10 Best Kadai for Indian Cooking (2021) – Everything You Need to Know

best kadai for indian cooking

The appetizing smell of the seasoning surrounding the Indian kitchens makes Indian cuisine one of the world’s most drool-worthy cuisines. The fragrance that roams around makes us want more and more.

The delicious dishes prepared every day in the Indian kitchens have one thing in common. The distinct method of cooking food. Indian cooking is all about frying and slow-cooking the food along with various spices to enhance its taste. Unlike the bowls required in other cuisines, slow-cooking requires utensils like a good kadai that can withstand such high temperatures.

Indians have been cooking and seasoning their food for a long time in kadai that is ideal for preparing Indian cuisine. Sometimes, the food you cook at high temperatures burns down the bottom of Kadai, ruining the vessel’s taste and surface. Moreover, sometimes due to the lack of depth or inadequate material in the vessel makes turning over food difficult.

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8 Best Roti Makers in India (2021) – Automatic Electric and Manual

best roti makers in India

In India, roti is a widely popular choice for everyday meals. Mostly, every Indian family prefers to have roti or chapati as a regular healthy diet.

But, it’s not that easy to make perfect soft and round rotis. If you ever have tried making rotis, you must know how hectic the job is. For this, you need years of experience. It not only takes a lot of effort but also consumes enough time.

To save these extended hours, many people prefer to order chapatis from restaurants. But it is not a wise decision to order from restaurants every day.

So, here you can take the help of roti makers. It is a great invention that lets you prepare perfect round rotis with no time. A roti maker machine spares both your effort and time. You only need to follow the guidelines properly for making perfect rotis.

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Best Lunch Boxes for Office in India (2021) – Electric and Insulated

Buying guide for best lunch box

Did you know that Indians consume over 200 kcal every day from bad sources of nutrition?

In the office, you spend the busiest hour. The only thing that gets hampered within these hours is your lunch. Many of you don’t eat at the right time and skip your lunch.

When you get time to eat anything, that is quite an odd timing. Also, if you don’t have anything with you, you need to depend on the fast foods and oily foods available in stores. That is an unhealthy habit.

Practicing such an unhealthy habit ruin your health and you suffer from several long-term diseases, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and so on. Carrying lunch from home can be the best solution. You get homemade food at the busiest hour of working.

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9 Best Auto Ignition Gas Stoves (Hob) in India for 2021

best auto ignition gas stove in India

We all know about gas stoves that run on LPG and PNG gas. Most of us prefer it because of its easy availability.

These gas stoves need an external ignition device such as a lighter or match stick to fire up. To make different cooking recipes, we just have to regulate the flame by rotating the knob.

Today, gas stoves are upgraded with advanced features that ease the whole process. One of such innovations is auto-ignition technology. The best auto ignition gas stoves in India are more beneficial as they are easier to use and have more features that improve the design and performance of the hob.

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Best Oil Extraction Machine for Home in India (2021)

best oil extraction machine for home in India

Oil extraction machines have been a savior for the ones who require oils in large quantities or cold press oil for healthier food habits. There are many machines available in huge sizes. Oil is extracted when the oilseeds are put in the machine, and then the oil is collected separately.

Large oil extraction machines cannot fit at home. For a long time, traditional methods of oil extraction are now used at homes. Apply the pressure and then squeeze the oil seeds. But this method can get too tedious sometimes. So, to solve this problem, oil machines of smaller sizes are now used at homes.

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12 Best Refrigerators in India (2021) for Home Use

best refrigerators in India

Did you know that India produces more than 12 million units of refrigerators every year?

Yes, that is quite a huge number relying on the country’s population.

The usual hot weather found in India makes refrigerators an indispensable appliance. During the scorching summers, any food left in open is bound to go rotten as quickly as possible.

What can be the solution to such a problem?

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7 Best Built-in Ovens in India (2021) for Home Baking

best built-in ovens in India

Baking is a prevalent cooking choice all over India. But baking at home can be difficult without a proper method.

We may have our traditional tandoors and wood-powered ovens, but these can’t be used in apartments. It leads to people settling for regular restaurant orders. Most Indian households do have microwave ovens, but their use limits you to a handful of dishes.

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5 Best Ice Cream Maker in India for Home (2021)

best ice cream maker in India

As per statistics, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is 400 ml the rate of consumption is continuously increasing. This is because of the diversity of the flavor and increasing popularity. But having an ice cream is quite costly. If you have an ice cream maker at home, you can cut down the expense to almost half.

We know that kids are fond of ice-creams. If you have such one little angel in your home, an ice-cream maker can always make him/her happy. No matter whether you are eight or eighty, ice cream can always lift your mood and bring a smile to your face.

But, the ice-creams, available in the market, may contain chemicals, food preservatives, toxic colors, and flavors, etc. Those are harmful to health. If consumed more, those elements can hurt you for a long time.

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Best Vegetable Choppers in India for 2021 (Electric and Hand)

best vegetable choppers in India

It is very time-consuming and physically tiring to cut the vegetables by hand every time we cook or eat. The sizes of all the cut pieces are also not symmetrical every time, which is sometimes necessary for cooking. The invention of the vegetable-cum-food choppers has provided a solution for all these problems in the easiest way.

A vegetable chopper has been a great help to the household works. The invention of this small kitchen appliance has eased up the lifestyles by cutting and chopping the vegetables and foods within a very short time. It also requires less physical labor or effort. The vegetables are just needed to put in the choppers, and the machine does the chopping by itself.

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7 Best Dishwasher Detergents in India for Hard Water

best dishwasher detergent in India

A dishwasher machine works in three ways: mechanical scrubbing, detergent applicator, and thermal energy. So, while you use such an appliance, you must choose the best quality detergent as well. It can help you to avoid the endless and frustrating rewashing routine and improve the life of the machine.

Usually, Indian cooking includes a lot of oil and spices. So, stubborn oily stains are common. You have to put a lot of effort into removing all those stubborn stains. But the best dishwasher detergents let you clean all those hard stains.

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10 Best Smoothie Makers In India (2021) for Fresh & Frozen Fruits

best smoothie maker in India

Presently, almost 90 million Indians, including the urban people, are health conscious and prefer to follow a healthy routine. Being healthy depends on eating healthy.

How about making healthy and tasty smoothies at home?

Yes, you can do that with India’s best smoothie maker. But, before knowing the best ones of the kind, you should know why you need it. Smoothies are always a great option for healthy food.

Many of you prefer to have fruit juices. But, when you juice out the fruit and strain it, the beneficial nutrients almost get drained. It won’t help you much in building your physique.

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Best Coffee Maker Machines in India (2021) – for Home, Office, and Café

best coffee maker machines in India

A coffee-making machine has been of great help to both the office works and household works. The invention of the coffee maker has made roasting and grinding coffee beans, brewing, and making coffee are so much easier in 2021. Due to this great advantage, making coffee nowadays does not take much time and physical labor, or effort.

It is very time-consuming and physically draining to grind the beans and then make a perfect cup of coffee in the traditional, especially, to do so in a huge quantity. The number of ingredients, the processing time, and may varies from cup to cup which can cause inconvenience and variance in the taste.

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Hard Anodized vs Stainless Steel Cookware – The Key Differences

stainless steel vs hard anodized cookware

Cooking is an art and everyone who loves cooking wants their cookware to be durable so that they can use them for a longer period of time. While selecting a new product for the kitchen whether it is a pot or a pan, most people look for two things – the quality and durability of the product.

Most of the companies related to the cookware-making business use stainless steel or hard anodized metal to make their pots and pans corrosion-free and heat resistant. By using such cookware, you can cook a wide variety of things. These products are affordable and easily fit into your budget.

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9 Best Dishwashers In India (2021)- Pros, Cons, And Worthiness

best dishwashers in India

There is a lot of myth that dishwashers are not suitable for Indian kitchens. But you need to check the pros and cons to make a wise decision if it is worth buying.

After researching and analyzing more than 360 products from 28 different brands, we highly recommend the Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher as the best dishwasher in India for 2021. It has 6 wash programs that eliminate all the oil and gunks present on the pots and pans used for Indian cooking. This dishwasher utilizes only 10 liters of water in a wash cycle for washing dishes. Moreover, it needs 1.02 kWh of energy that costs only Rs. 5 to 12 per hour depending on the electricity rate.

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10 important Benefits and Disadvantages of Air Fryer

advantage and disadvantage of air fryers

Air fryer recipes are being developed daily, but what exactly is an air fryer, and most importantly is it worthwhile to have one in your house?

An air fryer uses the convection mechanism to circulate hot air around food so that it gets heated. It also uses a tiny amount of oil in the process and some people say it is simply a smaller version of the customary convection oven.

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Best Wattage for Induction Cooktop and its Power Consumption

best wattage for induction cooktop with power consumption and cost

To keep updated with modern technologies and with fluctuating LPG prices, it is necessary to have the best induction cooktop in India for every home.

But, when we select an Induction Cooktop, the first thing that makes us think is- what should be the best wattage for induction cooktop?

We may get very doubtful if the rated wattage of the cooktop is high. Higher wattage means higher electricity consumption. So, it seems that you should not select a higher induction cooktop wattage.

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