Home Appliance Power Consumption Calculator

All of us own multiple home appliances at our homes. When planning to buy a new appliance, we must check how much power it consumes. It will help you estimating the electricity cost on daily, monthly and yearly basis and plan accordingly.

home appliance power consumption

How Can You Calculate Power Consumption of Any Appliance?

Every electrical appliance in the market comes with a rated wattage or a range of operational power in watts. Some appliances allow the user to change the power depending on the requirement.

These are a typical wattage range of common home appliances and kitchen kitchen appliances-

ApplianceMin. PowerMax. Power
Air Conditioner600 Watts3000 Watts
Air Cooler50 Watts200 Watts
Ceiling Fan35 Watts80 Watts
Dishwasher1000 Watts2000 Watts
Electric Kettle1000 Watts2000 Watts
Geyser/ Water Heater1000 Watts2000 Watts
Induction Cooktop800 Watts3000 Watts
Microwave Oven1000 Watts2500 Watts
Mixer Grinder400 Watts1200 Watts
Refrigerator200 Watts800 Watts
Room Heater1500 Watts3000 Watts
Steam Iron1000 Watts2200 Watts
Television70 Watts300 Watts
Toaster600 Watts1200 Watts
Tube Light20 Watts40 Watts
Vacuum Cleaner1000 Watts2000 Watts
Washing Machine700 Watts2000 Watts

The actual wattage of common household appliances should be within the range of power mentioned on the above table. With new innovations, the home appliance brands are constantly upgrading their products focussing on power-saving solutions.

To calculate power consumption, you must know that the consumed electricity depends mostly on two factors-

  1. Wattage of the appliance
  2. Run time

By mutiplying these two factors, we can get the theoritical power consumption by the appliance.

Power Consumption= Wattage*Run Time

But the actual consumed power can vary from the rated wattage because of the machine’s changing efficiency. New apppliances usually runs with approximately 90% efficiency. With time, natural deterioration starts in various parts of the machine. It results in decreasing efficiency of the appliance. To keep the efficiency up, you need proper cleaning and maintenance.

Use these following amazing calculators to estimate Capacity, Power Consumption of various Home and Kitchen Appliances like Air Conditioner, Induction Cooktop, Air Cooler, Kitchen Chimney and many more!

List of Calculators

Air Conditioner Capacity selection Calculator

To find out the ideal capacity of the best air conditioner, you just need to put the dimension of your room in the following boxes, the tool will calculate the most suitable capacity of AC.

Air Conditioner Power Consumption Calculator

This tool is designed to calculate power consumption of 1.5 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton Air Conditioner. First, you need to choose the capacity, then choose the energy rating (3/4/5 star). After that, enter the approximate run time of the AC and electricity unit price. When you click the button, the tool will show a tentative electricity consumption and bill for both the inverter and non-inverter AC.

Air Cooler Power Consumption Calculator

With this tool, you just need to choose the dimension of your room. When you click the button, it will calculate the ideal capacity for the best air cooler.

Induction Cooktop Power Consumption Calculator

Wattage is a very crucial key decision making factors for the best induction cooktops. To calculate power consumption of an induction cooktop, first enter the selected wattage value in the box. Then enter the run time and electricity unit rate. Finally click the “calculate” button to know the power consumption and corresponding electricity charge for your cooktop on daily and monthly basis.

Kitchen Chimney Suction Power Calculator

Suction power is a very important performance factor for the best kitchen chimneys. With this tool you can easily calculate an ideal capacity of chimney for your kitchen just by entering the dimension of the kitchen.

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