Solar Water Heater vs. Electric Geyser – Which One Should You Choose?

solar water heater vs electric geyser comparison and differences

While electric geysers are pretty common in every household, solar water heaters are slowly gaining popularity because of their eco-friendly, energy-saving characteristics. If you are looking for a new water geyser at your home but are confused about which one to choose, you must compare them and find out their differences.

However, both of these water heating home appliances have their own perks. In this article, you will get a comparative idea about solar water heater vs. electric geyser with various advantages and disadvantages to find out the worthiest.

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Electric Geyser Vs Gas Geyser – Which is Better and Why?

Electric Geyser Vs Gas geyser

Geysers are nowadays one of the essential home appliances being the stand-alone device for heating water quickly. Using a geyser can save a lot of time and effort in transferring buckets for the conventional heater. It is also a common appliance that you can find in most houses.

A suitable geyser in your house can ensure a comfortable bath every day. It enhances your comfort in bathing to a whole new level with proper temperature and pressure. One should choose a geyser that can suit the needs based on the area you live in and the house’s condition or space. From this view, Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser is one of the hot topics that confuse everyone while buying a geyser. Are you looking for the same answer for ages? Do you want to get a perfect conclusion for your confusion? Well, here is the best solution for your problems and confusion.

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5 Best Solar Water Heaters in India (2022) : All You Need To Know

best solar water heater in India

Are you worried about the hefty electricity bills caused by using a geyser?

Solar-powered water heaters are your answer as they provide heated water by utilizing the sun. These heaters sit on a surface that gets plenty of sunlight, and India being a tropical country, has a bright sun.

Most of the popular solar water heaters also have a functional storage capacity that is perfect for bigger households in 2022. These are cost-effective while also being friendly towards the environment.

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8 Best Gas Geysers in India for 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

best gas geysers in India

Do you need hot water daily?

Most homes that need a regular supply of hot water, settle for electric instant water heaters that run on electricity. But, those are often inefficient for bigger families. At times the waiting time is too much and the water may lose warmth quickly.

It is agitating especially in the winter months when there is a regular need for hot water. Gas geysers can come in handy for getting hot water as quickly as possible. These water heaters run on fuel, which is one of the best ways to do the job. When you turn it on, the geyser takes in the water and heats it efficiently.

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Best Room Heaters in India (2022) with Low Power Consumption for Winter

best room heater in India

A sharp drop in temperature during the winter season can be a problem in some regions in India. It can be more difficult especially for babies and elders who are prone to catch a cold. This is why you need to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the room.

In some foreign countries, people light up the fireplace to get warmth.

But in the major parts of India, this is quite difficult to do so. So we need a more practical solution.

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Most Durable Coating and Tank Materials of Water Heaters

Tank Materials And Coatings Of Instant Water Heater

Have you considered the necessity of purchasing a water heater?

During the winter, you might need a lot of hot water for bathing, cleaning dishes, and so on.

When you go to the store to buy a water heater, you are likely to confuse about which one to buy. There are a variety of alternatives available, and you’ll need to be well-versed in-tank coatings and materials.

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Instant Vs Storage Geyser: Which is Better and Why?


Before we dive into the topic of instant geyser vs storage geyser, let us first address the fact that both of these appliances have made our lives significantly simpler. Warm water in the Indian subcontinent in the colder months has always been an issue, and the application of these appliances helps mitigate that issue to a considerable extent.

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