use rice cooker as a steamer

How To Use A Rice Cooker As A Steamer?

A rice cooker, as the name suggests, is an appliance used to cook rice. It uses the combination of heat and intense pressure of steam to do its job. It’s a cylindrical-shaped appliance consisting of a thermostat, a cooking bowl, and a heat source. It makes the water reach the boiling point to produce steam.

This pressurized steam is solely responsible for the cooking of rice in your rice cooker. It’s a straightforward thing designed to boil water until all of it gets absorbed by the food.

cooking on clay pot

Can A Clay Pot Be Used On Induction Cooktops?

The exponential progress of technology has left no industry unchecked, not even the cooking industry. The introduction of induction cooktops has changed cooking forever and for the better. No flames, no fumes, no harm to the environment, that’s what the best induction cooktops are all about.

Induction cooktops work differently than traditional cooktops. First of all, they use electricity instead of fuel.

Secondly, induction cooktops heat the cookware using electrical induction which is different from traditional cooktops which use thermal conduction for the same.

hide chimney pipe behind kitchen cabinet

4 Creative Ways To Hide Chimney Pipe In The Kitchen

A chimney is a very crucial element of a modular kitchen. It saves you from the heat and smoke produced while cooking, giving your modular kitchen an even modern look at the same time. However, the latter depends on how well you hide the chimney pipes.

These kitchen vent pipes carry the heat and smoke to the outside. However, as beneficial as these vent pipes’ function may sound, they can easily hinder the elegance of your modular kitchen if left uncovered.

best hand juicers in India

Top 10 Best Hand Juicers in India

Having fresh fruit juice every day balances our nutrient deficiency. Fruit juice also helps in food digestion. However, make sure not to consume packaged juices available in the market as these contain preservatives in them.

In this modern era, still many people prefer the old school process in their life. Hand juicers are one of them that doesn’t need any electric power.

Unlike a juicer mixer grinder, or a cold press juicer, hand juicers need muscle power to rotate the handle and press the fruits. If you prefer faster processing of juice at a cheaper price, a hand juicer can be a pretty good option. 

best citrus juicer in India

Best Citrus Juicers in India for 2021 – (Electric and Manual)

Who doesn’t want to get some relief from the scorching heat of summer?

A glass of fresh fruit juice can be beneficial for relieving you. 

After a workout, drinking fresh juice will be very refreshing for you. Besides, it’s a vital part of a healthy diet as well. 

Citrus fruit juice helps to quench thirst and provides vital vitamins and minerals. To get these benefits, you need to have the best citrus juicer in India. 

We all know about juicer mixer grinder or cold press juicer as an option for making a fruit juice. But citrus juicers are also effective for extracting fruit juice at a cheaper price. It lets you make mosambi and orange juice any time you want. 

dishwasher troubleshooting

Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide

A dishwasher is a worthwhile investment for those with a busy schedule. The best dishwasher in India does not only help you save time but also reduces the effort to get the dishwashing job done.

At times you may come by a problem in your dishwasher. If it isn’t a major issue you might be able to find a quick fix for it. Here are some of the common problems that we found in dishwashers along with simple troubleshooting solutions.

Induction stove vs gas stove

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove Comparison

If you are looking for an Induction Stove, firstly, you must compare it with your existing gas stove. You should check whether it will be beneficial for you in terms of Cost, Operation, Maintenance, Safety. Comparison of Induction Stove vs Gas Stove is a crucial step before you invest more in buying one.

troubleshooting guide for kitchen chimneys

Kitchen Chimney Troubleshooting – Problems and Solutions

While using a chimney, we may face several problems that cannot be solved by reading the user manual. Some of these troubles can be solved ourselves, the remainings need expert support. Before you buy the best kitchen chimney in India, get aware of the problem they can cause. This will help you solve them easily.

Here are the 7 most common problems that Indians face with their kitchen chimney. To help you out, we have also given reasonable solutions with troubleshooting guide to each of them.