Best Toilet Paper in India for 2021 – Buying Guide and Reviews

best toilet papers in India

Whether it’s the bathroom, office, or home, we need good quality toilet paper. In the market, you will get plenty of options for toilet tissues. Several brands offer good quality on an affordable budget.

Some toilet papers even come with extra softness and aromatic fragrance. These papers offer a cushiony 3-ply thickness with faster disintegration technology making them eco-friendly.

The best toilet paper in India comes with the perfect softness, itching-free design, and better absorbing quality. Toilet paper or bath tissues are one of the most used items in every washroom.

Though Indians are not that fond of toilet paper, still for busy life schedules, it’s best always to use bog paper. Moreover, these are cost-effective and easy to use.

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10 Best Safe Lockers for Home in India (2021) – Protect Your Valuables

best safe locker for home in India

Jewelry is quite dear to women, isn’t it?

It hurts if you keep those away from you at the bank lockers. You can’t touch those whenever you want or wear whatever you want.

Also, there is news of bank robbery in newspapers every day. Such incidents always keep you stressed about the safety of your precious possessions like money and important documents.

How about keeping those close to you and also safe and away from the imposters?

But, keeping those at home is quite risky. Not only the pieces of jewelry but there are also lots of valuables like important documents, property papers, etc. are also not always safe to keep at home. You always remain worried about the safety of those possessions.

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10 Best Water Tank Overflow Alarms in India – Get Automated Alert

best water tank overflow alarm in India

Water tank plays an essential role in every household. It’s an enclosed container that ensures contaminants free water.

A fully closed water tank can cause overflow issues as there is no way to check the water level. Still, the amount of stored water depends on the capacity of your tank.

Overflow issues are very common in almost every household. It happens due to fast water flow and wastes a lot of water.

Due to the advancement of technologies, there is now a water tank overflow alarm. You can use an automatic water level controller to control the pump motor.

When the water is low level, the alarm automatically switches on the motor. Similarly, when the water level reaches the top limit, the alarm turns off the motor.

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Best Toilet Cleaners in India for Bathroom, Tiles, Basin and Floor

best toilet cleaner in India

Most people are not concerned about daily bathroom cleaning. But an unclean toilet enhances the chances of germ growth. Hence you must follow proper bathroom cleaning procedures.

With a regular cleaning routine, you can get rid of the harmful bacteria growth in your bathroom. Also, regular cleaning makes your restroom look crystal clean.

A fresh and clean washroom gives both hygienic ambiance and mental satisfaction. And, you don’t always need professional help for cleaning your bathroom. With the best toilet cleaner in India, you can clean your toilet by yourself.

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10 Best Washing Powder in India (2021) for handwashing & Machine

best washing powder in India

Clean clothes not only let you look better but also increase your confidence. Besides, it’s a matter of discipline to wear clean clothes in the workplace or at home. It always makes you presentable.

Due to the Indian weather and pollution, our clothes get dirty frequently. And, in some areas for harsh water conditions, clothes get yellow stains as well. In several households, still many people use the wrong detergents due to a lack of awareness. And, naturally, they don’t get desired results while they wash clothes.

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Best Liquid Detergent for Washing Machines in India

best liquid detergents for washing machine in India

Laundry is always a hectic job for everyone, whether you are a homemaker or a professional. But due to the advancement of technologies, our life has become much more manageable.

Washing machines have automated the whole laundry process. Only by pressing a few buttons, you can wash loads of clothes at a time. Thus they are quite easy to use.

To get the most efficiency out of your washing machine, you must choose a suitable detergent. Liquid detergents work more efficiently in a washing machine. A good quality liquid detergent can be the perfect partner for the washing machine. They get dissolved in the water more easily than the washing powders. In this article, we will focus on India’s best liquid detergents for washing machines and how to choose them correctly.

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How To Clean RO Water Purifier? Learn the Step-by-step Process

cleaning and maintenance of water purifier

A water purifier is an extremely essential part of our lives that should never be neglected. Water that is free of pollutants and contaminants is very difficult to find these days and thus the rising need and importance of water purifiers in our lives.

An RO purifier or a reverse osmosis water purifier helps in eliminating various kinds of pollutants and contaminants which are present in the water and thus purifying it and making it fit for drinking. The best water purifiers in India have different stages for filtering the water and making it completely safe for drinking.

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Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India for 2021

best top loading washing machine in India

Are you tired of washing clothes by hand?

If yes, then you are not alone. Most Indian households still vouch on back-breaking methods when it comes to laundry. Older people already have a tough time doing chores around their homes. It is aggravated when they have to bend and do laundry. Also, washing clothes manually is a tough task after a busy day at work.

Don’t you feel the need to make a change in laundry techniques?

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Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India (2021)

best semi automatic washing machine in India

Did you know that 20% of India’s youth suffer from back problems?

Apart from serious medical issues, daily household chores can be behind these turmoils.

What is that one household task that is dreadful to many?

It is doing laundry. As the cost of keeping house help rises, many people have to do their laundry. It is best when clothes get cleaning almost every day in a hot and humid country like India. Moreover, the laundry often includes things like bedsheets or carpets, which are heavier.

A washing machine makes everything easier for us. After putting up the laundry, with just a few buttons, anyone can get clean washed clothes.

They can be categorized into top loading and front load washing machines. Many people have also resorted to availing expensive fully automatic washing machines.

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6 Best Designer Ceiling Fans in India (2021) with Lights

designer ceiling fan

Designer ceiling fans improve the elegancy of the living room with their decorative lights. Modern designer fans are built with a remote control system that you can use to adjust the rotation and lighting.

If you are looking for such a fan for your bedroom or drawing room, go for the best designer ceiling fans in India that are superior in design and performance. As the design and color of the room vary, check all the top 6 designer ceiling fans to find a suitable one for your home.

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Best Ceiling Fans in India (Review and Buying Guide)

best ceiling fan in India

The intolerable hot and humid climate during summer is the most annoying thing in the summer. As the temperature keeps rising every year, it is obvious that people want to beat the heat. People keep complaining about the intolerable heat, which is worse in rooms.

An air conditioner can be a good solution but many people cannot afford it. Also, pedestal fans match the basic requirements but buying India’s best ceiling fan can be the most perfect choice.

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6 Best Sewing Machines in India for Home Use (2021)

Best Sewing Machines in India 2020

Whether you are a fashion designer, homemaker, tailor, or even just a hobby enthusiast, you need a good sewing machine to start or boost up your skills. Earlier in India, people used mechanical machines that is indeed laborious. In modern times, advanced technologies have been developed to make the process automatic and more user-friendly.

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10 Best Dehumidifiers in India (2021) for Home Use

best dehumidifier in India

Are you tired of dealing with a hot and humid home?

We Indians have to face an uneven climate throughout the year. We often prefer using a humidifier during the dry seasons. But during the summer and rainy months, the humidity gets intolerable at times.

Moreover, most people end up closing their windows which traps the humidity in a home.

Did you know that excess humidity inside your home can cause health problems?

It can lead to allergy, itching, and overall irritation.

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Air Purifier Vs Humidifier Vs Dehumidifier

air purifier

Air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers are very similar terms that we have heard quite often but do not know the exact difference between the three. Although all these three machines serve a similar purpose to make the air easy for you to breathe, they are different from each other in certain aspects.

Moreover, these three devices serve comparatively different purposes and in fact, need to be purchased according to your need. Thus, you need to consider the exact functioning of these three machines before finally deciding upon which one to purchase according to your requirement and the purpose it serves.

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