All about the Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India

These days you must have a Refrigerator at your home especially in the Summer Season.

While double and single door refrigerators are very popular, these cannot match up the requirements of a large family. If you have 5 or more members in your family or you want to take the facility of high-end facilities of a modern refrigerator, then side by side refrigerators are the right choice.

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Juicing vs Blending – Which is better and why?

So you have a very green and healthy diet. The fruits and vegetables are all set to give your body the elements it needs to be healthy. But how to correctly extract all such nutrients for your intake?

For many, juicing and blending are the answers to that question. Modern designs of the juicers and blenders do allow you to extract all nutrients from the ingredients efficiently. But, of the two, which one is the better process?

Let’s find out as we pit juicing vs. blending.

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6 Best Pressure Cookers in India: Complete Review & Buying Guide (2020)

Cooking is essential for everyone as we do need to eat and one of the most used cooking utensils in India is the pressure cooker. It is a blessing for the bachelors as well as for the homemakers because it lets them cook faster especially when there is no time. So, it is obvious that every household needs to have one or more good pressure cookers. The problem arises when people set out to find the right product as there are too many options right now.

Buyers should always keep a check on their requirements and compare products to get the suitable one available in the market. After thorough market research, we have found that our Top Pick: Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in India. Let us have a look at the other products from the most reputed brands that are definitely worthy of buying.

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Best Electric Kettles in India- Review & Buying Guide (2020)

Electric Kettles have been very useful in modern days to boil water very fast. Eventually, when compared to the traditional system, it cuts down the operating time. It is a very handy small kitchen appliance for tea lovers or people who admire coffee. We have listed and reviewed the electric kettles that are excellent in performance, excellent in durability and design.

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Best Dinner Sets in India: Reviews and Buying Guide (2020)

Who does not love having a great dinner with the family dinner using the best dinner set in India?

Whether be it a special occasion or even gifting purpose, we need a good dinner set at our homes that is worth the money.

Most of us get fascinated with the shining decorated utensils that truly gives the highest level of satisfaction. But we often forget to check the build quality, maintenance requirements and material of the dinner set. Many people fail to clean it safely or use it for the long term as the dinner set gets damaged or discolored.

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Best Hand Blender in India (2020) – Review and Buying Guide

Hand blenders are a convenient gadget that can add much-needed precision. These machines appear like magic wands, and you can use it to blend or mash things in just minutes. Hand blenders are beloved to people who like desserts and cakes as it makes things quick. These stick blenders are designed to be portable and affordable. Most companies also equip it with different accessories to make it as efficient as a mixie.

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Best Microwave Ovens in India (All You Need to Know in 2020)

Are you tired of needing to reheat your food on the stove? We know it can be a tedious job, and it creates soiled utensils. On top of that, the reheating process takes a lot of time. With all the mess that we Indians make, most of us can cook a meal simultaneously. Many people still rely on the old methods, but you do not have to. As we love to have warm meals, it can be a letdown if we do not have an appliance that can make it happen.

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The Best Sandwich Makers in India with Review and Buying Guide (2020)

Today’s busy world demands to grab healthy snacks in an instant, which seems to be a difficult deal, especially by busy mothers, working women, office goers, party mongers, food lovers, food-shop even lazy creative minds and so on! Thus, sandwich toasters/grillers come to the rescue, making yummy crunchy veggie cheesy snacks for breakfast or tiffin in a jiff, or grand barbeque grills, firm seafood preparations on open flames on outdoor kitchen parties.

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5 Best Electric Pressure Cookers in India (2020): Review & Buying Guide

Are you tired of cooking for long hours?

To reduce the cooking time, get yourself the latest electric pressure cooker. It will help you to cook in-between your busy lifestyles, and save a lot of money. This handy electric cooker prepares food 70% faster than conventional methods and better than traditional pressure cookers. As some dishes take up a long time, it provides the ease of doing many things at the same time. Currently, Our Top Pick– Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker is hailed as the best electric pressure cooker in India. It is full of features which let you cook western and Indian dishes in the same cooker.

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