How to Boil Eggs in an Electric Kettle?

If you love boiled eggs, having an Electric Kettle at your home can be a great advantage for you. You may have heard that you can only boil water with an electric kettle. Now, you can break the myth. You can prepare a fully-boiled egg or a half-boiled egg with it. An Electric Kettle does not only make the process faster, but it is a very user-friendly process. To know how to boil eggs in an electric kettle, check the following step-by-step guide. In the end, you will learn to prepare a boiled egg with your favorite dish. But be cautious and do exactly as described.

A step-by-step guide on How to boil eggs in Electric Kettle

1. Settle Eggs at room temperature

boil egg in a electric kettle

Take the eggs out of the fridge and let them settle at room temperature in your kitchen. If you want it to be faster, immerse the eggs in slightly warm water.

2. Prepare the Kettle

boil egg in a electric kettle

Fill the kettle with water so that the level of water should just cover up the eggs. Place the eggs inside the kettle properly and make sure that all of the eggs get immersed underwater. The number of eggs you can boil depends upon the capacity of the kettle.

3. Switch on the Kettle

electric kettle running

Plug in the kettle to the power source and start it. As soon as the water starts boiling, the kettle will turn off. If you do not have an automated option available, boil it for 2 minutes. Take the eggs out after 1 more minute if you want it half-boiled. If you need fully boiled eggs, leave the eggs for 15 minutes in the hot water of the kettle. But do not turn it on.

4. Cooling Down the Boiled Eggs

boil egg in a electric kettle

After you take out the eggs from the kettle, immerse them in cold water for 2 minutes. It will help you peel off the shell.

5. Prepare your favorite dish and serve

boil egg in a electric kettle

After peeling off the shells, prepare eggs with a favorite dish and serve. If you find the eggs did not boil well, keep them inside the kettle for 5 more minutes. It will definitely help you.

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Precautions to boil eggs in Electric Kettle

  1. The power source should be near the electric kettle. Do not keep the cable under tension.
  2. You should fill up the kettle with a maximum of 70% of the total working volume of the kettle.
  3. Ensure the eggs are well immersed underwater.
  4. Do not overload the kettle with lots of eggs. It may break the eggshells under the non-uniform distribution of heat.
  5. Do not place your hand or lean towards the steam. It may cause burn. When the boiling completes, switch off the kettle and slowly remove the lid.
  6. I would advise you to peel off one egg from the cold water bath. If you find that it is not boiled well, keep the eggs for a few more minutes in the hot water inside the kettle and repeat the process.
  7. After you get satisfied with the quality of boiled eggs, turn off the power and remove the water inside the kettle. Keep the lid open for 10 minutes and then cover well.

Final Words

Electric Kettles are very user-friendly and anyone can boil eggs taking the precautions I have mentioned above. If you are doing it for the first time, relax and follow the step-by-step process. Eventually, you may find that it is the easiest way to boil an egg with an electric kettle. Electric egg boilers can also be used to boil eggs.

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