Instant Vs Storage geyser: Which of the two consumes Less Power?

Before we dive into the topic of instant geyser vs storage geyser, let us first address the fact that both of these appliances have made our lives significantly simpler. Warm water in the Indian subcontinent in the colder months has always been an issue, and the application of these appliances helps mitigate that issue to a considerable extent.

Today's discussion will be focussed on the instant geyser and storage geyser power consumption and other various aspects associated with using the appliances. A popular product of each category will also be recommended to the readers.

A geyser as an appliance needs no introduction. In various homes in India, you will find geysers fixed in the bathrooms or the kitchens. Apart from the conventional electric geysers, gas geysers are also available in the market. The appliance is also popularly known as a water heater in various parts of the country. These families determine the decision of buying a water heater based on their location and requirements.

For example, families in South India are more likely to use instant geysers over storage geysers.

By definition, an instant geyser is an appliance that heats the water instantaneously. A storage geyser functions by heating a stored quantity of water over a certain amount of time.

This article will try to answer the question, instant geyser or storage geyser- which is better? The primary focus of this discussion will be the power consumption of both models since the factor is a primary concern of most Indian households. So let us begin.


Instant Water Geyser Vs Storage Water Geyser

To find out the better model amongst the instant water geyser and the storage water geyser, the following table sums up the idea of instant geyser and storage geyser.

Type of GeyserAn instant water geyserA storage water geyser
CapacityThe capacity of an instant water geyser is smaller as compared to a storage water geyser.A storage water geyser has larger tank capacity as compared to an instant water geyser.
SizeThe small capacity results in a smaller size of the appliance. It can be easily mounted in any part of the wall.In contrast, a storage water geyser has a larger size owing to its larger tank capacity. This makes it difficult to be mounted in any part of the wall.
Power ConsumptionSince the water heating is quite low, the process is accomplished quickly and as a result, the power consumption of the entire device is low.A storage water geyser heats a large quantity of water and the process takes some to complete. Hence, the power consumption of the device is quite high.
Heating TimeYou can get the immediate supply of hot water after switching on the geyser.The geyser takes about 5 minutes to heat the water in the tank.
DurabilityAn instant water geyser is more durable.A storage water heater is less durable.
ExpenseIt is pretty expensive to afford an instant water geyser. This can be attributed to its features and workings.A storage water filter costs relatively less than an instant variant.

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The Instant Water Geyser

In the discussion of instant water geyser and storage water geyser, let us begin with the instant variant. As the name suggests, the primary feature of this appliance is that it is capable of heating the water flow instantly. This feature results in the geyser completing its operation within a short time, and hence the power consumption is significantly lower.

Pros of using one

The advantages of using instant water geysers are manifold. A few of them are listed below.

  • An instant water geyser has a smaller capacity than a storage water geyser. This is to allow the appliance to heat the low capacity of water instantly. The low capacity results in a smaller size, which can easily fit in any position of the wall.
  • The heating process is done with the help of significantly low power consumption. Since, the capacity of the appliance is small and the heating is done quickly, the power consumed by the instant water geyser is lesser than the storage variant.

Cons of using one

For the sake of an unbiased discussion, we must also discuss the disadvantages of using an instant water geyser. The following are some of these disadvantages.

  • An instant water geyser is very efficient in its working, heating the water instantly. Hence it is a pretty expensive model owing to the technology and the mechanism used. It might be difficult for some users to afford the appliance.
  • Despite the low power consumption, an instant water geyser has a high wattage. Excessive use of the appliance might result in too much load on the power grid culminating in irreparable damage.

Uses of an Instant Water Geyser

The following are some of the most common uses of an instant water geyser.

  • This geyser is ideal to be fitted and used in kitchens. The small capacity is suitable for kitchen work, which requires less water than bathing and showering.
  • The appliance emits no greenhouse gas in its working. Hence it can be used in an eco-friendly manner by all users.
  • This is the ideal water geyser if you have a small family. The small capacity of the appliance is suitable for the family size.

Our Recommendation:

As happens for every popular appliance, many reputed brands compete to bring the class products to the customers. It is the same for an instant water geyser as well. As such, it can be very confusing for the customers to select an ideal product from the lot.

But if you go by the popular opinion, the Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heater is one of the highest rated products.

This instant water geyser has a 3-liter capacity and has a wattage of 3000-watts. The geyser is equipped with multiple safety features that resist overheating, dry heating, among others.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty, and the body of the geyser is crafted with rust-free material as well.

The Storage Water Geyser

The next in the comparison of instant water geyser vs storage water geyser is the storage water geyser. A defining feature of this variant is its increased capacity as compared to the instant water geyser. This increased capacity allows it to heat a greater quantity of water resulting in greater power consumption as compared to the instant variant.

Pros of using one

Just like the instant water geyser, the storage water geyser also has many advantages. The following are some of the many a customer can enjoy.

  • The storage water geyser is efficient and ideal in heating a larger quantity of water as compared to the instant water geyser. This makes it ideal for larger families and can be used for showering and bathroom use.
  • This increased and large tank capacity of the storage water geyser as compared to an instant water geyser enables it to provide uninterrupted water flow to the customers. This is ideal when the customer has a large family.

Cons if using one

Now a storage water geyser does bring about certain disadvantages for the customer as well. Some of these are listed below.

  • Due to the increased capacity of the tank, the geyser has to heat a larger quantity of water. This takes some time to complete, and in the process, the storage water geyser consumes a lot of power. Hence the power consumption of the device is high and can result in a pricy electricity bill.
  • The larger tank capacity also contributes to the increased size of the storage water geyser as compared to an instant water geyser. This increased size makes it a bit difficult to fit, and the appliance is not compatible with being mounted in any part of the wall.

Uses of a storage water geyser

The following are some of the uses of a storage water geyser.

  • The increased tank capacity and the uninterrupted water slowness of a storage water geyser makes it the ideal choice for larger families. It can be used in the bathroom for showers efficiently.
  • The water storing characteristic of the appliance makes it possible for you to use the stored water throughout the day. Even when the water supply to the geyser is not activated.
  • Much like all modern appliances, a storage water geyser does not emit any greenhouse gas by its working. Hence it can be used in an eco-friendly manner.

Our Recommendation:

Much like the instant water geyser, major brands compete to bring forth great products for storage water geyser as well. Truth be told, the storage water geysers are more popular with the Indian customers than the instant variants. Hence it is pretty tedious for a user to select the ideal model.

Popular opinion deems the Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater as one of the highest selling products in India for its amazing features.

This product has an impressive 15-liter capacity and is powered by a 2KW heating element. This heating system is very efficient, and the heater comes equipped with safety features that prevent overheating, dry heating, etc.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on the product and has crafted it with the most durable material and technology.


To conclude this debate of instant water heater vs storage water heater, it would be reasonable to say that the best one varies from customer to customer. Both these models are unique and have been crafted using different designs and mechanisms. Their prices also depend on these functionalities.

Hence, as a customer, you need to first analyze your requirements and figure out which will be the ideal model for you. However, if you want to know the answer to instant geyser or storage geyser, power consumption wise, then the ideal choice would be the instant water geyser. This model has a lot less power consumption than the other one. However, overuse of the device is not advised owing to its effect on the power grid.

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