6 Best Hot And Cold Inverter AC In India (2022) for All Weather

best hot and cold AC in India

The tropical weather of India can, at times, be erratic. Some places get too hot during the summer but also cool down drastically during winters. If you have ever visited Rajasthan or lived there, it is a usual occurrence. Because of the intolerable heat, an AC is a must-buy. So, what should they do during the cold winter? Getting a heater indeed becomes an additional investment.

A dual AC has been created for such situations. It is a boon for places that have contrasting weather patterns. Dual hot and dry ACs are also great for people who want to remain comfortable in all weathers. Brought by the best brands of India, hot and cold ACs are always tough and sustainable. With an additional inverter, they are ready to be a part of your home.

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8 Best Diaper Bags in India (2022) that Every parent Can Rely On

best diaper bag in India

The best diaper bags in India come with multiple pockets to accommodate the baby essentials, such as insulated pockets for milk bottles, water bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes and foods. They are attractive to carry, and you can easily hold your baby in your one hand.

Baby diaper bags come in different types and features. If you are looking for style, convenience, comfort for your baby, then choose a diaper bag on your shopping list.

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6 Best Marble & Tile Cutters in India (2022) from Top Brands

best marble cutter in India

Indians have a rich history of architectural excellence. Be it the stupefying monuments or the marvelous carvings on stone and marble, the country’s sculptors have always crafted some of the great designs. Automated tools were a far cry from reality in those days.

However, so much has changed in the present day! Isn’t it?

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10 Best Hair Dryers in India for Women (2022)

Best Hair Dryer in India

Hairstyling has become a significant part of getting ready for the day. Having clean hair is a must to maintain a nice look. The high humidity level of India often leads to a longer drying time for your hair.

You may have used the towel vigorously on your head, which only leads to more hair damage. Didn’t you wish that the hair magically fixed itself after a shower?

Along with hair straighteners, hair dryers have become a versatile tool for many people. Its handy size and time management qualities make it a must-buy. Hair dryers use hot or cold hair to dry your hair.

It can also be used for styling your hair, especially to achieve a bouncy look. Like hair curlers, they provide an effortless start to your day at an affordable price.

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8 Best Baby Carrier in India for 2022: Babywearing Essential

best baby carrier in India

Babywearing has a lot of benefits for moms as well as babies. In this way, they are comfortable staying close and connected. But, this is challenging to do everything when taking the baby in one hand.

In that case, an ergonomic baby carrier is the safest option for you to help you do your task efficiently when taking the baby close to you. To help you in this way, we recommend the best baby carrier in India with advantages, disadvantages, and reasons to buy.

Among all products, the Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier comes with great features that parents prefer. The design and fabric are best to keep your baby very comfortable for long hours, and providing all the safety measures in this carrier will keep your baby feeling dry for a long day. Apart from that, the rightly functioned seat positions and straps will help the baby stay in the correct place where they should be.

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8 Best Baby Walker in India (2022) – The First Walking Companion

best baby walkers in India

It is an absolute pleasure to see your child walking for the first time, and nothing feels more incredible than it. Sometimes the parents may not help them in this exercise, or the baby may feel uncomfortable being steady by themselves. Here the benefits of baby walkers start.

The best baby walker in India is a great way to help the baby make their first footstep by themselves. It also takes care of the baby when walking with the walker. A good quality push walker allows them learning how to walk and helps build their cognitive and motor skills. It will support your baby when they are learning to take the first steps.

There is a vast number of walkers available in the Indian market. Finding the right one from them is not easy if you don’t have prior experience. Here are our recommendations for top-notch baby walker brands available in the market.

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8 Best Ironing Boards in India with High Quality (2022)

best Ironing Board in India

Choosing a suitable ironing board can be quite a challenging job. You have to conduct proper research, check specifications and user reviews to narrow down your selection. However, we wish to make this process simple and easier for you. Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board is the best ironing board in India. Its height can be adjusted up to 90 cm and fits easily in every space. Built with a high-quality steel frame and aluminized board, it is perfect for home ironing. Modern features like a wire handler, hot iron holder, and multipurpose tray make this ironing table worthy for 2022.

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6 Best Hair Curler Machine (Iron) in India – Everything you need to know in 2022

best hair curler in India

Hairstyling is key to make someone look more attractive and polished.

You must be familiar with the bouncy hair seen in stylized photos. The well-curled hair shapes your face and adds a nice dimension.

Alas, most of us aren’t gifted with perfect bouncy hair. We generally end up spending tonnes on getting the perfect look.

Usually, styling your hair may take hours when it comes to visiting a salon. Or, rollers make you wait for an eternity. But, curling irons make it an easier job by giving you a personal tool.

These intelligent gadgets let you get an attractive curly look in only a few minutes. The latest models protect your hair while you style it in every way possible. Newer models come with various coatings that make your hair look shiny and gorgeous.

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8 Best Portable AC (Air Conditioner) in India for 2022

best portable AC in India

Today’s technology is all about two things- comfort and mobility. If you do not have access to a centrally air-conditioned space or you do not have the space to install a wall-mounted air conditioner, a portable AC is an ideal solution for you. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC, the best portable AC in India for 2022, has a cooling capacity of 3.59 kW and input power of 1.4 kW for a space up to 120 sq. ft. If your electricity tariff is Rs 7/unit, it will cost you only Rs 9.1/hr. As the AC is built with a rotary compressor, it creates a maximum of 52 dB noise which is bearable at our home and kitchens.

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Sleepwell Spinetech Air Mattress Review (2022)

sleepwell mattress

Good health is real wealth. You should undoubtedly consume healthily and work out to keep active if you accept this assertion sincerely. Do you realize, however, that sleep is as critical to your health? Research has demonstrated that sleep has a significant effect on the well-being of an individual. Deprivation of sleep may cause a variety of medical issues. Depriving sleep is known to contribute to higher Insulin rates, weight gain, insomnia, ADD, and cognitive and memory issues.

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Whirlpool Washing Machine 360° Bloomwash: 2022 Reviews

Best whirlpool washing machine 360 in India

Whirlpool is a US-based company that emerged in the Indian market long ago. With the experience of more than 100 years in the manufacturing of washing machines, the whirlpool is still a very popular choice in Indian households.

Over the years, whirlpool has developed a unique 360° Bloomwash Technology to provide the customers with the cleanest washing quality. They have integrated this technology with the washers ranging from 6.5 to 12 Kg. We have selected the Top 3 of such products with superior Quality, Durability, Design, and Performance among the best washing machines available in India.

This article can help you clear the misconceptions and select the right washer from Whirlpool in minutes.

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6 Best Designer Ceiling Fans with Lights in India (2022)

best designer ceiling fan in India

Are you looking for the best designer ceiling fans with lights and remote control in India?

If so, you are conscious of how your home looks. After decorating all four walls, you must be looking at the fifth one, which is the ceiling, where you can find a gloomy, dull fan hanging. Ordinary ceiling or pedestal fans are just like that and can indeed ruin the overall presentation and look of your well-decorated home.

The best ceiling fans with light in India can bring a drastic change to the scene. A beautiful designer fan is equipped with the latest technology and features like decorative light. Some contemporary and modern ceiling fans are built with a smart remote controlled system that can be used to adjust the rotation and lighting.

What Will You Learn In This Article?

  • Comparative features of top ornamental ceiling fans with lights.
  • Reasons for the worthiness of the best decorative fan for home use.
  • Pros and Cons of ceiling fans with designer light.
  • Critical decision-making factors in choosing a suitable designer fan.

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The 10 Best Air Coolers in India (2022) for Humid Climate

best air cooler in India

In India, humid summers are uncomfortable if you do not have an adequate cooling system in the room. Evaporative air coolers can work perfectly if the humidity is below 50%. With the decrease in humidity, the cooling effectiveness increases. The best air coolers in India are suitable for humid climates and consumes less electricity. Modern technology like a humidity control system has made such air coolers adapt to harsh Indian climates in 2022.

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12 Best Dry Irons in India for 2022: Review and Buying Guide

best dry iron in India

Ironing is one of the essential routine tasks that we all have to do. A properly ironed neat and clean dress signifies our standard in the office or any social gathering.

For this reason, we need to maintain the glamour of our clothes. If you are planning to buy a dry iron for the first time or want to replace the old model, you should know every detailed feature so that you can check if it really matches your needs.

Steam irons are very effective for ironing, but they cost more and involves more human effort. Here dry irons come into play. They are cheaper and easier to use.

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