best wattage for induction cooktop with power consumption and cost

Best Wattage for Induction Cooktop and its Power Consumption

To keep updated with modern technologies and with fluctuating LPG prices, it is necessary to have the best induction cooktop in every home.

But, when we select an Induction Cooktop, the first thing that makes us think is- what should be the best wattage for induction cooktop? Or, how much electricity does induction consume per hour in India?

We may get very doubtful if the rated wattage of the cooktop is high. A higher wattage means more electricity consumption. So, it seems that you should not select a higher induction cooktop wattage.

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Prestige Iris (750 Watt) Mixer Grinder Review

Prestige Iris (750 watt) Mixer Grinder Review with Features, Pros, Cons

What are the common appliances that you can spot in Indian kitchens?

We are sure that you will be able to find a mixer grinder among many others.

Spices predominate Indian cooking, and grinding stones were an indispensable part of the kitchen before the juicer mixer grinders took their place.

One such kitchen appliance for 2022 is Prestige Iris 750 watt mixer grinder. It reduces the physical strain of grinding spices, pulses, and other harsh ingredients. It also reduces the time usually taken to grind ingredients with your bare hands.

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identify and fix undercooked rice

How to Fix Undercooked Rice at Your Home?

Cooking rice may seem a piece of cake, but it’s a lot trickier in reality. There lies a delicate balance between the amount of rice, water, and cooking time. Also, the flame intensity (of gas stoves) has to be adjusted according to the quantity of rice.

However, mistakes do happen, especially when you’re new to cooking rice. The threat of rice being poorly cooked is always lurking in the shadows to ruin your cooking experience, waiting for the slightest of mistakes to happen.

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kitchen chimney installation height

Kitchen Chimney Installation Height Calculation from Stove

If you are planning to install a chimney for your kitchen, you need to plan and settle several most important matters like the height of the chimney in the Kitchen. The effective distance between chimney and stove, suction capacity, and dimension (60cm, 90cm) are such factors you need to consider.

Kitchen Chimney height calculation is easier than you have ever thought. We recommend the installation of the chimney by a specialized technician to avoid unwanted and unsafe practices. This guide can help you calculate and plan proper Kitchen Chimney Installation Height and Suction Capacity Selection in the right way.

Kitchen chimneys are now one of the most essential appliances for our kitchen. While buying a new one, we always prefer to install the best kitchen chimney in India at our homes.

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OTG vs Microwave oven difference

OTG Vs Microwave Oven Comparison – Which is better?

Both an OTG oven and a microwave oven have their distinctive features and aspects which set them apart from the other. In this comparative analysis of microwave and OTG, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each product. The cooking mechanisms employed in these devices decrease the amount of human effort required while saving time in the cooking as well.

Firstly, we need to address that although both these devices have their differences, they have certain similarities as well. The cooking mechanism is what sets them apart from each other. An OTG (oven-toaster-griller) is ideal for baking and grilling purposes. A convection microwave oven is good for all microwave oven purposes, along with roasting, grilling, baking. 

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best dishwashing gloves in India

10 Best Dishwashing Gloves in India (2023) for Kitchen

Cleaning dishes is a messy task that we need to go through every day.

We can avoid this by using a dishwasher machine. But as it is a costly appliance and takes up a large space in the kitchen, using a pair of dishwashing gloves can be a cheaper alternative.

Presently, dishwashing gloves are very useful for almost every Indian kitchen. These gloves work a lot more than just cleaning dishes. You can clean utensils, cutlery, serving tools very well with the best dishwashing gloves in India.

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dishwasher troubleshooting

Dishwasher Troubleshooting – Problems and Solutions

A dishwasher is ideal for washing the utensils and cookware required for daily use. This does not only help you save time but also reduces the effort to get the dishwashing job done.

While using a dishwasher, we may face several problems that can be solved from the instructions in the user manual. Some of these troubles cannot be solved ourselves, and you need expert support for the rest. Before buying the best dishwasher in India, know the problems they can cause and the solutions to rectify them. 

Here are the 8 typical problems that most individuals face with their dishwasher. To help you out, we have also given practical solutions with troubleshooting guides to each of them.

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connect gas pipe to cylinder

How to Connect Gas Pipe to Stove in India?

Be it a slight gas leakage or difficulty to start the stove, these kinds of problems are very common in India. That said, if you face any issues regarding your stove and the gas pipe, you should consider replacing the old pipe with a new one.

However, even if the process may seem a piece of cake, it comes with its own set of obstacles and risks. So, before you consider taking the job of connecting a gas pipe to the stove and the cylinder as a DIY project, ask yourself a few questions:

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how to boil eggs in electric kettle

How to Boil Eggs in an Electric Kettle? -The Definitive Guide

If you love boiled eggs, having an Electric Kettle at your home can be a great advantage for you. Boiled eggs are a healthy food item that contains high protein and nutrition. By using an electric kettle, you can prepare different types of delicious boiled eggs. You can prepare fully-boiled eggs, half-boiled eggs, or poaches with the best electric kettle at your home.

To know how to boil eggs in an electric kettle, check the following step-by-step guide. In the end, you will learn to prepare a boiled egg with your favorite dish. But be cautious and do exactly as described.

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best citrus juicer in India

7 Best Citrus Juicers in India for 2023 – (Electric and Manual)

Who doesn’t want to get some relief from the scorching heat of summer?

A glass of fresh fruit juice can be beneficial for relieving you. 

After a workout, drinking fresh juice will be very refreshing for you. Besides, it’s a vital part of a healthy diet as well. 

Citrus fruit juice helps to quench thirst and provides vital vitamins and minerals. To get these benefits, you need to have the best citrus juicer in India. 

We all know about a juicer mixer grinder or cold press juicer as an option for making fruit juice. But citrus juicers are also effective for extracting fruit juice at a cheaper price. It lets you make mosambi and orange juice any time you want. 

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