complicated.

The gel-filled bags are a little more expensive than the water-filled bags. Even so, you should go to the gel-filled one. It comes with a far better quality of material than the other one. Besides, it gives you heat for a longer time. That’s why the difference between the price looks worthwhile.

Choose a proper size

Electric hot water bags come in different capacities and sizes. It is up to you which size you need. It is a significant factor, as various sizes are required for different reasons.

If you want the bag as a pain-relieving bag, you should go for 1000ml to 2000ml capacity variants. Although to get relief for different types of pain, you will need different sized bags.

Look for long durability

Electric hot water bags come with high-quality rubber. But there are several variants you should be careful of. No matter which type of bag you choose, you should always look for extended durability.

Lots of companies will give you fancy-looking products in a variety of colors. It will feel good on your skin too. But after a few uses, you’ll find your water bag punctured. As it will disappoint you, the hot water from the punctured bag can harm your skin too.

Even if you have to pay a little more, you must go for the durable one. That will give you a balance among price, usage, and longevity. Besides, you won’t want to spend money on a bag that gets torn without providing satisfactory service.

Consider the fabric texture

Yes, considering the fabric texture is similar to check the material quality. To get maximum comfort, you must watch out for the fabric texture. How it feels on your skin can be the result of the material quality used in the bag.

If it makes a proper balance between durable material and soft-feeling fabric, then it’s the right one. Remember, if the water bag directly touches your skin, it will be an uneasy-feeling fabric.

Look for the auto-cut feature

While you are buying an electric hot water bag in India, the auto-cut feature should be on your top criteria list. This feature blocks the power from getting to the thermostat at a particular temperature.

It prevents the bag from overheating and creating any fire hazards. That’s why you need to make sure that your bag has this auto-cut feature. Otherwise, it can be dangerous.

Check the lock system

You should never take this feature lightly. You will have hot water inside the bag, and the bag will be in touch with your skin. Now, if the lock will not work properly, the water can spill anytime.

The water, which gives you relief in your pain, can burn your skin easily. Keep in mind that carelessness can happen anytime in daily life. So if the lock of your bag is well functioning, it can prevent this kind of hazard.

Look for a wide mouth opening

The opening of the bag or the mouth is vital to consider sometimes. It decides the amount of water that goes inside. Pain in different body parts needs a larger amount of water. Sometimes you need a different intensity of temperature.  And the amount of water will help you control that. Besides, the mouth opening is also responsible for the lock system to work properly.

For a change, if you want to use it as an ice bag, you should choose a bag with a wide mouth. As the wide mouth will allow you to pour even-sized ice-cubes. So you should keep this feature in your checklist before choosing your hot water bag in India.

Consider the heat up time and heat setting features

People nowadays are generally busy and have very little time to spend on these little things. That’s why lots of bags are coming these days with short heat-up time set up.

These bags have some more features and look fancy too. Well, they are a little more expensive than the bags with longer heat-up time settings. Now it’s your choice whether you want a short-time heat-up bag or longer heat-up bags.

With the heat up time feature, the heat setting feature is also included in some hot water bags. It is useful as one can regulate the intensity of temperature with this feature. You can go for the feature as It can be useful for different types of pains.

Set a budget

We always suggest you get the product with better material quality. And for that, you need to spend a little more than the standard variants. But at the same time, you need to be careful to spend the money on the right product.

Sometimes in local markets, lots of bags are sold at a very high price. They don’t offer you any definite reason for that price. That’s why you should consider the price according to the features and quality. 

Check for the guarantee

Some people will argue that guarantee is not a necessary feature to look for. Well, at some points, they might be correct. But if you don’t want to stress the product quality, look for the warranty. The best hot water bag brands in India provide reasonable warranty terms.

To be precise, you must invest your hard-earned money in the right product. Hence, you should look for a bag that offers you the guarantee of a specific period.

It allows you to change the product if it’s damaged within a limited period. Also, it gives reliability at a certain level. The manufacturers offer you the guarantee as they are confident about their product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hot water bag good for back pain?

Yes, a hot water bag is suitable for back pain. Hot water provides moist heat that enhances blood circulation. Thus it helps to reduce muscle pain. If you put a hot water bag on your back or lie over it, you will get instant relief. For better results, you can take a water bath as well.

Does a hot water bag reduce belly fat?

Yes, continued use of hot water bags helps to reduce belly fat. But to achieve the result, you have to use the hot water bag properly. You can wrap the bag around your belly like a belt. Thus you will get effective results. Make sure not to sit on a place for longer to burn belly fat with a hot water bag.

How does a hot water bag help during periods?

A hot water bag is useful to relax the uterus. It reduces the tightening of the blood vessels. Thus it improves the blood flow to the uterus. You can use a hot water bag to get some relief from the menstrual cramps. So, it will open up the blood vessels and promote blood flow.

Can you use a hot water bag during pregnancy?

Yes, you can use a hot water bag during pregnancy. It will give you relief from pregnancy-related aches, joint pains, and back pains. But you should not use it for more than 20 minutes. You can start with the lowest temperature setting for some instant relief. And, make sure not to fall asleep with the hot bag.

Can you use a hot water bag after the C section?

Yes, you can use a hot water bag after the C section. Whether you deliver vaginally or by C-section, it will take almost six weeks for the uterus to get the average size. In this period, you can use a hot water bag for better recovery.

When to use a hot water bag and ice pack?

It’s a bit tricky to know the exact position when you need an ice pack and when you need a hot water bag. Generally, you can use an ice bag for swelling or inflammation. And, use the hot water bag to get relief from stiffness and muscle pains.

What is the price range of a hot water bag?

The price of the hot water bag depends according to various manufacturing brands. If you want to buy a hot bag, for a standard one you have to pay INR 359. For a good quality hot water bag, the price will be around INR 1700 to INR 2000.

Is heat from a hot water bag good for nerve pain?

Yes, hot water is good for nerve pain. Even if you use a hot water bag for nerve pain, it will enhance the blood flow. Heat therapy lets the blood vessels dilate. Thus the body supplies more oxygen, blood, and nutrients. It also reduces the tension in the muscles. Thus the nerve problems will heal faster. But for better results, you should use an ice bag.

How to use hot bags in the right way?

Hot water bags are very useful to get relief from severe pains. You need to use it properly. You have to fill the bag with hot water and place it on your pain affected areas. Let the warmth penetrate through your skin. Thus it enhances blood circulation and gives you instant relief.

Is an electric hot water bag safe to use?

Electric hot water bags are quite safe to use. You can use it to relieve muscle pains, joint pain, backaches, or nerve pains. You also can use it during menstruation or pregnancy. All, you need to use the hot water bags in a proper way for the best results.

How does a hot water bag work?

Generally, hot water bags get manufactured from rubber. You have to fill it with hot water. It contains a stopper on the mouth to avoid spilling. You need to plug the cord and on the switch and set the temperature. When the water reaches the required temperature, you can turn the switch off. Thus you can use the hot water bag.


Overall, we can say electric hot water bags are quite prevalent for their high utility factor. For any type of muscle injury, it can be highly effective.

From menstruation to pregnancy, it relieves you every time. With the advancement of technology, the electric hot water bags work as a savior.

In this article, we have discussed almost everything about the best quality hot water bags available in India. You can choose from the best brand according to your needs.

You can find these bags in pharmacy shops around you. But there you will see a difference in the price.

These water bags are relatively safe for everyone in an Indian family. From your children to grandparents, everyone will get relief from severe pains.

It is electrically efficient as well. These bags get heated very quickly and come with an auto shut off feature. So, there will be no wastage of electricity.

You can consider it as your companion for relieving pains and won’t suffer from backaches or muscle cramps anymore.

As there are several brands available over there, you need to choose wisely. You can go through the buying guide.

If you are still confused about choosing the ideal product, you can choose any of our top 10 hot water bags. We assure all these bags are individually best in their performance.

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