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Air Cooler vs Fan power consumption

Air Cooler Vs Fan Power Consumption

Without a good cooling appliance at home, spending the hot summer days in India can be difficult. On top of it, the electricity bill is a major headache for every household.

In such a condition, you must acquire a good cooling device for getting comfortable with a balance to electricity usage. Air Conditioners can be expensive in terms of capital and recurring costs. If you are tight in budget, you still have some good options like Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler, Tower Fan, and Table Fan.

An air cooler can be slightly expensive compared to fans but it has a huge advantage of cooling down the temperature that a fan is less efficient with.

But what about power consumption? Is an air cooler worth? Or is a Fan better than it?

Based on numerous facts, we have analyzed every bit of resources and compared them. In this article, you will learn every detailed information about the power consumption of air coolers and fans.

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best air coolers in India

5 Best Air Coolers in India: A Complete Buying Guide for 2020

Just when the winter months are gone, we all start looking for every possible cooling solution suitable for our homes. The first choice is almost always air conditioners, but they are sometimes difficult to avail because of the high price range and other maintenance criteria.

But if you are looking for a budget-friendly portable cooling solution for your home, air coolers might be the thing for you.

The air cooler is basically a device that cools the room through the evaporation of water. This evaporative system functions primarily on the basis of heat absorption and later on using that latent heat to transform water into vapor.

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difference between air cooler and air conditioner

10 Functional Differences between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner

With a steady increase in temperature on a hot summer day, it is very difficult to stay under a fan alone. With the changing time and situation, one should look for alternatives to fans. An air cooler or an air conditioner is a very popular choice among Indian households. While an air cooler is cheaper, an air conditioner can cost you double or triple the price of it. The air conditioners ensure efficient and effective cooling while air coolers do not work well in high humid areas. Therefore, you need to check each and every difference wisely between air cooler vs air conditioner.

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tower fan vs air cooler

Tower Fan vs Air Cooler – Which is Ideal for Indian Homes?

With the rising temperature in summer, it is now essential to use a cooling appliance at your home. An air conditioner works great but it is very expensive with high electricity consumption. For a limited budget, a pedestal fan, an air cooler or a tower fan can be a suitable alternative.

However, depending on the application, cooling capacity and power consumption, the air cooler and tower fan are suitable for different purposes. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish the differences and compare tower fan vs air cooler to select the right one.

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