Semi Automatic Vs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Washing Machines have now become the most essential home appliances in Indian households. But you may not sure about which can be good for you- semi automatic or fully automatic washing machine.

Both the semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines have a different use for different requirements of the user. We are here to guide you to select the best washing machine in India by comparing fully automatic and semi automatic washing machine according to the different use, functionality, design, cost.

We have compared the difference between This article on semi automatic vs fully automatic washing machine will help you understand these important factors.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

A semi automatic washing machine works with the manual intervention of the user. Before starting the washing cycle you need to set the washing cycle from the panel of it. You need to monitor the washing status frequently. But it is the cheapest among all the other types of washing machines.

The best semi automatic washing machines in India havemore advance features. Let us have a look on their benefits and limitations.


  • No permanent water connection is needed. Therefore, you can place it anywhere close to a draining port/ hole.
  • Very cheap price compared to the fully automatic washing machine.
  • You have the full control of the washing cycle. So, you can start and stop it whenever you need it.
  • It consumes less power and therefore it has little effect on the electricity bill.


  • It requires manual intervention for most of the settings.
  • A semi automatic washing machine can be bigger in size.
  • It produces more noise and vibration compared to the fully automatic washing machine.
  • There are two types of semi automatic washing machine- Agitator and Impeller types. However, the agitator type semi automatic washing machine can be rough on the clothes. Whereas, the impeller rotor is recommended for washing delicate clothes.

TIP: A semi automatic washing machine can a good for you if you're looking for a budget-friendly washing machine.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

A fully automatic washing machine features with the fully automated operations that barely needs your presence. There are a lot of automated features. Some examples of such features are Prewash, Allergy, and Germ removal technology, special washing settings for various types of fabrics.


  • No manual intervention is required. Once you have selected the right settings and started the washing machine, it will do the rest automatically.
  • Very easy operation. Hence, anyone can do it with the instructions in the user manual.
  • Better washing quality and cleanliness.
  • Fully automatic washing machines are the safest device for cleaning as the clothes are washed gently.
  • It requires lower maintenance.


  • These are costlier than the semi automatic washing machines.
  • Most of the fully automatic washing machines use more water for washing.

TIP: A fully automatic washing machine is is your choice if you care for more automated options, cleaner and safer washing, less manual intervention to save time. Fully automatic washing machines from Whirlpool with 360-degree bloomwash technology is one of the modern innovations to provide superior washing quality.

Semi Automatic vs Fully Automatic Washing Machine Comparison

Washing Machine Semi Automatic Fully Automatic
OperationMostly manualFully automated
Electricity Consumes lessConsumes more
Ease of UseHardEasy
Noise & VibrationMoreLess
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How to use a semi automatic washing machine?

The operation of a semi automatic washing machine is very easy. Therefore, follow these steps one by one to use it properly.

  1. Open the lid cover and put clothes inside the washing tub.
  2. Add water and a suitable amount of detergent. (We recommend Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent)
  3. Set the washing cycle time on the panel of the washing machine.
  4. When the washing cycle completes, drain the water and add more water to rinse.
  5. If your washing machine has a spin-dry option, activate it. If you do not have it, drain the water and take out the clothes from the tub.

How to use a fully automatic washing machine?

You can use a fully automatic washing machine in a much easier way. It is loaded with various automated features that can help you to use it in the right way.

  1. Once you have opened the inlet water valve/ tap, put detergent like Surf Excel Matic Detergent Powder for Front Loading washing machine. For Top Loading Washing Machine, use Ariel Matic Detergent Washing Powder.
  2. Put the clothes in the washing tub and close the lid.
  3. Select the right washing setting according to the type of fabric on the operating panel.
  4. Once the washing cycle is completed, the washing machine will stop automatically.
  5. If the washing machine has an inbuilt option for spin-drying, activate it and when completes. Next, take out the clothes.

Semi vs Fully Automatic Washing Machine: How to choose one?

  1. The very first thing that comes to mind when selecting a washing machine is the budget. If you have a budget of more than Rs 10000, We highly recommend buying a Fully Automatic washing machine.
  2. The number of family members is another crucial thing to consider before you buy a washing machine. With more family members, the number of clothes increases. Therefore, you should select the right one carefully according to your needs.
  3. Select a washing machine with a higher spin cycle if you want to spin dry to be more effective.
  4. When you buy a washing machine, always go through the instructions in the user manual. It might seem boring, but to know your washing machine well, it is necessary.
  5. Never try to clean the clothes that are instructed to wash clothes with hands only. Most of the garment companies mention this on the label of the cloth.
  6. Check the pockets on the shirt and trousers before putting it into the washing drum. There can be a chance for discolouration of clothes if not checked.
  7. Use the right amount of detergent as instructed on the label. Using more can get it wasted and if you use less than the recommended amount, cleaning won't be efficient.
  8. Never overload the drum. With overloading, the washing quality can degrade.
  9. Clean the filters and the washing drum at least once a week. You can maintain optimum conditions for washing.
  10. For any dispute or malfunction, contact the customer care immediately. Do not handle it by yourself as it can be a safety issue or cause more problems.

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