Electric Geyser Vs Gas geyser

Electric Geyser Vs Gas Geyser – Which is Better and Why?

Geysers are nowadays one of the essential home appliances being the stand-alone device for heating water quickly. Using a geyser can save a lot of time and effort in transferring buckets for the conventional heater. It is also a common appliance that you can find in most houses.

A suitable geyser in your house can ensure a comfortable bath every day. It enhances your comfort in bathing to a whole new level with proper temperature and pressure. One should choose a geyser that can suit the needs based on the area you live in and the house’s condition or space. From this view, Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser is one of the hot topics that confuse everyone while buying a geyser. Are you looking for the same answer for ages? Do you want to get a perfect conclusion for your confusion? Well, here is the best solution for your problems and confusion.

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Energy Consumption Calculator For Home

Online Energy Consumption and Electricity Bill Calculator for Home in India

Understanding the electricity bill is a tedious task for many Indians. All of us own multiple home appliances in our homes. When planning to buy a new home appliance, we must check how much electricity it consumes.

To help people understand the electrical efficiency of their homes and its monetary implications, we have built this online electricity consumption calculator. Simply fill up the details in the boxes and click the “calculate power consumption” button to compute the electricity usage.

This online energy consumption and electricity bill calculator will help you estimate the power requirement and its cost daily, monthly, and yearly.

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tower fan vs air cooler comparison

Tower Fan vs Air Cooler – Which is Ideal for Indian Homes?

With the rising temperature in summer, it is now essential to use a cooling appliance at your home. An air conditioner works great but it is very expensive with high electricity consumption. For a limited budget, a pedestal fan, an air cooler, or a tower fan can be a suitable alternative.

However, depending on the application, cooling capacity and power consumption, the air cooler and tower fan are suitable for different purposes. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish the differences and compare tower fan vs air cooler to select the right one.

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best gas geysers in India

8 Best Gas Geysers in India for 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

Do you need hot water daily?

Most homes that need a regular supply of hot water, settle for electric instant water heaters that run on electricity. But, those are often inefficient for bigger families. At times the waiting time is too much and the water may lose warmth quickly.

It is agitating especially in the winter months when there is a regular need for hot water. Gas geysers can come in handy for getting hot water as quickly as possible. These water heaters run on fuel, which is one of the best ways to do the job. When you turn it on, the geyser takes in the water and heats it efficiently.

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steam iron vs garment steamer

Steam Iron vs Garment Steamer- Which Is Better for Your Clothes?

Are you going to attend an important interview?

Or is it a date night?

Or perhaps you have a family get-together in the coming days.

Whatever it is, you need to present yourself appropriately. The first impression is always the last, and your apparel plays an important role over there.

It doesn’t mean you need to wear something new always. But, you have to wear neat and clean clothes which are properly ironed.

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Air Conditioner vs. air cooler comparison

Air Conditioner Vs. Air Cooler – Comparison with Pros and Cons

When summer rolls by, and with the increase in this scorching heat, the one thing that strikes your mind is an air conditioner or air cooler? 

Temperature control and regulation have always been vital aspects of people’s lives. People nowadays prioritize their comfort level, so the need for an air cooler or air conditioner has risen drastically. 

If you are also confused about buying an air conditioner or air cooler, you have landed at the right place. This comparative article about air conditioner vs. air cooler will guide you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle and will certainly help you make an informed decision.

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Aqua Ultra Water purifier reviews

Aqua Ultra Water Purifier Reviews: Compare Pros & Cons

We do not need to tell you about the massive pollution today. A water purifier is not only capable of keeping your drinking water free of any kind of dissolved contaminants, but it also keeps your family protected from the imminent threat of any water-bound diseases.

But it has been a complaint amongst the customers that it is often too expensive to afford one. Also, there have been instances where customers haven’t got their money’s worth.

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best Ironing Board in India

8 Best Ironing Boards in India with High Quality (2023)

Choosing a suitable ironing board can be quite a challenging job. You have to conduct proper research, check specifications and user reviews to narrow down your selection. However, we wish to make this process simple and easier for you. Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board is the best ironing board in India. Its height can be adjusted up to 90 cm and fits easily in every space. Built with a high-quality steel frame and aluminized board, it is perfect for home ironing. Modern features like a wire handler, hot iron holder, and multipurpose tray make this ironing table worthy for 2023.

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solar water heater vs electric geyser comparison and differences

Solar Water Heater vs. Electric Geyser – Which One Should You Choose?

While electric geysers are pretty common in every household, solar water heaters are slowly gaining popularity because of their eco-friendly, energy-saving characteristics. If you are looking for a new water geyser at your home but are confused about which one to choose, you must compare them and find out their differences.

However, both of these water heating home appliances have their own perks. In this article, you will get a comparative idea about solar water heater vs. electric geyser with various advantages and disadvantages to find out the worthiest.

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inverter air conditioner advantages and disadvantages

Inverter vs Non-Inverter AC: Advantages & Disadvantages

The Inverter Compressor was first developed by Toshiba, Japan for commercial use with cooling appliances like an air conditioner. While the general types of compressors consume high electricity, the inverter compressors utilize electricity in an optimized way.

Ordinary compressors always operate at the same speed, whereas, inverter compressors change speed when the demand fluctuates. It regulates the flow of refrigerant throughout the refrigeration cycle.

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best cloth drying stand in India

Top 10 Best Cloth Drying Stand (Rack) In India for 2023

Drying clothes in India is a challenging task to perform due to high humidity. Weather change can slow down drying. Mainly in a wintry or rainy season, wet clothes start stinking. All that happens because the clothes don’t dry properly. LivingBasics double pole foldable clothes drying stand is the best cloth drying stand in India, suitable for all weather conditions. Being portable, you can easily use it both indoors and outdoors. This 3-tier cloth drying rack has a 54-feet ample drying space with 50 Kg of weight capacity.

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Is Stabilizer Required for Inverter AC 

Does an Inverter AC Need Stabilizer? – Pros, Cons and Working Method

Air conditioners arguably are your best friends in the summers. No other appliance can fend off heat waves better than them. However, with advancing technology, more power-efficient ACs (inverter ACs) came into the picture that do not need stabilizer to run.

Unlike ordinary ACs, inverter ACs work on the alternating current, which allows them to draw variable power. They draw power based on conditions such as the temperature level in the thermostat and the incoming air temperature.

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best air cooler in India

The 10 Best Air Coolers in India (2023) for Humid Climate

In India, humid summers are uncomfortable if you do not have an adequate cooling system in the room. Evaporative air coolers can work perfectly if the humidity is below 50%. With the decrease in humidity, the cooling effectiveness increases. The best air coolers in India are suitable for humid climates and consumes less electricity. Modern technology like a humidity control system has made such air coolers adapt to harsh Indian climates in 2023.

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best solar water heater in India

5 Best Solar Water Heaters in India (2023) : All You Need To Know

Are you worried about the hefty electricity bills caused by using a geyser?

Solar-powered water heaters are your answer as they provide heated water by utilizing the sun. These heaters sit on a surface that gets plenty of sunlight, and India being a tropical country, has a bright sun.

Most of the popular solar water heaters also have a functional storage capacity that is perfect for bigger households in 2023. These are cost-effective while also being friendly towards the environment.

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