best auto ignition gas stove in India

10 Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove in India for 2023 (2, 3, 4 Burners)

We all know about gas stoves that run on LPG and PNG gas. Most of us prefer it because of its easy availability. These gas stoves need an external ignition device such as a lighter or match stick to fire up. To make different cooking recipes, we just have to regulate the flame by rotating the knob.

Today, gas stoves are upgraded with advanced features that ease the whole process. One of such innovations is auto ignition technology. The best auto ignition gas stoves in India are more beneficial as they are easier to use and have more features that improve the design and performance of the hob.

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How to fix yellow and orange flames on gas stove burner

How To Fix Yellow/ Orange Flames On A Gas Stove?

Cooking food has never been this easy- no hassle, no pollution, and much safer than before, all thanks to the modern-day gas stoves. Gas stoves use flammable gases like Liquid Petroleum Gas, Propane, or Butane as fuel. These gases undergo complete combustion which causes little to no pollution and produces blue flames. New-age innovations like auto-ignition gas stoves automatically ignite the gas when turned on.

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light up gas stove with electric starter

How To Light A Gas Stove With An Electric Starter?

Needless to say, the kitchen and gas stove are the best friends of humans when hunger strikes. However, you need to light the gas stove first before proceeding towards cooking. There are many ways of lighting a gas stove but lighting it with an electric starter is probably the most hassle-free and safe method to go for.

A gas stove is fueled by a combustible gas which could be Liquified Petroleum Gas, Propane, Butane, etc. Modern-day stoves have an inbuilt ignition system that removes the hassle of having a lighter or match sticks around to make the experience safer, smoother, and quicker.

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periodic cleaning of gas stove burner

How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burner Heads?

The kitchen is the center and heart of the home. Most people love spending time and cooking there over gas stoves. The burners are an important part of the stove from which the flame comes out.

A gas stove saturated with spills, splotches making your stove burners turn a little yellowish – this seems to be a little intimidating to clean up. This also results in clogging inside the stove burners which becomes less efficient releasing a weak flame or no flame at all if spoiled badly.

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glass top vs stainless steel gas stove

Glass Top Vs. Stainless Steel Gas Stove – Which is Better and Why?

With time the looks of our households are changing. Like any other part of the house, the kitchen’s interior inside every Indian home has changed in the last few decades. Small smoky kitchens are something that we are used to experiencing even 20 to 30 years back.

But now people give equal importance to their kitchen design as they give to any other parts of the house. One of the essential tools used in the kitchen, without which cooking is not possible, is a gas stove.

If you walk into a modern home, you will probably witness a modular kitchen in some part of the house. To enhance the beauty of the kitchen, the gas stove makers have developed several aesthetic and lightweight models. 

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connect gas pipe to cylinder

How to Connect Gas Pipe to Stove in India?

Be it a slight gas leakage or difficulty to start the stove, these kinds of problems are very common in India. That said, if you face any issues regarding your stove and the gas pipe, you should consider replacing the old pipe with a new one.

However, even if the process may seem a piece of cake, it comes with its own set of obstacles and risks. So, before you consider taking the job of connecting a gas pipe to the stove and the cylinder as a DIY project, ask yourself a few questions:

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