best water purifier in India

Best Water Purifiers in India for a Healthy Living (RO/ UV/ UF/ TDS Control) in 2021

Did you know that 70% of India’s surface water is unfit for human consumption?

Apart from that, even the tap water that we get at our homes are heavy on natural minerals that aren’t fit for drinking.

Water, the essential substance for your sustenance, may do more harm than good. Adulterated water causes many health problems that are tough to cure.

What should be the right way to defeat this problem?

The easiest answer is to install a water purifier at your home. These gadgets get rid of the harmful particles to give you clean and drinkable water.

best pressure cookers in India

6 Best Pressure Cookers in India: Complete Review & Buying Guide (2021)

Cooking is essential for everyone as we do need to eat and one of the most used cooking utensils in India is the pressure cooker. It is a blessing for the bachelors as well as for the homemakers because it lets them cook faster especially when there is no time. So, it is obvious that every household needs to have one or more good pressure cookers. The problem arises when people set out to find the right product as there are too many options right now.

Buyers should always keep a check on their requirements and compare products to get the suitable one available in the market. After thorough market research, we have found that our Top Pick: Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in India. Let us have a look at the other products from the most reputed brands that are definitely worthy of buying.

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Top 8 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2021): Reviews and Buying Guide

Fumes, Gases, Heat, dust particles and dirty kitchen walls have been a huge problem earlier. Even now, it may lead to a bad experience if you do not have a good exhaust system in the kitchen area.

At high temperature, the sugar and fat present in the food disintegrates, proteins and amino acids are pyrolyzed. Along with it, carbon monoxide, PM2.5, PM10 are generated. As a result, it can create acrolein and formaldehyde that are harmful to our respiratory system.

Long exposure to cooking fumes can create cough, wheeze and dyspnea. It can also cause diseases like phlegm and even asthma.

To keep your kitchen clean, you should install the best chimney with high suction power. It is the most efficient kitchen appliance for this purpose. An exhaust fan is not suitable for this purpose because of the large gap between the fan and the top of the oven.

A chimney works great to remove the oil and gases created from the cooking process. In the earlier models of kitchen chimneys in India, there used to be simply a blower. These were huge in size and needed a lot of maintenance.

But now, technology has been upgraded. Today, kitchen chimneys are built with autocleaning systems that are simpler to operate and easy to maintain. For this reason, they have become a useful appliance for every Indian home.

Sounds incredible?

best induction cooktop in India

Best Induction Cooktops in India with the Right Wattage Rating (2021)

Cooking on gas stoves can be hard if you are a beginner. These bulky home appliances also involve a lot of maintenance.

But, in our busy lives, we need everything fast. Now, the best induction cooktops have become a great replacement for them.

It is the safest heating source with the best energy efficiency at a budget price. Popular induction cooktops in India use optimum power to cook using electromagnetic induction technology. Being user-friendly, anyone can operate them easily.

To keep updated with modern technologies and with fluctuating LPG prices, it is necessary to have an Induction Cooktop at every home. But, when we go to select an Induction Cooktop, the first thing that makes us think is- what should be the right wattage for an Induction Cooktop?

We may get very doubtful if the rated wattage of the cooktop is high. Higher wattage means higher electricity consumption. So, it seems that you should not select a higher Induction Cooktop wattage.

best mattress in India

9 Best Mattress In India: Review and Buying Guide (2021)

Doctors are tired of telling us about the 8 hours’ sleep that we need. Most of us have trouble falling asleep and face back pain. We do not realize that the mattress can be a reason for it.

The right mattress not only helps you to get a good night’s sleep, but it also keeps orthopedic problems at bay. Everyone should choose a mattress that goes well with their body, along with their sleep patterns.

Best whirlpool washing machine 360 in India

Whirlpool Washing Machine 360° Bloomwash: 2021 Reviews

Whirlpool is a US-based company that emerged in the Indian market long ago. With the experience of more than 100 years in the manufacturing of the washing machine, the whirlpool is still a very popular choice in Indian households.

Over the years, whirlpool has developed a unique 360° Bloomwash Technology to provide the customers the cleanest washing quality. They have integrated this technology with the washers ranging from 6.5 to 12 Kg. We have selected the Top 3 of such products with superior Quality, Durability, Design, and Performance among the best washing machines.

This article can help you clear the misconceptions and select the right washer from Whirlpool in minutes.

best hand mixer in India

Top 10 Best Electric Beaters in India: Buying Guide for hand Mixer (2021)

An electric beater is the cheapest mixing machine for making cakes, dough, bread or even ice-cream. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive stand mixer, then it can be perfect for your requirements. Electric beaters are also known as hand mixers. Before buying such a useful mixing appliance, it is essential to check several factors like motor efficiency, electricity usage, speed settings, material, and attachments. For this, we recommend going through our Buying Guide.

Best Air Fryers in India (2021) with Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you conscious about your health but can’t resist mouth-watering crispy fries on the taste buds?

Has the doctor suggested you use less oil in food?

If so, then most of you will think that you will never get to have fried food every again. But the best air fryer in India is able to cook healthy fried food as much as you need.

Rather than using oil, an air fryer utilize hot air to cook the food. So, you can eat your favorite crispy French fries, chicken wings, or nuggets without deep frying. It lets you live in a healthier way avoiding ill effects and inducing less fat in your body.

best AC in India

10 Best Air Conditioner (AC) In India: All You Need to Know in 2021

Do you live in an area that gets too hot during the summer months? If yes, then it is obvious that you have felt the need of having an AC.

In the last decade, it has been seen that the temperature of the environment has risen and in India, it has risen by about 3.1 degrees Celsius. It has been seen that an AC is often more helpful than air coolers which can alter the humidity level of the room.

best built-in ovens in India

Best Built-in Ovens in India (2021) – Reviews and Buying Guide

Baking is a prevalent cooking choice all over India. But baking at home can be difficult without a proper method.

We may have our traditional tandoors and wood powered ovens, but these can’t be used in apartments. It leads to people settling for regular restaurant orders. Most Indian households do have microwave ovens, but their use limits you to a handful of dishes.

best toilet cleaner in India

Best Toilet Cleaners in India for Bathroom, Tiles, Basin and Floor

Most people are not concerned about daily bathroom cleaning. But an unclean toilet enhances the chances of germ growth. Hence you must follow proper bathroom cleaning procedures.

With a regular cleaning routine, you can get rid of the harmful bacteria growth in your bathroom. Also, regular cleaning makes your restroom look crystal clean.

A fresh and clean washroom gives both hygienic ambiance and mental satisfaction. And, you don’t always need professional help for cleaning your bathroom. With the best toilet cleaner in India, you can clean your toilet by yourself.

best refrigerators in India

Best Refrigerators in India (2021): Review and Buying Guide

Did you know that India produces more than 12 million units of refrigerators every year?

Yes, that is quite a huge number relying on the country’s population.

The usual hot weather found in India makes refrigerators an indispensable appliance. During the scorching summers, any food left in open is bound to go rotten as quickly as possible.

There was a time when people used to use make-shift earthen chambers. But, those don’t work so well in the heat of cities. There is also the threat of the perishable items getting attacked by viruses and bacterias when left in the open.

What can be the solution to such a problem?

A modern-age refrigerator comes as a savior to many. Available in different sizes and price-points, they have entered into most Indian homes.

Now, most of us are already aware of the advantages of a fridge. The simplest explanation is its capability to keep food items fresh and rot free for a long time.

best oil extraction machine for home in India

Best Oil Extraction Machine for Home in India (2021) – for Cold Pressed Oil

Oil extraction machines have been a savior for the ones who require oils in large quantities or cold press oil for healthier food habits. There are many machines available in huge sizes. Oil is extracted when the oilseeds are put in the machine, and then the oil is collected separately.

Large oil extraction machines cannot fit at home. For a long time, traditional methods of oil extraction are now used at homes. Apply the pressure and then squeeze the oil seeds. But this method can get too tedious sometimes. So, to solve this problem, oil machines of smaller sizes are now used at homes.

best auto ignition gas stove in India

Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove in India (2021) – Add Automation to your Kitchen

We all know about gas stoves that run on LPG and PNG gas. Most of us prefer it because of easy availability.

These gas stoves need an external ignition device such as a lighter or match stick to fire up. To make different cooking recipes, we just have to regulate the flame by rotating the knob.

Today, gas stoves are upgraded with advanced features that ease the whole process. One of such innovations is auto ignition technology. It is more beneficial with pan support and easier to use than old gas stove models in 2021.

Buying guide for best lunch box

Best Lunch Boxes for Office in India (2021) – Electric and Insulated

Did you know that Indians consume over 200 kcal every day from bad sources of nutrition?

In the office, you spend the busiest hour. The only thing that gets hampered within these hours is your lunch. Many of you don’t eat at the right time and skip your lunch.

When you get time to eat anything, that is quite an odd timing. Also, if you don’t have anything with you, you need to depend on the fast foods and oily foods available in stores. That is an unhealthy habit.

Practicing such an unhealthy habit ruin your health and you suffer from several long-term diseases, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and so on. Carrying lunch from home can be the best solution. You get homemade food at the busiest hour of working.

best baby walkers in India

Best Baby Walker in India (2021) – First Walking Companion

This is a real pleasure to see your child walking for the first time and nothing feels greater than it. Sometimes the parents may not be able to help them in this exercise, or the baby may feel uncomfortable to be steady by themselves. Here the benefits of baby walkers start.

The best baby walkers in India are a great way that helps the baby to make their first footstep by themselves. It also takes care of the baby when they are walking with the walker. A good walker not only helps them to walk but also helps to build their cognitive and motor skills. A good baby walker will give support to your baby when they are learning to take steps.

There is a vast number of walkers available in the Indian market. To find the right one from them is not easy if you don’t have any prior experience. Here are our recommendations for the best baby walker brands available in the market.

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