Samsung 5 in 1 Convertible Refrigerator Reviews

The progress of technology has touched all aspects of our lives, and the Indian kitchen is no such exception. The refrigerator has been present in the Indian kitchens for quite some time now.

Whether it is storing daily leftover meals, or keeping the food fresh over the upcoming days, a refrigerator is pretty necessary for managing a kitchen.

But with the passing days, there has always been the desire to enjoy more features when using the appliance. This is where Samsung enters the scene.

With the introduction of 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator and freezer, Samsung has become a household name, more than it was. When you avail of any of these convertible appliances, you can enjoy a whole host of additional features as compared to regular refrigerators.

These include an enhanced fridge and freezer features, separate operation of both the freezer and fridge and better cooling. This article will provide you the details of the Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator with reviews to make the selection process easier for you.

What is 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator and how can it help Indian consumers?

A convertible refrigerator is one that allows independent operation of both the refrigerator fridge and the freezer. Ideally, the temperature of the fridge is maintained around 2 to 5oC. The freezer is more suited for a negative temperature, preferably around -15oC.

When you use a convertible variant, you can easily maintain these temperatures; the stored products will be at an optimum temperature for preservation. This is noticeable, absent in normal refrigerators.

The independent operation also allows you to operate both the freezer and the fridge as per and when needed. In the context of an Indian household, this is particularly helpful because Indian families tend to cook in bulk or buy products in bulk, such that it can be used over multiple days.

If you have prepared the food in bulk, then you can just use the fridge portion of the refrigerator. Similarly, if you have bought a bulk of products that need to be stored in the freezer, you can only use them. Not only does this help the food better, but it also keeps energy consumption under check. Buying one of the best refrigerators in India can help you solve these problems easily.

Additionally, convertible refrigerators do come with multiple working modes, which helps them operate better.

samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator review

5 Modes of Operating the Samsung Convertible Refrigerator

Most of us already know how does a refrigerator work. Apart from the basic principle, there are 5 different modes embedded within the Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator. These modes have various working features and energy consumption and can be easily managed by the consumer using the control provided on the body of the device.

A majority of the positive Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator reviews are attributed to these modes. Let us take a look at them.

normal mode

This is the standard working condition that is observed in normal refrigerators. Both the freezer and the fridge are maintained at the ideal temperatures, and users can use them at the same time and even independently.

extra fridge mode

As the name suggests, this working mode enables you to use an extra fridge, i.e., extra fridge storage space, to be precise. Using this mode, you can convert the freezer conditions into that of the refrigerator and use it for extra storage. This is particularly useful for vegetarians as they normally do not need that freezer space, which is best used to store meat.

seasonal mode

Samsung has incorporated the seasonal mode in its convertible refrigerator to completely allow the consumers to switch off the freezer space. This helps keep the energy consumption under check, particularly when there is no use of the freezer space.

vacation mode

This might be deemed as the opposite of the 'seasonal mode.' The vacation mode allows the consumer to switch off the refrigerator's fridge space without impacting the freezer's operation. Much like the seasonal mode, this working mode also helps to keep the energy consumption under check.

home alone mode

The home alone mode in the Samsung convertible refrigerator is an extension of the extra fridge mode. Using this working mode, you can convert the freezer space into the fridge while shutting down the original fridge space. Hence you will land with a mini-fridge and lesser energy consumption.

Review of Samsung 5 in 1 Convertible Refrigerators

In this review, we have selected 8 convertible refrigerators with capacities of 253 L, 275 L, 324 L, 394 L, 415 L, 465 L, 551 L and 670 L which is suitable for different family size and requirements of the users.

1. Samsung 253-litres 5 in 1 Convertible Refrigerator

Samsung 253-Litres 5 In 1 Convertible Refrigerator review

Key Features:

  • Frost-free operation nature
  • Double door form factor
  • Durable LED lights in every corner
  • Optimal humidity is maintained
  • 2-star energy rating
  • Produces less noise during operation
  • Efficient cooling is provided at all corners
  • The movable ice maker is provided
  • 10-year warranty on compressor

Good storage capacity

This refrigerator is equipped with improved and efficient storage space. The total storage capacity of the appliance is 253-litres. Of this, 184-litres is provided for fridge capacity, and 69-liters are provided for freezer capacity. This is ideal for a family of 2 to 3 individuals. This storage capacity can be utilized through the glass shelf provided.

Very energy efficient working

Samsung has designed this appliance to function in a very energy-efficient manner. The refrigerator has a 3 Star energy rating and has an annual energy consumption of 242 Kilowatt-hours. The operating voltage of the refrigerator is 220-volts.


  • Suitable for a small family with 2-3 users.
  • Built-in digital inverter technology with less noise and saving more energy.
  • Frost-free function with an automatic defrosting system.
  • Stabilizer-free operation.


  • The energy rating of the model is 2 Star.

2. Samsung 275-litres 3 Star convertible Refrigerator

samsung 275 convertible refrigerator

Key features:

  • Double door design for efficient handling
  • Frost-free operation nature
  • Auto defrost feature equipped
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Digital inverter technology equipped
  • Power freeze and power cool feature equipped
  • Flexible storage capacity
  • Twist ice maker equipped
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor

Very efficient inverter technology

This refrigerator is equipped with digital inverter technology. This enables you to make cooling adjustments that will keep the food fresh, even in a power cut scenario. Consumers appreciate this feature very much because it ensures the refrigerator keeps working in a power cut and preserves the food quality.

Some great additional features

In addition to the 5 modes of operation in the Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator, this model has other features. The likes of these include the power freeze and the power-cool features. The former helps in faster ice making. The power-cool feature helps chill the stored products much faster. Along with these, a twist ice maker is also provided to use the ice cubes efficiently.


  • The 275-liters capacity is ideal for a medium-sized family
  • The auto defrost feature makes it easier to manage.
  • Easy to convertible modes.
  • Good to use for every individual.


  • Unavailability of anti-bacterial protection and deodorizer.
  • There is no door locking system in the model.

3. Samsung 324-litres 5 in 1 Refrigerator

Samsung 324-Litres 5 In 1 convertible Refrigerator review

Key features:

  • 3 star energy rating
  • Auto defrost function equipped
  • Frost-free working design
  • Produces minimum noise during operation
  • Digital inverter compressor integrated
  • Double door form factor
  • 220-volts operating voltage
  • Very efficient LED lighting
  • 10 years of warranty on the compressor

The perfect moist free zone

Integrated with the body of this device is the moist-free zone. This space helps you to preserve the quality of the fruits and vegetables by maintaining the ideal temperature for the same. The moisture level in this space is monitored and adjusted, such that the humidity level is maintained at optimal. For easier handling, the design is crafted as a drawer.

No need of a stabilizer

There is no need for a stabilizer when you are using this refrigerator. Samsung guarantees a stabilizer-free operation for this model and indeed delivers on that. In the case of voltage fluctuation, the circuitry maintains the optimal conditions for the refrigerator. This is mainly achieved by the compressor that operates at around 50oC.


  • The 324-liters capacity is ideal for medium-sized families.
  • The refrigerator has a stabilizer free operation.
  • Toughened glass shelves allow the fridge to bear more load.
  • The refrigerator cools down every corner inside by circulating air very efficiently.
  • Easy to use the convertible modes as the users require.


  • No door lock is given with the model.
  • No inbuilt deodorizer is present.

4. Samsung 394-litres 3 Star 5 in 1 Convertible Refrigerator

Samsung 394-Litres 3 Star 5 In 1 Convertible Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 3-star energy rating
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Double door form factor
  • Auto defrost feature
  • Frost-free working
  • No batteries required
  • Integrated deodorizer
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor

The twin cooling plus feature

This refrigerator has incorporated the twin cooling plus feature in its working. These features allow the humidity inside the storage capacity of the refrigerator to be maintained at 70%. This is significantly more than the standard 30% observed in other refrigerators. This helps create the optimal conditions inside the device and aids in preserving the food better.

Impressive additional features

Samsung has also incorporated some additional features in this refrigerator. The likes of these include the power cool and the power freeze features. Additionally, the consumer can also enjoy digital inverter technology. A door alarm is also incorporated into the design of the refrigerator.


  • A 394-liters capacity that Is ideal for large families.
  • Bigger bottle storage space than other variants.
  • Inbuilt door alarm system.
  • Equipped with twin cooling plus technology to keep the vegetables fresh with an optimum humidity level.
  • The product comes with an inbuilt deodorizer that keeps the environment fresh inside.
  • Comes with a digital display.
  • The twist ice maker makes the operation of the freezer easier.
  • The "power freeze" and "power cool" features can freeze and cool faster than the previous models.
  • It can be connected to the home inverter without any problem.


  • No door locking system present.
  • It can be expensive for some families to afford.

5. Samsung 415-litres 3 Star Convertible Refrigerator

Samsung 415-Litres 3 Star Convertible Refrigerator review

Key features:

  • Standard double door form factor
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Automatic defrost system equipped
  • Integrated digital display
  • Integrated inverter
  • Inbuilt deodorizer
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor

Impressive stabilizer free operation

This convertible refrigerator from Samsung is guaranteed for stabilizer free operation. This means there is no need for a separate stabilizer, and the refrigerator in itself is capable of handling the voltage fluctuations. Although many brands promise and fail to deliver on this, Samsung is an exception. The product has been perfectly crafted for this.

Great additional features

Like their other models, Samsung has equipped this refrigerator with certain additional features and the five standard operating modes. These features include power freeze and power-cool features along with the fresh room. This fresh room is a space that maintains the temperature, even if the fridge door is opened frequently. It is ideal for storing foods that need constant cooling.


  • The 415-liters capacity is ideal for larger families.
  • Fresh room space maintains a constant temperature.
  • The product is equipped with a door alarm system to notify the user if the door is left open by mistake.
  • It comes with an inbuilt deodorizer system that keeps the air fresh inside the fridge.


  • The door locking system is not featured with the product.

6. Samsung 465-litres 3 Star Refrigerator

Samsung 465-Litres 5 in 1 refrigerator review

Key features:

  • 3-star energy rating
  • Double door form factor
  • Auto defrost feature
  • Frost-free operation
  • Easy slide shelf
  • Integrated digital display
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Digital inverter technology
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor

Innovative cool-pack feature

Samsung has incorporated an innovative cool-pack feature in the design of this refrigerator. Along with the stabilizer-free operation and the integrated inverter technology, this feature comes in handy during a power cut. It helps in keeping the food frozen for up to 12 hours. This helps in preserving the quality of the food.

Good additional features

This convertible refrigerator also has some additional inbuilt features along with the standard 5 operating modes. These include the power cool and the power freeze feature along with the fresh room feature. A digital display is provided for easier handling by the consumer. The shelves are crafted using toughened glass and have been given an easy slide feature.


  • 111-liter freezer capacity helps in more storing foods.
  • Inbuilt deodorizer preserves the original flavor and aroma of the food.
  • A door alarm system is available with the model.
  • The convertible refrigerator comes with a digital display for the convenience of the users.
  • The users can store bottles with a larger size on the door rack of this machine.
  • Digital inverter technology with this 5 in 1 refrigerator uses optimum power required to run the fridge boosting performance with a lower electricity bill.
  • No stabilizer is required to run the cooling appliance.


  • The product is expensive compared to the previous ones.
  • Not suitable for small families with 4 members or less.

7. Samsung 551-litres 5 in 1 Refrigerator

Samsung 551 L convertible Refrigerator

Key features:

  • Standard double door form factor
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Frost-free working
  • Door alarm equipped
  • Cool-pack feature
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Digital inverter technology equipped
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor

Impressive Antibacterial protection

This feature is crucial in keeping the air inside the storage capacity of the refrigerator fresh. The overall condition of the space is kept pretty hygienic. This is achieved by passing the air through an activated charcoal filter. This ensures that the air is constantly sterilized and deodorized.

The dual-fan cooling feature

This refrigerator has incorporated the dual-fan cooling feature in its working. These features allow the humidity inside the storage capacity of the refrigerator to be maintained at 70%. This is significantly more than the standard 30% observed in other refrigerators.

It is achieved by the separate functioning of two fans along with two evaporators, one each for the freezer and the fridge.


  • High capacity for cooling and freezing.
  • Innovative anti-bacteria technology is incorporated.
  • Bright and efficient LED light for a better view inside the convertible refrigerator.
  • The shelves made of toughened glass can bear a high load capacity.
  • The 5 in 1 fridge comes with the "power cool" and "power freeze" features that are extremely useful.
  • The twin cooling feature can cool down the refrigerator and freezer separately maintaining an optimum humidity level inside.
  • This model also comes with digital inverter technology and it does not need a stabilizer to run.
  • The digital display can help the user monitor the operating conditions of the convertible refrigerator.


  • Pretty expensive for middle-class families to afford.
  • Not very portable, although assistance is provided during installation.

8. Samsung 670-litres 5 in 1 convertible Refrigerator

Samsung 670-Litres 5 In 1 Convertible Refrigerator review

Key features:

  • Standard double door form factor
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Automatic defrost system equipped
  • Integrated digital display
  • Integrated inverter
  • Produces minimum noise during operation
  • Integrated display and control features
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor

Great storage capacity

As is evident, this is the largest storage capacity for any convertible refrigerator featured in this listing. Although it is not the largest from the brand, it is still pretty significant. Of the 670-liters storage, 161-litres is attributed to the freezer itself. This makes the refrigerator suitable for families with 5 or more members.

Good Antibacterial Protection

Samsung has also integrated the anti-bacteria protection feature in this refrigerator. By the use of this feature, the storage space is maintained in a hygienic condition. It preserves the quality and the aroma of the food and does away with any foul smell. It is a very welcomed feature by the consumers.

The best side by side refrigerators in India can also be very helpful if you need a higher capacity fridge.


  • The refrigerator has an impressive storage space of 459 L and the capacity of the freezer is 161 L.
  • This variant comes with a good door locking system.
  • The convertible refrigerator is equipped with an anti-bacterial protection technology.
  • This convertible model of Samsung also comes with the amazing twin cooling technology.
  • A compact detachable deli food tray is incorporated with this product. You can store prepared foods like meat, sandwich, fish, salad without wasting any extra space inside the fridge.
  • This convertible refrigerator is featured with a key locking system to prevent unwanted access.


  • Although it can be moved, the refrigerator is not very portable due to 99.5 Kg of weight.
  • Pretty expensive for middle-class families to afford this variant.

How a Samsung convertible refrigerator is different from other products?

Samsung is the 1st brand to launch the convertible refrigerator in the Indian market. They have two variants available for the consumers, the "3 in 1" and the "5 in 1" variants. This refers to the number of working modes that are available in one refrigerator.

The former has 3 working modes while the latter has 5. The overall Samsung 5 in 1 refrigerator has got positive reviews in the Indian market that the brand is looking forward to launching the "8 in 1" variant.

The working of the Samsung convertible refrigerator is the same as that of every other brand. The goal is to allow independent operation of the freezer and the fridge. This video talks about the benefits of Samsung convertible refrigerators.

This is achieved by incorporating two separate fans and evaporators into the body of the device, one each for the freezer and the fridge. The users can manage the independent operations by the control features that present with the product.

Samsung also provides flexible storage space in the refrigerator. You can manage the temperature of the freezer such that it is equivalent to that of the fridge. This way, you can have a mini-fridge or extra fridge space, depending on the need. Some models even allow you to increase the freezer space to a certain extent.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5 in 1 Convertible Fridge

Like a coin, every appliance that we use has two sides, the advantages of using it and the disadvantages. Even the modern 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator are no exceptions. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of using a 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator. We will start with the advantages.

  • As mentioned before, the convertible refrigerators allow independent usage of both the freezer and the fridge. It enables the consumer to customize the usage as per need.
  • When it comes to the "5 in 1" convertible refrigerators, 5 different working modes are integrated into the appliance. These help in maintaining the optimum condition for the preservation of products as per the need.
  • The flexibility of storage space is a big bonus as compared to standard refrigerators. You can quickly increase the fridge storage space. In the case of some models, you can even increase the freezer space. This comes particularly handy when you have the bulk of products to store.
  • All the 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator come with an energy rating. This is provided as per the energy consumption when the refrigerator is working in normal mode. The different modes require different amounts of energy consumption. Generally, this is less than that of the normal mode. Hence you can save a lot on the electricity bill.
  • Optimal cooling is ensured in all corners of the refrigerator. This comes with easy to handle design that makes it even more ideal for the consumers.
  • Most of the convertible refrigerators come with inverter features, such that they do not stop working immediately after a power cut. This helps to preserve product quality.

Those were some of the many advantages of using a 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator and freezer. Now let us look at the disadvantages you face when you decide to use the product.

  • As is evident from the list of features and designs of the refrigerators, it is pretty expensive to afford one. All the modern touches and technology that decorates the device are attributed to this increased price. As such, it might be difficult for a middle-class family, especially to afford a 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator.
  • The demand for convertible refrigerators is pretty high. Hence it might take a few days to receive the delivery of the product and get the installation completed.

Useful Features of a Samsung 5 in 1 Refrigerator

The following are some of the valuable features incorporated in the design and the working of the Samsung convertible refrigerators. Much of the positive Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator reviews have been targeted to these features.

Energy consumption

As it has been mentioned throughout this article, the Samsung convertible refrigerators have multiple working modes. The users can choose the mode according to the need, and apart from the normal mode, the others have significantly lesser energy consumption.

Hence the usage of the convertible refrigerators will help keep the energy consumption of the consumers under check.

Design of convertible refrigerator

Samsung has provided its convertible refrigerators with the double door design. These doors are crafted such that they are easy to handle, and the internal storage capacities of both fridge and freezer are sufficient for a family.

Controls that govern the working model of the appliance are present on the refrigerator's body, the freezer door to be precise. This allows the consumer to manage them efficiently. Furthermore, the body is crafted with stainless steel and the shelves with hard glass guaranteeing the durability of the product.

Other important Features

There are quite a few other features integrated into the convertible refrigerator's body that add to the product's efficiency. These include the power cool and the power freeze functions. The IceMax function can make ice in greater quantities and even store them longer.

The refrigerator door is equipped with an alarm that notifies the consumer 2 minutes after the door has been left open. Additionally, a Smart Dongle feature is also integrated within some of the refrigerator's body that makes it compatible with Wi-Fi control. This allows the consumer to manage the modes and temperature of the refrigerator through a mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a Samsung 5 in 1 refrigerator?

To correctly use the Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator, do learn about the various working modes and the features embedded in the working. Only then can you use the product to its fullest. Set the working mode as per your need.
Do not fail to distinguish between the freezer and the fridge, as this can happen given the features of the modes. Use the spaces accordingly and refrain from keeping the one that is not required operational. This way you will save your electricity bill.

Should we use a stabilizer with Samsung 5 in 1 refrigerator?

Samsung guarantees a stabilizer free operation for the 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator. This is because a stabilizer is inbuilt in the body of the device. The stabilizer's main job when it comes to refrigerators is to protect the appliance from power fluctuations in case of a power cut. Since the device is already incorporated in the refrigerator's body, you do not need to use a separate stabilizer.

How to set temperature in Samsung convertible fridge?

You can control the temperature of a Samsung convertible fridge using the control system provided in the device's body. To be clear, each of the five working modes of the refrigerator comes with a predetermined temperature. Additionally, power cool and power freeze functions along with the IceMax function can be used to control the refrigerator's temperature. Samsung also allows you to set a specific temperature of the refrigerator as per your need.

How to switch off the freezer of a Samsung convertible refrigerator?

To switch off the freezer of a Samsung convertible refrigerator, you can avail of the working modes. To be precise, the seasonal model of the refrigerator completely switches off the freezer without affecting the operation of the fridge space. Another method to completely shut down the freezer would be to withdraw the power source from the refrigerator. This, however, is not advised since it can negatively affect the performance of the appliance.


That was all the information in the review that you need to check if a Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator can really suit your requirements. The products listed in this article, along with their features, have not been ranked in any form. Samsung has provided enough expertise to craft them, and each is ideal for use for different size of families.

Once you decide whether to purchase the convertible refrigerator, you can analyze your needs and select the ideal model. At the time of installation, do inquire further regarding the operations and features of the product. In case of further issues, do give this article another read.

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