best high speed pedestal fans in India

Best High Speed Pedestal Fans in India: 2020 Buying Guide

Do you feel that your ceiling fan isn’t doing the best job of circulating air? If yes, then you should look into the options of getting a high speed pedestal fan. Along with being portable and they help you to save on electricity bills.

If you are looking for the best high speed pedestal fan India, then look no further than Our Top PickHavells Sprint 450mm Pedestal Fan. It has everything from being powerful to having a fantastic air delivery. The fan performs well in all voltage situations. The stand fan is excellent for Indian households because of its cost-effectiveness. Havells also provides you do get a 2-years worth warranty. Let us explore a bit more about some of the pedestal fans that are currently available in the market.

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Havells Nicola 1200 mm ceiling fan review

Havells Nicola 1200 mm Ceiling Fan Review with Pros and Cons

Can you imagine spending an Indian summer without a good ceiling fan?

Probably not.

Ceiling fans come to the rescue in the sweaty summers by providing the much-needed breeze. The fans help in better circulation of air, which prevents the room from getting stuffy. If you are looking forward to cutting down on your air conditioner costs, then the right ceiling fan can be your savior.

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Air Cooler vs Fan power consumption

Air Cooler Vs Fan Power Consumption

Without a good cooling appliance at home, spending the hot summer days in India can be difficult. On top of it, the electricity bill is a major headache for every household.

In such a condition, you must acquire a good cooling device for getting comfortable with a balance to electricity usage. Air Conditioners can be expensive in terms of capital and recurring costs. If you are tight in budget, you still have some good options like Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler, Tower Fan, and Table Fan.

An air cooler can be slightly expensive compared to fans but it has a huge advantage of cooling down the temperature that a fan is less efficient with.

But what about power consumption? Is an air cooler worth? Or is a Fan better than it?

Based on numerous facts, we have analyzed every bit of resources and compared them. In this article, you will learn every detailed information about the power consumption of air coolers and fans.

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Table Fan Vs Ceiling Fan Power Consumption

Table Fan Vs Ceiling Fan Power Consumption Calculation

Electricity usage in every cooling device is very vital. As the summer stays for more than 3 months in India, you must select it wisely. Among all types of domestic cooling appliances, a fan is the cheapest one when compared to Air Conditioners or Air Coolers.

There are many types of fans available in the market. Among all of these, pedestal, table and ceiling fans are the most common and quite popular because of cost and a lower rate of electricity usage.

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designer ceiling fans with light

Best Designer Ceiling Fans with Lights in India (2020): Reviews

The first and foremost question before going through the article is, why do you need to find the best designer fans with light and remote control in India?

Here is the answer. The place where you spend most of your time is your home, and you obviously want it to be decorated, beautiful and visually pleasant.

 If you are among those, who are really conscious about how your home looks, which everyone should, you must be working in every corner of your home, after decorating all your four walls, you must be looking at the fifth one which is your home ceiling where you can find a gloomy, dull fan, hanging.

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tower fan vs air cooler

Tower Fan vs Air Cooler – Which is Ideal for Indian Homes?

With the rising temperature in summer, it is now essential to use a cooling appliance at your home. An air conditioner works great but it is very expensive with high electricity consumption. For a limited budget, a pedestal fan, an air cooler or a tower fan can be a suitable alternative.

However, depending on the application, cooling capacity and power consumption, the air cooler and tower fan are suitable for different purposes. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish the differences and compare tower fan vs air cooler to select the right one.

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