Best Washing Machines in India (2021) – Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Washing Machines have become very essential household appliances in these busy times. To maintain an optimum lifestyle, every family needs a good fully automatic washing machine according to suitability and requirement.

If you go to some retail shops or buy a washing machine online in India, you may find it loaded with various options. However, lots of people end up buying the wrong product without understanding the features clearly.

But you need not worry.

We have researched for months to find the washers for different family sizes with various advanced features. These products are great in terms of Performance, Design, Durability, and Quality.

The best washing machine in India is Samsung 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine if you prefer a front load system. Alternatively, Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine can also be a good choice if you like top load machines most.

If you are unsure about which type of loading to choose, read the Buying Guide at the bottom of this article. In 2021, we have updated the list of top 10 washing machines to keep you up-to-date.

best washing machine in India

Best Washing Machines in India (2021)

Reviews of Best 10 Washing Machines

We have selected the top 10 washing machines in India in terms of durability, washing quality, water usage, spin speed, ease of use in this top 10 list of products. All of these machines are manufactured by the most reputed brands with great customer service and warranty terms.

1. Samsung 6 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

We researched various Washers for months, then we found this Samsung Washing Machine is great in terms of washing quality, user-friendly features, automated options, capacity and electricity consumption.

Brilliant washing Performance

The capacity of the machine is 6 Kg. So, it is most suitable for couples and small families with 2 to 3 members. As this is a fully automatic front loading washing machine, you can operate it smoothly with a complete automated system.

Also, the maximum spinning speed is as high as 1000 rpm. Therefore, cleaning your clothes is extremely fast like never before. After washing, dry your clothes at a higher rpm setting on the panel.

This washing machine is built with Automated Wash Programs that will help you relieve you from the difficulties. In addition, the machine increases efficiency by saving a lot of water. The machine allows you to add or remove clothes easily during operation improving the experience of the user.

Additionally, the machine comes with a warranty of 3 years from Samsung along with 10 years on the eco silence smart inverter motor.

Safety for the children

With the Child Lock feature enabled, the front loading washing machine can prevent children or others from changing the wash cycle settings. To operate the settings, you need to turn off the child lock feature with the button on the control panel. So, it enhances safety for children.

Anti-Vibration design with low Noise

You should buy a fully automatic washing machine that does not create much noise and vibration. The machine comes with Anti Vibration Design. Therefore, it reduces the noise level during washing. Considering all these advanced features and freedom to the users, we find it to be the best washing machine in the Indian market.


  • Suitable for a small family with 2 to 3 members.
  • Safety with Child Lock feature.
  • Saves water and energy.
  • Low Vibration and noise.
  • Automated easy-to-use programs.
  • An inbuilt heater with three settings is available.
  • Optimize energy consumption.
  • It is integrated with an inverter compressor.


  • Not suitable for large families.

2. Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Available at a Cheaper Price

A very renowned brand in the washing machine market in India is Samsung. This model is good for a tight budget with no compromise in quality. It also comes with 2 years of warranty.

excellent choice for a Small Family

As this fully automatic washing machine has a capacity of 6.2 Kg, it is perfectly suitable for a couple or a small family. Being a fully automatic machine, you can control all of its operations with automated programmed features.

The Automated washing Features

This washing machine can help you to protect your clothes during the process with advanced technology. The spinning speed of 700 rpm is good for your regular use. Being a fully automatic top loading washing machine, it requires less bending to operate for which it is better for your back.

Outstanding Design and Performance

The door is made of durable tempered glass that allows you to look inside while washing. Moreover, it is also resistant to damage & scratch. The Washer comes with a good Filtering Unit that filters out particles. The great design of the machine also protects the drainage port from being clogged up.

The washing machine ensures the mixing of detergent with water very effectively. With all these benefits, this product becomes one of the best washing machines in India under 20000 INR with fully automatic system.


  • Most suitable for a couple or a small family.
  • Extra protection for clothes.
  • Tempered Glassdoor.
  • Inbuilt water filtration unit to remove particles.
  • It saves water and energy.
  • Energy consumption is not very high.


  • Less number of automated programs.
  • Low spinning speed.

3. IFB Diva Aqua SX 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

best 6 kg washing machine in India

Best for a small family

It was hard for us to put down this machine in the 3rd place as it has features almost as good as the previous machine. It has a capacity of 6 Kg and suitable for a couple or a small family.

The best feature of this fully automatic front loading washing machine that outranks all other brands is- It comes with 4 years of warranty. On the other hand, no other manufacturer can give you that. Thus, if you are looking for the best fully-automatic washing machine in India, it can be a good choice.

Fully-Automatic washing Features

Using the best front load washing machine is very easy with the inbuilt automated wash programs. It can help you to dissolve the detergents better reducing wastage. Apart from it, the washer can be protected from high voltage fluctuations. It also prevents the wastage of water and excess foam.

Child Lock Protection from misoperation

The washing machine is built with the Child Lock feature. So, safety for the children is enhanced. You can put clothes to wash after the wash cycle has started. It is one of the incredible benefits of this machine.


  • 4 Years of Warranty.
  • Suitable for a couple or a small family.
  • Enhanced safety.
  • Low noise.
  • Optimized consumption of electricity.


  • Not suitable for a family with 3+ members.
  • 62 Kg weight though it's lighter than the previous product.

4. LG 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

LG 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Best for a Large Family

LG is the pioneer among the washing machine brands in India. This 8 kg fully automatic front loading washing machine is very suitable for a large family with 4+ members. However, it is not suitable for bachelors. Check out the amazing features below.

Brilliant automatic Washing Technology

The high spinning speed of 1200 rpm can dry up the clothes more and shows better quality. 2 years of warranty is given with the washing machines. So, you need not worry at all.

Moreover, with advanced technology, it moves the stainless steel drum in multiple directions giving the clothes proper care. It also produces less noise compared to other machines. Along with that, the Child Lock feature with this machine enhances safety for the children.

Effective to remove tough stains

While washing, we often need to use warm water as it is effective to remove tough stains on the clothes. To facilitate it, LG has made this front load washing machine with an inbuilt heater. It can heat up the water up to 60°C to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

Improved longevity and durability

Before buying, we always look for the best washing machine under 40000 INR in terms of sturdiness and longevity. With the inbuilt "Tub Clean" feature it can prevent limescale to form inside the drum that helps to improve the durability of the washing machine.

The Downside

The price of the front load washing machine is high but because of some great advantages that make it worth buying. As it is a high capacity washing machine with extraordinary features, you should go for it.


  • 2 years of warranty.
  • High spinning speed.
  • Good for a large family with 4+ members.
  • Very clean and efficient operation.
  • An inbuilt heater is available.
  • Child lock feature.
  • The energy consumption rate is optimized.
  • It is available with smart inverter technology.


  • Not suitable for bachelors.
  • High Price.

5. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

best washing machine in Indian Market

Excellent Washing Quality

The IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Top Loading washing machine can properly clean hard and stubborn stains while being soft to the clothes. To achieve this, it is built with Aqua Spa and Deep Clean technology.

Apart from it, the washing machine is built with Aqua Energie, 3D Wash System, Triadic Pulsator technologies. All of these contribute to improving the quality of washing. Because of this excellent advantage, it is one of India's best washing machines that you can avail of at a reasonable price.

For this remarkable washing quality, it is one of the most popular washing machines in the Indian market. The outstanding washing quality can surely amaze you in its price range.

Multi Dispenser System for detergent

This top load washing machine is built with a dedicated compartment where you can add detergent. Inside it, there is also a separate dispenser for adding softener. Apart from it, there is also a dedicated dispenser to add liquid bleach into the washer.

Washing machine safety

A thin cushion of water on the stainless steel drum reduces the friction of fabrics with the drum. To prevent damage to the clothes, IFB's Crescent Moon Drum is built with the machine. If the electricity in your area is unstable with fluctuation in voltage, you do not need to worry.

As the washing machine comes with High Voltage Protection, it will pause as soon as the voltage is outside the safe zone. However, it resumes automatically when the voltage is stabilized.


  • Good Quality Washing.
  • Excellent automated modes. The Express Mode is the best.
  • Compact Design.
  • Built-in wheels to place anywhere you want.
  • Multi-dispenser system.
  • Safe for operation and clothes.


  • Slightly noisier compared to the fully automatic washing machines above.
  • The body color is less attractive.

6. LG T7269NDDL 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

best washing machine

Best for a medium-sized family

As this is also a Fully Automatic machine, it reduces the effort and time greatly. The machine comes with 2 years of warranty and the motor comes with 10 years of warranty. A special anti-corrosion feature helps to prevent rusting of the steel surface. On top of that, this fully automatic top washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 Kg. So, it is good for a family of 3 to 4 members.

Troubleshooting with Smartphone

If there is any fault found in a washing machine, it takes a huge time to call customer care and make arrangements for services. To solve this problem, LG has integrated this model with smartphone support. You can connect the washing machine with a smartphone and diagnose up to multiple errors. Therefore, troubleshooting is very easy under your thumb.

Automated Washing with Safety

Apart from the above features, the brand is included more great automated features with this machine. With the "Smart Inverter Technology", electrical safety is enhanced in the fully automatic top loading washing machine. To remove the difficult dirt and hard stains from the clothes, the "Turbo Drum" feature works great.

Prevention of Limescale on washing tub

This washing machine has an inbuilt "Tub Clean" feature that can enhance the prevention of limescale and enhances the longevity of the machine. With all these brilliant features, it is one of the best washing machines in India for a 4-member family in India.


  • Suitable for a family with 3-4 members.
  • Troubleshooting support with your smartphone.
  • Enhanced electrical safety with "Smart Inverter technology" and "Child Lock" feature.
  • Turbo Drum feature to remove the hardest dirt and stain.
  • Prevention of limescale deposition with the "TUB Clean" feature.


  • Lower spinning speed.
  • Less number of automated options.
  • Not suitable for bachelors or a family with 4+ members.

7. Bosch WAB16060IN 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

best 6 kg washing machine in India

good washing machine for small Indian family

If you are a couple or have a small family with infants, then this Bosch Washing Machine can be a perfect choice for you. The 6 Kg capacity is sufficient for such a family. With ultra-modern technology, it is one of the the best washing machines available in India as it is capable of providing the satisfaction you need.

Brilliant design of the washing machine

Bosch is famous for the outstanding Design of its washing machines. Bosch designed this WAB16060IN washing machine brilliantly for a couple or a small family to suit their needs. As this has a smaller capacity, less automated features are accommodated to match the costing. Apart from it, the color of the machine is white.

Outstanding washing quality

This washing machine consumes 2300 watts of power that is known to be the standard of such products. The machine uses hot water produced by an inbuilt heater to remove germs and residue of used detergent. It helps to increase the life of the appliance as well as giving you the healthy and hygienic way of washing.

Optimized electricity consumption

If you need a top-performing Bosch washing machine at the cheapest price, then it is for you. This washing machine is built with some premium features that can help you in routine washing. It optimizes the usage of water reducing the electricity bills. The washed clothes are allergy-free and perfectly hygienic.

Low noise and vibration

With low vibration and noise, it improves the washing experience. It can even deal with power cuts. Overall, this fully automatic front loading washing machine can be an excellent choice if you are a couple or have a small family.


  • Optimized usage of water. Minimum wastage.
  • Washed clothes are completely hygienic and allergy-free.
  • Outstanding Washing Quality.
  • Built with modern technology to deal with a power cut and voltage fluctuations.
  • Low maintenance due to removal of lint & toxic residue.
  • Low noise level.
  • Prewashing treatment to the clothes for better washing.
  • You can add or remove clothes during the washing cycle.


  • No alarm when the wash is over.
  • No digital display like other front loading washing machines in India.

8. IFB 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB 7 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Best for a family 0f four

The IFB TL-SGDG Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is most suitable for a family of 4 members. With 720 rpm spin speed, it does very good washing and spin-dry to 95%. Rest 5% can be dried under the sun.

Excellent Washing Quality

It is built with similar technologies to the 6.5 Kg washing machine. Aqua Spa, Deep Clean, Aqua Energie, 3D Wash System, and Triadic Pulsator technology can help you achieve the highest quality of washing.

Other user-friendly features

For people with highly sensitive skin, the detergents should be completely washed from the clothes. For this reason, IFB's unique Hygiene Plus technology is built with it. Another good thing about this washing machine is that it reduces water usage with Aqua Conserve technology.

Moreover, you can also watch inside the stainless steel drum and monitor the process better with an inbuilt light. It may help you to add forgotten clothes or remove the wrong ones. So, if you are looking for a good washing machine, do not forget to check it out.


  • Washed clothes are free of detergent and perfectly hygienic.
  • Lower usage of water.
  • Good washing quality.
  • Inbuilt light to view inside the appliance.
  • Inbuilt multi dispenser.
  • Tub Drying after washing completes.
  • Child Lock to improve safety.
  • Big LED display.
  • You can place it anywhere as there are built-in wheels.


  • Expensive compared to the 6.5 Kg machine.
  • This washing machine can be slightly noisy.

9. Bosch 7 Kg WOE702W0IN Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

washing machine in India

User-friendly design

Being a top-loading washing machine, it is recommended if you have any elder in your family. This top loading washing machine is built with such a lid cover that closes gradually to avoid hurting your fingers. It comes with a One-Touch Start Start button that automatically selects the right washing program needed for the clothes. For these reasons, we find it to be one of the best washing machines for Indian homes.

Remarkable washing quality

In terms of wash quality, this top load washing machine works wonderfully with the ActiveWater feature. There is a separate inlet to pass hot water into the drum of the machine. It helps you clean your garments better as well as makes the drum germ-free.

Ensures cleanliness for better wash

It is built with PowerWave washing technology which is a combination of a smart pulsator, dynamic water flow system and intelligent drum movement designed to provide you excellent washing results.

The inbuilt Magic Filter efficiently collects the lint and undissolved dirt to help your clothes to be the cleanest. Moreover, this washing machine comes with a dual dispenser system to ensure that the detergents dissolve in the water perfectly.


  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Low vibration and noise.
  • Optimized usage of water with low wastage.
  • Very clean and lint-free washing.
  • Prevents mold build-up in the washing machine.
  • Ensures good solubility of the detergent you use.
  • 8 wash programs to suit the washing cycle.
  • You can use the provision for separate hot water inlet to fill the washing tub.


  • No Heater is available with this model.
  • Less automated options compared to other products listed.

10. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

Best budget-friendly washing machine

Whirlpool is one of the oldest brands in the home appliance industry. This Whirlpool semi automatic washing machine is the good buy if your budget is tight. Moreover, it comes with a capacity of 7 Kg. So, this is one of the best washing machines in India for a family with 3 to 4 members at a budget price.

High Spinning Speed

The high spinning speed of 1450 rpm improves efficiency. But, you should not overload the machine. Doing so can damage your clothes.

Clean and Fresh Washing

As this washing machine has a large drum of 66 L, the clothes move freely during rotation to remove dirt. The Whirlpool Washer knocks off tough dirt to give a thorough wash. The semi automatic top loading washing machine is built with "Super Soak Technology" to remove the tough dirt easily by continuous soaking and scrubbing action. It is built with a lint collector that accumulate the loose fiber and debris from the wastewater.

The Limitations

However, you should not expect premium automated features from this washing machine as it is a semi-automatic machine. But being a cheaper model, many of the customers buy this product as it is the best and cheapest washing machine for a budget price in India.


  • Suitable for a family with 3-4 members.
  • Inbuilt Lint Collector.
  • Budget-friendly washing machine.
  • Power scrubbing.
  • Large 66 L washtub with only 31 Kg weight.
  • Easy removal of tough dirt.
  • High Spinning Speed.


  • No automated feature is available.
  • More noise and vibration.

washing machine buying guide in India

Buying Guide for to get the best washing machine in India

While looking for a washing machine, sometimes it can be difficult if you do not know the features fully. These products can be categorized into the type of loading as well as the type of automation. In addition, the capacity entirely depends on the number of users or family members. We are going to explain exactly what you need to know before buying a washing machine.

Before you buy one, the obvious question that is probably in your head right now is- How to select a Washing Machine?

There are numerous options available that might confuse you. It seems that you might need an honest & unbiased buying guide to select the most suitable washing machine. No more confusion after reading this 5-step process to select the best model for your personal requirements.

5 Steps to Select the Best Washing Machine

To know how to choose a washing machine, check the easy 5 step process.

choosing the best washing machine in India

1. Confirm the Number of Family Members

Before you begin, you must select the number of members in your family. Check this table below to find the suitable capacity range for your washing machine. If you are a bachelor or a couple, then a 5.5-6.2 Kg appliance is most suitable for you. Similarly, if you have a family with more than 4-6 members, an 8 Kg washing machine can be your best choice.

washing machine capacity selection

2. Choose The Suitable Type of Automation

There are 2 types of Automations available- Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic.

A fully automatic washing machine is the market leader in India. These machines are loaded with multiple automated features. It minimizes the effort and time of the users. However, these are also much expensive than Semi-Automatic machines.

3. Select the Type of Loading

There are 2 types of Loading available- Front and Top Loading. All semi-automatic washers are top-loading. However, all front loading washing machines are fully automatic. On top of that, there are some top-loader machines that are fully automatic too. Therefore, it is advisable to go through every bit of information in the comparison of Top Load vs Front Load washing machine.

4. Check Your Budget

The semi-automatic washing machines are cheaper than the fully automatic ones. Usually, these machines cost under ₹15000. However, fully automatic washing machines in India are costlier due to advanced design and performance.

Generally, Fully Automatic Front Load washers up to 7 Kg cost under ₹25000. Whereas, the cost up to an 8 Kg washing machine in India should be around ₹35000.

So, from this analysis, it is clear that with higher capacity, the cost increases. Hence, you need to plan your budget accordingly if you need to balance between price and the overall performance of the washing machine.

5. Know about Special Features

Firstly, the special features vary from Brand to Brand though some of these are common for all brands. Some washing machines come with a special feature that saves water to a large extent. The best washing machines are built with a function that allows you to add or remove clothes during the wash cycle.

Similarly, some other machines are built with technology that dissolves the detergent better. Brands like IFB provides 4 years of warranty to the front loaders that no other brand provides.

There are also some other products from washing machine brands in India that are built with a technology that gives proper care to clothes while in operation.

There is a wide choice for you to select the special features suitable for your requirements. By considering all these options and verifying with your specific needs you will able to choose a good washing machine for your home.

Types of Washing Machines

These can be categorized in two ways-

  • Type of Load (Front & Load)
  • Type of Automation (Automatic & Semi-Automatic)

There are numerous confusions in customers in selecting the type of loading. However, Top load machines seem to be better in comparison to the front load in terms of handling. But, it may not always. However, both of the load types have different Advantages that we are going to cover now.

1. Semi Automatic Washing Machine

A semi automatic machine requires manual intervention and frequent monitoring of the status. But it is the cheapest among all the other types of washers. For detailed advantages and disadvantages check the Pros and Cons below.

  • These don't need a permanent water connection. So, the installation is easier.
  • These machines are the cheapest and usually, cost under 15000. Hence, it is good for a low budget.
  • You can regulate the wash cycle manually. Therefore operating is easier.
  • It consumes less power compared to a fully automatic washing machine. So, the electricity bill can be reduced.
  • Most of the semi automatic machines are bigger in size. So, these require more space.
  • Semi-Automatic washing machines require manual intervention.

2. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

You might be thinking about what is a Fully Automatic machine and how it differs from a semi-automatic washing machine. A fully automatic washing machine is built with some brilliant settings that do not require any manual intervention. You can relax while your clothes get cleaned. The best washing machines in India are very dependable in this regard. (Also Read: Semi Automatic vs Fully Automatic Washing Machine)

  • This washing machine requires no manual intervention. Firstly, Switch on your machine and put your clothes and detergent in. Next, press the relevant button to start using the machine.
  • The operation is easy. Therefore, buying a fully automatic washing machine in India will let you free of headaches.
  • These machines are costlier. However, these also have advanced technology.
  • Water Consumption is higher than semi-automatic washers.

2a. Top Load Washing Machines

  • You can add clothes midway in the wash cycle.
  • The top-loading machines require less bending to operate it. So, it is better for your back.
  • The top load washing machines use a lot of water. So, it increases water consumption.
  • The agitator type top loading washers might get rough on your clothes. However, the impeller of advanced washing machines is more gentle.

2b. Front Load Washing Machines

  • These machines are energy-efficient and clean your clothes smoothly. So, Front Loading Machines should be on your priority list.
  • Most of those have built-in Heater to heat up water. So, warm water cleans up your clothes more efficiently.
  • Usually, the front load washing machines have the largest capacity to wash clothes.
  • The main disadvantage of Front-loading machines is that it is costlier than other types of washing machines.
  • Front Loading washing machines are heavy and difficult to port.
  • These machines require a permanent water connection. So, installation is a bit difficult compared to top load washing machines.
  • You cannot add Clothes midway in the wash cycle.

operating washing machine

Key Decision Making Factors to choose the best washing machine

To choose the best washing machine that suits your needs, you should check these critical buying factors that we research, test and analyze on this website. All of these points are considered to help Indian consumers choosing a suitable product.

1. Ease of Use

Top Loading Washers are easier to operate and you do not need to bend down to load or unload the clothes. Therefore, These can be very good for older buyers and users who have joint issues. You can also add clothes in the middle of the process.

Hence, Top Loading machines are recommended for those who are concerned about the ease of use.

2. Fresh and Clean Operation

Washing machines do an excellent job when the concern is Cleanliness. The quality of cleanliness varies for different models. But in general, front-loading washing machines do smooth cleaning and is gentle on your clothes.

3. Usage of water

Front Load machines use a very less quantity of water during the washing process. These are very effective to use the water for a smooth cleaning process.

Therefore, if your concern is the usage of water, you should go for a Front-Loading machines.

4. Spin Cycle

During the final spin cycle, washing machines generally spin very fast letting the clothes almost dry. You can further dry it using a cloth drying stand. Therefore, it removes the excess water from your clothes. So, it is recommended for you to select a Front Loading machine if you're more concerned about the spin cycle.

5. Installation Flexibility

You can place or stack a washing machine easily in a convenient place. A permanent supply and drainage of water are needed to install a machine. Before the installation work, make sure to have these.

6. Pricing

To be honest, a good front loader will cost you more than a fully automatic top Loading washing machine of the same capacity. This is because the fully automatic front loading washing machine is built with more modern technology. However, the price is worth the benefits you will get.

7. Wash Speed

There are 2 types of Top Loading Washers- with Impeller and with Agitator. Agitator type washing machines are generally common and cheaper than the washers with an impeller. Moreover, the impeller type Top Loading machines are advanced than the Agitator type machines. The Top Loaders with agitator is rougher on the clothes while impeller types are more gentle.

The process is faster for the agitator type washing machines than the impeller type machines. Front loading products work on a similar method because those run on an identical type of technology.

8. Maintenance

Washing machines need very little maintenance compared to other major appliances. Most of the brands make their models in such a way that require very little human interaction. If maintenance is concerned for you, top load washing machines can be a good choice for you.

9. After-Sales Customer Service

After-Sales Customer service is a very important concern when you are buying a washing machine by investing a lot of time in researching and spending huge money to buy the right product. Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG has a wide range of customer service network.

Whenever you buy a washing machine, you need to contact their customer care and make arrangements for the installation.

features of washing machines

Latest Features and Technologies of Indian Washing Machines

ActiveWater Plus

Bosch developed the ActiveWater Plus technology to optimize the usage of water so that minimum water is wasted. With more wastage of water, you will get more electricity bills. This feature can definitely help you to reduce electricity consumption.

With this technology, the washing machine determines the amount of load and type of fabric. Accordingly, the water level is adjusted. With the gentle flow of water inside the drum, the clothes are soaked evenly.

Anti-Vibration Design

Generally, with higher spinning speed, the washing machines shake and vibrate shakes due to the centrifugal action of the impellers of the smart inverter motor. It can be disturbing for the user as well as bad for the appliance.

For this reason, most of the brands have developed an anti-vibration design for their washing machines. It is very effective and you can barely notice any vibration during washing of the clothes.


This is another brilliant innovation of Bosch. It is designed to improve cleaning efficiency as well as protect your clothes during the operating cycle. When the drum spins in one direction, the flat side of the paddle cleans fine fabrics and when it spins in the reverse direction, the steep side of the paddle does a deep clean with the wave-droplet design.

Ecosilence Drive

Using this technology, some washing machines come with a brushless motor for spinning. As a result, less friction is generated with almost zero noise. So, this leads to the silent operation of the machine. In addition, the low friction in the brushless motor also contributes to low electricity consumption and excellent cleaning efficiency.

Active Oxygen Technology

The "ActiveOxygen technology" is one of the most recent innovations from brands like Bosch. It was designed to disinfect clothes. Bosch claims that this technology kills all the bacteria up to 99.99% by using active oxygen. The active oxygen is nothing but Ozone gas (O3) with 3 oxygen elements. An inbuilt ozone generator generates ozone gas.

When you start the operation, the ozone generator is switched on and pushes ozone fog into the drum to pretreat the clothes. Being a strong disinfectant, it kills the germs and bacterias on the clothes.

At the end of the process, the ozone generator activates again and pushes ozone fog into the drum to ensure fresh and hygienic process. The process works even in low temperatures such as 20°C without adding harmful chemicals.

Both the process lasts for 30 minutes. Moreover, you can even wash underwear and baby clothes together in the washing machine as the technology effectively kills germs and bacterias with no side effects.

Allergy Plus Feature

Most of the good washing machines in India come up with the Allergy plus technology to protect your clothes from allergens. It provides triple protection and effectively removes allergens like dust mites, animal hair, pollen, etc. The allergens are filtered out to the dust bag. The hygienic seal ensures it does not come back into the drum again.

Reload Function

With this advanced technology, you can add or remove any clothes from the washing machine during the process. So, you do not need to worry if you have added a cloth by mistake or forgot to add any cloth. When you need to add or remove clothes, just press the Reload button on the panel. The machine will check if it is safe to open. Next, the water will drain out and allow you to open the door in moments.

Child Lock

This is a very important safety feature of most of the washing machines available in India. The Child Lock option prevents any misoperation of the delicate machine once you activate it. It protects the program, settings, and options from being tampered during the operating cycle. You can activate or deactivate it anytime during the process. To turn this option on, you need to press the child lock button for 3 seconds and it will activate.

When you activate it, the indicator light will turn on. When you want to deactivate it, you need to press the same button again for 3 seconds. Once it gets deactivated, the indicator light will turn off. For some washing machines in India, there is no single button for child lock. Instead, look for the imprint overlapping two option buttons that vary from model to model.

For some other washers, the holding time is 5 seconds which should be imprinted on the panel. Just follow the direction to get it done smoothly. This feature is available with both the front and top load washing machines.

EcoPerfect Technology

EcoPerfect Technology is a revolutionary technology of Bosch. It can reduce electricity consumption. With this technology, the washing machine senses the volume of load and kind of fabric. Depending on the type of fabric, it regulates the heating process and reduces power consumption by up to 50%. With the low consumption of electricity, you can save huge electricity bills.

SpeedPerfect Technology

Bosch designed it to reduce the operating duration. When you have a lot of clothes to wash and running short in time, this feature is for you. With this feature, you can reduce the duration up to 60 minutes every time you use such a washer. Time is precious. Isn't it?

Deep Clean

Are worried about deep stains and stubborn dirt on your clothes? A washing machine with a Deep Clean function can do the job very efficiently. It cleans up the clothes at the deepest level while being soft and gentle on the fabrics. This makes the quality of washing better without damaging the clothes.

Hygiene Plus feature

Some people have sensitive skin and worried about health problems due to the residue of detergents on the clothes. The washing machines with Hygiene plus technology effectively flush out the detergent residue from the clothes. The washed clothes are perfectly hygienic and safe for your sensitive skin.

Aqua Spa and Aqua Energie Technology

The Aqua Energie technology is a ground-breaking technology by IFB to improve the washing quality. It involves a special physical treatment to improve the quality of water. The effect is more visible if you live in a hard water area. It breaks the bi-carbonates present in the water into microscopic crystals.

The crystals flow with the water and improve the quality of the detergent solution. It reduces the surface tension of the water and improves the action of the detergents. Moreover, with this technology, scalings are reduced inside the tub of the washing machine. With this process, the consumption of detergents is also reduced.

Triadic Pulsator

Most of the washing machines from IFB is built with the Triadic Pulsator. It is basically an impeller installed on the rotor to clean the clothes more effectively. The pulsator generates a turbulent current that spins the clothes inside the drum. With spinning back and forth, it cleans the clothes very well. The soft scrub pads remove the dirt while being gentle on the clothes.

3D/ 4D Washing Technology

With the dynamic movement of the water through a set of nozzles, the drum circulates the water at 360°. The detergent dissolves better with this system during washing and rinsing. It is called the 3D wash system. A 4D wash system is slightly different and more upgraded. It involves a combination of dynamic water jets and showers to provide a cleaner result than a 3D wash system.

Smart Load Sensor

Most of the washing machines by IFB are built with smart load sensors. These sensors detect the type and quantity of load. Accordingly, the washer adjusts the level of water, the amount of detergent and wash settings.

Aqua Conserve Technology

The washing machines that are built with the Aqua Conserve technology, saves more water. With it, IFB machines reuse the last rinse water used for soaking clothes. Therefore, water wastage reduces.

Crescent Moon Drum

To prevent damage to the clothes, IFB has developed a special design for the drum. The surface of the drum is grooved with the shape of a crescent moon. While rotating, the drum surface creates a water cushion that prevents friction with the clothes. As a result, you can get the clothes perfectly in good condition.

Multi- Dispenser

Many good washing machines come with a multi-dispenser system. There is a cartridge near the detergent dispenser to put the softener/ conditioner if needed. A dispenser to use liquid detergent and bleach is also present with most of the washers.

Apart from the above features, 360-degree bloomwash technology by Whirlpool is another latest technology to provide users with the ultimate washing experience.

precautions for washing machine

Precautions and Adjustments needed before Buying A Washing Machine

Every washing machines that we have reviewed here, are compact in design, very user-friendly and has high performance. So, you must not worry about the quality. However, there could be some constraints to solve and things to consider before you can install the washing machine at your home. Some of the major important factors are described in this section.

  1. You need a 15A plug point to power up the machine. To avoid unnecessary delay, ensure to fix it up before calling the customer care to install the machine.
  2. For some models of washing machines, a screw tap with adjusting buffer screw is necessary to fit the inlet water supply. So, make sure to install it if necessary.
  3. A draining port is required near the installation area to drain out the wastewater. Place the appliance in such a way that the port can be availed easily.
  4. For a front-load washing machine, there should be enough empty space in front of it, say 8 to 12 sq ft to load and unload the clothes conveniently. Hence, make sure the front door of the washing machine does not get blocked when opened.
  5. For any large appliance, the earthing arrangement is very important. Make sure the earthing arrangement works well to avoid electrical hazards on the machine.
  6. We advise installing the best water softener in India to the inlet of the washing machine. It will filter out unwanted debris and make the machine last for a longer time.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

As there are so many brands with a high reputation, you may be thinking about which brand washing machine is best in the Indian market. We highly recommend Bosch, LG or IFB for front-loading machines and Samsung or Whirlpool for Top Loading washers.


Bosch is certainly the best brand for washing machine in India. Though it's really very hard to distinguish the quality of machines from Bosch, LG, IFB and some other companies, Bosch has created its remarkable presence in the market. The brand has a great range of good appliances that are praised all over the country.


They should be on your top priority list. IFB specializes in building top quality washing machines in India. So, if you want to buy a fully automatic front-loading machine, IFB should be your first choice. Moreover, IFB also provides 4 years of Warranty for most of their machines.


They are a very popular brand in both the lower and higher budget. Additionally, LG can be a good choice if you want to buy the Best Top Load Washing Machine.


They are also a renowned brand for washing machines. Samsung is most popular for making semi-automatic top-loading washers but also has a good range of other types of washing machines.


They are one of the oldest brands to manufacture washing machines in India. If you want to buy a cheap semi-automatic machine, Whirlpool can be your ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about washing machines

What should I look for when buying a washing machine?

Before you buy a washing machine, firstly, you need to check the capacity it is rated with. It directly depends upon the number of family members. Next, you should check the type of automation and loading. After verifying these, you need to look up the spin speed, safety measures and special features it is built with. To ease the search, we have listed the best washing machines available in India here in this article.

What are the different types of a washing machines?

These can be categorized by the type of loading and automation. In terms of loading, there are 2 types of washers- Front & Top Load. Fully-automatic and semi-automatic machines are the two types of washing machines categorized according to the automation type.

Is an agitator or impeller better?

Impeller type washing machines are better as they are gentler on the clothes. The agitator type of washers can be rough and brutal on the clothes and might damage.

What is the difference between the Bosch wak24168in and Bosch wak24268in washing machine?

The main difference between WAK24168IN and WAK24268IN is that the later is built with a large LED display, a temperature control button and a setting to control the dryer cycle RPM. Apart from it, the AllergyPlus + ECARF feature can help you get an extremely hygienic wash.

Do washing machines stand on the 4 corners of the machine?

Yes, most of the models from the reputed brands stand on the four corners. If you are planning to use a stand/ trolley, make sure you use a standard stand if you need it. Using a non-standard stand, the washing machine can be damaged in the long term as it needs a flat & horizontal place for better stability.

Can the washing machine wash heavy clothes like door mat and blankets?

Yes, it is capable of cleaning heavy clothes like doormats or blankets. All you need to do is selecting the right washing setting and the rest will be taken care of by the washing machine itself.

India's best washing machine

India's Best Washing Machines: Conclusion

A washing machine is definitely worthy of buying in India as it helps to reduce the time and energy of the user. They are perfect for busy working professionals. The wash quality of washing machines is excellent compared to washing by hand.

Buying a washing machine can be difficult sometimes. This is because there are a lot of varieties of washing technologies available from hundreds of brands. In this article, we have simplified your research with recommendations for the best washing machines in India.

We have selected both the top and front loaders based on user experience, durability, availability of user-friendly features and ease of use. As price is also an important factor, we have chosen them for an affordable solution. If you are looking for a high-quality washing machine, check the top 10 products we have mentioned above.

To choose the right washing machine in 2021 for your home needs, read the buying guide to know the most crucial factors.

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