best ceiling fan in India

Best Ceiling Fans in India (Designer and Power Saving)

The intolerable hot and humid climate during summer is the most annoying thing in India. As the temperature keeps rising every year, it is obvious that people want to beat the heat. People keep complaining about the intolerable heat, which is worse in rooms. Though air conditioner is the best solution, many people cannot afford it.

Can you imagine spending an Indian summer without a good ceiling fan?

Probably not.

The place where you spend most of your time is your home, you obviously want it to be decorated, beautiful and visually pleasant. If you are really conscious about how your home looks, you must be working in every corner of your home.

Ceiling fans are present in most of the houses all over India, and no room is without a fan. These fans can circulate cool air with a wide sweep, which is comforting. On visiting old buildings, you can see the antique ceiling fans hanging from the roof.

It reminds us that most of us need to upgrade our ceiling fans to get the latest models. The best ceiling fans in India are powerful and energy-efficient, and they are available with different specifications matching the need of the users.

After decorating all your four walls, you must be looking at the fifth one which is your home ceiling where you can find a gloomy, dull fan, hanging. This is when you need the best designer ceiling fan in India with light and remote control like Crompton Uranus 48- inch Ceiling Fan.

Table Fan Vs Ceiling Fan Power Consumption

Table Fan Vs Ceiling Fan Power Consumption Calculation

Electricity usage in every cooling device is very vital. As the summer stays for more than 3 months in India, you must select it wisely. Among all types of domestic cooling appliances, a fan is the cheapest one when compared to Air Conditioners or Air Coolers.

There are many types of fans available in the market. Among all of these, table and ceiling and pedestal fans are the most common and quite popular because of cost and a lower rate of electricity usage.

tower fan vs air cooler

Tower Fan vs Air Cooler – Which is Ideal for Indian Homes?

With the rising temperature in summer, it is now essential to use a cooling appliance at your home. An air conditioner works great but it is very expensive with high electricity consumption. For a limited budget, a pedestal fan, an air cooler or a tower fan can be a suitable alternative.

However, depending on the application, cooling capacity and power consumption, the air cooler and tower fan are suitable for different purposes. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish the differences and compare tower fan vs air cooler to select the right one.

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