Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos 1000W Review

Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos 1000W Review

Stand mixers add a level of versatility and power, which cannot be replicated by hand mixers or manual processes. Inalsa stand mixer Kratos can easily make all those mouth-watering recipes that you have been watching on your reels.

After reading this review, you can now bake cakes, cookies, and bread to meatloaves, sausages, and marshmallows using Inalsa Kratos stand mixer. It will complete your kitchen and make life a lot easier for you as it did for us.

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Prestige Iris (750 Watt) Mixer Grinder Review

Prestige Iris (750 watt) Mixer Grinder Review with Features, Pros, Cons

What are the common appliances that you can spot in Indian kitchens?

We are sure that you will be able to find a mixer grinder among many others.

Spices predominate Indian cooking, and grinding stones were an indispensable part of the kitchen before the juicer mixer grinders took their place.

One such kitchen appliance for 2022 is Prestige Iris 750 watt mixer grinder. It reduces the physical strain of grinding spices, pulses, and other harsh ingredients. It also reduces the time usually taken to grind ingredients with your bare hands.

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Can You Make Bread With A Hand Mixer

Can You Make Bread With A Hand Mixer?

Homemade bread has lots of benefits; first of all, it tastes way better than the bread you buy from the market. Apart from that, the market-bought ones are expensive and contain preservatives which are not good for health. 

If you are fond of baking and making bread at your home, you need an electric mixer (hand mixer or stand mixer) to reduce time and effort. Most recipes require a stand mixer to mix the bread dough. But they are pretty costly kitchen appliances.  For, this reason, you may wonder-

Can you make bread with your hand mixer?

Yes you can. With this guide, you can prepare bread dough with a hand mixer. So, buckle up to know the best way to make bread with a hand mixer!

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best wet grinder in India

8 Best Wet Grinder In India (2022) For Home Cooking

Get the best wet grinder in India if you make idli, dosa, or vada frequently at your home. It is an essential kitchen appliance to prepare the perfect batter for these South Indian dishes. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2L Wet Grinder is the leading product in 2022 as you can make both smooth and grainy batter needed for dosa. It produces less heat, which retains the nutrients of raw rice, coconut, and lentils. Moreover, you can control its 150-watt motor with an inbuilt timer.

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best vegetable choppers in India

Top 10 Best Vegetable Chopper in India for 2022 (Electric and Manual)

When looking for the best vegetable chopper, you will find two main types of products-

  • Electric Vegetable Choppers
  • Hand/Manual Vegetable Choppers

While manual choppers are more affordable, they are time-consuming and physically tiring to cut the vegetables by hand every time we cook or eat. For this reason you need the best electric vegetable chopper in India that can save you time and effort in the kitchen.

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best hand mixer in India

10 Best Electric Beater (Hand Mixer) In India for 2022

An electric beater is the cheapest mixing machine for baking cakes, whipping cream, dough, bread, ice cream, or, even beating eggs. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive stand mixer, then it can be perfect for your requirements. Electric beaters are also known as hand mixers.

Before buying such a useful mixing appliance, it is essential to check several factors like motor efficiency, electricity usage, speed settings, material, and attachments. For this, we recommend going through our buying guide.

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best juicer mixer grinder in India

7 Best Juicer Mixer Grinders In India (2022) for Home Use

India is not only the land of spices but also the land of mixed food habits, where one can find varieties of dishes that are not present elsewhere in the world.

Most of the Indian dishes need some masala in them which is mostly prepared in the household. These masalas make use of fresh ingredients at home that is mixed in a specific composition. It gives a delicious taste and mesmerizing aroma to the dish.

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Hand Blender Vs. Hand Mixer Comparison

Hand Blender Vs. Hand Mixer – Comparison with Pros and Cons

We often get confused between a hand blender and a hand mixer, as they sound the same for many. Before purchasing any of them, you need to understand their differences. Hand blenders and mixers are not the same things, there is a big difference between the two, and serve different purposes in cooking.

Though both the hand mixer and hand blender can be used in similar tasks such as whipping up cream, egg white, etc., there is still a stark difference, which you must be aware of.

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uses of mixer grinder

7 Efficient Uses of Mixer Grinder – Learn the Right Ways

Using a mixer grinder has been very popular among Indian households in the present day. In the old times, people used to mix and grind spices and herbs by hand. But now it has become very easy with a mixer grinder.

Having a mixer grinder at your home does not only ease your hard times but also opens up a wide door to prepare powdered spices, pastes, batter for Dosa/ Idly, and even chutneys. You should not confuse the operation with that of a typical food processor.

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how to use wet grinder

How to Use a Wet Grinder in the Correct Way?

Wet grinders are widely used for processing the idli and dosa batter. Unlike mixer grinders, wet grinders come with a stone roller powered by a motor. This grinding stone turns the grains of rice and dal into a smooth batter without any food clumps. It is capable of reducing food particle size into nanometer and micrometer ranges.

The best wet grinders have high efficiency and can make well-mixed batter for dosa and idli. In this article, you will learn how to use a wet grinder and its various applications.

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different types of beaters for hand mixers

3 Different Types Of Beater Attachments For Hand Mixers

Having a hand mixer in our kitchen is common, but we sometimes create confusion while pairing it with the right beater.

Do you know a perfect beater can serve you the best texture with the least time?

Most of us don’t even bother to differentiate which beater is the best for a specific recipe. But in this article, we will let you know the different types of beaters for hand mixers.  

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blades of juicer mixer grinder and their uses

6 Different Types of Blades in Juicer Mixer Grinders and Their Uses

Cooking is a form of art. Whether you are preparing the regular food or something special on the weekends, it won’t taste good if you don’t use the right things correctly. That’s why you need perfect kitchen appliances. 

In the modern kitchen, you need the upgraded kitchen appliances that can make your job easy, and you can also enjoy cooking without being messy. Juicer mixer grinders are some of such kitchen appliances that you need every day. This appliance comes with different types of blades and jars.

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stand mixer vs food processor

Stand Mixer Vs. Food Processor – Which Should be Your Choice?

In this fast-moving life, you may not like to spend enough time in the kitchen.

Are you planning to make your work comfortable and convenient?

Lafe becomes comfortable and easy when you take the help of electric gadgets like mixing and food processing machines.

Are you in doubt about which one to choose- a stand mixer or a food processor?

These two kitchen appliances function closely but there are certain points you need to consider.

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stand mixer vs bread maker

Stand Mixer Vs Bread Maker – Which is Better and Why?

Kitchen appliances are for making your job easy inside your kitchen. Appliances like stand mixers and bread makers are unique and suitable for your modern kitchen. If you want to make bread and other preparation at home, both appliances are handy.

Now, which one is better?

To know more about these appliances, you need to go through a comparative study. Once you figure out the differences between these two appliances, you will know which one you need to buy now.

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best wattage for hand mixer

Best Wattage For Hand Mixer – Range and Power Consumption

Hand mixers or electric beaters have always been one of the most important kitchen appliances ever, at least if you’re not a coffee lover. The simple yet repetitive beating, stirring, and whisking used to be one of the most laborious tasks to do in cooking. Thanks to technology, the tasks are automated with the help of mixers, especially hand mixers. 

One can argue that standing mixers deserve a higher position than hand mixers, but that’s not true. Hand mixers are versatile and powerful; the speed is higher and can be easily maneuvered around the bowl for better stirring or beating.

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