can you eat pulp from juicer

Can You Eat Pulp from Juicer? – Know The Different Uses

If your child is not interested in fruits, the best way to let him have them in the form of juice. But, each time you make fruit, you get very confused about what to do with the pulp. Should you throw it away, or can you have it?

You can have it without throwing it away. The pulp contains fiber, which is very good for your health. Besides, there are more nutrients in the pulp than the juice itself. So, having it is the best idea.

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best citrus juicer in India

7 Best Citrus Juicers in India for 2022 – (Electric and Manual)

Who doesn’t want to get some relief from the scorching heat of summer?

A glass of fresh fruit juice can be beneficial for relieving you. 

After a workout, drinking fresh juice will be very refreshing for you. Besides, it’s a vital part of a healthy diet as well. 

Citrus fruit juice helps to quench thirst and provides vital vitamins and minerals. To get these benefits, you need to have the best citrus juicer in India. 

We all know about a juicer mixer grinder or cold press juicer as an option for making fruit juice. But citrus juicers are also effective for extracting fruit juice at a cheaper price. It lets you make mosambi and orange juice any time you want. 

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best hand juicers in India

Top 10 Best Hand Juicers in India (2022)

Having fresh fruit juice every day balances our nutrient deficiency. Fruit juice also helps in food digestion. However, make sure not to consume packaged juices available in the market as these contain preservatives.

In this modern era, still many people prefer the old school process in their life. Hand juicers are one of them that doesn’t need any electric power.

Unlike a juicer mixer grinder or a cold press juicer, hand juicers need muscle power to rotate the handle and press the fruits. If you prefer faster processing of juice at a cheaper price, a hand juicer can be a pretty good option. 

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best smoothie maker in India

10 Best Smoothie Makers In India (2022) to Blend Fresh & Frozen Fruits

Presently, almost 90 million Indians, including the urban people, are health conscious and prefer to follow a healthy routine. Being healthy depends on eating healthy.

How about making healthy and tasty smoothies at home?

Making delicious smoothies and drinks in a smoothie blender is always a great option for healthy food habits. Yes, you can do that with India’s best smoothie maker. But, before knowing the best ones of the kind, you should understand why you need it.

Many of you prefer to have fruit juices. But, when you juice out the fruit and strain it, the beneficial nutrients almost get drained. It won’t help you much in building your physique.

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cold press juicer faq

8 Best Cold Press Juicer In India (2022) – Complete Review and Buying Guide

Do you feel like having nutritious juices made for breakfast right at your home?

To do that, you will need to have the best cold press juicer in India for 2022. Generally, individuals settle for a centrifugal juicer or a juicer mixer grinder as they are fast and inexpensive. Cold press/ slow juicers are slower, but they are the best in retaining the nutrition present in the juice.

The Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer is the best quality cold press juicer for home use in terms of juicing efficiency, nutrition retention, quality of juice, durability, and ease of use. It doesn’t only have a hard and break-proof body, but its innovative design helps in squeezing out the maximum fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.

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Smart Uses And Functions Of Hand Blender

10 Smart Uses and Functions of Hand Blender

If you’re a foodie and watch a lot of recipes online, you may have noticed professionals using hand blenders or immersion blenders in almost every one of those recipes. While the device itself is affordable, it offers unmatched versatility and provides an outstanding value for your money.

If you’ve never used a hand blender, now is the right time to get one. If you follow this article to the very end, you’ll know the 10 ingenious uses and functions of hand blenders. One thing is for sure; these handy immersion blenders are smarter than you think. These can be utilized to get most of your kitchen chores done with affordable attachments at hand. 

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electric beater vs blender

Electric Beater vs Blender- Which One to Buy for Your Kitchen?

For a modern kitchen, you need modern appliances. Kitchen appliances make your job easy as you need to put the lesser effort into cooking. A blender and an electric beater are some appliances that do your job easily, and you can enjoy your cooking time.

An electric beater is also known as a hand mixer. Don’t worry; you don’t need to run it manually, but it is an electric mixing device that comes with two metal beaters and various speed settings. Having an electric blender is very beneficial in your kitchen as it can mix, whip, blend, and beat any food.

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