types of food processor and use

Different Types of Food Processors and Their Uses

With the touch of technology, work in the kitchen has been made a lot easier. A food processor is one such appliance that is designed for a lot of kitchen work including slicing, dicing, mixing, cutting, etc. There are different types of food processors depending upon the operations and applications.

If you plan to buy one, you might face the dilemma of which type of food processor to buy. There are generally three variants of food processors available in the market. These are manual, mini, and full-sized food processors. Out of these, the latter two require electric power to operate.

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best ice cream maker in India

5 Best Ice Cream Maker in India for Home (2023)

As per statistics, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is 400 ml the rate of consumption is continuously increasing. This is because of the diversity of the flavor and increasing popularity. But having an ice cream is quite costly. If you have an ice cream maker at home, you can cut down the expense to almost half.

We know that kids are fond of ice-creams. If you have such one little angel in your home, an ice-cream maker can always make him/her happy. No matter whether you are eight or eighty, ice cream can always lift your mood and bring a smile to your face.

But, the ice-creams, available in the market, may contain chemicals, food preservatives, toxic colors, and flavors, etc. Those are harmful to health. If consumed more, those elements can hurt you for a long time.

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