using garment steamer to steam clothes

Uses Of Garment Steamer With Step-By-Step Guide

Wrinkled clothes are a no-no, but keeping them at bay is no easy task. Especially if you have to wake up every morning and get a mountain of early chores done, ironing your clothes just adds to that frustration.

But well, there is a brilliant upside to living in this fast-paced world- there are alternatives to every method. So if you want a quick way of fixing your wrinkled clothes, a garment steamer can be your best friend. It is easy to use, does not require any extra tools or settings, and keeps your favorite fabrics looking fresh as new.

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best steam irons in India

The Best Steam Irons in India (2022) for Home Use

Steam irons are excellent when it comes to efficient ironing of clothes in a shorter time. Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2145/20 2000 Watt Steam Iron is the best steam iron in India that clears out any wrinkle or crease from your clothes. It has enough steam output of 30 g/min and a steam boost of 100 g, ideal for daily home use. With a durable ceramic coated soleplate and 270 ml water tank, it is worth buying in 2022.

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best Ironing Board in India

8 Best Ironing Boards in India with High Quality (2022)

Choosing a suitable ironing board can be quite a challenging job. You have to conduct proper research, check specifications and user reviews to narrow down your selection. However, we wish to make this process simple and easier for you. Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board is the best ironing board in India. Its height can be adjusted up to 90 cm and fits easily in every space. Built with a high-quality steel frame and aluminized board, it is perfect for home ironing. Modern features like a wire handler, hot iron holder, and multipurpose tray make this ironing table worthy for 2022.

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best dry iron in India

12 Best Dry Irons in India for 2022: Review and Buying Guide

Ironing is one of the essential routine tasks that we all have to do. A properly ironed neat and clean dress signifies our standard in the office or any social gathering.

For this reason, we need to maintain the glamour of our clothes. If you are planning to buy a dry iron for the first time or want to replace the old model, you should know every detailed feature so that you can check if it really matches your needs.

Steam irons are very effective for ironing, but they cost more and involves more human effort. Here dry irons come into play. They are cheaper and easier to use.

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best garment steamer in India

10 Best Garment Steamers in India (2022) for Home Use

Want to make your gown ready for the party or a wedding ceremony in the evening?

Ironing such dresses is problematic as those have intricate works on them. Also, there are some unique fabrics that you should not iron as they can damage your apparel.

Buying a garment steamer can solve your problem. If your clothing has the sequin work or has specific designs where you cannot use a steam iron, the best garment steamer in India can iron them quickly. A garment steamer or clothes steamer is quite handy and electronically operated to make your clothing wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

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Steam Iron vs Dry Iron

Steam Iron Vs. Dry Iron- Which is Better and Why?

With the advent of steam burst technology, the best steam irons in India are popular among users but consumes about 1800 watts of power. For the property of getting heated up quickly, the steam iron serves versatile purposes and is perfect for the removal of stubborn wrinkles even from heavy fabrics. So, be ready to get a crisper and wrinkle-free look for your clothes with the advanced models.

Likewise, there is an enormous range of high-quality dry irons that come with a thermal fuse and behave in the form of an electrical safety device for the prevention of the flow of electricity against overheating. So, these irons hold the ability to stop damage due to overheating. Now the question is-

Dry iron or steam iron, which is better?

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can we use steam iron without water

Can We Use A Steam Iron Without Water? – The Definitive Guide

Ironing is essential for your clothes when you go out. It is after ironing your clothes and you will look tip-top and have a refreshing look. The types of iron have also evolved in years. And one of them, namely steam iron, is professionally used to make the clothes free from wrinkles.

The best steam iron works like a hand-pressing iron, but it also has a separate compartment that stores water which later turns into steam by the application heat. The process of steam generation is quite similar to a garment steamer. The superheated steam then emits from the steam holes of the soleplate and makes the fabric flattened.

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how to clean steam iron

The Best and Easiest Ways to Clean Steam Iron Soleplate, Water Tank and Vents

There are certain types of home appliances that you must have to make your living simple. Steam iron is one of those to present yourself neat, clean, and smart.

You don’t need to wear new clothes always wherever you go. What you need is to wear properly ironed clothes to set the best impression. A steam iron can help you there. That’s why you need to maintain the appliance properly.

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steam iron vs garment steamer

Steam Iron vs Garment Steamer- Which Is Better for Your Clothes?

Are you going to attend an important interview?

Or is it a date night?

Or perhaps you have a family get-together in the coming days.

Whatever it is, you need to present yourself appropriately. The first impression is always the last, and your apparel plays an important role over there.

It doesn’t mean you need to wear something new always. But, you have to wear neat and clean clothes which are properly ironed.

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