6 Best Pressure Cookers in India: Complete Review & Buying Guide (2020)

Cooking is essential for everyone as we do need to eat and one of the most used cooking utensils in India is the pressure cooker. It is a blessing for the bachelors as well as for the homemakers because it lets them cook faster especially when there is no time. So, it is obvious that every household needs to have one or more good pressure cookers. The problem arises when people set out to find the right product as there are too many options right now.

Buyers should always keep a check on their requirements and compare products to get the suitable one available in the market. After thorough market research, we have found that our Top Pick: Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in India. Let us have a look at the other products from the most reputed brands that are definitely worthy of buying.

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9 Best Mattress In India: Review and Buying Guide (2020)

Doctors are tired of telling us about the 8 hours’ sleep that we need. Most of us have trouble falling asleep and face back pain. We do not realize that the mattress can be a reason for it.

The right mattress not only helps you to get a good night’s sleep, but it also keeps orthopedic problems at bay. Individuals should choose a mattress that goes well with their body, along with their sleep patterns.

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9 Best Induction Cooktops in India (2020) – Reviews and Buying Guide

With the fluctuating price of LPG and high-maintenance bulky gas stove, cooking can be difficult for a busy life in India. In the present day, the Induction Cooktop has become a great alternative to the gas Stove. It is also the safest heating source with the best energy efficiency within just your budget.

With the optimum usage of electricity, you can operate it very easy compared to any other heating source in your price range. After researching hundreds of products, we have found that Our Top PickPhilips Viva Collection HD4938/01 is the Best Induction Cooktop in India to buy in 2020.

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Whirlpool Washing Machine 360° Bloomwash: 2020 Reviews

Whirlpool is a US-based company that emerged in the Indian market long ago. With the experience of more than 100 years in the manufacturing of the washing machine, the whirlpool is still a very popular choice in Indian households.

Over the years, whirlpool has developed a unique 360° Bloomwash Technology to provide the customers the cleanest washing quality. They have integrated this technology with the washers ranging from 6.5 to 12 Kg. We have selected the Top 3 of such products with superior Quality, Durability, Design, and Performance among the best washing machines.

This article can help you clear the misconceptions and select the right washer from Whirlpool in minutes.

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Best Portable Air Conditioners (AC) in India (2020): Buying Guide & Reviews

Today’s technology is all about two things- comfort and mobility. If you do not have access to a centrally air-conditioned space or you do not have the space to install a wall-mounted air conditioner, portable AC units might be the best solution for you.

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Top 10 Best Hand Mixers in India: Reviews & Buying Guide (2020)

A Hand Mixer is the cheapest mixing machine for making cakes, dough, bread or even ice-cream. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive product, then it can be perfect for your requirements. Before buying a hand mixer, it is essential to check several factors like motor efficiency, electricity usage, speed settings, material, and attachments. For this, we recommend going through our Buying Guide.

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Best Stand Mixers in India in 2020: (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Who does not love mouth-watering cookies, pizza, ice-cream or cakes?

What about making these tasty food items at your home? A stand mixer is exactly made for this purpose. It mixes and blends the required raw materials into the perfect combination. Most of the modern stand mixers can not only do mixing but also chopping, slicing, beating eggs.

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Best Sewing Machines in India in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you are a fashion designer, homemaker, tailor or even just a hobby enthusiast, you need a good sewing machine to start or boost up your skills. Earlier, people used mechanical machines that is indeed laborious. In modern times, advanced technologies have been developed to make the process automatic and more user-friendly.

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5 Best Air Fryers in India (2020): Complete Review and Buying Guide

Are you conscious about your health but can’t resist mouth-watering crispy fries?

Has the doctor suggested you use less oil in food?

If so, then most of you will think that you will never get to have fried food every again. But that isn’t right as you can purchase an air fryer to make things easy. Rather than using oil, the kitchen appliances utilize hot air to cook the food. So, you can eat your favorite crispy French fries and nuggets without any deep frying. After months of research, we have found that American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx Air Fryer is the best air fryer in India. It has got everything from a timer to temperature controls to the “TurboTunnel Freshair Technology”, all of which makes it a perfect device to have at your home.

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5 Best Cold Press Juicers in India (2020): Review and Buying Guide

Do you feel like having nutritious juices for breakfast right at your home?

To do that you will need to have a good juicer at your home. Generally, individuals settle for a centrifugal juicer as they are fast and inexpensive. Compared to them, a cold press juicer is slower but they are better in retaining the nutrition present in the juice.

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10 Best Air Conditioner (AC) In India: All You Need to Know in 2020

Do you live in an area that gets too hot during the summer months? If yes, then it is obvious that you have felt the need of having an AC.

In the last decade, it has been seen that the temperature of the environment has risen and in India, it has risen by about 3.1 degrees Celsius. It has been seen that an AC is often more helpful than air coolers which can alter the humidity level of the room.

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Best Water Purifiers in India 2020- Top 5 Complete Reviews

As the degree of groundwater is falling and the nature of water is, in effect, more terrible. An elevated level of contamination is exacerbating the situation. Waterborne sicknesses are spread effectively through a groundwater pipe.

In this way, there could be an opportunity for contamination. In this circumstance, we should drink water that is safer and cleaner. Water Purifier is presently an unquestionable requirement for every home.

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Top 8 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2020) : Reviews & Buying Guide

Fumes, Gases, Heat and dirty kitchen walls have been a huge problem earlier. Even now, it may lead to a very uncomfortable and irritating experience if you do not have a good exhaust system in the kitchen. A Chimney is an electric fan hanging over a stove to remove the oil and gases generated from the cooking. If you have such a problem, then it’s time for you to install one such effective product. Currently, Our Top Pick: Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney is the best kitchen chimney in India. Alternatively, you can also try Elica 60 Cm 1200 M3/ Hr Auto Clean Chimney that is also great.

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How to Clean a Washing Machine? Learn the Right Way

A washing machine serves as one of the essential household companions these days. After the daylong stress and hectic schedule throughout the week, washing clothes would have been the most challenging task without it. Having a washing machine saves time and efforts to a great extent.

Well, today, let’s get the complete answer for how to clean a washing machine? This is indeed one of the top unresolved queries for most of the households. With a washing machine in your house, you can forget about your washing task for sure. All you have to do is lookout for an efficient machine for your needs.

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Best Hot and Cold AC in India (Everything You Need To Know)

The tropical weather of India can, at times, be erratic. Some places get too hot during the summer but also cool down drastically during winters. If you have ever visited Rajasthan or lived there, it is a usual occurrence. Because of the intolerable heat, an AC is a must-buy. So, what should they do during the cold winter? Getting a heater indeed becomes an additional investment.

A dual AC has been created for such situations. It is a boon for places that have contrasting weather patterns. Dual hot and dry ACs are also great for people who want to remain comfortable in all weathers. Brought by the best brands of India, hot and cold ACs are always tough and sustainable. With an additional inverter, they are ready to be a part of your home.

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Benefits of Smart Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

The human brain is the smartest known object in existence. And with each passing day, we use this object to modify the technology and appliances around us. The latest addition to this list is the smart inverter technology in washing machines.

Washing machines are appliances common in every corner of the world. So what is this new inverter technology it is using? And how exactly does it benefit us?

Today’s discussion will shed light on these aspects. It will also provide you all the necessary answers. So read along as we find out what an inverter washing machine is?

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How to beat the summer heat in India? – 10 Tips to Get Relief

Exposing to the sun for a long time and doing heavy work during peak hours in summer can cause several illnesses that include migraine, dehydration, sunburn, cramps, and even heat stroke. Heatwaves caused by extreme temperature and high humidity can make the situation worse. For this reason, we must know how to beat the summer heat in India.

Children, elders, and those who mostly work outside and travel a lot are more prone to these kinds of illnesses. On top of that, people living in urban areas are generally at more risk than rural people.

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All about the Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India

These days you must have a Refrigerator at your home especially in the Summer Season.

While double and single door refrigerators are very popular, these cannot match up the requirements of a large family. If you have 5 or more members in your family or you want to take the facility of high-end facilities of a modern refrigerator, then side by side refrigerators are the right choice.

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Juicing vs Blending – Which is better and why?

So you have a very green and healthy diet. The fruits and vegetables are all set to give your body the elements it needs to be healthy. But how to correctly extract all such nutrients for your intake?

For many, juicing and blending are the answers to that question. Modern designs of the juicers and blenders do allow you to extract all nutrients from the ingredients efficiently. But, of the two, which one is the better process?

Let’s find out as we pit juicing vs. blending.

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Best Electric Kettles in India- Review & Buying Guide (2020)

Electric Kettles have been very useful in modern days to boil water very fast. Eventually, when compared to the traditional system, it cuts down the operating time. It is a very handy small kitchen appliance for tea lovers or people who admire coffee. We have listed and reviewed the electric kettles that are excellent in performance, excellent in durability and design.

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Best Dinner Sets in India: Reviews and Buying Guide (2020)

Who does not love having a great dinner with the family dinner using the best dinner set in India?

Whether be it a special occasion or even gifting purpose, we need a good dinner set at our homes that is worth the money.

Most of us get fascinated with the shining decorated utensils that truly gives the highest level of satisfaction. But we often forget to check the build quality, maintenance requirements and material of the dinner set. Many people fail to clean it safely or use it for the long term as the dinner set gets damaged or discolored.

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