10 Best Kadai for Indian Cooking (2021) – Everything You Need to Know

The appetizing smell of the seasoning surrounding the Indian kitchens makes Indian cuisine one of the world’s most drool-worthy cuisines. The fragrance that roams around makes us want more and more.

The delicious dishes prepared every day in the Indian kitchens have one thing in common. The distinct method of cooking food. Indian cooking is all about frying and slow-cooking the food along with various spices to enhance its taste. Unlike the bowls required in other cuisines, slow-cooking requires utensils like a good kadai that can withstand such high temperatures.

Indians have been cooking and seasoning their food for a long time in kadai that is ideal for preparing Indian cuisine. Sometimes, the food you cook at high temperatures burns down the bottom of Kadai, ruining the vessel’s taste and surface. Moreover, sometimes due to the lack of depth or inadequate material in the vessel makes turning over food difficult.

That’s why non-stick and stainless steel are the most preferred materials for the best kadai for Indian cooking. Their distinct deep design helps the food cook nicely and is paired with a lid to facilitate speedy cooking. We want you to enjoy the mouth-watering Indian cuisine. So here in this article, we are sharing the top ten of India’s best kadai for cooking that could be the perfect addition to your kitchen as well as safe for health for 2021.

best kadai for Indian cooking

10 Best Kadai for Indian Cooking

Vinod Platinum Tri-ply Stainless Steel KadaiStainless-steel and AluminiumDeep fryAmazon
Meyer Trivantage Tri-ply KadaiStainless-steelDeep fryAmazon
Vinod Platinum Tri-ply Extra Deep KadaiStainless-steelDeep fryAmazon
Prestige Omega Deluxe KadaiGraniteShallow fryAmazon
Dynamic Cookware Premium Flat Base KadaiCast IronDeep fryAmazon
Alda Tri-ply Wok Pan KadaiStainless-steelDeep fryAmazon
Meyer Pre-seasoned Deep KadaiCast ironDeep fryAmazon
Craftsman India Online Pottery Earthen KadaiClayShallow fryAmazon
Prestige Tri-ply KadaiStainless-steelDeep fryAmazon
Mannar Craft Traditional Bronze KadaiBronzeDeep fryAmazon

Review of the best kadai in India

1. Vinod Platinum Steel Kadai – Best For 2021

Vinod Platinum Steel Kadai

Key features

  • The material used for making is aluminium
  • It is a Kadai consisting of a non-stick top surface
  • Longer durability and a strong base of kadai
  • Comes with the size of 35.1 cm in length
  • Lightweight and easy to handle handles
  • Can be used on a gas stove or electric burner
  • 60-month warranty for the product
  • Paired with a lid made of 24 cm diameter
  • Three-layered induction base with big capacity

High heating efficiency of durable material

The Vinod platinum kadai comes with 3 layers to increase the induction of the vessel and make it cooking-friendly. They made the first layer of the kadai with stainless steel. The innermost surface of stainless steel has a food grade of 18/8. This is the highest food grade for stainless steel and gives it the quality of being rust-free.

The second layer is an encapsulated layer of aluminium right through the cookware. This ensures even heat distribution, less cooking time, and minimum burning of food. The third layer consists of a stainless steel 430 magnetic layer, which makes it friendly to an induction cooktop.

Easy and Safe to operate

Usually, kadais do not have any handles. Still, the new Vinod platinum kadai has strong riveted handles that offer support to the kadai and facilitate easy food management inside the kadai.

The handles come with stainless steel material but lack insulation so the handles cannot be held with bare hands. The sturdy handles make the lifting of hot kadai an easy job. Along with the handles of the kadai, the lid has a handle that is made up of the same material. The lifting of the lid becomes easy and portable.

Best for Indian Cooking

If you worry about foods that stick and burn near the bottom of the kadai, you should go for this product. This product is not non-stick but prevents the food from sticking on the walls. If you like deep-fries, this kadai can take care of it by letting you use minimum oil.

Indian cooking involves a lot of spice and oil for which you need a specialized kadai. After researching and analyzing various factors, we found this kadai is perfectly suitable for such requirements.


  • High compatibility and base strength.
  • Easy heat transfer from a gas stove to food.
  • Hard stainless steel for easy induction.
  • High-quality materials used.
  • Less oil consumption in the kadai.
  • Hygienic cooking is ensured.


  • Lack of heat insulation in the handles of kadai and lid.
  • Too much usage results in flaking of the surface.

Why is this kadai worthy of buying?

The Vinod platinum kadai is one of the best kadai under 3000 INR used in Indian kitchens. The even heat distribution around the kadai and the heat induction are the qualities that make the kadai so unique and special. The sturdy and riveted handles on the kadai and lid are simply a cherry on the cake. These features make this product the best stainless steel kadai for Indian cooking.

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2. Meyer Trivantage Cookware Kadai

Meyer Trivantage Cookware Kadai

Key features

  • Kadai is highly durable due to the material.
  • The high strength of the kadai with a strong base
  • Kadai is structured to be oven safe
  • Dimension of the kadai consist of 24cm length
  • It can be used for deep frying
  • Kadai is easy to lift due to its lightweight

Decent and classy outer-appearance

The Meyer trivantage cookware kadai is a popular cookware brand known for its durability and strong body made out of stainless steel.

The outer body of this kadai is extremely visually appealing. It has a mirror-polished outer body which is very beautiful to look at. The interior of this kadai has an emery finish and gives a very good look overall.

Even Heating by Food-Safe Material

Meyer made this kadai with three layers. The quick and evenly distributing core of the base is made up of aluminium. This aluminium core is sandwiched between the two layers of stainless steel.

The first layer is 100% non-toxic and safe with food-grade stainless steel. The other layer is induction-compatible, magnetic stainless steel.  Since it is used in the best kadai in the market, it helps in efficient heating of the food so that it can be cooked without any inconvenience.

The Durable Kadai Retains Nutrients

The Kadai lid comes with tempered glass which is extremely durable and resistant to breaking even if it falls by any chance. This adds to the durability of the lid. The kadai retains the moisture and nutrients with it. The temperature of the kadai rises quicker than the usual kadai. The nutrients stay intact, and this makes the food that is cooked healthier.

Enhanced Operating Safety

The handles attached to this kadai are sturdy. They are permanently riveted and cool down easily. This quality is imparted by the silicon covered with stainless steel. The insulation occurs and the heating of the handles occurs as slow as possible.


  • It is compatible with all types of cooktops.
  • It has a fancy and decent outer appearance.
  • Includes easy induction for heating and cooking.
  • Can resist oven temperature up to 180 degrees.
  • 10 years of warranty included with the product.
  • Toxin-free product to prepare healthy food.
  • Kadai is made dishwasher safe to avoid breakage.


  • Sometimes the surface of the kadai might flake due to excessive use.


The use of a triple-layer stainless steel body makes the kadai easy to heat. This is indeed a trivantage (triple advantage). The Meyer cookware kadai allows us to cook tasty meals and spread happiness around with delicious food.

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3. Vinod Platinum Tri ply Extra Deep Kadai

Vinod Platinum Triply Extra Deep Kadai

Key features

  • Induction friendly body of the kadai
  • Stainless steel body for easy heating
  • 60-months warranty on the product
  • Lightweight body for easy handling
  • The package contains one kadai and one lid
  • Preferable for gas stove cooktops
  • Inner surface with a non-stick base

Easy Operation With Adequate Safety

A lot of Indians use the Vinod platinum kadai. The primary quality of this product is that it is extra deep than the usual kadai made in India. Its extra depth allows us to cook more quantities of food. You can mainly use the kadai for deep frying since it is extra deep.

The handles attached to the kadai are extremely strong and dependable. When the quantity of food is more in the kadai, mixing spices and vegetables becomes difficult. This platinum kadai has long handles and is riveted. The mixing gets easy, and the handling becomes simple.

Less consumption of cooking oil

The interior of the kadai comes with stainless steel. The smooth results of even distribution of oil and the total amount of oil consumed are less than the average oil level used.  Since the level of oil consumption is less, the costs are cut down, and energy is saved.

Reduced Cooking Duration

This kadai has three different layers of coating of stainless steel and aluminium. The first layer is of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. You can consider it to be a healthy layer. The second is the encapsulated layer of aluminium that goes through the cookware and facilitates even distribution of heat.

It also results in the minimum burning of food and the time required for cooking reduces greatly. The third layer has a SS 430 magnetic stainless-steel layer which makes the kadai induction friendly. It is considered to be one of the best non-stick kadai available in the Indian market.


  • Hygienic cooking can be done easily.
  • Extra deep kadai for easy cooking and frying.
  • Triple-layered inner surface for quick heating.
  • Shiny outer surface to make it visually pleasing.
  • The long warranty duration for covering breakage.
  • The capacity of 2.5 liters is considered enough.


  • Handles may get heated quickly.


Vinod platinum tri ply extra deep kadai is considered one of the most useful kadai amongst all the vessels since it has many relevant qualities. The structure and the design of the kadai are simple and elegant. It is an ideal kadai that can be used in your daily kitchen cookware in 2021.


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4. Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Kadai

Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Kadai

Key features

  • Lightweight even though made of granite
  • The capacity of the kadai is 3.25 liters
  • The non-stick base for easy cooking
  • Induction friendly cooktops with lid
  • 2-year long warranty for any breakage
  • Available only in black color
  • Gas-compatible kadai for small houses.

Prestige is one of the most renowned brands in India. The cookware and other kitchen items are completely trusted and of supreme quality. It has an impressive record that proves the company’s potential to provide the best kitchenware.

Big size of the kadai

The prestige omega deluxe granite kadai offers a big size of the kadai for fast cooking and easy handling. The length of this kadai is 37 cm long while the width is 31 cm wide and the height is 13cm. Along with this, the kadai has a holding capacity of 3.25 liters of liquid. Also, the base is 2.8 mm thick.

Durable granite finish

This is the most appealing quality of the kadai. The granite finish is attractive and smooth. The food gets cooked faster since there is a higher heat transfer. Beneath the granite layer is 5 more layers of coating, which makes the kadai extra-durable and the best kadai for Indian cooking under 2000 INR.

The superior non-stick surface (as mentioned above) makes it India’s best non-stick kadai. As the surface is non-stick, the food wastage becomes minimal. The small chunks that usually burn during cooking also remain the same. Hence, removal and washing of the vessel become easy.

Highly Durable and Hazard Free Kadai Lid

Sometimes, kitchens get messy. Dropping vessels, banging them against other utensils or walls is possible. To avoid breaking or any kind of hazard, the lid of the kadai comes with shock and shatter-resistant. As the durability is high, the chances of anyone getting hurt by its breaking is minimal.

The glass lid has a small opening on the top, which regulates the continuous outflow of small amounts of vapor into the atmosphere. Due to this, you can cook food faster and with better taste.

Coverage of all damages

The company covers all kinds of reparations within 2 years of the warranty. If any manufacturing defects present when you purchase the kadai, it can be replaced within the stipulated time. If there is harm done to the product beyond the warranty period, the company will not be held responsible.


  • The handles are insulated for convenient handling.
  • A large cooking area that suffices cooking large meals.
  • User-friendly for the people who do step often in the kitchen.
  • Regulated heat removal from the lid to ensure cooking.
  • Dishwasher safe as it avoids scratches on the surface.
  • It is metal spoon friendly since it is not affected by harsh use.


  • Durability is less as compared to stainless steel.


If you are looking for a non-stick kadai that is suited for Indian cooking, this product can be an ideal choice. It has improved durability, shock-resistance properties supported by 2 years of warranty. The kadai also comes at a budget price that makes it affordable to everyone.

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5. Dynamic Cookware Premium Flat Base Cast Iron Kadai

Dynamic Cookware Premium Flat Base Cast Iron Kadai

Key features

  • The kadai is pre-seasoned with gingelly oil
  • Induction compatible and perfect cooktop
  • The kadai can hold a capacity of 2.75 liters
  • The only available color is black
  • Can be used for frying, especially stir fry
  • A glossy surface that gives a decent look
  • Non- stick coating on the top surface

Dynamic cookware makes high-quality kadai for Indian cooking. Its features aren’t as vivid as other kadai by the shape, and the dimensions of the kadai make it user-friendly. You can use the kadai for deep frying when the quantity of food is less.

Multifunctional All-In-One Kadai

This dynamic cookware kadai has multiple functions. You can cook food normally like it is done in every Indian kitchen. But you can also use it for stir fry, deep fry, pan fry, saute, bake and toast. With so many options, a person can make a variety of dishes within this single vessel itself.

Since it has multiple purposes, it replaces several other cookware in the kitchen. The space used up becomes less, and hence the kitchen gets less crowded.

High Heating Efficiency

The kadai has a base that is thick and facilitates slow and even heating all over the kadai. The thick-based vessel length is 33 cm and the width and height of 26.7 cm and 8.4 cm respectively. Due to the small height and thick base of the kadai, the cooked food catches up more heat than usual and the food tastes even more flavorsome.

Health-Friendly Surface

The surface of this vessel is pre-seasoned with cold-pressed organic gingelly oil. The brand did not use any harmful chemicals, and hence it is a non-toxic, user-friendly kadai. Gingelly oil has reduced amounts of cholesterol. Since it is cold-pressed, users can take advantage of it. Apart from that, the surface is glossy and smooth so that the food can be released easily while serving.


  • The depth of the kadai is 10 inches.
  • Dual handle for a comfortable grip.
  • It is a multiple-purpose vessel.
  • It has a flat bottom for balance.
  • The curved interior cast for easy mixing.
  • The kadai has additional nutrient factors.


  • It is not dishwasher-safe.
  • The handles get heated quickly.


If the cons are ignored, this platinum flat base kadai is the best kadai in India for deep frying. Since the kadai is made out of cast iron, the heating of the kadai is quick. So, if you feel the need for cooking food quickly, this dynamic cookware is the ideal one for you.

6. Alda Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Kadai

Alda Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Kadai

Key features

  • Kadai is lightweight so that it is easy to lift
  • Sturdy handles that impart good support
  • A bright shiny surface that gives a decent look
  • Stainless steel lid present along with the kadai
  • Thick from all sides for even distribution of heat
  • Round interior cast for convenient mixing

This Alda tri-ply stainless steel kadai is the most commonly used kadai in Indian kitchens. One may ask the reason behind it. The answer is simple. Its easy-heating bottom and accessible riveted handles. Also, the price of this kadai is lower than that of other kadai available online. Hence, its low price makes it popular amongst the Indians.

High Heat Conductivity

Alda manufactured the inner surface of the kadai with food-grade SS 304 stainless steel. They built the outer surface with magnetic SS430 stainless steel which supports induction cooking. It prevents hot spots when used for conventional cooking.

An encapsulated third layer, which is made of heat diffusing Aluminium, is highly heat conductive. It maximizes the even spreading of heat, minimizes sticking, and gives tastier, more evenly cooked food with less stirring. This quality of the vessel makes it the best stainless steel kadai for Indian cooking.

Reduced Food and Energy Wastage

The total thickness of 2.5 mm and therefore the food does not get burnt and is cooking evenly. Since most of the Indian food is to be cooked slowly, some portion of burning is inevitable. The thickness imparts an advantage, and hence, Indians prefer buying this product over other kadai. The energy wastage is minimal and food wastage as well.

Built-in Spillage Reduction

Strong die-cast Stainless Steel handles riveted are firmly attached to the cookware. All rivets used are also in Stainless Steel. Hence, the handling gets simple. People can pick up and place down the kadai easily, and the chances of spillage are minimal.


  • Riveted handles and strong handles.
  • Even heating throughout the kadai.
  • Aluminium layer for extra heating.
  • Kadai requires less stirring.
  • Kadai has an affordable price.
  • The kadai heats up very quickly.


  • Handles get heated quickly making it difficult to use.


If someone is looking for the best kadai for Indian cooking, this must surely be included in the top list. From high conductive rate to easy handling, this kadai has it all. You can make all your delicious, mouth-watering food with the help of this kadai.

7. Meyer Pre Seasoned Deep Kadai

Meyer Pre Seasoned Deep Kadai

Key features

  • Lifetime warranty for coverage of any kind of damage
  • Available only in black color and not any other shade
  • Screw-free design to prevent loose handles
  • The kadai has a depth of 24 cm all together
  • Pre-seasoned with the special vegetable oil

Many Indians use Meyer’s pre-seasoned deep kadai all across India. The kadai comes with many special features that make it distinct from all other kadai present in the market. It is renowned as the best kadai for deep frying in India. Its unique design contributes to the positive preferential opinion of the people.

Hassle-free lifetime warranty

By any chance, if you happen to mishandle the kadai or break it at any point, do not worry! The company has it all covered. Meyer presents this kadai with a lifetime warranty, and hence, you need not worry about its maintenance. Just use it in a worry-free manner.

Chemical-free and pre-seasoned kadai

The base provided in this kadai is 100% toxin-free. There is no presence of enamel, nor any chemical on either side of the kadai. It is completely natural and perfect. Apart from that, it is pre-seasoned with 100% pure vegetable oil. This enhances the flavor of the Indian dishes we prepare in the kadai.

Unibody design

The kadai has a one-piece design which is pretty unique. There are no screws present on the kadai. Hence, the cleaning becomes easy. Other than that, the constant worry of loosening the screws can be ignored. The body is strong enough to function without screws and can be easily used making it the most useful kadai for Indian cooking.


  • It has shatter-resistant tempered glass.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • Heats pretty quickly than others.
  • Saves gas and contributes to nature.
  • Suitable for all types of cooktops.
  • Two canvas grips for easy handling.


  • Sometimes the shape of the base creates a problem for balancing.


We found the Meyer pre-seasoned deep kadai to be one of the most amazing kadais in India. Its versatility and compatibility make it stand out from the rest of the kadai. The heat retention lowers gas consumption, and the canvas grips on the vessel make it easy to use.

8. Craftsman India Online Pottery Earthen Kadai

Craftsman India Online Pottery Earthen Kadai

Key features

  • Made out of hard clay material
  • Available in black color
  • The capacity of the kadai is 3 liters
  • It is a hand-made product
  • Made out of burned clay pot
  • Durable to long last enough
  • Pre-seasoned with corn-starch
  • Different sizes available in the same color

Craftsman India earthen kadai is a positive step towards nature. This eco-friendly kadai, though made out of sand, is durable and would last even if it had rough use. If you are looking to save nature, this earthen kadai can be a great choice.

Made out of deep burned clay pot

It is a traditional technique of pottery in which the clay is kilned two times. The burning is done with wood and hay at a temperature of around 1200-degree Celsius. This makes the pots strong and durable. Due to this quality, earthen kadai can withstand high temperatures and can be used on a gas stove.

Beneficial to our health

Clay pots give our body all the Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, and several other minerals required for the growth of our body. Clay being alkaline helps in neutralizing the pH balance of the food. This happens by interacting with the acid present in the food. Clay is of porous composition which allows heat and moisture to circulate evenly.  This makes the food juicier; as you can cook it perfectly without overheating & burning.

High durability of the kadai

It is a hand-made product, so the size and shape may vary a little. Craftsman added more sand to the pots to make it more durable, long-lasting, and rough. They also seasoned the vessel with corn starch (natural). The seasoning of starch makes the surface appear glossy and slippery. But that is just for the external appearance of the kadai.

Completely natural

There are no harmful chemicals used in the making of this product. The brand made it out of naturally excavated clay. The black spots may turn red due to the cooling of the pot. The temperature change makes it red or black depending upon the heating or cooling. This makes it one of the best Indian kadai.


  • It is an eco-friendly and harmless kadai.
  • It has organic seasoning that is healthy.
  • Sustain high temperature though made of clay.
  • Two wooden spatulas are complementary.
  • Every part of the kadai helps gain nutrition.
  • It is dishwasher safe and scratch-free.


  • Too strong of a jerk can break the kadai.
  • If heat surpasses the given temperature, it might break.


We found craftsman India’s earthen kadai extremely useful given its eco-friendly nature. If someone is looking for a harmless kadai material and contributes to nature, this product is one of the best kadai specialized for Indian cooking.

9. Prestige Tri-Ply Kadai

Prestige Tri-Ply Kadai

Key features

  • Available in the color shade of silver
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • The thickness of 220mm present
  • Made out of highly durable material
  • Sturdy handles for strong support

Prestige- being a popular brand, has several products that Indian customers prefer to use. This tri-ply kadai appears to be one of them. The tough handles, deep curved interior, and shiny coating make it a product used in an Indian kitchen. So, it is one of the best non-stick kadai you will find in the market.

Uniformly distributed heat

This kadai has a uniformed diameter of 220 mm, which allows the heat to distribute evenly throughout the surface of the kadai. Other dimensions of the kadai are 3.75 x 1.95 x 1.18 meters in length, width, and height respectively. The uniform distribution of heat doesn’t allow the settling of food onto the vessel’s surface. It prevents food from being burned.

Lifelong provision of warranty

Break it or bend it. You can correct any mishandling of the kadai at any given time. Since prestige provides a lifetime warranty for this stainless-steel kadai, it can long for many years together. Hence, you can tag this tri-ply kadai as the best stainless-steel kadai in India.

Although no one can challenge this product’s durability, the costs will be covered if someone mishandles it. 

Heat insulation in handles

Most of the time, the handles heat up, and it becomes difficult to handle the vessel on the stove. But these prestige kadai handles are insulated. This prevents heating, so the vessel can be touched even if its base is hot. It is beneficial for frying and this makes it one of the best kadai for frying. The handles might get hot if you heat it for too long, but that does not happen in most cases.


  • Insulated handles so that they can be handled.
  • Gas and induction compatible cooktops.
  • Deep interior for large-scale cooking.
  • Comes along with a stainless-steel lid.
  • Rustproof interior so that it lasts longer.
  • Thick coating present for evenly heating.


  • If the vessel is heated for too long, the handles become hot too.


Keeping in mind about the rustproof and deep curved interior, this kadai is highly preferred. The compatibility with gas and induction both, makes it versatile and purposeful. This kadai is highly recommended for the daily and rough use of Indian kitchens.

10. Mannar Craft Traditional Bronze Kadai

Mannar Craft Traditional Bronze Kadai

Key features

  • Made out of bronze metal
  • It a heavyweight kadai
  • Shiny and decent interior and exterior
  • The weight of the kadai is 3.3 kilograms
  • Available in gold color
  • Water capacity is 3.5 liters
  • Ideal for 4 to 5 members

If you wish to prepare food in the traditional Indian manner, this kadai Is what you are looking for. The metal content of the kadai has its contribution of nutrients and taste to the food. Since it is pre-seasoned, there is no need to season it. The brand applied Tin before the sale of the products.

No maintenance worries

Since it is made out of alloyed metal, there is no need to worry about maintenance. It will retain its luster even after multiple uses. You can use it in modern stoves since it has a flat base. Mannar craft polished the kadai well and it will not look worn out even after years of usage.

Cooking for the small crowd

Since you can use this type of kadai for preparing meals for around 4 to 5 people, you can use it for small-scale cooking. You can use it mostly for serving purposes. It is great for preparing Indian dishes with vegetables, chicken, fish, and sweets like payasam.

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Free of harmful chemicals

The body of the kadai is made of bronze, which makes it pretty clear that there is no other material used. The lack of usage of chemicals makes it toxin-free for Indian cooking. Its metallic content helps in the conductance of heat, which is necessary for speedy cooking.


  • It is a low-maintenance and user-friendly kadai.
  • The kadai is highly durable and strong.
  • High conductance of heat for quick cooking.
  • This kadai can be easily handled due to riveted handles.
  • The kadai has a toxin-free surface which is healthy.
  • It has a lustrous surface that is maintained for a long time.
  • The heat retention capacity of the kadai is very high.


  • Cannot be used for large-scale cooking due to its small size.
  • The heavyweight of the kadai sometimes causes problems.


We found this kadai to be ideal for small-scale purposes. It can be used for a serving vessel since it has a luster and is petite. This kadai is definitely on the top list of India’s best kadai for health as it represents culture, tradition, food ethics, and safety.

best kadai in India

Benefits of having the best Kadai at your kitchen

Every Indian must have experienced cooking in kadai at least once in their life. The smell of the seasoning and the mixture of spices together create wonders in Indian cuisine. 

No doubt that we can make delicious food in the kadai, but what if it accompanies various health benefits?

Why not desire a product that is beneficial to us in many ways rather than a single one?

Let’s look at how having a good kadai can be beneficial to us.

Benefits of best kadai

Adds nutritional value to the food

Many kadais are available in the market that contributes to the nutrition of our body. The best kadai is made out of stainless steel, aluminium, bronze or even earthen clay pre-seasoned with gingelly oil, vegetable oil, corn starch is useful. They impart a good portion of their essential nutrients to us and increase the overall nutritional value of the food.

Consuming such food makes us healthier and happier. It is a good way to start a journey towards an ideal healthy life. And who would not want a life that is full of energy and happiness?

Less energy consumption

It is necessary to have to work our lives so that the resources available to us are exhausted in a futile manner. These resources are like treasures that need to be guarded by us. Gas, oil, and both are non-conventional resources that once depleted, and might not come back. To ensure that they are used judiciously, kadais that take up less time in heating are used.

Kadai with less oil consumption ensures that oil usage is controlled and is not wasted. The even distribution of heat in the kadai heats the kadai quickly, reducing gas consumption. Amazingly, a single kadai can save lots of energy, gas, and oil consumption for many years making it the best kadai for cooking Indian dishes.

Great investment for Indian cooking

Once you buy a kadai, usually it longs for many years. May it be any kind of kadai, it will last for at least a year. The average durability of a kadai is about 2 to 3 years. They don’t break even if banged with full force on the wall and can withstand high temperatures. All in all, it is a great investment once purchased.

Serves as a multi-purpose vessel

May it be deep fry, pan fry, saute, mixing, or shallow fry, everything can be done in one single kadai if you correctly purchase it. You can use it for all of these purposes together. If you think of buying different cookware for every single of them, it might take up space in your kitchen cabinets. Kadai is versatile in its function, takes up only a small place in the cabinet, and fulfills all the kitchenware needs.

Most of the kadais are visually appealing, which adds another purpose to the list. You can use the smaller size of kadais for serving purposes, and the large ones when there is some large-scale function.

The Best Kadai promotes health

If you are a fitness-conscious person, you may be thinking about- which kadai is best for health?

Since most of the kadais take up less oil while cooking, health-conscious people can stay relaxed about their high cholesterol percentage. The reduced oil consumption makes the food healthier and lighter to eat. So, all the people who are worried about getting fat should be relaxed too.

Buying guide to choose the best Kadai for cooking in India

Usually, the best quality and the budgeted price are the topmost considerations for buying a good kadai. But there may be some other factors that play an important role in selecting the most useful kadai for Indian cooking.

Here are some factors that could help you choose the kadai that you desire!

Buying guide for best kadai for Indian cooking

The Built-in Material

Generally, people go for a Kadai that is affordable and has a quality of heating up faster. But most of them forget that it is the material used to make the Kadai that determines the heating. The common materials used for manufacturing kadai are-

  • Stainless Steel
  • Granite
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Non-stick

Stainless Steel Kadai

Stainless steel kadai heats up the fastest amongst all the kadai. Since they are alloys of iron and carbon, they tend to heat faster than all other materials used for making a kadai. As it is an alloy, the surface of the kadai is rust-free and hence can be used for a long period.

Granite Kadai

Nowadays, the use of kadais made out of granite has increased a lot. This is because the heat distribution in these kadais is better than that of the stainless steel. The oil consumption is less, and they look better as cookware in the kitchen. Granite can be considered the best kadai material in India.

Cast Iron Kadai

The cast iron kadais are extremely reliable, and there is no doubt that they will last long. The heating of this kadai is the same as stainless steel, but it may differ in some minutes. The heat retention in the cast iron kadais is the greatest due to their thick base.

The thick coat over the surface renders the kadai rust-free thus increasing its overall durability. Although they are heavyweight, their non-stick coating grips the heat correctly.

Aluminium Kadai

Indians prefer the aluminium kadai due to its quality and lightweight. Not many kadais made of stainless steel or cast iron are as light as the aluminium ones. The handling becomes easy. But aluminium kadais should be only bought if you are not planning to cook anything acidic or alkaline in it. The pH of the food affects the surface highly and may lead to corrosion of the metal.

Apart from these materials, hard-anodized cookware is also widely appreciated. This material is basically aluminium coated with a hard anodized layer for further protection.

Overall, the kadai is the one that you can handle nicely and must be of the material that retains the best heat and must corrode easily. They must be good enough to withstand the effects of pH, high temperature, and moisture in simple words.

Size and shape of the kadai

Another factor that plays a crucial role in buying the best kadai for cooking in India is the size and shape of the kadai. While buying, we should consider the size. For the people living in a nuclear family, the ideal size of the kadai would be the one for small-scale cooking. The size is small and might not take up much space in the kitchen.

For people who have to serve a large number of people simultaneously, the bigger kadai (approx. length – 37cm) can be used. You can cook a lot of food simultaneously and serve all of them in the same kadai.

Curved-base Kadai

The shape of the kadai plays an important role in the cooking of food. The kadais having a curved base pose a big problem for people. The curved base cannot balance lots of food, and the healing takes time. It slows down the process of making food and thus uses up a lot of time.

Flat-bottom kadai

Now, flat bottom kadai is available in the market which is relatively more useful than the kadais with curved bottoms. The flat base balances the food better than the curved ones, and the heat distribution is even. This is because the gas stove supplies an equal amount of heat to the entire surface area of the kadai. The heating time is reduced, and the retention time is increased.

The thickness of the kadai is an important factor that you should consider. When the base of the kadai is thick, the heat conducts faster and the food cooks quickly. Since it has a thick base, the food will not stick or burn at the base. This quality makes the kadai purchase-worthy. So, one must always look for the best kadai with a thick base for Indian cooking.

Operating safety

When buying a kadai, ensuring that the kadai can be operated easily is necessary. The sturdiness of the kadai, the strength of the cooking lid, and the screws’ attachment, all play a crucial role while buying.

Riveted handles sometimes loosen up and might cause a hazard to the one who is operating it. The handles of the kadai must be sturdy enough to hold the capacity of the food in it. If the handles are loosely attached, the kadai might imbalance while serving and spilling the contents on the table.

Apart from that, another thing that you should consider while buying is the handles’ heating rate. Without insulated handles, they will heat up very easily. This leaves the handles untouched, and it becomes difficult to handle the kadai. Choosing a kadai with insulated handles would be beneficial. Even if the vessel becomes hot, the handles can be touched with bare hands.

You must observe the screws of the lid must while purchasing a kadai. Sometimes, the screws tend to get loose and might fall while lifting the hot lid. It can be dangerous, and hence, lids with tightly attached screws must be purchased wisely. The best stainless steel kadais have tightly attached screws.

compatibility with Induction Cooktop

Most Indian households have gas stoves in their kitchens. The kadais were only gas stove compatible. Now that the times are changing, modular kitchens’ introduction has changed the Indian kitchen’s scenario. They have induction pre-installed. Hence the kadai must be both gas stove and induction compatible.

Even if you do not have a modular kitchen, you can install an induction cooktop separately. So, buying a compatible cooktop is necessary. While buying, keep in mind that the kadai must be of the type that can withstand high temperatures and quick heating and cooling as induction cooktops tend to do the same.

Brand selection for Indian Kadai

It is normal to buy cookware only after consulting many people. On average, more than 70% of people will suggest you buy cookware from a renowned company. The brand selections become important since many companies will have a brief history. The success rate, quality, warranty, replacement of the product- the brand ensures everything. Choosing a specific brand can get difficult.

Choose a brand that will present you with the pros as well as the cons of the cookware. A good brand will always have more no. pros and positive reviews and will enlist the best kadai for cooking in India. Apart from that, the quality can be tested visually as well as with use. Asking for a demonstration is possible. All of this increases the possibility of getting home a good kadai with great features.

best kadai

Frequently Asked Questions on Kadai

Which type of kadai is best for Indian cooking?

A kadai that suffices all the desired qualities of cookware is the best one. The ideal kadai is greater capacity, good heat retention, good conductive power, a non-stick surface, and great outer support. All of these qualities are present in the stainless steel and cast iron kadai. So, both of them are the best choice for Indian cooking.

Is cast iron good for Indian cooking?

Since the cast iron kadais have a thick base, it constantly supplies a good amount of heat to the food. Apart from that, they do not burn the base of the food. Indian cooking requires lots of heat for a long duration. Sometimes, while slow cooking, the base might get burned. Since cast iron kadais are resistant to burning, they are good for Indian cooking.

Is aluminium kadai good for frying?

Aluminium kadais are lightweight and good conductors of heat. The gas or induction can supply a good amount of heat easily, which is required for frying.  Various types of aluminium kadais – flat bottom and sloped sides or extra deep and hollow interiors are available. These shapes are preferred for frying. An aluminium kadai is the best for deep frying.

Is granite kadai good for health?

Like many kadais, granite kadais do not have any extra pre-seasoned coating of vegetable oil, gingelly oil, or corn starch. So, it does not have any additional healthy characteristics. But the surface of the granite kadai is toxin-free and does not have any other chemical composition in it. Though it is not fruitful nutritionally, it is not hazardous to health either. All in all, using a granite kadai can be good for your health.

Is scratched Teflon dangerous?

Most non-stick pans are made of Teflon (polytetrafluorethylene). Using metal implements on the surface, for example, can scratch even the highest quality of the non-stick surface and makes it more likely to flake. Even though these flakes, when ingested in small quantities, are harmless, they still pose a threat to our life. Hence Teflon is dangerous to our lives.

Is cooking in bronze kadai safe?

The alloy of brass and copper is completely harmless for cooking. Instead, it is a good conductor of heat, and this helps in cooking the food faster. The alloyed metal has been used in Indian kitchens for a long time, and no problems have arisen in any case. They provide good support, and hence it is completely safe to use bronze kadai as it is one of the best materials for this cookware.

Is cooking in stainless steel kadai good for your health?

Stainless steel kadai is rust-free, non-stick, and durable. Although sometimes a poorly built kadai can leach small amounts of nickel which is dangerous for our health. The high-quality stainless steel kadais are completely safe as they do not leach, do not rust, and are good for health. So careful brand selection must be the top priority of the customer.

How to season a kadai?

First, wash it thoroughly with dishwashing soap or a normal soap and water. Add some drops of oil to the Kadai and spread it evenly. Leave it aside for around 2 hours, wash and dry thoroughly. Repeat the oil spreading process two more times and heat it on medium flame. Now your Kadai is seasoned and ready to cook.


If you go looking into the market, you might get confused about finding the best healthy kadai for Indian cooking. With this article, we have made your selection process simple. We hope that our reviews have made your decision process easy and help you find your ideal kadai. You choose the kadai that is best for cooking.

We have enlisted all the products in this article from reputed companies. All of them sell products that are free from chemicals and have additional nutritional qualities. While listing out the kadais, we have mentioned all the health-related qualities. If you are health-conscious, you can make wise choices of kadai easily.

Also, keep the compatibility of cooktops in mind. You would not want to spend more money because of your lack of awareness. We have mentioned the cooktop compatibility of the kadais for each product.

Buying a kadai allows you to enjoy cooking and prepare delicious, flavorsome food. Do not miss out on the features mentioned in the article. Give it a thought and choose your beautiful kadai wisely.

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