9 Best Mattresses In India For Back Pain: Buying Guide for 2020


Doctors are tired of telling us about the 8 hours’ sleep that we need. Most of us have trouble falling asleep and face back pain. We do not realize that the mattress can be a reason for it.

The right mattress not only helps you to get a good night’s sleep, but it also keeps orthopedic problems at bay. Individuals should choose a mattress that goes well with their body, along with their sleep patterns.

Our Top PickWakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent option for anyone who has been looking for the best mattress for back pain in India. The foam used in it can support the heaviest bodies by distributing the weight evenly without putting stress on the person.

Keep on reading to find more recommendations for the mattresses currently available in the market. We have also included a crisp buying guide which will help you to select the right product.

We also recommend reading the Mattress Buying Guide in India at the bottom of this article in India before making any buying decision.

best mattress for back pain in India

Best Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain in 2020

Best Buy
Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam...
Our Choice
SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam...
Popular Choice
Sleepyhead 3 Layered OrthopedicMemory...
Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam...
SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam...
Sleepyhead 3 Layered OrthopedicMemory...
Amazon Rating
Amazon Reviews
8,465 Reviews
1,705 Reviews
1,583 Reviews
Comfort Level
Medium Firm
10 Years
10 Years
10 Years
Best Buy
Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam...
Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam...
Amazon Rating
Amazon Reviews
8,465 Reviews
Comfort Level
10 Years
View on Amazon
Our Choice
SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam...
SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam...
Amazon Rating
Amazon Reviews
1,705 Reviews
Comfort Level
Medium Firm
10 Years
View on Amazon
Popular Choice
Sleepyhead 3 Layered OrthopedicMemory...
Sleepyhead 3 Layered OrthopedicMemory...
Amazon Rating
Amazon Reviews
1,583 Reviews
Comfort Level
10 Years
View on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Mattress for Back Pain in India

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – Our Top Pick in 2020

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress review

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| Single Bed | Queen Bed | King Bed |

Multiple Layers Provide Support

This mattress from Wakefit is perfect for people from all age groups as it has different layers such as the transitional layer and the support foam layer, which provides better body support.

Keeps Your Body Cool

People often complain that memory foam mattresses get hot quickly. But this product has a cool foam layer that absorbs the extra heat from your body. So, your summer night will be extra comfortable.

Retains Good Health & relieves from back pain

A right mattress is meant to care for your whole body and give you a good night’s sleep, and this one does that by providing an excellent posture. Along with that, bodyweight gets distributed evenly by adapting to your form.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress (Single Bed)
8,465 Reviews
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress (Single Bed)

• It has a cool foam padding for better body heat absorption.
• The memory foam layer takes your shape to add comfort.
• Relieve from back pain on Hips and shoulders by getting additional support from the transitional layer.
• It is made from breathable fabrics.
• Medium-firm is its level of density.
• You can reverse it for better usage.
• A washable removable cover is provided with the mattress.
• A 10-years manufacturer’s warranty is provided for help.
• It is shipped directly from the factory.


  • The material is breathable, which makes it comfortable.
  • Proper back support makes it an excellent choice for seniors.
  • Its density level is the most recommended choice.
  • Cleanliness is maintained by the top cover.
  • Multiple layers add extra comfort for back pain.
  • You get a 10-years warranty which helps in any problem.
  • Being an orthopedic mattress, it is the best for back pain.


  • It has a height of just 5 inches, but it is great for the seniors.
  • Delivery may take a while, but you get it right at the doorstep.
  • Being a single bed mattress, it may not suit multiple people. For such a requirement, this King Bed Size Orthopedic Mattress from Wakefit can be the best.


If you are looking for a mattress that helps you to ease sleeping, then this one from Wakefit does a beautiful job in providing adequate body support. This is why it is the best mattress for back pain in India.

2. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Design for People with Back Pain

Many of us complain of sleepless nights due to various pains that we feel in our bodies. On ordering this Sleepyhead mattress, you will find that its 3 foam layers give you a cocoon-like experience providing the right amount of support.

The Option to try the Mattress

Sleepyhead knows about skeptical customers, and so, you can try out their product for 100 nights. They will take it back if it doesn’t suit you. This way, you get the satisfaction of having the right thing.

Top Quality Materials

We often end up buying cheap mattresses from local stores that use whatever they can get. But, in this memory foam mattress, you get a fantastic quality that is assured. It has the right amount of bounce and density that helps in a good night’s sleep.

Considering all these advantages of the features, we recommend it as one of the best mattresses for back pain in India.

Sleepyhead Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
1,583 Reviews
Sleepyhead Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

• The right amount of firmness is guaranteed by Sleepyhead.
• There is a washable outer cover for protection.
• Utilise the 100-nights trial provided for testing.
• Your body sinks comfortably into the memory foam.
• People with back pain will love the 1-inch support layer.
• It comes in a fuss-free box that opens easily.
• The thickness is 6-inches.
• Sleepyhead has paid attention to the breathability.
• You get the delivery right at your home.
• A 10-years warranty is provided out of the box.


  • Your body weight is evenly distributed and ideal for people with back pain.
  • The fabric is breathable and transfers heat well.
  • It comes with a useful 100-nights trial.
  • Unboxing the mattress is super-easy.
  • The manufacturing of the product is done in India.
  • Its 10-year warranty comes to help in need.


  • It takes time to break in but afterward performs amazingly.
  • As the top cover is white, wash it frequently to avoid discoloration.

WHY SHould You BUY it?

Are you tired of sleepless nights on a mattress that hurts? If yes, then get this Sleepyhead memory foam mattress because it has the right amount of density along with a tested comfort that lets you sleep peacefully without back pain for hours.

3. SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

You Feel No Movement while Asleep

A partner who tosses and turns can be quite irritating to us. We cannot change their sleeping habit, but we can get a better mattress such as this, which has no motion transfer.

Made for Orthopedic Care

Sleepycat has specially designed this product for those who suffer from intense back or joint aches. The gel memory foam hugs your body in a way that no extra pressure is felt on your inflamed body parts. Therefore, this memory foam mattress can be an excellent choice for people with back pain.

Provides a Cool Sleep

The gel foam layer, along with the breezy inner cover makes the memory foam mattress cool and breathable at the same time. So, you can sleep and purr like a cat during the unbearable summer months.

Because of all these reasons, we have reviewed it in the list of the best mattress for back pain.

SleepyCat Orthopedic Foam Mattress
1,705 Reviews
SleepyCat Orthopedic Foam Mattress

• This comes infused with gel memory foam for better cooling.
• A zippered cover keeps it tidy.
• The expert advised special orthopedic makeup, which eases back pain.
• You cannot feel your partner’s movement while sleeping.
• Lifespan is increased by the support foam used in it.
• Sleepycat assures the quality of materials used in it.
• It is a 5-layered mattress with added comfort.
• Sleepycat mattresses are delivered right from the factories.
• Being non-toxic, it is perfect for your kids and pets.
• The product has a 10-years warranty period.


  • This memory foam mattress is best for people with back pain.
  • Its gel foam layers keep things cool, especially in the hot summer days in India.
  • Each of the 5-layer provides better support to your body structure.
  • There is no motion transfer in this mattress.
  • The pressure-relieving technology helps in reducing inflammation of bones and muscles.
  • A removable and washable cover comes with this product.
  • No harmful chemical has been used, so it is non-toxic.


  • Delivery takes a while as it arrives directly from the factory.
  • The thickness is just 6 inches, but it is perfect for the seniors.

Why Buy This Mattress?

Couples love this product from Sleepycat as it has no motion transfer, which lets them have an excellent sleep. Moreover, having orthopedic quality, this product is one of the best mattresses for back pain in India.

4. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft, Single Bed Size review

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| Single Bed | Dewan Bed | Queen Bed | King Bed |

Mattress with Double Comfort

We generally end up with a mattress that can only be used on the single side. Though people have accepted the idea, yet the experts recommend against it. Wakefit has been smart when it comes to this item as it has integrated a soft and a firm side which can be useful if you have pain in the back.

Affordable Price for Assured Quality

This is the second Wakefit product that we have mentioned in our mattress review which assures you of the brand’s quality. They have been producing best mattresses for a while, and this one doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Ease of Usage

The company has paid attention to the packaging of the orthopedic mattress. You wouldn’t need to struggle with the product while putting it up on the bed. This one is also lightweight, and it arrives vacuum packed.

SleepX Ortho Mattress
200 Reviews
SleepX Ortho Mattress

• You can flip it according to your comfort preference.
• A 7-year manufacturing warranty is provided by Wakefit.
• It makes use of soft foam as well as resilient foam.
• The cover on this mattress is fixed.
• Doorstep delivery is available on this product.
• It is available in all the usual sizes.
• Wakefit uses a breathable fabric to make sleep better.
• Its average height is 5 inches and good for back pain.
• No further assembly is required after opening the package.
• Wakefit has paid attention to make it attractive.


  • It can be used on either side.
  • The orthopedic mattress is lightweight.
  • You get a fantastic build quality.
  • Wakefit has priced it affordably.
  • People of any age group can use this product to prevent back pain.
  • With the 7-year warranty, any manufacturing problems can be fixed.
  • Almost every usual size is available in this model.


  • There is no removable cover but has premium tops on each side.
  • As it comes directly from the factory, the delivery may take longer.

WHY BUY THIS product?

This mattress can be the right choice if you are looking for one that is comfortable yet affordable. It can also be reversed according to your preference of firmness in it. The orthopedic product is also one of the best mattresses in India.

5. SleepX Ortho Mattress with Memory Foam

SleepX Ortho Mattress with Memory Foam

Useful Design for Back Pain

People with backaches no the various problems that they go through while trying to fall asleep. Often they wake up sore, but the multiple layers present in the SleepX mattress negate that issue. Along with adequate support from the foam, it has quilting throughout it to provide a baby-like comfort. This is why we recommend it as one of the best mattresses for back pain.

Trustable International Quality

SleepX is an international company that focuses on the quality that they are giving out. Their main goal is to provide you a good night’s sleep without back pain. The quality of it is premium, and it uses fabrics and materials which are suitable for your body.

Innovative Neem fresche technology

Do you have problems related to allergies? If yes, then this memory foam mattress is the perfect option because of the brand new “Neem Fresche” technology. It makes the product hypoallergenic, along with the prevention of dust mites and unwanted bacteria.

SleepX Ortho Mattress

• Re-bonded foam is the primary material used in it..
• Quilted memory foam on the top provides a comfortable sleep.
• It is firmly comfortable.
• The sides have air mesh so that it is breathable.
• You can choose any height between 5 to 8 inches.
• It comes with a 3-years warranty.
• High-quality product- useful for back pain.
• Your hygiene is maintained by the Neem Fresche technology.
• Optimum back support is provided by the 5-layer design.
• As you get it pre-assembled, there is no fighting for arrangement.
• SleepX has used premium fabric to provide a luxurious feel.


  • Innovative 5-layered design is superior in comfort and prevention of back pain.
  • It is perfect for those suffering from back and joint pain.
  • Air passes through the memory foam mattress, efficiently regulating the temperature.
  • Arrives at your doorstep pre-assembled.
  • It comes with the Neem fresche technology to keep you healthy.
  • You get a plush feel because of the knitted top.


  • As it is meant for back support, it may feel a little hard.
  • An extra cover isn’t included as the top is quilted.


This 5-layered memory foam mattress with memory foam is one of the latest designs that you can find in the market. The product can an excellent choice for orthopedic patients as well as people with back pain.

6. Springtek Aspire Orthopedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort Mattress

Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort mattress review

Amazing Firm Design

Most people look for a soft mattress, but this for those who love firmness. This product lets you choose between medium-firm and firm according to your preference and turn it if you change your mind. This can be very helpful for individuals with back pain.

You Feel the Luxury

As sleep is a time for us to relax, we do want to feel luxurious, and the high-quality fabrics and materials used in this memory foam mattress never fail to make you feel the satisfaction.

Ergonomic in Style

We do want our mattress to support our back, and the multiple foam layers of this model can do so by adapting to our bodies. Being a good orthopedic solution, this product is one of the best mattresses for back pain in India.

Springtek Orthopedic Mattress
309 Reviews
Springtek Orthopedic Mattress

• The dual comfort levels are medium-firm and firm.
• It comes with memory foam for support during sleep.
• This is a 5-layered mattress that provides premium comfort for back pain.
• A washable zippered cover is there on the product.
• Proper ventilation has been done to make it breathable.
• There is minimal motion transfer in it.
• Durability is added to the model with high-resilient foam.
• The thickness is 4 inches.
• Dust mite protection is present to avoid allergens.
• You get an 11-years warranty with this product.


  • It has a dual-level of comfort.
  • Breathability and Temperature regulation is incredible.
  • The memory foam mattress feels premium because of the high-quality materials and design.
  • Excellent for individuals with back pain.
  • Springtek has made it affordable.
  • This doesn’t let dust mites to thrive on it.
  • There is minimal motion transfer.
  • You get an 11-years warranty, which is excellent.


  • It may feel too firm, which is great for overweight people.
  • If you don’t like this 5-inch model, go for the 8-inch variant.

WHY Should you BUY IT?

It is very good for people who suffer from back and neck pain. This product is one of the best orthopedic mattresses for back pain in India. So, you can definitely try it out.

7. BlissRest 4 Inch Double Size Foam Mattress

BlissRest 4 Inch Double Size Foam Mattress review

Designed to Support for Back Pain

BlissRest has made this foam mattress in a way that it supports your posture in the best way possible so that you do not feel any irritation or pain while sleeping.

Remains Fresh and Cool

Air passes through it quite well, which helps in regulating the temperature, which is especially crucial to hot and humid summer months we get in India.

Available in Numerous Sizes

You can get the product for any sized bed that is present in your home. If you need a custom size, just give them a call.

BlissRest Double Bed Foam Mattress
132 Reviews
BlissRest Double Bed Foam Mattress

• Foam is the primary material of this item.
• It has a medium-firm comfort level.
• Dual-layer makes this product comfortable and provides support to back pain.
• Posture support is present to make your sleep pain-free.
• No heat-accumulation makes it breathable and fresh in summers.
• The quilted design looks quite luxurious and presentable.
• A 1-year warranty is provided on purchase.
• BlissRest delivers the mattress right at your home.
• 14 Kg is the weight while the height is 4 inches.
• You can order it in different sizes.


  • The product is quite affordable.
  • Both breathability and temperature control are present.
  • It is durable and tensile.
  • BlissRest has used good quality foam.
  • Support for back pain.
  • Customization is accepted by BlissRest.


  • Only a year’s warranty is provided, but BlissRest has excellent customer service.
  • People who like hard mattress, will love this item.


You can choose this product and order it because of its affordable price, excellent design, ability to resist back pain and definitely for durability.

8. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress

Premium Back Support by Rubberised Coir

Indians have always used coir mattresses and have believed that they are best for having better support against back pain, and this item does prove the claims. The design also helps in easing pressure from your body.

Heightened Breathability

One of the best features of this coir mattress is that air passes quickly through the natural material, making it apt for the hot summers of India.

Reasonably Priced Product

Compared to similar products, this Extra Sleep coir mattress costs you less as it is made from coir, but the product works beautifully in providing you a great sleep.

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress
577 Reviews
Extra Sleep Coir Mattress

• It is a 4-layer mattress with choir and PU foam.
• Natural rubberized coir makes up this item.
• Back support is maintained because of the enhanced design.
• Your pressure points are relived on this product.
• 4-inch is the height at which you sleep.
• Several sizes are available in this model.
• Made especially for the individual needs of Indians.
• Quilting is done on the top cotton layer.
• Extra Sleep delivers it to your home.
• Support against back pain.
• You get a 5-year warranty with it.


  • This mattress has coir, which provides better breathability.
  • It is very reasonable.
  • The foam used in it is of premium quality to protect you against back pain.
  • You get to maintain good posture while sleeping.
  • A 5-year warranty helps in manufacturing-related problems.


  • This isn’t too soft, but it is amazing for your back.

WHY Should you BUY it?

If you buy this mattress, you will have the comfortability that provides you with fantastic sleep without causing pain in the back. So, it can be a good choice for you alternatively.

9. Durfi Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

Durfi Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

Made-to-Order for Indians

Indian citizens face a lot of back pain and joint problems, and so, this memory foam mattress has been designed in a way that the individuals get comfort due to the body-conforming cotton candy foam and supportive foam.

Protects Your Health

Dufri knows that maintaining your overall health is crucial. This product is hypoallergenic, and along with that, it deters insects and bacteria from providing a comfortable sleeping experience.

Works in All Temperature

It doesn’t matter if you are in a cold place or a warm place; this memory foam mattress can distribute your body heat evenly, which makes it suitable for all types of weather. This is why we have listed this product as one of the best mattresses for back pain in India.

Durfi Memory Foam Mattress

• This product is specially made for Indian backs.
• 6-inch is the height of the mattress.
• Durfi has 7-layers to provide the most comfortable sleep.
• It is hypoallergenic, anti-insect and anti-bacterial in nature.
• Cotton candy foam conforms better to our body.
• It protects the user from back pain.
• As it is sensitive, it is perfect for everybody.
• The product adjusts to all weather conditions.
• Any kind of odor is filtered off by the charcoal particles.
• Medium-firmness is the comfort level in this item.
• Durfi provides you with a 10-year warranty.


  • The mattress is perfect for Indian people.
  • It never smells foul due to the charcoal particles.
  • You will feel comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Your body shape is quickly taken by the cotton candy foam. So, it does not cause back pain.
  • Being hypoallergenic, the memory foam mattress is excellent for new-born babies.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Can be used on the floor.


  • The 6-inch height is right for seniors and children.
  • A little expensive but you get uncompromised quality.


This product from Dufri has been created for Indian beings. With its heightened support to back pain, you will sleep well even after being sick or disturbed.

mattress buying guide India

Mattress Buying Guide in India

Types of Mattress

Let us imagine that you in the market looking for a great mattress to get relief from back pain. The salesperson keeps on confusing you about the type of mattresses that you should get. Even the thought of such a situation brings a feeling of helplessness. Doing proper research is a must when it comes to buying such a high-priced product.

There are several types of mattresses that you can get for yourself. You may remember the coir mattress which was prevalent during your childhood, or you may know about the memory foam mattress, which is a hit these days. So, here are some of the common types of mattresses for back pain that you can find easily.

1. Coir Mattresses

When it comes to mattresses, most people still use a coir type of product in their home. Coir which is derived from coconut husks as an excellent filler for mattresses and they are even used in sofas.

A great thing about these is that they were innovated in India, so they go well with our climate. They aren’t as soft as a foam mattress, but they are economical. On top of that, they tend to last longer than other types of products.

Also, they are resistant to motion, so the movement of your sleeping partner wouldn’t cause disruption to your sleep.

Most of the coir mattresses that are available locally are poor to prevent back pain. To reduce the adverse effects on health, some good companies are manufacturing the best mattress for back pain in India.


  • Coir mattresses cost less.
  • They are perfect for those who like firm beds.
  • It lasts longer while retaining their shapes.
  • They can be found easily in India.
  • Motion transfer isn’t felt in these products.


  • The firmness of it can cause back pain in individuals if not manufactured well.
  • You will need a thicker sheet to cover the product.

2. Spring Mattress

These are an enhanced version of the coir mattress as springs are added to the design. This helps in adding bounce as well as extra support to the product.

Along with that, this type of product also tends to have an extra cushioning layer on top. Some companies even add foam layers to make them extra comfortable. Motion transfer is a problem in this type as it is softer compared to the plain coir mattress.

This type of mattress is not suitable for people with back pain.


  • Spring mattresses are budget-friendly.
  • They are quite soft and comfortable.
  • Air circulation is better in these products, making them cooler in the summers.
  • People with backache can use them.


  • They do not last very well.
  • Sometimes the metal springs come out after the mattres has been used for some years.
  • Motion transfer can disrupt your sleep.

3. Foam Mattress

Foam is the most prevalent material that is used in a mattress. They are found all over the world at different price points depending on the type of foam that has been used. These are known for their comfort because of the softness. People with back pain as well as children and elderly people love these mattresses. You can buy a foam mattress with multiple foam layers to avoid sagging.


  • A foam mattress is incredibly comfortable.
  • They are great for people with body or back pain.
  • People tend to sleep better on a foam mattress.
  • These products tend to last for a long time.
  • Your Body Temperature is adequately distributed.
  • Motion transfer isn’t felt in them.
  • This type of product can be a great choice if you have back pain.


  • The mattress may sag over time.
  • It tends to be expensive compared to a coir mattress.
  • As the foam is sensitive to high heat, they tend to cause you discomfort in the summertime.

4. Memory Foam Mattress

This is another type of foam mattress that has become popular in the last few years. As we love our happy memories and try to hold on to them, the memory foam mattress remembers our sleeping pattern.

They were first discovered by NASA and have existed in the market for more than 40 years. Memory foam is the ultimate relief for those who suffer from joint and back pain. Viscoelastic is the foam used in these mattresses which successfully takes the shape of your body, hugging it to provide you with a comfortable sleep.

Some memory foam mattress has a gel layer in them which helps in absorbing the extra body heat to make it comfortable during summers.

The memory foam mattresses are the best for back pain.


  • By hugging your body, they relieve you from frequent tossing and turning.
  • Memory foam is excellent for people with body or back pain, especially those with spine problems.
  • Your body pressure and the temperature is evenly distributed in a memory foam mattress.
  • Often they have a polyurethane layer that prevents the gathering of dust from making them hypoallergenic.


  • As heat isn’t distributed well in these memory foam mattresses, they can get a little uncomfortable during summers.
  • They tend to be expensive.
  • It tends to smell of chemicals on the first few days of usage.
  • If you like to toss and turn, memory foam isn’t high for you because of its quicksand quality.

5. Latex Mattress

Have you ever thought that latex can be used as a primary component of a mattress? If not, then do give it a thought as both natural and artificial latex is used to manufacture mattress.

It is an eco-friendly option for those who want to get a natural mattress. These can also be found in different types of firmness, providing more choices to a person. Dunlop latex and Talalay latex are the two forms that are usually found in the market.

Generally, the latex mattress does not make any adverse effect to the body but is not as good as a memory foam mattress.


  • Latex mattresses have a longer lifespan.
  • You can choose between a hard and a soft mattress.
  • They do not heat up because of proper temperature regulation.
  • People with back pain get relief when they use these kinds of mattresses.
  • These are bouncy like a spring mattress.


  • They are very expensive.
  • These may have a smell at the beginning, which goes away after a few days.
  • Some people are allergic to latex.

6. Air Mattress

Through the name, you can understand that you need to fill up these mattresses with air. They can be compared to our beloved bouncy castles. Apart from being inexpensive, it requires little space when they aren’t in use.

Most of them are made of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, but mattresses made of rubber and urethane plastic can also be found. Bedridden people are often suggested to use this product to prevent bedsores.

These can be used as total beds rather than just as a mattress. They can be a great floor mattress for the living room unless you have back pain. For some people, it might be terrible because of the bad effects on health.


  • They are inexpensive.
  • You can fix the level of air in the mattress according to your needs.
  • These are known for their portability and easy storage.
  • Side sleepers love these mattresses, and they are a relief for bedridden people.
  • Heat isn’t absorbed, so you get a comfortable sleep.


  • Sharp objects can easily puncture this mattress. So, we do not recommend it.
  • Air pumps can be noisy.
  • Not great for regular usage.
  • It can induce back pain. So, air mattress is not recommended.

Comparison of Different Types of Mattress

Type of MattressBack Pain SupportCostFirm/SoftHeat DistributionDurabilityMotion TransferComfort Level
Memory FoamBestHighSoftBadGreatNoGreat

sleeping style and habbits

Sleeping Style and Habits that Relieves back pain

None of us has the same way of sleeping. We have different comfort levels, and we may also sleep in a different position. Your sleeping style may often dictate the type of mattress that you should purchase, especially if you have back pain.

The correct mattress can actually enhance your sleep and won’t leave you to sleep-deprived. As our sleeping style and habit dictate us, it is hard for us to fall asleep in confined or uncomfortable spaces.

Generally, the sleeping style is divided into three categories, side, stomach and back. But, some people may also sleep in a mixed pattern.

1. Side Sleepers

These individuals prefer to sleep on their side. So, the neck and the spine of the person are under pressure. These people are suggested to get a mattress that falls in-between being soft and firm. Pressure needs to be taken off your pack when you sleep on your side.

Foam and Memory foam mattresses work best for people with back pain who sleep on their side. They are advised to stay away from the spring and air mattresses, which can be too bouncy. If you tend to sleep on your side, think of getting more pillows for better support.

Most people are side sleepers, and pregnant women are also advised to sleep on their left side.

2. Stomach Sleepers

Did you know that about 17% of people sleep on their stomach? When an individual sleeps on their stomach, the mattress puts too much pressure on their midsection.

They are advised to get a mattress that can take the shape of their body to provide ease. A firm mattress is a friend of these people.

They should get comfortable mattresses so that it can take off pressure from their neck region, which is often turned during sleeping. Stomach sleepers also like to toss and turn during their sleep, so a spring or a memory foam mattress may not be the best thing for them.

Coir or a foam mattress will work great for stomach sleepers. So, if you are a stomach sleeper and experiencing back pain, Extra Sleep Coir Mattress can be a great choice for you.

3. Back Sleepers

Doctors suggest you sleep on your back as in this position; your body weight gets evenly distributed on the mattress. So, there is no extra pressure which may cause sleep deprivation.

If you sleep in this position, then you can get away with using a firm or a soft mattress. Foam and Memory foam mattresses work great with this sleeping position. One can even go for a latex mattress as they provide back support.

If you find it hard to think about your sleeping position, then go for a mattress that has a transitional layer as it helps to take off pressure from any particular area. People are often combination sleepers, so they tend to sleep in different positions.

Memory Foam and normal Foam mattresses work great as they provide adequate body support to reduce back pain. Couples should also focus on choosing a product with less motion transfer to get better sleep.

It is also important to note that several factors are dictating over your quality of sleep. So, along with getting the right mattress, you should even think about getting the right pillows. People who are suffering from sleep apnoea or snoring are advised to refrain from sleeping on their backs.

You should also stay away from stomach sleeping if you have pain in your back. So, if you are unsure about which is the best mattress for back pain, check out the products we have reviewed above.

Chart for Choosing the Correct Mattress for Your Sleeping Position:

Sleeping StyleMattress Type
BackFoam/ Memory Foam/ Latex
StomachCoir/ Latex/ Foam
SideFoam/ Memory Foam
CombinationMemory Foam/ Latex

mattress size and compatibility

Selection of the Size of Mattress

Once you have identified the ideal type of mattress for back pain, its time to select the right size of it.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a king-size mattress and a queen size one is? If yes, then you have embarked on the step where you need to figure out the size of the product that you are thinking of buying in India.

An easy trick for checking the volume is to find out the mattress required for the bed that you have at your home. So, let us find the standard dimensions of different mattresses that you may encounter.

1. Single Bed Mattress

It is natural to figure out that these mattresses are for a bed that is meant for one individual. The dimensions vary anywhere from 72*36 inches to 75*36 inches. These are best for beds which are meant for children.

2. Full Size or Double Bed Mattress

This is the next standard size of mattress that you can get in the Indian market. The size can be anywhere between 72*48 inches to 75*60 inches. Usually, they should be double the size of a single bed mattress. These are good for beds that accommodate either one person or two people. But two heavy-bodied individuals won’t be able to sleep on it.

3. Queen Size Mattress

This is the most common size that is found in the Indian market. When you get a queen-sized bed, two adults can sleep on it comfortably with enough space for movements. A queen size mattress may have the dimensions of 72*60 inches to 78*60 inches.

4. King Sized Mattress

If you want to sleep with your kids, then this should be the mattress and bed size that you wish to purchase. The size of such a product can range anywhere from 72*72 inches to 78*72 inches. People with a big bedroom should definitely go for this large models. A king-sized mattress can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids at a time.

If you happen to have a bigger bed, then you may think about ordering a custom made mattress. Some of the best mattress brands in India do provide you with that option. Are you still unsure about the size of your bed? Use a tape and measure your bed to get the right size.

10 Features to Look in the Mattress

1. Firmness:

The firmness of the mattress will dictate your comfort. Do you need a product that is firm or would you like a soft one? Before you make the purchase, you should be clear about this. Usually, the mattresses are classified into the categories of the firm, medium and soft.

For example, a coir mattress is firm, whereas a memory foam mattress is soft and a spring mattress is medium. If you happen to have back pain, a firm mattress will never work for you. So, ponder upon this point before making the purchase.

2. Size:

We have already talked about the standard sizes of a mattress that are available in India. So, it is essential to look at the size when you are making the purchase. Be extra careful about your choice. The size of a product may vary according to the brand, so you have to pay attention to that as well.

3. Material:

Which type of mattress are you looking forward to buying? Do you want to purchase the traditional coir or would you like a latex mattress? The material that you should choose would depend on your sleeping style and habits as well as any physical ailments that you may have.

It is also an important factor to consider in case you have back pain. Some of the common materials include coir, foam, memory foam, latex, air, etc.

4. Thickness:

Mattresses tend to have a thickness between 5 to 15 inches. The material used in the mattress often defines its thickness. Heavier people should go for thicker products as it will help in the well-distribution of their weight while they sleep.

5. Breathability and Temperature Control:

Air should easily pass in the product to provide you with a good night’s sleep. Breathable mattresses are also able to soak in your body temperature and prevent it from getting too hot. Air can pass better through natural materials rather than artificial ones.

6. Motion Isolation:

If you are co-sleeping with someone, then you should get a mattress with motion isolation. People tend to have different sleep patterns, so if your partner likes to toss and turn, it may end up bothering you.

A product with motion isolation makes sure that the other person remains unaffected by the movements. Coir and memory foam mattresses are best when it comes to motion isolation.

7. Edge Support:

Do your friends love to sit at the edge of your bed? If yes, then you may need to get a mattress with edge support. These have an additional reinforcement in the edges and corners of the product to prevent them from sinking in. Most of the modern-day mattresses do come with edge support to increase their lifespan.

8. Hypoallergenic and Anti-bacterial Mattress:

Do you have a tough time dealing with allergies? Or are you looking forward to having a baby? A hypoallergenic mattress is sought after by many. People who are prone to allergies should definitely stay away from latex.

Many mattresses do have an extra hypoallergenic cushioning on its top and also an ability to deter any dust particles. Having an additional anti-bacterial cover ensures that everyone remains safe when they are sleeping.

9. Noiselessness:

Noisy mattresses aren’t only embarrassing for couples; they can actually be quite irritating after a long day of work. Spring and air mattresses are some of the noisiest things that you can have at your home. You may need to check the amount of noise made by a mattress when you purchase it.

10. Reversible Mattress:

We have often heard people saying that we need to flip the mattress from time to time. This isn’t true for most modern-day mattresses as they tend to have a cushion layer on only one side. Companies instead suggest to change sleeping positions and to move around the bed.

Yet, some products may have a reversible feature in them. This is helpful for people who like to have a firm as well as a soft mattress, as one side is often harder than the other.

Best Mattress for Back Pain: Smart Purchasing Guide

Making a purchase is exciting, and at the same time, it makes us think a lot. As a mattress is going to be a long term investment for back pain, we cannot just pick up the very first thing we see in the market. So, here are some tips which will help you to be a smart buyer.

1. Do Your Research

You should focus on knowing more about the product that you are looking forward to purchasing. In this case, that is going to be a mattress. So, you should know the type of product that you want along with the features against back pain that you are leaning towards.

On top of that, you should also focus on the brand. Spend time on coming up with a budget and follow the prices to have the best buy cost.

2. Understand the requirement

There was a time when people used to get their products custom made. As the bed sizes have been generalized, several known brands have started to make great mattresses in the usual sizes. So, getting a custom made mattress may cost you a lot if you have back pain problems.

You can either buy a mattress from a physical store or go for online stores. Buying from the internet provides you with the freedom to get the delivery right at your home. If you are picky about the features or quality of a mattress, then you can visit a physical store of the brand to check out the product.

3. Fixing the Cost

As you know by now, a coir mattress costs the least whereas a latex mattress or a custom made one can cost you a fortune. You cannot just choose a random cost and fixate on it. Proper research will provide you with the knowledge of the usual prices, and it may vary between brands.

When you are fixing a budget, make sure to compare similar mattresses and their features. Online retailers like Amazon often let you do that with goods of your choice.

4. Check the Warranty

It is common for us to check the warranty when we are buying a fridge or a TV, but it is also essential in case of purchasing a product. A warranty guarantees that you can get help from the manufacturing brand if your product has excessive sagging or if the mattress is damaged.

Generally, good brands provide a warranty of 10 years which is the average lifespan of a mattress. Make sure to read the terms and conditions mentioned for the warranty to be valid.

5. Making Safe Online Purchases

So, purchasing your mattress from an online retailer like Amazon is significant as they have a better selection than any physical store. Along with that they deliver the product right at your doorstep and may even set it up for you. Online shops also tend to have lower prices, and they do have all the information that you need for the mattress.

The site provides you with the opportunity to browse and compare them. You should always purchase from a verified seller, and the website should be secure. On top of that, pay extra attention to the size that you are offering.

Returning or replacing the mattress is often a nightmare when it comes to purchasing from a physical store, but it’s a breeze when you get it from online stores like Amazon.

Hard vs Soft Mattress: Which is good for back pain?

If you ask people about their opinion on a mattress, one group will tell you that they like firm mattresses whereas the other group will prefer soft mattresses. This is quite confusing for someone who is looking forward to making a new purchase to prevent back pain.

The hardness or softness of a mattress may depend on several different factors. The essential difference between them is that a hard mattress is rigid, whereas a soft mattress is easier to compress and puts less pressure on the body. So, let us look at some of the pros and cons of hard vs soft mattresses.

Hard Mattress


  • Hard mattresses tend to sag less.
  • They are better for people who sleep on their backs.
  • Sleeping on a hard mattress may provide you with better oxygen intake and may offer better digestion.
  • It doesn’t put extra pressure on the muscle.


  • They are uncomfortable for people with back pain.
  • People with rheumatism or scoliosis are advised to stay away from hard mattresses.
  • If you have always used a soft mattress, then you may face problems to get used to a hard mattress.

Soft Mattress


  • A soft mattress is very comfortable for everybody.
  • People with joint and back pain are advised on sleep on soft mattresses to reduce inflammation.
  • A softer mattress may have better body support, especially for those who sleep on their sides or on their stomach.


  • They may get uncomfortable for people with heavier bodyweight.
  • In the case of a mattress which is too soft, some people face the sinking sensation.
  • Soft mattresses have a shorter life span compared to the hard ones.
  • It can also be expensive.

Which Mattress Should You Choose?

These differences may seem a little confusing, so it is better to choose the density of a mattress after studying your sleeping style and medical conditions. Bodyweight is another critical factor that may dictate over the type of product to choose.

You should also remember that the current market also has a medium-density which is a sweet spot between the usual hard and soft mattresses. Several companies also provide different levels of density, so you can even try them to get a better fit.

A mattress that is neither too hard nor much soft with the feel of medium-firm comfort level is ideal for people with back pain. We recommend memory foam mattress as the best mattress for back pain in India.

back pain - why a right mattress is needed?

Back Pain: Why a Good Mattress is needed?

Are you frustrated due to your back pain? There are several reasons for which you can have back pains. For some, it comes from age, whereas others suffer from orthopedic problems or may have severe issues like scoliosis.

If you didn’t know, back pain can also be a tell-tale sign of overstress. Whatever be the reason, the excruciating pain wreaks havoc on your daily routine as well as your sleep cycle. Applying the most potent balm or popping pain relief medications last only for a while.

Most of us fail to realize that our choice of product can make our back pains worse. Specialized orthopedic mattresses help people to deal with their pain daily. If you suffer from any kind of ache, you should refrain from using a firm mattress and instead go for medium or soft options. You should go for a memory foam mattress with adequate lower back support.

The memory foam mattress is the best option for people suffering from back pain. Along with adequate support, memory foam doesn’t cause extra pressure on your sensitive points. If you have a reasonable budget, then you may invest in a latex mattress which is available in different levels of firmness.

Along with using the right product, you should pay attention to your sleeping style. You do not want to sleep in a way that will give you bad spinal alignment. It is tempting to lie down on your bed with your phone or iPad, but you should skip on it if you want a better back. Try to do light exercise and stretches, which will help the sore muscles to ease up a little.

It is also essential to take better measures to prevent back pain. One of the best ways to beat any kind of body pain is by exercising regularly. Do not pick up heavy things if your doctor has told you so. Also, it has been seen that back pain is prevalent in obese or overweight people. So, you may need to lose some kilos to maintain better health.

Best Mattress Brands for back Pain

Brands define trust and quality. Just as we have favorite clothing brands, similarly, there are companies that produce mattresses of better quality.

So, let us have a look at five of these brands which have revolutionized the Indian market by manufacturing the best mattress with the latest features to avoid back pain. This will answer the question of which is the best mattress company in India.

1. Wakefit:

If you are looking forward to buying from one of the best mattresses producing brands in India, then do check out Wakefit. Apart from making world-class mattresses with the best materials, they also provide a free 100-day trial run.

A 10-years warranty gives you the assurance that the product will do well to your body and sleep cycle. The company has won several awards for their orthopedic mattresses which are exceptionally comfortable for people suffering from joint and back pain.

Furthermore, the mattresses from Wakefit are reasonably priced and can be ordered in custom sizes.  

2. Sleepyhead

Many people have to deal with excruciating back and body pain, yet they fail to realize that they are using the wrong mattress. Sleepyhead is known for its orthopedic mattresses which provide comfort and better health by eliminating back pain to the users. These are lightweight and quite easy to handle.

Along with that, they do let you try their products for a while and return it if unsatisfied. Sleepyhead has also found the right juncture between a firm and a bouncy mattress which makes their products extra special.

Also, their products in India are suitable to be used by everyone irrespective of their age and body type.

3. SleepX

SleepX is an international brand which has recently reached India to provide their mattresses that come with advanced features. As their models are scientifically designed, you are bound to have a better sleeping experience after getting the mattress.

On top of that, their mattresses have better temperature regulation which makes sleep extra comfortable. SleepX also produces the best orthopedic mattress that helps to fight back pain in India. If you are looking for a luxurious and modern product, then they have a whole range dedicated to them.

You should go for their product if you are looking for something that not only looks or feels premium but also has the best quality.

4. Durfi

Indians often complain about their back and body pain which is mostly caused by using the wrong mattress throughout their life. Dufri has designed mattresses that are meant for Indian individuals with back pain after consulting the best orthopaedics and chiropractors.

Along with using premium fabrics and foam, they source materials that are 100% original. You will get the best body support irrespective of your height and weight. If you like to try things first, go for their free 30-Night trial.

As their mattresses have an active anti-bacterial layer, they ensure that you stay healthy, and it is excellent for people having allergy problems.

5. Sleepwell

Any Indian who has been searching for the right mattress will definitely know about Sleepwell. The brand has a fantastic variety of products that range from budget to luxury. They are also available in almost all physical stores as well as on e-commerce platforms.

Quality and comfort are never compromised by Sleepwell. If you are looking for a hybrid mattress, then they will most likely have one. You can get the size that goes with your bed or requests them to make a custom one.

Along with good sleep without back pain, you get the assurance of having a mattress that lasts long.

Recommended Mattress for Babies, Couples and Elders

A. Baby

If you have a baby, then this is the time when you must be thinking about their comfort. Most Indian parents will co-sleep with their children for a considerable time. If you have a king-sized bed, then it is apt that you get a mattress that is comfortable for the child. It is vital to get something which disperses temperature evenly and has better breathability.

The mattress should also be anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. If you are arranging a nursery for your child, then look into crib mattresses which are specially made for cribs. It is better to get a firm crib mattress so that the baby doesn’t compress into it.

The mattress should also fit snugly in the crib. A firm mattress makes sure that the baby has adequate support which helps to make them stronger. It is best if they happen to have mess proofing to save it from any frequent mishaps.

B. Middle-aged

When you are in your 40s and 50s, you slowly start to see the other side of the horizon where there are frequent back pains and unintentional snoring. Having the right mattress will help you to have adequate support to prevent excessive joint or back pain in the future. So, this is the time to swap your hard mattress for something softer. This increases the comfort level providing you with better sleep.

If you do not like a mattress that is too soft, you can go for one which falls between a soft and a hard mattress. Memory foam mattresses are an excellent option for middle-aged people as it supports the spine.

C. Couple

Would you like to feel the bounce? If yes, you may try the spring mattress which are known for providing satisfaction to couples. Motion transfer is another thing that should concern couples as tossing and turning partners can often get irritating.

Memory foam, latex and coir do an excellent job when it comes to motion isolation. Also, they should check the noise made by the mattress. Some even recommend getting a 12 inches mattress to couples because they have better motion transfer and cushioning.

Partners also need to keep their medical problems in mind while they are buying a mattress. So, it was tough to tell which mattress will be perfect for a couple. To find the best products, we have researched a lot and found out the memory foam mattress works best for the couples.

D. Elderly Seniors

Age brings a problem, so a person needs to be careful when they are choosing a mattress for their old age. As back and joint problems are common, seniors should stay away from the typical hard or soft mattresses. Buying the best mattress for back pain is a very important concern for the elders.

They should get either a medium-comfort memory foam mattress that is neither soft nor hard to prevent joint and back pain. The mattress should have better spine support as well as edge support. Latex mattresses tend to work best for seniors because of their support. One should also pay attention to the height of the mattress so that they can quickly get into bed.

mattress cleaning and maintenance

9 Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of a Mattress in the right way

  1. Having a mattress protector is a must when you have bought a new product. People often use them after their mattress starts to accumulate dust and grime. Make sure to use a protector that is water-resistant so that your mattress stays put even after going through several accidental spills. They also help you out in having easier clean-ups.
  2. Flipping the mattress can be out of the question if it does not facilitate, but you should rotate it from time to time. This helps in an even usage so that the mattress doesn’t sag unevenly. After purchasing the mattress, turn it every two weeks for the first three months and then rotate it every two months.
  3. You should make sure to change your bed linens as often as possible. It is best to change your sheets every week. This helps in getting rid of dust, your dead skin cells and other junks that may have accumulated on top of the product. Do wash the mattress protector often to keep it clean.
  4. Make sure there is no jumping on the bed. A person exerts extra pressure on a mattress when they push on it even if the mattress is on the softer side. It can reduce the lifespan of the memory foam mattress.
  5. If you have bedbug problems in your home, then do a thorough check for them frequently. Bed bugs are a horror story not only for your body but also for the mattress. They make themselves comfortable in the mattress by digging small holes which is unhealthy for it.
  6. Airing your whole room is quite essential as sunlight helps in getting rid of bacteria and reduces mold. So, make sure to open up the windows to let in the light. This also takes away any unwanted odor that may have formed in the mattress.
  7. Manufacturers know their product best, and they are always kind enough to leave you instructions for cleaning and maintaining the mattress. So, whenever you are purchasing a product, make sure to go through the manual. Do not use any cleaning agent that is harmful to the mattress. If you think that it needs special treatment, then call professionals who excel at cleaning different kinds of mattresses.
  8. Take extra care of the mattress and pack it well if you are planning to move with it. Try to lift the mattress up rather than dragging it on the floor which might tear the fabric. Do not strap the mattress up on top of your car as the pressure as well as any sudden rain my ruin the mattress forever.
  9. Every mattress has a lifespan, so do not think that you will be able to pass it off as an heirloom. Keep an eye on the product and do change it when the time comes. Sleeping on a worn off mattress can be detrimental for your health and may give you many sleepless nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a soft mattress cause hip or back pain?

People have been suggested to go for hard mattresses for their shoulder or hip pain. But health experts have advised not to do so. On the other hand, individuals have also complained about getting hip and shoulder pain when they sleep on a mattress that is too soft.
We will recommend you to go for a memory foam mattress that is in-between a hard and a soft mattress. Also, your sleep position dictates a lot, so try changing it if you feel frequent body pain. While purchasing a new mattress, you should even know that it takes at least 30-90 days to break into it.
So, you may feel some back pain in the initial days of sleeping on a new mattress.

Why good mattress is important?

A right mattress is not only crucial for your sleep but also for overall health. You cannot just pick up any random mattress that you see in the market. Instead, you should spend some time on it as the right mattress provides you with better spinal and back support.
This is necessary to maintain good orthopedic health. On top of that, a suitable memory foam mattress prevents extra pressure which may cause further pain. If you have the key to purchasing the right mattress is to research your preferences rather than choosing a product without prior knowledge.
Studies have shown that the concept of a right mattress depends heavily on the choice of the sleeper and if the user is facing back pain.

What is the best way to buy a mattress for back pain?

If you are someone who likes to test out things before purchasing, then you might go to a physical store for the mattress. But online retailers like Amazon have made it easier for us to buy a mattress sitting at our home. Brands are even providing a 30-100 day trial period on their mattress so that the customers are satisfied with their shopping.

When’s the best time to buy a mattress?

You can buy a mattress anytime and every time. But if you want to get a good price you can wait for the online sales to take place. Mattress price decreases during the major holidays and also during the wedding season. You can visit an online website to compare different prices to get the best deal.

Is it better to buy a mattress online or in store?

This definitely depends on your preference, but we will recommend you to buy the mattress from an online store. One of the main reasons behind this is- it helps you to get doorstep delivery along with a better price compared to any physical store.
On top of that, you are greeted with a variety that is impossible to achieve in any brick and mortar store.

How can I avoid buying a bad mattress?

You should look at our buying guide to avoid buying a bad mattress. Some of the essential things that you can follow are to research the type of mattress, the size that will fit in your bed and the features that are a must-have. Along with that, we will also recommend you to buy a mattress from a reputed brand so that you get something with quality.

What is the average life expectancy of a mattress?

Yes, a mattress does have an expiry day. The life expectancy of a mattress depends on the material that has been used in them. So, a latex mattress lasts longer than a spring mattress.
In general, a memory foam mattress will last you anywhere from 10-15 years depending on your care. You can’t really stretch the lifespan as after crossing the limit it fails to provide both the comfort and the support.

How do I know if my mattress is bad?

1. If you wake up with a body that is stressed or tired.
2. Your frequent allergies may be caused by a bad mattress.
3. If it is uncomfortable even after a month’s usage.
4. Back pain is often a sign of sleeping on a bad mattress.
5. The bad mattress sags too much even when you aren’t putting too much pressure on it. 

Is it worth buying an expensive mattress?

Spending extra money without any thought is never a good option. Yes, we can say that generally, an expensive mattress does come with the assurance of quality and comfort. Companies take time to make these mattresses, so you can go for one.
Yet, it is essential to know about your preference for a mattress. Expensive mattresses often come in a variety that is suitable for different tastes. So, you should get one that goes well with you.
Think before buying and do not pay extra money just because they are mentioning fancy features. Look for the density and comfort of the mattress rather than its designer cover.
We will always suggest you choose the necessary over any superficial features.

Is it better to sleep higher or lower?

If you are talking about the thickness of the mattress, then the optimum thickness to have in your mattress is 10 inches. But some mattresses can go up to 12 inches when they contain extra layers. In the market, you can find options from 6 inches to all the way up to 18 inches.
A mattress has several layers which help in providing the right support as well as comfort. Generally, it is suggested that people with more bodyweight should go for thinner mattresses as they may sink into the thicker ones.
People who are placing their mattress on a floor should go for one that is at least 12 inches. So, there is no set answer to this question. It will depend on your sleeping preference and the amount of comfort that you get out of it.


Here is everything that you need to know about purchasing the best mattress for back pain in India. Yes, you need to do deep research to get the best memory foam mattress. We have mentioned some of the mattresses that we think will work best for you. Feel free to take help from our buying guide to get a good one for you.

Making yourself comfortable in the bed should be a priority as every one of us deserves to have a good night’s sleep after a tiring day. Invest in a good quality memory foam mattress to feel relaxed and to drive away from the back pain which haunts almost everybody.

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