How to use an Induction Stove

How to use an Induction Cooktop?

Induction Cooktops/ Stoves/ Cookers have been a must-have kitchen appliance in the present days. With the fluctuation in the price of LPG, you need to have an Induction Cooktop to keep pace with the world. Whether you own an Induction Cooktop or planning to buy one, you should know how to use an Induction Cooktop in India.

Why is an Induction Stove different from Gas Stove?

Gas Stoves work on the application of heat by burning LPG. The whole process is manual and requires higher maintenance.

On the other hand, the Induction Cooktops work on the principles of electromagnetic induction. In this process, electricity is passed through a coil inside the Cooktop. As a result, a magnetic field is generated around the coil. When a ferromagnetic pot with a flat bottom is placed on the top surface of the cooktop, the magnetic field is induced in the pot too. It will result in an eddy current. When it passes through the metallic wall of the pot, it produces heat. This heat is used to cook food. The process is very fast and efficient with minimum heat loss.

So, how to use an Induction Cooktop?

Using an Induction Cooktop is very easy when you get to know it. Follow these simple steps to learn how to use an Induction Cooktop in India.

1. Place the Cooktop Near Power Source

You should place an Induction Cooktop near a power source and in a well-ventilated area in the kitchen. Having a source of power is very important as it won’t run without electricity. Check the length of the cooktop if it is sufficient. Otherwise, you need to use an extension cable. In addition, to vent out the gas and smoke generated during cooking, you should keep it near a chimney or close to the exhaust fan.

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2. Type of Pot/ Container to use

As the Induction Cooktop works on the principle of Electromagnetism, you need a ferromagnetic pot made of iron or steel. Otherwise, heating will not occur and it may damage the pot. Moreover, the pot should be flat-bottomed. With a flat surface, the surface area of contact between the pot and cooktop increases. It minimizes heat loss and increases the efficiency of the cooktop.

3. Switch on the Cooktop and prepare for cooking

After placing the cooktop in the right position, switch on the cooktop and get ready for cooking. As per your type of cooking and recipe select the right power or option from the operating panel. The menus differ for various brands and particular products. To check the right functionality of an option, take a look at the user manual of the particular product. You should keep in mind that with higher wattage, higher heat is generated and cooking gets faster. You can also use the timer from the operating panel of the cooktop.

4. Cooking with an Induction Cooktop

Cooking with an Induction Cooktop requires much less time to start up. After the selection of a suitable option from the operating panel, continue to cook as you do during cooking on a gas stove. Just keep in mind that you should not touch the heated surface of the cooktop during the time of cooking. If you did not use a timer, turn off the Induction Cooktop from the operating panel and disconnect it from the power source.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

After cooking with an Induction Cooktop, do not touch the heated surface for at least 15 minutes. Let it cool down. Next, use a moist cloth and gently rub it on the cooktop to clean it. To get rid of stains that do not go away with just moist cloth, use a cloth soaked in mild detergent. With proper cleaning and maintenance, the cooktop will last longer with optimum performance.

Safety Precautions- Pro Tips

  1. Elder persons who have a pacemaker or any other magnetic device, should not use an Induction Cooktop. The magnetic field of the Induction Cooktop may interfere with the magnetic field of the pacemaker.
  2. Ensure the connecting cable of the Induction cooker is large enough. Otherwise, use an extension cable. Do not use it if the cable is under tension, it might get loose and there could be a chance of short circuit.
  3. Placement of the Induction Cooktop is very important. You should keep it at such a place where the smokes get away easily and the length of the connecting cable is food enough. This will improve the cooking experience as well as safety.
  4. When cooking, select the right option to use from the control panel. If you do any mistake in selecting the right option, turn it off and start over.
  5. If you do not place a pot on the cooktop and turn it on, the surface does not get heated. But, as soon as you place a pot, the surface gets heated due to the induction of a magnetic field. After you cook, leave the cooktop for at least 15 min and do not touch the surface to avoid the potential chance for an accident due to the heated surface.
  6. When heating a liquid such as water or milk, it might spill over the surface of the cooktop. This may cause slippage of the pot on the surface. So, make sure you select the right option. In case, if this situation happens, turn the Induction Cooktop off and clean the surface with a cloth carefully. Do not touch the cooktop surface.
  7. Clean the cooktop every time use. It won’t take more than a minute. Good maintenance and cleanliness ensure the device works on optimum condition. It will also improve the durability. Do not use any sharp object and abrasive cleaning agents when you clean it.
  8. Place the Induction Cooktop away from kids. As this is an electrical device, only trained or knowledgable individuals should operate it. Do not leave the cooktop unattended when cooking.
  9. You should not place any flammable liquid near the cooking area.
  10. Use and handle the Induction Cooktop with care. Do not keep or store any material on the cooktop, to avoid unwanted malfunction.

Final Words for How to use an Induction Cooktop in India

Cleanliness and proper maintenance is the key to make any electrical device perform better in optimum condition. Implement the pro tips along with the knowledge you have gained by learning how to use an Induction Cooktop in India. You may like to check the Top Rated Induction Cooktops in India.

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