6 Best Pressure Cookers in India: Complete Review & Buying Guide (2021)

Cooking is essential for everyone as we do need to eat and one of the most used cooking utensils in India is the pressure cooker. It is a blessing for the bachelors as well as for the homemakers because it lets them cook faster especially when there is no time. So, it is obvious that every household needs to have one or more good pressure cookers. The problem arises when people set out to find the right product as there are too many options right now.

Buyers should always keep a check on their requirements and compare products to get the suitable one available in the market. After thorough market research, we have found that our Top Pick: Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in India. Let us have a look at the other products from the most reputed brands that are definitely worthy of buying.

best pressure cookers in India

These are the Best Pressure cookers in India

Prestige Deluxe Pressure Cooker3 L and 5.5 LStainless SteelAmazon
Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker5 LHard AnodizedAmazon
Prestige Popular Pressure Cooker2L to 20 LAluminiumAmazon
Hawkins Tall Pressure Cooker1.5 L to 10 LStainless SteelAmazon
Prestige Deluxe Plus Pressure Cooker3 LHard AnodizedAmazon
Pigeon Pressure Cooker3 LAluminiumAmazon

Review of the Best Pressure Cookers (2021)

Here we will learn about the most amazing pressure cookers in India that you can definitely buy for your family in 2021. We have kept the reviews short and crisp by focusing on the highlighting factors which help you in knowing more about them.

1. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker with Durable Body

Rather than utilizing aluminium, the company has utilized high-quality stainless steel in making the pressure cooker. The heavyweight of the body helps in faster cooking which is also good for health.

Safety Measures

It is important for a pressure cooker to be safe and so, Prestige has provided a wholesome safety system in this model. The precision weight valve helps in releasing the excess steam whenever it rises above 1 kg/cm2. Apart from that, this pressure cooker is also built with the controlled gasket release system which releases the pressure in case of vent blockages.

There is also the Metallic Safety Plug to keep things checked along with the Pressure Indicator which tells about the correct time to open the product.

Multipurpose Use

Rather than having to buy different cookware, one can get this model if they cook on the stovetop as well as on an induction cooker. The Alpha base bottom of this model helps in evenly distributing the heat to make cooking fast. It is apt for Indian dishes where it can help you to cook everything from dal to delicious mutton dishes.

Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
• Made of durable stainless steel
• Double screw handle to ensure durability
• Compliant on both induction ovens and gas ovens
• There is an alpha base for even heat distribution
• Available in 3L and 5.5L
• Convenient pressure regulator
• 5-years Manufacturer Warranty


  • Stainless Steel Body.
  • Multipurpose use.
  • Induction and Gas stove compatible.
  • Alpha Base to distribute heat uniformly.
  • The cooker has good Safety Measures.
  • The pressure cooker is highly durable.
  • The pressure cooker is available with 10 years of warranty.


  • A little heavy with the weight of 2.09 Kg.


This product from Prestige is built with high-quality stainless steel that is quite durable. Because of the multipurpose features with adequate safety, this model is the most amazing pressure cooker in the Indian market.

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2. Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hard Anodised Body

A hard anodized body is known to be the mark of durability in a pressure cooker. On top of that, the food doesn’t react with the material of the product. So the pressure cooker is absolutely safe. The black color of the body also helps in taking in the heat easily to cook the food faster and evenly. This product will also last for a long time.

This model also has a curved body that helps the users to stir the food easily and it also helps in cleaning the cookware. Another specialty of this design is that the food doesn’t stick easily on curved surfaces.

Safety Measures

The Pressure-Locked Safety Lid is unique to Hawkins pressure cookers and it doesn’t allow a person to open the lid when the pressure inside is above safety level. The lid handlebar is also attached to the lid which seals it to the body of the cooker.

Other safety measures included in this model are the superior pressure regulation for easier and faster cooking along with the automatic safety valve which releases the steam whenever needed. The pressure cooker also comes with stay-cool handles which makes it easier to hold even when it has been on gas for a longer span of time.

Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker
• Hard Anodised Body and Stainless Steel Lid
• Knob Lock System
• Curved Body
• Corrosion Resistant
• Pressure Locked Safety Lid
• Automatic Safety Valve
• Compatible with gas stoves
• UL certified
• Extra Thick Base
• Available in sizes from 3L to 5L


  • Hard anodized body.
  • The cooker has a curved body.
  • Pressure-locked safety lid.
  • This cooker has stay-cool handles.
  • Longer lasting gasket.
  • The cooker is able to cook faster.
  • The pressure cooker is UL Certified.
  • Extra thick base for more heating efficiency.
  • High durability.


  • Expensive than the other products we have listed above.


Being built with hard anodized material, it is very durable and food-safe. Hawkins has taken good care while designing and manufacturing this product. Apart from that, it looks stunning and you might love using it.

3. Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Good Body and Base Design

The product has been constructed out of high-quality virgin aluminium which is lightweight yet durable. This aids in proper cooking and the base has a slight concave shape to retain the heat. The outer lid design makes it compatible with cooking using separators to make things faster.

The handles of the pressure cookers are quite important and this model has ergonomically designed handles that are easy to hold and it is perfect for regular use.

Safety measures

To make cooking safe Prestige has added safety measures such as the precision weight valve which releases the excess steam after a while and the gasket release system also adds a layer of protection. The metallic plug of this pressure cooker is the third layer of safety which releases steam when it goes above the safety levels to prevent the cooker from bursting. All of the features are very useful and this is why we highly recommend it from the most reputed brand for a stainless steel pressure cooker in India.

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker
• Made of high-quality virgin aluminium
• Usage on gas stoves
• Easy to hold handles
• Metallic safety plug and gasket release system
• Capacity options from 2L to 20L
• 5-years warranty


  • The pressure cooker is built with useful safety measures.
  • This cooker has durable handles.
  • High-quality virgin aluminium body.
  • The pressure cooker is available with 5 years of warranty.
  • The cooker is available with several capacity options.


  • The handle can get hot for longer cooking time.


If you are constraint in the budget, this product might do you a favor as it is one of the cheapest pressure cookers in the market. But that does not make the quality cheap. Though it has some certain limitations, it is worthy of the money spent.

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4. Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker

Food Grade Stainless Steel

It has been proven that cooking in stainless steel is better compared to other materials. The company has utilized food grade and surgical grade stainless steel in this model to make it healthier for the people. Other than that the stainless steel also has the strength to it which makes this product durable. If you wonder which pressure cookers are the best for health, then this model can be regarded as one.

Extra thick sandwich bottom

The bottom of this model has been made thicker than usual and this helps in the diffusion of heat which cooks food evenly and also faster. This will also prevent burning and sticking of food. The thickness also prevents it from bulging due to pressure.

Durable and Versatile

It is quite versatile as it can be used on different cooking surfaces. The company has made it in a way that it can handle heavy-duty tasks which also makes the model durable. The design is also curved for easy cooking and cleaning.

Safety Measures

Hawkins as a company has been always known for its safety measures. This model also has its pressure-locked safety lid which allows a person to only open the lid once the pressure is under safety level. The model also has an automatic safety valve to even out the pressure and there is also the superior pressure regulation.

Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker
• Made of surgical grade stainless steel
• Compatible with gas, induction stoves
• An extra-thick base of 5.8 mm
• Pressure-Locked Safety Lid
• Available in size of 3L
• Corrosion-resistant
• 5-years warranty


  • Hard anodized body.
  • Pressure-locked safety lid.
  • Long-lasting gasket.
  • It is UL certified.
  • Faster Cooking.
  • Works with both induction and gas stove.
  • The cooker is sold with 5 years of warranty.


  • Price is slightly on a higher range but no major problem related to the manufacturing quality and performance found so far.


Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker can be a good choice if you want a balance between Price and Quality. This 3L pressure cooker is the best for a family of three to four members.

5. Prestige Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

Hard Anodised Body

The hard-anodized cookware always makes sure that the cooking utensil remains in good shape for a long time. It also makes the body scratch and stain-resistant and also foods do not stick on the surface. The black color of the body also makes the product appear aesthetically pleasing.

Safety Measures

The Company has also included safety measures such as the precision weight valve, the Controlled Gasket Release System and the pressure indicator to make the cooker safe for people. They might like this product without needing to think about it bursting.

Versatile design

This pressure cooker is a special type of cookware for both induction and gas stoves. On top of that, it can also be used to cook different foods, be it vegetables or meat. One can cook with this product for long durations of time without having any problem.

Prestige Deluxe Plus Pressure Cooker
• Aluminium hard anodised sturdy body
• Comfortable and firm handles
• Compatible with induction and gas stoves
• Heavier body for uniform heating
• Precision weight valve
• Controlled Gasket Release System
• 3 L capacity
• Scratch, stick and stain resistant
• 5-years warranty


  • Hard anodized aluminium body.
  • Safety measures.
  • Compatible with gas and induction.
  • Looks attractive with a premium finish.
  • Scratch, stick, and stain-resistant.
  • Firm and easy to use Handles.
  • The cooker has a 5-years warranty.


  • Rice may stick to the bottom unless the water content is sufficient.


Being made of hard anodized materials, this pressure cooker is best known for its durability and sturdiness. This high-quality product from Prestige is also good looking and popular among consumers

6. Pigeon By Stovekraft Pressure Cooker

Pigeon By Stovekraft Pressure Cooker

User-Friendly cooking

As a pressure cooker can generate great pressure, the company has added features such as the metal safety valve, gasket release system as well as the precision weigh valve to release the extra steam from time to time. Pressure Locking of the cooker has never been so easy. It can easily be locked without much effort.

Compatibility of the cooker

This stainless steel pressure cooker from Pigeon is quite versatile and it lets you cook different types of food in it. The capacity of 3L is perfect for a small family. It is one of the cheapest utensils to have for cooking dishes. But this product is incompatible with induction cooktops.

Good Design and Durability

The design of the product was checked if it is able to cook food faster and in a safe way. On top of that, the handle is ergonomic to provide users with a better grip. The handle is so convenient that you can use it comfortably. The aluminium body also makes sure that the pressure cooker retains its shape and remains in the kitchen for a long time. The material also enables one to cook the food evenly and in a short span of time.

Pigeon By Stovekraft Pressure Cooker
• Made of high-quality virgin aluminium
• Usage on gas stoves
• Easy to hold handles
• Metallic safety plug and gasket release system
• Capacity is 3L
• 5-years warranty


  • Virgin Aluminium body.
  • Good for safe operation.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Compatibility with induction and gas stoves.
  • 5-years warranty.
  • The cooker is ISI certified.
  • This pressure cooker is available at a cheap price.


  • Incompatible with an Induction cooktop.
  • The cooker lacks some premium features.

Why Do we recommend this Pressure cooker?

The product can be a good choice if your budget is limited and the family size is small. With all the basic features, it is popular among people for regular use. As you are looking for a good pressure cooker, this product can be a suitable choice.

Buying Guide for Pressure Cookers in India

As we have said already, pressure cookers are one of the most basic cooking utensils that a person should have at their home. As they visit the market they are stunned to see the number of options that they have. Should they buy an aluminium-made product or a stainless steel model? It is not always possible to know everything about the good pressure cookers that one can get, but we can try to come up with some of the most suitable products according to our needs.

Here we will provide a short and crisp buying guide that will help people in purchasing the right product when they are looking for one. Here are some things that one should think about to get the best pressure cooker in the Indian market.

1. Size of Pressure Cookers

One of the most important points about a pressure cooker is its size. Generally, the size starts from 1.5L. For an Indian family, the pressure cookers are available with a capacity of 4L-5L. They work great for being used easily to make usual dishes such as dal or even mutton curry for 3-4 people.

pressure cooker capacity selection

2. Type and Durability

It can be commonly seen that companies market their pressure cookers in different ways. There are mainly three broad categories of pressure cookers based on the material- aluminium, stainless steel, and hard anodized. The type may also differ according to the design of the lid or body.

Often aluminium-made models are the cost-effective ones whereas the anodized models are the most expensive variants. Also, while choosing a pressure cooker in India find out its compliance with different types of stoves. Anodised pressure cookers are the most durable and they are even scratch and corrosion-resistant.

Apart from the type of material, pressure cookers can be classified into two different types.

  1. Traditional pressure cookers that can be used on induction cooktop or gas stove.
  2. Electric pressure cookers that directly use electricity for cooking with customized settings.

The latter is a modern kitchen appliance that empowers the user with more freedom for cooking with better safety and a variety of choices.

3. Health & Hygiene

If you are someone who would like to know about which pressure cookers are good for health, then we would like to say that stainless steel and anodized pressure cookers are the most suitable models for such requirements. The reason behind this is that the materials do not react with the food which may otherwise cause variations. The use of aluminium in cooking utensils has been criticized a lot but they are the most cost-effective models.

4. Warranty

Pressure cookers always pose a threat to become defunct like any other product. So, it is important to know about the warranty of the product before you buy it. Always go for products that have extended periods of warranty that last for 5 to 10 years.

5. Dishwasher Compliant

Do you use a dishwasher at your home? If yes, then you may need a model that can go into dishwashers. Definitely make sure of it before buying or else it may ruin your appliance. The product description will often list ‘dishwasher safe’ to denote this.

6. Safety Measures

One of the most important points to think about is the safety measures that are present in the pressure cookers. Is there a safety valve? Does it have an ISI certification? Does it have a mechanism to release the excess steam without causing any trouble? Research about the factors before purchasing a model.

7. Budget for Best Pressure Cooker

Another important thing is the price that you want to pay for the worthy pressure cooker. Would you like to buy a premium model that looks good or will you be happy with a normal pressure cooker that works well and comes at a budget? Think about the budget and never spend too much without comparing items. Rather than doubting and worrying, think about your requirements from the cooker.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Cookers

Let us have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of a pressure cooker which will help us to know if it is really important for us to get one or not.

The Benefits

  • Fast Cooking: This is the foremost requirement for which people generally want to get a pressure cooker. They find it quite useful when they have to cook something like mutton which usually takes a long time when cooked just in a normal skillet. Also, the food comes out quite juicy.
  • Retains Nutrition and Flavour: If you are someone who generally fries or boils your food, then a pressure cooker can help to retain the nutrition present in the ingredients. As the lid of the pressure cookers remains closed, the vitamins and minerals of the food remain intact.
    If you are eager to know about which product is recommended for good health, then we will suggest you about stainless steel or anodized models as these pressure cookers do not react with the food. Another point is that pressure cooking also helps in retaining the intricate flavors of the ingredients which are often lost during boiling or frying the ingredients.
  • Saves Energy: As we said already, pressure cooking helps in cutting down on the cooking time. So, invariably it also cuts down on the energy that is needed for cooking. For example, more gas or units of energy will be utilized to cook mutton in an ordinary pot compared to the amount needed to prepare the same dish in a pressure cooker.

The Limitations

  • No Monitoring or adjustment of seasoning in-between: If you want the food to cook on time, then you will need to decide on the duration and wait till that time and even beyond it to check the item. The reason behind this is that the pressure that is produced in the cooker is trapped inside it to help in cooking. So, monitoring in the middle of it will increase the cooking time. You will also need to wait if you want to alter the seasoning of the dish.
  • Difficult to use in high-altitudes: As the atmospheric pressure situations are different in places of high-altitude, the cooking time will be increased. You will notice it if you try to use a pressure cooker at a place with an altitude of above 2500 ft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of pressure cooker is the best?

Hawkins is one of the most reputed brands for pressure cookers. It manufactures products for all price ranges. Sustained quality and durability are the keys to the reputation of the brand. Apart from Hawkins, Prestige and Pigeon By Stovekraft have also some great products with high performance and durability. After thorough research we have selected these top 3 brands for pressure cookers:
1. Prestige
2. Hawkins
3. Pigeon by Stovekraft

Which is better stainless steel or aluminum pressure cooker?

The heating efficiency of Aluminium is more than Stainless Steel. While cooking, the aluminium pressure cooker uses much less energy to transfer more heat inside the cooking chamber. As a result, a lower amount of fuel or electricity is used. However, with more heat, the strength of aluminium weakens. It may result to burst if overheated for a prolonged time.
In the other hand, Stainless Steel products need more energy or fuel as heat transferring capacity of it is lower than the Aluminium made products. But, it has more strength and does not weaken easily when exposed to overheat. The Stainless Steel made models also look attractive and shiny. These pressure cookers are more durable and scratch-resistant.
Therefore, we may conclude that stainless steel models are better than aluminium.

Do Pressure cookers destroy nutrients?

All types of cookers destroy or damage the nutrient content in the food to some extent. But pressures cookers preserve the nutrients up to 95% that no other type of cookers can. Compared to steaming, frying, roasting or general boiling, the pressure cooking is better in terms of nutrient retention, digestion. With a pressure cooker, the anti-oxidant activity is increased destroying the antinutrients.
So, a pressure cooker does not destroy the nutrients. Instead, it retains and makes the food healthier for consumption.

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In all, it can be said that pressure cookers work as a friend to us and most of us will definitely get one or more for our kitchen. We do hope that the points that we have mentioned will help you in your journey of purchasing a good pressure cooker.

Also, check out the products that we have mentioned as they are some of the best pressure cookers in India right now. Do your research and we are sure that your product will last in your kitchen for a long time.

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