Best Wattage for an Induction Cooktop- Why it is Important?

To keep updated with modern technologies and with fluctuating LPG prices, it is necessary to have the best induction cooktop in India for every home.

But, when we go to select an Induction Cooktop, the first thing that makes us think is- what should be the best wattage for Induction Cooktop?

We may get very doubtful if the rated wattage of the cooktop is high. Higher wattage means higher electricity consumption. So, it seems that you should not select a higher Induction Cooktop wattage.

But, that is not entirely true!

While selecting the best wattage for Induction Cooktop, you must know that, with higher wattage, the time required to produce the heat is low.

The consumption of electricity depends on how much electricity is consumed per second and the time required to consume it. Therefore, you should also consider the time required to consume electricity when selecting an Induction Cooktop.

Induction cooktops like Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 can use up to 2100 watts of power suitable for cooking various dishes. The efficiency of power consumption is excellent in such a product.

Now let us see more details about power consumption, energy efficiency, and wattage of induction cooktops.

best wattage for induction cooktop

Range of Wattage For Induction Cooktop

How many watts does an induction cooktop use?

To find the answer, you should know that the range of wattage for an Induction cooktop is much broad. The rating of power varies from brand to brand for different products.

Generally, all the brands mention the maximum wattage available for a particular Induction Cooktop.

The best wattage for cooking on an Induction Cooktop is high as 2100 watts suited for Indian cooking. You can adjust the electricity consumption to 120W, 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1300W, 1600W, 1800W, and 2000W according to the cooking requirements.

The following table illustrates the use of specific wattage settings on an induction cooktop and the corresponding temperature generated during the cooking of foods.

Wattage of Induction CooktopTemperatureMenu/ Food Items
500 Watts100-120°CStew, Gravy food, warming milk and water, slow cooking
800 Watts140°CRoti
1000 Watts160°CBoiling milk, water
1200 Watts180°CRegular fry
1300 Watts160-180°CSoup
1400 Watts180-200°CStir fry
1600 Watts210°CBraise
1900-2100 Watts270°CDeep fry

You should keep in mind that higher the wattage is, more the options for cooking are available. This is because, with more variable temperature, variety of food can be cooked.

The following Induction cooktops are our favourites as these come with the best wattage rating suitable for Indian kitchens.

  1. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop
  2. Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop
  3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

But, how many watts for an induction Stove is good for use?

The Best wattage for an Induction Cooktop depends upon these two factors- Electricity consumed per second and the duration of cooking. Electricity consumed depends on the setting for wattage on the operating panel of the cooktop. If you closely look at this formula, you can get a clear idea of what induction cooktop wattage you need.

Electricity Consumed During Cooking= (Electricity Consumed per Second) x Time Taken

Let's say, to cook a particular recipe on a gas stove you need to use the medium flame for 5 minutes.

So, cooking time= 5 minutes

Now, let us consider an Induction Cooktop with 2000 watts of rated power. You can adjust it with the inbuilt option. Consider the following 3 options.

1. Cooking with 1500 watts on Induction Cooktop

Energy Consumed= ( 1500 x 5)/ 60 = 125 watt-hour or 0.125 kWh or units.

If your unit rate is Rs 6/unit, it will cost you only 75 paise.

2. Cooking with 1000 watts on Induction Cooktop

In this case, the cooking time may increase to 8 minutes due to low heat.

Energy Consumed= ( 1500 x 8)/ 60 = 200 watt-hour or 0.2 kWh or units.

If your unit rate is Rs 6/unit, it will cost you Rs 1.2.

3. Cooking with 2000 watts on induction Cooker

In this case, the cooking time may decrease to 3 minutes for higher heat.

Energy Consumed= ( 2000 x 3)/ 60 = 100 watt-hour or 0.1 kWh or units.

If your unit rate is Rs 6/unit, it will cost you only 60 paise.

The above cost is lower when you compare the induction stove with a gas stove too.

From the above analysis, it is quite clear that higher is the wattage, lower is the cooking time & electricity consumption and more monetary savings.

We can see that the lower wattage can cost you more electricity bill than the higher wattage range. However, you cannot always reduce cooking time by heating the food more. It depends upon the type of food you are cooking.

If your recipe is boiling-based like rice, tea, Maggi, khichdi, etc, you can use higher wattage settings to cook efficiently.

But if you are frying something or cooking semi-dry items such as fish fry, chicken pakora, poha, etc, you need optimal settings for wattage as higher wattage may burn out the food.

The cooktops with the following wattage rating are extremely great for regular use.

Induction Cooktop Power Consumption Calculator

Enter the right details in the following boxes and calculate the induction cooker electricity consumption per hour.

tips to select an Induction cooktop with best wattage

5 Tips to Select an Induction Cooktop with the Best Wattage

  1. Identify the type of cooking. If you are buying it for the general cooking purposes for your family, it is advised to go for the higher wattage Induction Cooktop such as 2000W or more. If you are planning to cook fries and semi-dry foods occasionally, it is better to go for an Induction Cooktop with a medium range of wattage such as 1500W or 1800W. This will save you more electricity and cost you less money.
  2. Check the range of wattage available for cooking. Most of the brands provide a wide option to select a particular wattage from the control panel of the Induction Cooktop. You should check it well as it might open up large options for cooking various foods.
  3. The Induction Cooktop you select, should have a pre-customized cooking option. The Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop has options for Roti/Dosa, Stir Fry, Gravy, Slow Cook, Pressure Cook, and Manual selection. All these options have a pre-selected range of wattage to ease the cooking procedure. With such a facility, anyone can cook the food without prior knowledge.
  4. The Timer Setting can also add an advantage to the cooking procedure. For cooking a particular recipe, you can adjust the timer to a certain wattage. Within the set time, the cooktop can take care of the cooking while you are away.
  5. Always use an Induction Cookware made of magnetic stainless steel or Iron. As the Induction Cooktop works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, it requires ferromagnetic material for cooking. Cookware like Prestige Omega Deluxe Induction Base Non-Stick Kitchen Set is ideal for cooking on an Induction Cooktop.


So, in conclusion, we can find that buying an Induction Cooktop with higher wattage is more useful in the long run. With higher wattage, various options will open up to you and cooking will be easier for you using an Induction Cooktop. Check the right way to use an Induction Cooktop for proper energy optimization. The Best Wattage for Induction Cooktop to cook Indian Recipe is more than 2000 watt range. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100 Watt Induction Cooktop comes with most of the premium features with superior performance and design that will enhance the interior of the kitchen as well as improve the user experience.

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