12 Best Air Purifiers in India & Delhi (2022) with HEPA Filter

best air purifier in India

Air purifiers can be used at both homes and commercial or industrial buildings where the level of impurities in the air is high. If you live in a place like Delhi, you should know the negative impacts of air pollution. The best air purifier in India clean the air, make it pure and pollution-free, and help to cure breathing problems, asthma, allergies, and some skin problems caused by polluted air. It also cleans the air from airborne viruses.

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10 Best Dehumidifiers in India (2022) for Home Use

best dehumidifier in India

Are you tired of dealing with a hot and humid home?

We Indians have to face an uneven climate throughout the year. We often prefer using a humidifier during the dry seasons. But during the summer and rainy months, the humidity gets intolerable at times.

Moreover, most people end up closing their windows which traps the humidity in a home.

Did you know that excess humidity inside your home can cause health problems?

It can lead to allergy, itching, and overall irritation.

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How Does an Air Purifier Work? – The Latest Technologies

How Does An Air Purifier Work

The air purifier’s primary function is to clean the air of any harmful particles or allergens such as dust, pollen, gases, mists, pollutants, viruses, etc. The air purifiers are of two main types depending on the purifying technology, the electric attraction method and the air filtration method. Though some operational ways are different based on the varying types and shapes of the best air purifiers, the primary working process is very similar.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Purifiers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Purifiers

Even though air purifiers have been widely known to the world since the late 20th century, the device was first invented 200 years ago as a gas mask to use in mines. They have gotten much advantageous since then, and the capacity and technology have become much advanced. 

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Air Purifier Vs Humidifier Vs Dehumidifier – Comparison with Pros & Cons

Comparison of Air Purifier vs Humidifier vs Dehumidifier

Air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers are very similar terms that we have heard quite often but do not know the exact difference between the three. Although all these three machines serve a similar purpose to make the air easy for you to breathe, they are different from each other in certain aspects.

Moreover, these three devices serve comparatively different purposes and in fact, need to be purchased according to your need. Thus, you need to consider the exact functioning of these three machines before finally deciding upon which one to purchase according to your requirement and the purpose it serves.

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Types and Uses of HEPA filters for AC, Vacuum Cleaner & Air Purifier

everything about HEPA filter

Who doesn’t want to breathe some fresh air?

However, with the rising level of pollution in the world, fresh air is becoming scarce. This is where technology steps in with the HEPA filters.

But what is a HEPA filter?

The full form of HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. As the name suggests, the filters work by getting rid of unwanted particulates from the air. As such, it is pretty sought after by consumers today.

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Effects and Removal

volatile organic compound in air

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC, are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids containing organic solvents. VOC isn’t a gas by itself; instead, it’s a mixture of different chemicals that can adversely affect health. It’s kind of impossible to escape from VOCs as they’re emitted by thousands of materials that play a significant role in our life. 

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