Steam Iron vs Garment Steamer- Which Is Better for Your Clothes?

steam iron vs garment steamer

Are you going to attend an important interview?

Or is it a date night?

Or perhaps you have a family get-together in the coming days.

Whatever it is, you need to present yourself appropriately. The first impression is always the last, and your apparel plays an important role over there.

It doesn’t mean you need to wear something new always. But, you have to wear neat and clean clothes which are properly ironed.

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Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and How You Can Remove Them

volatile organic compound in air

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC, are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids containing organic solvents. VOC isn’t a gas by itself; instead, it’s a mixture of different chemicals that can adversely affect health. It’s kind of impossible to escape from VOCs as they’re emitted by thousands of products that play a significant role in our life. 

Household products like paint, cosmetics, cleaning products, disinfectants, etc., are some of the products responsible for the emission of VOCs into the environment. Although VOCs are very effective in forming the ozone layer, they also act as greenhouse gases and promote global warming.

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Havells Nicola 1200 mm Ceiling Fan Review with Pros and Cons

Havells Nicola 1200 mm ceiling fan review

Can you imagine spending an Indian summer without a good ceiling fan?

Probably not.

The best ceiling fans in India come to the rescue in the sweaty summers by providing the much-needed breeze. The fans help in better circulation of air, which prevents the room from getting stuffy. If you are looking forward to cutting down on your air conditioner costs, then the right ceiling fan can be your savior.

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How To Clean RO Water Purifier? Learn the Step-by-step Process

cleaning and maintenance of water purifier

A water purifier is an extremely essential part of our lives that should never be neglected. Water that is free of pollutants and contaminants is very difficult to find these days and thus the rising need and importance of water purifiers in our lives.

An RO purifier or a reverse osmosis water purifier helps in eliminating various kinds of pollutants and contaminants which are present in the water and thus purifying it and making it fit for drinking. The best water purifiers in India have different stages for filtering the water and making it completely safe for drinking.

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