Best juicer Mixer Grinders in India: Complete Buying Guide (2020)


India is not only the land of spices but also the land of mixed food habits, where one can find varieties of dishes that are not present elsewhere in the world.

Most of the Indian dishes need some masala in it which is mostly prepared in the household. These masalas make use of fresh ingredients at home that is mixed in a specific composition. It gives a delicious taste and mesmerizing aroma to the dish.

Not only masalas, but the Indians prepare varieties of chutneys to uncountable types of batter. But there is also something versatile in each of them, and mostly everything needs a mixer grinder.

However, the emergence of the modern varieties of mixer grinders has simplified the efforts and gave more time to make the same dish even more delicious. A Juicer Mixer Grinder is a prime example of that. As the name suggests, it can perform the typical kitchen operations like Juicing, Mixing and Grinding all together. Thus, just having it requires no separate kitchen appliances for each of these purposes.

So, which is the best juicer mixer grinder in India?

Introducing Our Top Pick: Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Juicer Mixer Grinder which we have found the best and most preferred product in India in 2020.

best juicer mixer grinder in India

Top 3 Juicer Mixer Grinders in 2020

Our Choice
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder,...
Best Buy
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer...
Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer...
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder,...
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer...
Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer...
Power Consumption
750 Watts
400 Watts
900 Watts
Motor Speed
18000 RPM
21000 RPM
22000 RPM
Number of Blades
No. of Jars
2 Years
2 Years
1 Year
Our Choice
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder,...
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder,...
Power Consumption
750 Watts
Motor Speed
18000 RPM
Number of Blades
No. of Jars
2 Years
Best Buy
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer...
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer...
Power Consumption
400 Watts
Motor Speed
21000 RPM
Number of Blades
No. of Jars
2 Years
Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer...
Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer...
Power Consumption
900 Watts
Motor Speed
22000 RPM
Number of Blades
No. of Jars
1 Year

Reviews for Best Juicer Mixer Grinders

1. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder: Top Pick in 2020

best juicer mixer grinder


 Preethi Zodiac is one of the most favorable juicer mixer grinders with lots of convenient features for Indian households. Some of the key elements that make it most beneficial as a mixer grinder are

Impressive Motor Performance

The super sharp blade in the jars available with the juicer mixer grinder, this motor can grind turmeric in just 2 minutes and can save a lot of time. When this motor is complemented with the well-engineered build of the grinder, the overall performance enhances to a whole new level.

Well crafted grinding options

The super sharp multi-functional stainless steel blades present in the jar enables the finest grinding and juicing experience when powered by the incredible Vega W5 motor in it. On the other hand, Preethi Zodiac MG218 mixer grinder makes chopping vegetables faster than ever.

Incredible juicing feature and Reliable speed controls

The juicer possesses readily available features to extract juices and separate the pulps at high speed. It is customer-friendly and can be used by anyone without and riddling efforts.

Additionally, the forefront speed controls with rotary switch present in this juicer mixer grinder provide three-speed to regulate the speed based on the vegetables, juice, or ingredients inside the jar.  The knob is quite feasible and can be used easily without any extra effort required.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder
3,797 Reviews
Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

• It has Vega W5 motor that can grind turmeric in just 2 minutes.
• It has a fast motor cooling functionality for continuous usage.
• Super sharp multi-functional stainless steel blades are present in it.
• 3 in 1 Insta-fresh juicer helps to extract the juice faster with user-friendly features.
• The mixer grinder from Preethi comes with forefront speed controls.
• Ultimate Master Chef plus jar which efficiently kneads Atta in 1 minute.
• Super extraction technology is infused in it for coconut and tamarind.
• Power LEDs are present around the knobs for overload indication.
• The mixer grinder possesses impressive, elegant colours to merge with any kitchen.
• The manufacturer provides five years of motor warranty and two years of product warranty.

What we like

  • Extreme food processing capabilities with the master chef jar for instant kneading.
  • 3-in-1 instant fresh fruit juice jar with centrifugal juicing.
  • Super extraction technology for coconut and tamarind extraction and blending.
  • 750W Vega W5 motor can grind turmeric in 2 minutes with a 3-speed control.
  • Five years of manufacturer warranty.

What we do not like

  • The motor makes a bit of noise, although powerful performance is guaranteed.
  • Some pulp extract may be left behind but still the juice is surely finer.

Why should you buy it?

             All the incredible tweaks that make a grinder the most capable and reliable performer in the kitchen, are available in this juicer mixer grinder. This makes it the safest choice among all best juicer mixer grinders in India in 2020. If you are looking for an all-round performer in the kitchen for multi-purpose, this model of juicer mixer grinder from Preethi Zodiac is one of the best options in the market in this price range.

2. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

best juicer mixer grinder in India


 With some incredible features in this juicer mixer grinder, Nutri-blend is, by all means, India’s favorite juicer mixer grinder with all kinds of features needed in the Indian kitchen.

Powerful motor with incredible performance

Everything, starting from grinding, blending and juicing to cutting and chopping of small ingredients for Indian masala powder can be done faster than ever. This is because of the 22,000 RPM motor that can extract micro-nutrients.

Ultra-sharp steel blades for fast performance

Nutri-blend juicer mixer grinder’s performance is its super-sharp stainless blades that can deliver lightning-fast performance due to the incredible engineering made with precision. All you have to do is to place, twist, and play without even needing to hold the machine. Hand free operation with a convenient size and build of the juicer mixer grinder makes it the best operative device in the Indian kitchen.

Zero maintenance required

There is almost no need for any kind of maintenance except for cleaning the jars, which is quite easy. The unique jar design allows us to reach the blades for cleaning, ensuring zero leakage, and preventing any harm to the motor.

Caps for versatile purposes

Besides the conventional features on the jars, storage and sprinkler caps also come with additional usages. The extra cover lid can accomplish other requirements like storage of the ground or blended items and can also be used in seasoning requirements.

Complimentary Sanjeev Kapoor cooking guide

Apart from all the incredible features of the juicer mixer grinder, a recipe book from the renowned Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is also provided to the Nutri-blend users. It can be excellent that acts as a guide in making delicious foods.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder
4,576 Reviews
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder

• The juicer mixer grinder comes with a 400W durable motor with 21000 RPM speed.
• Elegant and classic design throughout the body and jars as well.
• Super sharp stainless steel blades to deliver lightning-fast performance.
• The mixer grinder comes with two super-strong unbreakable jars.
• You can just place the jar, twist, and play the grinder for hand-free operation.
• Compact size and consumes less space.
• Blades are washable and can be detached requiring less maintenance.
• Sprinklers and storage lids are also provided with the multi-purpose jars.
• Non-skid rubber footing is provided for safety.
• The Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with the Sanjeev Kapoor guide.

what we like

  • A superfast motor of 400W can do every task faster than ever.
  • Two interchangeable jars with well-engineered designs can grind anything easily.
  • Super sharp blades are complemented to jars to enhance speed.
  • Non-Skid rubber footing is provided for regular and safe usage.
  • Two years of manufacturer warranty.
  • Stylish design to suit any kitchen interiors being the highlighted part.
  • No spillage while blending.

What we do not like

  • Although jars come with a super stylish finish, the storage space is a bit less.
  • Two jars can be less for some but fast performance can cover it.

Why should you buy it?

The features of the Wonderchef Nutriblend Juicer Mixer Grinder are complemented with a guide of Sanjeev Kapoor. It is customized for all kinds of users with chutneys, juices, smoothies, dips, and masalas, etc. The advanced features and attractive design of this mixer grinder can surprise you at a cheap price.

3. Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

best juicer mixer grinder in Indian market


 The juicer mixer grinders from Sujata are one of the preferable grinders in India due to the incredible performance, impressive efficiency, and most desirable features in them. 

Accompanied with all these features, the juicer is also infused with a unique honeycomb filter mesh for finer juice and a higher yield in quality. The mixer juicer suits all kinds of needs in the home kitchen to the restaurant and café uses as well.

900 Watts Motor for superfast performance

The most powerful 900-Watts motor with double bearings provides incredible performance and efficiency. It can run continuously with the ultimate speed settings to cut hard ingredients into fine pieces faster and easier. It requires low maintenance even in the long run and thus provides free running.

Impressive design that merges with any kitchen

The stylish and elegant steel body of the juicer mixer grinder with classic design reflects the lifestyle of the households from all aspects. Even the multi-purpose jars that come with the grinder have an elegant look to it. This is in the form of a look-through body to see what’s happening inside.

Jars with sharp stainless steel blades

A juicer with a high strength stainless steel blade can cut the fruits and pulp finer and faster. The juicer mixer grinder ensures that no solid waste has remained in the juice on the top of the jar. 3-speed controls with the rotary action switch can make use of this super sharp stainless steel blade in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the transparent jars with elegant design come with the most sturdy design and well-engineered ergonomics. It enables a convenient hold while grinding and even while pouring out the juice or ingredients.

Efficient juicing performance

Powerful motor with double bearing ensures continuous 90 minutes running without any hiccups and absolutely at the same speed from beginning to end. This incredible speed provides the best aroma and texture of the ingredients and juice inside the jar.

When this speed is complemented with the effective honeycomb filter mesh, finer juice without any pulp inside is ensured. Filtration accompanied by the higher yield makes the juicer mixer grinder the best for juicing.

Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder

• The Sujata Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with 900 Watt Powerful motor with double ball bearings.
• Shockproof that makes it completely safe during operation.
• Ensured 90 minutes of continuous running while being in 22000 rpm operation.
• Feasible motor and build retain original flavour and aroma of foods and juices.
• The juicer comes with a unique yet efficient honeycomb filter mesh for higher yield.
• High strength stainless steel blades cut incredibly fast.
• It comes with a transparent and unbreakable mixer jar.
• It requires less maintenance due to detachable, washable parts.
• Extra safety features such as anti-spill design are included in this mixer grinder.
• One year of manufacturer warranty.

what we like

  • High strength stainless steel blades provide fine and flawless cutting for any ingredient.
  • Powerful 900 watts motor with double ball bearings is highly efficient.
  • 22000 rpm operation of the grinder retains the original flavor and aroma of food and juice.
  • Transparent and strong jars.
  • Shockproof body and jar for safety.
  • The juicer mixer grinder requires low maintenance and offers trouble-free running for a long time.

what we do not like

  • The company provides a single manufacturer warranty, but the features are quite reliable.
  • Juicing makes a bit of sound, but efficient motor performance fastens the process.

Why should you buy it?

Are you looking for a reliable performer in your kitchen to accomplish any mixing, grinding, blending, juicing, and mincing tasks at ease in a faster way? The reliable and efficient features provided by the juicer mixer grinder make it enlisted in the list of best juicer mixer grinders.

4. Nutribullet PRO High-Speed Blender/Mixer/Smoothie Maker

best juicer mixer grinder in India


A Juicer Mixer grinder with all kinds of essential applications required in the Indian Kitchen. Having this juicer mixer grinder is undoubtedly a safe choice as it can accomplish every task with great ease and comfort. Nutribullet PRO is also one such device that can perform all kitchen tasks such as blending, mixing, smoothie making, and many more.

Mighty 900Watt high torque motor for reliable usage

 Incredible 900 W motor base with the High-torque power in the NutriPro can cut and blend any kind of tough fruits, vegetables, and hard ingredients for masala powder in seconds. When this powerful motor is combined with super sharp stainless steel blades, then the blending can be done in seconds.

Well crafted design

The unique bullet shape of the cups and the techy design of the juicer mixer grinder makes it highly effective for mincing any kind of ingredients easily, leaving no traces of solid items behind.

Low maintenance required

The blades from the jars can be brought out with a simple twist and can be easily cleaned by rinsing it with soap and water easily. Even the dishwasher can be used to clean the jars. Spills on the grinder can be cleaned with a simple wipe with clothes.

Be it juices or smoothies, NutriPro can make them in under a minute with the finer juice extract without any traces of pulps in it.

Wide Range of Applications

The unique bullet shape of the bowls makes it easy to blend any kind of fruits, ingredients, or vegetables in moments and can be removed easily. The cups also possess anti-spill technology, which makes it safe while grinding or shifting the ingredients into another jar.

Nutribullet PRO Juicer Mixer Grinder
374 Reviews
Nutribullet PRO Juicer Mixer Grinder

• 900 watts of high torque superfast motor included in blender is highly efficient.
• An intuitive design that can be used by using just push, twist, and blend.
• Super sharp blades can turn even spinach to sippable nutrition.
• It comes with an emulsifying blade, a lip ring, a flat blade, two lids, and a pocket nutritionist user book.
• Compact sized consumes less space and hassle-free maintenance.
• Bullet-shaped cups are detachable for cleaning purposes.
• The same container can also be used to drink or as a travel cup as well.
• It comes with Supercharged Nutrient Extractor that can extract finer juice easily and faster.
• The juicer mixer grinder requires less maintenance and can be cleaned by soap and water.
• Includes 2 years of product warranty.

what we like

  • The highly efficient and powerful motor of 900 watts.
  • Unique bullet shape design to fasten the mixing, grinding, and blending procedure to a whole new level.
  • Compact design that consumes less space.
  • No extra maintenance required.
  • Detachable, washable parts.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The same grinding container can also be used as a travel cup.
  • Sharp stainless steel blades can pulverize even the toughest fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods as well.

what we do not like

  • Best for the home kitchen, but continuous usage heats the grinder a little bit.
  • Continuous grinding may lead to overheating but motor speed fastens the process.

Why should you buy it?

With all these incredible features and options included in the Nutribullet PRO blender & two years of the manufacturer warranty makes it trustworthy for the value for money.
It can be a good update from the conventional grinder that has only a single purpose and is limited to features like juicing or grinding. Because of all these advanced benefits, we have selected this product as one of the best juicer mixer grinders in the Indian market.

5. Philips Viva HL7715 700 watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

best juicer mixer grinder in Indian Market


Philips, being the most renowned manufacturers with an unmatched reputation in delivering the best products with incredible performance. This juicer mixer grinder can be one of the best choices for Indian households. This Viva HL715 Juicer Mixer Grinder from Philips is the most balanced performer with all world-class features and surely uncompromised performance.

Specially designed efficient 700-watt motor

 The specially designed 700-watt motor infused in the Philips Juicer Mixer grinder provides superior juicing, mixing and grinding performance at ease.

Elegant Design for every Indian Kitchen

 This juicer mixer grinder comes with a white body and red accents on it which can merge with any classy kitchen interiors easily without any efforts to search a new space to place it.

The juicer comes with the specially designed assembly of removable sprout and blades transparent pulp chamber that is user friendly and can be cleaned easily.

Hassle-free operation and maintenance

Specially designed jars with super sharp stainless steel blades and flow breakers are good for efficient mixing and grinding performance. It can make the juicing and grinding procedure very fast with less effort. The whole jar body of the juicer mixer grinder is made from ABS plastic, which preserves the quality and aroma of the fruits and vegetables even after juicing and mincing.

Both jars and the transparent pulp chambers of the juicer mixer grinder can be cleaned easily without extra efforts on using different rinsing materials as most of the washable parts can be detached easily. Flow beakers that come with the specially designed jar can also be cleaned easily, and the plastic body is long-lasting.

Philips Viva Juicer Mixer Grinder
887 Reviews
Philips Viva Juicer Mixer Grinder

• The mixer grinder has an optimally designed 700 watts motor for unmatchable grinding performance.
• The online transparent pulp chamber, as well as removable spout and blade, makes it easy to clean.
• User-friendly design and easy to assemble.
• The body of the Juicer Mixer Grinder and Jars are made with Long lasting ABS plastic.
• Well-engineered jar with flow beakers comes with the Juicer Mixer Grinder from Phillips.
• The bigger round chute is present in a jar to reduce the time for peeling and chopping.
• Sieve has a plastic coupling for long-lasting performance.
• Includes Juicer Mixer Grinder, Spatula, dry jar, and Blender Jar and chutney jar as well.
• Overload protection is provided with LED indicators.
• Includes 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

what we like

  • Specially designed jars with flow breakers.
  • Optimally designed 700 watt motor for efficient performance.
  • Stainless steel blades in all three jars can accomplish all juicing. Mixing and blending tasks at ease.
  • Bigger round chute for efficiency.
  • Transparent pulp chamber to make the cleaning after juicing easier than ever.
  • ABS plastic bodies last longer with the same quality.
  • Removable spout and blade.
  • Simple yet classy design.

what we do not like

  • Traditional Jars are less effective than the bullet models for tough ingredients.
  • Nontransparent jars can be a bit confusing but the operation is reliable.

Why should you buy it?

Accompanied by the less maintenance requirement and the powerful performance assured from the motor, 2 years of manufacturer warranty can complement the trustworthiness of all aspects. Moreover, there are a lot of service centers available in almost all regions of the country that can probably resolve any issues easily.

Buying Guide for Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India

Before buying a juicer mixer grinder, there are several things that you should know. Understanding the background, types and differences of a juicer mixer grinder from other processing appliances would help you to buy the most suitable product.

How Old Ways have been evolved to modern Juicer Mixer Grinders?

You must have heard of or even seen the huge and heavy grinding stone in your house that was used by your grandmother. It served the same purpose as of the conventional grinders. But it requires much effort and time to bring you the same results as the juicer mixer grinder does now.

Indian dishes require grinding, mincing, and blending that is present in almost every region of the country. This is why grindstone used to serve as the logo of the Indian kitchen. Starting from chutneys to the masala powder and batter in bulk, everything was ground and mixed with the stone by holding and rotating it for several hours.

Since then grinders have made their place in the Indian kitchen and later reshaped into the fast juicer mixer grinder. It not only reduced the efforts but also brought many extra features such as perfect juicing, perfect blending with safety features as well. 

why you Should have a juicer mixer grinder at your home?

India is the only country where the types of dishes are endless. Every region of India has its variety of dishes that require special preparations.

Traditional Indian dishes are loved by everyone in the country no matter from which region they belong or what procedure they follow. None of the Indian feasts can be completed with masala powder. Because it is the signature component of India that can’t be found elsewhere in the world.

Almost every middle class and rich families in town started using a mixer grinder. This is because they are looking for a simpler way to reduce their efforts by using traditional grinding stone.

Since then not only every Indian home has a mixer grinder but every update in these appliances is first tested, accepted, and used by Indians more than any country. Now the technology has evolved more and upgraded to juicer mixer grinders.

Different Types of Mixer Grinders

A machine that is used to mix different ingredients to bring out a delicious taste from each of them is termed as the mixer machine. These devices are mostly portable and come in lightweight.

The mixing device has a stand in front of which the bowl should be placed on a pad. A rotary tool goes inside the bowl and rotates fast to mix the ingredients in the bowl. Mostly, yogurt, egg for baking, and salads are made in these mixers.

1. Grinder /Wet Grinder

A grinder is a device used to grind the large solid pieces into fine small pieces or even powder. These devices use the same formula that was used by the grindstone in ancient days.

In this device, the grinder has some weight to it which presses the solid ingredients and breaks it into pieces that can make a powder of it. Wet grinders have a stone similar to the grindstone and are used to make a batter for Idli, Dosa, etc.

2. Mixer Grinder

It is an updated device that uses the procedure of both the mixer and grinder to make a paste or powder of the ingredients that are put into it. A jar with sharp stainless steel blades is used in these appliances. You have to put the ingredients to make a delicious paste out of it. As there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of a mixer grinder, people love them to use in their kitchen.

These are the conventional grinders that use either centrifugal force or a precisely engineered bullet jar to grind and mix them all evenly. Masala powder and batter preparation can be done easily in it without even needing stone. There are a number of ways to use a mixer grinder at your home to make the most out of it.

3. Juicer Mixer Grinder

It is the modern grinder that can serve all the purposes mentioned above at ease. It has an additional feature of extracting juice from the fruits. While cold press juicers can extract the healthiest juices, the juicer mixer grinder can perform mixing and grinding operations along with juicing.

This device can perform juicing, mixing and grinding operations with ease by a powerful motor beneath the jar. The Precisely engineered jars with a juicer mixer grinder are of bullet type or as the traditional centrifugal ones. The output from these modern blenders is way reliable and accurate as per the expectations of the users.

Regular Mixer grinder vs Juicer Mixer grinder

Although both Mixer grinder and juicer mixer grinder seem similar to only the juicing feature added to the second one, there are some considerable differences between them.

Mixer GrinderJuicer Mixer grinder
It is just focused on mixing and grinding the ingredients dropped in the jar with blades not necessarily fine particles or powder.The juicer mixer grinder is focused on extracting juice from the fruits by blending the pulp and separating them from the finer juice extract.
Possible with the motor having less torque although the jar size and the blades also matter.Powerful motors up to 900W are used to blend and extract juice from the fruits and vegetables and to ensure no solids are left behind.
Mixer grinders can do all the tasks carried on with simple mixers and can grind the solid pieces into fine pieces.Almost all types of tasks can be done with a juicer mixer grinder as an all-round performer.

Juicer Mixer Grinder vs food processor

The term juicer mixer grinder and food processor are used interchangeably but there are a lot of differences between them. Some of the major differences are-


A food processor helps in small tasks like chopping vegetables, slicing, graining or shredding, etc while juicer mixer grinder can accomplish a lot more tasks than these. Having a juicer mixer grinder in your kitchen, any task can be done easier and faster than any type of food processor. It includes grinding, juicing, mixing, chopping, etc.


Juicer mixer grinder can perform more efficiently than the food processors due to the high-speed motors, unique jar design, and sharp blades. If you are confused among both of them then a mixer grinder is undoubtedly the best choice by all means.


Food processors can only be used if you are interested in baking reliably as most of them don’t even need electricity. Still, there are no more useful applications for food processors when compared to juicer mixer grinders. The same egg beating task can also be accomplished effectively by it.


Time consumption in food processors is a lot more than that of the juicer mixer grinders. It is due to the efficient motors and extractors inside grinders. Besides, you can also find bullet type blenders that use super fast motors with sharp stainless steel blades. The juicer mixer grinder can accomplish any task in moments.

Must-Check Features before buying a juicer mixer grinder

1. Quality and Capacity of Motor

The motor is probably the first and foremost thing to check while buying a juicer mixer grinder from the market. An efficient motor can lead you to better performance throughout your usage. You can find the motor from 350W to 900 watts.

2. User-Friendly Design

Along with the functionality of the motor, the modern-day kitchen also needs to add style to it. You can get a lot of options based on design and colors from the market. But we recommend preferring the appliance which matches with the interiors of the kitchen.

3. Multi-Use Jars

Having multiple jars is the most favorable option in the kitchen where you may have multi-purpose at the same time. A juicer mixer grinder with more number of jars with completely different purposes can be a safe choice for homemakers.

4. Speed of Operation

Besides looking for the power range of the motors, it is also essential to look for the appropriate speeds of them before buying them. Higher speed can help you operate the juicer mixer grinder faster.

5. Capacity of the Juicer Mixer Grinder

If you do bulk grinding of the batter for Idli or Dosa often, then you will need the jars of more capacity. Bullet jars are efficient but you will have to refill them from time to time. The best juicer mixer grinders we have reviewed above are built with high capacity.

6. Quality of Juicing, Mixing and Grinding

To make a cost-effective purchase the quality of the grinder, motor, and jars is highly essential. Check the quality from different aspects such as strong body, powerful motor, sharp stainless steel blades, etc.

The Juicer mixer grinder is the best choice when compared to the conventional centrifugal juicers or ordinary mixer grinders. A juicer mixer grinder consumes less space as well as blends any small ingredients into finer particles within less time.

7. Safety in Operation

Besides analyzing and comparing the features, you should also look for the safety measures taken by the company. Overheat protection, anti-spill feature and nonslip feet, etc are some of the advanced features that one should look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a juicer mixer grinder?

 A juicer mixer grinder is the complete version of blenders which is designed to accomplish any kitchen tasks at ease. Starting from chopping and graining to extracting fine juice without pulp, everything can be done with a juicer mixer grinder. All you have to do is just put the fruits and vegetables on the juicer. Then push the button to get the finer extract from the outlet with pulp separated from it.  
Most companies provide three different jars that have different blades, jars, and lids as well. Preferring the bullet type grinders with detachable blades and many washable parts is the best as they can also reduce the maintenance to a great extent.

Which is the best brand for juicer Mixer grinder?

Superior performance accompanied by the reliable features is the basic need for any juicer mixer grinder to have in the Indian kitchen.
Although there are lots of brands in the market that come with good features and performance, which makes the answer to the question “which mixer grinder is best in India?” tougher every year. Starting from the size of the grinder and its capacity there are a lot of factors to be considered.
However, preferring a renowned brand which is having a reputation for providing the best products with advanced and reliable features is a safe way to go with. In this scenario, Phillips, COOKWELL, and PREETHI can be the better choice. But even in so many options, Preethi juicer mixer grinder may lead in some featuring options.

How to clean a juicer mixer grinder?

Cleaning a juicer mixing grinder is not a difficult task nowadays as most of the manufacturers are offering detachable blades and many other detachable washables. Even the pulp extractor can be detached easily to clean the remaining pulps. The jars offered by the renowned companies with ABS food-grade plastics should be fine even in soap rinse or even in the dishwasher as well. 

A Few More Words…

With tons of applications and several varieties of uses in the Indian Kitchen, none of the households can live without a mixer grinder in their house.

Buying a kitchen appliance is quite a tough task in India where one can find tons of options. Therefore, we are providing you a list with reviews of the best juicer mixer grinders in India that are ranked based on the features, specifications, performance, efficiency, and price as well. Read carefully and select the right product that meets your requirements.

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