Strange Loud Noise From Washing Machine When Spinning- Reason And Solution

Loud Noise from Washing Machine When Spinning – The Reasons & Solutions

Every washing machine makes noise which increases during the drying cycle time. A washing machine may be making weird noises for various reasons, including a high-pitched screech or a clicking sound. However, if your washing machine is making a strange loud noise and vibration while operating, it indicates that there must be some problem in installation or a part inside it has become loose or worn out.

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energy efficiency of AC

ISEER, EER, BEE Star Ratings for AC (2022)- Highest Energy Efficiency

Who in the world doesn’t love the comforting and soothing feel of sitting in an AC room?

An air conditioner, after all, has been the most effective choice to isolate yourself from the outside weather. However, choosing an air conditioner for your room may look tempting; at the same time, it’s pretty daunting if you take factors like energy efficiency into consideration (which you should). In that case, there is no need to worry.

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using garment steamer to steam clothes

Uses Of Garment Steamer With Step-By-Step Guide

Wrinkled clothes are a no-no, but keeping them at bay is no easy task. Especially if you have to wake up every morning and get a mountain of early chores done, ironing your clothes just adds to that frustration.

But well, there is a brilliant upside to living in this fast-paced world- there are alternatives to every method. So if you want a quick way of fixing your wrinkled clothes, a garment steamer can be your best friend. It is easy to use, does not require any extra tools or settings, and keeps your favorite fabrics looking fresh as new.

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Energy Consumption Calculator For Home

Online Energy Consumption and Electricity Bill Calculator for Home in India

Understanding the electricity bill is a tedious task for many Indians. All of us own multiple home appliances in our homes. When planning to buy a new home appliance, we must check how much electricity it consumes.

To help people understand the electrical efficiency of their homes and its monetary implications, we have built this online electricity consumption calculator. Simply fill up the details in the boxes and click the “calculate power consumption” button to compute the electricity usage.

This online energy consumption and electricity bill calculator will help you estimate the power requirement and its cost daily, monthly, and yearly.

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use wastewater of ro water purifier

How to Use Waste Water from RO Water Purifier Safely?

When water passes through the RO membrane to remove contaminants and sediments like salts and dirt to provide use fresh water. A fair amount of water is rejected to produce fresh water during the purification process.

So, it would be best to reuse the waste water for different purposes other than drinking. In this article, you will learn why and how much water a water purifier rejects and how you can reuse it.

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Air Cooler Water Management - Guide To Using, Filling, Draining, And Reducing Humidity

Air Cooler Water Management – Guide To Using, Filling, Draining, And Reducing Humidity

Summers are rough. Especially in some parts of India, the temperature increases to 45 to 50°C. Therefore, many of us use air coolers to get relief from summer heat. Air coolers are both comfortable and cost-effective while fighting rising temperatures.

While air conditioners consumes a lot of electricity, one can easily fill water in the air cooler and use it cost-effectively. We can use air coolers without water also. The easy process of removing water makes air coolers less complicated. When people use an air cooler with water, they find it very easy to use and less demanding for maintenance. Therefore, in scorching summer, air coolers are effective.

This article will help you understand various ways of using an air cooler with and without water and how you can optimize their use through your small efforts.

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solar water heater vs electric geyser comparison and differences

Solar Water Heater vs. Electric Geyser – Which One Should You Choose?

While electric geysers are pretty common in every household, solar water heaters are slowly gaining popularity because of their eco-friendly, energy-saving characteristics. If you are looking for a new water geyser at your home but are confused about which one to choose, you must compare them and find out their differences.

However, both of these water heating home appliances have their own perks. In this article, you will get a comparative idea about solar water heater vs. electric geyser with various advantages and disadvantages to find out the worthiest.

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Electric Geyser Vs Gas geyser

Electric Geyser Vs Gas Geyser – Which is Better and Why?

Geysers are nowadays one of the essential home appliances being the stand-alone device for heating water quickly. Using a geyser can save a lot of time and effort in transferring buckets for the conventional heater. It is also a common appliance that you can find in most houses.

A suitable geyser in your house can ensure a comfortable bath every day. It enhances your comfort in bathing to a whole new level with proper temperature and pressure. One should choose a geyser that can suit the needs based on the area you live in and the house’s condition or space. From this view, Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser is one of the hot topics that confuse everyone while buying a geyser. Are you looking for the same answer for ages? Do you want to get a perfect conclusion for your confusion? Well, here is the best solution for your problems and confusion.

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Voltas Vs. LG Vs. Hitachi Vs. Blue Star Vs. Daikin AC

Voltas vs. LG vs. Hitachi vs. Blue Star vs. Daikin AC – Comparison with Pros and Cons

When buying an AC, we often get confused among various brands like Voltas, LG, Hitachi, Blue Star, Daikin, carrier, etc. As all of them claim to be the best, we compare Voltas Vs LG Vs Hitachi Vs Blue Star Vs Daikin AC to find their differences and similarities with pros/cons.

While buying an AC, it is essential to know about its indoor and outdoor units, compressor, usage of electricity, etc. This article will guide you by providing all the details of the famous brands that you need to know before buying a good quality AC.

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best air purifier in India

12 Best Air Purifiers in India & Delhi (2022) with HEPA Filter

Air purifiers can be used at both homes and commercial or industrial buildings where the level of impurities in the air is high. If you live in a place like Delhi, you should know the negative impacts of air pollution. The best air purifier in India clean the air, make it pure and pollution-free, and help to cure breathing problems, asthma, allergies, and some skin problems caused by polluted air. It also cleans the air from airborne viruses.

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best ceiling fan in India

Best Ceiling Fans in India (2022) – Everything You Need To Know

The intolerable hot and humid climate during summer is the most annoying thing in the summer. As the temperature keeps rising every year, it is obvious that people want to beat the heat. People keep complaining about the intolerable heat, which is worse in rooms.

An air conditioner can be a good solution but many people cannot afford it. Also, pedestal fans match the basic requirements but buying India’s best ceiling fan can be the most perfect choice.

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best cloth drying stand in India

Top 10 Best Cloth Drying Stand (Rack) In India for 2022

Drying clothes in India is a challenging task to perform due to high humidity. Weather change can slow down drying. Mainly in a wintry or rainy season, wet clothes start stinking. All that happens because the clothes don’t dry properly. LivingBasics double pole foldable clothes drying stand is the best cloth drying stand in India, suitable for all weather conditions. Being portable, you can easily use it both indoors and outdoors. This 3-tier cloth drying rack has a 54-feet ample drying space with 50 Kg of weight capacity.

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best dehumidifier in India

10 Best Dehumidifiers in India (2022) for Home Use

Are you tired of dealing with a hot and humid home?

We Indians have to face an uneven climate throughout the year. We often prefer using a humidifier during the dry seasons. But during the summer and rainy months, the humidity gets intolerable at times.

Moreover, most people end up closing their windows which traps the humidity in a home.

Did you know that excess humidity inside your home can cause health problems?

It can lead to allergy, itching, and overall irritation.

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best solar water heater in India

5 Best Solar Water Heaters in India (2022) : All You Need To Know

Are you worried about the hefty electricity bills caused by using a geyser?

Solar-powered water heaters are your answer as they provide heated water by utilizing the sun. These heaters sit on a surface that gets plenty of sunlight, and India being a tropical country, has a bright sun.

Most of the popular solar water heaters also have a functional storage capacity that is perfect for bigger households in 2022. These are cost-effective while also being friendly towards the environment.

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best top loading washing machine in India

The Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India for 2022 (Fully Automatic)

Fully automatic top loading washing machines are ideal when it comes to doing laundry. You do not need to arch the back or crouch to place the garments. They come with the latest technologies to clean the clothes in the right way possible. Our Top Pick Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine is the best top load washing machine in India for 2022. It has the perfect drum design to get your clothes clean and shining. The vast load size, as well as its capability to wring out most of the water, makes it our favorite.

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