Dishwasher Pros and Cons in India: Is it Worth Buying?


There is a lot of myth that Dishwashers are not suitable for Indian requirements. But you need to check the pros and cons of it to make a wise conclusion.

Life in the 21st century has been busier than ever. Nowadays charges for a maid are also getting higher. Unless she is very disciplined professionally, it is difficult to rely upon for cleaner works. Sometimes the unplanned leaves of the maid make the situation critical, especially when if you are working.

In such a condition, you need to automate your life with multitasking. Cleaning up the dishes after taking a meal can be a dirty job and time-consuming. For elders, it is more difficult. A dishwasher can be a suitable solution to this problem.

dishwasher pros and cons in India

Advantages of Dishwasher

Dishwashers have numerous benefits that can suit your requirements. If you have to do multiple tasks and automate the regular dishwashing processes, check what can be useful for you.

1. Multitasking

Working on multiple things together is very essential in the modern lifestyle. To maintain a perfect balance for everything, you have to do multiple tasks at once. But washing the dishes manually by hand can be time-consuming and tiresome.

This is why one might need a dishwasher. After finishing the meal, all you need to do is putting the dirty dishes in and activate the washing cycle on the dishwasher. While it automatically cleans up the dishes, you can get engaged in other jobs like cleaning the dining table and putting dishes into the refrigerator.

2. Good for Elders

If you have elders at your home or you have to stay away from the parents because of the job or business, a dishwasher can be a wonderful gift for them. Washing dishes in a dishwasher can save a lot of effort and hurdles for them. They might have some misconceptions about dishwashers is that it might lead to making them immobile and bored at that age.

But, there are other ways of utilizing the saved time like getting engaged to some hobby, reading books, watching TV, doing Yoga, or Pranayam. SO, getting a dishwasher for the elder people can definitely be helpful.

3. Useful for a Working Family

A dishwasher can be very useful to the families where both of the husband and wife are working. Due to job or business responsibility, it’s hard to make enough time for the family. In such a condition, cleaning the dishes by hand can be boring and difficult too.

Many of such nuclear families have a maid working for them. But, when she makes an unplanned holiday, the situation gets very difficult. In such a case, we advise not to get dependent on the maid and use a dishwasher machine from a well-reputed brand.

4. Effortless Operation

A dishwasher requires a minimum amount of manual intervention. Some dishwashers require a pre-wash that involves rinsing of the utensils in water before putting them in. Such a system does not help much.

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is one such example of the wonderful models that do not need a pre-wash. The water consumption of the product is as low as 9 L only! You can get 6 wash programs dedicated to cleaning heavily soiled Indian dishes and cookware. A smart aqua sensor with the dishwasher detects the dirt level and adjusts the water usage accordingly.

5. Great for Expensive Metro Cities

In metro cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata, charges for the maid is relatively higher. Let us see one case study.

In a typical case in Delhi, Charges of the maid to clean, cook, and washing dishes in a 2-storied building are around Rs 12000. Without washing the dishes, the rate comes down to Rs 10000 saving you Rs 2000 per month or Rs 24000 per year!

On the contrary, a high capacity dishwasher consumes around 2.4 units in one run or 4.8 units per day. If the rate of electricity in your region is Rs 6/ Unit, a dishwasher will cost you Rs 28.8 daily. If we calculate it on a yearly basis, the electricity consumption of a dishwasher goes to Rs 10368 per year.

Therefore having a dishwasher can save you Rs 13632 every year (based on the above data).

6. Health Benefits

Homemakers may often find various skin problems due to over-exposure of water and grow bacterial infections. Some of such common problems include allergy, rashes, and bruising. Older people are more prone to these problems. If any of your family members have such issues, you should look for a dishwasher.

Our Recommendation:

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher...
  • 12 Place Setting : Suitable for families with up to 6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork.
  • 6 wash programs – Intensive Kadhai – Perfected for Indian Utensils; Express Sparkle – Saves Time; Half Load- For fewer utensils; Extra dry – For drying efficiency; VarioEco – For...
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product
  • Noise Level : 52 dB
  • Water Consumption : 9L ; Energy Consumption : 1.45 Kilowatt Hours
  • Included in box : 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual, detergent sample
  • Perfect for Indian Utensils – Cleans and dries oily & masala stained kadahi, cooker & other utensils ; No Pre-rinsing of utensils is required
  • Save time - Get clean & dried utensils in just 59 minutes
  • Small Loads – HalfLoad option when you have fewer utensils to be washed;
  • Inner tub: Polinox, dosage assist basket and glass care system

Disadvantages of Dishwasher

Apart from the long list of advantages, a dishwasher has also some drawbacks that you may not ignore.

1. Costly Product

The main reason, some people avoid a dishwasher is their price. A good dishwasher from a reputed brand can cost you in the range of Rs 20000 to Rs 40000 depending on the capacity you are looking for. Because of this reason, a dishwasher is underrated in India. Being an expensive product people misunderstands the wide benefits they can get from it.

2. Bulky Size

A typical dishwasher takes up around 4 square ft. area or 11 cubic ft. volume in the kitchen. If your kitchen is small, it can be difficult to accommodate inside. In such a case you might need to shift it to your dining room. Before buying any dishwasher, check the dimensions of it and verify its suitability inside the kitchen.

3. Limitations

Unless you are buying any high-end product, common dishwashers have some certain limitations. We have already talked about pre-washing that is a big disadvantage of the lower-end models. The second major limitation of such dishwashers is that they cannot clean the deep oily stains or burning patches.

People who live as a bachelor, a dishwasher is not suitable for them in terms of monetary savings. Another important limitation of a dishwasher is that all cooking utensils are not suitable for it. You should never use aluminium or brass-made cookwares into it. Instead, dishwashers also work with the utensils made of steel or glass.

So, is dishwasher worth buying in India?

It is true that dishwashers have certain limitations and disadvantages. But despite the high price, big size and a few other drawbacks; it can be good for a medium to big nuclear and joint families. It allows you to multitask, save time and effort; especially if you both are working. In metro cities, a dishwasher can be very useful saving you a good amount of money.

The best dishwashers available in India can help you to the largest extent by getting you relieved from this laborious task.

Apart from that, it also has some health benefits including waterborne skin diseases. Unlike washing machines, the dishwashers use less water to run resulting in minimum water wastage. Apart from it, a dishwasher can also be extremely helpful to the elders. Considering all the pros and cons of a dishwasher, we can conclude that it is definitely worth purchasing.

The following dishwashers are the highest-rated and most popular in India that you might like to check. We highly recommend these worthy products for Indian Kitchens.

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