Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine Comparison – Which One to Choose?

Most of the difficult times in life are like Washing Machines; they twist us, spin us and thrash us around the wheel, but in the end, we all come out brighter, cleaner, and better than ever before. The clothes should be just as perfect as to match our lifestyle.

But, are you confused about which Washing Machine to Buy?

To compare front load vs top load washing machines, you need to know the applicability and functions of each.

We have researched for months to find the actual Pros and Cons of Top and Front loading washing machines based on practical applications. Comparing numerous factors like family size, washing requirement, cleanliness, safety, we have documented this article to help the Indian consumers.

Hence, know the Pros and Cons of the comparison of Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines to make a choice that you won’t regret.

When should you select a Front Load Washing Machine?

From the above tables, when you compare a washing machine’s front load vs top load, it is clear that you need a Front Loading Washing Machine if you are looking for the following factors.

  1. Safest Washing.
  2. Low Water Usage.
  3. Faster Spin Cycle.
  4. Safe Washing of the clothes.
  5. Cleanest Washing.

Some of our recommended Front Loading Washing Machines are-

LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter...
LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter...
Fully-automatic front load washing machine: best wash quality, energy and water efficient; Capacity 8.0 kg: Suitable for large families
Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star...
Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star...
Fully-automatic Front load washing machine: Best Wash Quality, Energy and Water efficient.
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When a Top Load Washing Machine is preferable?

Similarly, a Top Loading Washing Machine is good for you if your concerns are the following. As per the above charts with a comparison of Front Load vs Top Load washing machine, you may find that a top Load washing machine is better over a Front Load washing machine in terms of the following points.

  1. Easiest Handling.
  2. Elders to operate.
  3. Low Maintenance.
  4. High Washing Speed.

A few of our recommended Top Loading Washing Machines are-

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top...
Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top...
Fully-automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use; Capacity 6.5 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members. Pulsator: Center Jet
LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top...
LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top...
Fully-automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use; Capacity 6.2 Kg : Suitable for bachelors & couples
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Top loading vs front loading washing machine

Comparison of Top and Front Load Washing Machines

Point of DifferenceTop Load Washing MachineFront Load Washing Machine
Ease of UseEasier to operate as less bending is needed. Good for Elders and those who have joint issues.You need to bend down during loading and unloading the clothes.
Cleaning EfficiencyTop Loading Washing Machines can be rough on clothes during the washing cycle especially if it is Agitator-type.Front Loading Washing Machine does smooth cleaning and is gentle on your clothes.
Water UsageWater usage is higher than most of the Front Loading Washing Machines with the same capacity.Front Loading Washing Machines use about 40% less water than the average Top Loading Washing Machine.
MaintenanceRequires less maintenance compared to Front Loading.More maintenance prone than Top Loading.
Wash SpeedWash Speed is Higher for most of the Top Loading Washing Machines.Generally, Wash Speed is lower than the Top Load Washing Machines.
Spin CycleThe Spin Cycle is slow to average.Front load washers spin about 33% faster than Top Loaders.
Power ConsumptionSemi-automating top load washing machines consume significantly less energy than front loaders.Front load washing machines consume more electricity than some top loaders.
Technological AdvancementTop load washing machines are not as advanced as front loaders technologically.The front load machines are built with higher technologies.
Noise LevelTop load washing machines produce less noise than front loaders. Front load washing machines produce more noise, especially during drying.
CostThe top load washing machines are cheaper compared to front loaders.These washing machines have a significantly higher price.
Installation FlexibilityTop load washing machines are not much flexible to install.Front load washing machines are flexible and can be stacked to increase free space in the room.

Key Differences between top & front load washing machines

top load vs front load ease of use

Front load vs top load – Which is easier to use?

Top loaders are usually placed at a height making their access more accessible. Bending and picking up heavy clothes can be challenging, but it is an excellent product for pregnant ladies and people with back and joint problems.

However, you have to bend a little to carry the clothes. In the case of a front loading washing machine, if you keep it on a table or slab, it increases in height. It lets you put and remove clothes in the washing machine without bending.

Top load washing machines are easy to use anytime since they allow you to add or remove clothes easily. Also, they are easy to open and use. Most front load washing machines come with the “child lock” feature and don’t open during the washing cycle. You have to fit the front loader at a pedestal of height 12″ at least for convenient use.

On the other hand, the top loading washing machines allow easier access to adding detergents during the wash cycle. Additionally, they are known to conveniently spread fabric softener and lint it evenly to the clothes.

Winner: Top Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load cleaning performance

Which Washing machines have a better cleaning performance?

Both the machines are good at their job, but there are specific differences. The front loading washing machines are better at cleaning compared to the top loading machines. There are different settings and set-ups for different types of clothes for convenience.

Front loading washing machines are perfect for washing heavy garments, while the top load washing machines have an agitator or impeller for washing clothes. Entangled cloth pieces are an issue in top-loading which can damage the clothes. 

Impeller helps to spin the cone or disc at the bottom to remove the dirt. The top load washers can damage the quality of clothes through constant rubbing in case of overloading. On the other side, the front loaders give nicely cleaned and tangle-free clothes.

Winner: Front Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load water usage

Front load or top load – Which one uses less water?

The gravity principle follows the top loader washing machine, which causes more water consumption to soak clothes. Thus, the better way to wash clothes is to soak them in water thoroughly. Top loading washing machines use more water to provide better wash. Furthermore, they have a drum rotation technique to wash clothes.

On the other side, the front load washing machines use less water, up to 40% of the top loader. So, as a result, the front load washing machines use less water and have better performance than the top load washing machines.

Winner: Front Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load wash cycle

Which Washing Machines have a faster wash cycle?

In this case, the top load washing machines have a shorter time cycle. Top loading agitator washing machines are quicker to remove dirt than impeller washing machines. Surprisingly, front load machines have a lot of functions and wash programs. It helps you adjust the time limit for your washing cycle. Also, they are good in the spin cycle scenario. The clothes get dried up in front loading machines than in top loading washers.

Additionally, the front loading washing machines have a faster spin cycle during drying. There is a considerable difference between the spin speeds of the machines.

Winner: Top Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing machine power consumption

Top or front load – Which Washing machine consume less power?

This is another factor where front loading washing machines have to take a back foot. Top load washing machines consume power around 330W for a 6.5 kg machine. On the other hand, front load washing machines consume up to 2300W per wash cycle. Take an example in the following table.

Power ConsumptionTop Load (Samsung 6.5 Kg)Front Load (Samsung 6 Kg)
During Washing330 Watts1900 Watts
During Spin Drying240 Watts2300 Watts

From the above table, you can how drastic is the difference in power consumption between the two types of washing machines. If the electricity unit rate is Rs 6 in your area, running a top load washing machine twice a week for 60 minutes will cost you around Rs 15 monthly. On the other hand, a front loading washing machine will cost you around Rs 96 every month in the same condition. So, the cost of the electricity bill is more than 6 times higher.

Winner: Top Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing technological advancement

Which washing machines are more advanced in technology?

The front loading washing machines have more wash programs and settings than the top loaders. Inverter technology is part of both machines. LG has a 6-motion direct drive, and Samsung offers digital inverter technology.

There are eco silence drive technologies from Bosch which are pretty famous. What’s more, the front loading washing machines have in-built heater technology to provide warm water at 60-degree Celcius. There are many technologies like fuzzy logic, foam detection, and anti-wrinkle program. Thankfully, front loading washing machines contain all these features in most models.

Top-loader only has these techniques in high-end models. Innovative machine features like voice assistant and WI-FI connectivity are available in top loading washing machines. Samsung offers smart things app to diagnose and rectify mistakes. LG has ThinQ, while Panasonic works with MirAle WI-FI technology. The apps have made it easy for us to connect to the machine with the help of our mobile phones.

Winner: Front Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing machine noise level

Which washers produce less noise?

The washing machine produces washing cycle noise at around 50 dB in both variants, while the spin cycle creates more noise up to 70 dB. The technologies like direct-drive help reduce loud noise. These machines do not have pulleys, belts, and gears as tools to reduce noise. The drum is directly connected to the motor to reduce noise and vibration. Sturdy side panels in Bosch are very well connected to reduce noise pollution.

Still, top load washing machines are quieter than top load washers. If you take an example of Samsung, their 6.5 Kg top load washing machine (WA65A4002VS/TL) produces 51 dB of noise while their 6 Kg front load washer (WW60R20GLMA/TL) creates 61 dB. Thus, top load washing machines are better for silent operations.

Winner: Top Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing machine maintenance

Top load vs front load Washers – Which are easier to maintain?

The moisture retention is present in front loading washing machines, which causes molds on the door. The continuous exposure to water and detergent makes it smelly. No wonder there is a requirement for more maintenance in the machine. Top loading washing machines have the door slightly up from the drum that requires less care and maintenance.

Also, there are drum cleaning or self-cleaning settings in both the machines to keep them clean and fresh. Also, water and detergent can clean the drum and residue thoroughly to keep it hygienic. It doesn’t take much time and will help you keep your washing machine in good condition.

The features like hard water softening reduce scaling. Some machines also have an in-built softener. A softener removes excess salt from the water that prevents the scaling of the drum. It increases the durability of your washing machine. Get yourself a good water softener if it is unavailable with your washing machine.

Some washing machines come with a rat mesh arrangement. This prevents rodents from entering the machine from the bottom. So, the top-loading machine has less maintenance cost.

Winner: Top Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing machine price

Which washing machines are cheaper in price?

Front loading washing machines are expensive than top-loading. They have many useful settings, advanced technology, and features. Well, that doesn’t mean top loading washing machines don’t have high-end features. They are also equipped with superior technology and features as needed to facilitate the top load washing system.

The pricing depends on weight capacity, power efficiency, and technology involved in the manufacturing. Star rating is more expensive as the stars increases in comparison to lower star ratings.

As an example, LG sells an 8 Kg front load washing machine (FHM1208ZDL) at a price of around Rs. 34000. On the other hand, an 8 Kg top load washing machine (T80SJSF1Z) from the same brand costs around Rs. 25000. So, you can see that top load washing machines are cheaper in price.

Winner: Top Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing machine ease of installation

Top load or front load washing machine – which is easier to install?

Front loading washing machines are easier to install and place like the top load washers. All you need to find a suitable space with a nearby water tap and a draining point. Choosing the right space for your washing machine can be tricky.

The door of the front load washing machines opens towards the front side of the machine. On the other hand, the top load washing machines’ doors open vertically. Thus, for a front loader, you need to reserve sufficient space between the user and the machine to ease the handling. Similarly, for a top load washer, ensure that nothing blocks the path of the machine’s door. Overall, both of them are easy to install.

Apart from it, appliances like a dishwasher can be stacked with a washing machine for better usability. On the other hand, top load washing machines cannot be stacked as they open to the vertical direction.

Winner: Front Load Washing Machines
top load vs front load washing machines

Washing Machine Top Load vs Front Load in India: Which one to select?

Here is an excellent video on whether you should select a Top loading or a Front Loading Washing Machine.

If you look at the overall performance and features of the washing machines, Front Loading Washing Machines are better if you have a budget of more than Rs 20000. However, for a tight budget, you can also choose a Top Loading Washing Machine. Eventually, our recommendation is always to choose a Fully Automatic Washing Machine whether you buy a Front Loading or Top Loading Washing Machine. The incredible fully automatic features will definitely save your time and energy both. Follow this simple chart to find the most suitable washing machine for your family.

When to Choose?Front LoadingTop Loading
Easiest Handling X
Elders to operate X
Safest Washing X
Low Water Usage X
Low Maintenance X
Highest Washing Speed X
Fast Spin Cycle X
Safe Washing of Clothes X
Cleanest Washing X

From the above comparison chart of front load vs top load washing machines, it is clear that Front load washing machines are greater when your concern is mostly safety, low water usage, faster spin cycle, and cleanliness.

You should choose a top loading washing machine if you want easier handling by elders, low maintenance, and faster washing. Top loading washing machines are greater than front loading washing machines in terms of the above concerns.

Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines: How to Select the right one?

  • Firstly, you have to ensure about the persons who will be operating. For elders, it is easier to operate as they do not need to bend down and up repeatedly to load and unload clothes. In that case, a top loading washing machine is perfect.
  • Top loadings are also suitable for busy people who need to wash their clothes faster. Top loading washers have a generally faster cleaning time compared to front load washing machines.
  • If you care more about the safety of the user and clothes, then go for a front loading washing machine as they are perfectly safe.
  • Front loading washing machines tend to wash in a cleaner way than many of the top loading washing machines. These are hassle-free and require less involvement of the operator.
  • In terms of maintenance, both the front and top load washing machines are quite similar. But for most of the top load washers, the maintenance requirement is lesser. So is applicable for semi-automatic washing machines too.
  • The washing machine you are planning to buy should function with less water and low electricity. In this case, front loading washing machines are better than top loading washing machines.

The selection of the right type of washing machine is purely a personal choice based on the above factors we have explained. Follow the guidelines and choose the right kind of washing machine that matches your needs.

Front Load Vs Top Load: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better front loading or top loading washing machine?

Front Loading washing machines are generally expensive than Top Loading washing machines. These are built with various automated features that most of the top-loading washing machines do not have. Front Loading Washing machines use very little water compared to top-loading washing machines. However, a front-loading washing machine is recommended when there are elders to operate the washing machine.

Do Front-loaders clean better?

Front Loading washing machines are known for cleanest washing with the safest handling of clothes using much less water compared to Top Loaders.

What is the most reliable brand of a washing machine?

There are a number of reputed brands for a washing machine. Among all, Bosch, LG & Whirlpool are excellent in terms of performance, quality design, and customer service. After-Sale Service is a very important factor for using a washing machine in optimum condition.

Front load or Top Load Washing Machine? – Conclusion

Now we are sure you can identify your specific requirements on which type of Washing Machine to Buy. Here, we have explained every detailed aspect of front load vs top load washing machines that can help the user choosing the right type of washing machine. Being an expensive product, you must know the differences and choose it wisely. In that way, you won’t regret buying it.

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