9 Best Dishwashers in India (2021) with Pros and Cons: Are They Worthy?

There is a lot of myth that Dishwashers are not suitable for Indian requirements. But you need to check the pros and cons of it to make a wise conclusion.

Life in the 21st century has been busier than ever. Nowadays charges for a maid are also getting higher. Unless she is very disciplined professionally, it is difficult to rely upon for cleaner works. Sometimes the unplanned leaves of the maid make the situation critical, especially when if you are working.

In such a condition, you need to automate your life with multitasking. Cleaning up the dishes after taking a meal can be a dirty job and time-consuming. For elders, it is more difficult. A dishwasher in 2021 can be a suitable solution to this problem.

Currently, the Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is the best dishwasher in India. It has powerful wash cycles that get rid of all the gunks present in our plates. Along with that, it also utilizes less water compared to hand washing. So, we can get perfectly clean utensils without using physical energy, and it is better for our environment. Therefore, let us learn a bit more about the most amazing products.

dishwasher pros and cons in India

These are the best dishwashers in India (2021)

Advantages of Dishwasher

Dishwashers have numerous benefits that can suit your requirements for 2021. If you have to do multiple tasks and automate the regular dishwashing processes, check what can be useful for you.

1. Multitasking

Working on multiple things together is very essential in the modern lifestyle. To maintain a perfect balance for everything, you have to do multiple tasks at once. But washing the dishes manually by hand can be time-consuming and tiresome.

This is why one might need a dishwasher. After finishing the meal, all you need to do is putting the dirty dishes in and activate the washing cycle on the dishwasher. While it automatically cleans up the dishes, you can get engaged in other jobs like cleaning the dining table and putting dishes into the refrigerator.

2. Good for Elders

If you have elders at your home or you have to stay away from the parents because of the job or business, a dishwasher can be a wonderful gift for them. Washing dishes in a dishwasher can save a lot of effort and hurdles for them. They might have some misconceptions about dishwashers is that it might lead to making them immobile and bored at that age.

But, there are other ways of utilizing the saved time like getting engaged to some hobby, reading books, watching TV, doing Yoga, or Pranayam. SO, getting a dishwasher for the elder people can definitely be helpful.

3. Useful for a Working Family

A dishwasher can be very useful to the families where both of the husband and wife are working. Due to job or business responsibility, it’s hard to make enough time for the family. In such a condition, cleaning the dishes by hand can be boring and difficult too.

Many of such nuclear families have a maid working for them. But, when she makes an unplanned holiday, the situation gets very difficult. In such a case, we advise not to get dependent on the maid and use a dishwasher machine from a well-reputed brand.

4. Effortless Operation

A dishwasher requires a minimum amount of manual intervention. Some dishwashers require a pre-wash that involves rinsing of the utensils in water before putting them in. Such a system does not help much.

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is one such example of the wonderful models that do not need a pre-wash. The water consumption of the product is as low as 9 L only! You can get 6 wash programs dedicated to cleaning heavily soiled Indian dishes and cookware. A smart aqua sensor with the dishwasher detects the dirt level and adjusts the water usage accordingly.

5. Great for Expensive Metro Cities

In metro cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata, charges for the maid is relatively higher. Let us see one case study.

In a typical case in Delhi, Charges of the maid to clean, cook, and washing dishes in a 2-storied building are around Rs 12000. Without washing the dishes, the rate comes down to Rs 10000 saving you Rs 2000 per month or Rs 24000 per year!

On the contrary, a high capacity dishwasher consumes around 2.4 units in one run or 4.8 units per day. If the rate of electricity in your region is Rs 6/ Unit, a dishwasher will cost you Rs 28.8 daily. If we calculate it on a yearly basis, the electricity consumption of a dishwasher goes to Rs 10368 per year.

Therefore having a dishwasher can save you Rs 13632 every year (based on the above data).

6. Health Benefits

Homemakers may often find various skin problems due to over-exposure of water and grow bacterial infections. Some of such common problems include allergy, rashes, and bruising. Older people are more prone to these problems. If any of your family members have such issues, you should look for a dishwasher.

Our Recommendation:

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher...
  • 12 Place Setting: Suitable for families with up to 6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork
  • 6 wash programs: Intensive Kadhai – Perfected for Indian Utensils, Express Sparkle – Saves Time, Half Load- For fewer utensils, Extra dry – For drying efficiency
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product
  • Noise Levels: 52 dB
  • Included in the box: 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual, detergent sample
  • Special features: Half Load option, Save Water, Eco silence drive, Glass care system, dosage Assist, extra dry and hygienic wash.
  • Save Water – Uses 10litre of water. While manual washing uses minimum 60 litres of water; Save time - Get clean & dried utensils in just 59 minutes
  • Small Loads – HalfLoad option when you have fewer utensils to be washed, VarioSpeed option: reduces the wash cycle time by up to 50%, with optimum cleaning and drying results
  • Inner tub: Polinox, dosage assist basket and glass care system

Disadvantages of Dishwasher

Apart from the long list of advantages, a dishwasher has also some drawbacks that you may not ignore.

1. Costly Product

The main reason, some people avoid a dishwasher is their price. A good dishwasher from a reputed brand can cost you in the range of Rs 20000 to Rs 40000 depending on the capacity you are looking for. Because of this reason, a dishwasher is underrated in India. Being an expensive product people misunderstands the wide benefits they can get from it.

2. Bulky Size

A typical dishwasher takes up around 4 square ft. area or 11 cubic ft. volume in the kitchen. If your kitchen is small, it can be difficult to accommodate inside. In such a case you might need to shift it to your dining room. Before buying any dishwasher, check the dimensions of it and verify its suitability inside the kitchen.

3. Limitations

Unless you are buying any high-end product, common dishwashers have some certain limitations. We have already talked about pre-washing that is a big disadvantage of the lower-end models. The second major limitation of such dishwashers is that they cannot clean the deep oily stains or burning patches.

People who live as a bachelor, a dishwasher is not suitable for them in terms of monetary savings. Another important limitation of a dishwasher is that all cooking utensils are not suitable for it. You should never use aluminium or brass-made cookwares into it. Instead, dishwashers also work with the utensils made of steel or glass.

best dishwashers in India

Review of the Best Dishwashers

In this review, we have selected the 9 most awesome dishwashers in 2021. Each of these products was researched extensively and then ranked according to the performance, design, efficiency and durability in Indian perspectives.

1. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best dishwasher from Bosch

Perfect Design for the Indian Household

In Indian kitchens, we use a lot of oil and spices. This dishwasher by Bosch comes with wash options like intensive kadhai and express sparkle. These settings are specifically made for Indian kitchen utensils that need tough cleaning. The AquaSensor helps to utilize the perfect amount of water, after judging the dirtiness of the dishes. You can choose from different speed settings to get faster and better cleaning.

Provides Convenient and Hygienic Wash

This product turns washing dishes a quick and convenient chore in your life. All the bacterias and germs are killed as the water heats up to 70 degrees Celcius, making it hygienic. Operating the machine is also quite easy as it turns on pressing one button.

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

● It comes with 12 place-settings.
● This dishwasher comes with six wash options.
● Has India specific wash options.
● 52 dB is the maximum noise level.
● 9L is the average water usage of it.
● The sensor detects the dirtiness of the dishes.
● Pre-rinsing of utensils isn't required.
● Wash cycles last for about 60 mins.
● It is made of quality stainless steel.
● Bosch provides a 2-year warranty.

What we Like about it

  • Great for the needs of Indian households.
  • The dishes get washed quite fast.
  • All six wash options are robust.
  • It doesn’t use up a lot of water or electricity.
  • There is a special setting for delicate items.
  • Operating the dishwasher is very easy.
  • The dishwasher is friendly towards the environment.
  • Bosch provides a 2-year warranty on it.

What We Do Not Like

  • Bosch had complaints about customer service, but they have improved it.
  • A little noisy, but it shouldn’t cause much irritation.

2. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

Designed to be Eco-friendly

Dishwashers are often shunned on the thought that they will consume too much water and energy. IFB has proven that to be wrong by creating this fantastic model. The A++ energy rating suggests that this dishwasher doesn’t utilize much electricity. On top of that, you can select the water-saving options to make it more eco-friendly.

Made for Small Households

This dishwasher from IFB is compact as it contains only 12 places, which is excellent for a small Indian family. It has many wash options to maximize cleaning efficiency. In just 40 minutes, the machine can shine the plates better than hand washing.

IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher

● 12 places are the maximum accommodation.
● It has A++ energy efficiency.
● The eco-wash option makes it nature-friendly.
● The upper rack has an adjustable height.
● This dishwasher has in-built water softening device.
● 40 minutes are taken in a quick wash.
● It supports the flexible half-load option.
● Comes with the excellent steam drying option.
● 49 dB is the greatest noise frequency.
● IFB provides a 2-year warranty on this item.

What We Like About It

  • It is easy to operate even for a child.
  • Has many wash efficient options.
  • Energy efficiency is extremely good.
  • The wash cycles are quick.
  • The eco-wash setting helps in saving resources.
  • Steam drying gives quick results.
  • Hard water softens quickly in this machine.
  • Its noise levels are low and tolerable.
  • IFB does provide a 2-year warranty.

What We Do Not Like

  • Customer service had a few problems, but IFB has dealt with it.
  • Using quality detergent will cost you more than usual.

3. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

best table top dishwasher in India

Compact and Useful Design

Indian kitchens often do not come with under-counter space. So, Voltas has created this countertop dishwasher, which is small yet effective. The machine can accommodate 96 utensils in a single wash, which is phenomenal. The dishwasher is so lightweight that it wouldn’t put pressure on the kitchen table. Using it is never a hassle because of the user-friendly settings.

Powerful Cleaning Wash Options

The goal of buying a dishwasher is to get a device that is better at washing our dishes. Voltas has worked on six great washing options to clean the utensils powerfully. There are two spray levels for even distribution of the detergent mixed hot water.

Considering these wonderful features we have listed this product as one of the best dishwashers in the Indian market.

Voltas Beko Table Top Dishwasher

● The dishwasher is for the countertop.
● It comes with six types of wash options.
● Compact size with 8 place settings.
● Ability to take 96 utensils in one load.
● Two spray levels for thorough cleaning.
● There is a mini 30-minutes wash option.
● 70℃ is the temperature of operation.
● Stainless Steel makes up the body of it.
● It has an extra cutlery tray.
● Voltas provides a 2+5 year warranty.

What We Like About It

  • The size is compact and space-saving.
  • It provides powerful and effective cleaning.
  • The dishwasher doesn’t make much sound while working.
  • Accommodates up to 96 plates at a time.
  • Operating it is free from any struggles.
  • Not much water is used during the cycles.
  • Two water spray levels are better at cleaning.

What We Do Not Like

  • The normal cycle takes a bit long, but the cleaning is fabulous.
  • Because the dishwasher is compact, it wouldn’t take large utensils.

4. LG Free-Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

LG Free-Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

Great Dishwasher with Proper Rack Arrangement

As this product has a 14 place setting, it is bigger than many other dishwashers available in the market. It is excellent for a family of 6 or more members who will have more utensils. The racks have an adjustable height, which allows for accommodation of bigger utensils. So, it wouldn’t pose the problem of misplaced or broken items.

Planned to be Durable

We treat dishwashers as a fairly expensive investment, so we want to get the most out of it. Rather than having plastic racks, LG has utilized stainless steel, which is more durable. So, you can be sure that the internal parts of the product will remain intact. It is the best dishwasher for home use.

LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

● There are 14 place settings in it.
● The maximum noise level is 45 dB.
● Comes with a time delay setting.
● Stainless steel is used in the racks.
● Presence of safety with child lock.
● Rack's height can be adjusted.
● A Triple Filter for better cleaning.
● The LED panel provides info.
● LG provides a 2-year warranty.
● 10-years warranty on the motor.

What We Like About It

  • The capacity is great for Indian families.
  • It operates in a noiseless manner.
  • Good quality materials increase their lifespan.
  • Has a sleek and good looking design.
  • Easy operation.
  • LG Smart Diagnosis is available in it.
  • Its LCD panel provides help in settings.
  • LG does provide a 2-year warranty.

What We Do Not Like

  • Fewer wash options, but all four are powerful.
  • Wash cycles are longer because of intense cleaning.

5. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

best dishwasher in Indian market

A Classy Dishwasher of Choice

Siemens is known for producing household items that have outstanding quality. When you lay eyes on this product, it will mesmerize you. Everything from the steel finish exterior to the glistening racks is perfect. So, you might like to invest in a quality dishwasher that has powerful settings and an elegant look.

Caring for the Environment

As we are getting to know more about our world, we are searching for eco-friendly machines. If you do not have a fascination for quick cleaning, then you should use the eco setting of this dishwasher. The cycle certainly takes a bit more time, but it saves electricity and water.

Siemens Dishwasher

● 12 Place Settings for housing utensils.
● There is extra foldability in the racks.
● The body is made up of stainless steel.
● Racks have been formed out of polinox.
● It has six wash programs.
● Variospeed helps in quick cleaning.
● An additional setting for glass care.
● It has an eco-setting for saving resources.
● Quick wash happens in under 30 mins.
● Siemens provides a 2-year warranty.

What We Like About It

  • Good for the environment.
  • Doesn’t utilize a lot of water.
  • Can clean plates under 30 mins.
  • It has an extra-gentle setting.
  • You can fold racks to add space.
  • The model looks elegant and classy.
  • It is truly a powerful dishwasher.
  • Great to clean dirty Indian utensils.
  • Siemens does give a 2-year warranty.

What We Do Not Like

  • Normal cycles are a bit longer, but it is manageable.
  • You will need to clean it regularly for proper maintenance.

6. Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

Hi-tech Innovative Design

New technologies are important to keep us updated for the future. Faber has always produced high-quality kitchen items, and this dishwasher is proof of it. The 3D technology sprays water through three jets to get the maximum cleaning. As it is a deep clean, it is perfect for Indian kitchens that often have oily utensils.

Faber Cares About Your Home

Faber knows about your needs from a dishwasher, so they have included all the things in this item. There are dual-wash zones to clean different types of utensils in a single load. It also has a child-lock to protect anyone from opening the door while it is operating.

As the water is sprayed at 65 degrees Celsius, it sanitizes the utensils quite well. The product also has an auto setting where it can decide the cleaning requirements on its own.

Faber Dishwasher

● It has 14 Place Settings available.
● Its maximum operation noise is about 65 dB.
● 10-17 L of water is utilized by this appliance.
● 3D wash technology gets rid of tough stains.
● There are three Spray Arms for water.
● About eight different wash programs are there.
● It has received an A++ rating.
● It has an in-built heater for extra drying.
● Targeted cleaning through Dual Zone Wash.
● Faber provides a 1-year warranty on it.

What We Like About It

  • Works as a powerful cleaner.
  • Three spray arms work better.
  • More wash options than others.
  • The dishwasher is energy efficient.
  • Drying is better with the heater.
  • Auto wash does save you time.
  • It provides a hygienic cleaning.

What We Do Not Like

  • Long cleaning and drying period which may last three hours.
  • You need to fit bigger plates only in the upper rack.

7. Samsung DW-FN320T/XTL Dishwasher

good dishwasher in India

The Trust of Samsung Products

Indians can never go wrong with Samsung as they have come to trust the company. Samsung lives up to its claims by producing a commendable dishwasher packed with features. Three nozzles help in circulating hot water to clean the dishes. There are six wash cycles to choose from, and we do like the auto setting, which is hassle-free. The machine utilizes less water than traditional hand washing, and it proves to be an efficient cleaner.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

As you are going to use a dishwasher on a daily basis, it is best to clean it regularly. Samsung makes cleaning effortless by building the product with reliable and durable materials. You will just need to wipe it with a cloth to get it clean. Using the model is straightforward, and you can easily choose between the cycles.

Samsung DW-FN320T/XTL Dishwasher

● It has a 12 place setting.
● Three nozzles for intense cleaning.
● Auto Wash cycle to provide ease.
● M24 stainless steel forms its body.
● About 12L water utilized per wash.
● Racks are made of stainless steel.
● 48 dB is the operating noise level.
● There are six different wash modes.
● This is a freestanding dishwasher.
● Water softener element present in it.

What We Like About It

  • A powerful yet noiseless machine.
  • The wash cycles work efficiently.
  • It can clean most Indian utensils.
  • The product has been priced well.
  • Cleaning the dishwasher is effortless.
  • The Eco-mode helps in resource-saving.
  • It has a nice and presentable appearance.
  • Samsung provides a good build quality.

What We Do Not Like

  • Wash cycles are time-consuming because they clean the utensils thoroughly.
  • No warranty period is specified.

8. Kaff Stainless Steel Freestanding Dishwasher

best dishwasher in India

Designed with an Enhanced Lifespan

We are often speculative about buying electronic products because of their uneven lifespan. But, this product from Kaff proves that wrong. The outer body has a layer of stainless steel for better protection. Even the racks have protection against corrosive elements. There is also a warning indicator that helps users to keep the dishwasher healthy and living.

Completely User-Friendly Interface

Using a dishwasher should never be rocket science, and operating this Kaff machine is very easy. There are tactile controls in the front, along with a digital display. So, you will be able to keep an eye on the settings you have chosen. If you want an easier route, then select the auto wash cycle, and it will perform a fantastic cleaning.

Kaff Freestanding Dishwasher

● It has a 14 Place Setting.
● It is a freestanding dishwasher from Kaff.
● The upper rack comes with adjustability.
● A++ Energy Efficiency is present in it.
● Stainless steel layers the body of it.
● There is child-lock for added protection.
● 55 dB is the maximum noise level.
● A digital display with friendly controls.
● Better cleaning with Three-stage filtration.
● Kaff provides a 1-year warranty on it.

What We Like About It

  • The bigger size is better for families. 
  • It has a good lifespan.
  • Cleaning is robust and hygienic.
  • Doesn’t cause a huge electricity bill.
  • Its design looks good in a kitchen.
  • Adjustability increases rack space.

What We Do Not Like

  • It is more expensive than similar products from other companies.
  • The auto-restart option isn’t available in it.

9. Whirlpool 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

useful dishwasher in India

Splendid Flexibility for Bigger Utensils

It is obvious that we wouldn’t just put plates inside a dishwasher. So, Whirlpool has added the flexibility to make space for bigger utensils. As a feature, this is great as a user won’t need to run the machine many times. They can even half-load the machine, which utilizes less power and water.

An Ample Amount of Wash Cycle Options

In most dishwashers, you will see up to 8 types of wash cycles, but Whirpool provides 11 of them. These options help to select a setting that is perfect for specific needs. It is easy to determine between the settings and get a powerful cleaning of your utensils.

Because of these amazing functions and good performance, this product is one of the most amazing dishwashers available in India.

Whirlpool Dishwasher

● A 14 Place Setting is available in it.
● There are 11 impressive wash programs.
● 40ºC - 70ºC is the temperature range.
● Powerclean pro increased the cleansing.
● Flexible loading to include more dishes.
● 43 dB is the maximum noise made.
● Water consumption of only 9.5 L.
● The product gets made in Europe.
● It has received an energy rating of A+++.
● Whirlpool provides a 2-year warranty.

What We Like About It

  • Eleven wash cycle options are incredible.
  • The dishwasher is very flexible.
  • It is a good product meeting standard.
  • Energy efficiency keeps bills low.
  • Powerclean Pro cleans wonderfully.
  • Much water isn’t used in any setting.
  • The sound of operation is inaudible.

What we do not like

  • Installation can take a bit of time.
  • It takes considerable time to finish each cycle.

How does a dishwasher work?

Whenever we get a new appliance, it is essential to know about its mechanism. When we are aware of the machine, the knowledge helps us in the right operation. As dishwashers are still quite new in India, we are often bewildered about it cleaning our dishes.

They are not very complicated when it comes to washing dishes. Most of the basic mechanism relies on detecting the number of dishes present on the racks to clean them. After getting a dishwasher, you should spend time reading the manual for the model.

The necessary thing you need to remember about the dishwashers is to load the cleaning detergent on time. Make sure to use the proper detergent that goes with a particular dishwasher. While installing, the mechanic connects the appliance to the water supply.

The Working Principle

When you turn on the dishwasher, it draws water from the supply and then heats it. The temperature is generally within 45 and 75°C or 110 and 170 F. A sensor triggers the detergent, which will be sprayed on the dishes. As soon as you start the machine, the cleaning tablet generally falls to get mixed with the water.

There are holes for supplying hot water, that is spread by the help of two paddles. One paddle is on the top of the dishwasher, whereas another one is at the bottom—these jets of water help in cleaning the dishes.

While you are loading the utensils, check if they are compliant with the product. Most dishwasher-friendly utensils also state the rack where you should place them. The lower rack is generally hotter as it is closer to the source of hot water.

They have often have two cycles of spraying the detergent mixed water. It helps in better cleaning, and the dishes come out completely clean. The food pieces are pumped out of the machine, or they are caught in the sieve. You should always be careful not to leave very big food items on the utensils before loading them on a dishwasher.

The heat generated inside the machine helps in drying off the dishes. You should be careful not to overload the machine. In every dishwasher, there is a panel that lets you choose the type of cycle and the length of it. Every company has different settings, so study well about the right product.

How does it differ from other washing appliances?

So, a dishwasher works in an easy manner. Many people compare it to washing machines, but unlike them, a dishwasher is never loaded with water. Instead, hot water is sprayed through the racks to clean the dishes. Sensors are crucial in dishwashers as they regulate the temperature as well as the water needed. Some newer models even have sensors to detect the dirtiness level of the plates.

People may think about skipping on detergent, but we will suggest against it. The detergent helps in getting rid of the dirt, and it prevents corrosion in metal utensils. Detergents also help in battling the hardness of the water. So, definitely purchase good quality detergent for your dishwasher.

buying guide for best dishwasher in India

Buying Guide for Best Dishwasher in India

In India, dishwashers are still a new concept. If we have to explain in a simple way, it is an electronic appliance that helps in washing dishes. You do not need to invest physical toil in cleaning the cutlery and dishes while using such a product. Most dishwashing machines spray hot water on the utensils to get rid of the dirt. There is also a delicate setting for special utensils, like glassware.

The first dishwashers used to be mechanical first utilized in the 19th century. But, the products that we have today are automatic, and they run on electricity. Americans started using this appliance in the 1970s to cut down on household chores. Yet, in India, dishwashers are a new appliance.

Why Should You Buy A Dishwasher?

They come in different sizes, depending on the household’s needs. You have to load the soiled utensils on the rack. The cleaning technology may depend on the company; most of them usually have spraying jets for hot water. There is also a flap that contains the detergent pod or tablet to get rid of the dirt on the utensils.

Most people want to know about the reasons to get such an appliance. Knowing the pros and cons of a dishwasher would help the buyer to the largest extent. There are several points which will make you buy the machine.

1. Good at Hygienic Cleaning

One of the problems that come with hand washing dishes is our carelessness. Most of us detest the chore, and we do it haphazardly. The scrubbing pad used to wash dishes often contain previous food particles. Compared to these, a dishwasher does an fantastic job of effective cleaning.

The warm water also helps to eliminate germs and bacterias, which may exist on the utensils. They help to get rid of any additional gunk, which may not be visible to our eyes. Us Indians, often complain about leftover oil on our plates, a dishwasher doesn’t let that happen.

 2. Saves Your Time and Money

Indian households often employ maids, but a modern family may not want to rely on additional help. Most nuclear families and single people cannot accommodate time for a maid. It turns out to be a big problem while doing household chores. A dishwasher takes little to no time to clean the dishes, and no physical labor is needed.

There is a myth that dishwashers consume too much electricity, but that isn’t true for the newest models. It will save you from doing dishes after a tiring day at the office. Also, you will save the money which would have been paid to a helping hand.

They also help in retaining the health of your utensils, especially the ones with Teflon coating.

3. Dishwashers Take Care of Your Health

Using abrasive steel wools aren’t good for your hands or body. Most of us don’t even realize it while washing dishes. A dishwasher can be a saviour as they clean the dishes properly by getting rid of any detergent. On top of that, you do not need to stress yourself by scrubbing on the utensils.

These also let you clean a huge amount of dishes after you have hosted a party. Washing a huge amount of dishes is often very stressful,

Dishwasher vs Hand Washing

DishwasherHand Wash
These appliances use less water compared to handwashing. Modern sensors are adept at utilizing the minimal amount of water for better cleaning.On average, hand washing utensils may lead to spending of 40 litres of water. It is way too much, as the Earth is already going through a water shortage.
Even a big load in the dishwasher will take about 40 minutes.Hand washing dishes is stressful, and when there is a big load, it can take about 1 hour or more.
Dishwashers use hot water to clean utensils which help in getting rid of germs and bacterias. These are great for sanitizing baby products.Hand washing doesn’t guarantee that the utensils are free from germs and bacteria. It is also quite hard to work with hot water while washing dishes by hand.
They are better at getting rid of tough stains and stuck food particles.It is a struggle to get rid of tough stains by hand washing. Constant scrubbing also ruins the quality of plates and utensils.
Modern dishwashers do not utilize much energy, so it ends up in a better electricity bill.Hand washing may not require electricity, but you need to invest physical energy. Washing dishes can get tiring, and it is stressful after a hard day at work.
These home appliances can save you 230 hours every year, which comes down to almost ten days.Hand washing is always time consuming, especially when you host a dinner party.

Types of dishwashers

When you are getting a dishwasher, it is important to find the perfect type. As they are installed in our kitchens, we often want it to match the decor. So, here are the most common types of dishwashers available in the market.

Types of dishwashers

1. Built-In Dishwashers

These are the appliances that are set under your kitchen countertop. The installer connects them to the water line permanently.

Built-in dishwashers are the most common models that you will see in the market. They are generally available in two options: fully-integrated and semi-integrated models.

In fully-integrated models, the controls are visible when you open its door. Whereas, in semi-integrated models, the controls are on the outside of the machine.

The fully-integrated models are great for those who want a seamless design in their kitchen. Built-in models are usually available in the size of 24-inches. These models are also noted for less noise.

Some people can even order custom integrated dishwashers which are quite futuristic. But, most built-in dishwashers come with the compatibility of installing a custom countertop. They perfectly become a part of your kitchen countertop.

2. Portable or Freestanding Dishwashers

Portable dishwashers are freestanding machines, and they aren’t permanently connected to a water supply. You can definitely install it under your kitchen counter. As it is a portable model, you will need to connect it to the kitchen faucet. These are great for saving space, especially in smaller homes.

3. Countertop or Table Top Dishwashers

If you happen to have little to no space under your kitchen top, it is best to get a countertop dishwasher. It sits on your countertop without putting too much pressure on the surface. There is a faucet connector that attaches with the kitchen tap to draw water. Install it near an electrical connection, and you will have clean dishes every day. As they have a lower capacity, they are great for smaller families.

4. Drawer Dishwashers

They come with drawers that contain the racks. As they are smaller than the built-in models, they take up less space. The dishwashers may either come with one or two drawers. It helps separate different types of utensils for saving them from harm.

5. Commercial Dishwashers

Have you ever wondered about dishes getting cleaned at big restaurants? They generally use commercial grade dishwashers that have enhanced cleaning technologies. These models can even take a heavier load in each cycle compared to the household versions. They come in different types depending on the need of a commercial establishment.

checklist For buying the best dishwasher in India

What is the first thing that you do while buying an electronic appliance? You find out the most important features which will help you to score a good product. The best dishwasher for Indian cooking needs to be tough enough to clean the oil and spices. So, here are the ten essential points that it needs to contain to become a good one.


The size of the dishwasher will depend upon the size of your family. How many members do you have at your home? Generally, the usual dishwasher is about 24 inches. But, you can get a smaller model of 18-inches if you live alone or have a smaller family. You should remember that the capacity may also vary according to the type of dishwasher.

Type of Dishwasher

Would you like to buy a built-in dishwasher, or are you comfortable with a countertop model? We have already talked about the different types of dishwashers. So, you will need to choose the type that works best in your kitchen.

A built-in model works great in every kitchen that has regular water connection and adequate under-counter space. Countertop and portable models are perfect for small kitchens as they save space.

Features and Settings

The dishwasher that you like to buy needs to come loaded with features. Modern-day dishwasher models differ from the old versions that used to eat up too much water and electricity. It needs to have features like settings for various utensils and many wash cycles.

When you are purchasing such a product, make sure to inquire about the settings. Good dishwashers often come with a separate option for delicate items. Do check the sensors utilized in the machine, and great models come with extra intelligence.

We will suggest you get a model that has an eco-setting to save electricity and water. A child-lock is another feature that is a must for families.

If you live in a hard water area, you should install a hard water softener to your dishwasher. It will help to improve the life of your precious appliance.

Washing Cycles

You will be familiar with this setting if you happen to have a washing machine. There are different washing cycles for different types of fabrics. Just like that, a dishwasher has different washing cycles according to the type of utensils. Delicate glass cutleries may crack if they get in contact with super hot water.

So, most dishwashers come with different washing cycles. These cycles also determine the amount of water used in cleaning. A quick wash is apt for cleaning dishes that aren’t too dirty, whereas eco-wash helps in saving resources.

Energy Efficiency

Indians care a lot about saving electricity as it is expensive. So, when you are getting a dishwasher, make sure that it has energy efficiency. It is generally denoted by the energy star ratings. A machine with more stars uses fewer units compared to a model with fewer stars. It is always better to get a dishwasher that has three or more stars. Some also come with delay start options to save electricity while you are away from the kitchen. Check for the added eco setting as it helps in saving more energy and water.

Food Scrap and Dirt Disposal

A crucial thing about maintaining a dishwasher is never to have chunky food pieces on the plates. Big food pieces can jam the water outlet if it doesn’t pass properly. So, check the disposal techniques utilized in the machine before purchasing it. Generally, the big scraps get accumulated in a sieve, but some products may need you to pre-wash dishes. Learn a bit more about the filtration present in the appliance to get a better idea.

Noise Level

Do you have children or pets at your home? If yes, then they might get irritated by a dishwasher which sounds a lot. Modern technology has helped to bring down the noise a lot. Built-in dishwashers are great if you want little to no noise. It is best to check the noise rating present on every dishwasher that denotes the sound level. It generally varies between 30 to 50 decibels.

Stacking and Racks

How many racks does the dishwasher contain? Usually, they contain two racks, but some may even have three. There are dishwashers that have special spaces for different utensils. So, you need to figure these out before purchasing a dishwasher. If you generally use glasswares, then you may want a dishwasher that has extra space for them.

Style of Kitchen

We wouldn’t want a dishwasher which appears too odd in our kitchen. It is important to get a model that has a similar style to the setting. Consulting an interior designer is a good idea if you are building a modular kitchen. But, a neutral colour like grey can also work great with most Indian kitchens. So, definitely pay attention to the aesthetics to get a cohesive look.


Set a budget before you decide on buying a dishwasher. In the Indian market, dishwashers are still quite costly. As you are about to invest in an important electrical appliance, make a good budget. You have to measure the needs of the kitchen and then select the dishwasher’s model. Don’t get coerced into buying a dishwasher with unnecessary features or a pompous look.

Best dishwasher brands in India

Brands play an important role when it comes to choosing an electronic product. They assure that the item is going to be good. Brands also come with a warranty period which is helpful in case of any problems that may arise. So, here are the best brands for dishwashers in India.

best dishwasher brands


Bosch is a brand that can never go wrong when it comes to kitchen appliances. They are known for making good quality dishwashers based on German technology. Their products are hi-tech and convenient. The company has even added extra features in their products which are meant for Indian kitchens.


IFB is a brand that the Indians have trusted for a long time. They have an array of dishwashers that are perfect for the Indian kitchen. IFB has a great troubleshooting network that always holds the back of the customers. The high-class features and the aesthetic look will make you buy an IFB dishwasher.


Indians know that they can never go wrong with buying an LG product as they are full of features along with being economical. LG believes in giving a great product to its customers, and so they are built to last.


Faber has built its dishwashers after studying the Indian market. Their products are compact, which is great for Indian kitchens to save space. On top of that, they have a great energy score and a low running noise.


Voltas is yet another well-known brand in India. Their products are especially known for the brand new AquaIntense feature. It helps to make cleaning better and faster. Voltas also believes in giving its customers a product that can last for a long time.


Siemens makes dishwashers that look classy and perform in the best way possible. Their line of home appliances is known for having great quality. Siemens excels in producing custom built-in dishwashers that will look great in an Indian kitchen.


Samsung is a name that most Indians trust. The company builds dishwashers in the variants of linear wash and rotary wash models. The dishwashers are compact as well as efficient in cleaning dishes to make them shine.


The jingle of Whirlpool is enough to make people remember the company which stands out in quality. The international grade dishwashers have foolproof features that help in cleaning utensils. Whirlpool products are also known for the great sensors built right for Indian needs.


Kaff is a brand trusted by the best chefs of India. Their futuristic product range is what Indians have been looking for a long time. Kaff produces coveted dishwashers that come with all the latest technologies to ease our household chores.

How to use a dishwasher in the right way?

We are giving some simple steps to explain the way to use a dishwasher. But, you should read the user manual that comes with a specific dishwasher. The wash cycles and setting can be a little different, so definitely keep that in your mind.

  1. The first thing to do is to load the dishes properly. It is better to face a utensil down on a rack to use the hot water. Make sure to read the labels on the utensil to make sure that it is dishwasher safe. Before you load the utensils, remove any food scraps that might be in them. Remember not to stack any utensils. It is recommended not to load silver utensils and stainless steel utensils in the same load. Always place delicate items like glasses and cups on the top rack.
  2. Place the detergent pod or tablet into the specified place. You should always buy a detergent that is meant for dishwashers. (Never use out-of-date detergent products.)
  3. After you have placed everything neatly on the racks, close the dishwasher.
  4. You should connect the hose to a kitchen faucet if you have a portable or a countertop dishwasher.
  5. Now, you will need to select the settings. Choose the cycle and the duration according to your need. Turn on drying, or you may let the utensils dry on their own.
  6. Let the dishwasher make its magic. Do not open it midway as it is not safe. Once the cycle is complete, let it rest, or take the utensils out.

Cleaning procedure of a dishwasher

The best way to keep an electronic product healthy is to clean it regularly. The same rule goes with cleaning a dishwasher. Even though it is a cleaning tool in itself, it will last longer if you take its proper care. As we use these machines regularly, oil and other debris can accumulate in the machine. So, here are some ways to take proper care of a dishwasher.

  • You should clean the dishwasher once every month. It helps in cleaning out the machine’s filter to make it work better.
  • The first thing you need to do is to remove the racks. Inspect the drain for any gunk that might have accumulated. The filter will often hold small debris of food. Clean it to avoid any blockages.
  • White vinegar is a fantastic cleaner as it can cut through the gunk. So, a good way to clean a dishwasher is by placing white vinegar in a bowl. Run the machine on a full-cycle, and you will notice that the vinegar cleans the collected dirt.
  • You can also sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom tray of the dishwasher and run it through a quick cycle. It helps in getting rid of food odors.
  • Do not forget to wipe the sides of the door and the stainless steel face of the dishwasher. Always use natural products and stay away from abrasive cleaners.
  • Read the user manual of your dishwasher as it often provides tips for cleaning the machine.
  • Whenever you see any problem, always remember to call a professional. They are trained to fix products. Companies often have helpful helplines that provide quality servicing.
maintenance of best dishwashers

how often should dishwasher be cleaned?

As we have already mentioned, you should thoroughly clean your dishwasher once every month.

But, apart from that, you should clean the filters once a week. A toothbrush is often a good tool to get to the nooks and crannies.

Make sure to get rid of big chunks of food before putting a utensil on the rack.

If you have the time, clean the dishwasher twice every month. You should also check every part to see that no mold is growing on the surface.

The bottom plate should be wiped every day of the gunks that may have accumulated.

Follow the tips above that we have given to have a fresh-smelling clean dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dishwasher safe for health?

Yes, dishwashers are absolutely safe for your health if you take proper care of the machine. It should be cleaned regularly to avoid the dampness that may breed fungi or bacteria. Make sure to clean the sides of the dishwasher’s door that contains the rubber sealant.
They also utilize hot water which helps in sanitizing the utensils. So, in reality, dishwashers are good for your health. It has been seen that they can clean 99.9% of harmful bacterias that may grow on plates. Clean the filter every 2 to 3 days if you are picky about your health. Make sure to run the dry cycle to kill any potential bacterias.

Can we wash Kadai in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash a kadai or most Indian utensils in a dishwasher. We will advise you to face downwards on the bottom rack to get the most efficient cleaning. As the hot water is sprayed on the utensils, the oil leaves its surface. If you are buying new utensils, make sure that they are dishwasher safe.
Also, refrain from mixing stainless steel and silver items as they can corrode each other. You should also invest in a quality detergent, as Indian utensils often have tough stains. Make sure to take out any big chunks of food that may remain in the kadai. If there is a special wash cycle for Indian utensils, then you should make use of it. 

What should you not put in the dishwasher?

When you are using a dishwasher, some things should never get into the machine. You should never put wooden or bone china utensils inside the machine. The same goes for cast iron pans as hot water may ruin the top layer of the utensils.
Do not put copper or brass utensils inside the machine as the detergent and hot water may destroy its colors. You should also re-check that a plastic item is dishwasher safe before putting it inside. Washing your knives can be tempting, but dishwashers may dull them down.
Also, never put painted or crystal ware into a dishwasher as heat is detrimental to them. If you insulated products like a thermos, it is better to hand wash them as they have a vacuum seal.

Can dishwasher wash steel utensils like a pressure cooker?

Yes, you can put steel items like traditional pressure cookers in the dishwashers. But, you should never put a steel item along with silverware. Also, it is better to handwash a pressure cooker lid. While you are putting it in the rack, make sure to face it downwards for better cleaning.
Use the best available detergent to avoid any discoloration on the utensils. Most stainless steel utensils can be used in a dishwasher. But, if you are unsure, check the labels of the utensils to confirm that it is safe for dishwashers. Do not put stainless steel knives in the machine as they may lose their sharpness.

How much detergent should I use in a dishwasher?

In most models, you will need to use three tablespoons of a good detergent. But, your dishwasher’s user manual will often have the required amount for a specific load. These days you may find pre-measured detergent pods and tablets which makes the process easy.
Detergents are essential as an aid in cleaning the dishes and in preventing corrosion. The potency of the detergent may also define the amount you need to put in the dishwasher.
So, check its label for particular guidelines. Always remember never to overfill the detergent chamber. It may turn into an uneven cycle, and soap may remain on the utensils.

So, is a dishwasher worth buying in India?

It is true that dishwashers have certain limitations and disadvantages. But despite the high price, big size and a few other drawbacks; it can be good for medium to big nuclear and joint families. It allows you to multitask, save time and effort; especially if you both are working. In metro cities, a dishwasher can be very useful saving you a good amount of money.

The best dishwashers available in India can help you to the largest extent by getting you relieved from this laborious task.

Apart from that, it also has some health benefits including waterborne skin diseases. Unlike washing machines, the dishwashers use less water to run resulting in minimum water wastage. Apart from it, a dishwasher can also be extremely helpful to the elders. Considering all the pros and cons of a dishwasher, we can conclude that it is definitely worth purchasing.

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