Newborn Essentials Checklist – The Must-Have For Your Baby

Are you getting prepared for your baby’s arrival?

Or, if you are arranging the essential items for your newborn, you need a complete checklist for all these important things.

There are tons of things to do and not to do. Finally, the moment has come when you will enjoy the best of your life. Parenthood is one of the biggest achievements in anyone’s life.

You need to arrange everything in your home for the little one. Whether it is feeding items, bedding materials, baby carry items, bathing tools, skincare essentials, the long list of newborn supplies may make the parents surprised.

If you are making a list of your newborn essentials, you can be confused to figure it out and forget about what you have already planned.

Having a baby is the ultimate pleasure for any house. The mother delivers a baby after months of sleepless nights and countless dreams in the eyes. Every parent wants to give their baby a good environment where they can grow well without any problems.

But you can only build a good environment when you can arrange all the necessary items for them. Here the comprehensive guide to choosing the essential items for your baby and the list of items in India that will help you make your first time of parenthood easy.

newborn essentials India

Newborn Bedding Essentials

Baby crib with mattress

Baby Crib With Mattress

As a parent, you should always provide your baby with a safe and comfortable sleep environment with the best newborn essentials. Placing the baby in the crib helps them to sleep safely as it is protected by side protection.

But before you place an order, make sure it meets the current safety standard. Providing a mattress in the crib keeps the baby safe and comfortable during their sound sleep.

R for Rabbit Baby’s Den Wooden Baby Co is built with high-quality pine wood. The smooth finish ensures total safety and extreme comfortability. You can install the cot easily as per the height of the baby. The movable tires make it easy to move in your home. 

Baby blanket

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests keeping soft objects and loose bedding items in the baby’s bed. This suggestion is based on the research on infant sleep deaths.

Keeping a blanket gives them a warm feeling, just like a mother’s lap. But make sure that the blanket is not large enough to cause suffocation for the baby. Do not use a normal blanket that is made for adults.

Baby Blanket

The soft and warm feeling of the blanket should mimic the feel of the mother’s womb. After a hot shower, you can also use it to dry your baby. The hooded design also works well in absorbing water from the baby’s hair. You should focus on quality while buying any baby items because the material may irritate your baby’s skin. 

Baby pillow

Baby pillow

There are different types of pillows for babies. The baby pillows are given to prevent the ‘flat head’ syndrome. You should buy the right pillow for keeping in the crib from birth to 12 months. A baby pillow is mandatory here as it shapes your baby’s head properly. 

The suggested baby pillow can provide optimum support for your baby’s head and neck. This baby pillow makes the baby comfortable in a crib, stroller, or baby cot.

The memory foam used in the pillow is temperature-sensitive that can perfectly mold the shape of the head. Perfect shaping is important from newborn age. The recommended pillow can be a suitable choice for your baby. 

Mosquito net for the baby

The mosquito net acts as a physical constraint that keeps the mosquitoes away from the sleeping area.

Additionally, the mesh cotton fabric prevents the worm from contaminating the area where the baby will sleep.

You should buy a good-quality mosquito net that can keep your baby safe when sleeping. 

mosquito net for baby

This mosquito net is safe for your baby, and it prevents the mosquitoes from entering your baby’s bed. It comes with soft bedding that is ideal that held in the comfortable sleep of the baby. It comes with colorful loaded toys that keep the baby busy with those toys. 

Baby monitor

baby monitor

Baby monitors allow the parents to watch if their baby is in any problem when they are in another room.

Additionally, having a baby monitor that monitors around your baby provides you peace of mind. The baby monitor helps the mom sleep better and develop healthy sleeping habits for the baby.

Now you can sleep without worrying as your baby is within your eyesight.

Now stay connected all the time with the high-quality baby monitor from Kodak. It helps you to enjoy every moment of your baby’s development from any part of your home. With a full charge, it can give you service up to 5 hours. You can keep it plugged in in day time and use it at night while your baby is in sound sleep. 

Newborn Feeding Essentials

There are many processes for feeding the little one; from the list below, you can get a clear idea about the essential things you need to feed your baby. 

Feeding clothes for mom

For the new moms, the nursing and feeding time should be comfortable. So, choose clothes in soft fabric. The nursing covers are specifically important when feeding in a semi-public area.

feeding cloth

Keep some good quality nursing bras, nightwear tops that are loose enough. Dark-colored clothes can be ideal as they can hide the leaking breast milk stains. The nipple shields or the breast pads can also be ideal if there is excess milk. Arrange a nipple cream to give comfort after feeding. 

Most nursing clothes come with hidden zippers on the bust. It makes feeding the baby easy from any side. The fabric is also soft and smooth. These are also good for the moms to be.

The stylish design, attractive colors, and style have made it one of the most favorite items for new moms and moms-to-be. Washing the products is also easy. So you can take care of your baby and the dress also. 

Breast pump

A breast pump can be different – an electric breast pump, manual breast pump. Before buying a breast pump, make sure to check if it is an open or closed system, works in both breasts or not, etc. A breast pump comes with accessories, which are bags for storage, labels, clips, etc. 

Manual breast pump

The manual breast pumps are safe as most of them are made of BPA-free plastic.

4 suction level adjustment allows you in suction as per your convenience level.

The suction pattern is designed in such a way so that it can mimic a baby’s feeding style.

breast pump

But remember, an electrical breast pump does the task more efficiently than the manual one. The manual breast pumps will be an ideal choice for you if you want a breast pump on a low budget. Follow the precautions for the breast pump and use it most safely.

Electric breast pump

This electric breast pump comes with 100% BPA-free plastic and a great economical choice for moms. This is a double electric breast pump that works on both breasts at the same time. The electric breast pump does the pumping very efficiently. 


Until the baby is one year, you should sterilize all the breastfeeding and bottle feeding equipment. If the baby is premature or has a weak immune system, you should have a good sterilizer. Otherwise, you can opt for rinsing them in hot boiling water. Remember, different studies show that a good sterilizer can kill at least 99% of germs. 

Luvlap Royal steam sterilizer can kill 99.9 % of germs efficiently and quickly. The whole sterilization process is done here within 8 minutes. Moreover, you can put six feeding bottles and other accessories in its tray for sterilization. 

Newborn essential Milk Formula

If the baby is bottle feeding, you should not skip it. Ask your pediatrician to recommend a good brand of formula milk and buy it. Check with the first time if the baby has any type of discomfort or allergy with it or not. 

Feeding bottle

If you are planning to feed your baby nutritious infant food formula, you should have a good quality feeding bottle. Proper cleaning and maintenance are needed for feeding a bottle.

feeding bottle

Different materials for feeding bottles are available, which are glass, plastic, and silicone. You can choose from them as per your baby’s needs.

The anti-colic nipples are also popular nowadays as they control the air that the baby swallows. BPA-free plastics are good for babies as they can withstand high temperatures.

Most of the feeding bottles in India are made with 100% BPA-free material, and the parts are also 100% sterilizable. The anti-colic valves prevent air from getting into the baby’s tummy.

Provided with a spiral grooved treat, it helps to prevent nipple collapse. This bottle is shaped in such a way to make it hold easily. The Luvlap essential feeding bottle is a great choice for those who want to give maximum safety when feeding the baby. 

Bottle cleaning brush

Each and one baby item needs to be washed properly. At the same time, sterilization is not enough to clean the leftovers of each feeding. Clean the inside of the bottle with the help of a brush. 

The bottle cleaning brush is one of the top choices for the mom. Good quality brushes come with a unique rotating handle that makes cleaning easy. The non-toxic material is extremely safe to use. The soft nylon bristle comes with a perfect shape that ensures the perfect cleaning without any damage. 

Burping cloth

You should burp your baby after feeding. In that case, keep a burping cloth on your neck. If the baby splits up a little, it will prevent your dress from being spoiled. Little split after feeding is natural. So practice keeping a cloth on your neck while feeding your baby. There are different types of burping clothes available in the market. 

Now relieve yourself from the nasty stains of baby splits. Simply place the cloth on your back and get protected from the nasty strain. It comes with a combo of 5 packs with cute prints. The two-layered cotton is super absorbent and can give a quick and gentle clean-up. The perfect size makes it ideal to use anytime, anywhere.

Feeding pillows

Positioning a baby when breastfeeding is an important part. It supplies support for both the mom and the baby. Placing a pillow on your lap ensures that the baby is in the right position and your shoulder is not struggling much for this. Remember, positioning your baby in the right way is important. 

A good quality portable pillow provides the mom ultimate protection while feeding the baby. The feeding pillow can fit any size. You just need to simply keep it in your lap and place the baby over it.

Positioning a baby in the right way is important during breastfeeding. Unlike sleeping pillows, the feeding pillows are designed to feed the newborn. Additionally, you can use the pillow to do tummy time. Tummy time helps in baby digestion.

feeding pillow

Diapering and Personal Care Essentials for Baby

Disposable diaper

Nowadays, this is the common requirement and the most important newborn essential for every baby. Parents prefer disposable diapers because they are convenient and easy to use.

The disposable diaper also comes with extra absorbency. It doesn’t require a wash. You can carry it and use it at your convenience. It can absorb a large quantity of liquid that the others can not. 

You can choose a size for the diaper as per your baby weight. If you are using two diapers regularly, it can cover 30 days a month. Good quality diapers come with soft cottony material that is gentle on your baby’s bum. It will give your baby a sound sleep over the night. This is specially designed for newborns who pee a lot during the day. 

disposable diaper

Cotton nappies

Cotton nappies are good for a baby’s skin. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly. The cotton nappies are less absorbent than the disposable ones. One drawback of cotton nappies is that you need to change them often. 

The designs are attractive, and they are suitable for both boys and girls. This soft cotton fabric will not cause any harm to the baby’s delicate skin. The drawstring and flap design is also easy to use for newborns. 

Diaper changing mat

diaper changing mat

If you often need to change the diaper outside of the home, the diaper changing mat is one of the necessary items to have.

The diaper changing mats are cushioned well. You need to place your baby there when you need to change diapers.

Put the diaper off, wipe down for disinfecting and then roll on the mat onto your bag. 

You can use the mats for different purposes. These are designed with the comfort and convenience that a newborn needs. You can use it anytime, anywhere, whenever you need to place your baby for changing a diaper. After changing the diaper, you can easily wipe it with baby wipes. 

Rash cream

Daily use of diapers may cause mild rashes in the area. So, keep a good quality diaper rash cream to prevent it. Newborns’ skins can be sensitive to so many things. Keeping a diaper rash cream will help you to get rid of these all. Additionally, the rash cream can give the baby a fresh feeling while they have rashes. Remember, if you think the rash is not normal, then contact a doctor immediately. 

Most good quality rash creams contain a micronized form of Titanium dioxide which prevents the skin from getting infected. The pH 5.5 works great on baby diaper rashes. You need to apply the cream over baby rashes until the skin gets healed properly. Try to use it during the sleep time of your baby. 

Wipes for the newborn

The Baby’s diaper area gets regularly exposed to urine and poop. Except for that, this area has more creases than any other area. So, this is quite tough to clean this area. This is the reason why babies get rashes. Using good wipes can disinfect the area and stop further rashes. Apart from that, the wipes contain disinfection liquid that prevents your baby’s skin from getting infected. 

These wipes come with a slow moisture effect that keeps the baby’s skin soothing and moisturized. Chamomile is known as a great antibacterial property that works great in newborn’s dry and sensitive skin. The wipes are pH balanced, so you can be worry-free about exposing the baby’s skin to too acidic. 

Baby powder

The baby powder prevents diaper rash around the genital areas. Mom’s can also use it on their genital area to prevent feminine odors. Additionally, the baby powder makes baby skin sweat-free and sweat rashes-free.

Baby powders come with a blend of natural ingredients that helps in fighting dry skin and stop excessive oil production.

baby powder

You can keep the baby’s skin sweat-free and oil-free for long hours with this baby powder. You can use it before diapering your baby. The baby skins are delicate. So it needs special ingredients for ultimate protection. 

Garbage bag

The garbage bag is one of the essential things to keep with. The newborns poop and pee several times a day. In that case, the garbage bag can be used to store dirty clothes. You must need garbage bags when you are out for a long time with your baby.

Now go for the right sanitary way to dispose of the diaper and other baby wastes. This is a must-have for the new moms on the go. You just need to place the soiled diaper inside it. It also helps to prevent bad smelling from the soiled diaper and to spread bacteria. It can easily fit into your diaper bag, purse, or stroller. 

Mattress protector

Baby diapers are good. But you can’t use them all the time. In that case, your mattress can be spoiled with poop and pee. A mattress protector protects your mattress from being spoiled. Be wise to select the right protector. Otherwise, it may irritate you during bedtime.

When an unprotected fluid accident can leave permanent stains and odor over the mattress, this mattress protector can be life-saving. Most mattress protectors are made of high-quality components that ensure a better sleep experience. This is made of cotton terry, which can efficiently absorb fluid and allow air to pass through it to stay cool and dry for a long time. 

The Newborn Clothing Essentials

Front-open baby clothes

baby clothes

The front open clothes are easy to wear and easy to remove. This newborn essential allows the baby to be comfortable all day.

For newborns, the front open clothes are a great choice. As the baby may split up several times. In that case, you can remove it easily so that the fluid can’t harm the baby. 

The recommended pack contains eight front open habeases with matching nappies, six front open shirts, six caps, and nappies. This is a daily essential clothing kit for your newborn. The soft cottony fabric is absolutely fine for delicate newborn skin. These are also ideal for summertime as well as wintertime. 

Newborn essential Socks

Socks keep the feet of the newborns warm. The baby doesn’t need socks all the time. It depends on the outside weather. The study shows that newborns’ feet tend to frost first according to the weather. In that case, a pair of socks can be helpful for them. 

This is a pack of six newborn socks. Each and the other are unique in color. These socks come with anti-skid grip dots that prevent the baby from falling.

Additionally, the soft material will keep the baby’s feet comfortable inside the socks. You can use these socks when you need to expose the baby to cold. The socks not only keep them warm but also provides comfort to them. 

socks for newborn

Caps for the baby

In the womb, the baby lives in a warm and moist environment. This is the reason why the nurses immediately cover the heads of the baby with tiny heads. So, keep a pair of caps for your newborn. For the first few days, the doctor will recommend using caps for your baby’s head. 

These caps are made of high-quality cotton that ensures total comfort for the tiny heads. The colors of these six caps are different from others, and each is attractive. These are the ideal setting to keep your baby comfortable and stylish all the time.

Swaddle cloth

Swaddle Cloth

Swaddling is one of the most important essential practices for a newborn. You can easily relax a fussy baby when swaddling in the right way. In the swaddling method, the baby is wrapped in a thin blanket or cloth. It makes the baby feel safe and adjust to life outside of the womb. You can learn the right technique of swaddling from your attendant. 

Now swaddling will be more stylish and more efficient. The pack contains two soft natural muslin with a clean and classic print. The light fabric of these muslin clothes don’t let the baby be overheated

 Rather, it keeps the baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Swaddle your baby in the right way with this swaddling cloth. This is especially important when you want to make your baby asleep. 

Onesies for newborn

These are also called newborns clothing. These newborn essentials are specifically designed for tiny babies who are not accustomed to wearing normal clothes. These are useful for the first days of the babies. 

This a pack of three full sleeve onesies. The soft fabric is ideal for a baby’s delicate skin. These are front open, so wearing is also easy. You can take it off easily when you need it. The front open style is really helpful for newborns. 

Pants with booties

The baby gets uncomfortable wearing shoes until they learn to walk. In that case, the booties keep their feet protected and their tootsies warm and cozy. For the first few weeks, the baby needs a warm environment. In that case, the pants with booties will be the right choice for them. Make sure to have good-quality pants with booties for newborns. 

The bootie pants are made with 100% soft cottony fabric making them ideal for newborns. You can customize the size from the given chart of the manufacturer. Choose the right size to make your baby comfortable. The soft cottony fabric is ideal for the delicate and tiny legs of the baby. 

Night Suit for the mother

At night, your baby should be kept in comfortable clothes. The night suits should be comfortable and soft enough for your baby. There are different types and designs of night suits in the market. You can choose any design but make sure the fabric is soft.

This cotton hosiery full sleeve top and pajama will make your baby look cute and ideal as a comfortable night suit. The front open feature is easy to wear for newborns. The attractive color is always eye-catchy for the child. 

Newborn Bathing Essentials


Baby bathtubs are newborn essentials that are also known as basin tubs. The standalone miniature tubs should be purchased as per the size of the baby.

You can use them in a kitchen sink or your bathtub. These bathtubs come with enough space, and some of them can be used for up to two years of the baby.

There are different types of bathtubs in the market. 

bathtub for baby

Your little one always needs special care. If you search for a good and hygienic bathtub for your newborn, you can check the recommended product. These are specially made for a newborn who can’t sit up straight. The material ensures zero toxicity and safety for the baby. The three positions recline to keep the baby as per convenience. 

Towel for the baby

towel for baby

If you need a towel to dry them after bathing, then purchase one which is soft and absorbent. There are different types of baby towels like bamboo baby towels, organic baby towels. These all are made for a baby’s delicate skin.

Soak up the droplets remaining on your baby’s body after bathing with the quick-dry ply towels. The towels are made up of terry cotton that will not irritate the baby’s delicate skin. The towels are available in a pack of two. This is perfect for your newborn. 

Baby shampoo

The parents always want to protect their baby with the best products available. The shampoo is not an exception. A good and mild shampoo not only protects their delicate skin but also prevents their hair from getting tangled. These are specially made to supply enough proteins to their scalp to make their hair soft and healthy. 

A good quality baby shampoo is pH balanced and free from chemicals. This is proved that a 5.5 pH keeps the scalp hydrated and promotes optimal hair growth. This shampoo is made of botanical ingredients that are ideal for a baby’s delicate skin. No tears formula keeps the baby gear free while shampooing. 

Body wash for the baby

The newborn baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. It needs special care. Bathing not only soothes their body but also helps to maintain hygiene. In that case, the baby’s body wash keeps the baby’s skin healthy and makes it free of frontiers and germs. 

The parabens, dyes, and alcohol-free formula can cleanse the baby’s delicate skin efficiently. This shampoo is specifically for the delicate skin of the baby. The iso-lachrymal neutral pH doesn’t irritate the baby’s eye also. It gently washes the baby without reaching any harm to it. The fragrant is also nice and ideal for your newborn. 

Massage oil for the newborn

The baby massage oil should be different from other oils. Massaging with the right oil keeps the baby soft and keeps the skin moisturized all the time. However, all the baby oils are made as equals. So you should be a little conscious when buying a massage oil for a baby.

The goodness of natural ingredients provides a safe, mild, and pure massage experience for newborns. It provides extra nourishment and strength to the baby’s skin. A massage oil made of 100% baby Ayurveda product, is free from harmful chemicals. It keeps Baby’s skin soft And healthy. Massage twice a day to get the best result on your baby’s skin. 

Cream for the newborn’s skin

Simple is always best for a baby’s skin. So avoid a baby cream that is free from fragrances, preservatives, parabens and sulfates, and alcohol.

Baby cream is a newborn essential that contains oil more than baby lotion. For wintertime, creams are good options, but for summer, the lotion is good. 

newborn's cream for skin

A medicated baby cream is preferable for newborn skin. The newborn skin is sensitive and dry. The excellent combination of the Dermadew cream keeps the baby’s skin soft and fresh glowing. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that may irritate the baby’s skin. Keep the baby’s skin hydrated all the time with derma dew Baby cream. 

Cotton Packs

Buy a set of soft cotton pieces. These are helpful to clean the baby’s skin with oil using cotton. You can also apply the cream using a cotton pad into the rough areas of the baby where hand touch is not recommended. Additionally, cleaning the baby skin with Baby oil And cotton makes the baby skin clear from its deep. 

You can use this cotton for your baby as it is safe and highly absorbent. You can also use cotton for your personal use. 

Outdoor Essentials for Baby

Diaper bag

diaper bag

You can store everything in a diaper bag that you need for your baby. Even if you are the minimalist of parents, you can keep here toting diapers, wipes, and other essential baby items like clothes, pacifiers, bottles, etc.

A diaper bag is especially useful when you are planning to go outside with your baby. The diaper bag allows you to organize all the baby items in the right way. 

The Motherly diaper bag comes with 13 well-sized pockets. You can organize your baby items in this pocket easily. The fish mouth opening makes putting the items easy. Three insulated milk bottle pockets keep water and milk warm for a long time. Apart from it, you can safely place your phone in the secret Anti-theft back pocket. 

Baby stroller

Strollers are the best option for you if you want to take your baby on a long journey. It will keep your baby safe and secure when traveling outside. The stroller also comes with extra space that is useful to keep baby items there. 

Luvlap Sunshine baby stroller is one of the best strollers in India that you can buy for your baby. You can use this stroller for up to 3 years of your baby. The 5 point safety harness indicates total safety for using the stroller.

The reversible handle in a stroller enables the parent to handle the stroller in front-facing or back-facing as per your convenience.

baby stroller

Most of the good strollers come with a three-position seat declination that allows the baby to keep in three different positions. The mom says that the Luvlap Sunshine baby stroller is the best value for the product.

Baby car seat

The car seats are the best way to protect your kids when they are in the car. A recent study has shown that car crashes are one of the major causes of child death. The car seat should be purchased as per the baby’s weight, size, and vehicle. 

baby car seat

Now, carry your baby while enjoying a long drive in your car. A 5-point safety harness provides system grips that can securely hold the baby in place. The softly padded side wings provide optimum safety and side protection for the baby.

A carrycot cum rocker enables you to fit your baby in an adjustable four-position setting. Let your baby enjoy a good night’s sleep with its portable sleeping space. It comes with a detachable canopy that makes carrying the baby easy. 

Baby carrier

A baby carrier makes the life of the parents is easier. If the baby stays close to you, they will cry less. Additionally, carrying a baby in hand is difficult for new moms. The best baby carriers are useful to make the parent’s hand free all the time. 

The baby carrier helps you to carry your baby easily when going shopping or picnic. The recommended baby carrier comes with three positions seat declination that allows carrying the baby in three different styles.

The padded shoulder strap provides extra comfort to the parents when carrying the baby. The seats are designed in such a way so that the baby can feel like sitting on the sofa.

baby carrier

It comes with head and neck support also. You can adjust the belt at your convenience. So, now start wearing your baby in style and comfort. 

Miscellaneous Newborn Essentials

Nail clipper for baby

The newborn nail clippers are specially designed for newborn babies. This is the right tool to shape up the soft nails of the babies. The baby’s nails grow rapidly, and these are sharp also. With the nails, they can make cuts, sounds, and scratches on their skin. 

nail clipper for baby

A good baby scissor and nail clipper set can give you a painless nail cutting experience. It comes with a protective cover that helps to eliminate dust from the tweezer end and a scissor blade.

The high-quality BPA plastic- the build material for most clippers ensures safety, and the rust-free stainless steel can go a long run. The anti-slip handles are great for new parents—the perfect set of nail clippers to avoid accidents when shaping tiny nails. 


In case the newborn baby gets sick, you must get this newborn essential. You need a thermometer to have an accurate measurement. If the baby is under three months, you should immediately call doctors for a temperature rise. 

The recommended product is waterproof and easy to use for newborns. You can place it under tongues or the arm. There is no chance of breaking the mercury glass when using it.

This is completely waterproof and gives accurate results. This is one of the most preferred items for doctors. Apart from that, in this pandemic situation, a non-contact thermometer is a must-have for every home. 

thermometer for baby

Vapor rub

The vapor rub contains aloe vera, coconut oil, and lavender and rosemary fragrance. It soothes and relaxes the baby and helps in sleeping better. Apply the vapor rub on your baby’s chest and give him proper sleeping. 

Vicks BabyRub soothing vapor ointment is specifically made to moisturize, soothe and relax your newborn. The aloe vera, coconut oil moisturize the baby’s skin. The lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus calm and relax the baby. You can apply it on your baby’s chest, neck, back, and feet soles to make them relaxed. 

Humidifier for newborns

The humidifiers are especially useful for the cold season. It adds moisture to the air to make a good breathing environment for the baby. It helps to loosen the build-up of mucus. In addition, it adds moisture to the air, so it will be quite helpful if the baby has dry or irritated skin. 

humidifier for babies

Dr. Trust is a premium brand in the world of electronic medical products. The Dr. Trust Humidifier can refresh the air and relieves nasal congestion for the baby.

It uses electronic frequency to break down the water into small particles and eliminate excess moisture from the air. This is especially recommended for the winter season. At this time, the baby may catch the flu easily. 

Digital clock

The digital clock displays the time digitally. You should keep a digital clock in your baby’s room. It will be helpful to feed your baby at the right time. For the newborns, you can also measure the feeding session time of your baby. 

Most digital clocks have a two-way power source. You can charge it in a USB power source or AAA batteries. Also, you can select the time in a 12 or 24 hours format. As per the light, it will automatically set its brightness, whether this is day or night. You can also use it as a small and clear mirror. 

Night lamp

Night lamps are useful for baby’s homes. It helps the mom to locate anything at night easily in the room. As the bulb or tube, the light may make the baby awake. 

Simply plug it into your switchboards and give your baby a great environment for sound sleep. This night lamp allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. It comes with an automatic setting that makes the lamp on when the night comes, and it gets off when it is a day. 

newborn essentials

Is it Good to Buy Newborn Essentials early in India?

Many people think it is bad luck to buy baby items at early stems because most miscarriage happens between the 12 weeks of pregnancy. An estimated one in four pregnancies ends with a miscarriage during the 12 weeks. But modern-day pregnancy gives reports as early as possible. So, you can take extra precautions as soon as pregnancy arrives. Indeed, anything does not influence your body. 

If you buy any newborn essentials during pregnancy, that can remain as a physical reminder. But you can make decisions on things that you take as best. If you decide that buying baby items during the first trimester is necessary, you can go ahead; otherwise, you resist. For purchases during the first trimester, go for very small and simple items as advised on our website

Instead of buying, you may sit down to make a budget for your baby. Decide what you need and how much it may cost. Here are a few things that you can shop for during your first trimester. 

  • Pregnancy or baby journal for recording the next few months.
  • Vitamins to support your pregnancy.
  • Waistband expander for the jeans. 
  • Pregnancy planner or pregnancy guide for your every trimester. 

Final Words

Knowing all these things will help you to make wise purchases for your baby. Like other parents, you will also want to give your baby the best things. There are so many products available in the market that can make the parent’s life easier. The truth is most of them are ‘want’ not ‘essential needs.’

Some parents also get tempted to buy every gadget for their babies. But remember, your baby needs a little Bing and attentive parents, not a shelf full of gadgets. You just need to welcome them with those basic items.

You can also add other things to this newborn essential item list. These all are about the basic items that you must need for your baby’s arrival. Whatever the list be, you just enjoy the coming of a new life in your home.

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